Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Institute of Eventology: 30 years in the Making. How a Literary Genre is heating up Empathy & Compassion in a cold, cruel, corrupt & crime-ridden World. Just ask ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith, Chicago's Very Own.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018 - The Ides of November

Every so often in our Lives We come to a CrossRoad in our Lives where We have to stop, pull back and figure out where we are going next. Decisions.  Decisions.  Such is the Case with Me who is now, as of today:

November 16, 2018 officially 66 & 99 Days old.

Those Number are the Mirror Images of each Other.  That means something significant is happening for ME in the Land of Tarot. 

Therefore, since I have accumulated by actively created 1,900+ HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE in 35 diverse Categories - along with an additional 366 Feline elated & related EVENTS for CALi My Calico & her #CATStituents throughout the World, something is on the "Drawing Board,"  I have to crank this up a LEVEL in order that further Progress is achieved on what I've already set forth & put into place the last  10,341 days (28 Years & 114 Days) since July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM when all of this gelled.

VOiLA:  AND IT IS:   The Institute of Eventology

I'm raising Funds for  The Institute of Eventology, that will become

 The Destination - #lo_CAT_ion 

where my  Four (4) Rooms of Pop Culture Writings that fully explain this Literary Genre will be housed.  I'm dreaming Author & Art Salon Sessions; Gallery Shows; Talks with the Headiest of Heads. Along with all my Memorabilia & Objet d'Art in my Private Collection(s),  every Piece of Writing ever completed that lent its way for me to receive the 6 Titles from The Media as:

“America’s Premier Eventologist”

Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine

Washington, DC – August 25, 1997

“The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World”

Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune

Chicago – January 23, 2001

“The De Facto Architect of Holidays: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith”

Colton A. Kruse:  Author:  Ripleys Believe It or Not!

Orlando, Florida – June 7, 2017

“The Undisputed Champ of Event Creation”

Doug Criss of CNN

Atlanta, GA – February 26, 2018

“The Gatekeeper of Eventology”

Cody LaGrow – Newsy

Chicago (18 Million Homes) - April 11, 2018

“Pioneer Woman Holiday Collection”

Larry Potash & Robin Baumgarten – WGN Morning News

Chicago, IL – May 3, 2018

will have its own safe Location.  2020 marks my 30TH Year of establishing this Literary Genre.  Since May of 2013 toSeptember of  2017, I have lived in 6 different Locations.  I have been able to do my WORK because it is WHAT I DO, but for all Means - Matters & Purposes, a Brick & Mortar Locale must be purchased for me to continue as the above "Entitled" Eventologist,

leading the Way as I have done; 
branding as I have done;
promoting that I have done; 
encouraging as I have done & 
influencing as I have done.


Since I have created EVENTOLOGY for World Consumption for nearly 41% of my Life come its 30TH Year Anniversary on July 25, 1990, I am asking for your SUPPORT:

Please donate & share heart-ily with your Network who appreciates how Original Literature moves, inspires & influences The Masses. This entails what I've set forth for 28+ years since July 25, 1990 when The Inspiration for EVENTOLOGY struck me.  

Tiz The Season to give…

The Go Fund Me Online:

Thank-U for making this possible.


Sunday, November 11, 2018

For those who fought...100+ years ago on November 11, 1918. An Important Passage of Relevance & Historical Perspective from ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Creator & Promoter of: Hug A G.I. Day ©1996.

#November_11_2018 – 1:20 PM CST


100 Years Ago Today… The Armistice ending World War I has arrived. 
INSERT:  However, Wars have been fought for Thousands of Years...that's a Fact that Humans should never be proud about.

And, We (as a Civilized Species) are still fighting Wars & killing off Loved Ones in The Name of Peace.  There isn’t 1 Square Inch of Earth here on our Planet (our only Home) that has not been scorched by War-Fare (fueled by Hate, Prejudice & Greed) when Humans are killing other Humans for no good Reason.  The Remorse always comes TOO late; after The EVENT. We cannot TURN BACK TIME, but We can make a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to stop this Uncivility.


I see no Sense in any WAR or Act of Violence. Regardless of The Fact that I am a peace-loving BabyBoomer being born in 1952, why are these heinous Act(ion)s still inflicted upon us?


