Thursday, January 24, 2008

KOOPERSMITH’s Premier of DAY WITHOUT PAPER ©2008. Seeing Green on St. Valentine’s Day instead. Mark that Date.

FEBRUARY 14, 2008


Thursday, January 24, 2008 found at:

Founder of:
Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 &
Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001

Chicago, IL USA: The Challenge is officially on. It could be the hardest Job you’ve yet to tackle.
There’s none better, more deserving or timelier than this one fine Occasion, Folks.

As the Founder of Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991, Day Without Crime ©1993 and Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001 that initially launched me into ‘The Global Creative Spotlight,’ I often think of Scenarios involving “LIFE WITHOUT…” different Elements that definitely put ‘THE POP INTO OUR CULTURE’ and The Glories + Light-Bulb Moments into our Days. That way, We can honestly say We do have a magnetizing and mesmerizing POP CULTURE that ‘snaps, crackles and pops’ like the famous Cereal Commercial conveys. But, at what Cost? Underlying The Glory, The ‘Gore’ We have created must be resolved. Once over ‘The Paper Mountain,’ other challenging Hurdles will likely appear.


We do not have to stray too far to see growing Numbers of Homeless and Needy People in our very Mists. Although We share The Planet with others, many People not have what We have or even ‘The Basics’ of living a happy and balanced Life. We all have Stuff (Materialistic Possessions and Issues, of course) that is unique to our own Circumstances. However, some Conditions are shared by The Masses as a vital Link common to Humanity. The leading Headliner (that I see as problematic and disturbing these Days) is GLOBAL WARMING and The Repercussions it triggers. Erratic and unpredictable Weather Patterns and Phenomenon subsequently cause Homelessness, Displacement, Loss of Life, Property and Livelihood which can, then, ignite an entirely new and devastating Set of Conditions.

Today, ‘brutal and brittle’ are the most descriptive Terms that can be applied to Chicago’s Weather Forecast, the Place where I live, work and have comfortably resided since May of 1974. As one of my Associates asks:

“Where’s Global Warming when you need it?”

Of course, he is pondering that in jest, but with Temperatures rising, suddenly falling and acting as erratic as ever, We must stop and thoroughly examine how We can each individually ‘do something positive’ to improve our Environment (even if it’s merely to rearrange The Clutter on The Desk in front of us, for Starters).

As I contentedly sat in The Warmth of my Studio with a bright azure-blue Sky looming overhead and not a Cloud in view, I pulled a File of Papers that needed to be typed, sorted through and/or thrown away. I really did not know where to begin. I was temporarily overwhelmed by The File bursting at its Seams. What promptly entered my Mind was The Phrase:


Only 3 Words that would steadily build itself into this monumental 3,737-Word Info-Packed Document, destined to captivate Audiences and ‘change’ Attitudes for the Better(ment of Man).

“Wouldn’t it be glorious to DO WITHOUT PAPER for a Day?”
I silently muttered to myself.

In 1998 after being bombarded with Years of Theories on how We (as a Societal Whole) were ultimately going to be(come) a Paperless Society (due to The Proliferation of The Personal Computer and Electronic Filing), I wrote a darling Booklet (only 20 Pages of Text, Graphics, Lists and Graphics called ‘Paging Through The Paperless Society ©1998) that poked FUN and spoofed at how Civilization and Culture were built on The Power of Paper.

Don’t forget Paper has a long, illustriously stunning History, stemming all the way back to King Tut himself and The Papyrus that he used to make all those Paper Airplanes that he propelled around The Great Pyramids in The Days of The Pharoahs.

THAT’s EVOLUTION: Since then, as Industrialization grew, an unending and staggering Number of Take-Offs, Spin-offs and Businesses were generated by Paper itself namely: The Paper Clip, White-Out, Staplers ‘n Staples and Envelopes as well as other Articles and Parcels We cannot seem to wean ourselves from that begin with:

Autograph Collections,
Bandages to treat Paper Cuts,
Board Games,
Brown Bags for Lunches,
Business, Index & Playing Cards,
Candy & Gum Wrappers,
Cardboard (Boxes),
Cigarette Packs & Cartons,
Coffee Filters,
Construction Paper,
Crossword Puzzles,
Cups & Plates,
Dollar Bills,
Facial Tissue,
Fan Mail,
File Folders,
Filing Cabinets,
Folding Machines,
Glue, Glue Sticks, Paste & Tape,
Greeting Cards,
Invisible & Masking Tape Adhesives,
Note Cards,
Paper Cutters,
Paper Dresses,
Paper Plates, Napkins & Towels,
Paper Punches,
Paper Trail(s),
Papier Mache,
Pencils + Pens; Crayolas & Markers,
Poster Board,
Printers, Copiers, Fax & Scanning Machines,
Rolling Papers,
Scrapbooking (The Art & Craft of),
Shredding Machines,
Steno Pads,
Tissue Paper,
Toilet Paper,
Trash Bags,
Waste Baskets &
Wrapping Paper

The P-LIST doesn’t seem to end, does it? Paper significantly appears to be the Root of an Advancing Age; the Commencement and Continuation of Progress and the promulgating Factor separating Man from The Animal Kingdom. Paper comes from Trees and now current Technology can easily manufacture Paper from Recyclable Materials. However, The Paper Toll adds up to exorbitant annual Costs, Wastes and Damage that each of us bear without any overt Sign of Lessening or Shrinkage. The best Solution is to recycle all Products.

A REMINDER: Let’s not forget about all THE LITTER (another Form of Paper Waste) that is continuously strewn across our once-beautiful Earth that needs to be:

1) tossed into its proper Disposal; and/or
2) picked up and then properly disposed, canned or recycled.

And, of course, remember The Paper Airplane little Boys (of all Ages, Past and Present) would play with while growing up.

“Traversing The Span from Recreational to Business-Professional,
Paper has entered every Corner of our Lives and has taken up Residence and Precedence.”

Tuesday, February 5, 2008– 10:06 AM

The Business of Paper surrounds us at every Turn and Corner much like the other Life-preserving Elements and Forces of Nature – Air/Wind, Earth, Water/Rain and Fire – do. Living without Paper does take Effort and Strategy to accomplish because The Notion is so engrained in our Daily Activities. As Case Studies have shown, The Monopolization of Paper in Society has grown out-of-control and become a mind-boggling and crippling Mess. For many, it already has. Professional Organizers (as a lucrative Operation) have skyrocketed the last Decade in order to pull in The Reigns of The Paper Invasion. Living without Paper (guilt-free) and putting Paper in its rightful and ‘write-ful’ Place is The Principle of my DAY WITHOUT PAPER ©2008.

“We have grown-up with Paper. The History of Paper is The Start of Civilization, run amok. Paper has gotten us to where We are Today: A Society literally choking in Paper.”

Thursday, January 24, 2008 – 9:43 AM &
Friday, January 25, 2008 – 12:33 PM

Therefore, it may be the biggest Challenge to Mankind himself if He
(as a Collective Whole) did without Paper…even for only a Day.

“Living without Paper may be impossible and throw One’s Day off-kilter and into Mayhem,
but living with much less Paper is highly possible given the Plethora of Modern Standards
built into our work, personal, recreational and leisure-time Activities.”

Thursday, January 31, 2008 – 10:42 AM

- Anchors could only rely on their teleprompter;
- Bakers would have to hand product to their customers (no boxes and no bags, please.)
- Doctors could not write Prescriptions for their Patients.
- The Postal System would be wiped out entirely as their Haul is based solely on Paperage.
- No Paper Receipts (from any Industry) would be generated.

“There would be, undoubtedly, much more Personal Interaction between People without the Flux and Influx of a flurry of Pages and Paper bombarding our every Move, around every Bend.”

Sunday, February 3, 2008 – 9:28 AM

Consumers may want to bring along their own Tupperware and Plastic Boxes to carry their purchases home. For any Purchases whatsoever, the Customer or Client would tote his own Canvas Bag replacing the free or complimentary Paper and/or Plastic Bags (with the Store’s Name imprinted and used for Advertising Purposes) that are clogging and suffocating The Earth. The strategic Angles that each Earthling would undertake definitely would be a Thought-Provoking because as We think of how Paper has escalated, infiltrated and taken over our Society, We realize that although, it is a Help, it is also a Hindrance and Detriment that is killing The Planet off, slowly, surely and silently, strangling Humans and our Fellow Creatures to an early, untimely and permanent Death or Extinction.

Just take a Look around and see The Evidence.

“Oh, I know this Humanity Effort to ‘dePaperize’ Society is not 100% possible. To give up Paper nearly sounds like a Gimmick. This is your Paper. To ‘dePaperize’ is as difficult as pleading with a Drunk to give up his Booze or a Meth Junkie to forego his Drugs. However, that clever Group founded in 1935 called AA: Alcoholics Anonymous (which now has well over 150 different Branches across The World contingent upon what your Choice of Addiction and Affliction is) does have a terrific Program that works. In Ten Words: You back-off, with-hold and DON’T DO IT FOR A DAY. Figure these Approximations accordingly:

1/3 of The Day is spent Sleeping.
1/3 of The Day is used for Working.
1/3 of The Day is Personal Time.

HOW SIMPLIFICATION WORKS: Within The Parameters of only a One Day Period (rated as a relatively miniscule Period of Time), by cognitively avoiding and/or lessening your Intake and Consumption of Paper, your Goal can be achieved for this designated Time Slot.

After you’ve done this Procedure for a certain period of time, it gets easier.

After you’ve done this Procedure for a certain period of time, it gets ‘broken in.’

After you’ve done this Procedure for a certain period of time, it becomes routine.

After you’ve done this Procedure for a certain period of time, it becomes Second Nature.

After you’ve done this Procedure for a certain period of time, it is engrained as a positive Action, Habit and acceptable Norm whose Consequences are far-far-reaching, even beyond your Wildest Dream!

America, are you up to The Challenge?

FROM AN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: I can honestly say that when The World Trade Centers were collapsing on the Morning of Tuesday, September 11TH, 2001 and the thousands of Pieces of Paper floated from the two pancaking Buildings, I went into shock-mode. This was the Essence of Man’s Spirit, Girth and Legacy being destroyed past recognition and tossed to the Follies of the Wind. As my Wake-Up Call, I then decided to sort, sift through and toss any added Paper that I really did not need. However, I didn’t get around to doing that self-promised Task of nearly 6.5 years ago. Granted, One Single Piece of Paper can contain a Million Dollar Idea, but when too much Paper is squeezing The Lifeblood from The Planet (in its Myriad of invasive Ways, Methods and Forms), We must cooperatively, universally and symbiotically STOP this Catastrophe from happening, NOW.

By examining The Compilation of the Top 83 Uses of Paper that I have alphabetized above,
this Disposition should quickly motivate you (as a Conscientious GREEN STEWART OF PLANET EARTH) to prioritize and re-examine your Resolutions and ‘To Do’ List for 2008 and Beyond.

Therefore, having received The Titles of:

‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine, Washington, DC – August, 1997


‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’
by Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL – January, 2001,

I have taken The Liberty (once again) to proclaim Thursday, February 14TH, 2008 as The Debut and official Launch of:


“I personally am not sure how I’m going to ‘dePaperize’ since my Dependence on Paper has actually grown greater with The Advent of the Personal Computer and via The Spread of my grandiose Creative Writings, but I do have a few BluePrints (renamed ‘GreenPrints’) that I am formulating. You can, too. It’s a real Challenge. It’s a Mind-Set. It is an Action that must be undertaken before it gets any later or any worse. ‘It’s an Exercise to exorcise Paper from your Day.’ And, above all else, IT CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED by every Man, Woman and Child who sees the urgent and pressing Need to lighten the Paper Dragon’s Load.”

Thursday, January 24, 2008 – 12:43 PM CST

Scattered around our Planet, there are Societies that I have noticed (even as a young Lady thumbing through the slick Pages of National Geographic) that romp around their Homeland without any Sort of Paper (Product) in hand or in sight. Moreover, there is not a single Billboard in Sight! Surprisingly enough, they seem perfectly happy and well-adjusted. This immediately raises the Questions in a Person’s Mind:

“Who evolved and who didn’t? And, at what Price?”

To activate my DAY WITHOUT PAPER ©2008 Plan, I’ll explore their Primitive Methods and see how those Modes can be applied to my Style of ‘Communicating’ and Living. I honestly would miss paging through a Book; shuffling through all my really cool Notes and Ideas that are scrawled, printed or typed on an Assortment of pretty colored Notes and Post-ems. I highly favor those adjustable, colored Paper Clips that come in various Sizes, Shapes and Styles. I delight in stacking my Pages of Paper. My Eyes ecstatically ‘light-up’ when I see a wire-stand chockfull of Journals with empty Pages, wondering what I and other Writers, Authors, Poets and Biographers will write in them that shall be immortalized for that particular Day. But in the long-run, I’d miss THE EARTH moreso, if I didn’t stop – at least for a Day – (every so often) and DO WITHOUT PAPER. The Guilt would be too much to bear.

“The Deed of ‘doing without Paper’ would far surpass any Sacrifice any of us needs to make to ‘SAVE THE PLANET.’”

Thursday, January 31, 2008 – 10:59 AM CST

I may have to start slowly and call THE PLAN: H¹UR WITHOUT PAPER…instead. The Start of such an Endeavor itself is what’s at Stake first and foremost. After the First Step is taken, succeeding Steps are easier to grip and grasp.

NOW: Wouldn’t it be a beneficial Relief to operate without Paper for an Hour? That equates to 60 Minutes (3,600 total Seconds) when Paper does not enter your Domain. To further instill The Notion to GO PAPERLESS into Mankind’s Psyche after its Premier on February 14TH, I will then be hosting, sponsoring and promoting:

Friday, February 29TH - Leap Year’s Day
This Symbolization is psychologically advanced for those Folks who cannot bear to GO PAPERLESS on a regular Bases, but realize The Act is a vitally important Cleansing Process and are SMART ENOUGH to partake in THE EVENTS, at least, One Time every Four Years.

will again take CENTER-STAGE and GO NATIONAL
during the entire Month of April
April 1-30, 2008
(because of Earth Day’s Presence)
in time for both Spring Cleaning and Income Tax Day Filings,
yet another huge Paper-Trap.

My Strategy is to continuously keep THE MOMENTUM BUILDING and in The Forefront of the Public’s Collective Eye. As greater Populations are reached and enticed by DWP’s Novelty, the Realization will carefully take root that Paper can definitively be contained, controlled and/or eliminated; thus becoming a solid Part of their Daily Routines and Tasks.

Stay tuned by eMail (only) for more arresting DWP: DAY WITHOUT PAPER ©2008 Strategies.

Q: Is a PHAC: Paper Hoarder’s Anonymous Club far behind?
After all, Support Groups do aid in solving and getting through Problems
and all the ‘Paperwork’ I could say.

“Will your favorite Newspaper, the largest Paper Mills, the loftiest Book Publishers and dazzling Greeting Card Companies cease Production for The Day or for an Hour (at least)? Your favorite Newspaper (most likely) can be read online today. Many Books are available Online. Electronic Greeting Cards are downloaded daily. The Balance between making Money and saving The Earth is on opposing Sides of The Capitalistic Coin, especially so when a Recession is looming. However, it will be a very depressing State for all of us if Paper is not ‘redefined’ in our Lives.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2008 – 10:56 AM


“Therefore, I am suggesting that my Fellow Americans spend (at least) a Portion of February 14TH doing without Paper. February 14TH is postmarked as Valentine’s Day when thousands-upon-thousands of Tons of Paper were converted into zillions of Valentine’s and spread across The Lands. I am not a Scrooge Against Valentine’s Day, but better, healthier and wiser Ways of expressing (your) LOVE to each other that do not directly deal with Paper Valentine’s, Stamps and Envelopes should be found and enforced. Be creative! Discover and explore Alternatives on how you (your Family, Relatives, Neighbors, Pen-Pals, Students, Congregation, Viewers, Readers and Fans) can do just that and ‘SHOW THE LOVE.’ That will leave a much better Impression on The Earth (100 years from Today, on Tuesday, January 24, 2108) than by filling up those Garbage Heaps and Landfills a few Days after February 14TH has passed into History. Now, that just might be The Best Valentine Earth ever received.”

Thursday, January 24, 2008 – 10:01-10:04 AM

“Paper is what it is. It can be your best Creative Tool or your Worst.
Choose your Course wisely.”

Sunday, February 3, 2008 – 10:20 AM
Tuesday, February 5, 2008 – 8:17 PM


DAY WITHOUT PAPER ©2008 (a/k/a: DWP) is One of 13 Eco-Friendly HOLIDATES® I have created since Wednesday, July 25, 1990. DWP’s Launch Date is:

February 14, 2008

followed by its First Quarter Dates of:

February 29, 2008


April 1-30, 2008 highlighted by Earth Day.

Summer, Autumn and Winter Dates (known as Quarter-Dates) for
will be announced on Thursday, May 1, 2008 at 12 NÂÂN.

CONTACT INFO: To interview me regarding this ECO-HOLIDATE® and/or for more SPIQ: Strategies, Philosophies Info and Quotes about my DAY WITHOUT PAPER ©2008, please email me at:

On February 14TH at Midnight, I will be releasing my TOP TEN LIST OF PAPER REMOVAL STRATEGIES that can be utilized throughout The Day known as DAY WITHOUT PAPER ©2008. Later, during The Day, it will be appearing on my Blog, KOOPERSMITHIN’ ® found at:

All Correspondence is answered electronically within 8 Hours of Receipt. Do notice that my Snail Mail Address is not published because I do not want to be bombarded with Inquiries that are penned ON PAPER. Understand? See, the (Elimination of Paper) Plans are working already…One Piece of Paper at a time. That is the permanent Start of a viable Solution to an overwhelming Global Crysis.

I am counting on and hopefully looking forward to your Participation, Input & Feedback about this novel Green Event. Tell others. It’s a Success Story that happens page-by-page due to a Decision you wisely make.


1) Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991
Created, invented, promoted and distributed by ASK.
Recognized for her astounding Efforts to curtail Crime through the ever-popular Medium of Comic and Cartoon Art, Richard M. Daley (Mayor of Chicago) signed a Proclamation making October 25TH Cartoonists Against Crime Day in Chicago in 1993.

2) Day Without Crime ©1993
Created, invented, promoted and distributed by ASK.
Recognized for her ongoing innovative Efforts to alleviate Crime, Governor Jim Edgar (State of Illinois) signed a Gubernatorial Proclamation recognizing December 3 as ‘Day Without Crime,’ supporting ADRIENNE’s efforts as a ‘Private Citizen’ in furthering the Cause and Safety of The People.

3) Active in THE GREEN MOVEMENT since she was a Child, ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH is also The Promoter of GORF a/k/a THE GRIN REAPER ®, a 24.5” Plush TOY FROG with an infectious 11” Smile that she has designated as:

‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’
‘Illinois’ Foremost Goodwill Toy Ambassador’
‘America’s Greenest Mascot’
‘Mankind’s Most Beloved Toy’

Renaming ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ as chicaGORF, ADRIENNE has penned over 2,000 Green Pages (highlighting his GORF-ISMS®) and including an Array of PHOTOGORFS on this all-encompassing and highly engaging Character as well as his Partners-In-Green, Amber & PANZEE, Two playful Primates (also TOYS) who are also (sadly) on The Endangered Species List. Watch for them ‘Painting the Town GREEN’ from 2006-2016 scheduled as THE DECADE OF THE FROG with GORF officiating. GORF’s Third Birthday Celebration is on Monday, January 28, 2008.

Two magnificently colorful Images of GORF are found in ASK’s Blog, Chicagology 101 ©2007 dated Friday, April 20, 2007:

4) More of KOOPERSMITH’s Creative Writings (which amount to Fifty (50) Manuscripts) may be found on her online Profile at:

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All HOLIDATES ® as DAY WITHOUT PAPER ©2008 (defined as ‘Intellectual Contexts and Contents’) are copyrighted, protected by Law and archived in Washington, D.C. since July 25, 1990 when EVENTOLOGY officially was launched. None of these EVENTS can be used in any Form without notifying and gaining the Express Permission and making Payment of First Time Rights of its Creator and Author: ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH at:

Any Copyright Infringement of these HOLIDATES will be immediately turned over to Legal Prosecutors.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yo, Adrienne (Adrian, Hadrian! This Event has your Name written all over it. Celebrating Adrienne's Day International on January 23.

National Adrienne Day ©2001
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’

Dateline: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Upon the Holidate’s 7TH Year Anniversary in 2008

The Name, Hadrian has a long, important and religious History. Six of the original 266 Popes (since the Year 32) that have graced the Halls of Christianity and Catholicism were bestowed with it. The Name crosses over and is classy enough for the non-religious sectors to claim as well. The name, Adrian or (H)adrian would soon branch off to cover ‘Adrienne’ (and its spicy derivating Alternates and Synonymic Spellings that include:

Hadriane and

as their own. Interestingly enough, ‘Adrienne/Adrian’ is one of the premiering Unisex Names in History although Unisexuality really did not kick-in or pick-up till the 1960s. That Topic will be covered in another Issue of KOOPERSMITHin’ ®.

We go through Life with Names and then Numbers attached to our Selves. Those standards are: telephone numbers, social (in)security numbers, credit card and bank account numbers, heights and weight figures, dates and anniversaries, street addresses and even our ages are all computed numerically. Through all the haze comes a really hip, elegant, stylish, sophisticated and stand-apart Name that is encompassed in only 3-syllables. That is: Adrienne, a name in all its Variations that sound and look good.


In the 1960s before Doctor Spock hit the Airwaves while ‘Growing Up Koopersmith,’ I referred to Baby Name Books to discover more about my First Name. The Name basically intrigued me. The Statement published said that ADRIAN was Italian in Origin and its Definition was ‘Man of the Sea’ while its Feminine Version, spelled out as ‘Adrienne’ stood for ‘Woman of The Seacoast.’ Most likely it was named after the Adriatic Sea surrounding Italy (located west of the Boot). However, for me (personally), I found the Name most ironic (yet beautiful to say and write) as I was born a Fire Sign under Leo, The Lion and could not swim. Never-the-less, I wasn’t about to change it since the ‘A’ in Adrienne stood for my Great Grandmother ‘Anna’ Teitelbaum and was a Tribute to her.

Now as I google ‘Adrienne,’ that Definition is not written anywhere in sight or on-site, except now on My BLOG, KOOPERSMITHin’ ®, where it will happily rest.

As the Assignee or Recipient of ADRIENNE DAY ©2001 that falls on January 23RD, for 2008 upon its 7TH Year Milestone, I have taken the liberty to change its proper Name or Title to:


This methodic Move will now include every Adrienne and its Derivatives (including Males) outside the Shores of The United States of America to celebrate and commemorate the Holidate ®.

INSERT: For those of you who are unaware, a HOLIDATE is derived from the 2 Terms: Holiday + Date = Holidate and is described as a ‘Goodwill, Humanitarian, Altruistic, Educational, Recreational, Spiritual, Fun-Time and Fun-Type Event or Holiday.’ ADRIENNE's DAY INTERNATIONAL ©2008 is only one of over 1,500 more 'Holidates To Celebrate' in:

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns for Humanity ©1990.

TO CONTINUE: The Challenge, of course, is to inform each and every Adrienne and its Derivatives (including Males), but plans to ‘work’ this Holidate have been on the Drawing Board since its Inception. KOOPERSMITHin’ ® will be used as Adrienne Central.

Today is the Day for all Adriennes (Adrianne, Adrean, Adriane, Adriene, Adrianna, Aydrienne, Hadrian, Hadriane, Adrian and Adriaan) to celebrate even if you were not born on January 23RD. It’s an Art to live up to such a fine, historically enriched name but throughout History few Adriennes have let us down. At times like this, we’re pleased that History does repeat itself in a positive manner.

The Name, Adrienne is memorable. It’s classically defined. It crosses the Atlantic and from Europe and glides to the Pacific Ocean clearing the South Pacific Brim. “Growing Up Adrienne” most likely will immediately separate a Kid or young Child in Grade and Grammar School from ‘The Pack’ which most often consisted largely of all the Anns, Cathies and Marys as well as the Pauls, Bills and Patricks in the classroom. Such was the case for me until I reached High School circa 1966 when ‘Adrianne D’ (to protect the Innocent) entered The System. I was no longer alone. Which Adrienne/Adrianne were they speaking about? Inquiring minds wanted to know…

“To know an Adrienne is to love an Adrienne.”

When polled, few People will admit they knew many ADRIENNEs during their Life(times), but may mention those (in passing) who have made a Big Name for themselves.


A random Sampling of noteworthy and/or famous Adriennes are:

Adrienne Adams, 20TH Century Writer
Adrienne Barbeau, Actress & Entertainer
Adrienne Choquette, Writer
Adrienne Clarkson, Governor-General of Canada
Adrienne Deverzy, Pre-20TH Century Artist
Adrienne Eisen, Writer
Adrienne Frantz, Actress & Entertainer
Adrienne Goodson, WNBA Professional Basketball Player
Adrienne Gormley, Writer
Adrienne Jansen, Writer
Adrienne Kennedy, Writer
Adrienne Lewis, Writer
Adrienne Martin, Published Author
Adrienne Rich, Poet & American Feminist
Adrienne Richard, Writer
Adrienne Shelly, American Actress & Film Director
Adrienne Simpson, Writer
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Eventologist & PRAM-ologist
Adrienne Thomas, Writer
Adrienne Vittadini, Euro-American Fashion Designer
Adrienne Wilkinson, Actress & Entertainer

WONDER OF ALL WONDERS: With the high-powered assistance of Google, type in the name ‘Adrienne’ and within a matter of 0.03 seconds, 11,600,000 Adriennes will electronically appear, thus networking us as quickly as possible.

Perform an Advanced Search and 984,000 more Hits appear. The Search can grow more intense as additional Key Words are employed.


School Teachers may want to undertake PROJECT: ADRIENNE ® as a Class Assignment with their Students as the consistent Milestones Adriennes (and her spicy derivating Alternates and Synonimc Spellings of Adrianne, Adrean, Adriane, Adriene, Adrianna, Aydrienne, Hadrian, Hadriane, Adrian and Adriaan) have secured and proven century-in and century-out stand apart both online and off.

A Lesson as that can prove to be extremely interesting while opening doors along the ways to pursuing higher Education, Academic Excellence, inspiriing Growth and Learning.

“Plowing thru 187,000 Hits for the Name, Adrienne (per Google on January 20, 2008 at 2 PM), you would instantly believe (without a single doubt) that it was the most popular Name in the Milky Way Solar System. However, it is not in a disparaging way. Around my Household and in my Life & Realm, Adrienne ranks and rates as #1. Understandably other Adriennes would agree with me.”

Quote of: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The 1990 U.S. Census reported that Adrienne is a very popular Female First name but is seldom a Surname.

The Concerns around Adrienne is that We are always known by our First Name much like Cher, Madonna, Oprah and Hillary. ‘Impressionable’ is what Scholars label it. ‘Monumental’ is what many Adriennes wish and plan to do FOR and DURING their Lifetimes. Remembering them from The Past to The Present to The Future maintains a constant Air that other commonplace names cannot hold a Candle or live up to.


On January 23 of 2001 (slightly 7 months before Terrorism struck American Cities), I was deeply honored when Eric Zorn) one of Chicago’s prominent Columnists and a Member of the Chicago Tribune Staff chose to dedicate a Day and Date to me for the 1,500 HOLIDATES and Eventology Writings I had created since July 25, 1990. This Act(ion) was similar to having a Star named after you or a commemorative Stamp unveiled. Because Eric picked January 23 (1/23) as NATIONAL ADRIENNE's DAY ©2001, I feel sharing that Tribute with other Adriennes is the appropriate and typically very Adriennesque next proper Step to take in its Evolution. It’s wise. It’s prudent. There is Power in Numbers. Who doesn’t like to receive a Distinction?


Naturally, Celebrations can run ‘The Gamut’ depending on how lavish the Event is to become. Suggestions from ‘My Inner Adrienne’ tell me to hold an International Convention in Adrian, Michigan in 2009 so We can get a Grip on the Essence of Everything Adrienne. After all, Fellow Adriennes (Adrianne, Adrean, Adriane, Adriene, Adrianna, Aydrienne, Hadrian, Hadriane, Adrian and Adriaan) will agree that:

“We have come a long ways, Baby!”

since the antiquated Days of the Hadrian Popes.

Thanks to Eric Zorn’s Designation: “We have arrived full Circle.”

From that initial Convention or Conference, an ADRIENNE-O-PEDIA ©2001-10 can be written of which I could, should and would act as Editor-In-Chief. Every enrolled Adrienne (and her/his Derivative) would have a Booth in which to Adrienne-icize their Wares, Cares, Campaigns, Interests and Contributions they have given to Society.

January 23RD is the Date in Calendrical Time for all Adriennes (no matter how the Name is spelled to celebrate their Name’s rich Heritage. Additional Exposure, Fun & Opportunity await each Adrienne. Restaurants should give us a sizable discount after showing a valid I.D. Other Retail Freebies should be enacted to draw in the Adrienne ‘Vote of Approval’ for this highly special Day.

RANKING THE NAME: When Numbers seem to make an Impact
“Rankings of our Name do not really matter as We prefer the Name keeping its uniqueness. Babies can be born consistently; however, few grow up to be(come) a tried and true Adrienne.”

Quote of: ASK
Sunday, January 20, 2008 - 1:37 PM

Claiming Credit for the Creation of the Name, ADRIENNE
The Fight is on:

Five (5) different Meanings of the Name, Adrienne are:

1. From Hadria (a Person hailing from Hadria located in Northern Italy)
2. Day of Fire
3. The Calling
4. Woman of The Seacoast
5. Man of The Sea

SEA-ing is Believing:

The Adriatic Sea is a Section of the Mediterranean Sea, a Body of Water dividing the Balkan from the Italian Peninsula. The Name can be traced back to the Times of Antiquity with the Ancient Romans’ Latin. ‘Adria’ (or Hadria) (as a term) is most likely sourced from the Illyrian word, adur denoting ‘Sea or Water.’ Correlating Medieval Latin’s terms are Adriaticum, Hadrianus and/or Hadriaticum.

“All Names have Meanings. Some of us grow into our Names. Some of us don’t. Folks should not be named until they are between the Ages of 13-15 to make sure that their Name is befitting of their Character and Attitude. Quality, not quantity is what the Core Value is here.”

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 – 3:23 PM

Probably no other name in Contemporary Times has so many Off-Shoots as Adrienne. A large Range of Names exists because of the Similarity of Languages, Tribes and ongoing Migrations when People travelled and spread across The Planet during the Age of Exploration. For thousands of years, this Breaking of Barriers (through nomadic expeditions, conquests, via the Crusades, etc.) became the Sources of these Multiple Name Origins where more than one Meaning and Spelling evolved in each Location.


The French meaning of the Women’s Name ‘Adrienne’ implies dark and emanating from the Adriatic Sea Region. The Female Name ‘Adrienne’ (ad-rienne, adri(en)-ne) is pronounced AY-dree-en. Adrian is its French Male Counterpart.

The Greek Meaning of the Women’s Name ‘Adrienne’ with Adrian as a variant, connoting ‘dark and rich.’

The Latin Meaning of the Women’s Name ‘Adrienne’ mean from the Adriatic Region and (again) dark.

After infiltrating the major Languages of Ages ago, it would not take long for The Saints to have their own Days. According to the Google Nation, ‘Adrian’ is the Patron Saint of Soldiers and Butchers.

What’s Good for The Goose is Genteel for the Gander: Exploring the Male Side:
It’s a Name that’s as good for the Goose as it is for the Gander. In Poland, Germany, Russia, Romania and English-speaking Countries, Adrian is the Masculine Gender. Pronunciations are different, of course, but the Root can be traced to earlier French, Latin and Greek Names.

Just how popular is the Name, Adrienne. Let’s take a look at five (5) important Adriennic Timelines and Locations for the Name.

261ST - as a Woman’s Name in Canada (BC) circa 2001
Personally, I cannot think of 260 more important Names (better than Adrienne) in Canada.

389TH - as a Female Name in Australia (NSW) circa 2000
Personally, I cannot think of 388 more important Names (better than Adrienne) in Canada.

449TH - as a Woman’s Name in Australia (NSW) circa 2003
Personally, I cannot think of 448 more important Names (better than Adrienne) in Australia.

706TH - as a Female Name in Australia (NSW) circa 1998
Personally, I cannot think of 705 more important Names (better than Adrienne) in Australia.

3,016TH - as a Woman’s Name in Belgium circa 2002
Personally, I cannot think of 3,015 more important Names (better than Adrienne) in Belgium.

“Interestingly enough, from the 5-Tier Listing above, the Evidence leads us conclusively to believe that Adriennes live in the USA, Canada, Australia and Belgium although the Name itself is Greek, Latin and French in Origin. With Starvation, Terrorism, Homelessness in our World, Global Warming and a medley of unconquerable Diseases plaguing complete societies, is it really that important to rank Names? For the sake of Pop Culture, it is. For the Survival and Duration of The Species, apparently not.”

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 –10:23 AM CST


Scores of Hospitals must be visited to arrive at these Statistics:

In 2005, Adrienne ranked as 728TH
In 2000, Adrienne ranked as 529TH
In 1995, Adrienne ranked as 408TH
In 1990, Adrienne ranked as 240TH

Within fifteen (15) years, ADRIENNE (as a Name) has fallen 488 Popularity Points.
Perusing the Decades, for me, it’s ‘of interest’ to see that when I was born in August of 1952, ADRIENNE reached its Peak of Popularity.

Adrienne ranked in as 335TH from 1990 – 1999.
Adrienne ranked in as 189TH from 1980 – 1989.
Adrienne ranked in as 201ST from 1970 – 1979.
Adrienne ranked in as 342ND from 1960 – 1969.
Adrienne ranked in as 336TH from 1950 – 1959.
Adrienne ranked in as 432ND from 1940 – 1949.
Adrienne ranked in as 405TH from 1930 – 1939.
Adrienne ranked in as 633RD from 1920 – 1929.
Adrienne ranked in as 730TH from 1910 – 1919.
Adrienne ranked in as 699TH from 1900 – 1909.

An active and concerted effort to improve the Visibility of all Adriennes since the Name’s popularity has been waning and has fallen ‘hard’ since 1990. Therefore, to insure that Adrienne ranks higher for The Decade of 2000-2009, an active campaign – even one via word-of-mouth – should be launched towards Couples giving Birth to Twins. Therefore, the Girl Baby can be called Adrienne and her Brother, Adrian. With high rates of fertility, that move alone would substantially increase Adrienne’s Popularity up the Scales.

CONCLUSION: For all the Effectiveness, Skill, Creativity, Production and Color an Adrienne adds to a Day, We deserve our very own Day and January 23RD is it. Thanks to (Mr.) Eric Zorn, he has given us our Day in the Sun. Although I may be firmly biased in my Stand, my Inclination towards my First Name Adrienne is three-fold in nature as:

1. 'Adrienne' was my Mother’s Best Friend’s Name in grade school;

2. 'Adrienne' is a Name given to me honoring my Maternal Great-Grandmother, Anna, thus keeping the Genealogy in line(age); and

3. 'Adrienne' consistently reminds me of my 3 favorite Action Words: Adventure, Adrenalin & Advertising that I have harmoniously woven into my Lifestyle. Adrienne – in all its breadth, depth, length, glory and history – beats out being given another lackluster Number that needs to be memorized. My Salute becomes your Salute in Namesake alone.”

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008 – 1:09 PM CST


For more Information about Club: Adrienne, Adrienne's Day International Greeting Cards ©2001-2008 and/or to answer any of your particular Questions or Queries, merely eMail me at:

All Inquiries are answered within 24 hours of its receipt.



Yo, Adrienne, (Adrianne, Adrean, Adriane, Adriene, Adrianna, Aydrienne, Hadrian, Hadriane, Adrian and Adriaan), checkout the great Graph at:

You’ll be glad you did.


All HOLIDATES ® (defined as ‘Intellectual Contexts and Contents’) are copyrighted, protected by Law and archived in Washington, D.C. since July 25, 1990 when EVENTOLOGY officially was launched. None of these Events can be used in any Form without notifying and gaining the Express Permission and Payment of First Time Rights of its Creator and Author:


Any Copyright Infringement of these HOLIDATES will be immediately turned over to Legal Prosecutors.

Monday, January 21, 2008


This is the First in a Series of BlogSpot Submissions about the Literary Format called:

Eventology ® ©1990

that was created, developed and promoted by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.

EXPLAINING THE 5-W's: A Birds-Eye View

Eventology: The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns for Humanity ©1990


The Art & Science of creating Events - called HOLIDATES is derived from the 2 Terms:


that fall into 35 precise Categories. HOLIDATES are then defined as: Goodwill, Humanitarian, Altruistic, Educational, Recreational, Spiritual, Fun-time and Fun-type Holidays or Events, therefore, the Art, Craft, Science and Philosophy of EVENTOLOGY is born.

Date of Original was: Wednesday, July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM.

Over 3,000 Interviews have been given via Radio by founder/creator: ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH since she began this new Literary Form/Format. She also has had Articles written up on EVENTOLOGY in an extensive Array of the top 250 USA newspapers/magazines. Select HOLIDATES are found on Internet Websites.

400 of these deal with and focus on the Consumption of FOOD and how to eat wisely and healthily. Aptly named EAT-Vents ®. ASK's EAT-Vent-O-Pedia was published in 1998. A year before her award-winning EVENT-O-PEDIA was issued.

A STAND-OUT: Adrienne is the only Creator (of any Past or Contemporary Times) who has amassed such a vast repository of EVENTS/HOLIDATES known to Literary Circles and in Literature. These HOLIDATES (that now number over 1,500) put the ‘Pop into Pop Culture’ and each of our Days.

2008 marks the 18TH Year Anniversary and Celebration of ASK being cited as:

'The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World'
by Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune - January, 2001


'America's Premier Eventologist'
by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine, Washington, DC - August, 1997.

On Friday, February 29, 2008 at High Noon, Koopersmith will be unveiling her next Set of HOLIDATES which will be numbering near the 200 Mark.

"Eventology is a Timeless Way to celebrate the Days, Dates and Special Times of our Lives in a thematic Way, Method and Manner every Day regardless of whether there is a Day off from work with pay (or from school) and/or a gold leaf and red beribboned Proclamation attached to it. After all, there are some Things in Life much more important and meaningful than the Materialistic Flux that is attached to Consumerism and Greed."

To book and or interviewASK, inquire about more of her Writings and/or Holidates or
to ‘ask’ her a question, feel free to email Ms. Koopersmith at:

All Mail is personally answered by ASK & her Assistant within a Week of its Sending.

©1979-2008. All Works are copyrighted by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith of Chicago, IL USA.

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‘Growing Up Koopersmith’…& Jewish in the Heartland.

The Official eMedia Release for:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's "Remembering Jewish Chicago"
Talk & Discussion slated for: Friday, January 18, 2008 - 11 AM

Dateline: Thursday, January 17, 2008

Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what Adrienne writes about…”
Chicago, Illinois USA
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

TOPIC: ASK/Chicago: ‘Growing Up Koopersmith’…& Jewish in the Heartland.

Chicago, IL USA: This eNote is to personally wish you and yours a most happy, healthy and productive 2008. There’s no better way to start the New Year than to look to The Past to see where We came from and what We’ve achieved during the Decades of our Lives.

I will be doing ‘just that’ on Friday, January 18TH at which time I will be speaking at one of Chicago’s major Jewish Organizations, THE ARK. The Topic is one I know well – myself! I’ve been asked to talk about ‘Growing Up Koopersmith and Jewish’ which will, of course, put My Life into better Perspective. Plus, I’ll be able to share some Episodes that I nearly forgot about and/or feel may help others in their own ways and on their journeys.

The ARK is located at:

6450 North California in Chicago, IL 60645 USA


Established in 1971, the ARK provides a comprehensive array of human services for the emotional, spiritual, physical and well-being of 3,000 needy Jewish People (both families and individuals) in the Greater Chicagoland area. Through loving and kindly acts, The ARK/Chicago supports and provides hope with an annual budget of over $3.7 million. It is the Torah’s Vehicle to sustain individuals in times of crisis and turmoil.

Besides providing social, medical and medical services, popular Intensive Day Programs are held on a regular basis that include such Topics as:

Arts and Crafts
Caregivers Group
Chuck’s Breakfast Club
Current Events
Expression Through Photography
Health Matters
‘Let’s Talk About It’
Men’s Group
Mitzva Groups
Movie Club
News for Jews
Theatre Workshop
‘The Remembering Jewish Chicago’ Talks
Women’s Group
Writers Workshop and
Yoga for Women

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Speaking time for ‘Remembering Jewish Chicago’ Talks begins at 11 AM on Friday. I sincerely hope to see you there! If you cannot make it or live far away, perhaps you know someone in ‘The City’ who can benefit from this Selection of great Day Programs. If so, feel free to contact:

Steve Zeisel: 773-973-1000. Ext. 272
Na’ama Wasserman: 773-973-1000. Ext. 288
Evvy Gordon: 773-973-1000. Ext. 201

for more info.

Chicago is the Third largest City in the Metropolitan USA and within that select Population, no doubt, I am the only Jewish Gal (age 55 now) that spells her Middle Name as ‘Sioux’ – as the Great American Indian Tribe does. It doesn’t sound Jewish, but these Days, it’s not all in a Name. For Readers who are ‘well-aware,’ a Book cannot be judged by its Cover alone – it helps to see the Movie first!

But why me? “Growing up Koopersmith” in Mendota, Illinois (a small German Farming Community of 7,000 located 100 miles southwest of Chicago, IL), my Father was ‘crowned’ the first Jewish Mayor (for nearly 16 years) in a Town that was mostly German and anti-Semitic. A Jewish Star fashioned from scrap-metal bought from our junkyard was set on fire (klan-style) in the front yard of our ranch style home in the early 1960s. The closest Synagogue was 16 miles south of us. The original Rabbi died; the second rabbi’s wife didn’t like the area. They moved away leaving the Congregation. What were We to eat? My darling Mother (a native of Chicago) would drive (our fleet of Cadillacs) into Chicago (even during the Riots in 1968 when bricks were dropped from the overpasses on the Eisenhower Expressway) to go to the Butcher to make sure we always had our tummies filled. Mr. Berg always sold the best cuts of beef. As the ‘Oldest and the Best of 3 Children (all born in the 1950s) to Betty & Louis Koopersmith, I’m sure their Outlook on growing up was different than mine, but this is ‘My Story’ and I will be sharing it – what I can remember of it anyway – on Friday, January 18, 2008 at 11.

Life before the Computer, Whiteout and Trans-Fats. Imagine that. It’s just too hard to even remember Life before eMail, but it did transpire. What could possibly be more boring? Well, there might be a few things…but this personalized Discussion will definitely make for some lively Banter and Laughs that can shed Light on how even the most ordinary of unsophisticated Towns can yield the most brilliant of People. After all, it’s not where you came from, it’s where you land, straight up that matters in the long haul.

If you miss my Expose, Excerpts and Pictures will be appearing on my Blog, aptly named:

KOOPERSMITHin ® found at:

before February 1ST, 2008.


If there are any Q&Q: Questions and Queries;
if you wish to run a Series of Stories on Events as these;
if you wish to interview me about my other Action Activities of which I am deemed:

‘America’s Premier Eventologist ® via Insight Magazine, Washington, DC in August of 1997;

‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World’ via The Chicago Tribune, in January of 2001

The Founder of AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment ®

The Founder of Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 & Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001

Writer of 50 Pop Culture Manuscripts

or if you are curious about my 1500+ HOLIDATES that fall into 35 distinct categories that grace my Eventological Roster,

please email me directly at:

Thank you for your Time and Attention devoted to this pertinent subject. Continued Success and Best Wishes as the New Year unfolds…

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

PS: My Creative Profile is located at:

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Detail To Resale 101. When Rags become Riches.

Detail To Resale 101. When Rags become Riches.
An Update of: Thursday, January 10, 2008

Original Writing of: Monday, January 7, 2008

ASK’s Note:

Attn: Ellis Island Immigrants, Cubans escaping from Dictatorships, Mexicans jumping the border…

They all can find Life richer and easier by ‘shopping Resale.’ Read Adrienne’s Account below to see how she’s discovered Ways on ‘saving’ and still ‘having IT all.’

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A Look @ Pop Culture at its Cheapest

By: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about..."
Chicago, Illinois USA

DateLine: Friday, January 11, 2008

TOPIC: The Goodies discovered when you know how to properly 'Shop CHIC-ago' and/or You, too, can appear as ‘most glamorous’ and realize any (miserable) Season of the Year on a Resale Budget. Many do. Many (more) should. ATTN: Newcomers. You’re in the Big City now – on The Verge of finding your Fame & Fortune, but first there are a few Pointers you need to know. Listen up as there are a few Insider Tips you must know. This is all for your Benefit and Trust-FUNding whose Root Word is FUN, of course.


One of the most exciting Elements about moving into a New Town is The Stores. That means Shopping in an Environment that may be totally different from the one you left. This means a different Style than you were ordinarily accustomed to, plus The Fact that each and every Region has its own Charm & Personality, like you, a Person(ality) chock-full of C&P and exploding at ‘The Seams.’ However, there are better Ways to shop than most People are unaware. Trust me. I know.

“IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN: Slews of Great Deals beckon and await YOU at RESALE STORES. Unbeknownst to me when I first arrived in Chicago circa May of 1974, I could have probably saved over $100,000 the last 3.5 Decades of being a Resident of the ‘Windy City.’ That, indeed, may be the reason why it’s called ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ – because of those ‘Sweet Deals.’”

Quote of: ASK
Thursday, January 10, 2008 - 1:32 PM

There are super(b) Deals to be found. It is now My Mission to absolutely know where each and every one of them is located.


By methodically checking out Resale Stores you are finding one-of-a-kind Items that:

1. may have never been worn;

2. are slightly used (or altered);

3. were merely given away as The Owner didn’t like them for unknown Reasons; or

4. may have been from great Estates and must be liquidated, thus giving the Thrift Store Customer an astounding Deal.

I have gotten the best-known Bargains in Furniture, Knick-Knacks and Clothes at Resale Outlets since Boyfriend #31 (Buc) turned me on to them circa 1994. If I had only met him 30 years earlier! The Money I would have $aved could have been The Downpayment of nearly any thing my happy little Heart desired.

INSERT: In reality, I have a BIG Heart. Just ask my Friends. But let’s continue:

Furthermore, I highly recommend these Resale Stores to Creative Friends and Artists (who are usually on a strict Budget or a classic ‘Starving Artist’) as well as Seamstresses or Toy Makers. These Aisles are flanked and chock-full of fabrics, quilts, tableware, napkins, terrycloth and endless textiles that can be transformed into anything your uninhibited Mind dreams, at pennies compared to any of the major retail Fabric Stores. All it takes is Imagination & Vision to transform a Resale Store into your very own Craft Outlet.


For the picayunish Shopper, there’s Designer Resale whose price-tag is somewhat higher dependent on the name and location (for overhead)

Regular Resale Stores follow in second place in that hierarchy. ‘Junk Shops’ fill the lower tier. It’s now CHIC to ‘shop’ Resale whereas 40 years ago, only the Poor Kids (in Class) would go to Salvation Army Outlets. Usually the Mark-Downs hover between Seventy-five to Ninety-Percent (75-90% off the regular price due to its former ‘ownership’). This is what I call RECYCLING at its Best. You do have to realize that when you shop for FINE ANTIQUES, these Relics are actually Recycled Items, Furniture, Chandeliers, etc. from an earlier Age and Era that were consistently well-cared-for. These Furnishings are salvaged Estate Pieces that are then cleverly resold (sometimes) at a Fraction of their original Worth.

After all, let’s not forget: Compared to 1928 Economics, the American Dollar is only worth 6-3/4 cents today. Therefore, because of its pristine State, Antiques can and do command Top Dollars. Their Rarity coupled with Supply and Demand are also leading factors in their pricing. The same Principle holds true at the fine and ever-popular Auction Houses where bidding is the order of the Day.

INSERT: If time allows, please feel free to check out my BLOG, KOOPERSMITHin’ ® #20, entitled:

Direct Auction Galleries, Inc., Chicago's Top Auction House


whose Theme is primarily the same but its Angle is directed towards Auction Houses and not Resale Shopping.


If (by chance), you are invited to a Party where you really don’t like the Celebrant (as a future Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law or Friend-of-a-Friend-of-a-Friend) all you need to do is GO TO RESALE, buy a Vase for 90¢, put it into a fancy Macy, Nordstrom’s or Neiman Marcus’ Gift-Box; buy a Card (2 for $1 at a Dollar Store) and some colorful Wrapping Paper (again found at a Dollar Store ) and voila: There you have it: a stunning Gift for less than $3.00. This is nearly cheaper than ReGifting and much more Fun! Pertinent Degrees of Creativity flourish here that cannot be found elsewhere. These existing Fun & Creative Elements cannot be beat! Sometimes the Tax seems higher than The Present (itself). Listen: No one needs to know…That’s THE REAL SECRET OF RESALE although THE TEMPTATION to spill “The Beans’ is very difficult to contain because the Thrill is so addicting. Is this Blog spilling those Beans? You decide while shopping Resale today!

With the Money $aved from this Eco-Gifting, treat yourself to something else you really want; or sock it away till a larger Sum is accrued and then splurge. May I suggest you now refer to my BLOG #14 dated December 21, 2007 (therefore, it is neatly archived away under the 2007 Tab) for my National Splurge Day ©1994 Expose. Its cryptic Title reads as:

From The Creator of NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994
or merely click here:

to read about another Day when ‘The Act & Art of ‘The Sale’ taken an URGEnt turn.

It is bound to furnish you other Ideas how to effectively enjoy THE URGE TO SPLURGE.


Because Chicago (as a major Metropolitan City) is actively participating in THE GREEN MOVEMENT and our newly-achieved SAVE-OUR-EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS is in full-swing, by either shopping or donating to Resale, you are cleverly Recycling that equates to bettering the Life and Longevity of THE PLANET. Even leading US TV Networks (as CBS, CNN & NBC) are maximizing Coverage to GO GREEN and to educate their Viewers in doing it as easily and quickly as possible.

MINI-REMINDER: “Painting the Town GREEN” is indeed the Motto of this Century and beyond. Do not forget that what you find at Resale is ‘cheap enough’ to fix over. Many times for a nick or some minor or slight damage, a few inches of duct tape and/or dabs of paint will fix and cover-up the imperfection quite well, if you can’t find a pleasing tablecloth (at Resale, of course) to throw over it.

Since Shopping is a pivotal Part of our Lives, Resale Shopping is a Win-Win Situation from all Sides of The Coin – Pun intended! This is the Best Method to use up that loose Spare Change. After all, ‘The Change’ will do you good; make you feel better; spark up your home, office or both and ultimately upstart the (ailing) Economy. Even if you wear the outfit (shirt, dress, slacks, sweater, pantaloons, blouse, shoes, knickers, belt or scarf, etc.) only once and then recycle it, it’s well worth its minimal Investment.

“After all, where else can you look like a Million on $5 or less a Day?”

Quote of: ASK
Thursday, January 10, 2008 – 8:07 AM

For those Individuals serious about THE ART & ACT OF RESALE SHOPPING, if you develop a real Pension, Passion, Flair and Skill for Resale, it can be(come) a very lucrative Business. Because an Item can be purchased for a few Dollars, it can then be sold on eBay for 100 Times the Price (or whatever higher amount you can obtain) than it was initially purchased for. After all, there is a Buyer for every Thing. With the Internet at our Fingertips, it’s extremely easy to quickly locate that Person, which can become a life-long client and/or friend.

One of the major Canons when Resale Shopping is: TAKE THE ITEM(s) WITH YOU. Even if you are not really sure if you need or want said Item, PICK IT UP AND CARRY IT WITH YOU until you are ready to check-out. Trust me. You'll be glad you did. Years ago, I dashed in to my Favorite Resale Store and luckily found 8 awesome Items I wanted. However, I wasn’t going directly home, could not carry them with me, so I opted to hide them. I thought I hid them very well. Later that Day, I returned to buy them all. I looked here. I checked there. I searched everywhere. High and low. All had been found, retrieved and bought while I was gone. Broken-hearted, I left without a Single Stitch, only the Clothes upon my back. Although that was a wicked Lesson to learn, I haven’t broken it since.

Unfortunately, Resale Stores do not hold your Items. Their Policy is CASH & CARRY (only) with the goal of securing a Rapid Turnover for all the newer Items that continually arrive (on a daily basis – numbering in the thousands). Finders keepers. Losers weepers. Even if you wear the Item once, it’s well worth the cut-rate Price.

