Wednesday, April 18, 2018

#NationalSplurgeDay ©1994: The 2018 Celebration. 4 Days of Charitable Splurging comes to Life. Everything you ever wanted to know about The World's Splurgingest Event in 280 Characters, sometimes less. Created by: ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith, the Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation & The GateKeeper of Eventology.

Tweet #1 of April 18, 2018 - 9:08 am cst

#April_18_2018 marx 1st Yr Anniversary when @RadioMalone @NPR
@PlanetMoney aired:
Episode 765: The #Holiday Industrial Complex
That means my evergreen #Holidate #NationalSplurgeDay ©1994 is 24 yrs old Mon #June_18_2018 2 which I proclaim a #4_Day_Weekend

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W/ #NationalSplurgeDay ©1994 being 24 & fallg on a Mon (2  Months from 2day) that I proclaim as #4_Day_Weekend the #URGE_TO_SPLURGE is such that its 4 non-stop #DAYS_OF_SPLURGING on2 others LESS FORTUNATE. Give 2 those #People & #Pets in need. Deets on my #BLOG, #Koopersmithin’

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#NationalSplurgeDay ©1994: 2018 Celebration. 4 Days of Charitable Splurging comes 2 Life. Everything U ever wanted 2 no about World's Splurgingest Event in 280 Characters. By: #ASK_Chicago: #Undisputed_Champ_of_Holiday_ Creation & GateKeeper of Eventology.


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

ASK/Chicago: The PreBlitz News prior to her 30 Minute On-Air Segment: April 11, 2018 @ 5 PM CST. Showcasing the Wonderments of Eventology, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Humanitarian Literary Genre that turns 30 Years old on July 25, 2020.

The Pre-Blitz:
April 10, 2018
in 280 Characters via Twitter

How #Branding works
On 4-11-2018, I’ll share 30 Minutes w/ Rising Star #Media #Network talkg about my
#Cats 🐱
#Candy 🍬
even #CaveMen!
CLUE: Being #NEWS_worth_Y makes #Brands tick.
On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 @ 5 PM CST
Koopersmith will post the exact Station - Location
that her 30 Minute Chat will take place.
This in-depth Discussion with an Emmy Award-winning Host
promises to be an incredible Interview,
spanning 27+ Years of creating over 1900 original HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE.
Photo #1:  Adrienne & Cali

#2:  Hug A GI Day ©1996 Posters & Art   from the Internet


Monday, April 9, 2018

When The Sounds of Silence are anything but...

DateLine:  Monday, April 9, 2018 - 8:48 AM CST
My 65TH Year & 8TH Month Celebration:

GOAL:  Make this Tweet (all 280 Characters) into a  100 Page Book. For those of you who want to contribute, please do.  Deadline is July 31, 2018.  The Top 20 will receive a $1,000 Fee for One Time Usage in a Future Koopersmithian Blog with Name Recognition. Team: ASK will also be shopping for a Book Publisher (scouring the Planet with Social Media Posts to direct them to this Blog, #1279) as to who sees the insightful Merits in this fascinating Topic about "The Sounds of Silence." 

Direct your Queries & Questions to:


Feel free to tweet & retweet (share) its TINY URL:

to your Followers.


What I tweeted out:

I don't think there's a #Quiet_Place left on The Planet anymore.
Some1 sh do a STUDY on how Sounds sound (sound-off) all over the World.
Jet Planes
Burglar Alarms
Motorcycle Engines
Loud-Mouth PPL
"Quiet is extinct IF U #ask me..."


Originally derived from a @Newsy Tweet that read as:

Sunday, April 8, 2018 - 7:38 PM CST
Along with being a box-office hit, is one of the best reviewed films of the year as well.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Feline HOLIDATE…yet another exciting EVENT honoring our Beloved CATS on #CATurday: #FUR_teenth of The Month by the undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation: #ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith as recently featured on NPR’s Planet Money, NBC/NYC & CNN.

Saturday:  April 7, 2018 - Day #97

Reported by:  Robert E. Hofstadter
Assistant to ASK/Chicago:

In Tweet Form(at):

NEWS-FLASH:  The #FUR_Teenth of the Month (in Twitter Format)  follows because Adrienne is a Member of the Twitter 100,000 Hall of Fame League. That Post reads as:

#April_7_2018  - 933 AM CST
Esp so as its #CATurday: The 14TH (#FUR_teenth®) 1 since 2018 Bgan. Indeed a Special Day/Date as acclaimed by #Cali_The_Calico, The #CEO_of_My_Heart, foto here & often:
When 14TH falls on a Caturday, tiz @TIME 2 honor Senior Cats 2Day

The complete registered Copy of how to properly celebrate this Holidate is available to EVENTOLOGY Members only.  FURteenth Days is part & parcel of KooPURRSmith's 

PAW: Pet Appreciation Week ©1994 

Tribute to 68 Animal Species that helped in securing her Titles of:

America's Premier Eventologist - Insight Magazine:  1997

The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World:  2001

The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation: 2018

by Insight Magazine, The Chicago Tribune & CNN, respectively, leading Media Outlets that know and realize how necessary Original Content & Branding are today.

Align yourself with the Leader in Event Making: 

Rates begin at:  $1500 a Month 4 Holidatic Insights for the Elementary Package of 75 Tweets.

Query Koopersmith at:  Adrienne(dot)Sioux(dot)Koopersmith(at)gmail(dot)com

©1952 - 2018 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
kooPURRSmith's Global communi-CAT-ions
Chicago, Illinois 60626  USA

@ASK_Koopersmith - Twitter

Twitter:  April 7, 2018 - 10:05 AM

Esp so as its #CATurday: 14TH (#FUR_teenth) 1 since 2018 Bgan. Very Special Day/Date acclaimed by #Cali_The_Calico, #CEO_of_My_Heart, seen here & often:
When 14TH falls on #CATurday, tiz @TIME 2 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

September 4: When there’s more hiding behind a Day than you think or ever imagine in your Wildest Dreams, pick a Day. Any Day. Let’s try September 4, 2018 on. Now that’s #NEWSworthY.


The Premier & Debut of:

Every Man’s Holiday ©2018



DateLine:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018:

TODAY marks:

The Fiftieth Year Anniversary of The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Humanitarian & Civil Rights Leader.

TODAY marks:

The 90th Birthday of Maya Angelou, Poet Laureate. 


On March 30TH of this year, 2018, the Religious Occasions of Passover overtly hinged upon Good Friday; whereby a Bit of Humor was realized and shared on Easter Sunday as it also was April Fool’s Day.  Time has some Tricks up his Sleeve or Cuff. That’s a Given. 


Today, in many Parts of the USA, People awoke to snow in their Yards.  That, of course, is a Meteorological Phenomena that even the most learned Weather Forecasters as Ed Curran of CBS Chicago cannot figure (out).


What else is there to concern ourselves about for The Rest of The Year that consists of:


271 more Days until December 31, 2018 when We flip the Year and start all those Resolutions over again.


A Month ago today on Sunday, March 4 (known as the only Date in Calendrical Time that is a Military Command: "March Forth") the 22ND Celebration of Hug A G.I. Day ©1996 marked this particular (Sun)Day.

Shops & ATC: All Things Commercial are now touting the 110TH Mother’s Day coming up next Month, on Sunday, May 13TH  having been created by Anna Jarvis. On  a Pre-World War I Spring Day - May 10, 1908 -  the first official Mother's Day was celebrated in Grafton, West Virginia at St. Andrew's Methodist Church.  That Means, this Holiday in which we tip our Hats to Motherhood is 110 Years old this very year. Yet another Momentous Occasion to add to “The List” of astounding Events happening to us in 2018, which (as the 18TH Year of the 2000s) pays tribute to the Rock Anthem by Musician/Rockstar, Alice Cooper called “I’m 18.” Registering as The Group’s first Top 40 Success—peaking at #21 thus proving commercial potential was evident.

And I like it.  For those of us who were 18 when that Song came crashing upon The Scene (count me in), I know too well how it influenced a Generation and now should be The Anthem of this Year only because it still rocks and rolls as it did all those years ago back in that other Century & Millennium. 

