Friday, January 31, 2014

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Need you ASK?

If you do, please contact NSD’s Creator – Founder – Spokesperson(ality):






for the Branding Opportunity of a LifeTime.

NSD (now in its 20TH year) and proclaimed as
 runs from  January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014


When 92,003,269 People really,really, really like YOU! ASK's National Splurge Day ©1994 strikes a Chord and ac-CORD-ingly so.



Point of View:


When the Numbers begin to stack up, you know you are sitting on a Gold Mine. 

As of Friday, January 31, 2014 as 12:30 PM CST – in the Mists of the Kickoff of YOTS: Year Of The Splurge:  92,003,269 People already ‘LiKE’ the EVENT!  

But then, you really have to ask yourself this: 

“Who would not LiKE a Holiday
(retermed as a HOLIDATE in the Eventology Realm that Koopersmith introduced as a new Literary Genre on July 25 of 1990)
in which you SPLURGE,
one of Contemporary Mans’ greatest Activities,
 running neck-to-neck with #Shopping and #SuperBowlSunday?”


Now, that is something definitely to WHA: Write Home About, Tweet, Share, PARTY-cipate in and $PEND/spend some Time with.  Be amongst that great and growing # (that increases every Hour) who  now has the Ability to read about how your ART - Brand – Enterprise splurges via my ever popular:




throughout 2014. 


With  twelve (12)  distinct Categories occurring monthly, there’s something for all of us and the various ‘Gold Mines’ that we wish to mine. 


Details about this once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity happening on NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY’s 20TH Year ABC: Anniversary – Birthday – Celebration is on my Blog, called KOOPERSMITHIN’ at:












Monday, January 27, 2014

The 175 Word Pitch for NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 & YOTS: YEAR OF THE SPLURGE ©2010 - record-breaking ASKian Events to kickstart a Global Economy.

Can a happy, humble, haute HOLIDATE that is usually associated with a frivolous Lifestyle (ENTER: NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 created 20 years ago by 'America's Premier Eventologist,' ASK: ADRiENNE SiOUX KOOPERSMiTH of ‘Sweet Home Chicago’) arise from the 365 Days in the Year (366 if it’s a Leap Year) to become the Coup de Force that jumpstarts the Global Economy?  We, @ SPLURGE CENTRAL, like to think so.  Actually, We know so.  It certainly is a pleasant Digression + Diversion away from #Crime, # Violence and the #PolarVortex tugging at our sleeves (mufflers, mittens, boots, scarves & long underwear). 

ASK: ADRiENNE SiOUX KOOPERSMiTH goes on to prove that NSD: NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 has what it takes, by launching:  YOTS: YEAR OF THE SPLURGE ©2010 as the Lead Project that establishes (as well as demonstrates, documents, substantiates and validates) beyond the Shadow of a reasonable Doubt that after 20 years of fleeting Time, every Day can leave its indelible Impression via the ART & Act of Perseverance and it does, One Splurge @ a Time.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Eyes of The World are upon National Splurge Day & YOTS: Year Of The Splurge.


NEWS YOU CAN USE:  January 25, 2014


The most happening 646 People – Places – Things across the Internet (as of Saturday, January 25, 2014) that are worth knowing all about are listed below.   If for the only Reason that they are fully apprised of NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994.  Just as the EVENTS in your Life are well-worth attending, staying abreast of in Ways that make THE URGE TO SPLURGE the HOTTEST, trending Topic of 2014 via ASK’s YOTS:  Year Of The Splurge ©2010, coming to a Neighorhood near you. 


FURTHERMORE:  By all means, please feel free to read, RT & share, the January 4, 2014 Blog entitled:


NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 & YEAR OF THE SPLURGE ©2010. Marketing Ploys to enhance your Brand.


 to learn more.


Now for that most happening 646 People – Places – Things across the Internet (as of Saturday, January 25, 2014) that you should be following as we continue the Course of 2014: