Sunday, May 26, 2019

When your Parent is Mayor. From One Mayor's Daughter to another. Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, the First Mayor of the First Jewish Mayor of Mendota tells Miss Vivian what it's like to be tossed into The Spotlight of the Political Arena at a Super Early Age of One's Life.

An Open Letter to Miss Vivian Lightfoot 
Daughter of Mayor Lori Lightfoot & Amy Eshleman
Sunday, May 26, 2019 

ALL ABOUT:  Being a Mayor's Daughter.
You're never alone...

Dear Miss Vivian:

As The Daughter of Chicago's recent Mayor elect, I congratulate YOU and your Family.  That's so cool.  It happened to me in 1960 when I was in the Third Grade, being 8 years old.  Our Stories are quite similar.  And, from one who has been there, I thought I'd give YOU some 'Great Sisterly Advice' on what to expect.  Being cast into this Role is something I did not apply for. I certainly did not expect this Circumstance to happen to me. It came as a total Surprise.  Childhoods can be(come) complicated at the Drop of a Vote.  When one or both of your Parent's are a Public Figure, YOU are 'expected' to behave, act and perform a certain Way.  

Honestly, this is a great Responsibility when YOU are assigned to being the Mayor's Daughter.  From what I know, there are NO Books written or published about its Complexity... yet. 

MY BACKSTORY:  What happened is that my Father:  Louis Koopersmith ran for Mayor as he was an extremely likable Person who loved The Dynamics of Politics and serving The Public. He was born and bred in our small Farming Community called Mendota, Illinois, 61342, located 100 Miles southwest of Chicago in downstate Illinois. Merely Fifty (50) Miles south of Rockford on Route 51. He was born on December 1, 1925. Before The Great Depression. The Population (when I lived there) was 7,000 People; mostly Republican, by Party.  This was in 1960.  I was a Third Grader in Miss Miller's Class. I remember what Miss Miller stated that Morning as We all sat down to begin our Classes.  She asked:  

"Do you know what Today is?" 

She waited a Moment and  promptly continued, grabbing everyone's attention: 

"Today, Adrienne's Father is Mayor of Mendota."  

All Eyes shifted and focused on me.  I said to myself. 

"Oh no, what am I to expect from this Point?  
What am I in for now?"  
Life would change.  
Even in a Town...that small.

Everybody knew everyone else in Mendota.  What they did not know, they merely 'made up' or assumed about YOU. Going that extra Mile to ASK means 'The World' in whatever trade or industry YOU are in.  That does not happen enough. Especially now so in a World that works on 'Quick Fixes.'

I truly believe this is The Start of what 'They' - Society - calls FAKE NEWS.  A Combination of Make-Believe + Assumptions because those People (who like to talk foolishly regardless of getting The Facts right & write) do not know YOU as your Family knows YOU or as YOU know what YOU are all about.  

YOU have to be a "Tough Cookie" to be a Mayor's Daughter.  
It's as trying a Job as being 'The Mayor.'


I vividly recall The Red & Blue Crayolas, the huge Sheets of White Cardboard that Dad would use as his VOTE FOR ME FOR MAYOR Signs that I would help him color in.  Now all Political Posters are done via Computer Graphics.  Back in 'My Day,' Miss Vivian, We did it all 'by hand.'  For that Project, We had to stay 'within The Lines' so People could read what his Message clearly was.  Like your Mother (Lori), She has a strong Message on how to run 'The City correctly.'  Mayors (by nature) run on Ambition.  My Dad was so popular and well-liked as a Mayor, he was voted in to Office Four (4) Times!  He only lost once due to 'Dirty Politics'.  He died in Office after a rough Battle with Cancer in June of 1979, nearly 40 years ago this year, next Month.  He has been dead longer than he served as Mayor or was a Father.

While Dad was running for The Office (at the sweet and tender Age of 35), he told us  Three (3) Kids (as I have a younger Brother, Joe & Sister, Linda) that WE HAD TO BE NICE to everybody in order that he 'get the vote.'  He would answer the Phone at all Hours of The Night.  If the 'Old Ladies' in town needed a Ride somewhere, he'd act as their Taxi Service.  If Mendota flooded out (as We were based on a Creek System), he would help bail the Water from Neighbor's  and Citizens' Basements.