What’s good for The Gander is good for The Goose and in June, Father’s Get their 24 Hour Good Grace Period on Sunday, June 17 just a few Days shy of the First Day of Summer when we all want to SPLURGE & kick off The Summer on the Right Foot.

“The Dog Days of Summer” are especially pronounced this year because of The Chinese who’ve culturally announced that 2018 is YEAR OF THE DOG on their Astrological Calendar.  With 339 Breeds of Dogs cited (as in Dogs who hunt; Dogs who work; Dogs who defend; Dogs who protect; Dogs who guard; Dogs who herd;  Dogs who fight; Dogs who scare; Dogs who lead; Dogs who bark; Dogs who lap, The Who’s Who of Dogs ©2018 never ends), the Kennel Clubs across The World are proudly standing behind and along side of their Faves during this most momentous Period that happens only once every Twelve (12) years.


As The Days of the Month of August wind down and Students return to school, Google’s Milestone Anniversary is within range. Enter: Tuesday, September 4, 2018 the 20TH Year Anniversary of being “the best Global Library open 24/7,”where going places;  asking Questions; being curious; taking People to places; getting Answers for the most “obscura of The Obscure” is already considered acceptable, if not mainstream. How Google has enriched and enhanced our Way of Living and has made our Tasks easier can never be fully documented. However, if We slip back Fifty Years ago when Doctors King and Angelou where in their Prime -  50 years ago when Civil Rights (had approached its 100TH Year Mark after The Civil War was waged), the Nation’s Mindset was more revolutionary. 


Immediately after Labor Day on September 3 comes September 4TH that is also Beyonce’s 36TH Birthday. Celebrated by her Legion of Fans, those Two Grand Occasions fall on Tuesday, September 4TH which is only 5 Months away or 153 Days from Today:


Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

During the Third Quarter of 2018 and into the Fourth Quarter of 2018, a Bevvy of Events systematically and automatically occur that touch upon us all from the scariest of Costumes (that may not be a Costume, after all) on Halloween to political Events as Columbus & Veterans Days capped off by a big Thanksgiving Day Dinner in which each Turkey should be granted the Trumptonian Presidential Pardon and spared the Guillotine. Tofu Turkeys for everyone as everyone races off to whatever brick & mortar stores are left after consuming that Meal in order to buy gifts on Black Friday & Cyber Monday that will (most likely) be returned on December 26.


Lighting Candles, baking Cookies and sharing Good Times with Family, Friends, Neighbors, Pets and People across The Planet comprises the single Thread We all have in common, whether coinciDENTAL (that has nothing to do with Dentals or Dentists) Dates collide or not as so many did this year: 2018.




I have a Dream

You have a Dream

We all have Dreams…

When We Dreamers join BIG Names as Google & Beyoncé with SMALL Names (and that basically accounts for the RoU: Rest of Us, Names that stand for something and Names that wish to reflect a “certain something” that is sincerely beneficial to others, We can carefully examine The Difference of what a Day makes by Movers & Shakers that (whether dead or alive) will live on in The  Corridors of Time and in The Lives of those who know that what they believed in can be believed in. And, the Blueprint of September 4TH is embedded in to each Day of every Season.



DRAFT #1:  April 4, 2018

Composed by:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Inspired by:  Cody LaGrow ~ Newsy Videos

Host/Producer of "30 Minutes With"

@Newsy Cable Channel  

Formerly @GMA


April 2, 2018




Friday, March 16, 2018

St. Cat's Day ©2018 launched by ASK: #AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith: Slated for March 17, 2018 & every Saint Patrick's Day thereafter. For the Eternal Cat Lovers amongst us & We know who We are.

Announces #PURRmiere of #St_Cats_Day ©2018. Hpns ONLY when St Pat’s Day falls on Sat  ~ #CATurday. Salute #CATS w/ Green Eyes. Make St Pat #PURRoud. #Adopt_a_Cat in his Honor & 16TH of ea Month. #Event occurs Monthly 2 ensure Homes 4 all #Felines.🍀🐱

The above Post appeared on my Twitter Account:  @ASK_Koopersmith on Friday, March 16, 2018 which is yet another HOLIDATE my Cat Assistant and I created for her #suPURR_Species called:

When #Cats_Help_Cats. A #Cali_The_Calico Initiative for 2018.
She is also The CEO of #ASK_Chicago's Heart.
Alot of Work 4 an 8 Pound Kitty.

Due to the Fact, #Cali_My_Calico and I brainstormed this evergreen Event that I retermed as a:

(more than 27 years ago)

just The Day before St. Patrick's Day is/was to occur, We were struck and inspired by The Fact that SPD usually does not fall on a CATurday. Think about that now.  The next One is years away. This is the PURRfect Marketing Strategy ~ CATegy to hit the Pet Industry since my last Brainstorm.  But, then again, that's another Blog Entry.

NOTE:  Because this is an Eventological Floating HOLIDATE, it only occurs when a Saint Patrick's Day arrives on a Saturday known as CATurday to Feline Aficionados.  The next One is scheduled for Saturday, March 17, 2029 due to Leap Year's Appearances. Like a Lunar Eclipse, this is very special and because it is and because I am lauded as:

America's Premier Eventologist;
The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World; &
The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation

3 Titles I've received for my relentless Work in The Calendar Industry from major Journalists at major Media Networks (namely Insight Magazine in 1997; The Chicago Tribune in 2001 and CNN in 2018) over a vast Period of Time, I have decided that

The 16TH of each Month is an  Impact Holidate enabling the Essence of:

St.Cat's Day ©2018

to be carried out, felt and worked with its Primary Goal of giving homeless, stray, feral and orphaned Cats a FURever Home, PURRmanently. The Cats don't need to be Green Eye only to match St Pat's Coloration...

The 16th of each Month is now marked at that...a gentle PUSH and Reminder to get more Cats off the Streets and into Furever Homes.  More on those Accomplishments will be published here as Time passes and more insPURRing Quotes and Graphics are developed.

INSERT:  As of 12 Noon on Friday, March 16, 2018, this Holidate,

St. Cat's Day
Saint Cat's Day
Saint Cats' Days 
will be held on The Third Saturday of March OFFICIALLY & thereafter on the 16th of each succeeding Month. This continual Observation & Commemoration will fortify and FURtify the Goals of the Holidate which is to ensure Good Homes for our Cats who often are left out to fend for themselves.


With so little Notice, We are depending on our Social Media Network and Pals I have culled and cultivated since Kindergarten in 1957 to spread "The Word" and to entice a major Cat Food/Toy Industry and Company to hire us as:

The VOICE OF ATC: All Things Cat

due to my 28 year span of Innovation and Advancements in Event Creation that stems back to July 25, 1990 when I created:

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns For Humanity ©1990.

PAW: Pet Appreciation Week ©1994

encompasses 68 HOLIDATES that deal with Animal Welfare. ApPURRoximately (that is: approximately in English, not CATese) 20 of these Animals deal with Cats and our PURRSistent Love of and Fascination with them.


Write - Wire us for more DeTAILS.


Twitter:  @ASK_Koopersmith

We are social mediazing for 16 Hours a Day, spreading our curiously creative Messages and reaching out to those who need Assistance, exPURRtise and Exposure for their Concerns.  We are best known as:


in which THE CAT is given her/his Fair Share during 2018 deemed as The Year of The Dog.  As the Official and #BONE_a_Fide (Fido) Blogger of this Fun, #Edu_CAT_ional and Humanitarian Event, Cali and I are ensuring that:


reigns and #Cats get their Share of The Spotlight.  After all, what's good for the Goose is good for the Gander, as Cliches and Proverbs tell us.

A "Special Thank You" from  Robert and me  go out to our Cat, Cali who has provided (PURRvided) so much InsPURRation to us since She has graced us with her Wonderment and Presence (that's: PURRescence) on November 4, 2016 when she stepped into our Lives. Life has never been better...

To enhance your Visibility under this Unique Umbrella of Petdom, 
my PR Rates are online at:


UPDATE:  Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dateline: Sunday, March 18, 2018 – 10:50 AM CST

B/c #StCatsDay ©2018 #March_17_2018 Debut a Success, 18 #Mini_SaintCatDays ©2018 added 2:
Eventological #CAT_Appreciation_Calendar
When it PURRallels 2 #CATurday #Saturday, #March_17_2029:
#SaintPatricksDay falling on a Saturday only.

