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How CALi & Adrienne's EmPEThy Movement & 393 CAT Holidates smoothen the Tough Times ahead imposed by the Corona Virus Pandemic. One Day at a Time. πŸ˜ΊπŸ‘© 🐾 🌾


DATELINE:   Sunday, March 22, 2020 - 1:15 PM CST

How CALi The CALiCO von Koop-Hof, The FURSt,
a #suPURR_Species,
PURRceives our Current Global State of Affairs.

Many, many, many Companies (across Our World) are taking my #emPEThy Movement into serious Consideration by giving their Employees the Opportunity - that's #op_PURR_tunity to bring their beloved PET to The Work-Place with them.  I, for one applauded them for having a Heart & showing it in the best Way possible ~ PAWSsible.

Then, the Unfathomable happened:  The Global Pandemic 
Enter:  The CoronaVirus.
Circa: March of 2020.

Driving every Worker into a 'forced' Quarantine to work from Home.

Gone is the Comradery.

Gone is The Goodwill between Employees.
Gone is The Mutual Benefits that this provided...


Now with The CoronaVirus in full-swing, all PET Parents are forced to work from home with a Stay-at-Home Decree declared by Government Officials in force.  'Sealing The Deal' is The Ultimatum.  

"Optimal Physical & Mental Health for both with 
Survival being The GOAL 
is what is at stake.

ASK:  Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith Quote:
Sunday, March 22, 2020 - 1:15 PM CST

The Human who is now home-side with their PET who (quite honestly, if asked) undoubtedly finds their HUMAN under their PAWS and quite an Annoyance or Nuisance.  After all, We all need our Space & Alone Time.

Therefore, what to do?
What is the 'New Norm?'
How do We cope?
How can we make 'The Most' of a Bad Situation?

PETS to the Rescue is the Best Way.

The Answer to those Questions is found in a brilliantly orchestrated 1,550 Page Document of 448,465 Words called:


containing 393 original HOLIDATES in Fifteen (15) Categories that help People bond better to their beloved CATS during this most trying and terrifying of TIMES and even when Times are not.  Treat yourself to a Day's Worth of CALiDATES (R) (as these are officially named) during what CALi The CALiCO has PURRoclaimed as:


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No other Creatif (on The Face of Planet Earth) has accrued such a vast Plethora of CAT HOLIDATES (Events) as these.  Many of these HOLIDATES (that are similar to AESOP's Fables but with an Action Activity for your CAT(S) attached) are 12+ Pages and can be made into their own Small Booklet much like The GOLDEN BOOKS We read as Children and sold on the Back of any PET Product and sold to your Clients & Customers.  

I am 

"The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World" 

a Title I received from Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune (circa January, 2001).  EVENTOLOGY is what these HOLIDATES are umbrella'd under.  2020 is my 30TH Year of making People & their PETS happy.  Devoted to The Evolution of this Literary Genre, this Humanitarian Project (whose Time has come) is 30 Years in 'The Making' as of July 25, 2020 at 9:45 PM CST as I have been recognized and deemed as 

"The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation" per CNN, 
one of the top Networks in The World.

That delightful Interview which featured CALi & me is online at:

PLAYiNG WiTH YOUR CAT has never been so much FUN.  Where Comradery & Love exists with each PURR, MEOW & HUG.

Got Questions?  Query CALi & ME here at:


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Penned:  Sunday, March 22, 2020 - 10:53-11:18 AM CST
The 447 Day of THE DECADE OF THE CAT ~ FELiNE (C)1997 (C)2018

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BUC is 70 Today...

Tuesday, February 25, 2020...

Just wanted to note that...

Wherever he may be, may Happiness guide his next 70...

11:28 PM CST

Thursday, February 6, 2020

WHO hammered the Nails into my Bro's Coffin. Taking Names & Numbers. We killed him. We are rseponsible.

WHO hammered The Nails into My Bro's Coffin.
Taking Names & Numbers.
It's been a Month since Joey died.  Needlessly.
My Kid Brother.
And now certain Things must be said & cleared up.
How the Victimization of Battered Man's Syndrome emerges & evolves.
A true to Life Episode.

DateLine:  February 6, 2020 - 12:22 - 1:21 PM CST
BLOG Published:  2/6/2020 - 3:07 PM CST

RE:  One entire Month has passed since JOEY died.

