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ASK's 30-Day PR Explosion. By 2013 you'll be GOOD AS GOLD!

ASK's Monday:  November 5, 2012 Update:

The same Rates apply, except the emphasis NOW
is on getting your name and product(s) 'out there'
and sold for the upcoming Holiday Season.

Feel free to email me for any questions that may arise at:  askoopersmith(at)hotmail(dot)com

There is a Plan for each individual as each Client is unique in that way.



TO REITERATE:  The following is my latest Promotional to help you out.  Feel free to pass it along to others or contact me for any query or question you may have.  It is ongoing from August 1 on and begins the first of each month thereafter.   I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear _____:    Good Afternoon.  I hope this posting finds you well!  I am expanding some of the Opportunities in my PRAM: Public Relations –Advertising – Marketing Company and thought of you as you are one of my more interesting Facebook Friends.  Now that we are half-way over with 2012, there are Holidays coming up.  If there is a product (book/art/tasty treats/CDs/pet products) to sell, there is no time like THE PRESENT in which to start touting that ‘Gear.’  Therefore, I developed a really great strategy that could benefit us both as well as those who could become new customers as well as the reporters needing to have your News & Expertise for their next article.   

HISTORICALLY:  I had headed my own Public Relations’ biz since 1979 and know how to write, distribute and sell a Story.

THE STRATEGY:  I compose a Media Release all about you; your history; any forthcoming milestones; perhaps an upcoming opening/event/release that includes the 5W’s of Journalism. Whatever you think is most important will be contained here as well as all contact numbers (to your website), etc.  Newspapers, Magazines, Radio & TV are very ‘hungry’ to get a great Story.  FYI, my blog has been a Forbes’ favorite since 2008.  With  my Facebook and Twitter accounts, there is no telling where that Story – your Story – will land, since every word now ‘goes viral’ because of our social networks.

Plus, I would designate one entry from my BLOG to you (via your Name).  Therefore, you’d have another ‘Space’ in Cyberspace in which to direct attention to your Projects/Endeavors.   This News can be updated on a regular basis. 

As you know (besides yourself), I have some really dynamic people on Facebook.  Currently, I have 1457 friends and know how to ‘work’ FB to get your news onto the screens of those who need to know about your endeavors.  It’s a wonderful marketing tool as we all know.
Another Vantage Point about working with me is that I live in Chicago, the third most cosmopolitan/metropolitan city in the USA. There’s a large population here that you need to tap into.     

Furthermore, I have access to the greatest PR directories in the USA, Europe and Australia and know how to research in order to obtain other important listings.  Let’s not forget that there are columns just itching for exciting news as yours. 

THE 30-DAY PLAN WORKS LIKE THIS:  Once the Story is completely crafted (which may take 3-4 hours once I have received your material), I then devote 1 hour every day (throughout August) to distributing that material to the Industry People that you specify.  

A pre-payment of $1000 is due by August 1st to launch your Project.  If you wish the project to get underway on the 5TH that is also do-able.  I am concerned about Editorial Calendars here.

Compared to all other offers, $1000 is a very minimal amount for the extent of which your News will travel. When we ‘do the Math,’ it is 34 hours of precision work into $1000 (including the creation of the highly useable Press Release) that could also double as Filler for your Newsletter (if you have one).

If you would like to continue this process in September, that is quite do-able, or any time thereafter, as it’s a most effective way to get attention.  I love dispensing News Stories. I myself have been on NBC, ABC & CBS for my creative crusades since 1990.   

SO YOU WILL KNOW:  A PR Rule is that it takes 6-7 mailings until someone notices you, but since stories about me (and my writings) have appeared in the following, I already have an established name and people do ‘read’ what I write about.  That plus will help get you through ‘the door.’

The following ‘chunk’ is the amount of media I have received on my Works. 

USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine (online edition), Insight Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, ESPN: The Magazine; Fast Company, Redbook, More Magazine, Woman’s World, Sports Illustrated For Kids, Village Voice, Nickelodeon, The Times Picayune, The Gainesville Sun, The Springfield News-Leader, Dave Egger’s Might Magazine, The Milwaukee-Journal-Sentinel, The Detroit Free Press, The Daily Herald, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Advocate/Greenwich Time, The San Antonio Express, The Dallas Morning News, Skyline, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Home Cooking, Cooking Light, Chase’s Calendar of Events, The Daily Northwestern, Popular Photography and Imaging, Shutterbug, Kennedy’s Confection (London, England), Eric Cohen Books (Israel) and an Estonian Newspaper as well as an endless Assortment of Websites, Blogs, Facebook Postings, ‘Tweets’ on  Twitter and employing other popular Social Networks. Besides being the Guest on over 3,000 Radio Interviews (including The Voice of America since 1990), ABC, NBC, CBS & MSNBC Television Networks have also featured me for my Creation of the Literary Genre known as: EVENTOLOGY.

I certainly hope we can work together.  Please give this some serious thought and let me know what you think.  Feel free to pass it along to others who need the service.   I truly believe the benefits would be outstanding. 


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Koopersmith's Global Communications

"People read what ASK writes about..."

Chicago – IL 60660-1319 USA


How about these Steals-of-a-Deal instead?   Yes, I have yet a few other Solutions - just 4 U!

For my FaceBook friends who may not be able to manage the complete 'grand' - ie: $1000 upfront, I've started a Second (very similar) Offer which goes like this:

It is the same Deal but cutting the Cost & Time in half. The Quality remains the same as I pride myself on knowing
WHO to send THE NEWS  - YOUR  NEWS  to. This is more affordable for many People who want to kick-start their Autumn, yet they yearn to get their NAME ‘out there and do not want to miss out.  Furthermore, the Holidays are approaching if you have a Product you wish to sell, market or expose.

Do remember that this is an ongoing Offer, month-in and month-out. Plus, I will be setting up its own Blog so access is extremely easy.  Its name will be catchy, trust me!  I’m sure you’ll like it.  Plus, your Page on this Blog can be updated throughout the Month with NEWS  that you’re making.

“Why did I do this?” you may ask.  I’ll tell U.
TO REITERATE: Many of my Friends are Creatifs (Writers - Authors - Painters - Artists - Poets - Musicians - Screenwriters) and it’s economically hard for them at this particular point in time so I’m offering the same ‘Deal’ at merely $500 for 30 minutes of Facebook Postings every Day for a Month. The Bottom Line remains:

They deserve a Break. That’s my Thinking. 


$250 (prepaid) is 90 minutes of FB/eMail Promotion every Wednesday (or any Day you select).

$125 (prepaid) is 45 Minutes of FB/eMail Promotion every Wednesday (or the Day of your choosing).

I enjoy exploring what can, will and does happen when NEWS  goes 'viral.'  That Phenomena totally fascinates me for some reason and all it takes is for your Story (and a few Key Words) to reach that one person and then ‘something’ – a career/idea, etc. is launched. I call that Magic!

THE 4 PLANS:   $1000 - $500 - $250 - $125:
Affordable – Effective – Enduring.

Let’s get started now…


Email me for my Phone Numbers and/or contact me at:

askoopersmith(at)hotmail(dot)com Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

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Completion of my First Copyright Infringement Text. That Day has finally arrived!

ASK ON GREAT NEWS:  You always like to read about Accomplishments.  And it's always nice to know that you got something done.  Therefore, keeping those thoughts both in mind, I can honestly say that I finally got the last chapter of my Copyright Infringement Book all done.  And the Angle is much different than what I thought or suspected it would be when I was first planning it months ago.  Actually, it's almost at the cliff-hanger level and when those become the ending, you know darn well that a sequel may be close behind - either that or a slew of articles. One can never tell until more inspiration hits. 

I just wanted to post that News -- it's a good feeling to know.  And wasn't there a song by that title?  I think there was...

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Friday, July 27, 2012 - 7:11 PM CST

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ASK's EVENTOLOGY celebrates 22nd Anniversary - July 25, 2012 - 9:45 PM CST

I'm checking in and so proud to say that today is my 22nd Year that I created:


The Art of Event-Making

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns for Humanity (C)1990

at 9:45 PM tonite. Currently there are 1900 Holidates to celebrate in 34 diff. categories and I can honestly say there's something for everyone every where -- even if UR not a devout partier or PARTY-cipant. And, being a writer and all, I just had to make note of milestones are something we can all be proud of no matter what our field and/or passions are! Here's to yours!


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

'America's Premier Eventologist'

Chicago - IL USA
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Monday, July 23, 2012

ASK's iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2010 - Year #2 begins: Update. The Screenplay & Book that eliminates Racism in a most t-ANT-alizing Way.

ASK ON MOVIE SCRIPT WRITING:  Sometimes Life just gets in the Way and when it does, Things can get done and/or they don’t!  Such is and was my particular Story 2 years ago Today on July 23, 2010 when my Movie Script, iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2010, Part #3 of 7 in the Series called:

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™

How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009

beat out 3,164 other Scripts in the Scriptapalooza Intl Screenplay Competition founded by former Chicagoan,  Mark Andrushko.  That was indeed a highlight, I must tell you.  The Month previously, I had a ½ Page Story in Fast Company – for my NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994.  After all, picking up Steam and getting National Attention are what we Writers (of every genre) really want to achieve and accomplish.

