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If We Humans could only be half as energized & energetic as Cali The Calico. How 1 Cool Urban Feline keeps her Senior fit as a Fiddle. CALiNASTiCS® works.

Cali planning her Daily Run.


My Comment was far too detailed to fit into the ever-too-brief LinkedIn Dialog Box & since CATXercising with CALi is what We do and are known for in our Hood & online, besides the Fact that She is ONE OF THE ONLY CATS in Roger’s Park (a Chicago Neighborhood) who walks on a Leash like her Dog Buddies & Encounterparts do), I decided to BLOG this in its Entirety to encourage others to BE MORE LIKE CALi.  I know I’m constantly learning from her. That’s why I have deemed her as a #suPURR_Species. My Love Affair with CATS spans over 60 years & CALi is indeed My #suPURR_Star

"Spending Time with a Pet is Time well spent."  
Quote of ASK:
Sunday, October 21, 2018 - 12:20 PM CST


#Career hashtag#Tip Sometimes the key to doing more is to be energizing, not energetic.

#October_21_2018:  1 Month into Autumn: 2018

I take all my Pointers from CALi_My_Calico. Every Day We walk down 6 flights of steps (14 per landing) to get to our Outback.  She is on her leash, of course, as the building We live in demands that for our Pet CATS & DOGS, but I continuously watch & learn from her even in the Wee Hours of the Morning. She is a Teacher of the Highest Grade without saying a Word. On those Steps, She paces herself. She stops at Landings; if necessary, She will stop in the Middle of a flight & pause - PAWSe, that is - to wash a Leg or comb thru her Tail Hairs.

When preening on a Step, I put my hand out so that she does not lose her Balance as she is on a rather narrow Step.  She makes it down each flight and then marks the adjacent wall before she swings around the corner to continue down one more level.  On the main floor she waits again; til the coast is clear.  I then open the big Exit Door and we're in the lobby at which time she walks a bit of a distance; rolls around on the floor & then proceeds, walking thru 3 Doorways.  

Once Outdoors, she RUNS - on her beautiful little "chubby" Legs all the way 2 the back of the Property; past the Garage with 2 lines of Vehicles; under the wrought iron fence to the OUTBACK where the bunnies, rabbits, birds, wild mice & squirrels are. Roam is now the BuzzWord to use. IF she is really invigorated, energized or energetic she will then RUN 1/2 a block on the grass and thru the trees to the middle of the LOT.  Many early Mornings when there is dew on the Lawn she does not hesitate to do the same.  Although I really do not want MY CAT's FEET to get cold; this is something (an Activity) she yearns for and I feel her Outings help her cope mentally & spiritually as an Inner City CAT - of which so many are confined to Apartment Living.

With these Nature Outings performed ~ PURRformed several Times a Day (if the weather is not brutal), She then gets 2 B the NATURE CAT she was meant to be. I know her Travails here really needs to be filmed as it makes for a great TV Commercial on #CATXercising with your PET. 

OR a SuperBowl (can you say: suPURR Bowl Commercial?) 

How Humans (Seniors - People over 50) stay FIT with their PETS: Life in the 2018s...revving up for our #DECADE_OF_THE_CAT_FELiNE featuring Cali's 366 all original CAT HOLIDATES. It’s a gratifying Feeling to know that you both are PURRticipating in Physical & Mental Activities that prolong (our) Lives so that your Beloved Pet CAT has many more than the typical 9 Lives and that Nature provides that every Day of the given Year. Join the Newest PET Trend yet: CALiNASTiCS®.

FURTHERMORE:  With so many Seniors being retired, they are able to spend MORE 

Quality Time with their Pets; 

thus allowing "The Animal" more Companionship and "Happy Times ahead" than if The CAT or DOG had to wait for his/her Master to get home from Work, day-in and day-out.  Robbed of 40+ Hours a Week (not counting Transportation Time), many PETS lead extremely lonely and sedentary Lives which is a Heartbreak, plain and simple.  This is not how Animals should be treated and to me, is a Form of Animal Abuse.

Energizing & Energetic are only 2 Words in Cali's Vocabulary.   We have 25 more Alpha Letters to explore... 

This is a BiG BUCK Marketing OPPURRTUNITY 4 the Right Sponsor(s), Partner(s) and/or Angel Investor(s) who want(s) and wish(es) to separate ~ sePURRate him/herself (their Company) from the #com_PET_ition in The PET Industry in this vicious Dog-eat-Dog World (it could, would, should and has been said).

With 366 all-original CAT HOLIDATES highlighted by my 30 Year Expertise ~ EXPURRTISE of being in The EVENT Industry, I'm known as 

"The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation" 
via Doug Criss of CNN. 
Article online at:

I'm happy to say that The Media has given me Four (4) other one-of-a-kind Titles of Distinction since August of 1997.  And, I am using my "CELEBRiTY" to shine a LiGHT on CAT Welfare with Cali as My GUiDE.

KOOPERSMiTH’s #DECADE_OF_THE_CAT_FELiNE ©1997 (which has been on my EVENTOLOGICAL Drawing Board for 21 years now) begins on:

January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2029.

OCTOBER 30, 2018 – NOON



Cali loves to walk across the newly fallen Leaves
in our Outback which is "out back."
This is where - IN NATURE - where She really gets to be
She was meant to be.
We Humans should never deny that to our Loving Pet Cats & Dogs.

Cali & Me:
At the End of a few vigorous & rigorous Workouts every Day,
We hunker down & take a CatNap together.
Fresh Air does that to us
whether you are covered in Fur or Flesh.


©1952-2018:  ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Not just 1 of those yearly Cat Calendars. Cali’s Calendar for The Decade of The CAT ~ Feline: 2019-2029 PURRovides The HOLIDATES (366 Original Ones) that CATer to your Cat’s very Needs & some you may not have even known about; every Day come rain or shine. How YOU PURRSonally can become a much better CAT PURRSon in The Eyes of your PET(s). Resolve to pamPURR more: 2019-2029.

Saturday:  October 20:  
#42ND CATURDAY of 2018

You can never say or do enough for 
But this is a Good a Start, as any…
as 2019 beckons.

Delightful, engaging & entertaining are 3 choice Adjectives to describe CALi’s Calendar (comprised of 366 prime – PURRime Time Feline elated & related HOLIDATES that makes every Day “CATurday” for our beloved PETS from 2019-2029 slated as:


For We #con_FUR_med CAT Lovers, as ME (who is smitten with a Kitten, altho CALi My Calico is a full-fledged CAT with a CATitude of Gratitude), this Calendar (in Story Format & Formula) bonds us closer to them, while spelling out Campaigns that will help those CATS less fortunate.

Inspired (insPURRed) by her every Day, I’m sharing my exPURRtise with YOU ALL @ this point in my Writing & Event-Planning Careers. 2020 marks my 30TH Year of being:

The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation
 via Doug Criss of CNN

& with it comes an OBLIGATION – #obli_CAT_ion to keep The Spirit (make that sPURRit) of CAThood going strong. They do not let us down; We cannot let them down. Plus, because Man has #domesti_CAT_ed THE CAT, I feel WE OWE THEM.

Having 5 Titles (4 others besides Doug’s quoted above), as “The GateKeeper of Eventology” (per Cody LaGrow of Newsy), I’ve declared 2019-2029 as:


which was Part & Parcel (PURRcel) of THE  GRAND PLAN – even some 21 years ago.  Now, upon reaching my 30 Year Milestone (besides establishing THE INSTITUTE OF EVENTOLOGY to house my other 1,900 HOLIDATES), these 366 CATcentric EVENTS will bond us closer to the ONES We love – to all the CALi’s in The World.

IF your Company wants to BUY into the HOLIDATE Bank, its Decade-long FEE is posted here:

and is entitled:

How We love to spoil Our Cats One Holidate at a Time.
Marketing chic CAT Events through 2029 with the World's Leading Eventologist:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith & Cali The Calico, her beloved #suPURR_Star.

Other smaller Offers (by the Day/Week/Month) are also available.  #Just_ask_ASK.

With such a colossal Amount of CONTENT amassed here and my 40 year Career in PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising - Marketing, CAT & PET Branding & #communi_CAT_ions just doesn’t get any better than this.

CONTACT us at:
to Chat-Cat.

We are always delighted to compare ~ comPURRe notes with Fellow #CAT_alysts!

But hurry…as there’s only 73 Days til January 1, 2019 when the HOOPLA begins.


Friday, October 19, 2018

The Marketing of CALi The Calico's Decade of The Cat ~ Feline Calendar. An ASK kooPURRSmith Original.

As  CALi & I layout our



for 2019-2029 whose General Concept began over 20 years ago in another STEL: Space Time Era & Location, We discussed The Leap Year(s) which are always an Added Treat. After all, who doesn’t want to have MORE TiME on their PAWS or HANDS?  Then, while Researching We discovered some incredible NEWS & are sharing it next to all CAT & PET Industry Specialists.  These Bits & Bytes are what make EVENTOLOGY & my HOLIDATES so much grander than any other and places them in a League of their own.  Not bragging there; it’s what my Fans tell me for the last 28 years.  2020 is my 30TH Year ABC: Anniversary – Birthday – Celebration of ATEW:  All Things EVENT-WiSE.  With her Calendar, We have now entered a CATcentric Era that promises more FURever Homes, more Attention paid & more opPURRtunities for those who LOVE Cats most.

This #dedi_CAT_ed Framework is what BRANDiNG is all about:  

FOCUS ON:  FEBRUARY 29, 2020.  Slated for a Saturday

ENTER: CATURDAY: For 2020, February is a LEAP Year/Day and said EVENT falls on a Saturday meaning this is a PURRanormal, extraordinarily Special EVENT Day, Date & Month for our CATS. Having discovered that Factoid on Friday, October 19, 2018, I instantly knew and decided that Bit of Intel(ligence) – a Marketer’s Dream-come-true needed to become a KOOPERSMITHIN’ legendary BLOG Entry and thus turned into a LinkedIn Marketing Tool to advertise the Far-Sightedness, Originality & Usefulness of CALi’s DECADE-LONG CAT CALENDAR comprised of 366 all-original and extremely novel CAT EVENTS making EVENTOLOGY The Marvel that its become. The Evolution of Eventology is what Literature is marked by. Endless Stories that teach Lessons; Animal Stories that melt our Hearts.  With an EXTRA CATURDAY in The Year, The Amount of Accomplishments skyrocket. In addition to more TiME to CATNAP, PURR, PROWL, PAWSE & PREEN, Three (3) LEAP YEARS/DAYS are set FUR:

2019 - 2029

as The HOLIDATES unveil themselves. 

The exact Days & Dates are:

Saturday, February 29, 2020,

Thursday, PURRSDAY, February 29, 2024 &

Tuesday, February 29, 2028.

>^..^<   >^..^<   >^..^<  >^..^<   >^..^<   >^..^<

One for the History Books of Popular CAT Culture:

The very First Edition of CALI’s CALENDAR will sell for $52,000,000, thus giving its “Owner” full Reign of & Permission (PURRmission) to use the most incredible Selection of  CAT EVENTS of all Time spanning a 10 year Period ~ PURRiod inaugurated on January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2029. Of course, this Transaction will also include 10 Years of Service & Consultation on my Part since only I know HOW these EVENTS are to be properly ~ PURRoperly carried out.

THE FEE: $5.2 Million (per year for a Decade) is mere Peanuts for such a colossal Collection of original Branding HOLIDATES, nearly Thirty (30) Years in The Making (come 2020).

CONTACT ME directly at: 


IF you’re a Visionary & interested in this Offer.  We are screening as We have a Set of Values to uphold. 

Deadline:  November 5, 2018 - Noon CST

>^..^<   >^..^<   >^..^<  >^..^<   >^..^<   

Saturday, October 13, 2018

THE BIG STORY BEHIND URBAN DECAY: UNVEILING ANIMAL CRUELTY IN THE 21ST CENTURY. When our precious and prized Pet Cats & Dogs are tossed by The Wayside.

That Face…
will  NOT become a Victim of 
American Greed
 while on "My Watch."

DATELINE:  Saturday, October 13, 2018 

November 5, 2018 marks CALi’s Second Year with Robert & me. We’ve never been happier, despite Bob’s Aches & Pains. Sharing “The Joys of CATHood” with the BEST CAT EVER IN THE WORLD, EVER has immensely inspired me in Ways I would never have imagined.  She has enriched our Lives oh-so much since I first laid Eyes upon her on November 1, 2016 and immediately FELL IN LOVE, a Love that continues to grow larger every Moment.  Little did I know that because of her Entry & Entrance into Our Lives, I’d be #CAT_apulted into a strange and brutal World lined with incorrigible Thinking &  despicable Actions where People (aggressive Real Estate Developers operated by greedy and ruthless Tycoons, Corporations and Government) exhibit a heinous Degree of Cruelty towards ANIMALS and The People who love them. 

That is:  Displacing – Evicting Families so that these Families are unable to take their beloved PET with them to their next Home due to escalating Property Hikes. Whereby, many Buildings “going CONDO” are totally rendered UNAFFORDABLE to those Seniors who (for the most Part) are on a Fixed Income and/or Set Allowance. That CAT or DOG (or more Family Pets) are then turned out onto “The Street” (ruthless and menacing as those are) to fend for herself or himself. Alone in the Cold. Hungry and confused.  Shelters and Pounds are over-crowded; Pets are euthanized and tossed in a Dump. The Families (now in transit who are forced to move away) are caught between “The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea.”  

To add insult to injury, many Landlords affix a $300-500 Pet Rental Fee if a Family/Person wants their Cat or Dog to continue to live with them.  When “growing up Koopersmith” in the 1950-1960s, this was never ever heard (of).  Living in Mendota, Illinois 61342, a small Farming Community 100 miles southwest of Chicago, my Family’s 4 Cats & Dog ran freely the Neighborhood.  Breakfast at 6 AM; then they were allowed to go outside. All wore Collars stating who they belonged to.  They came home for Lunch; they ate. They returned outdoor for a few more hours to exercise and be “The Animal they were meant to be;” then returned home to bed down, sleep and rest until their Activities started up again the next Day. Of course, if The Weather was inclement, they remained indoors. Our Neighbors knew our Cats & Dog by name as We did theirs.  There was a Special Bond exhibited here that has since been shattered today and eroded away.  This unthinkable Conscience is an inhumane Nightmare that registers in the same Realm as African Poaching.

ALWAYS REMEMBER:  Your Cat and Your Dog are Family Members.  Hearts are broken if something happens to your Cat(s) or Dog(s).  The Death of a Pet is never forgotten.  A Candle still burns in their Human’s Heart. Separation Anxiety is a Physical Symptom. If outed, The Animal instantly becomes Prey for larger, fiercer Breeds and/or for Vehicles in Traffic, Shooters, Animal Haters (as Poisoners) and Gang Members undergoing  sadistic Initiation Rituals.  IF a CAT is declawed (as my CALi was), she has no Chance (whatsoever) of Survival on her own.  Rats (in our old Neighborhood) were half of her Size. Some may have been rabid.  CALi was “no match” for “Street Life.”  I cringe when I think what happens in this Case Scenario.

Being the Creative Writer & CAT-Mom that I am at 65 (at the Time,) I decided an:

“Every Senior must have a CAT in their Lap” Campaign

would do wonders and be appropriate in order to bring this Dilemma to light to the General Public and as an applicable Human Interest Story.  Plus, to extol “The Wonderfulness” of what it means to have a CAT in One’s Life. Life suddenly has an Added Dimension and Meaning when a PET enters a Human’s Domain.

UNDERSTAND THIS:  Many Seniors are Empty-Nesters.  Their Children are grown and moved out of the Family Homestead.  The Couple may be divorced or widowed, becoming single. Their Friends may be “few and far between.”  Relatives may be “distant” (in more than one way).  A CAT provides ~PURRvides Companionship & Company and asks for barely anything in return. A Window in The Sun; a Bowl of refreshing Water to lap up; tasty Meals & an assortment of Snacks; a clean Litter Box; perhaps a Walk outdoors to stretch those Little Legs and to breathe in the Cool & Fresh Air and experience the Squirrels, Rabbits & Birds frolicking in Nature. I never laugh harder than when I see CALi begin to stalk one of the 14 Rabbits that live in our “OutBack” which is “out back.”   What CATS give-back to us Humans (in return) is immeasurable.   

So I embarked on that CAT Campaign: 

þ Blogs were written. 
þ Photographs were taken as CALi is very photogenic. With the Psychology being:  Everyone stops to look at a “Cute CAT Picture.”
þ Flyers were created and distributed addressing The Issue; now The Issues have taken on a new paralyzing Role, ranked as ALARMING.
þ Posts were placed on Social Media Platforms to activate Concern. 
þ Repeat & carry on…


Then, when I realized I had been “displaced” and had lived at 6 different Addresses within 5 years (from May 28, 2013 – September 1, 2017), I knew I had become a Gypsy and something economically & socially wrong was happening here in Chicago (the third most sophisticated, cosmopolitan and metropolitan City in The USA) that needed to be ADDRESSED AT ONCE.  Another (appalling) Facet of Seniors + Pets was to open.  Worse than “My Scenario” is that within meeting CALi (during our initial 9-Month Period that CALi, Robert & I were together), she lived in 6 different Places – loCATions.  Yet, she adapted and stayed at my Side & on our Bed every Night and has thus been doing so since; knowing We will not let her down; protect her and make sure she has “The Creature Comforts” she deserves.

Yes, another Definition of The Word: Address was to be unveiled that few know about, consider or would ever think could happen…unless it happened to YOU.  Especially so, since giving Animals a Voice has become My Calling as CALi urges me to do so.  With that being said, our current Home (and that of 56 other People [all Seniors over 55 years of age] living at The Levy House at 1221 West Sherwin in Chicago) is now FOR SALE & again We face “The Peril of Uncertainty.”  My Neighbors & I (many life-long Pet People as I never use The Word, “Owner” when it comes to Animal Equality) will not stand for this Injustice and Form of Animal Abuse & Cruelty to happen) & have joined Forces with JASC: Jane Adams Senior Caucus in order that CALi, China, Harry, Dandy, William Shakepeare & Faith’s 16 year old CAT, Ty Neo have a warm, safe, sound and comfy Home with People who love and adore them endlessly -- besides We Humans who need “Shelter from The Storm.”

“After all, Pets rescue us.
It’s NOT the other Way around.”

Please view CALi & my Testimonial at:
October 12, 2018 is The Date these Videos were posted by their Producer, Venice Johnson, a FilmMaker & Author who resides at The Levy House with us.  This Segment will give the General Population an Idea of who we are; what We stand for and how our Pets are Family - an integral and interwoven Part of our Lives as ours is to theirs.  To know us is to love us.

CALi is sitting in my Lap.  You cannot miss us.  She has her SAY in this Production, also.  After all, she has been shifted, shuffled and shuttled around as Robert & I have been.  A Total of 6 Times in 9 Months. Yet, CALi persevered and was at my Side, adapting with every Move and Movement. And, yes, I usually dress in her Colors:  Copper, Black & White.

Furthermore, you will be happily pleased to see and hear Donna (China’s CAT Mom); Barbara (Harry’s CAT Mom); Betsy (Dandy’s DOG Mom); and Gayle (William Shakespeare’s DOG Mom) speak about “The Unconditional Love” they have for their Pet and The Comradery, Safety & Affordability We feel here at The Levy House.  Being blessed to have an endearing PET spend their Time with us and having The Peace of Mind to know that Creature has The Life that Cat or Dog was meant to have is another Point We are grateful for. Make it:  THEY were meant to have without any Obstructions to their Welfare & Wellness.

“Blessings on 4 Feet is what We call them.”

ASK Quote:
Saturday, October 13, 2018 – 11:32 AM CST

A very special, heart-warming Thank You goes to Venice Johnson, Levy House Resident and Filmmaker/Author for taking her Time/Talent/Expertise to sit down, tell and authenticate our Individual Stories and turning them into Online Videos – Personal Testimonials that can be viewed and shared by others, The Media, etc. who may get caught in this horrible Situation, sweeping The Continental USA, if not further.

Ms. Johnson composed the following Caption to join this Series reading as:

Filmed by resident, Venice Johnson, here are the stories of seniors at Levy House experiencing housing insecurity. Residents effectively organized and received a commitment from CJE SeniorLife that they will sell the building to CHA and preserve all units. Levy Senior Family Residents will continue to stay vigilant to make sure their needs are being met now and into the future, and will continue to fight for housing for all. #SaveOurSeniorHomes


Let’s hope there is a Degree of Civilization left in Mankind and that GREED & CONTEMPT FOR SENIORS do not become Commonplace and “The Norm” in The American Fabric.


CALi’s & I sharing a Moment  ~ #MEOWment
on our Back Porch at our former Home at 1258 West Loyola 
in December of  2016 
before Robert, CALi & I
 were kicked out due to aggressive Real Estate Developers, BJB Realty
began buying up every Parcel they could find.
She, too, became a Victim.

FYi:  I am ASK:  ASK: ADRiENNE SiOUX KOOPERSMiTH fondly d/b/a CALi’s Human and a Creative Writing Activist (based in Chicago circa May of 1974) who began writing about Senior Issues in February of 2002 right before I turned 50 on Friday, August 9, 2002 under The Title of AFSEE: ADVOCATES FOR SENIOR EQUALITY & ENRICHMENT ©2002.   

Reachable at: 

3i’s:  implant. involve. influence.
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter – Video Actor
“People read what ASK writes about…”
STUDIOS 1437 – 5820 - 1258 – 3100 – 1710 - 1221
1221 West Sherwin – 6E – Chicago, Illinois USA

Cell:  847-890-1489

Gmail:  Adrienne(dot)Sioux(dot)Koopersmith(at)gmail(dot)com

We residents at The Levy House are extremely grateful to Lilly, Leah & Kelly of The  
JASC and We encourage you to further investigate their Mission at:

Jane Addams Senior Caucus
The Seniors Who make Change Happen
Housing Justice Organizers

because YOU never know when this Injustice can or could happen…TO…YOU.  I know We never imagined it - even in our Wildest Dreams…




“The Price of Displacement.” How CJE SeniorLife is railroading its most VULNERABLE Residents from their Homes. When Charities fall to American Greed and Liars lie.

with 96 Readers as of Saturday, October 13, 2018.