Mom & I are still traumatized and in-denial about him being gone.

However, if anything is to be learned from this horrible Situation is that what is put on The Death Certificate may  hardly even begin to scratch-The-Surface of what was going on in The Deceased's Life.  Such is - was 'The Case' with my Kid Brother:  


And, what I pieced together in early January of 2020 after he died on January 6TH would open The Eyes of ME & 521 People who read my Posts and Blog.  In ways never ever known before, Joe covered up his Pain.  He suffered from 

Battered Man's Syndrome

that is very real and little spoken about.  However, The Internet has descriptive Articles about how Abusers cut into and tear-down their Victims who (being [a] MALE) feel they should be in control, but will not let on that they are suffering.  In a Sentence:  

It is not the MACHO - MANLY Thing to do...

Yet the Repercussions could be deadly as it was in the Case of my Little Brother; shortening their Lives by Decades.  Who would ever, ever, ever know...


That was the First Question that I asked as I pieced together the last 64 Years & 282 Days of Joey's Life.  Where did Violence, Control & Mishaps enter in which he would be rendered as an Innocent Victim, one who was really ignorant of The Ways of The World.


JOE's First Attacker (as I call The People who physically - mentally - spiritually abuse a Battered Male Victim) was ME.  Yes, I was surprised too, to realize this.  Joe was visiting MOM during the Summer of 2017 while CALi & I were 'in transit.'  He made a comment (from out of The Blue) that he lost all faith in me as his Older Sister and did not trust me after I clobbered him in the Garage when he was about 6 or 8 years old.  Never wanting a Brother or Sister, he plainly badgered me; he became a Pest (taking my Clothes & bothering me in general)  while We were "growing up Koopersmith" in Mendota, IL.  An affluent Family - the richest of 3 whereby Our Father was Mayor for nearly 16 years - 4 Terms.  He wielded a lot of POWER & had a Violent Streak that would erupt at any Time.  What happened and appeared OUTSIDE OF OUR HOME (behind our 4 Walls) was totally different than what was occurring behind CLOSED this Story reveals. 

In The Bible & in general Circlesthis is called Sibling Rivalry. On that Designated Day (in the garage), I took 1 of our Child's Rakes - (made of heavy-duty plastic) - and hit him - clobbered him over the head.  Mom was inside The House, making her delicious Chicken Soup in the Kitchen  When she realize what happened, she rushed Joey to the Community Hospital  4 blocks away.  Upon coming home, the Soup had boiled over, making our House appear that it was on fire.  That night, at the supper table, nothing was brought up about 'The Attack.'  In other words, My Father was not told & I was not punished. As I think about it, I do not know what SNAPPED in me to physically take that RAKE & strike him, but I never wanted Brothers or Sisters. He disturbed me. I struck back.

FAST-FORWARD TO JULY OF 2017:  When JOE told me about this Incident that happened 50+ years ago (about his pent up feelings), I had a very empty feeling in my Gut knowing that for some 55-58 years or so of his Life, after that Attack, he housed those Feelings about me. And, there was NO JUSTICE.  He must have felt SO alone. If me, I could not really blame him.  I had no Idea (til then) and especially now as I decided to delve more into his untimely Death.

Joe's Second Attacker (as I call the People who physically abuse a Battered Male Victim was my Father, Louie Koopersmith Mayor Mendota - where Power & Control was his Middle Name. The leading Events was that Dad would catch Joey & beat him with his belt.  And, I do not recall that JOE did anything 'bad.'  The most horrendous EVENT occurred when Dad tackled JOE, thru him to the floor & began beating him around his BACK in our Living Room at 1407 Lakeview Drive, our Home that we all lived in from 1959 to 1977.  Yelling MERCY! MERCY!, our Father  was relentless - he would not get up.  My Mother pleaded, but Dad kept pummeling him. I stood there & yelled for DAD to get off.  Joe never forgot that Incident,  nor forgave his Father - altho that would change after our Father died and JOE  inherited the Family Business, a very lucrative Junkyard.  To our Father, JOEY was a 'wimp of a son' - that's how he always viewed his only Son.  He was not macho; he had strawberry blond hair & big blue eyes; he'd have made such a pretty girl. He did not play sports; he was "NO SON" of Louie Koopersmith's.

JOE's Third Attacker (as I call the People who physically abuse a Battered Male Victim was Girlfriends he had from high school on).  This is a hypothetical:  I have no idea WHO these women/girls  are or knew if they had any violent or mean streaks as I was 2.5 years older than he and had no Interest in what he was into although I did admire his Expertise in the Harley Davidson Motorcycle World). This is all left up to speculation. Joe & I were in high school during the same period in the 1960s.  He was pulling up The Rear being born in 1955; me in 1952.

INSERT:  In the Mid 20-Teens (2015 or so) I did receive an Email from a Woman who had an Affair with him. He evidently dropped her; she was out for Revenge and decided to contact his Family.  Not wanting to do with his Extra-Marital Affairs I did not contact her.  I personally do not approve of Extra Marital Affairs - even if the Marriage is on the Rocks, as his had been since 1988.  That's another Side that yet will never be known.

JOE's Fourth Attacker (as I call The People who physically abuse a Battered Male Victim was Linda Koopersmith, his  & my younger Sister born in 1959.  When Our Parents divorced in 1976-1977, Linda sided with our abusive & psychotic Father (who 'bought her' in order to win his Divorce Case). If he could prove that Mom was an 'unfit Mother,' he would not have to pay her a Penny for the 25 years of Marriage - time they spent together in NOT SO HAPPY BLiSS.  During Our Parents' Divorce, JOE remained neutral. Linda sided with Louie (our Father) as he bribed her in order to win the(ir) Case.  I returned home from Chicago where I was living (leaving a very lucrative Career in Advertising) to care for My Mother as her Divorce Attorney, Harold N. Solomon, specifically told me he feared for her Life.  Louie had henchmen; Louie was into clandestine adventures at night, leaving our Family Home to meet with other Men to discuss illicit Topics that are always in the News.  To protect my Life & Mother's, I will not WHAT IT WAS although I do know. 

In 1976 after My Maternal Grandmother died, Louie had threatened to kill MOM (in order for her to PIPE-DOWN).   Basically he did not wish to give her any Money after she had been married to him for 25 years; raising his 3 kids; kept his house, etc. while he ran the Town of Mendota, IL as its MAYOR, a small Farming Community, 100 miles SW of Chicago from 1951 to 1977. 

EVEN one of the top Reporters, Mike O'Connor of The Mendota Reporter (our Town's Newspaper) found that DAD lied; saying he went to Drake University & actually fakes a diploma making him look as if he graduated from a University.  This showed how treacherous Louis Koopersmith really was.  Narcissist is how he would be diagnosed.

The Attacks Linda (our Sister) waged on JOE are considered Mental Abuse and continue to this Day, even after his Death. She is another "Little Louie" - the Acorn does not fall far from the Tree.  In a nutshell, MOM won her Divorce Case, but she received a Pittance after 25 years of Marriage.  Linda received the Family Home (a 7 room ranch style home that sat on a hill across Lake Mendota - on the Rich Side of Town - for siding with Louie (our Father); Joey received the Junkyard which is considered a very lucrative Business to have; estimated at $500,000 when he sold it to an area junk dealer - in order to move to Oregon (The State) which he did in the 1980s.  Linda, our Sister, as  a Gold Digger, who is the greediest Person (next to Donald Trump) on Planet Earth approached Joey.  She insinuated that she wanted JOEY to remain in Chicago (while she went to school in Arizona & then move to Los Angeles) to "work the junkyard" (as it was a real MONEY-MAKER) and that SHE  & HIM would "live off the Money" that the business was generating.  At that time, this Junkyard made our Family a FORTUNE, placing us  into  the TOP 3 richest Families in Mendota.  Never wanting to do this and never dreaming of being  a partner with Linda (because of her Nastiness & the Vices she inherited from our Father) JOEY quickly sold the junkyard and left town, moving as far away from Mendota as he could - to the West Coast - Pacific NW.  Joey & Linda never got along after that Point in our Family. 

#1 Let's not forget that Joey & Linda (after the Death of our FATHER) should have returned the House in Mendota & the Junkyard to my Mother as she help build this Empire with my father from 1951 to 1977; not them.  This never occurred to them & because of this Mom was forced to live a "meager life."  These Two  Siblings were the "Kids from HELL."

