Wednesday, October 31, 2018

DAY WITHOUT CRIME ©1993: A KOOPERSMITHian Style Holidate to save Man from himself. 25TH Year Anniversary on December 3, 2018.

NOTE:  In light of the Shooting at Mercy Hospital on the Afternoon of Monday,
November 19, 2018 at 3:16 PM CST, this Event (more than ever) needs to be brought to the Forefront of People's Conscience and incorporated into the Media's Global News Segments on December 3, 2018.

October 31, 2018 – 7:47 PM CST

HALLOWEEN is presently happening. And, for the most part, a good Time is being had by 1 & all. 

Except for an unlucky few who may get murdered, poisoned or mauled.  As that Man who was attacked by 2  ferocious Pitbulls (who always get a Bad Rap, no matter what) - earlier today in a South Side Alley.

Therefore, stay OUT of SS Alleys, PPL.

And, on that note, it’s 3T:  #Time_To_Tackle again the heinous Crimes that obliterate living a FUN & Adventurous Life in The Big City. To do this, all you have to do is note my HOLIDATE, 


that I urged Governor Jim Edgar, State of Illinois to make into an official Gold Seal – Red Ribbon Proclamation 25 years ago on December 3 of this year.  

The only Document of its Type in Existence.

WHAT is of Historical Significance to note is that this Year's Commemoration of this Crime-Prevention HOLIDATE that falls on December 3 since 1993 is that it also marks the 200TH Year Anniversary of The State of Illinois having come into "The Union" on Thursday, December 3, 1818. When our future 16TH President, Abe Lincoln was only 9 years old.

200 Years ago...
when CRiME was much more subdued than it is now.

Many, many more Citizens should be as pro-active.  It only takes one time to make a good Impression great.  Then, TheImpact will last forever...and save Precious Lives which is the Bottom Line of my Crime Prevention Holidates, stemming from my Humanitarian Crusade:  Cartoonists Against Crime begun on December 23, 1991 after I was beat up, robbed and left-for-dead in the lobby of my Apartment Building at 1437 West Rosemont.

Therefore, I’m thinking Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago (where I instigated this HOLIDATE) should salute this Decree; and that all Gangs should call a Truce so that NO one is killed, shot, hurt or harmed on The Streets and in The State of Illinois. For (at least) One Day.  Oh, heck let’s make that a National Event to set a Precedence. Enough is enough already. 

How refreshing could that be?

Media & Network: Help s-p-r-e-a-d this Message.  

You may contact me directly at:


directly to discuss more as I did during my
WGN AM Morning News on May 3, 2018.

The Wording of this Proclamation reads as:

State of Illinois

Executive Department


WHEREAS, crime prevention measures, implemented at community and state levels, have experienced some success; and

WHEREAS, Cartoonists Against Crime is an organization founded by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith to help bring some awareness of the ill effects of crime upon our society; and

WHEREAS, members of Cartoonists Against Crime promote safety and awareness through their artistic endeavors; and

WHEREAS, I, Jim Edgar, Governor of the State of Illinois, proclaim December 3, 1993, as a Day Without Crime in Illinois.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of Illinois to be affixed.

 Done at the Capitol in the City of Springfield, this twenty-third day of November in the Year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and ninety-three and of the State of Illinois, the one hundred and seventy-fifth.


George M. Ryan                                                                  Jim Edgar, Governor
Secretary of State


(written by a Senior – for Seniors – for The Senior State of Mind)


#November_20_2018 - 9:09 AM CST

Little old brittle PEOPLE are petrified.  Not only here in Chicago but across the USA where a Series of deadly Shootings & Killings took place yesterday.  The Mercy Hospital Massacre destroyed the Lives of 4 Families & The Citizens of Chicago who knew them and again shattered our Sense of Safety, that The Police Department (who serve and protect as best as they can) have no control over.  And, that is THE SCARY PART.  None of us know when a Shooter (disgruntled & hurting or insane or temporarily insane) is about to open fire.   

Think of it THIS way, they were not born with a Pistol or AK15 in their hands.  Something went terribly wrong.  They snapped. 

DRAWING FROM MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE:  Having been beat up, robbed & left-for-dead in a pool of blood – my own - in the Lobby of my Apartment Building on Monday, December 23, 1991 I know exactly how that feels.   However, “back then” not that many Perbs carried GUNS.  I had a fighting Chance, I was only socked & knocked out for 90 Minutes.  Being as tough as I am, I fought back & then, thus started by Humanitarian Crusades aptly named:    

Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 &

Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001

that helped me HEAL others from The Repercussions of a “NEW REALITY” which now has suddenly become THE NORM, not only in Big Cities of the USA, but in small towns – ACROSS THE PLANET.   

Today, I am advancing my most serious HOLIDATE, DAY WITHOUT CRIME ©1993 that Governor Jim Edgar of The State of Illinois signed in as a Declaration 25 years ago.  Won’t you take a Moment to peruse and pass it along in your Network.  This is a Matter of Life or Death.   

Will Santa be wearing Kevlar when he touches down in Chicago in 34 Days?  I’m guessing so.   

Like I said:  PEOPLE are petrified, brittle bones or NO brittle bones. 

  Monday, December 3, 2018 with

Appearing Live with Venice M. Johnson
Chicago Pop Culture Interviewer:

 Crime is big business.   The biggest Business on the Planet.

Mental health for some has deteriorated terribly so that even the MOST UNLIKELY Person you could ever think of would be prone to commit a Crime   - some that are unfathomable - heinous to say the least. I need not go into Detail here.  Some are Serial in nature.

As the Graph depicts:  You have the  wanna-be people who emulate the bad guys.  You have the hide-outs and all that goes into making sure these Perbs - Perpetrators are well-hidden.  Osama bin Laden comes to mind immediately.  

Then, you have the DRUG Sniffing dogs - who are smelling out the BAD Guys and the War Dogs who accompany our soldiers into battle - combat so that We kill the Enemy - that oft-times after wards becomes our Friends or Allies.

You know. I've lived on this Planet for 66 years and am eternally grateful to have made it this far.  After all, this proclamation as born out of a blood bath I took on December 23, 1991 when I was beat up - robbed & left for dead in the lobby of my Apt  Building  at 1437 West Rosemont.  The Man that assaulted me made away with my black tote and an uncashed Xmas Check of $200; but he left me scared - although not permanently as it was The Catalyst for my Start of CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME in 1991 – whose motto was:  CAC: We Draw Cartoons – Not Guns ©1991 and then Cartoonists Against Terrorism (C)2001 – yes, I am the Founder of BOTH anti-crime campaigns.  Now in 2021, I'm wondering what we will be tooning about and who will be left to care?


My Day Without Crime ©1993 that became a red-ribbon/gold leaf Gubernatorial Proclamation endorsed by Governor Jim Edgar in November of  1993 turns 25 years old on Monday, #December_3_2018, the Day & Date that the State of Illinois (where I live and have lived for 64 of my 66 years) turns 200.  Giving you some PERSPECTIVE, this was the Year that our beloved President Abe Lincoln was 9 years old. 

Read all about it at:  

Doing a LIVE Interview on Monday,  12/3/2018 with #Venice_J, Podcaster,  in order to tell my PoV: on how We do live in a CRiME riddled and infested World and how no matter how hard We try (as individual do-right Citizens), CRiME has (so sadly) become a Way of Life – is part of THAT STORY.  Thank you Ms. Johnson for seeing the Importance of this Issue that affects us all, no matter what our Race or Political Affiliation, if we are rich, poor, smart or not. Being SMART about CRiME has always been a TOPIC OF INTEREST.   Crime is a Big Industry. The Process is called #Infiltration.  It's THEM against US.  And sometimes, US suffers incredibly so. 

On a Scale of 1-10, Our Pets know better than to lead a LIFE OF CRIME, but somehow we've dragged them also into this Dire Scenario &  State of Mind.  Shame on us.  What were we ever thinking?   Only TIME will tell (as it always does) what the next 200 years will hold and/or foretell when the State of Illinois turns 400.


Now I am sure you are asking.  Day Without Crime?  What is that all about Adrienne?   

THINK ABOUT IT, Venice.  Crime is BIG Business.
You can make piles of money  (and not even pay taxes on it) no matter what side of THE LAW you are on.  The Bottom Line is: 

There will never ever be a DAY WITHOUT CRIME.  Being a LATE BLOOMER, I just thought of that last week since I usually live in my little Idealistic Glass Bubble here.  Let’s do the MATH on this Topic of what a Crimeless World would be  like. 
#1: That Life would be HIGH in Unemployment. Although you really cannot put on your resume that you work for CRiME.  In other words, in a WORLD OF THINGS, you would have to become a CRIMINAL in order to pay those bills and to keep up with the Jones, Kardashians or whomever is popular at the Time.