However, now as I glance over the Calendar – it is 2 years later and ANTS is not produced!  Yes, other things got in my Way that were more important.  But I did learn a valuable Lesson  hereas I went back to re-read Part 2 of the Story since I decided to transition it into 2 Stories and 2 Scripts instead of one (of each).  That Revelation is:

Surprisingly, I still like it.

Sometimes, We get too close working on a Piece of Material and don’t distance ourselves.  But I was very pleased that I still like the Piece and I was actually amazed it read as well as it did since I thought I had more work  to do in developing ‘it’ out, as I call it. 

Therefore, for those of you who might find yourselves in this kind of Situation, don’t get down on yourself – give yourself a well-earned Break. You return with a clearer mind and more ambition and drive to ‘work it.’  Work on something else and return to that Project. You may just be pleasantly surprised as I was!

However, since I am ‘America’s Premier Eventologist,’ I’ve proclaimed August as ‘Ant Appreciation Month ©2009.  Therefore, my Monthly Takes on ANThood will be featured as they were last year beginning on August 1, in 9 more Days.  Returning to the Swing of Things, One ANT @ a Time is a good Way to get back into their Story, a Story that’s 130,000,000 years old…plus one year!

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3L: Lies, Liberty and Literature Day ©2012: Now in its Fourth Month.


“You want to know about Copyright Infringement, I'll tell you about Copyright Infringement & Plagiarism via Liberties Against Literature Days ©2012.”

That Title appeared 4 Months ago (already) on my Blog.  That was on Tuesday, March 6TH.

3L: Lies, Liberty and Literature Day ©2012 is again with us, being held the 6TH of every Month as a subtle Reminder to make sure your Works & Words are properly copyrighted.  It always excites me when I get the chance to talk about one of my HOLIDATES and since there are over 1,900 of them (currently), I guess you could say I’m on an exciting Mode pretty much of the Time.

Actually this happens 24/7 except for those 8 Hours a Day when I’m sleeping.  However, even then, I have myself trained that even in the Middle of the Night while in a fast and sound Sleep, if a Thought bounces in, I immediately record it, as it might be useful in the AM.  It’s nice to know that good Habits do come in handy.  Reading my Handwriting is yet another Story. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Button next to your Bed where that Idea gets penned and recorded as Fixed Material and immediately copyrighted at the Registrar’s Office?  That indeed would be a Dream. 

Many Authors (that I speak wit) take their time when writing their Book.  Not all can whip one up within a Month.  Some take years to perfect it because ‘Life’ gets in their Way. However, it’s advised to take the Time to keep yourself apprised of what is happening in the Copyright World.  Most Info is just a Google Search away and will prove to be invaluable to you. 

The 6TH of the Month is my Time to train and become more ‘educated’ on this Topic that affects our Art.

Pulling myself away from my Projects, I celebrated Lies, Liberties & Literature Days ©2012 – a/k/a:  3L Days ©2012 earlier by merely typing:


in to the Search Box  and was lead to many FaceBook pages of which:

is a Group of 131 Members where lots of valuable Info is shared.  Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them.  The leading Principals are Inge Wilsen and Joe Beasley. 

Today, I wanted to take note that there are many Facebook Pages devoted to this Topic that I had not known about. And, that’s what is instrumental when it comes to our Artistry.
Mission accomplished.      

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COUNTDOWN TO 60: ASK's Last 40 Days till the BIG 6-OH. How 1 BabyBoomer sees entering those dreaded Twilight Years!

Worth repeating as I really can't imagine where all those years went off to:  COUNTDOWN TO 60:  ASK's Last 40 Days till the BIG 6-OH. How 1 BabyBoomer sees entering those dreaded Twilight Years! 

ASK ON: As for it being Sunday, July 1 (2012):

TODAY is my 40th Day before turning 60. What a Mindset that is. It just seems like yesterday -- except it was Feb. 2, 2002 that I began AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Enrichment & Enlightenment ©2002 - a forum in order to tell it like it is. Now, it's entering its 2nd Decade. Imagine that! If anything, there'll be plenty of more stories to unfold!

Posted by: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Screenwriter - Author - Eventologist - Promoter
Studio 1437
Chicago - IL USA

This Rendition is also on my Blog at:  COUNTDOWN TO 60:  ASK's Last 40 Days till the BIG 6-OH. How 1 BabyBoomer sees entering those dreaded Twilight Years!

7-1-2012 - 10:20 PM CST

UPDATE:  Friday, July 20, 2012.  Funny & cute as he is, my dear Friend, REH commented that it's the 20TH & 20 Days before I reach 60 as of today.  At first I wasn't sure what he meant, but being the math wiz that he is, I realized that it was just an extra special LOVE TOUCH - letting me know that he was thinking about me.  That's awfully nice, I think.