JOE's Fifth Attacker (as I call The People who physically abuse a Battered Male Victim was Kay Koopersmith, his Wife, a Divorcee who married JOE for his Money and nothing but.  So ashamed of her as he was, he never told OUR MOTHER that they were even married.  Had I not gone to Oregon at the end of the 1980s - in October of 1989 to try to "MAKE NICE BETWEEN FAMILY MEMBERS", I would never have found out.  Now, as so many People are contacting me about his Death (as stunned as Mom & I are), many have admitted they did not even know he was married.  Now, that's telling you about how DYSFUNCTIONAL that Relationship - Marriage was...yet it continued for over 3 Decades.  After only  5 years, JOE wanted a Divorce. They needed Counseling & outside help.   Kay would not grant the Divorce as she had too much to lose by being with such a BREADWINNER. Kay physically & mentally abused Joe, but still lingered til he died 33 years later on January 6, 2020 at 5:23 PM Oregon Time.

ONE really has to stop and wonder WHY. 
If you do not like someone - something:  From a Boss to a Spouse, get the heck out of that Environment.  No one knows how Stress & Strain works.  It will KILL YOU. It killed my Brother.  A month ago & he is not coming back.

I find that to be: Total Insanity.  So many People - friend's of JOE's have told MOM & me that if he had been free of HER, he would still be alive.  There's only so much Stress a Heart can take.  

JOE's Fifth Attacker (as I call the People who physically abuse a Battered Male Victim was Betty F. Koopersmith, our Mother who really was Joe's only Confidante through(out) his Life.  When he was 6 years old and suffered from Spinal Meningitis, she was the only one (not even the nurses) would go into his hospital room and take care of him.  Difficult as JOEY is/was as a Personality (who had a strange chip on his shoulder),  many People could not really 'converse with' as he would BLOW UP - much like his Father would.  Joe's Family  history (as Son & Brother to our immediate Family)  is that he would never go on family vacations with us.  He hung out with older Men (in the Harley Davidson Motorcycle World where he found acceptance and loved the Motorcyle LifeStyle that it afforded him);  he never participated in Family Parties in Chicago, where Mom's relatives lived. He was MISSING IN ACTION, but back in the 1960s, there was NO DCFS.  When he stayed HOME ALONE, he was safe & sound and enjoyed being by himself; much as I did, wanting to do my own thing as a Solo Practitioner.   But then again, in retrospect, you cannot blame him because:

1)  I would clobber him;
2)  his Father, Louis beat him;
3)  his Mother, Betty  couldn't talk sense into Dad when he were in his violent rages; &
4)  his younger Sister, Linda when she was out to "milk him" as she does to all the men she meets and has met during the Course of her Life. 

JOE had no one to turn to.  There were no TALK SHOWS 'back then.'  No Oprah.  No Dr. Phil.  No outsider in which to TALK IT OUT. 

5)  To his wife of 38 years, she saw him as a Meal Ticket; married to a much younger & richer Man (is prestigious) and always will be to an OLD COUGAR; and now sits pretty on Three (3) Houses that my Brother built.  Yet, she has not sent back any of Joey's Pictures or Memorabilia that Our Mother would like to hold on to.


Most of you must be scratching your heads.  Gosh, we looked like such a NICE FAMILY from 'The Outside.'  Well, guess what, Folks, that really wasn't so...

What a Story to behold. 
What a cast of Characters.

I never thought I'd be writing any Thing of this nature.  However, if anything is to be learned from this horrible Set of Circumstances that ranged for a Span of 64 Years & 282 Days is that what is put on The Death Certificate may hardly even begin to SCRATCH THE SURFACE of what was going on in The Deceased's Life.  Joey accumulated and suffered at The Hands of many People.  All People who were close to him. Family.  Many of us did not even know IT was abuse that would culminate in this sadly horrific Demise of a Good Kid & Guy.  


Was it sibling rivalry when I hit my Bro?
Was it parental discipline when our Father beat Joe with his belt?
Was it ignorance that MOM did not call the Oregon Cops when she learned Kay tortured Joe with a Hammer?
Did Linda really think Joey would toil and work the junkyard & give her a share of his inheritance?

What appears normal was totally twisted in this FAMILY STRUCTURE...

Of course, I'm a Sociology Major so I see things differently than MOST People do. 


Find out what's going.
Help Somebody who does not have THE TOOLS.  There's more JOEYS 'out there' than you think.  Web MD states that 830,000 men are abused yearly.   Don't be shy:

A  S  K
if there is anything wrong.