#2:  On the Hit Parade, you  have the Police serving & protecting. 

#3: You have the proverbial “Bad Guys who because of their Crime of Choice (that embeds) Deviance -- Greed and Wanting IT all (the lavish Commodities that only MONEY can buy), makes it necessary that The Cops have a Job.  Many are bread-winners for their FAMILIES.  Those people have to eat.   many times adeadly confrontation will cut their Life short as it does for innocent bystanders & the desperado himself.

#4:  Ah, this is where it gets interesting:  You have  Individuals “behind the  scenes” who market what the Cops need to be safe; from their COP Cars to their Gun’s holsters; to the people who run Dunkin Donuts where they stop in for snacks; without COPS and the accoutrements they need, these FOLKS would be out on the street – where some would have to become criminals (breaking in – entering & robbing) just to keep alive.

#5:  You have those “behind the scenes” that market the get-away vehicles, invented the darkened windshields; in order that the BAD GUY remains bad & uncaught; that's a volume of services, indeed.

#6: Then, We must add in the Reporters & Investigative Journalists (Geraldo comes to mind) who report on Crime; the ones who put themselves out there, sniffing around like Blood Hounds looking for the breaking STORY in order for them to win a Journalism Award at the end of the Year.

#7:  The gun manufacturers who supposedly protect us from them - the BAD GUYS, but also supply the Ammunitions so they shoot, maim and kill us;

#8: A special shout out for the Inventors of Kevlar.  People  who are scientists who devise ways to be safer; there's an entire Underground of them that deserve to be honored as Think Tank Leaders;

#9:  You have TV cop shows; like Dick Wolf, a mastermind storyteller on how all this Craziness operates, year - in and year out.  For those of us who are arm-chair Cops, he puts us right there in the middle of a Crime and he does it with the Help of Hollywood, Embellishment – for Photoshop Experts who have a JOB – because of CRIME being as abundant as it is.

#10:   Even 1 century ago -  100 years ago, the emphasis was not THAT much on Crime, as it was not that blown-up or SUPER-SIZED by “The Media” who needs to keep their Ratings up; otherwise they will be eaten up by their Competition.  When Ratings fall, heads are chopped.  Nielsen again is partially affected by a Life of Crime.

#11:  You have the Psychiatrists trying to figure out WHAT is going on in the Criminal Brain.  You have the Shrinks trying to help their Clients get over their Fear.  You have the Counselors helping those in Domestic Violence Cases.  You have the Drug Manufacturers who prescribe sedatives for those who cannot sleep. 

#12:  Got a home that needs protecting from THUGS?  Home Security Services are a billion dollar industry. If no one broke in; they’d be biting the dust, as well. 

#13:  Getting creative now, you have murder mystery books penned by Writers who thrive on blood & list; who feel they can dissolve what happened on a Crime Scene. Crime is mesmerizing IF it is NOT happening to you.  And, yes, you read that here, FIRST. The first of its Genre that I remember reading was Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

Let’s stop here at a Baker's Dozen and try to regain our Composure. There's Bitterness in a Bittersweet World.  

IN CLOSING.  Whether a person is in white collar crime or street crime or merely stealing the Sweet n Lows at a restaurant for your coffee the next AM, which was my Crime of Passion,   pushing Drugs; beating up your Lover; or  stealing a pack of gum from your local MOM & POP corner grocery store, CRIME is here to stay.   Crime is strictly a Human Sickness, a Disease that our Pets do not have. 

Crime is strictly a Human Sickness that will never go away completely.  Not even for just one day out of the Year:  December 3RD when Governor Jim Edgar & I collaborated & hoped we could shed a Light of Hope & Resilience.

No wonder there is an Emphasis Today on the Empathy Movement where our PET CATS & DOGS are more than appreciated, they give us THE SANITY that we must find before someone else CRACKS & SNAPS.  

Thank you for giving me this Platform, Venice.   Coping & preventing & acknowledging Crime may still keep us alive & stronger for yet another Day...


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

This is no Trick or Trick. This is no Fooling Around. Halloween is not this scary! The Lives of (y)our PETS are at an All-Time High Risk Ratio.

ASK kooPURRSmith on CATS:
October 30, 2018 – 12:27  PM CST 

 RE: When American Greed Strikes “home.”

So you’re a Senior (55+) with a PET CAT OR DOG (a beloved Companion &/or Service Animal) and your Apartment Building is suddenly sold or goes condo. You have been given NO NOTICE by The Landlord. To add insult to injury, aggressive and rich Development Companies with NO SOUL or CONSCIENCE are buying the Properties up faster than flipping “hot cakes.”

This Nightmare is occurring every Day now in Urban Areas across the US & is a disconcerting & paralyzing Cause of Animals becoming HOMELESS.  Right in-front of their Owner’s Faces with no other Recourse to take.  Many of these Seniors are lonely.  Divorced. Widowed. Disabled. With few Friends or Family.  This is Animal Cruelty that must be abolished.

Read my Exposé:

THE BIG STORY BEHIND URBAN DECAY: UNVEILING ANIMAL CRUELTY IN THE 21ST CENTURY. When our precious and prized Pet Cats & Dogs are tossed by The Wayside.

Tomorrow on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 (from 8 AM to Noon), Members of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus, Levy House Residents, other Activists and I will be attending a Rally at City Hall’s Council Chambers where We (Citizens of Chicago) will present Mayor Rahm Emanuel with The Senior Bill of Rights.




I will not allow or have my precious CAT, Cali The Calico,

living under a Tree in The Cold.

Eight (8) formal Tenets compose the Jane Addams Senior Caucus Senior Housing Bill of Rights to which Pets (as loving, devoted and valuable Family Members) must be secured.  As I tell Cali every Day:

“You are not a CAT. You are a SuPURR Species.”
Every Dog Lover I know (and I have known thousands the last 60 years) confirms that his/her Dog is "the luckiest Pooch" in The World. That Relationship works both Ways.  Animals fill an Emptiness and Void that Humans really cannot. Our Pets know US better than WE do.  A new Age of Empathy & Compassion towards The Humane Treatment & Welfare of Animals is beginning but until it is thoroughly absorbed by Society, many Strides must be made to ensure their Inclusion.  We domesticated them.  We owe them.
Fiascos (as this) that tear away at the Fabric of Civilization cannot be condoned...

Please scroll down to October 12, 2018 – 1:01 PM Facebook Post at:



for my Video Commentary on WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE STAND FOR with Cali in my Lap, filmed by Venice Johnson.  Scroll further down and you will see and hear more heart-tearing Testimonials from my Neighbors who have been thrown into this horrific Situation.


Thank you for your Time devoted to this pressing Issue, one that few consider, but it is very real.  On behalf of The Senior Population and Pet Lovers across The World, your Support is needed and appreciated. Please do NOT forget us...
After all, for YOU, it’s just a Matter of Time.


For any & all Questions & Queries on how We can make The Lives of our Pets & Seniors much more desirable, hope-filled and humane, email me at:



to discuss.  This is a Topic that evidently is going to be here 
for a Spell because 10,000 Seniors turn 65 every Day. 
After all, for YOU, it’s just a Matter of Time.


Sunday, October 28, 2018

When Innovation + Imagination strike a Chord. ENTER: Royal Feelin’. Dogs & Cats FURS_t!




RE: When innovation & imagination strike a Chord.

ENTER: Royal Felin.


Sunday, October 28, 2018 – 3:01 AM CST

So iMPRESSED with The 50TH Year Anniversary of Royal Canin’s 

The Future of Animal Companionship Conference

held in Paris, France on October 24, 2018

who is (part & parcel) of Mars Petcare:

Headquarters:  St-Stevens-Woluwe, Flemish Region

Year Founded:  1939

that last Night (in the PreDawn Hours of a New Day) I instantly woke up with an iDEA for their next FiFTY (50) Years, a most critical TiME for all of us – every Species on The Planet will be “put to The Test.”

Devoted to The Relationship between our CATS & DOGS in the next  Five (5) Decades (plus), the Name:

Royal Felin

came to mind which puts CATS on an “Equal Billing” Platform with DOGS as their Name presently conveys.  Coincidentally, February 16, 2018 – February 4, 2019 is The Year of The Dog on The Chinese Calendar, an EVENT that occurs every Twelve (12) Years.  Talk about Timing.