The Armistice is just another EVENT & Date in Man’s History where HE (WE) can go back and look to see The Problems HE has and WE have caused.  It’s TIME to stop playing along.


Sadness invades our Day without having to give it more Cause. Undoubtedly; our PET CATS & DOGS have more Sense & Intuition.  The Culprit is Man, the most deplorable Creature on The Planet.  Some of you are not; you know who you are.


Months ago when President Trump wanted to stage his Military Parade down Pennsylvania in a Show of Force, I suggested on WGN AM TV News & Newsy (that was viewed in 18,000,000 Homes) that my 22 year old HOLIDATE known as:


HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996


be used instead.  Its 32-Page Booklet details WHY & “HUG” trends every Year; besides not costing TAXPAYERS a Penny. 

That Interview is online at:


Google HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 to see its Effect on Popular Culture.  A Bit of its Promos are  interspersed here for your Perusal.  From 2017 on, said HOLIDATE has also been rewritten to include the SERVICE Animals that have served to protect us and/or died so We can continue on being who We are and want to be. 


 Discussing The Merits of HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 
with Anchors
Larry Potash
Robin Baumgarten
 on  Thursday, May 3, 2018.
Part of the WGN AM Morning News
Promo on my Top 3 Holidates.

IN CLOSING:    Give It Some Thought:

“100 years from Monday, March 4, 1996 on Sunday, March 4, 2096 Americans (if People are still around) will look back & applaud The Valiant Efforts of those who PUSH PEACE to its Limits. After all, because of us there is a 2096.”




“The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation” via CNN

Creator of HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 &2200+ HOLIDATES in 35 Categories


Cali The Calico’s Calendar:  2019-2029: 

Decade of The CAT ~ Feline ©1997 & 2018


Cali & me snuggling.
FYi:  Every Time Man wages a War,
our Pets also suffer from what is comparable to PTSD.


As I said early on Thursday, May 3, 2018:

“HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 is something We should be doing for The People…”

Civility & Patriotism start @ home. I suggest We begin taking that PATH instead.  What kind of an Example are YOU setting?




SOURCES:  Exact Week Days of 1996/2096:

For any & all Questions or Queries, you may contact ME directly at:






Saturday, November 3, 2018

#EmPEThy. Activating Empathy, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s PET BILL OF RIGHTS highlights the Acronym of: EmPEThy: Every Man’s Passion Engaging The Human Years. Giving Our PETS an additional & benevolent Voice in an Era wrought with Greed, Corruption, Homelessness & Despair.

The Scan Version (above)

Contact Info:

#November_3_2018:  2:10 PM CST

Unveiling my #Pets_Bill_of_Rights that joins The Senior Bill of Rights. The 2 are comprehensive as they support Seniors (those 55+) who are being forced from their Homes due to Gentrification and escalating Rent Increases.  Since many Seniors have #PETS (#Cats and/or #Dogs) as Companions & or Service Animals, it's mandatory The Two stay together.    As The Creator & CEO: Chief Editorial Officer of AFSEE:

Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment ©2002
now in its 16TH Year

I am extremely pleased to be spotlighting this Topic for The Levy House (which is my Home, #Cali_Our_Calico's & Robert's) as well as making a Blanketed Statement about this Dynamic now  & a multi-faceted Social Issue happening across our Planet.

Also available on my LinkedIn Account as well as here on my Koopersmithin' BLOG.  Feel free to share with your Network and Media since this Message concerns The Welfare of our beloved PETS who cannot speak for themselves.  I cannot begin to tell you how urgent this Cry really is.




Friday, November 2, 2018 – 6:12 AM CST

Every Man's Pet(s) 
Engaging The Human Years 
Every Man's Passion(s) 
Engaging The Human Years 

No matter how you envision Empathy...
After all, a Pet is a Passion & 
a Passion is a Pet.

The latest Edition to Modern Literature and Wordicol (The Protocol of using Words effectively) of an Acronym’s Attempt to right Man’s Wrongs. This One is an Off-Shoot of The Word, EMPATHY as it applies to PETHOOD – our beloved PETS. Said Term has been re-spelled as:  EMPETHY® defined as and standing for: 


We who comprise Homo sapien sapien (a/k/a: every Man, Woman & Child) should engage in & exhibit Passion, Compassion & Tolerance towards other Species & our Neighbors both near & afar. A better Mindset to reflect & spread this Process each and every Day culminates in an improved State of Being for all of us. IF this Approach doesn’t occur, We are in for the Rudest of Awakenings with disastrous and terrible Times ahead that will ultimately end as The Destruction of Life as We know it. That is simply not acceptable. Taking our deplorable Actions into Consideration with our Present Course, THY: The Human Years are not guaranteed.  CHANGE MUST HAPPEN NOW AND FAST.


October 31, 2018 Photo of #ASK_kooPURRSmith_on_CATS (center – front row) at Chicago’s City Hall Chambers with Jane Addams Senior Caucus Members presenting their SENiOR BiLL OF RiGHTS that must stipulate that PETS (Companion & Service Animals) are not rendered HOMELESS when Gentrification (in all its devious & dire Forms) happen to those Individuals 55+. Rent Control must be enacted so Quality of Life perseveres and Neighborhoods stay intact with their own Cultural Uniqueness. The American Population is rapidly aging whereby 10,000 People turn 65 daily.  This Figure represents a Number of 'Mighty, Mighty Seniors' who have, had and will continue to "Fight for the(ir) Rights & those of their Beloved Pets, adored Family Members dressed in Fur, Licks & Love."

To reiterate: 



NOTE:  'Mighty, Mighty Seniors' 
Derived from:  
Rally Cry, Chant & Quote of Jane Addams Senior Caucus
...The Seniors Who Make Change Happen...
Housing Justice Organizers

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

DAY WITHOUT CRIME ©1993: A KOOPERSMITHian Style Holidate to save Man from himself. 25TH Year Anniversary on December 3, 2018.


October 31, 2018 – 7:47 PM CST

HALLOWEEN is presently happening. And, for the most part, a good Time is being had by 1 & all. 

Except for an unlucky few who may get murdered, poisoned or mauled.  As that Man who was attacked by 2  ferocious Pitbulls (who always get a Bad Rap, no matter what) - earlier today in a South Side Alley.

Therefore, stay OUT of SS Alleys, PPL.

And, on that note, it’s 3T:  #Time_To_Tackle again the heinous Crimes that obliterate living a FUN & Adventurous Life in The Big City. To do this, all you have to do is note my HOLIDATE, 


that I urged Governor Jim Edgar, State of Illinois to make into an official Gold Seal – Red Ribbon Proclamation 25 years ago on December 3 of this year.  

The only Document of its Type in Existence.

Many, many more Citizens should be as pro-active.  It only takes one time to make a good Impression great.  Then, TheImpact will last forever...and save Precious Lives which is the Bottom Line of my Crime Prevention Holidates, stemming from my Humanitarian Crusade:  Cartoonists Against Crime begun on December 23, 1991 after I was beat up, robbed and left-for-dead in the lobby of my Apartment Building at 1437 West Rosemont.

Therefore, I’m thinking Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago (where I instigated this HOLIDATE) should salute this Decree; and that all Gangs should call a Truce so that NO one is killed, shot, hurt or harmed on The Streets and in The State of Illinois. For (at least) One Day.  Oh, heck let’s make that a National Event to set a Precedence. Enough is enough already. 

How refreshing could that be?

Media & Network: Help s-p-r-e-a-d this Message.  

You may contact me directly at:


directly to discuss more as I did during my
WGN AM Morning News on May 3, 2018.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

This is no Trick or Trick. This is no Fooling Around. Halloween is not this scary! The Lives of (y)our PETS are at an All-Time High Risk Ratio.

ASK kooPURRSmith on CATS:
October 30, 2018 – 12:27  PM CST 

 RE: When American Greed Strikes “home.”

So you’re a Senior (55+) with a PET CAT OR DOG (a beloved Companion &/or Service Animal) and your Apartment Building is suddenly sold or goes condo. You have been given NO NOTICE by The Landlord. To add insult to injury, aggressive and rich Development Companies with NO SOUL or CONSCIENCE are buying the Properties up faster than flipping “hot cakes.”

This Nightmare is occurring every Day now in Urban Areas across the US & is a disconcerting & paralyzing Cause of Animals becoming HOMELESS.  Right in-front of their Owner’s Faces with no other Recourse to take.  Many of these Seniors are lonely.  Divorced. Widowed. Disabled. With few Friends or Family.  This is Animal Cruelty that must be abolished.

Read my Exposé:

THE BIG STORY BEHIND URBAN DECAY: UNVEILING ANIMAL CRUELTY IN THE 21ST CENTURY. When our precious and prized Pet Cats & Dogs are tossed by The Wayside.

Tomorrow on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 (from 8 AM to Noon), Members of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus, Levy House Residents, other Activists and I will be attending a Rally at City Hall’s Council Chambers where We (Citizens of Chicago) will present Mayor Rahm Emanuel with The Senior Bill of Rights.




I will not allow or have my precious CAT, Cali The Calico,

living under a Tree in The Cold.

Eight (8) formal Tenets compose the Jane Addams Senior Caucus Senior Housing Bill of Rights to which Pets (as loving, devoted and valuable Family Members) must be secured.  As I tell Cali every Day:

“You are not a CAT. You are a SuPURR Species.”
Every Dog Lover I know (and I have known thousands the last 60 years) confirms that his/her Dog is "the luckiest Pooch" in The World. That Relationship works both Ways.  Animals fill an Emptiness and Void that Humans really cannot. Our Pets know US better than WE do.  A new Age of Empathy & Compassion towards The Humane Treatment & Welfare of Animals is beginning but until it is thoroughly absorbed by Society, many Strides must be made to ensure their Inclusion.  We domesticated them.  We owe them.
Fiascos (as this) that tear away at the Fabric of Civilization cannot be condoned...

Please scroll down to October 12, 2018 – 1:01 PM Facebook Post at:



for my Video Commentary on WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE STAND FOR with Cali in my Lap, filmed by Venice Johnson.  Scroll further down and you will see and hear more heart-tearing Testimonials from my Neighbors who have been thrown into this horrific Situation.


Thank you for your Time devoted to this pressing Issue, one that few consider, but it is very real.  On behalf of The Senior Population and Pet Lovers across The World, your Support is needed and appreciated. Please do NOT forget us...
After all, for YOU, it’s just a Matter of Time.


For any & all Questions & Queries on how We can make The Lives of our Pets & Seniors much more desirable, hope-filled and humane, email me at:



to discuss.  This is a Topic that evidently is going to be here 
for a Spell because 10,000 Seniors turn 65 every Day. 
After all, for YOU, it’s just a Matter of Time.


Sunday, October 28, 2018

When Innovation + Imagination strike a Chord. ENTER: Royal Feelin’. Dogs & Cats FURS_t!




RE: When innovation & imagination strike a Chord.

ENTER: Royal Felin.


Sunday, October 28, 2018 – 3:01 AM CST

So iMPRESSED with The 50TH Year Anniversary of Royal Canin’s 

The Future of Animal Companionship Conference

held in Paris, France on October 24, 2018

who is (part & parcel) of Mars Petcare:

Headquarters:  St-Stevens-Woluwe, Flemish Region

Year Founded:  1939

that last Night (in the PreDawn Hours of a New Day) I instantly woke up with an iDEA for their next FiFTY (50) Years, a most critical TiME for all of us – every Species on The Planet will be “put to The Test.”

Devoted to The Relationship between our CATS & DOGS in the next  Five (5) Decades (plus), the Name:

Royal Felin

came to mind which puts CATS on an “Equal Billing” Platform with DOGS as their Name presently conveys.  Coincidentally, February 16, 2018 – February 4, 2019 is The Year of The Dog on The Chinese Calendar, an EVENT that occurs every Twelve (12) Years.  Talk about Timing.

That was iT.  Now, for those of you Creatifs who get Ideas from “Out of The Blue” in “The Middle of The Night” as this One occurred to me (after 66 Years & 80 Days), I whole-heartedly encourage you to write iT down; date iT & time iT. Keep a Pad of Paper & Pen(cil) by your Bed with a Flashlight.  If you’re really adventurous, a Tape Recorder works wonders.  Whatever you are most comfortable with.  Had i not written Royal Felin down, iT may have slipped away forever, which would have had sad Consequences for OUR CATS. In other Words, this Blog, #1319 would not be penned: 1 of 28 written since December of 2017 about CATS & CALi My Calico, “The CEO of My Life” who turns 2 on November 5, 2018.

HOWEVER, being the avid Researcher that I am, I decided to google:

Royal Felin

and the Name has already been claimed by:

Jean-François Lavoie


Royal Feline Cat Enclosures of Australia:

ENTER:  Large Amounts of EMBARRASSMENT!  
Although this Blog #1319 does mention leading Players in The Pet Food Industry & Publicity is always helpful.  No Harm done. 
#CAT_chy Name indeed.  
Let's continue:

“Doesn’t pay to start a LawSuit there in NAME ALONE

but maybe a Partnership can begin since

The Bottom Line always is:

The Health & Welfare of our PETS.”

Quote of ASK:
Sunday, October 28, 2018 – 11:51 AM CST


However, there’s always:  Royal Feelin’…”

Quote of ASK:
Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 12:18 PM CST

Do You see what She sees?


Since We are all UNDER THE iNFLUENCE OF OUR PETS, love them dearly & are only a P&C: Point & Click away from having our “Message” read and enacted upon, that single & solitary Idea may open up Opportunities & OPPURRTUNITIES that make Life sweeter for us all.  CALi-inspired, of course.  She is THE CAT!

Cali:  Strike-A-Pose

PURREJUDICED as I am (about my own Ideas that come to Life as this one has), this Counter-Balance of Royal Canin ~ Royal Felin would entice every CAT Lover knowing they are being recognized, spotlighted respected and included in Name that gives a Platform to them in which they can sharemore and caremore.

What’s the Old Proverb? 

“What’s good for The Goose is good for The Gander.”

Seems only right…Works for me and The Billions of CATS who share the Planet with us & those like me who love them so.


CALi & i are found easily online at: 


to discuss more Branding iDEAS with you.  Our current Project is a 366 all CAT HOLIDATE Calendar covering 2019-2029 now slated as:  


a Project that has been on my Drawing Board for 21 Years now as:

"The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation"

via CNN.



The ART of EVENT-Making

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990


The Value of EVENTOLOGY lies in The Fact that iT is a SpinOff to make The World a saner/safer Place for Man & Animals. Within a short Period of Time, these Writings (similar to AESOP’S FABLES along with an Action Activity ~ EVENT attached, became a Literary Genre to overcome The Daily Turmoil of every Day Life (with its Obstacles, Addictions & Derivations) going on permanent Record with Publishers, Journalists, Authors & The Media. 

Conceptualized on July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM CST, The ART of EVENTOLOGY turns 30 years old in 2020. This Era promises to be a most thrilling Time for me; others in The EVENT Community & Pet Industries as I have secured my Place with these other significant Titles given to me by THE MEDiA:

 America’s Premier Eventologist

Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine

Washington, DC – August 25, 1997

The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World

Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune

Chicago – January 23, 2001

The Undisputed Champ of Event Creation

Doug Criss of CNN

Atlanta, GA – February 26, 2018

The Gatekeeper of Eventology

Cody LaGrow – Newsy

Chicago (18 Million Homes) - April 11, 2018

Pioneer Woman Holiday Collection

Larry Potash & Robin Baumgarten – WGN Morning News

Chicago, IL – May 3, 2018

this Branding Strategy is the Definitive


in which to separate ~ SEPURRATE yourself from any & all COMPETITION. 


For those of you wondering about the Decorative  i, i  is to symboli ze a Candle shedding Hope and Light on the Situation that I am talking/writing about. Subliminals work MAGiC.


3i’s:  implant. involve. influence.

Pet Advocate – Screenwriter – Author 
Eventologist – Promoter – Video Actor




“People read what ASK writes about…”

STUDIOS 1437 – 5820 - 1258 – 3100 – 1710 - 1221

Chicago, Illinois USA

Gmail:  Adrienne(dot)Sioux(dot)Koopersmith(at)gmail(dot)com

Cell: 847-630-9201


Twitter:  @ASK_Koopersmith

Cali von Koop-Hof 
The #suPURR_Species of The 21ST Century.