Start a CONVERSATION.  It may save a Life.  

For the Incident when "DAD" pummeled Joey to an inch of his Life and beat him on his back that could have crippled him with his massive 220 pound frame to the snide and condescending insinuations of his younger Sister and his gold-digging Wife, to the blow that I enforced when he was a pesky Little Bro., these Batterings all added up to be great Stressors in his Life that affected his HEART, but more than that his Spirit so that he tumbled and was not able to get up and fight for himself.  He let everything brew within him.  

Spending 33/38 Years in a loveless Marriage in which he wanted OUT is totally pathetic.
ENTER: Prenup.
ENTER:  Live with someone instead.
ENTER:  You never know who you are living with...

The Segues are endless.

However, our Parents were married for 25 years and MOM saw


shooting up within a year of their MARRIAGE - around the time I was born in 1952.  It's sad but those born in the 1920s - that Generation would stay married for THE SAKE OF THE KIDS, not knowing how dastardly these Repercussions could be and may become as they did in my Family's Case.  WE (as a foursome after DAD died in June of 1979) thought the worse was over with - that he would never be able to harm any of us ever again...) but the Tiger was loose...

Had Mom & I any idea that JOEY would die of Stress and Battered Man's Syndrome, We could have insisted that he leave his Marriage.  However, Kay's bullying & violent Tactics included an array of Strategies going as far as falling and then saying JOEY had beat her.  My Brother would not harm a gnat.  Furthermore, because of Joey's Personality, he never would take anyone's Advice.  Around me, his Personality was much different than around Mother's - he had a chip on his shoulder.  He was literally his OWN WORSE ENEMY - much as my Father who died at 54-55 years of age.  

Staying in a hopeless and loveless Marriage shows how co-dependent a Wife can be or becomes.  Because there is Money involved, Greed enters and The Scenario takes on a life of its own as it had here.

Throughout The Course of our Parent's Marriage (from 1951-1977), had my Father done a few things according to MOM's refreshing Plan and Insights, he may still be alive today although the EVIL OF HIS WAYS in filing the Divorce showed he had other Plans that included a Marriage to another Woman and her 3 Kids who were probably his.  But Lola (now dead) was smart and cunning.  She left MY FATHER with a $100,000 check right before he died in June of 1979 - only 18 months after our Parent's Divorce.   Come to think about it, although he died of Stomach Cancer, I'm sure the Stress of his Cancer affected his System as he died (very young) at 54-55.  

THE DECADE that was...
THE PEOPLE who were...

Therefore, this detailed Analysis of the Life & Times of my Brother,


is here for Public Consumption as I know he is not the ONLY MAN who is suffering or has suffered from:


It's exactly like Domestic Violence -- except the Victim is the Male.

officially launches on his 65TH Birthday on:

Monday, March 30, 2020.

It's my Way to keep his Memory alive - although he offered so much more but suffered greatly at the same Time. More than that since he (for the most part shunned Publicity), it's a way for PEOPLE to read about PEOPLE (those stated above) who touch our Lives.  If you see this - these Characteristics or Actions in YOU - or anyone else in your Mists: 


It is too late for JOE.

A 91 year old Mother (who weighs 90 pounds) should not have to bury her 64 year old Son.
Who knows how long she will live now...

...she could very well die of a broken Heart. She already is. 

For those of you seeing yourself in any of the 6 Characters above, STOP immediately and regroup.  One Word - One Look - can bring on THE STRESS.  All of us have OUR SIDES.  AND MOODS.  Most Abusers are not Abusers 24/7.  Many do not even know they are - according to the Dictionary's Definition.  The Amount of ABUSE one person experiences may be more hurtful than what another experiences.

"We  all have different Threshholds & Capacities for & of PAIN."  

ASK QUOTE:  February 7, 2020 - 7:58 AM CST

But the Years do add up.  And so does the PAIN.  Physical & Mental Anguish is killer and can kill.

I'm just saying that JOE' DEATH CERTIFICATE which states he died of a Heart Attack is only a small percentage of what really happened in his Life & how he internalized these Relationships.  Even those that happened Decades ago, left their Mark.  I surely wish We had a DELETE KEY to run his Life over again.


Monday, March 30, 2020 for the Unveiling of:

The Joel Steven Koopersmith Battered Man Campaign (C)2020.