“Once bitten by The Resale Shopping Bug, you will never ‘go back’ to Retail Shopping, even Wholesale looks too expensive.”

Quote of: ASK
Tuesday, January 08, 2008 – 11:25 AM

The New ‘IN’ Crowd…

Resale Shopping puts ‘The CHIC’ into CHICago (as I say) and the Money back in your Pocket (where it belongs). After all, with Global Warming, Foreclosures and the Iffyness of daily Living, Rainy Days are much more prevalent in the 21ST Century due to larger Numbers of People who are no longer insulated as they were 40 years ago. Being prepared with Cheaper Creature Comforts separates the Smart ‘n Savvy Shopper and Consummate Clothing Connoisseur from The Crowd. Looking good for less is what really does put ‘THE CHIC into Chicago while wisely saving for a rainy day…

What's one Man's (or Gal’s) Rags are another's Riches. CONTACT INFO:

Email ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith at:

to schedule a Day of Deluxe Resale Shopping.

Cost: 6 Hours + The Limo = $750.00. Fifty percent deposit required.

©2001-2008. Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Direct Auction Galleries, Inc., Chicago's Top Auction House

"Chicago’s Favorite Institution"

By ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Dateline: Thursday, January 16, 2008

'When The Old Meets What's New. Unraveling America’s Love Affair with Antiques

Since Man stopped swinging from Trees, stepped onto the Ground, moved into Caves and decided to design his Interior Surroundings with home-chiseled and decorative Artifacts, these Actions undoubtedly, signaled the Commencement of the Age of Materialism. That Milestone additionally jumpstarted Culture and beckoned an extreme and continuous Push in Man’s Development. As the Cycle continued to build (figuratively speaking), Objects became complicated. Objects became pretty. Objects became lavish, intricate and detailed. Luckily for We BabyBoomers and our Parents (who reside on The Planet Today with us as well as our Children), We (as Cross-Generational Parties, the First in Recorded History) are easily able to reap and enjoy the Fruits of Our Predecessors that endlessly honed the(se) Arts and set ‘The Scale of Excellence’ as previously elaborated.

DEFINING DETAIL. Separating Trash from Treasures

“The Objects of our Affection & Afflictions prove that Art does imitate Life. Hence, Life is a direct Reflection of The Passions that follow us often found in the very Objects that fulfill that Corner of our Soul, Studio and Station in the Art of Life and Living.”

Quote of: ASK
Wednesday, January 9, 2008 – 8:09 PM

Living in a diverse and sophisticated Metropolitan Area, the Diversity of these Objets d’Art (Art Objects) verifies the Colloquialism that “what is Art to One Person need not be Art to another.” It’s all selective and all objective (dependent upon and according to The Object of Desire). What piques one person’s Curiosity need not necessarily interest another. Luckily, this is so because there might be Fits of Fighting over such Objects due to their Rarity. Mass Production grips a Global Economy in order to satisfy all (if not most of the swelling Population) in their relentless and unending Quest for suitable Interior and Exterior Objects. Diversity of Design sets in to color, enhance and enlighten one’s surroundings. Striving for a “Pleasing” End Product is that Goal.

ENTER: The Assembly Line that powered-up Materialism. That (again) is the Case Scenario for finding, pinpointing, selecting, collecting and displaying the Objects of our Passion. Where do We begin to search for them? Do We know what We are looking for? Can We tell the ‘Real Thing’ from a Fake, Substitute or Replica? Where does a Person go to select and buy Items where he feels he is receiving a fair, just, market-value and legitimately decent Deal? That may be the hardest part of ‘The Quest to Shop.’

Materialism (as a circumstance of Evolution) is rampant and blanketing. Escaping it means the non-Enjoyment of Man’s Creative Self and Growth Process. Quality heads the List as what most Collectors aim for in their persistent Search for more Objets d’Art, Pieces, Items, Bric-a-Brac and Knick-Knacks all listed under the Title of Material Possessions. You will find these interesting Facets of Modern Evolution & Culture plus more at Direct Auction Galleries, Inc. on North Western Avenue. This is the One Stop-to-Shop Facility located in The Midwest in Chicago, America’s Third Largest City.

Direct Auction Galleries, Inc. (known simply as: “Direct”)
7232 North Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60645 USA

Phone: 773-465-3300
Fax: 773-465-8873

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9:30 AM – 6 PM
Closed on Sunday.

Direct Auction Galleries, Inc (“Direct”) is now owned and operated by John S. Modica and John R. Modica who are Cousins and Joanne Modica who is John R.’s older Sister). Founded in 1962 by Mike and Barbara Modica (John R. & Joanne’s Parents), 2008 marks their 46TH year in the fast-paced, never dull Auction Business. Previously, for those who remember a bit of Chicago Lore and History, “Direct” resided at 4331 North Broadway.

“Direct” employs three licensed Auctioneers (year-round) as 26 Auctions are set annually. Ringmen (whose jobs include ‘walking’ the items amongst the Bidders during the Auction) are Patrick, Juan, Ken, George, Kem and Mike who have been with “Direct” for many years.

Coins (because of their Antiquity Element) are the Oldest Items sold at “Direct.” Therefore, one of the oldest Coin of Roman Heritage (some 2000 years old) could have very well been used by J. Caesar himself. “Direct’s” oldest Coin dated 2,000 years B.C., was Chinese and sold for a mere pittance: $20.

The most Expensive Item ever sold yet was the Carl Becker Violin for $32,000 on Tuesday, July 19TH 2005.

The largest Diamond that passed through the Doors of “Direct” was 5 Carats and carried a Price Tag of $20,000.

In recent History, the most expensive Painting sold for $22,000 with the Artist being Edouard Cortes.

For over 4.5 Decades “Direct” Experts have collected, sold and auctioned 697,000 Lots of these precious and semi-precious Objects that have sailed across Generations; traveled Century-to-Century and spanned Millennium-to-Millennium. To compute that breath-taking figure, John R. averaged that 600 Items are sold at each Auction; multiplied by the 26 Auctions held annually. That equates to (15,600) 17,000 per Auction or 34,000 Items monthly. Within these Lots many times an Assortment of smaller Boxes or Bags are wedged between thus increasing those Numbers of Items and Objets d’Art. Therefore, the low-end Figure of 697,000 Items are sorted, cataloged and sold with many more similar Pieces because these Lots are boxed and sold as a much larger lot. The Total Yield ranges from (at least) 697,000 Items sold annually. It’s as if Christmas Day happens every Day at “Direct” when new (and oft-times ‘old’) Items come through their doors!

Therefore, with such a Clamor for the Old, the Newer, the Different and the Unusual, “Direct” has become the Source and Resource for the Interior Design Trade that is constantly on a Quest for unique and valuable Items, plus more.

The terrific Aspect about living in this Day & Age is that Science has made so many critical Strides. Scientists have developed Methods on how to better keep, restore and preserve these Items so that Future Generations can enjoy them outside of an insulated Time Capsule at an isolated Museum quarantined on the outskirts of town. Shopping online is now an everyday habit. The same can be accomplished at “Direct,” if you care to bid without leaving the Comfort of your Home, Office or Vacation Spot via an Absentee Bid Sheet. Some Families hand down their dear, meaningful and sometimes precious Possessions (relegated as Relative’s Relics ®) from Person-to-Person and thereby keep their Possessions intact within The Klan. Yet the Change will do you good as you mix, match, dispose and trade-off Objets d’Art year-in and year-out that symbolizes the unbridled ‘Spirit of Capitalism.’ This lively Discussion now brings up another popular, yet resonating Colloquialism:

“What’s precious to One Person(ality) may not be precious to another. What’s significant to you may be of great Insignificance to me.”


Because of their laid-back Atmosphere and Demeanor, a Person (of any Financial Means) feels warmly welcomed when entering the Doors at “Direct.” Their intuitive and professional Way of working with the Public ensures the Buying and Reselling Process (even in a recessed and slumping Economy) that is handled with the utmost Skill and Expertise. Simultaneously, “Direct” has Deals for every size Pocketbook.

“No one needs go home without a Souvenir of The Day.”

WHERE ORGANIZATION IS KEY: Because of The Nature of their Product Lines that constantly change bi-monthly, the Goods & Objets d’Art you will find (neatly labeled, indexed and shelved) will (most likely) be sensational; one-of-a-kind, uncommon Pieces fit for a Private Collection, for Resale, for gifting away or for merely enjoying its Beauty and/or Style.


What you (may) need to know is that their Showroom (which originally was a Sewing Machine Factory turning into an Auto Repair Shop) is located near the Intersection of Touhy & Western at 7232 North Western Avenue (2400 West). What you (may) unconsciously not know is their Showroom could become the Catalyst for a New Collection, Gift Idea or Room Arrangement! Although Attendance at an Auction is an educational, exciting social Event that spells out FUN, it’s not necessary to physically be present. Online Bidding and via Phone Bidding can be done without making a Live Appearance.

Excitement fills the Air when strolling the Aisles. “Direct” fills twenty-thousand (20,000) Square Feet of Showroom Space here with 6,000 of it being allocated to The Auction Room itself. Their Product Turnover happens every other Week when an Auction occurs. Approximately 1,600-1,800 Postcards (a sizable Data Base here) are sent out while 2,500 Email Alerts notify Customers that an Auction is approaching. Between the eMailers and the Postcards, Pictures are posted (and continually updated on their Website) by late on Sunday Evenings. A panoramic View of the Auction is shown so the Bidder(s) can get a feel of how the (larger) Piece(s) will look in a proper Setting. For so many Individuals (whether they are Antique Dealers, Shop Owners, Private Collectors, Curious Individuals, eBay Traders, etc.), the Event itself is an immediate Draw. People will attend in Droves. “Direct’s” Attendance Levels (quite a Phenomena in a recessed Economy) is comparable to knowing when The Bears or Cubs are playing a Hometown Game.

