Saturday, March 16, 2019

CATSUMO DAYS ©2019: Day #11. When CALi & Adrienne, A CAT๐Ÿ˜บ & her Girl๐Ÿ‘ฉ lead ‘The Weigh.’ in the Fat-Fight against Global Obesity.

Saturday ~ CATURDAY #11 of 2019
#March_16_2019 – 7:25 AM CST

RE:  CAFO?  Concerned About Feline Obesity?

Concerned about Obesity amongst your Family Members? 

Well, our PETS – CATS & DOGS - are beloved Family Members and suffer from the same Ailments that We Humans do.  That’s why it is important to recognize this Condition and #TAKE_ACTiON about it now – before The Condition gets more out of hand/paw and out-of-control.

With CATSUMO DAYS ©2019, that Concern is addressed for you, put on The Table with less the Calories – giving Support & Enthusiasm for every Day as a DAY TO CELEBRATE & not one in which to ‘eat yourself’ under ‘The Proverbial Table.’  As a Gal ‘growing up Koopersmith’, I clearly recall sneaking Food to Our CATS who were ‘under the TABLE’ at Meal Time, visibly wanting something home-made. 

In The 1960s, none of the advanced Facts now known about ANiMAL CARE were known or researched and available as they are Today.  Animal Behaviorism & Medical Science have made huge Jumps, Leaps & Pounces so that We can enjoy many more than the Traditional 9 Lives with our CATS. 

"There is NO Need whatsoever 
to be unhealthy with what We know Today.  
We just cannot be our 
OWE: Own Worst Enemies 
when it comes to Food Consumption 
xero-ing Exercise out of our Daily Agendas."

CATurday #11 ~ Saturday, March 16, 2019 – 6:55 AM CST

As the Guardian & Protector of #CALi_The_CALiCO von Koop-Hof who walked into my Life on November 5, 2016, she fills my Heart with such Happiness & Joy, I make her and her Optimal Health my Priority. She gets daily Exercise, the right Meals, Attention & Love allowing and PURRmitting her to thrive.  

The Underbelly of FAT is that IT is not healthy. 
On any Creature.

With a few Tweaks and/or if necessary Medical or Psychological Help as to why YOU overeat and why you then overfeed your CAT (or DOG and/or Children), the Results can begin to show.  

Let The MELT-DOWN begin.


During The Period of LENT, ‘something’ is given up.  CALi & I figured that giving up OVER-EATING is that Start that Millions-upon-Millions of PETS & their Humans need to make before it gets ANY LATER.  Make this Action-Activity – known as a HOLiDATE in EVENTOLOGY, the Literary Genre I created on July 25, 1990 – nearly 30 years ago - into a GAME.  For the Food you would eat; pack it up and take it to a Shelter; feed the Community of Feral Cats in your Neighborhood.  There’s always THOSE ‘needier’ than you are ‘out there.’  After 40 Days & 40 Nights of ‘breaking in’ to 

The CATSUMO Plan, 

you’ll realize IT was not hard to do but 


Won’t you join and begin with us an Excursion in to #CATXercise ~ #DOGXercise if your Household has a Canine so that LiFE is enjoyed better each Day and in each Way ~ Weigh?  You won’t be disappointed.


By emailing CALi & me to set up a Time to #CHAT_FAT at: 


We live in Chicago – where CST prevails.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Global Visionary is born: The ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith Story is told. 66 Years in 'The Making.'



Sunday, March 10, 2019 – 1:06 PM CST

We are all concerned about GLOBAL PEACE. In our own Way (with what Talents and Tools We have), We must effortlessly work towards that Variety of Understanding that is based in Kindness, Goodwill and Empathy – Compassion towards all People. 

On The Eve of my 30TH Year Anniversary in 2020 of The Literary Genre: EVENTOLOGY® I created on July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM CST, that is exactly what I have been quietly doing in The Background – ‘behind The Scenes’ amidst all The Clamor -  ‘One #HOLiDATE’ at a Time, Day-by-Day, Day-in & Day-out in order that People catch-on & learn that We are more alike than different. 

That The COLOR of our SKiN is to add DiVERSiTY and ‘color’ to our World, bringing HARMONY, not HARM.  Anything else would be Humdrum and Boring, Two Elements that do not put ‘The Pop into Popular Culture’ thus turning each Moment into a Success and an Accomplishment.  With over 2,500 HOLIDATES in 35 different Categories on Record and on my Roster along with a Series of Manuscripts called:

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature™:
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009,

I am able to put my 2¢ worth in and subliminally implant that Seed, thus My Message is read, shared, interpreted and becomes Part of a FABRiC that joins People together for the ‘Common Good.’


Growing consistently.  As one of The 1000s of Examples, now in its 23RD Year, my HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 has produced:

About 19,700,000 results (0.34 seconds)

as of March 10, 2019 at 11:18 AM CST. 

And, that is only 1 of the many that has made:

The ART of EVENT-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns for Humanity ©1990

a Go-To ~ Powerhouse Source that is, has and will change The Course of Bitterness to Sweetness. Millions of People with nowhere to turn to now realize that The EVENTOLOGY Mindset of living each Day to its fullest is Advice as strong as ‘The Golden Rule.’  Is it any wonder that the  Name of the World’s most  prolific STORYTELLER, AESOP of AESOP’s is embedded in mine?


As a Life-long Global Visionary, CNN recently entitled me as the “Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation.” My Vehicle to move People is through creative Events that are either:

Goodwill, humanitarian, altruistic, educational, recreational, spiritual, patriotic, fun-time and/or fun-time Events.  Therefore, EVENTOLOGY was born out of that Need that is missing in so many Lives.  The CNN Feature appears online at:

and includes a Photo of my CAT, CALi, THE CALiCO , who as We all know are Part of Family LiFE who makes our Days worth living.  But She again commands many more BLOG Entries.


Try as We may, LiFE is merely One EVENT after ‘The Next.’  How we sort and sift through them is a Personal Preference.  Live yours to its fullest and liveliest with the Kindest Expressions of grateful Acts and Actions that you can.  The Results will be over-whelming.

To continue this ‘Quest of Authenticity’ and to #ASK any and all Queries & Questions you may have, email:


in order to set up a Time & Date to chat.

Photo Credit;  Robert E. Hofstadter: 2017.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Koopersmith releases CATSUMO ® DAYS ©2019. How Obese Humans & their PETS can regain their Health & Dignity in 40 Days & 40 Nights. From Obese to Optimal Health. It's The CATSumo Weigh according to CALi THE CALiCO's Plan for 2019-2029: The Decade of The CAT ~ FELiNE ©1997 ©2018. ๐Ÿ˜บ ๐Ÿ‘ฉ

Slated For:  The 40 Days of Lent
Beginning On:  
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - Thursday, April 18, 2019

In CATESE known as:  FURTY Days Prior to Easter
(typically known as The Period ~ PURRiOD deemed as LENT:
Letting Every Negligence Terminate)
A Floating EVENTOLOGiCAL HOLiDATE, changing yearly.

ORiGiN:  Derived from the Japanese Ritual:  Sumo
Therefore, in EVENTOLOGY, The HOLiDATiC Phrasing becomes:


OBESiTY is not a funny Topic. 
A CAT’s PAW is The Size of her/his Heart.
A Human’s Hand is The Size of her/his Heart.

Any Extra Poundage or Weight is surely to take its Toll on that Species’ Body, which has its own Set of horrifying Complications ~ COMPLiCATiONS as in shortening The LiVES of both SPECiES.  Yet, this Crysis (CRiSiS) can be resolved in a relatively Short Portion ~ PURRTiON of TiME if you follow this HOLIDATE to The ‘T’ as in CAT.


Now in The 21ST Century, OBESiTY is a Leading Killer of both CATS & The Humans they live with who overfeed them, especially so as LOVE is often equated to FOOD and its subsequent Over-Comsumption. DOGS also are included as they, too, are favored PETS.  Therefore, what CALi THE CALiCO is endorsing, enforcing and thus proposing (that’s PURR-PAWSiNG) for this Year and all others throughout:


is to take a Page from The CHRiSTiAN BiBLE & LiST OF RELiGiOUS EVENTS that surrounds The BASiS of LENT & EASTER.  And, give these Sacred Moments an EVENTOLOGICAL TWiST that is not sacrilegious, but a Weigh ~ Way in which to SAVE PRECiOUS & PURRECiOUS LiVES and alter/amend sickly Mindsets that comprise what all BiBLES espouse no matter what Religious Affiliation you belong (to).

the next Forty (40 Days & Nights) of your LiFE
may be exactly what The Doctor ~ your Veterinarian
ordered without even making a Scheduled ViSiT.
You know it is THE RiGHT THiNG to do.
Weight Reduction is mandatory
for a long and healthy LiFETiME together.”

