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The Prime and most sought-after original CAT Events ever invented. To be released on January 1, 2019. Set yourself apart from your Competition. Created by the World’s Leading & Foremost Eventologist, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith & Cali The Calico, Media suPURR Star.

Cali & Me.  
She's on "The Right."  
She is always on "The Right."
When you are THE CAT, that's how Life goes.




  The CAT Institute of Felineity®

Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois USA


Wednesday, September 19, 2018


A One of its Kind Calendar devoted and CATTRIBUTED1 to every Feline on Planet Earth:

 Past - Present & Future.


a SUPURR Species amongst CATS


 in her own Right-Rite-Write.



aka:  #ASK_kooPURRSmith_on_CATS:

KooPURRSmith’s Global CommuniCATions

“People read what Adrienne & Cali write about…”

CAT Worship is civilly traced to AESOP’s FABLES and gains momentum (MEOW-mentum) in The Days of The Egyptian Pharoahs honoring Bastet, once a fierce & ferocious Lioness Warrior Goddess of The Sun she was reinvented (which was also popular ‘back then’) into a CAT Goddess named Bastet.2  Longing to be stellar, She was not identified to The Male Tom CAT of any PURRTICULAR Breed)  but was reincarnated (or REINCATNATED) into  a Goddess of The Moon in The Closing Days of Ancient Egypt.

Now a Key in Storytelling Lore, Bastets Popularity continues on as Artists and Writers attempt to draw her Spirit into their Works & Words for Multitudes of CAT People to enjoy, examine and entertain.  The True Spirit of CATHOOD survives, having been rooted in those CREATURES who lived Millennials earlier than Contemporary Man.

The North & South Quadrants of Ancient Egypt were divided during Bastet’s Zenith but now that Divide has been thoughtfully bridged by CALi & ADRiENNE’s Collaborative CAT Project honoring The Love and Allure CATS continue to hold and cast over Humans.  For one, I know that Spell too well. Since CALi has entered my Life, my Creativity Level has soared up 300%.  So inspiring, CALi My Calico starred on NPR’s Planet Money where her Sneeze was heard around The World (and what is sweeter than when a Little CAT sneezes?); she was chosen as CAT OF THE DAY on January 10, 2018 by The London Cat & PR Event Organization; and CATSually (that’s casually) went on to be featured in or on CNN, Newsy, WGN Morning News & The New York Times.

A PLAN: Marketing, as you know, is an exciting Game. After CALi sneezed into NPR’s PlanetMoney’s Host & Anchor, Kenny Malone’s Mic when he flew from New York City to Chicago to interview me on April 5, 2017, I immediately thought that Kleenex should do a SUPURR Bowl Commercial with CALi featured.  What’s more precious – PURRECIOUS than a Little CAT sneezing into a soft Kleenex Tissue. That Act(ion) would tug at People’s Hearts; especially those with Colds & Allergies & their Stock Index would soar (vs. sore). At the Time I did tweet the Post about “The Sneeze heard around the World.”  They liked it.  

The Subject of the above Interviews explained my Influence on the Fine Art of Calendar Making and how I introduced The Literary Genre on July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM CST to The World, aptly named:


The ART of EVENT-Making

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

Their URLS are found at:

@NPR @PlanetMoney: April 18, 2017: The Sneeze heard around The World:

@ldncatsofficial: January 10, 2018:  Cali's Cat of The Day

@CNNDoug ~ @CNN: February 26, 2018:

@Ocean98 WOCM MD: February 28, 2018

@Newsy ~ @CodyLaGrow: April 11, 2018: Check Newsy for Listings in your Area

@WGNMorningNews: May 3, 2018:

@nytimes: @Maya__Salam: July 3 & 4, 2018. Online & In-Print:


And, I am guessing this creatively clever CAT CALENDAR would get Bastet’s Blessing.  Let me tell you how:  The Difference between CALi’s CAT CALENDAR for 2019 is that each Day is marked by 1-2-3 or more CAT HOLIDATES (fully explained in Text and Story) that specifically is designed for CATS’ and their Human’s Usage(s).  Most are inspired – insPURRed by The Antics of My Calico.  Photographs and Art add a lively Splash. 

To further set us apart, I’ve secured Five (5) Literary Titles since 1997 that place me (as a Creatif & Writer) into a Niche of my own.  Those Titles include but hopefully are not limited to:

“America’s Premier Eventologist”

Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine

Washington, DC – August 25, 1997

“The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World”

Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune

Chicago – January 23, 2001

“The Undisputed Champ of Event Creation”

Doug Criss of CNN

Atlanta, GA – February 26, 2018

“The Gatekeeper of Eventology”

Cody LaGrow – Newsy

Chicago (18 Million Homes) - April 11, 2018

“Pioneer Woman Holiday Collection”

Larry Potash & Robin Baumgarten – WGN Morning News

Chicago, IL – May 3, 2018

When CATITUDE PURRVAILS & prevails for The New Year, any and every Thing is possible.

This Project commands a Department of its own for CALi & myself.  The Branding of HOLIDATES is the HOTTEST Commodity in the Marketing Realm. Numerous HOLIDATES aim at getting Stray, Orphaned and Feral CATS FUREVER Homes as well as banning the torturous Act of Declawing, robbing a CAT of its Defense Mechanisms. 


A Fortune 500 Pet Industry Company that wishes to hire us to kickstart the New Year: 2019 with CALi’s HOLIDATES.

An EXCLUSIVE would be offered.  This would separate all the leading Pet Industry Competitors because these EVENTS are shining Examples of Action Activities that every CAT Owner would PURRTICIPATE in.

We want, desire and expect all Whistles & Bells as these are Animal Pet-
CAT EVENTS no one ever has heard of before nor tried. This separates – sePURRates YOU as an active CAT Retailer.

This Calendar with its HOLIDATES (there will be Hundreds) expands over The Course of a 365/366 Day Calendar.

More than likely, new CAT elated and related EVENTS are always on our Radar (CATdar) and  will be added as 2019 kicks in from sheer Energy & Synergy that is being charged up with this Phenomena.  In 2020, the Calendar for 2020 of ALL THINGS CATwill be published after 2019 has been happily completed.  The lucky & insightful Company who signs up with us will have their name as  Sponsor and/or Partner. 

þ 2019 is the Monthly KickOff of CALi’s Cat Calendar:

þ 2020 is my 30TH Year Anniversary of my Invention of EVENTOLOGY (explained above). CALi’s Premier CAT Calendar is published and shines as a Collectible. Aligned with a Variety of CAT Products & Healthy Time CATXercises since Feline Obesity must also be stopped in affluent Societies. Multitudes of CATS need Food in other Parts of the Planet.  Seniors need a CAT Companion to fight Loneliness, as Companionship.  The List is non-stoppable.

þ 2019-2029 is officially declared as DECADE OF THE CAT ©2016 in which We (CALi, Me & the Corporation who “bankrolls” us) as SPOKESCAT & SPOKESPURRSONALITY. 

Salary Expectation:  $10,000,000.00 for 2019.

2019-2029:  $100,000,000.00

Deadline:  October 1, 2018 - Noon. 
With a Calendar Project as this, TIME is of the Essence.

Won’t you join CALi & me?  This has never been done before. We can hardly wait to get the Ball (of Yarn) rolling!  This will be the Best Investment and “Hires” you have ever done in your entire Corporate History; not only for your Bottom Line but for your loyal Staff who adore CATS as much as I adore My CALi, setting an Example for all to see as CATS live out their 9 Lives most COMFURTABLY!

Email me at:


to schedule a Time to CHAT-CAT.  This is an OPPURRTUNITY like none other, ever.

On behalf of CALi & me, thank you for your Time in sharing “Our Plan.”

öö ö


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Voilà: Cali #SuPURR_Star. How #ASK_kooPURRSmith_on_CATS PURRceives 21ST Century Pet TV. ENTER: Cali The Calico, Star & Feature of NPR's Planet Money, London Cats, CNN, Newsy, WGN Morning News & The New York Times.

Every Girl has her own #PURRSe & matching Blue Ball.  
#Cali's' no different.


I’ve got so many COOL CAT HOLIDATES that #Cali & I have thought up We honestly need our own #TV Segment where We come on-air; spotlight The #EVENT (known as a #CATHolidate®) and then meander (that’s #meownder in #PURRe #CATese) and slink off into The Wild Blue Yonder to think up some more 4 all the #Felines that We know, love & adore.

Certainly someone “out there” sees #The_Marketing_Genius,  Impact and Value behind this:

 #C_re_AT_ive Roster 

that sheds another Light on how We can and should treat Our Pets and others who are less fortunate.  

KYCH: #Keep_Your_Cat_Healthy.
They'll thank U FUR it.

The Bounty on #Kindness must always be active and CAnnoT be depleted. Especially so, since I’ve been CreATing these #HOLIDATES since July 25, 1990; nearly 30 years once We hit 2020. 

With Cali @ my Side, the Sky is the Limit as she inspires ~ insPURRes me with so many of The Actions she takes and The Looks that she makes. 

If this Concept appeals and delights you as it does us, please let us know if you have a #Network or #Station in place, as there’s only 107 Days till 2019 & already We have 69 Pages completed on and about this Yearly Collectible #Cat #Calendar

Reachable at:


Cal-Gal is the Best Bundle to hold.
She never attempts to jump out of my Arms.
That's why (amongst many more Reasons)
she is a

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

911 Day ©1997: American History ~ American Misery. America’s Premier Eventologist ASK: #AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith reflects back on how a #HOLIDATE helps a Nation heal.


The Mourning will never ever stop for what happened to Americans & Good People (in general) on Monday, September 11, 2001. After a 17-year Hiatus, Graveside Eulogies and Remembrances should also include The 911 Operators (themselves) who were there manning those Telephone Lines during the Darkest Day in US History: September 11.
Before The Advent and Arrival of  #Social_Media, it indeed was a different Culture at The Turn of The 2000s.  As I called my Friends in #NewYorkCity that morning, many Families were “in the Dark” for long, lengthy and excruciating Hours not knowing what had happened to their Loved Ones.  My Dark Days happened 4 years previously that prompted me to create a Special Holidate called
“911 Day ©1997
in the First Place. I had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER that this simple THANK YOU would resonate in more than One Way as the years would pass.

I placed my HOLIDATE on September 11 – FOR EFFECT – in order for People – my Followers – #Media, #Radio – #TV, etc. – to remember these Self-Sacrificing Civil Workers, all the better. Offering a Voice of Sanity in an Insane World is heroic.  It cannot be measured.

Little did I know that Terrorists were going to highjack a Symbolic TIME & DAY (as well as Planes) to attack The Core of The American Spirit on that Fateful Day.  Their Drilling of that Date into The Souls of Civilization will forever mar any Happiness for a jubilant September 11 to again occur.  Our CALLS FOR HELP  in Times of CRYsis with whatever dire Situation We had before us is answered by a 911 Operator We may never ever meet, but is there in order to help us, insurmountably.

Therefore, now that it is 2018, a Good Luck Year (thus ending in the Numeral 18), my #911Day ©1997 has been resurrected.  Sandy Whitely (then Editor of Chase’s Calendar of Events, largest Event Directory in The World) especially liked this HOLIDATE as it contained a specific Meaning, Purpose & Goal; not the hokey Holidays that others create to fill up Valuable Time & Space and ultimately to waste that Time & Space. That’s what she told Waltrina Stovall of The Dallas Morning News in an Exposé that was penned on #EVENTOLOGY in the late 1990s.

This HOLIDATE, like my others, was highly researched & became a 16-page Booklet, IN STORAGE until My #Institute_of_Eventology is built, as 2020 is my 30TH Year Anniversary of introducing #EVENTOLOGY as a Literary Genre to The World. 

Its #Fundraiser is at:

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Despite IT all, Good Things can happen. Keeping optimistic in a World riddled with Crime, Hate, Terror, Warfare, Violence & Despair. How ASK: #AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith does it: One Holidate @ a Time.



For those of you not reading the older but in-depth Article penned about my #HOLIDATE Creation on CNN, this URL leads you to that Piece where the #Photograph of #Cali & I does appear:

A Special & Huge Thank You to Doug Criss, who pens the ever-popular: 5 Things for CNN who interviewed me in Mid-June of 2017 while Cali & I were in-transit as our Building went #CondoConversion, a splitting Headache (still) occurring here in Chicagoland. After a few Weeks passed by us and the Article did not appear, We were pretty much convinced it would not, but as Doug told me later, with all the #Crime, #Hate, #Terror, #Warfare & #Violence tearing away at #The_Heart_of_Humanity & The #Fabric_of_American_Society every single Day (Day-in and Day-out), my #HOLIDATES symbolized a gentle, yet constant Reminder that #Hope & #Good_Things could happen.  #GoodTimes as @TheNormanLear would term The Sequence. Which, to me, is why Mr. Criss placed me on the TOP of The List of The #Event_Industry by saying I am:

“The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation.”

With the Article’s Title being:

Anyone can make up a holiday. This woman made up 1,900

NOW, as we rapidly approach The Onset of 2020 marking my 30TH Year #ABC: #Anniversary#Birthday#Celebration of being The #Gatekeeper_of_Eventology as Cody LaGrow of Newsy stated on April 3, 2018 [when We chatted for 30 Minutes], I continue to do what I do, because quite frankly, that’s what I am programmed to do.

Feel free to generously donate to my Institute of Eventology™ that needs to be set up immediately as I have NO HEIRS in which to leave this Amassment of Literary Works that makes our DAYS most special and significant.

For Questions or Queries, feel free to #ASK.