KICKOFF was on Saturday, March 17, 2018 which was Saint Patrick’s Day & the Eleventh - 11TH CATurday of 2018
Followed by THE 17TH when occurring on a Saturday to reflect ATCAll Things Cat:

Saturday, November 17, 2018
Saturday, August 17, 2019
Saturday, October 17, 2020
Saturday, April 17, 2021
Saturday, July 17, 2021
Saturday, September 17, 2022
Saturday, December 17, 2022
Saturday, June 17, 2023
Saturday, February 17, 2024
Saturday, August 17, 2024
Saturday, May 17, 2025
Saturday, January 17, 2026
Saturday, October 17, 2026
Saturday, April 17, 2027
Saturday, July 17, 2027
Saturday, June 17, 2028
Saturday, February 17, 2029

Saturday, March 17, 2029 – St Patrick’s Day.  Last Caturday/Saturday was in 2018 on March 17, 2018
When ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith & Cali initiated & launched this CAT: #Cat_Appreciation_Time.

Saturday, November 17, 2029
Saturday, August 17, 2030


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Long overdue, Our Day has come: All 365,250 of them. ASK/Chicago creates longest running Holidate (Event) in History of Humanity. Saluting: Womankind in The #Millennium_of_The_Woman ©2018. #StepItUp! How Respect saves "The Day," literally.

ASKiAN UPDATE:  March 8, 2018 – 3:49 PM CST

Due to #InternationalWomensDay of March 7, 2018, Shannon of Ohio & I were discussing over Twitter, the Fact that We Women collectively should share the entire Millennium for the Inclusion of one and all.  Therefore,  I have decided to promote that Basic Concept  for the next 999 years & 364 Days as #Millennium_of_The_Woman ©2018 running from March 8, 2018 to March 8, 2118. Commonly referred to a a Kiloyear.

Adding the Charm of old trite Proverbs:

And, The Beat goes on. 
What's good for the Goose is better for the Gander.

Whether you’re rich or poor; 
pink or purple; 
smart or dumb; 
married or single; 
a citillian or a farmer; 
a queen or a queer;
a have or a have-not
anyone located anywhere is invited to participate.

Even Females who are Cats, Dogs, Squirrels, Bears, Birds, etc. are honored for what they've contribute(d) to The Chain of Life, much like the Ancient Egyptians honored those Creatures so many Eons ago, telling us that We should never disrespect them.

there’s a Place 4 U and all Kindred Spirits here on our Granite Planet even if Men (of Arrogance & Misperceptions) consider us as 2nd Rate Chattel. 

This is an Extension of the HOLIDATE I created last Summer called WonderWomanWednesdays ©2017 that was a lot of FUN but ran its Course.

Membership begins at $600/Year, prepaid (or $50  per Month) for specialized PR Services: ie: 100s of Twitter Inclusionary Posts & globs of LinkedIn Messages monthly, subject to change.

If for some reason I do not finish this 1000 Mile Run with you, I'll be leaving all The Files to my Assistant an AI Robot by the Name of Klancy Perkins who will carry-on The Legacy and your Contributory News.  

"America's Premier Eventologist"
"The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World"
"The undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation"

that ironically were  Titles given to me by Men, namely Gene Koprowski of Washington, DC (exactly 7500 days ago on August 25, 1997); Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune on January 23 2001 & Douglas Criss of CNN on February 26, 2018.

Query me at @ASK_Koopersmith for Details & exact Formulations  and where to send those Checks for Services rendered. This Holidate (synonymous with Event equates to the longest One ever recorded or run) started 5 Minutes ago.  Don't be late to the Greatest Party of the Century - all 10 of them...coming at YOU next.

These are The Women who make Herstory historical and better.

INSPIRATION derived from this Twitter Entry:

Replying to @thewriterme
I saw all the Tweets on it yest; honestly, but we Women deserve 2 have a Celebration known as #Millennium_of_The_Woman. Not some dowdry 24-hour Celebration that PPL find out about the #Day_after. Check this: