Tuesday, November 21, 2017


 Boycott CBS:  
#ASK_Central:  BOYCOTT, I say!

Charlie Rose is an old man. He's 75. He has Heart Problems. How many years does he have left ANYWAY! GET YOUR PRIORITIES right, CBS. Who else is going to report THE NEWS as Rose does?  No one. He was and has been in a League of his own as his many Awards and Designations he has received have proven. One day he is a hero; then next day he is ousted.   For  this REASON and your  quick and irrational  Decision to end his Career and ruin his Reputation, I am BOYCOTTING  The Station and all its SHOWS of which some of my favorite Reporters worked as:


and so many more...

And, of course, Steve Hartman's ON THE ROAD (begun 50 years ago with Charles B. Kurault) which is such a Touching Human Interest Show...as well as CBS Sunday that I would watch religiously every Friday Night during Anthony Mason's CBS Evening News and again on Sundays during CBS Sunday Mornings besides Wisdom Of The Crowd which may be the SAVINGS GRACE of Mr. Rose if all his FANS rally towards his RE-INSTATEMENT. FAST and NOW. 

Let's not forget the tens of thousands of PPL who work behind The Scenes across The World who depend on the Station for their Livelihood. This is a Day of Utter Disappointment for all of us (to bear).

WHEN IT DEALS WITH TIMING:  This is a very bad TIME FOR YOU TO BE pulling The Plug on anyone (with Standards as we define Standards) who works at CBS (or any Station for that matter).  60 Minutes has turned 50 this year (60 @ 50 as the Motto is read) while Steve Hartman's Show has also achieved and reached a Big Anniversary Date. These Milestones were not accomplished by FIRING your TOP Anchors - Reporters - Contributors as Charlie Rose.  Not only was he on CBS but 60 Minutes; PBS; Bloomberg - online and offline.  


There is far more important NEWS to report on as:

Homegrown Terrorism
School Shootings
Hunger - Poverty
Guns killing Innocent Families and their Children in big and smaller Cities

BE SMART:  Hone in on taking CARE OF EXCEPTIONALLY IMPORTANT ISSUES and PROBLEMS that aid in the CONTINUATION OF SOCIETY and CIVILIZATION as We know it.  Walter Cronkite is gone.  Charlie Rose is the last Vestige of a Seasoned Anchor - Reporter (when Television got its start - when IT was invented) who possess that Knack & Style.  No one tells a Story as he does.  Furthermore, because he is in The Twilight Years of his Life, he should be lauded for his Efforts and not attacked by WOMEN who want yet another Last Hurrah on a Life they never had.

ALL OF OUR HARD WORK...Devotion and Stories are now tainted.

CASE IN POINT BEING:  I worked in the Editorial Department of PLAYBOY (the Office)  when it was based in Chicago in the mid-1980s.  Part of "My Job Description" was to retrieve Magazines for my Boss from their Archives.  A big, sprawling Room with Shelves stocking every Playboy from every Nation around the Globe.  I was shocked to see what "nice and wholesome" New Starlets appeared in that Publication.  This sleazy Maneuver launched their Careers. Not naming Names but you would be SHOCKED (not amused and amazed) at who We assume to be NICE AND  WHOLESOME but really are not.

Were they pawed?
Were they caught up in the Moment?
Were they manipulated by a Boss who wanted to #assert himself?

THE BOTTOM LINE REMAINS:  Sex sells.  Always did and always will...but these Allegations are ridiculous, going too far.

The Question (to Answer and Debate) no one is posing is this:

Where does FOREPLAY stop and ALLEGATIONS begin?

Perhaps as an Investigative  Reporter (as Chicago's Pam Zekman), you should consult with Dr. Ruth:

Dr. Ruth Westheimer ~ Verified Twitter Account:  @AskDrRuth
Find Dr. Ruth, the world-renowned psychosexual therapist, on YouTube at http://youtube.com/drruth  and at her official site, http://www.drruth.com
New York, NY

THE FUTURE OF TV: AI saturated Robots instead of Anchors is not that far-fetched.

Looking at the vast Perspective of this Social & Economic (Educational & Televised) Quandary, I'm advancing that (just) perhaps this WITCH HUNT is the BEST THING that ever happened to RADIO. Radio's been ailing for Decades now, especially since Man is SUCH a Visual Animal.  Like the renown Norman Rockwell Paintings, We will all be gathered around our Kitchen Tables listening to Radio like our Grandparents & Parents did in the GOOD OLD DAYS before brutal Accusations like this destroyed CAREERS.

My 11-21-2017 -  6:15 AM Tweet reads as:

#Bring_Charlie_Back B4 @CBSThisMorning. U wont find another CONTRIBUTOR like @charlierose.  #BOYCOTT every @CBS Show is now appropriate Act 2 take. Other Stations 2 watch OR sit back & read a #GoodBook not affiliated w/ UR Station: ie: Lost Sales 4 @simonschuster @ #Xmas Time.

My 11-21-2017 -  6:30 AM Tweet reads as:

#ASK_Chgo: @realDonaldTrump is going 2 #PARDON_THE_TURKEYS later 2day. (INSERTED: TURKEY EMOTICON HERE)  Duz that mean he is going 2 fire his entire Staff? MayB he can #PARDON all News Anchors who supposedly did same thing he did:  #Grope_Women who want 1 more #Last_Hurrah. @TIME: 2017: #Year_of_The_Allegation

ASK's EDITORIAL NOTE:  This was penned earlier on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 before CBS This Morning aired in which Charlie (Rose) shared the Anchor Seats with Gayle King & Norah O'Donnell.  Jeff Glor will probably take his place, but then we know NO ONE can fill Charlie Rose's shoes...

Corrections and Additions will be inserted throughout the next Month.  Feel free to check back and or refer to my:  @ASK_Koopersmith for updates...


POSTING OF Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 6:41 AM CST
FIRED! @charlierose was FIRED! Who made @davidgrayrhodes @CBSNews President the Judge, Jury & Executioner? Cases as these go 2 Court 1st. Not treated fairly.  Justice denied! All FUN's bin sucked from every/any/all HolidayParties.
WWARD: #What_Would_Andy_Rooney_Do? @pressfreedom

POSTING OF Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 7:26 AM CST
Who's next? IF #CBS can FIRE & DITCH THEE @charlierose, THEN watch UR BACKS. WitchHunt hpng in USA Broadcastg. W/ it B Gayle Chris Mary Norah Seth  Anthony Carolyn  Dick Valerie Maurice Tony Otis Steve Hazel Wayne? Tearing @ Fiber of R News in Times of Terrorism is criminal!

POSTING OF Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 745 AM CST
Let's remember the VIP: #Very_Important_Points about OUR News & World Situations that #Mr_Charlie_Rose & only @charlierose was able 2 discover & uncover 4 us:

POSTING OF Wednesday, November 22, 2017 -7:54 AM CST
#ASK_Chicago: Let's remember the VIP: #Very_Important_Points about OUR News & World Crisis that #Mr_Charlie_Rose & only @charlierose was able 2 discover & uncover 4 us:


Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Year-full of Militarily inspired Events: Hug A G.I.Day. Memorial Day. 4th of July. Veterans Day. Putting The Appreciation into our Hearts, Souls & Spirits.

Dateline: Saturday, November 11, 2017 

#ASK_Chicago:  A few choice Words & Observations on Veteran's Day: 2017 that will be 100 years old as of Sunday, November 11, 2018, next year.

"I didn't go to WAR, but they DID. 
And, for that, I will be forever grateful.  
Thankful & appreciative."

Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
"America's Premier Eventologist"
Creator of Hug A G.I. Day (C)1996
Founder:  EVENTOLOGY (R)
The Art of Event-Making
ASK's Campaigns For Humanity (C)1990

Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 5:18 AM CST
Chicago, Illinois USA

GOOGLE for more Info on The Celebration of:
Hug A G.I. Day (C)1996:



Query me directly on Twitter at 
for Questions, Interviews,  Special Appearances, etc., regarding this Holidate or any of my other 1900+ that fall into 34 precise Categories as EVENTOLOGY [as a Literary Genre]
 turns 30 in 2020.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The 2018 Launch of SPY: #Suicide_Prevention_Year. An International People-to-People Alert. Inspired by: Wisdom of The Crowd – CBS.

DATELINE:  Tuesday, November 7, 2017  

LOCATION:  Chicago, Illinois USA


Had it not been for Wisdom of The Crowd’s Sunday, November 5, 2017 Episode spotlighting The Teen Suicide Epidemic taking place in our World, I would not have known about its Propensity taking place in Our Lives.  As Broadcast News has shown its Viewers/Listeners and vast Audiences since September 11TH of 2001, “The Age of Innocence” is gone, forever and completely.  As a 65-year-old Female living in a Big City, Chicago, the Third Largest Marketplace (being both metropolitan and cosmopolitan in nature and stance), I have seen, heard and experienced “Things” (defined below) that are and/or border on “The Horrific.” 

However, nothing could be “more horrific” than losing a “Loved One” to Suicide.  And, for that Reason, thanks to The Writers of:


who shed light on this critical Social Issue, I’ve set-up Blog #1250 order to be able to list those Organizations manned by concerned and highly trained Personnel who can lend a Hand to People (many like us) who have to find “The Help” they need before they (attempt to) end their Lives far too soon.

As you know, those Individuals are comprised of our Brothers & Sisters, Cousins, Nephews & Nieces. Our Neighbors. Friends.  Friends-of-Friends. People We work with.  People that We see every Day. People that We admire from afar.  After WOTC: Wisdom Of The Crowd (CBS Anti-Crime TV Show scheduled for Sunday(s) after 60 Minutes and Football) aired and planted that Seed, I did google Research that revealed that The Numbers were higher than I previously thought.

Four (4) Sets of Data revealed that:

Every day, approximately 105 Americans die by suicide. (CDC) ... The highest suicide rates in the US are among Whites, American Indians and Alaska Natives.

The annual age-adjusted suicide rate is 13.26 per 100,000 individuals. Men die by suicide 3.5x more often than women. On average, there are 121 suicides per day. White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2015.

In 2014: Among females, the suicide rate was highest for those aged 45-64 (9.8 per 100,000). Among males, the suicide rate was highest for those aged 75 and over (38.8 per 100,000).

For help with suicide prevention and its statistics, visit Mental Health America.

Most startling were Articles entitled:

U.S. States With The Highest Suicide Rates - WorldAtlas.com


Suicide: 20 states with highest rates - Photo 1 - Pictures - CBS News


The 15 Most Suicidal Cities In America - Business Insider


Suicide rate hits 30-year high in U.S. | The Seattle Times


List of countries by suicide rate - Wikipedia


Since this Century acts as The Info Age and The Age of The List, then, I set to work on an Initial Roster of Twitter Suicide Prevention Organizations that runs as:

@grassroots SP

that may be able to put you in contact with a Professional Organization that can help you, a loved one or associate if and when that time comes.

In these Troubled Times when Firearms can be gotten from a Preteen Thug on a Street Corner, Suicide takes on an altogether different Face or Stance than its Origins.  Those highlighted the fast and sometimes painless Death of a Troubled Person, if an Overdose of Pills were swallowed. Enter:   

Alexander McQueen.
Don Cornelius.
Ernest Hemingway.
Kurt Cobain.
Robin Williams.
Vincent Van Gogh.  Wendy O. Williams.

Today, with Terrorism, Suicide Bombers [as well as Troubled Individuals] will take-out a brick-and-mortar Nightclub/Church/School and then proceed to kill himself.  This, too, adds to The Suffering of those maimed/killed as well as The Family of The Killer...never to be “The Same” again.  The New Normal is not a pretty one. 

LIFE EXPECTANCY: Therefore, I am not a consummate Professional in this Mental Health Field, but strongly feel Common Sense tells me that if that if you see, hear, read-online or instinctively sense something strange or out-of-the-ordinary, STOP what you are doing and say something. Immediately!  Make that call ASAP.  All it takes is a few seconds and your prolonging and “Saving a Life,” a Precious Life that means something to somebody.  That’s something We can all do and should.  Now, that’s something We can all live with…

The Premise of this Blog/Page, of course, is to keep Conversation going and keep everyone engaged as that’s the underlying Theme of WOTC.

Furthermore, by being deemed as:

America’s Premier Eventologist
By Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine 
Washington, DC – September of 1997


The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World
By Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune 
Chicago, IL - January of 2001 

 since July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM, I have declared that:

be proclaimed as:

SPY:  Suicide Prevention Year ©2017

Thereby implanting yet another Seed (as WOTC did) so that more Precious Lives are saved and People grow stronger instead of fall(ing) Victim to an Event (often only seconds long) that forced them to do “The Unthinkable.” 

For those of you so moved to do so, the following Phrase is a TWEET you can send to your FAN-Base: Friends/Associates/Network thus spreading The Worthiness of this direly needed Year-Long Event (known as a Holidate in my Realm known as Eventology):

#ASK_Chgo: When Time’s ripe 2 SPY: #Suicide_Prevention_Year. 2018 Launch. A People-to-People Alert. Inspired by: Wisdom of The Crowd.  tinyurl.com/y8zfpskl

tinyurl.com/y8zfpskl refers to this Blog that will be constantly updated from now & throughout 2018 now deemed as:

SPY:  Suicide Prevention Year

IF a Company or Individual wants to sponsor this Blog & My Writings, I'm open for Discussions.

IN RETRO:  The I Spy TV Series running from 1965-1968 would appreciate The Word Play here; but, of course, The Message is much deeper when it comes to "The Internet" that can be used to save a Life in a matter of Nano-Seconds.  Thus, The Popularity of WOTC (who captured this Theme) will in The Years ahead be responsible for doing just that.  That indeed is a Badge of Honor to wear proudly.

CONTACT INFO:  To contribute or comment on (any of) this, please feel free to contact me directly at The Social Media Locales below.  I’m usually on Twitter when not out playing with my Cali, My Calico Cat or hanging with The BOB-Beau

3i’s:  implant. involve. influence.
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter – Video Actor
Founder of Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 & 
Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001

“People read what ASK writes about…”
STUDIOS 5820 - 1258 – 1437 – 3100 – 1710 - 1221
Chicago, Illinois USA

Email me to set up time to speak.
Blog: http://adriennesiouxkoopersmith.blogspot.com/
Twitter:  @ASK_Koopersmith
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/adrienne.koopersmith?fref=ts

Definition of: “Things” (Paragraph #1 – Last Line): 
Bouts of Domestic Violence, Battery, Assault, Robberies, Muggings, Break-Ins

Advanced Google Searches: Suicide Statistics

UPDATES  Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 6:01 PM CST

If you or someone you know is experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts, help is available: http://www.afsp.org 

#ASK_Chicago: Sharing.  #Suicide is much more prevalent than you think...

#OFF_THE_CUFF: Consider #Terrorist #SuicideBombers who blow themselves up. They R programmed in a way Westerners do not understand.  There4 they R another #Demographic that practices Suicide, needing help.

* * *

Saturday, October 28, 2017

BOOSday, not Tuesday...when Halloween falls on a Tuesday. Created by Chicago's Very Own: America's Premier Eventologist: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. #BOOSday: rocking Pop Culture, 1 Holidate at a Time.

Dateline:  Saturday/Caturday:
October 28, 2017 - 7:52 AM - 8:14 AM CST

ViA:  ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
NOW:  #BOO_persmith

RE:  In lieu of Tuesday, I'm sure The Calendar Gods (#Calendar_Gods) have a Sense of Humor.   Therefore, to properly celebrate The Autumn Season and a most Special Event, as:

"The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World"

a Title or Designation I received from Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune on Tuesday, January 23, 2001,

I've re-declared The Day & Date of Halloween, but only for a very niche Audience. Some who may not even be born...yet.  This very small Group of People are in places that may be here today and gone Tomorrow.  Decipher that as you wish.  A little Bit, Bite and Byte of Edgar Alan Poe exists in all of us if We summons him out.


It's NOT Tuesday anymore.  Just when you thought it was safe to ease and wean yourself away from Monday, when our favorite FUN Holiday, HALLOWEEN falls on a  TUESDAY, I have eventologically changed its Role to become:

BOOSday ©2017

that will occur every  Time "Common Halloween" falls on a Tuesday. However, after perusing the next 100 Years, you will see that it's erratic ranging from 5 to 11 years.  Therefore, this Holidate falls into ASK's Floating Holidate Category.

Yes, it's official: BOOSday is my latest #Holidate_Delight created on

Saturday, October 28, 2017 -  7:52 AM CST


PRAMologist (Public Relations - Advertising - Marketing) Expert who brands the ASK Initials, undeniably the top Branding Word ever created, I then sent

BOOSday to:

@CBSThisMorning with @AnthonyMasonCBS

stated as:

#ASK_Chicago:  Sh B part of the @realJanePauley ~ @CBSSunday ~#CBS Sets thru next Tuesday or do you say:  #BOOSday? When UR original...   

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


For those of you reading this Blog #1249 who wish to be promoted by and under:

Koopersmith's Global Communications

(since 1979)
"People read what ASK writes about..."

that Opportunity is forthcoming.

This PRAM Machine concentrates on my 1,900 other Holidates in 34 precise Categories all begun on Wednesday, July 25, 1990 - 9:45 PM) and how they can enhance your Company's Themes & Goals.  Interested Parties may contact me directly at:


or via 

Twitter:  @ASK_Koopersmith

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EXTREME HOLIDATING:  Makes Our Days so much better...

Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 5:17 AM CST

I am betting right now (as of Sunday, October 29, 2017) that many of My Readers  have are curious to know when (as in what Years) HALLOWEEarrive, embedding itself on a Tuesday. This clever Addition [to one of Man’s favorite Holidays that kicked off its Popularity in the early 1900] is now piggybacking its Way into Pop Culture taking its Place along with every Ghoul, Ghost, Girl & Guest whose up to meeting The Challenge. After all, one can never have too much of too much to celebrate. EVENTOLOGY, after all, celebrates the smallest to the largest Events in our Lives and pulls those (who are fully addicted) to join in The Event, thus preventing them from indulging in what(ever) their Addictive State is and/or may be.

 Using The Formula Nostradamus used when calculating Time (Lines), I hand-picked those Days and found disturbing News that is all explained below: 


2017:  First Official:  BOOSday created by ASK: BOO_persmith, "America’s Premier Eventologist" (Title Designation:  1997 by The Media) was calculated as an Expenditure of: $9 Billion Dollar spent primarily on Costumes - Candy - Decorations, the Three (3) Main Selections selected to kick-off BOOSDay: 2017.

Followed by:
2023 - BOOSday  #2
2028 - BOOSday  #3
2034 - BOOSday  #4
2045 - BOOSday  #5
2051 - BOOSday #6
2056 - BOOSday #7
2062 - BOOSday #8


INSERT: DISASTER:  The Calendar for Year 2067:   Halloween falls on a Monday in 2067; then for 2068, it skips Tuesday and The 31ST arrives on (a) Wednesday, throwing "The Momentum" off. This Eventological Glypse is sure to cause seismic Chaos/Upheaval, Shifts, Riots, Mayhem and Bad Things to happen for those wanting to celebrate BOOSday ©2017, since it’s a Rarity “as is.”  An Eleven (11) Year Span, Recess or Void of Course as Astrologers would tell us occurs.

BOOSday ©2017 then falls on: 

2073 - BOOSday #9
2079  - BOOSday #10
2084  - BOOSday #11
2090 - BOOSday #12


In 2095, Halloween falls on a Monday. For the following Year, 2096, Halloween occurs Mid-Week, on a Wednesday. It skips Tuesday and The 31st arrives on a Wednesday. This gawd awful

Calendar + Calamity = Calendarity

in simple English as a Calamity, but one involved in Calendar Calamity is indeed a problematic Rarity; but is quite disturbing and a brutal Blow for all BOOSday Party Enthusiasts & Revelers as the last dire Calendaremity occurred in The Late 2060s.

Knowing Human Nature, as it doesn’t really change that much from Century-to-Century, known as an Eventological Glypse, this aspertained Upheaval surely causes Seismic Chaos, Mayhem and a Series of Unfortunate Happenstances to erupt, permeating this Holidate and its Core or Root Event, HALLOWEEfor those wanting to celebrate BOOSday ©2017. Being a Rarity is "The Draw" of this New Style HOLIDATE I am now introducing into Civilization & Pop Culture (at large).  Patience is a Virtue. Undoubtedly, Doctor and  Nurse uniforms will top The Popular Costumes' List  during these Glypses (noted as “Blue Moons” in the Eventological Realm).

2102 BOOSday #13
2108 BOOSday #14
2114 BOOSday #15
2119 BOOSday #16

Thus ends The First Phase, Leg and/or 100 Year Period of Koopersmith/BOOpersmith’s BOOSday ©2017.  As you can see, BOOSday ©™® makes an erratical Celestially Astrologically-based Appearance, occurring merely Sixteen (16) Times (including its KickOff on Tuesday, October 31, 2017) in a Century (a(ny given) 100 Year TimeSpan and TimeSlot) since its Koopersmithian Inception.  With a Composite of 36,500 Action-packed Days in a 100 Year Period.  This new-fandangled HOLIDATE is sorrowfully negated to such a small Number of Celebratory Times.

However, HALLOWEEitself is not as discriminatory (nor as original) in order to have The BOOSDay Spin-Off as I have designated. FYI, for those of you living in THE FUTURE, Spin-Offs became very popular in the late 1950s after the Advent of the Television Set, spelling The Rise of The Screen.  If google is still around, google that to see how that InventionBOOSday #12ence was to change the Course of History, per se.  A Renaissance in Man was to set The World on fire was continuing Leonardo da Vinci's Path.

MATHEMATICALLY CALCULATED0.0410958904109589 is The Percentage of what Amount of Time is allocated over a 100-Year Run in which to commemorate and celebrate a HEM: Holidate – Event – Milestone.  This Figure accrues to not even One Single Percentage Point, which designates that its holiness (the First 4 Letters of The Words Holidays and Holidates) is that, plus more.  To many of us Numerists, that Figure reminds us of Pi, but evidently, The Numbers do not Lie (as Politicians do) but consistently repeat themselves to Eternity which is what BOOSday will do in accordance with its Originator HALLOWEEN.

ADDITIONAL EDITORIAL REVELATIONS:  In Retrospect, my Global Phenon that saw The Changing of The Century and Millennium turn from 1999 to 2000 was marked by the longest Event/Holidate in recorded History.  This 2000 Day Long Hoildate called:

2000 Days Before 2000 (C)1994

began on July 11, 1994 and ran through December 31, 1999. This Mindset was revolutionary and set me in a League of being 1 of the Top 125 People preparing Special Events for those commemorating the Turn of the Century & Millennium both. A First Run How-To Book was published (now out of print for the obvious of Reasons. Eventology marches forth much like its HOLIDATE kown as March 4th Holidate known as Hug A G.I. Day (C)1996 that falls on the only date in Calendrical Time: March 4 that is a Military Command).


2000 Days Before 2000's Premise was to do one new Act/Action a Day so that by December 31, 1999, you could honestly say you accomplished "2000 Things Before 2000."  As Society (in the late 1900s) became more reticent and lazy (since most People did not farm or were inactive leading to a huge Socio-Nutritional Imbalance in Peoples; their Weights (expanded) and Decisions against and for Exercising were diminishing causing a Slew of Cancers and Diseases to spread.  In Retrospect, do to Humans faulty Decision-Making, the early 2000s was a Good Time to be a Doctor and Attorney, profession-wise.

And, yes, there was a 2000 Days after 2000 (C)1997 but it was shrouded in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack on The USA. That, of course, calls for yet another Blog and should not get in the way of a Return to Happiness with BOOSday spearheading and aligning itself to Halloween 2017.

Since EVENTOLOGY turns Thirty (30) on July 25, 2020 and at this Writing since I am 65 years old, my Number of BOOSDay will diminish in number the older I get.  That too, will happen to you - all of you, no matter how rich and powerful you are or think you are.  Sad as that is...how Father Time & Mother Nature plays Havoc with our Bodies & Minds, whether we are rich, beautiful, creative or healthy.  No one is immune from The Number of EVENTS and HOLIDATES they can handle or in which they have Time for.  Check out Blog #1233 dated, named and located at:

Thursday, May 18, 2017
The Institute of Eventology (R):  30 Years in the making as of July 2020.
How FUNDING advances The Arts & Dreams realized.



ASK’s PARADE: Kicks off with Pre-Samplers beginning October 1, 2018 that include:  Ouija Boards, SIOUXprises Galore and Appearances with #Cali_My_Calico, Star of my April 18, 2017 NPR PlanetMoney Interview...masquerading (of course) as a Black Cat.

This is The Alternative Name that will also be honored for BOOSDay.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 4:48 - 6:30 AM HAS ARRIVED!

And, so has an entirely rewritten Version of this Explanatory

(Holidate + Documentary = Holidocumentary), 

a new Term created on:

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 4:48 AM - BOOSday - HALLOWEEN

which is another Reason (the most astounding I've discovered since I've been writing for nearly 60 years) why it's mandatory that I wake-up at such an Early Hour. That's when The Flow of  Creative Juices are sizzling. However, due to The Fact that Today is Thee Day, one that seldom happens often, I was happy I was able to edit and place those Lively Additions into this Blog since hundreds have read its old and first Version since it was released only a few Days ago.

Wishing you a sweet and awesome BOOSDay 
and may The Spirit (and I do mean The Spirits) be with you...

"That's 'The Way it is,'" 
as Anchorman Walter Cronkite told us.  Having that as a Job Description is OK by me! 

EcoBOOSday (C) 2017  falls on Wednesday,  November 1, 2017.
A Day when Smart & Savvy Shoppers dart to buy their Halloween Candy 
on TDA:  The Day After when Discounts are in-play for a few Days
till it disappears like Magic.
Although some Stores as CVS refuse to cut their (Candy) Prices even though 
the HOLIDAY is over and Thanksgiving beckons on the Horizon.

America's Premier Eventologist
Via Gene Koprowski - Insight Magazine
Washington, DC
August, 1997

"The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World
Via Eric Zorn - Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois
January, 2001

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


2017 - BOOSday #1
ENTER:  ECO-BOOSday #1:  Wednesday, November 1, 2017

2023 - BOOSday  #2
ENTER:  ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2023

2028 - BOOSday  #3
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2028

2034 - BOOSday  #4
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2034

2045 - BOOSday  #5
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2045

2051 - BOOSday #6
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2051

2056 - BOOSday #7
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2056

2062 - BOOSday #8
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2062

INSERT: DISASTER:  The Calendar for Year 2067:   Halloween falls on a Monday in 2067; then for 2068, it skips Tuesday and The 31ST arrives on (a) Wednesday, throwing "The Momentum" off. An Eleven (11) Year Span, Recess or Void of Course as Astrologers would tell us occurs.

2073 - BOOSday #9
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2073

2079  - BOOSday #10
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2079

2084  - BOOSday #11
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2084

2090 - BOOSday #12
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2090

 2102 - BOOSday #13
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2102

2108 - BOOSday #14
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2108

2114 - BOOSday #15
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2114

2119 - BOOSday #16
ENTER: ECO-BOOSday:  Wednesday, November 1, 2119

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

The GLOR-ification® of Broadcasting. Time to get GLOR-ified. Making The Transition. Gaining Fame the New-Fashioned Way…by not earning IT. NYC sets USA Trends. ENTER: Jeffrey T. Glor. We prefer Lee.

The GLOR-ification® of Broadcasting
Time to get GLOR-ified.
Making The Transition. 
Gaining Fame the New-Fashioned Way…by not earning IT.
NYC sets USA Trends & sets Precedence.

ENTER:  Jeffrey T. Glor
We prefer Lee:  Lee Cowan, that is.

Dateline:  Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 9:52 AM CST

Me oh! My oh! When, will “IT” ever end.

The last three (3) years for American TV Viewers have been nothing short but “Living Hell.” 

Speaking for "The Public," We went from a hopeless LineUp of Politicians espousing Fake News/Promises and overt Lies coupled by Scandals (in real and Reel Live Broadcasting Time) to placing unseasoned Pros in front of us...in our very Homes in front of our infallible TV Sets yet, where many of us still “get our Daily Dose of [The] News.”

When you hear “The News” being broadcast, much of its Relevancy stems from WHO is telling IT to US. IT matters.  US matters to them:  The Station & The Station's Advertisers.

Above any Awards, Delivery is what IT is all about. Now that Law has been broken and cast to "The Winds." Somehow, that doesn’t seem right nor does it appeal to a great Number of Opinionated Listeners.  

Enter:  The "Wisdom of The Crowd" who will set that write…Word-by-Word. Paragraph-by-Paragraph. 

THE REMAINDER OF THIS BLOG is presently being penned and when thoughtfully finished, will be sent to the Op Ed Columns in 100 top USA Newspapers. After all, News Generation begins with strong Voices that need to be heard.

“The GLOR-ification® of Broadcasting” (my Blog #1248) will be (tentatively) completed by Tuesday, October 31, 2017 – Halloween – in order to provide a real Trick or Treat to My Readers and Constituents by Noon CST. IF you dare to come back to finish IT, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly amused, entertained and enlightened by its Abundance of #Newsworthy_Twists_ and_Turns.  After all, that's what sells and defines "The American Way" both on and off TV.

Stay tuned:
Posted by:  ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what ASKwrites about…”
Chicago, Illinois US

Visit me at:  @ASK_Koopersmith

10/26/2017 – 9:52 AM CST

Koopersmithian Update:  Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 4:45 AM CST
Definition of (Tentatively):  In order to give Mr. Glor a Chance 
for the growing Group of Non-Believers, 
the extended Version of this Blog will be posted by
January 1, 2018, thus giving him two (2) full Months to"prove himself."

Friday, October 20, 2017

YOTS: Year of The Horse (C)2017 launched by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. Elite Membership that Flicka, SeaBiscuit & Mr. Ed would adore.

YOTS:  Year of The Horse ©2017

"Above the Bit..."

For Horses & The Humans who love them...

Restoring Humanity in Troubling Times.

Giddyup!  Let's go...

Make no doubt about it, their Time has arrived.

The Equine (as a Species and Breed ) has now been picked up by:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
entitled and deemed as:

America's Premier Eventologist

by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine - Washington, DC - August, 1997


The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World
by Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune - Chicago, IL - January, 2001


Besides making a Living on being a major Branding Personality & PRAMologist (Expert in Public Relations - Advertising - Marketing),  as a major LifeStyle Consultant, Observer & Reporter on ATPAll Things PopCulture,  it has come to my Attention that a great Portion of our Global Population lives in Cities, away from the idyllic Countries and Pastures where Horsehood lives out its Lifespan.  Quite simply, these insulated People (myself included as I always use myself as the Leader who uses these Holidates as Educational Vehicles to learn more - do more - see more) do not see - hear - ride - know or have had a(ny) Experience with a HORSE.  

That's sad.

But not anymore...

So saddle-up and join me in this most challenging Challenge that {along with my 66 Species PAW: Pet Appreciation Week (C)1994} promises to help rescue Horses as The Earth changes and The Mentality of Mankind become more humane.

Membership for The Year to be represented by me, the soul Creator & sole Founder of:


The Art of Event-Making

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns For Humanity (C)1990

 on this Official YoTS: Year of The Horse CyBlog Space is:

$36,000: prepaid by November 15, 2017

 $750Individual Daily Posts for an 
Anniversary/Birthday/Celebration Milestone: 

This Retainer gives The Horsticipant slews & scores of Social Media Posts & Notices that direct a new Audience to their Pool & Business Endeavors.

"Her YoTS: Year of The Horse is stellar. An Award-Winner.  A tremendous Marketing Deal - none ever like it to have the Opportunity to have a consummate Professional from the third largest most cosmopolitan & metropolitan City in The USA show an interest in your Product.  No other daily Event will ingrain your Message into Billions of People over the Year: 2018.   None are like it. PERIOD.   Adrienne's got a Grip on what puts "The Pop into Pop Culture" & for her to "GO HORSE" is a unique Angle that any astute Business Person should jump on."

Robert E. Hofstadter
Hofstadter & Associates
Chicago, Illinois USA


Contact me at:


to set up a Time in which to chat.  

Sign up Today.  The First 100 Participants will (of course) be amongst "The Toppers" which is mandatory when Branding and Introducing an Event of this Grand Nature to a Global Audience.  

In the meantime, visit me on my Twitter Account at:


November 9, 2017 - 8:49 AM:
Formation of new Equine Term in Tweet of same Date:

#ASK_Chgo:  Blog #1247: 🐴
YOTS: Year of The Horse (C)2017 launched by ASK: #Adrienne_Sioux_ Koopersmith. Elite Membership that Flicka, SeaBiscuit & Mr. Ed wld adore.  http://tinyurl.com/y9kj9gy5
Horse Art/Tips included in this Year long #Horsidate, defined as (r)elated #Horse Date.