Sunday, March 3, 2019 – 12:15 PM CST

Many People (across our Granite Planet ~ World) celebrate LENT & EASTER.  There is no better Time on the current CALENDAR to start as their Goal is similar to what happens when Fasting & Dieting.

Therefore, The Premise ~ PREMiSE of this HOLiDATE, CATSUMO DAYS is factual by way of this DEFiNiTiON:

Fasting is common during Lent whereby Observers often give-up a COMMODiTY they enjoy; while Others are determined to quit a BAD HABiT (that may be addicting).

EXPLANATiON:  In The Acronym: LENT: Letting Every Negligence Terminate
The Term ‘Negligence’ is used because The Human is neglecting to CARE for himself/herself as well as their PET(S).

This CATXERCiSE (CAT Exercise as CALi calls it) of QUiTTING A BAD HABiT now advises confirms ~ CONFURMS that giving up The Foods (and the gargantuan Rations & Amounts being served and devoured) that are both harmful to you and your PET(S) for this Solid Block of TiME emphasizes a Healthier Way of LiFE.  MODERATiON is Key and Paramount ~ PURRAMOUNT in every Aspect of our Lives.  Whether you agree with that Statement or not, by the TiME you arrive at your SiXTiES, you know it's The Truth.

In Forty (40) Days & 40 Nights, a new and improved ~ iMPURRVED Set of EATiNG HABiTS can replace THE NASTY HABiTS and HEALTHiER HABiTS put into place.

The TRANSFORMATiON ~ TRANSFURMATiON you and your CATS [PET DOG(S) included] will be mesmerizing – a RETURN TO HEALTHiNESS and a fulfilling LiFE together awaits.   The Cloudiness will lift.  A Metamorphosis occurs.

“When Body – Mind – Spirit ~ SPURRiT are connected,
it’s a Beautiful Thing.”

Oh, by The Way, you do not need to be Christian to participate in this HOLiDATE.  Keeping a FOOD Journal is advised. ViDEO-TAPiNG your Progress is do-able.  Doing it with another FRiEND (who may also have the same Problem) is highly adivsable. CALi’s HOLIDATES are Equal OPPURRTUNiTY EVENTS:    Yes, this is One of CALi’s BiG HOLiDATES, but NOT in The Manner in which you think!

Although an elaborate Ritual is behind this Japanese Sport whose Origins can be traced to Shinto Practices & Ceremonies (designed to entertain The Gods 2,000 years ago), its Basic Dynamic is universal in nature and thus is being utilized to counter The Ills of a Failed System.

“When I was 14 years old, I weighed 122 Pounds. And, I was rather Short-of-Stature.  My Savings’ Grace was that I was ‘cute.’  As a full-time Homemaker, my Mother was a terrific Cook & Baker & everything She made was delicious. Mouth-watering.  Her Meals were finger-lickin' good even before 'The Colonel' came upon 'The Culinary Scene.'  I grew up in a Household of:

“Eat a little more.”

So I did. I was an OBEDiENT CHiLD. I took Directions well.  There were, after all, Starving Kids in China & Africa & America's Appalachia. There still are.  Upon entering Teenhood at 14, I was taken to Dr. Musick, our 'Family Doctor' as he was called in the 1960s - a General Practitioner who introduced Skim Milk & Diet Sweeteners to me. 

Therefore, my entire LiFE has been actively dictated by losing WEiGHT and the hardest Part is keeping those Pounds off once lost, especially since FOOD is not considered an ADDiCTiON although now it is in that CATEGORY for both Humans & ANiMALS. 

Plus, being a WRiTER, my LiFE is sedentary, sitting in One Spot for Fifteen (15) Hours a Day (at TiMES) working on Papers & Pages and making them ‘just so.’  That EPiSODE was 52 years ago.  With The Launch of my CATSUMO DAYS DiET Plan [that is 40 Days & 40 Nights long initially], I feel Ten (10) Pounds can be lost by a Human & Five (5) Pounds for The Family CAT if both Parties ~ PURRTiES also CATXERCiSE while eliminating and cutting back on their CALORiC INTAKE.  MODERATiON, Grasshopper, is key in all our ACTiViTiES.  DOGS are a beloved Part of our Family, too and can be Part of The Program.