For some Reason, being nice was NOT hard for me to do. My Parents both served as good and shining Examples. Plus, I was naturally a friendly and gregarious Person who enjoyed People. I was an Extrovert. I was curious to know about others. I had penpals from around the World. Now, that was harder to do as We did not have anything close to Social Media.  We had The Post Office, Stamps, Letters and long Waits in Line. Things that would turn People off from the Fine Art of Communication.  I got along with Old People as I understood Young People.  I got along with Rich People as I did with Poor People.  That I learned from My Mother who always believed in 'treating People as YOU want to be treated.'  That Virtue, of course, boils down to 'The Golden Rule: of doing on to Others as YOU' would want others to do on to YOU.'

IRONIES will enter your Life:  Ride with them.  
Everything changes (eventually). 
Stand back. 
History repeats itself.
Take a deep Breath. 
Inhale and Exhale. 
Look around.
Get a Dog.  Take a Walk. 
Cats make for wonderful Pets. Save a few from a Shelter.

It may seem like a long Time when YOU're steeped in The Issue or whatever the Problem may be, but it does pass.  In the meantime, YOU can always change your Course.  I think the Popular Term to use these Days is UNPLUG.  From whatever is bothering or pestering YOU. Be(come) your own Motivational Coach.  Be it a Person or Situation that YOU come face-to-face with or it confronts YOU.  Situations are temporal.

I was (and still am for that matter) the oldest of Three (3) Children being born on Saturday, August 9, 1952 at 4:45 AM CST.  The 'Oldest & The Best' is how I always referred to myself. (Only because that is true). That always garnered a Chuckle to who(m)ever I would tell. Of course, I was 'dead serious' about that.  Joe & Linda, of course, disagreed.  By Religion We are Jewish.  The ironic Thing was:    Mendota (at that Time) was 90% German.  Now, it's 65% Hispanic.  Told yea:  Things change. That's an Absolute, absolutely. 

During the Early Years of Dad's Term as Mayor, We had Jewish Star burned on our front lawn by a Group of Brothers - from  The Setchell Family who ('when caught') said it was "The Thing to do." Totally despicable!  There were only three (3) Jewish Families in town. My Mother viewed the entire Event from our Living Room Window.  The Setchell Brothers (all Blond & Arian in Looks) could have been charged with Arson, but Dad let them 'go' because their Family was affluent in town, merely telling them to go to Church. They already did. When you are 'White & Privileged' (some Things  you will find) just do not change quickly enough - if ever.  Now, as We approach the 2020's that Change is in The Air.  Your Mother proved that and is a Pioneer  in eradicating that Form of Disrespect.

My Grandfather, Srul Koopersmith came to The USA in the early 1900s (from Germany) to seek his Fame & Fortune and once settled in, helped to 'develop' Our Town.  Although We were weaved into The Fabric of The Town, because of our Religion  We were not really accepted.  We were classified as:  Insiders who were Outsiders. All the while as Dad was Mayor, holding the Lead Position.  This did seem immensely ironic.

My Mother was a sophisticated City Girl (being born and raised in Chicago).  Dad was born and raised in Mendota and naturally was a 'Native Son.'  The nearest Synagogue was in LaSalle, Illinois (20 miles south) and because Dad was acting Mayor (having won the Election), he had 2 Jobs.  

1.  Work at the Junk Yard his father founded
2.  being Mayor.  

He really had NO Time for a Family, especially in raising a Son, my Brother who was neglected.  The Brunt fell upon The Shoulders of my Mother to raise us Kids to 'The Best' of her Ability.  She did a fine Job, considering She felt like an Outsider, not being accepted, although She was the 'First Lady.'  When the Townspeople of Mendota found out she was from Chicago (Al Capone-Land)  after their Wedding in October of 1951, they automatically thought She had 'Mob Ties.'  Did they research this?  Not so.  Being that narrow-minded is a wicked Way to be.

'Being The Mayor's Daughter' had its Positives and Minuses.  Many People were jealous and thought that if I were to get into Trouble (with The Law), Dad could and would get me out of that Jam.  I somehow did not get into any serious Trouble (whatsoever) in which Dad would have to bail me out.  However, because Anti-Semitism was prevalent as Civil Rights was a HOT TOPiC, my Mother (who constantly worried) always felt that We Kids would be kidnapped. Both Dad & Srul had Enemies, but We knew not why.  This was a double-edged Sword.  On one-hand, We were told to be friendly to everyone.  Therefore, if anyone spoke to us, We had to politely answer back.  Yet, We had to watch our 'own backs' - because of Dad's Role in 'The Community' and the Criminal Element that was 'out there.' 

When 'The Spotlight' is cast on YOU, every Move YOU make is being watched like a Hawk watches a Mouse in a Field.  Moreso on YOU, Miss Vivian because YOU live in such a Big City, the Third Largest Metropolitan & Cosmopolitan Hub in The USA. When flying East or West, you must stop in Chicago to refuel and sample our Deep Dish Pizza.  Those are givens.  This is where Lots of Power is wielded.  Where Lots of Opportunities are found.  Mendota was The Size of one of our Neighborhood's here in Chicago - holding just 7,000 People.  However, the Upside is greater than the Negatives reporters attach to City Life & Strife.  Now, YOU'll be able to connect with People YOU have always admired all the moreso.  As they will want to know about YOU as much as YOU want to know about them.    

In retrospect, 
I wish I had a kept a Daily Journal of all my Exploits.  
You may wish to do that.

Dad was a Success at being Mayor.  He brought in a Factory (Motor Wheel) so The Townspeople would have full-time  Employment.  He made sure The Parades provided the right Measure of Entertainment.  Every August (during my Birthday) the Mendota Sweet Corn Festival took place.  As the Website states:

Tons of free, hot, buttered, delicious Del Monte Sweet Corn will be the highlight of the 72nd annual Sweet Corn Festival.

I return to Mendota every 5 Years for my Class Reunions to reconnect with my Classmates.  They are getting old. I'm not!  Not every one does.  It will be #50 in 2022. In my High School Year Book before Graduation, I remember being kidded by Friends stating that I would someday be Mayor of Mendota.  Just like Dad. No thank you.  I moved on and I moved from Mendota in 1972 to attend Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri.  From there, I migrated to 'Sweet Home, Chicago' because Mom introduced her Daughters (Linda & me) to 'Big City Life' while 'growing up Koopersmith' as I called 'The Process.'  Upon Graduation in Spring of 1974, I moved here becoming a Resident of the Edgewater & Rogers Park Neighborhoods.  45 Years and counting as of June of 2019.  A long, long Time ago.    

In the Autumn of 1991, when he was doing his book Tour, Sonny Bono (married to Singer - Actress, Cher), I had The Pleasure of meeting Sonny at Kroc's & Brentano's Bookstore located on Wabash Street behind 'the Old Marshall Fields' - now Macy's.  As I stood in front of him (since he was sitting and signing Autographs), I opened The Conversation by stating:  

"Sonny, We have something in common..."

To which He looked up intently with those big Brown Eyes asking:  "and what's that?

I said: "My Dad was Mayor also..."
Sonny was Mayor of Palm Springs, California after he gave up his Singing Career with Cher.

As if troubled, his Comment was:  "Oh, that must have been tough on you."

To which I stated (right there on The Spot - as We only had a few Seconds to speak to the Author.  The Line was really long):  "Not really.  I milked it."

Then, I smiled. Thanked him for signing my Copy and walked on.

To me, upon Retrospect, that was a really smart Remark to come back with. It showed I had Control of my own Destiny although 'My Course'  of and as being a Kid was high-jacked and altered by my Parent's Decision of what his/her Career Choice was.  

Which is what happens when YOU are young and cast into a Spotlight.  One minute YOU're a Kid.  The next Minute YOU 're the "Mayor's Daughter."  There's no HOW TO BOOKS to deal with that added Obligation.  HOWEVER, it is really a neat Experience.  I think YOU will totally enjoy it, Miss Vivian.  I just wanted to let YOU know that.

I didn't mind being the First Daughter of Mayor's only Jewish Mayor in The History of The Town or for The State of Illinois (for that matter).  I took it all in stride. To repeat and instill, no HOW To Books existed to help me along the Way.  Most of The Time, being involved in my own Activities,  I didn't think of it til someone would say:

  "She's the Mayor's Daughter."  

Being 'The Child of a Mayor' does pigeonhole YOU into a Status that no one else has. One of Privilege. One that makes YOU grow up quickly.  One where YOU are automatically suppose to know better.  But since I decided to embrace it as an Opportunity and engage as best as any PreTeen and Teenager could, I enjoyed an Episode few are privy (to).

I made IT through. I'm 66 Years now and 290 Days old now (as of Sunday, May 26, 2019).  I'm a Testament that there is Life after being 'The Mayor's Daughter.'  Oh, the #Stories YOU will be able to tell, Miss  Viv!

Privilege versus Problem:  

The Six (6) Steps YOU need to prepare YOU for this Part of Life are simple. Those are:

1)  Keep it  all real!  
2)  Hold your Own and Stick-to-IT-iveness works.
3)  Stay as sweet as YOU are. 
4)  Bother to find our MORE - The Facts count.
5) Nearly forgot to tell YOU.  Sonny Bono's Book was called:  "And the Beat goes on."  It surely does. 
6) Then, YOU'll ace it!


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