Joe died on a Monday - The Campaign airs on a Monday, the 12TH his his Death.

Every Monday, this ISSUE should be aired by all the major & minor Media as well as taught in SCHOOL; from Kindergarten on so CHILDREN will not have to suffer.  Let's save People; let's save Future Generations.  

You may never know until it's too late.  I know I never did.  Consider these Words when interacting with others...both near and afar. 

* * * * * * * * * *

GOT QUESTIONS?  Feel free to ASK  me anything you would like at:


* * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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CALi The CAlico von Koo-Hof, The FURSt   
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, CALi's Human & Scribe: AKA: MomZee
Robert E. Hofstadter, CALi's PopSee

#AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith - Chicago, Illinois USA
Wednesday, January 29, 2020 - 10:40 AM CST

2 Credits:
BTW:  Her suPURR Bowl Power Bowl is from HOME (The Company) based in #Thailand & feeds a Family of Four (4) Feral CATS.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Today, My Brother... Joel Steven Koopersmith...died...

Actually, on January 6, 2020 between 5:30-6 PM.

I am in shock.

May He rest in peace.  I'll post some nice Photos of him in the Days ahead...

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 - 6:10 PM CST


Penned: Tuesday,  January 21, 2020 - 2:05 PM CST

A new Set of Circumstances have emerged since my younger Brother, Joe Koopersmith (Joel Steven Koopersmith, age 64) died on Monday night, January 6, 2020 in Grants Pass, Oregon, his home circa the Mid-1980s.

As recorded by Me, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith,  his older Sister - Resident of Chicago, IL USA.

DUE to the Fact that People have the right to know, this is the 'BackStory' that no one else will know until my Release of those Facts & Evaluation here and now.  I am the only one who has privy to these Facts and can piece them together.  

Because Joey was so well-liked, let his Death stand for something that other People can learn from. That's the least that can come from this horrible Catastrophe. 

Let's begin:

His Death Certificate says Cardiac Arrest, but there's much more to be revealed.  JOEY died of Parental Neglect, Indifference(1) and Ignorance (by and on behalf of our Mother, Betty Friend Koopersmith) combined with  Domestic Violence &  Mental Cruelty as exhibited  by his Wife, Kay Koopersmith who physically abused him (with hammer attacks in their Home).

Defined as  'Bouts of Domestic Violence;' Fear of future Bodily Harm that subsequently led to Mental Strain, Anxiety & Stress  that weakened Joe's Heart thus causing him to suffer a Heart Attack that was aided and abetted  by a too-rich high Cholesterol Diet of being a Meat Eater; no steady Exercise Plan and an early Career of long and strenuous Hours of Physical Labor (as a young Man) who was a Construction Worker circa Age 18-55 (or 60).  Combined with those Events, JOE had wanted a Divorce from his Wife since 1988 who refused to divorce him.  He seemed HAPPY from the Outside being a top Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Merchant, yet he was crying on the Inside.  That is why this Page is so alarming to write and to read.  He has not even been 'grieved' properly yet.


When Betty Friend Koopersmith learned of Joe's Hammer Attacks via phone calls, she did not tell her SON that this is classic DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (by the Book).**  She kept this a Secret.  Had she told me of Joe's Ordeal, I would have told her to CALL THE GRANTS PASS POLICE at once and furthermore, suggest that  Small Video Cameras be placed and set-up throughout Joe & Kay's Home in Grants Pass, Oregon to record any future Violent Attacks. When one of these Violent Episodes of Kay attacking Joey with the Hammer  happened, it would have been caught-on-tape and his Wife (of 32 years) would have been jailed, evicted from the property and Divorce Proceedings could have begun in which he would have won his case unanimously hands-up.  In this case, any Judge would side with the Man (my abused Brother) in this instance.  

Moral of this Great American Tragedy is:

IF you hear something, say or do something.
IF you see something, say or do  something.
IF you question something strange or weird, say or do  something.

DO not stand-by as all of this leads to an immense Amount of Stress & Distress placed upon the Victim's Body.  Every thing is connected.

If someone calls you and CONFIDES IN YOU, telling you about RED FLAGS that are popping up in a Dysfunctional Relationship, do not be afraid to call THE POLICE. This is what is called:  


This, to me, is a very strange Turn of Events re: the Death of my Kid Bro, Joe Koopersmith.  It culminates in my thinking about his last few Months on Earth;  his deteriorating  Household Situation and piecing the Dynamics all together since his Death 15 Days ago.  Now, JOE KOOPERSMITH has become The Poster Boy of  what is called The Repercussions of the Battered Husband Syndrome.

AND, nothing will bring Joey back.  I am putting this Observation & Deduction "OUT THERE" in case you know of someone who is suffering silently.  

More about this Plight that affects MEN is online at:

From this very informative and in-depth Article are 2 very important POINTS you should know in case someone in your Family is suffering and not telling anyone:

1)  Men who report domestic violence can face social stigma regarding their perceived lack of machismo and other denigrations of their masculinity.  Additionally, intimate partner violence (IPV) against men is generally less recognized by society than IPV against women, which can act as a further block to men reporting their situation. 

against men is generally less recognized by society:  Those are the Key Words.

2) ...for both men and women, domestic violence is among the most underreported crimes worldwide.

domestic violence is among the most underreported crimes worldwide.Those are the Key Words.

Joey needed an Intervention.
He needed a Marriage Counselor. 
He needed help with sorting his Home & Married Life out.

He never found any of that although all three (3) were right at his Fingertips.
#1:  Google
#2:  ASK a Friend or Family Member who to turn to...

So, behind the Facade of a long marriage (unhappy at that) and The Facade of a self-made & successful wheeler-dealer in the HarleyDavidson Motorcycle World since age 16-64, Joel S. Koopersmith had no one he could count on with the thousands of People he knew throughout the Decades who could make that CALL-FOR-HELP.  There was no one to help him ESCAPE from a Life of Torment that would end far too soon as it did on the night of January 6, 2020 at the tender age of 64.  Thousands of People for Decades - including People who lived in his Town - his Morning Coffee Clutch one stepped up to bat to help him.  And, I have found many of his SO-CALLED FRIENDS knew.  Dirty Little Secrets only lead to an Early Death - a leading Indicator of a PreMature Death in the 21ST Century.  People have to stop and think of WHAT MATTERS MOST.

Regardless of Family & Friends, we all die alone.

AS OF:  January 22, 2020 at 2:56 AM now is the TIME TO HOIST the


for the other abused Males will not suffer as My Brother did.

IN CLOSING THIS CHAPTER:  I really cannot think of anything sadder than this...

**classic DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (by the Book).
I had been a Victim of Domestic Violence via an Alcoholic Boyfriend circa February 28, 1989. I know what the Symptoms are.  The only difference is that by being a Sociology Major (at Washington University in St. Louis), I knew what it was and what to do to save myself.  I had a neighbor that I 'ran to' and I had a wonderful Boss who made sure I did not go home the next night after 'the Attack.'  I also had a Judge who was adamant about putting ALAN 'away' that made me think that this is MUCH MORE SERIOUS than I or the Media thought.  I thank them all  for being there for me.  I'm in grief my Brother didn't...he never made. it.

(1) Indifference is rampant in my Family Tree. It's a Character Defect.  If an Issue is not looked at and examined thoroughly, my Mother & Brother feel it will  somehow correct itself and go away without further Involvement.  The First Case of this warped Thinking is when My Parents, Louie & Betty Koopersmith divorced in 1977.  Every Day throughout that long 14 month ordeal that began in July of 1976, Joe remained indifferent to their Case. He acted as if nothing was happening.  I (on the other hand) was told to go home by Mother's Chicago based Divorce Attorney and care for my Mother since my Father had threatened to kill her.  I was not to leave her side. I did just that. As an obedient child, I did that (giving up an excellent Job) in Advertising to ensure her Safety.  Joe (on the other hand) acted as if nothing was happening.  Joe was extremely indifferent to what was happening to the Family - our Family Dynamic.  The Second Case of this Indifference, of course, is when Betty F. Koopersmith failed to advise Joe to the best of her Ability (evidently because she was ignorant, didn't know or didn't care) that Domestic Violence Cases must be reported to The Police.  What about:  Wielding a Hammer at a person did she NOT get?  All of these Factors aided in the Deterioration of  Joe's Physical Health that culminated in his untimely Death on January 6. I would classify Indifference as one of the Great Deadly Sins of Mankind.  Dr. Phil would agree. 

ASK: January 21, 2020 - 6:26 PM CST: Indifference Explanation 

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