Monday, March 4, 2019 – 7:57 AM CST

The ASKiAN Take on this troubling Health Issue that has killed so many People (to date) is to emphasize that OBESiTY is a Global EPiDEMIC that has RAMIFiCATiONS that must be dealt with iMMEDiATELY. An Excessive Consumption of FOOD is an ADDiCTION as in Excessive Drinking, Smoking & Drug Usage (to name a few Troublemakers).  There is no TiME like The Present ~ PURRESCENT than to deal with a TOPiC that is a sore Subject Matter to address.

FURTHERMORE:  What makes me tremble when I think of this entire Crysis is that every Decade our Metabolism slows down.  Therefore, taking the Weight off earlier in LiFE is much easier than it is when one is over 50.  Think about that before you load up on another Round...

CATSUMO DAYS ©2019 is now in The VATiCAN awaiting THE PONTiF’S BLESSiNG.  Where a LiTTLE CANDLE of Hope flickers, a LiFE can and must be saved.  That is The Goal & MOTiVATiON behind CATSUMO DAYS.

Monday, March 4, 2019 – 7:40 AM CST

OBESiTY is a PSYCHOLOGiCAL CONDiTiON that shall subsist as a Part of Man’s EMBODiMENT throughout every Generation. Therefore, CATSUMO DAYS ©2019 for The Remainder of THE DECADE OF THE CAT ~ FELiNE ©1997 ©2018 occurs from: 

Ash Wednesday:  March 6 ~ Easter: April 21, 2019     
Ash Wednesday:  February 26 ~ Easter: April 12, 2020     
Ash Wednesday:  February 17 ~ Easter: April 4, 2021     
Ash Wednesday:  March 2 ~ Easter: April 17, 2022     
Ash Wednesday:  February 22 ~ Easter: April 9, 2023     
Ash Wednesday:  February 14 ~ Easter: March 31, 2024     
Ash Wednesday:  March 5 ~ Easter: April 20, 2025     
Ash Wednesday:  February 18 ~ Easter: April 5, 2026     
Ash Wednesday:  February 10 ~ Easter: March 28, 2027     
Ash Wednesday:  March 1 ~ Easter: April 16, 2028     
Ash Wednesday:  February 14 ~ Easter: April 1, 2029     

The Task has been launched...


Chicago, Illinois USA

The Kickoff LinkedIn Post reads as of 
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 8:35 AM CST


#CATSUMO_DAYS ©2019 is officially launched.
Slated for:  Lent - Easter of 2019 (throughout CALi's CALENDAR known as:

The #Decade_of_The_CAT_FELiNE ©1997 ©2018

Designed for PET Lovers & their CATS (who are #FAT_CAT #FELiNES) to lose Weight together, as #PET_BUDDiES.  It can, must and should be done to ensure your CAT has a happy and healthy 9 Lives if not more.

Check out Blog #1333 entitled:

Koopersmith releases CATSUMO ® DAYS ©2019. How Obese Humans & their PETS can regain their Health & Dignity in 40 Days & 40 Nights. From Obese to Optimal Health. It's The CATSumo Weigh according to CALi THE CALiCO's Plan for 2019-2029: The Decade of The CAT ~ FELiNE ©1997 ©2018. ๐Ÿ˜บ ๐Ÿ‘ฉ

for all the Details. This is only 1 of 366 resonating all original CAT HOLiDATES from CALi's CALENDAR that #PURRovides for the PETS We love so much. 


Be on-Target ๐ŸŽฏfor a healthier Way ~ Weigh of Life. No more waiting.
CALi & I do it ~ so can YOU!

3/7/2018 – 9:23 AM CST

As of Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 8:45 AM CST due to rising Popularity in the vital Message behind this HOLiDATE and to give Accreditation to CALi's CALENDAR ©1997 ©2018:


is now fully activated.  Results that work yield the ‘Best Outcomes.’  What CALi & I aim to do at: EVENTOLOGY CENTRAL:  30 years in ‘The Making’ as of 2020.  Feel free to support our GO FUND ME Account at:

that will fuel The Establishment of a Brick & Mortar INSTITUTE OF EVENTOLOGY, where no Day is ever the same or a Cookie Cutter Clone.


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

3 Words 4 U: ๐Ÿ—ฃ #No_Brainer_Day๐Ÿง  ©1996

No Brainer Day๐Ÿง  ©1996 

3 Words 4 U: ๐Ÿ—ฃ #No_Brainer_Day๐Ÿง  ©1996

No kidding, People, it really is: NO BRAiNER DAY ©1996. 

I made it up myself - over 23 years ago as of:

#February_27_2019: 8:45 AM CST

Had I not been hailed as:
'America's Premier Eventologist'
as early as 1997
all of these HOLiDATES would be classified as
But that again is yet another Blog Story.


This is a HOLiDATE We really need.  

 is hiding from her Thoughts 
here in this Photo
on the 23rd Annual
Celebration of our
No Brainer_Day๐Ÿง  ©1996.

CALi & I are on our 270TH CATariffic FELiNE HOLiDATE & a DAY to go ‘mindless’ sounds pretty enticing WRiTE now.  Feel free to quote-unquote me on that one iF you like.  I'm sure it's how plenty of People are feeling in this Day & Age.


The BACKSTORY about this EVENTOLOGIiCAL HOLiDATE is attributed 2 my Friend, EDY who worked @ the Local Printing Press on North Broadway (popular in The 1990s B4 everything WENT DiGiTAL (dig it)  across from Walgreens. 

Whenever I’d bring in a complicated Print Job on 1 of my Creative Projects @ The TiME & was oh-so worried that they would DO iT RiGHT,  She’d smile and say: 

“It’s a NO BRAiNER, Adrienne”

assuring me all would turn out OK.”  Rest assured, She was always on-target.

Then, 1 Day as I wanted to immortalize her very Words so others would feel the same way, I asked EDY when her Birthday is – was and She said: 

February 27TH.  

The Rest is EVENTOLOGiCAL History. She made The E-Roster by only saying 2 Words: 


Now, it’s 1 of Google’s most popular Hits (in both Words & Images) & a Delight to JOURNALiSTS (from across the World) who like writing about a TOPiC with no ‘Real Backbone.’  With all the Hate-Violence-Crime-Confusion, this is a Pleasant Diversion to say the very least.  HOLiDATES as these 'clear and clean out your BRAiN' - resetting it for the Remainder of The Year.

A Smattering of those who saw my Theory for its Creation (as stated above) includes:

So many Journalists of all Levels write about my HOLiDATES that I can’t keep up w/ them all. It’s just the Nature of The Game when you are  massively creating an EVENTOLOGiCAL EMPiRE as I do since July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM CST.  

Coming up on my 30 Year Anniversary in 2020.

Now with over 2,200 HOLiDATES in 35 specific Categories and

declaring 2019-2029 as: 
The Decade of The CAT ~ FELiNE    ©1997   ©2018
with 366 CAT elated & related Holidates
28 CAT Campaigns
698 Pages Penned
100 Photo'd Captions &
300+ Nouveau Acronyms...
for Starters
helping PET Lovers bond best with their CATS
(yes DOGS are also included)...

We are putting 'Our indelible Mark' on putting The Pop  into Pop Culture  as it should, One Day at a TiME.  

THE BRiEF BACKSTORY:  All thanks to an Alcoholic Boyfriend, ALAN HARRIS circa 1978 and 1988 whose sickly Behavior implanted The  iDEA of how each Day should be led had he not been 'Under The Influence.'  An intriguing Story indeed on The Evolution of #EVENTOLOGY.  Our combative Relationship may be what ALAN is best remembered for since he passed away a Decade ago.  Rest In Peace...

LESS I DiGRESS:  #No_Brainer_Day๐Ÿง  ©1996 2019 Style coming @ YOU:

I’m thrilled 2 B able 2 iMPRINT Popular Culture as I do by giving these Writers/Journalist (of every means and persuasion) the:


 in which 2 spread what I truly believe in: WHAT A DAY BRiNGS.

My fave No_Brainer_Day๐Ÿง  ©1996 Article written was by Suzanne Gochenouer, the Transformational Editor who actually set NO BRAINER to an Acronym back in 2013.   I love Acronyms.  They are the trendiest Means in which to brand any Object on the Open and Closed Marketplaces.  Now, that’s not exactly The GOAL of NO BRAINER Day,  Suzanne, but it’s brilliant! Found online at:

I have to agree: It is FUN to UNPLUG & not think 1 single Thought...

Your BRAiN  ๐Ÿง  will thank you.  I'm sure of that.

Try that ON for Size!

I'm guessing they do NOT celebrate 
 ๐Ÿ—ฃ #No_Brainer_Day๐Ÿง  ©1996 
 @ NatGeo.

 As found on my LinkedIn Account for:

Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

Special Note to:  Wherever you are, Edy...may you be having a wonderful Birthday...