STAGING AN AUCTION: Multi-Tasking in Action

That Feat alone takes an over-abundance of Physical Labor, Teamwork, Mental Agility and Enthusiasm as well as Business Savvy, Acumen and Logistics that involves choosing and coordinating the Selection of Pieces, the Catalogs, Indexing, Photographing the Lots both online and for the Postcard Mailings, dividing the Lots up and arranging the Furniture. Surprises (of every Variety, Age, Make/Model, Style, Temperament and Monetary Amount) appear around each corner (on every Table Top) for the discerning Client to the first-time Customer or Novice. After all, if King Tut were alive, he’d certainly shop here at Direct Auction Galleries and ‘take it with him.’ Those rotating Items may be:

Albums, Artist’s Easels, Autographed Photographs, Bars & Stools, Beds (Carved), Baseball Cards, Baskets. Benches, Bone China, Books (Bookends & Bookcases) Bronzes, Cabinets/ Cabinetry, Cameras, Candelabras, Carpets, Cases, Chandeliers, Chests, China, Coins, Collector’s Plates & Spoons, Curiosities, Desks, Dining Room Table & Chairs, Dolls, Dressers, Duck Decoys, Etchings, Figurines, Fireplace Accessories, Flatware, Grandfather Clocks, Jewelry (as: Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Pocket Watches and Wristwatches), Leaded Glass, Lighters, Lighting Fixtures, Love Seats, Masks, Memorabilia, Mirrors, Movie Stills, Mugs, Musical Instruments, Music Boxes, Oriental/Persian (and not-so-Perisan) Rugs, Paintings, Photo Albums, Porcelains, Purses (including Antique), Records, Sculptures, Sports’ Cards, Stands, Sterling Silverware, Steins, Still Life(s), Swords, Tapestries, Tea Sets, Tiffanies, Timepieces, Toys, Trading Cards, Tramp Art, Wall Units, Wedgwood and World War II Artifacts.

As John R. had stated while he auctioneered at their January 1ST Event: “Don’t worry, there’s more Stuff. I promise you!”

“Here at the ‘Antique Parade Faire’ sitting and bidding is the preferred positioning. What is easier and many times cheaper (for the Bargain Hunter) than that? If it’s more than 3 Pieces, it comprises a Collection.” That Thrill and Rush of Adrenalin are what makes Collectors collect and continue to collect. That is what makes them tick. Speaking about ‘ticking,’ yes, you can ‘Buy Time’ at Auction on a vast array of grandfather clocks, watches, alarms and other time-pieces. However, just because you have a Watch does not guarantee you will be ON-time all the time. There is Strength and Beauty in Numbers. Collecting Collectibles is a New Year’s Resolution that begins at Direct Auction Galleries, Inc. no matter what your particular Passion or Collectible is.”

As Patrick yelled out while “Direct’s” January 15TH Auction began to gather steam at 5PM after 2 hours of fast-fire Bidding: “There’s more comin’ up here…”

With Chicago being the third leading City in the USA, for Travelers, Visitors and/or Conventioneers “Direct” is only 9.49 miles northwest of the Landmark John Hancock Center. A relaxing 20 minute taxi ride, this is an Opportunity (whether you are here for serious business, a fun-filled family excursion or frivolous shopping spree) to experience a Chicago Auction first hand or (if you arrive between Auctions) to check out their vast Inventory that changes daily. Just ask your friendly Concierge, check-out “Direct’s” website or Mapquest for specific driving instructions.

WHATEVER YOUR SITUATION OR LIFESTYLE PURSUIT IS: Collections of every Type can be created, made, found, formulated and/or traded here at “Direct.” This is the Place to start a new Collection or add to an existing Collection for Family Members, Self, Neighbors, Friends or Co-Workers to enjoy in a plethora of ways. Personal Shoppers delight in “Direct.” From baseball cards to exotic cars to nostalgic or timely pieces to hats, Materialism (as a powerful Force to be reckoned with) has made collecting a Lifestyle to many People for Generations, Centuries and Millenniums. The Concept has rooted itself in our ‘Collective Psyche’ (for lack of a better term). Reports reveal that many People do diligently shop at Auction Houses regularly which make their Search for these special Objects all the easier, as the Auctioneers at “Direct” will firmly attest. With Time being a priceless Commodity alone, it’s reassuring to know that all this is housed under one gigantic all-encompassing Roof.

The “Direct” Building (as a structure or edifice) is divided into three distinct Sections. The South Wing is Used Office Products, Chairs, Desks, Files and Miscellanea. Some Furnishings are completely new but are discontinued Lines. The large Middle Arena (with an overhead Skylight) holds large furniture, cabinetry, antique chests, ornate objects, clothing racks for clothes and furs (season permitting) with a designated seating area for the Auctions’ Bidders. The North Wing has rows-upon-rows of (s)lightly used Office Products that (for a modern high tech office) appears outdated, but does stand as the ‘Best Deal in Town’ for second-hand filing Cabinets and other Paraphernalia and Office Gizmos. Today, many of us scan instead of using Paper as the Green Movement and Recycling have now gone from Avant Garde in the 1960s to become ‘The Latest Rage.’ You just don’t know what you will discover. That Motto encompasses the fascinating Part of ‘The Hunt’ at “Direct.”

From Utilitarian to Elegance, it’s all located there at: 7232 North Western Avenue. Beyond The Shadow of a Doubt, that indeed is the Appeal of attending Live Auctions at Direct Auction Galleries. Speaking about ‘Shadows’ from The Past: Wouldn’t it be interesting to know who once looked into that Vintage or Victorian Mirror you recently purchased? Did any of the Items once belong to Abe Lincoln perhaps? You can’t help but wonder if any Dignitary once owned your recent Acquisition? Was it once part of Marie Antoinette’s, Jackie Kennedy’s or Picasso’s Estate?

2008: THE YEAR OF THE AUCTION @ Direct Auction Galleries, Inc.

Direct Auction Galleries, Inc.’s 2008 Auction Dates are:

January 1, 15, 22, 29 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, December 31, 2007, January 14, January 28, 2008
The Tuesday, January 22, 2008 Auction will be held at Griffin Funeral Home at 3232 S. Martin Luther King Drive (in Chicago) from 11AM – 3 PM.

February 12, 26 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, February 11, February 25

March 11, 25 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, March 10, March 24

April 8, 22 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, April 7, April 21

May 13, 27 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, May 12, May 26

June 10, 24 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, June 9, June 23

July 8, 22 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, July 7, July 21

August 5, 19 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, August 4, August 18

September 2, 16, 30 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, September 1, September 15, September 29

October 14, 28 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, October 13, October 27

November 11, 25 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday, November 10, November 24

December 9, 23 (Tuesday)
Preview on Monday December 8, December 22


Days & Transportation Availability
Monday Viewing Hours: 3:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Tuesday Viewing Hours: 2-3 PM Viewing
Tuesday Hours: The Auction starts promptly at 3 PM, running through 10-11 PM

The 49B Western CTA Bus runs regularly. Parking is available at The YMCA and behind the “Direct” building.

Pickup of purchased Items is Wednesday and/or Thursday or for such cases when a truck needs to be rented, on Saturday.

There’s no need to stress, if you take a 3-Day Weekend and cannot attend the Sneak Preview held every other Monday. An hour-long Preview is also scheduled for THE DAY OF THE AUCTION in order to see what’s on their Menu and Roster of Collectibles beginning at 2 PM on Tuesday till the Auction officially kicks off at 3 PM sharp.

By checking out their Website late on Sunday Evening, you will conveniently find all the Items photographed that will be auctioned off (on Tuesday).

For those having more time to peruse “Direct’s Website, check-out:

that marks the Spot where former magnificent Museum-type Pieces can be viewed from previous Auctions that date back to August, 2001. As an ‘historical glance,’ the breath-taking Objects show what can appear on the Auction Block. This Page is quite fascinating for the Curiosity Seeker to a Student studying Period Pieces and is reminiscent of the Rizzoli Book Store ‘Coffee Table Texts’ that were popular in the late 20TH Century.

Therefore, if you happen to be out-of-town that Week, you won’t miss a Beat. Furthermore, you can always stop in to peruse their immense Line of Office Furniture which is on display and for sale at 2 locations.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here, just drive, walk, bus, rollerblade or bike the 3 mile distance south to 5041 North Western Avenue where 70,000 Square Feet of New and Used Office Furniture will greet you. Chances are you will not know where to look first so give yourself plenty of time ‘to peruse.’ The same Opening Hours apply at both Locations. The 5041 North Western address houses ten times the amount of Office Furniture that is warehoused at their 7232 Address. If it has been manufactured, you’ll find it here at reasonable prices.

When asked if a Running List of Special Items that their ‘Return Clients’ favor is kept on-file, John R. smiled and said: “That would be impossible.” Because of their great Turnover and sheer Number alone of Individual Pieces (besides the Lots of Lots within Lots), phoning would become a telephonic Challenge that even your teenage daughter could not handle. That’s why it is important to schedule into your Day, enough Time to peruse their Website and preview what will be on-Display and for-Sale at “Direct.” Hiring a Personal Shopper (who could peruse and report back on their latest Acquisitions) is an ideal and handy Marketing Plan, also.

Do your ‘Inner Shopper’ a Great Big Favor and sign up for Direct’s eMail and/or snail Mail List today in order to be apprised of their latest Events & Offerings. Just eMail “Direct” at:

You’ll be glad you did. After all, Antiques are an Investment that only appreciate in value as your Love of it continually grows.

“What’s IN Circulation could be(come) yours today.” It’s not so much if the Price is right. It’s how much you crave the Item that drives the Auction Experience. Caution is often foregone as Bidders ruthlessly vie neck-to-neck for the same Item. Competition stiffens. It’s very likely that you may be the only one on your Block with that Item, as Rarity runs high at Auction Houses as “Direct.” Because the Bidders are competing, the Piece attains its Level of Market Value no matter what.”

John R. clarifies: “Every Day here is always different. We always run across something not seen before. Every Day is a Learning Experience. Exotic Snakes, Birds and Lizards are the wildest Selections We have auctioned off.”

Because everything is exciting, new and fresh every Day (although their Products may be as ‘old as The Hills’), Antique Roadshow would find “Direct’s” location pristine and in-demand for one of their ‘Stops Across America.’ Most likely, Antique Roadshow is not viewed in everyone’s homes. A reality TV version of what takes place here ‘at Auction’ would whet the appetite of all those who have not attended an Auction yet, thus changing their outlooks, homes and attitude forever. After all, “Direct’s” Shelves and Aisles are filled with Real Stuff: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… enough to get those neck-to-neck Rating ahead of any other’s, situated here in the USA’s Third Hardest Working City and Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois.

TURNOVERECYCLE ®: The New Buzz Term of 2008.
Boiling it down to the Common Denominator of: “Material Leftovers”

The Turnover of Product or Lot Lines is huge as Auction Houses share (actually S-C-R-A-M-B-L-E) for a Piece of an Estates’ Wealth. To coincide with the Reselling Process, Recycling is yet another route in which these Products return to Circulation. This Cycle is perpetuated and continues the Growth, Supply and Demand of those who are constant Bidders. Most of “Direct’s Clients are based in the USA although their international constituency has reached as far as the United Kingdom. With eMail Blasts forwarded multiple times announcing rare Finds at Auction, (the) prestigious Collectors are finding out more about “Direct’s” distinct Flavor in the Auction Business every Day.

The Turnover of Art & Paintings can be slower at established Art Galleries. That’s why it is highly recommended that Collectors should also frequent Auction Houses as “Direct” as Art Galleries no longer have the monopoly on Art, per se. An Auction House’s Volume is varied and at a Fraction (most times) of the Cost. Sometimes, the Frame built at the local Frame Shop is more expensive than the Drawing contained within its borders. Here, with Competition looming, the Deal received may be shocking to both Auctioneer and Bidder and set a World’s or all-time Record.

WHEN SHOPPING IS A HEALTHY STATE: To date, my Guess is no ‘Auction Anonymous Meetings’ are held for those obsessively compulsed to haunt each Auction they physically can. If anything, this Mode of Shopping (which is chided and humorously poked fun at by every husband and male talk show host) is a Learning Experience, a History Lesson, a Financial Class and a future Investment.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF SHOPPING AT ANTIQUE HOUSES. Quality Objects (that cannot be found elsewhere) top the B-List (Bidding, that is). Plus, in Today’s World where GREEN is King and is taking Centerstage in every Sector and Segment of Society, the concrete Reassurance is in knowing that your Purchase is aiding in the Recycling Process. Recycling occurs in a two Cycles, namely:

1. Death freely allows the Donation of Body Organs to others who desperately need them; and

2. The Seller or Consignee found an Objet(s) d’Art that may have been hidden away or lost for decades or longer that he currently wishes to sell and make a profit.

Recycling then (of all Earthly Forms) is a part of “Our Ongoing Pattern.”

WHEN GOING ‘GREEN’: Where do these Items go? Certainly not in a Landfill, slated as one of the most disturbing of all Eco-Problems. The Psychology of:

1. purchasing to turnover and resell;
2. to gift;
3. to add to a(n existing) Collection or begin a new Collection (of Collectibles);
4. to hoard; and
5. as a Hobby and Past-Time,

make “Direct” hum. “Live to Buy or Buy to Live.” It’s easier and more cost-effective at “Direct:” Where you can bid and live Life better because of their Wares at their 7232 North Western Avenue Site in Chicago.

INSIGHTS: Can you say: EXPEN$E-ive?

The Art of The Sale is not only a Learning Process to sit (still) and see what Items sell for, but The Prices obtained are much more reasonable than attending a high-end Auction House Sale that is paying a robust Rent and Overhead on Gold Coast Properties (where the Chatter is all about Location, Location, Location). The(ir) Costs are subsequently passed along to their Clients by charging them a severely larger Fee for each Objet d’Art sold.

Therefore, if you are an avid Collector (as myself) who has combed Antique Stores and Auction Houses since 1968, you will remember places where their desks and chests were piled up to the ceiling tops. Fear of falling drawers (that may have been rotting out or falling down on me) was always in the back of my mind as I meticulously checked out every piece in the place. This, then was the reason why square footage in any Big City is at a premium (price). With many small Antique Shops cropping up, it was normal for them to ‘stock-up’ physically to the ceilings. This is not the case in “Direct.” Furniture will not fall on you. Rotting Drawers or Table Tops will not collapse. You can enjoy walks through aisles without squeezing on by or fearing something will topple and break. However, for the procrastinator, live Auctions are not for you. This is because Products come and go quickly, within nano-seconds. Spontaneity is key in these moments of intense bidding. If you do not bid-buy-and-carry-out, that Item may be gone and lost forever. Therefore, you will sorely miss something that once-in-a-lifetime Objet d’Art if you do not actively bid. At a small Antique Shop that same rare Item may sit for months-on-end till their quarterly or yearly sale occurs. It is better to bid and then resell or consign the Piece than to lose it altogether. That’s the true Auctioning Spirit that’s found at “Direct.”

As John R. kidded his Audience while he auctioned off a Leaf Pin at their Tuesday, January 1, 2008 Event: “You won’t want to LEAF without it. There’s more where that came from.” Those Words of Encouragement ring through and resonate throughout their Auction Hall. It’s not the greedy words of an over-zealous Salesman, but of a Personality who feels the Exciting Atmosphere that’s always raised the Rooftops and felt when an Auction takes off and bubbles on a high-pitched and spirited Note. It’s a Sentiment where he knows that a satisfied Customer yields a life-long Relationship.

THE LAW OF THE SALE: That’s the Working Principal

A Retailer has Options. If an Item is bought at $1, he may charge $2, $3 or $4 for said Piece in his Store. If he then decides to discount the Item in half (50%) that $4 Item is slashed to $2 (that he bought at $1). No matter what the Price, the Retailer is making 100% of the Gross Margin and the Store is doubling their Investment. Keystoning is the Term applied to the Standard Markup meaning ‘a doubling of the monetary amount.’ The General Rule is, Stores will do whatever they can get away with. Trapping and Bating are Tricks to lure Customers in, but this is not the Topic of Today’s Discussion. For voracious Readers, Bookstores have less than this Markup. This all depends on who The Buyer is and how badly he wants said Item. Know your Buyer and your Sales Schemes will work out well for both Buyer and Seller for the long-term. ‘Big Box’ Stores (as K-Mart, Sam’s Club, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, etc.) who purchase Items in-bulk will sell more Product allowing their Prices to be more attractive than smaller shop owners. Competitive Pricing between ‘Big Box’ Stores makes News on a regular bases and has (unfortunately) put many Ma & Pa Store Fronts out of business the last 50 years. This may be because “Direct” has stormed every Recession and Market Waive(r) the last 46 years, providing their Customers with timely and desired pieces week-in and week-out. Dealing in Antiques and Recyclables of such Items is different because one-of-a-kind Items are auctioned and deeply dependent on and affected by the Clientele’s Bidding. The Supply-and-Demand (of) said Piece can be sold for Peanuts (or Pennies) or for large Fortunes. The Auctioneers seek the large Fortunes. The Clients hope for the Pennies (or Peanuts). A Happy Medium seems to be the Average.

“If an Item at a City Department Store sells at 300% Markup; then discounted by 50%, the Customer is still not coming out ahead. That, of course, is expected as Part of Consumerism. We all know that. Although the Owner(s) may be losing Money on his/their Investment, returning Customers will make his Establishment successful by revisiting and knowing in the ‘back of their mind’ that a Deal is inevitable if your Cards are played right and the Timing coincides. That’s why Auction Houses (as Direct Auction Galleries, Inc.) are the ‘New Department Stores of 2008” – a Forecast I have personally seen by shopping at both Locales since my Move to Chicago in May of 1974. Recycling is in The Forefront of People’s Minds today. The Green Movement perpetuates this new Mindset and with the Dollar only being worth 6-3/4 Cents, Auction Houses will replace Stores that do not offer the greatest Deal and Bang for one’s hard-earned or inherited Buck.”

“But what’s a Dollar really worth and am I getting a Deal?” is the lament of all Shoppers across The Globe (whether their Purchase is at a Retail Store, Resale Store, Department Store or Auction House. This incredibly interesting Subject can be better explained as:

“There are dozens of ways to figure out what a Dollar ‘back then’ is worth now or what a Dollar today (2006 - the last year for which reliable statistics are available) was worth back then. A lot of Folks accept the CPI (Consumer Price Index) as a good indicator and for a lot of comparisons it works OK - not great - OK. Based on that, a Dollar in 1986 would be worth about 52 cents today. During the Depression, in 1932 Babe Ruth's Salary was $80,000. In 2006, the CPI was 14.8 times larger than it was in 1932. However, the GDP deflator in 2006 (an accepted 'Adjustment’ figure for figuring out the Purchasing Power for basics such as Housing or Meals) was 12.8 times larger than in 1932. $80,000 X 12.8 = $1,024,000 So, ‘The Babe's’ Relative Wage was about $1,000,000 today. Or, said another way and based only on the CPI, a dollar back then (in 1932) is worth only 6-3/4 cents today. [100 cents divided by 14.8 = 6-3/4 cents].”

Howie Mandel’s ‘Deal or no Deal’ has nothing over the Ownership and Selling Technique of “Direct” whose proven Sales Technique have listed The Modica’s Establishment as an innovative Leader in the Antique Marketplace of the 21st Century – now for 46 Years – spotlighting Art and Artifacts dated from Antiquity to The Present. For 2008, their Goals are the same as those used the last 45 years whereby Owner/Auctioneer, John R. stated: “To get the best Stuff We can get our hands on. It’s all about “The Stuff’ pretty much and getting the Best Deals for our Customers and Consignors.”

FOR THE SAKE OF ART & FOR ART’s STAKE IN THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE: Reassurance rests with the Knowledge of knowing that yesterday’s hand-made Treasures will see the Light of Tomorrow at The Modica’s Direct Auction Galleries, Inc. where glorifying and beautifying your Home, Office, Studio and/or Surroundings for 2008 is as easy as lifting your Hand (to bid).

THE COMPETITIVE CLOSE: How Competition fills a Home with Beauty and Love.

“It may take a Village to raise a Child, but for that Child, it takes Direct Auction Galleries, Inc. to turn his House into a Home.”

ReQuote of: ASK
Thursday, January 10, 2008 – 7:43 AM

The Atmosphere of High Anxiety floats through the Air while bidding on an Object. It may be extremely close to that same Feeling when watching a Live Birth. When an Object is bid on, there’s a heightened Tension that builds until the ‘Bubble bursts’ and then the Auctioneer diligently continues with the next Item on the Auction Block when that Emotion erupts again for the competitive Bidders. Ah, such is The Cycle and Saga of Life at “Direct” & Auction Houses everywhere. For all your pretty, complicated, lavish, intricate and detailed Objets d’Art, visit “Direct” where the highest Bidder wins.


Direct Auction Galleries, Inc. is a phenomenal Operation based on Knowledge of The Possessions run by three professionally Licensed Auctioneers and a Team of (at least) 5 Experts who work the floor while these regularly scheduled Auctions transpire. Not only is “Direct” a complete World Marketplace (crossing all Cultures and Periods):

- in which to shop;
- but can also help in The Liquidation of your Estate;
- place Items on Consignment;
- clean or clear out ABC: Attics, Basements, Closets;
- help in the Determination of a Price (as in Appraisals);
- or Purchase the most unique Gift you can find.

Decades of satisfied Clients, Customers and Families highly recommend “Direct” as their First Stop for Shopping – perhaps only Stop – ‘The People’s Antique Auction House in The Heartland.’

“Collecting Collectibles is a New Year’s Resolution that begins at Direct Auction Galleries, Inc.,” year-round and one that tops the List of many.

Renown for ‘Tipping the Scales’ on ‘what’s Gory to what’s Glorious’ to its Clientele, a Visit to “Direct” is a cultural, educational, economic and social learning trip exploring how Man has designed a comfortable Life with Style throughout the Chronicles of Time.

For those Folks who thought Chicago’s Favorite Institution was The Cubs, Sox or even The Bears, they were wrong. It’s been “Direct” all along.