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‘Growing Up Koopersmith’…& Jewish in the Heartland.

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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's "Remembering Jewish Chicago"
Talk & Discussion slated for: Friday, January 18, 2008 - 11 AM

Dateline: Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Chicago, Illinois USA
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TOPIC: ASK/Chicago: ‘Growing Up Koopersmith’…& Jewish in the Heartland.

Chicago, IL USA: This eNote is to personally wish you and yours a most happy, healthy and productive 2008. There’s no better way to start the New Year than to look to The Past to see where We came from and what We’ve achieved during the Decades of our Lives.

I will be doing ‘just that’ on Friday, January 18TH at which time I will be speaking at one of Chicago’s major Jewish Organizations, THE ARK. The Topic is one I know well – myself! I’ve been asked to talk about ‘Growing Up Koopersmith and Jewish’ which will, of course, put My Life into better Perspective. Plus, I’ll be able to share some Episodes that I nearly forgot about and/or feel may help others in their own ways and on their journeys.

The ARK is located at:

6450 North California in Chicago, IL 60645 USA


Established in 1971, the ARK provides a comprehensive array of human services for the emotional, spiritual, physical and well-being of 3,000 needy Jewish People (both families and individuals) in the Greater Chicagoland area. Through loving and kindly acts, The ARK/Chicago supports and provides hope with an annual budget of over $3.7 million. It is the Torah’s Vehicle to sustain individuals in times of crisis and turmoil.

Besides providing social, medical and medical services, popular Intensive Day Programs are held on a regular basis that include such Topics as:

Arts and Crafts
Caregivers Group
Chuck’s Breakfast Club
Current Events
Expression Through Photography
Health Matters
‘Let’s Talk About It’
Men’s Group
Mitzva Groups
Movie Club
News for Jews
Theatre Workshop
‘The Remembering Jewish Chicago’ Talks
Women’s Group
Writers Workshop and
Yoga for Women

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Speaking time for ‘Remembering Jewish Chicago’ Talks begins at 11 AM on Friday. I sincerely hope to see you there! If you cannot make it or live far away, perhaps you know someone in ‘The City’ who can benefit from this Selection of great Day Programs. If so, feel free to contact:

Steve Zeisel: 773-973-1000. Ext. 272
Na’ama Wasserman: 773-973-1000. Ext. 288
Evvy Gordon: 773-973-1000. Ext. 201

for more info.

Chicago is the Third largest City in the Metropolitan USA and within that select Population, no doubt, I am the only Jewish Gal (age 55 now) that spells her Middle Name as ‘Sioux’ – as the Great American Indian Tribe does. It doesn’t sound Jewish, but these Days, it’s not all in a Name. For Readers who are ‘well-aware,’ a Book cannot be judged by its Cover alone – it helps to see the Movie first!

But why me? “Growing up Koopersmith” in Mendota, Illinois (a small German Farming Community of 7,000 located 100 miles southwest of Chicago, IL), my Father was ‘crowned’ the first Jewish Mayor (for nearly 16 years) in a Town that was mostly German and anti-Semitic. A Jewish Star fashioned from scrap-metal bought from our junkyard was set on fire (klan-style) in the front yard of our ranch style home in the early 1960s. The closest Synagogue was 16 miles south of us. The original Rabbi died; the second rabbi’s wife didn’t like the area. They moved away leaving the Congregation. What were We to eat? My darling Mother (a native of Chicago) would drive (our fleet of Cadillacs) into Chicago (even during the Riots in 1968 when bricks were dropped from the overpasses on the Eisenhower Expressway) to go to the Butcher to make sure we always had our tummies filled. Mr. Berg always sold the best cuts of beef. As the ‘Oldest and the Best of 3 Children (all born in the 1950s) to Betty & Louis Koopersmith, I’m sure their Outlook on growing up was different than mine, but this is ‘My Story’ and I will be sharing it – what I can remember of it anyway – on Friday, January 18, 2008 at 11.

Life before the Computer, Whiteout and Trans-Fats. Imagine that. It’s just too hard to even remember Life before eMail, but it did transpire. What could possibly be more boring? Well, there might be a few things…but this personalized Discussion will definitely make for some lively Banter and Laughs that can shed Light on how even the most ordinary of unsophisticated Towns can yield the most brilliant of People. After all, it’s not where you came from, it’s where you land, straight up that matters in the long haul.

If you miss my Expose, Excerpts and Pictures will be appearing on my Blog, aptly named:

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before February 1ST, 2008.


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Thank you for your Time and Attention devoted to this pertinent subject. Continued Success and Best Wishes as the New Year unfolds…

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

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