That was iT.  Now, for those of you Creatifs who get Ideas from “Out of The Blue” in “The Middle of The Night” as this One occurred to me (after 66 Years & 80 Days), I whole-heartedly encourage you to write iT down; date iT & time iT. Keep a Pad of Paper & Pen(cil) by your Bed with a Flashlight.  If you’re really adventurous, a Tape Recorder works wonders.  Whatever you are most comfortable with.  Had i not written Royal Felin down, iT may have slipped away forever, which would have had sad Consequences for OUR CATS. In other Words, this Blog, #1319 would not be penned: 1 of 28 written since December of 2017 about CATS & CALi My Calico, “The CEO of My Life” who turns 2 on November 5, 2018.

HOWEVER, being the avid Researcher that I am, I decided to google:

Royal Felin

and the Name has already been claimed by:

Jean-François Lavoie


Royal Feline Cat Enclosures of Australia:

ENTER:  Large Amounts of EMBARRASSMENT!  
Although this Blog #1319 does mention leading Players in The Pet Food Industry & Publicity is always helpful.  No Harm done. 
#CAT_chy Name indeed.  
Let's continue:

“Doesn’t pay to start a LawSuit there in NAME ALONE

but maybe a Partnership can begin since

The Bottom Line always is:

The Health & Welfare of our PETS.”

Quote of ASK:
Sunday, October 28, 2018 – 11:51 AM CST


However, there’s always:  Royal Feelin’…”

Quote of ASK:
Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 12:18 PM CST

Do You see what She sees?


Since We are all UNDER THE iNFLUENCE OF OUR PETS, love them dearly & are only a P&C: Point & Click away from having our “Message” read and enacted upon, that single & solitary Idea may open up Opportunities & OPPURRTUNITIES that make Life sweeter for us all.  CALi-inspired, of course.  She is THE CAT!

Cali:  Strike-A-Pose

PURREJUDICED as I am (about my own Ideas that come to Life as this one has), this Counter-Balance of Royal Canin ~ Royal Felin would entice every CAT Lover knowing they are being recognized, spotlighted respected and included in Name that gives a Platform to them in which they can sharemore and caremore.

What’s the Old Proverb? 

“What’s good for The Goose is good for The Gander.”

Seems only right…Works for me and The Billions of CATS who share the Planet with us & those like me who love them so.


CALi & i are found easily online at: 


to discuss more Branding iDEAS with you.  Our current Project is a 366 all CAT HOLIDATE Calendar covering 2019-2029 now slated as:  


a Project that has been on my Drawing Board for 21 Years now as:

"The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation"

via CNN.



The ART of EVENT-Making

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990


The Value of EVENTOLOGY lies in The Fact that iT is a SpinOff to make The World a saner/safer Place for Man & Animals. Within a short Period of Time, these Writings (similar to AESOP’S FABLES along with an Action Activity ~ EVENT attached, became a Literary Genre to overcome The Daily Turmoil of every Day Life (with its Obstacles, Addictions & Derivations) going on permanent Record with Publishers, Journalists, Authors & The Media. 

Conceptualized on July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM CST, The ART of EVENTOLOGY turns 30 years old in 2020. This Era promises to be a most thrilling Time for me; others in The EVENT Community & Pet Industries as I have secured my Place with these other significant Titles given to me by THE MEDiA:

 America’s Premier Eventologist

Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine

Washington, DC – August 25, 1997

The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World

Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune

Chicago – January 23, 2001

The Undisputed Champ of Event Creation

Doug Criss of CNN

Atlanta, GA – February 26, 2018

The Gatekeeper of Eventology

Cody LaGrow – Newsy

Chicago (18 Million Homes) - April 11, 2018

Pioneer Woman Holiday Collection

Larry Potash & Robin Baumgarten – WGN Morning News

Chicago, IL – May 3, 2018

this Branding Strategy is the Definitive


in which to separate ~ SEPURRATE yourself from any & all COMPETITION. 


For those of you wondering about the Decorative  i, i  is to symboli ze a Candle shedding Hope and Light on the Situation that I am talking/writing about. Subliminals work MAGiC.


3i’s:  implant. involve. influence.

Pet Advocate – Screenwriter – Author 
Eventologist – Promoter – Video Actor




“People read what ASK writes about…”

STUDIOS 1437 – 5820 - 1258 – 3100 – 1710 - 1221

Chicago, Illinois USA

Gmail:  Adrienne(dot)Sioux(dot)Koopersmith(at)gmail(dot)com

Cell: 847-630-9201


Twitter:  @ASK_Koopersmith

Cali von Koop-Hof 
The #suPURR_Species of The 21ST Century.