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Day Without Crime? No WAY! #ASK_Chicago: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith analyzes why a Life of Crime is so popular. And, it's not a pretty STORY to be told.

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Appearing Live with Venice M. Johnson
Chicago Pop Culture Interviewer:

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Monday, December 3, 2018  

Appearing Live with Venice M. Johnson, Chicago Pop Culture Interviewer:

 Crime is big Business.  Bigger than BiG!   The biggest Business on The Planet.

The Mental Health for some has deteriorated terribly so that even the MOST UNLIKELY Person you could ever think of or would know...who'd be prone to commit a Crime  - some that are unfathomable - heinous to say the least...would be arrested and later convicted. I need not go into Detail here.  Some are Serial in nature.

As the Graph depicts:  You have the Criminal.  You have the  Wanna-be';s people who emulate the Bad Guys because their Portrayals seem to daring.  You have the Hide-Outs and all that goes into making sure these Perbs - Perpetrators are well-hidden.  Osama bin Laden comes to mind immediately. This goes from Satellite Intelligence to who delivers his Mail.    

Then, at another Level, the Drug Sniffing & Cadaver Dogs - who are smelling out the BAD Guys or Good Guys who "caught a bullet" and the War Dogs who accompany our Soldiers into Battle - Combat so that We kill the Enemy - that oft-times after-wards becomes our Friends or Allies.  Killers and Hypocrites.  Man has sunken to a new Time Low.

 I've lived on this Planet for 66 years and am eternally grateful to have made it this far. 

Considering who and what is out there. 
Considering how clumsy I am.  
Considering how  gullible I am.  
I could have perished on any Number of Occasions, but successful did not.  for that I am eternally grateful.

After all, this Proclamation as born out of a blood bath I took on Monday, December 23, 1991 when I was beat up - robbed and left-for-dead in the lobby of my Apartment  Building  at 1437 West Rosemont in the Edgewater Section of Chicago, on the far North Side.  The Man that assaulted me made away with my Black Tote and an uncashed Christmas Check of $200; but he left me scared - although not permanently scarred as that EVENT was "The Catalyst" that would change my Life from:

BTC:  Before The Crime

ATF: After The Crime

of December 23, 1991 at 6 PM CST.

For that was when I conceptualized teh Greatest Comic Art + Educational Program called:

CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME in 1991 – whose Motto was:  

Cartoonists Against Crime:  We Draw Cartoons – Not Guns! ©1991

which was endorsed by Cartoonists from across the World & Government Officials since Crime was #1 on President Wm J. Clinton's Agenda.  

Then on September 11, 2001 The USA was attacked.   Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001 was the Upshot of CAC.  Yes, I am the Founder of BOTH Anti-Crime Campaigns.  Now as we approach 2021, I'm wondering what We will be tooning about and who will be left to care?


My Day Without Crime ©1993 that became a red-ribbon/gold leaf Gubernatorial Proclamation endorsed by Governor Jim Edgar in November of  1993 turns 25 years old on Monday, #December_3_2018, the Day and Date that The State of Illinois (where I live and have lived for 64 of my 66 years) turns 200.  Giving you some PERSPECTIVE, this was the Year that our beloved President Abe Lincoln was merely a boy - being 9 years old. 

Read all about it at:  

Doing a LIVE Interview on Monday,  12/3/2018 with #Venice_J, Podcaster,  in order to tell my PoV: Point of View on how We do live in a CRiME riddled, muddled-up and infested World and how no matter how hard We try (as individual do-right Citizens), CRiME has (so abominably) become a Way of Life – is Part of THAT STORY.

Few have not become a CRiME ViCTiM of some kind.  There's a wild Assortment of Crimes. Some hurt more than others.  It depends on WHAT SiDE of The Law you are on.  If you've not become victimized, intend to become one SOMEDAY in your Life.  Have a PLAN.  You owe that to yourself and loved ones.  CRiME is prevalent.  We all cannot rent a Tank and proceed down the Street in one of those Vehicles.

Thank you, Ms. Johnson, for seeing the Importance of this Issue that affects us all, no matter what our Race or Political Affiliations.  If we are rich, poor, smart or not. Being SMART about CRiME has always been a TOPiC OF INTEREST.   Crime is a Big Industry. The Process is called #Infiltration.  It's THEM against US.  And sometimes, US suffers incredibly so.  Sometimes US decides to turn BAD. Sometimes those who are BAD, decide to turn a Page and become one of the "Good Guys or Gals."

Is Peace passe?  
On a Scale of 1-10, Our Pets know better than to lead a LIFE OF CRiME, but somehow We've dragged them also into this Dire Scenario and State of Mind.  Shame on us!   What were We ever thinking?   Only TiME will tell (as it always does) what the next 200 years will hold and/or foretell when the State of Illinois turns 400.


Now I am sure you are asking:  Day Without Crime?  What is that all about, Adrienne?   Do tell.

THINK ABOUT IT, Venice.  Crime is BiG Business.

You can make piles of Money  (and not even pay Taxes on it) no matter what Side of THE LAW you are on.  The Bottom Line & Blunt Reality are: 

There will never ever be a DAY WITHOUT CRIME. 
There will never ever be a SECOND WITHOUT CRIME.  
There will never ever be a MOMENT WITHOUT CRIME.   

CRIME (as it's going to be revealed) is HERE TO STAY.

Being a LATE BLOOMER (a BabyBoomer born in August of 1952), it dawned on me last week that CRiME is here to stay.

It was a Reality Check I never ever thought about before.

I blame it on my upbringing. For 66 years, I lived in an Idealistic Glass Bubble here, thinking, hoping and having Confidence in People, my Fellow Man but after 66 years since NO Improvements have been spotted, the GRiM Reality set in:  Lock - Stock & Barrel.  Take those last 3 terms anyway you wish.  


Let’s do "THE MATH" on this Topic of what a Crimeless World would be  like. 

#1: That Life would be HIGH in Unemployment. After all, you really cannot put on your Resume that you work for CRiME.  In other Words, in a WORLD OF THiNGS, you would have to become a CRIMINAL in order to pay those Bills and to keep up with the Jones, Kardashians or whomever is popular at The Time. Sweating the "Small Things" can make a Person snap.  When a Person snaps, usually someone gets hurt or dies.   

A)  On the Hit Parade, you  have The Police whose "AIM" is to serve and protect.  Sometimes, they do; sometimes they don't.  Oft-times, it's a THANKLESS Job.  For the most part, we owe them a debt of gratitude.  Could I do what they do?  Could I be that fearless?  Ask yourself those Questions before passing Judgment.   

B):  #2:  On the Hit Parade, you  have The Fire Department, First Responders who RUN in to the Fire when others are running out.  How heroic is that?  However, if the fire is classified as an Arson Fire, then that Designation places it as a CRiME.  Someone set that fire. Someone meant trouble. A Firefighter's Job is as Crime-related as the Police Department.  

INSERT:  You will see direct correlations in every MOVE you make because EVERY Move is either a STEP in the Direction of being in a CRIME; starting a CRIME or saving yourself from Victimization.

#3: ENTER:  The proverbial “Bad Guys." Their Crime of Choice (whether it's school yard bullying for lunch money; embezzling from a Fortune 500 Company; or blackmail) entails 3 Sociological Factors.  Those are:  

Greed and 
The blood-thirsty Desire to want IT all.  

IT refers to all  the lavish Commodities that only MONEY can buy, including Affluence; Influence and On-Lookers who are there, like Vultures in Nature.  Waiting til the Time is ripe.

All of these Scenarios and more are what makes it essential that The Cops have a Job.  Many are bread-winners for their Families.  Those people have to eat.   Many times a deadly Confrontation will cut their Life short as it does for innocent Bystanders and the Desperado himself.

#4:  Ah, this is where it gets interesting:  You have  Individuals “behind The  Scenes” who market what The Cops need to be safe; from their COP Cars to their Gun’s holsters to their Dash Cameras; to the People who run Dunkin' Donuts where they stop in for for a 6-Pack of Donuts. We can even extend that Concept out to the Sugar Growers who provide the Icing on their LongJohn Sweet Roll to the Dairy Farmers whose Cows provide the Cream for their Cups of Coffee.  

This is put a small sampling of HOW CRIME PAYS.  Without Crime, where would any of these People be?  AND, furthermore without COPS and the Accoutrements they need to save and serve, these Business Folks & Entrepreneurs would be out on the Street – where some would have to turn to a LIFE OF CRIME, becoming  Criminals (breaking in – entering and robbing) just to keep alive.

#5:  You have those “behind The Scenes” that market the get-away Vehicles, invented the darkened Windshields; in order that the BAD GUY remains bad and uncaught; that's a volume of services, indeed.

#6: Then, We must add in The Reporters and Investigative Journalists (Geraldo comes to mind) who report on Crime; the ones who put themselves "out there," in the Line of Fire (so to speak);  sniffing around like Blood Hounds looking for the next breaking STORY in order for them to win a Journalism Award at the End of the Year.

#7:  The gun manufacturers who supposedly protect us from  THE BAD GUYS, but also supply the Ammunitions so they shoot, maim and kill us.  Not to say the NRA who is always underfire for an Assortment of Stands they make and take.

#8A)  A special Shout-out for the Inventors of Kevlar.  People  (who are engineering scientists) who devise Ways to be safer; there's an entire System of them that deserve to be honored as Think Tank Leaders.  But are they  also keeping the Criminal safe?  Many times they are. 
#8B) Cosmetic Surgeons who operate on a Criminal to change his face are yet an accessory to this ever-widening Display of how a LIFE OF CRIME can be a Cover-Up that no one ever has examined that deeply.

#9:  You have TV Cop Shows; like Dick Wolf, a mastermind Storyteller on how all this Craziness operates, year - in and year out.  For those of us who are arm-chair Cops, he puts us right there in the middle of a Crime and he does it with the Help of Hollywood, Embellishment – for Photoshop Experts who have a JOB – because of CRIME being as abundant as it is.  Could a Movie or TV Show be that exciting if it wasn't for the Musical Scores composing the heightened crescendo-ing of the dramatic theme music that  literally has us sitting on the Edge of our Chairs?   They, too, would be jobless if not for a saucy Script that appeals to the Criminally-addictive.

Being criminally-insane (in a twisted way) fascinates and pays the bills. But wait:  There's more:
#10:   Even 1 century ago -  100 years ago on December 1, 1918 (immediately after World War I ceased), the Emphasis was not THAT much on Crime, as it was not that blown-up or SUPER-SIZED by “The Media” and the long arms of  Social Media who need to keep their Ratings high; otherwise they will be eaten up by their Competition.  When Ratings fall, heads are chopped.  Nielsen, too, is partially affected by a Life of Crime.  

#11:  We cannot forget the Psychiatrists and Academic Professionals (including those in Forensics) trying to figure out WHAT is going on in The Criminal Brain. Quite fascinating in a deviant way.  You have The Shrinks helping their Clients overcome their Fear of being a Crime Victim.  Sometimes, The Fear Factor lingers and does not go away (quickly enough).  You have The Counselors helping those in Domestic Violence Cases.  You have the Drug Manufacturers who prescribe sedatives for those who cannot sleep.  You have the TV Set Companies who Sets are turned on all-night long as many healing Crime Victims cannot sleep steadily in an extremely quiet environment. 

#12:  Do you have  a home that needs protection from THUGS?  Home Security Services are a billion dollar industry. Possibly more.  If no one broke in; they’d be biting the dust, as well. 

#13:  Are you a Guard? Armed or not armed,  if Crime was not in existence, you'd be out of a job. Are you wearing a gun or are strapped into a walkie-talkie?  You can thank CRiME for that monthly paycheck.   

#14:  Getting creative now,  Murder Mystery Books are penned by Writers who thrive on blood and gore.   Their Stories dissolve what happened on a particular Crime Scene, one which may be rooted in Real Life that caught their attention for any number of reasons. 

Crime is mesmerizing IF it is NOT happening to you.  

And, yes, you read that here, FIRST. The first of its Genre that I remember reading was Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. 

Let’s stop here at 14 and try to regain our Composure.  That was an eye-opening Trip into something that took me 66 years and  115 days to figure out as methodically as I have here.
There's Bitterness in a Bittersweet World.   

IN CLOSING.  Whether a Person is in Corporate White Collar Crime or petty Street Crimes or stealing Condiments at a Restaurant to pushing illicit Drugs; to beating up your Lover; or  stealing a Pack of Gum from your local MOM & POP corner grocery store for the mere thrill of it, CRIME is here to stay.  Crime is strictly a Human Condition, a Sickness, a Disease that our Pets do not have.  But in a way, we have forced them into the Ramifications of what happens in a Society - a Civilization where CRiME does pay and very handsomely.

Crime is strictly a Human Sickness that will never go away completely.  Not even for just One Day out of the Year:  December 3RD as I had hoped ... when I wrote to Governor Jim Edgar asking him if he would declare my DAY WITHOUT CRIME as a State Event. Together, it was my Intention that We could somehow shed a Ray of Light, Hope and Resilience to a broken Spirit that affects us all from living a much better Life.  It was well worth trying at the Time.


No wonder there is an Emphasis Today on The Empathy Movement where our PET CATS and DOGS are more than ever  loved, appreciated, cuddled and spoiled all the moreso because they give us THE SANITY that We must find before someone else CRACKS and SNAPS without even saying a Word.  

Thank you for giving me this Platform, Venice on this once-in-a-Lifetime Date.   Coping & preventing & acknowledging Crime may still keep us alive and  stronger for yet another Day...It's a fight we cannot afford to lose.


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Leave that BIRD alone. I said: #Leave_That_Bird_alone! What are you? A Moron? Evidently.

#November_22_2018  11:30 AM CST

1,099 Days ago on Thursday, November 19, 2015 I penned & posted entitled:

&  I still feel the same Way about eating any Animal with a #Heartbeat, Pulse & Big Eyes that  yearn for a better Life. It’s TABOO & a Sin-against-Nature to kill a Live Creature.  PERIOD. Kindness has now risen up the Ranks & Cruelty is finally being extinguished (although We have an extremely long ways in which to go).

Species (outside of Man) were not born to die in this violent & vicious Manner because of Man’s gluttonous Tendencies.  All of those were learned; others came about because of Greed & not harnessing one's Taste for Temptation.

As a Matter of Fact, I found a new Scientific Term Today (unbeknownst to me) that encompasses that very Mindset & Philosophy, with its Roots in being a new and better Model of what People are becoming today.  

It's an Evolution, People!

Amend your Ways.

Rise up & follow. 

You'll be able to sleep better at Night.  

For that, I am eternally grateful and thankful on this 397TH Celebratory Day of Thanksgiving here in TUSA: The United States of America:  USA.

Being Compassionate is The Definition of EMPATHY. However, when it comes to us PET Owners, The Term quickly could be known as:


especially when our beloved CATS & DOGS, their Needs and their Welfare come to The Foreground and are spotlighted: On The Streets, on Billboards; on every Screen ever invented; in Books written; in The Broadcasts of Media...

Their Time has arrived, finally.


its Primary Website is found online at:

As a Senior Citizen and Pet Advocate with #CALi_The_Calico at My Side for Love, Support & Companionship, who doubles as the bona fide and official #CEO_of_My_Heart, it is refreshing to have your Morals solidified and set-in-place so that all Creatures (living on our Granite Planet) have a fighting Chance, on a shrinking and decaying Planet that is marred with other Issues that are equally as pressing as the dire Repercussions of Global Warming; continual Violence; Homelessness and Starvation. It’s rough 'n tough enough OUT THERE without having a Crazy MAN chase you around with a Pitch Fork.


My CAT's more photogenic than your CAT!  Just look at this Photograph of CALi  taken last year eating Turkey (on the Floor). 

She will eat Turkey anywhere.  

She is a Meat-Eater. 

Imbred. It is in her DNA. 
 (like you and me) 
have a Choice to do "The Right Thing."  

After all, you wouldn’t want someone coming up & 
taking a BITE out of your Drumstick, would you?

Contact me anytime 

anywhere write here:  


Mention CALi for a Special 66% Discount 
on your First Promotional 
(of  $10,000+)
by December 1, 2018
in Time for 
The Arrival & Kickstart of 2019 
that officially begins

©1997 ©2018




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When the Story needs to be told, Tell-The-Story-Venice steps up to bat. Enter: Venice M. Johnson going where Interviewers dare to go.

Monday, November 19, 2018 – 9:52 AM CST
Post Time:  Monday, November 19, 2018 – 11:40 AM CST

I had the distinct Honor to premiere on the legendary Venice M. Johnson's initial Taping of her Video Show, #Tell_The_Story_Venice yesterday at her Studio. Venice is an esteemed #Storyteller, #Filmmaker, #Artist & #Author(ity) in her own #write


We openly & honestly discussed how Humanity should get back on-course; the Similarities, not Differences between Generations & Races/ Religions; Effects of War as We are both highly opinionated #Babyboomers; Life as Single Creative Women in our #Sexty_Sixties twirling thru the 21st Century; how [contrary to Popular Belief in a World riddled and relegated with #FakeNews] every Day is carefully disguised as a Blessing that We oft-times do not think enough about as We rush thru each Month without stopping  to proverbially "smell the Flowers." 


For Controversy thoughtfully explained & sheer Enlightenment, tune in to:


A special Salute & Thank You to Venice and her Co- Producer Isiah Williams for making me think "out of The Box." Said #Interview, #Discussion & others will be on her various Accounts shortly, namely #Facebook & #YouTube. When posted, I'll upload as that Woman knows how 2 #tell_The_Story, Venice.

S T O P 
Look & Listen (closely) 
The New Voice in The Humanities,
Venice M. Johnson

November 19,  2018 – 5:06 pm cst – LINKED IN Post reads as:

Tell The Story Venice
ie: #Tell_The_Story_Venice is now online at:

We'd love to hear your Comments if you have a moment to spare!

NOTE:  More Photos of Venice's Guests will be posted along with their own NewsReel when URL Locations become available.

Her YouTube Channel for regular Updates is:

Feel free to leave your Email below & those will be sent to you directly.  Your Email will not be abused or sold to Ne'er Do-wells, Croppies or Sweat Bees unless you so desire.  Enter:  HUMOR.


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The Institute of Eventology: 30 years in the Making. How a Literary Genre is heating up Empathy & Compassion in a cold, cruel, corrupt & crime-ridden World. Just ask ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith, Chicago's Very Own.

CATS love Back Porches.
Cali & Adrienne at their old #lo_CAT_ion on West Loyola.

Thursday, November 15, 2018 
The Ides of November

Every so often in our Lives We come to a CrossRoad where We have to stop, pull back and figure-out where We are going next. Decisions.  Decisions. This Process could become very Time-consuming and tedious as you may have assumed.  Such is The Case with Me who is now, as of Today:

November 16, 2018 officially 66 and 99 Days old.

Those Numerical Pairs are The Mirror Images of each Other.  That means something significant is happening in the Land of Tarot for ME. 

Therefore, since Day 1 of EVENTOLOGY, I have actively accumulated &  created 1,900+ HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE.   In 35 diverse Categories. Added to those is the:

CAT's Cluster

comprised of  an additional 366 Feline elated and related EVENTS for CALi My Calico and her #CATStituents throughout The World.

PURRescently on the "Drawing Board" as 2019 is closing ever so quickly.  ThereFUR, I have to crank this up a LEVEL in order that FURther Progress is achieved on what I've already set FURth and put into motion (MEOWtion) the last 10,341 Days (28 Years and 114 Days) since July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM when all of this gelled.

VOiLA AND IT IS:   The Institute of Eventology

I'm raising Funds for  The Institute of Eventology, that will become

 The Destination - #lo_CAT_ion 

where my  Four (4) Rooms of Pop Culture Writings that fully explain this Literary Genre will be housed.  On schedule will be: Author and Art Salon Sessions; Gallery Shows; Talks with the Headiest of Heads, etc. Along with all my Memorabilia and Objets d'Art in my Private Collection(s),  every Piece of Writing ever completed that lent its Way for me to receive the 6 Titles from The Media as:

“America’s Premier Eventologist”

Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine

Washington, DC – August 25, 1997

“The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World”

Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune

Chicago – January 23, 2001

“The De Facto Architect of Holidays: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith”

Colton A. Kruse:  Author:  Ripleys Believe It or Not!

Orlando, Florida – June 7, 2017

“The Undisputed Champ of Event Creation”

Doug Criss of CNN

Atlanta, GA – February 26, 2018

“The Gatekeeper of Eventology”

Cody LaGrow – Newsy

Chicago, IL - April 11, 2018
(18 Million Homes)

“Pioneer Woman Holiday Collection”

Larry Potash  and Robin Baumgarten – WGN Morning News

Chicago, IL – May 3, 2018

will have its own safe, secure and thermostat regulated Location.  2020 marks my 30TH Year of establishing this Literary Genre.  Since May of 2013 to September of  2017, I have lived in 6 different Locations.  I have been able to do my CREATiVE WORK because it is WHAT I NATURALLY & INSTINCTIVELY DO, but for all Means, Matters and Purposes, a Brick and Mortar Locale must be purchased for me to continue as the above "Entitled" Eventologist,

leading the Way as I have done; 

branding as I have done;
promoting as I have done; 
encouraging as I have done; and
influencing as I have done.


Since I have created EVENTOLOGY for World Consumption for nearly 41% of my Life come its 30TH Year Anniversary on July 25, 2020, it is time to Give-Back. I am asking for your Financial SUPPORT because Chicago is becoming far too expensive to live and work in. Property Taxes are the highest in The USA.  It is no longer conducive for the Creative Spirit to survive.  Yet, the HOLIDATES must go on.  No one creates them as I can and do.  As one of my Marketer's stated:

"Adrienne, you are 'The Picasso' of Event-Making."

Please donate and share heart-ily with your Network who appreciates how Original Literature moves, inspires and influences The Masses.  IF you know, are or are associated with THE MEDiA tell them about the 1,900+ HOLIDATES as Empathy is the most important Virtue that We can and must bank on.

Mainstream after 28+ years (since its Inception on July 25, 1990) when The Inspiration for EVENTOLOGY struck me and transformed all of our Lives, I am especially pleased with and proud of myself for having the Courage, Stamina & Common Sense to set forth this Mindset.  It was not easy.

Tiz The Season to give…

The Go Fund Me Online:

Thank-U for taking EVENTOLOGY to its next Level. 




for any/all Queries you may have.