Monday, February 16, 2015

Expert Blogger for Hire at your Disposal. ENTER: The Brand of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Creator of PRAM-ology ~ Eventology ~ Cartoonists Against Crime/Terrorism/Racism + more.

Expert Blogger for Hire at your Disposal.  The Brand of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, (a Creative Writer whose Scope is universally motivated by her Creation of PRAM-ology, (a source-filled Mixture of Public Relations – Advertising- Marketing Finesse) has already written 1185+ Blogs since 2007; many before, but un-numbered.  ASK/Chicago was encouraged to blog via Eric Zorn, a Veteran Journalist working at The Chicago Tribune upon an interview she granted him in 2001 about her Writings & Views. Respecting his Suggestion as she has been promoting Products since her Arrival in Chicago for a variety of Companies/Industries, Adrienne soon found Blogging is still yet a(nother) Avenue in which to connect.

With her Fanfare culled from being the Creator of the Literary Genre she introduced to Society known as: 

The Art of  Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns for Humanity ©1990,

ASK rapidly became a well-respected International Blogger with her Roots grounded in her favorite Topic: Popular Culture.  Now, as of Mid-February, 2015, you can reach-out and touch untapped Audiences with ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ as Adrienne is called meaning she can write on and about 1,900 stellar Topics.  


Price:  A totally original 500 Word Blog, prepaid costs: $500. 

The Terms:  the - and – but – or – however not included in her Word Count.  25 cents per Word for Thoughts / Evaluations / Analysis over the designated 500 Words is tacked on to the Blog that can double as a Testimonial.

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Blogs are posted from M-F Work only. 

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Be inspired and influenced by one of the Greatest:

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The New Definition of HATE CRIME. Approaching Hate & the Taking of Innocent Lives in Today's Escalating War on Terror.


The New Definition of:  HATE CRIME.

Penned after hearing about the 3 Muslim College Students:

Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23,
Yusor Mohammad, 21,  Deah’s Wife  
Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, Yusor’s sister

who were murdered (execution style) on Tuesday, February 10, 2015
 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Craig Stephen Hicks,  
their White Neighbor,
self-proclaimed Atheist via his Facebook Posts.

Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln,
16TH President of The USA: 
November 6, 1860 – April 15, 1865

On Thursday, February 12, 2015 – his 206TH Birthday

Redefining Crime & Punishment.

People behaving badly…

Every Act of Violence (in and of itself) is a chilling Hate Crime because the Perpetrator (Killer) hates Life (itself) no matter whose it is so that the Fatal Attack is staged and carried out against any and all Life Forms (whether the Victim is a Human or Animal). 

It breathes. 
It lives. 
It loves. 
It thinks. 
It procreates.
It moves.
It mourns.
It inhales. 
It exhales.
It is mortal. 

If  this prophesizing Concept is seen, interpreted and viewed according to this Statement of in-depth Understanding (like this) the Prejudices encircling Race, Religion, Sex, IQ and other Profiling Indicators do not apply, as We all possess those innate Factors, possibly called Birth Rights (gained by merely being born) as an active Member of Society and Nature.  By taking this new-fandangled Approach, no Reason why the Crime was committed (premeditated or spontaneous in a Fit of Rage) needs to be addressed, court-wise, We all know that inborn Hatred & Hostile (Hostile Ways) grow in the Human Soul  & Psyche (of a disturbed, confused and discombobulated Person); whether the Act of Terror is  enacted out  via a Violent Death in an Individual Case (or not).

If Man and Animals were born without the Gift of Sight (to see who is before him regardless of what that Person is and who he represents) and the Ability to wait before s/he acts irrationally, then, this New Definition of a Hate Crime and its application seems appropriate for these growing Outbursts and Flair-ups of uncontrollable Violence. 

Being caught in the Cross-Fire happens every single Second of every single Minute of every single Day of every single Month of every single Year of every single Decade (the progression advances) across the World.  People are losing People they love, know, care about and depend on. Had the Gun not been invented; Violent Crimes could and would still be possible due to strangling; poisoning or using an object that can ‘turn deadly.’ Needing to find a Reason (physical and tangible based on a Person’s Look or Beliefs) is juvenile and may be standing in ‘The Way’ of the Evolution of Civilization and how Man must rethink how Crime is redefined in light of the extremely unethical and illogical Reasons why People hate; are biased and prejudiced.  This is at the Root of all of our Core Problems.


Legions of Fans agree with Jon Stewart’s Statement after he viewed the Eric Garner Video of July 17, 2014 where he stated: 

“We are definitely not living in a Post-Racial Society.  And, I bet a lot of people out there are wondering how much of a society we are living in at all.”

My initial Answer is:

“Not much. The Decay of our Morals has significantly decreased,
reaching a new-time Low
whereby the Words ‘Civilized and Civilization’
no longer apply.
It has dissipated.”

Quote of ASK:  Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Cartoonists Against Crime/Terrorism/Racism:  1991/2001/2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015 – 8:30 AM / 8:51 AM / 9:25 AM


Fragile as Life is on its own accord, Life should not be snuffed out prematurely (decades before that person has really lived a full life).  To enable that to happen, a Bucket List builds consistently (on its own Volition) as We discover Places We wish to visit and explore, someday.  That Bucket List may have to be fulfilled much sooner than what was previously planned or expected due to Diseases (that most likely will take a Life before it is led all the Way through) and/or the Take-over of Regions/Nations that are being absorbed and conquered by Radical Militants who comprise what The West calls:  The Axis of Evil.  When a Bucket List is not fulfilled; when a Violent Crime occurs, the Grief is too great. In the Pursuit of ‘Why’ that Crime happened and as to find a relevant Reason, the top two Reasons are: 

Race and Religion

that immediately come to the surface as to why that Person died before their time (having lived a rich, enriching and fulfilling life).

Seriously, The Definition of HATE CRIME has to be amended. We should know better now, much better than We do by now.  How many more of these Crimes must We endure?

People behaving badly…does not even begin to address this
Great Sociological Pain We all are forced to suffer.

Cool it, People, you wouldn’t want this to happen to you…


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Catching THE LIE before it’s too late. How #Santa_Is_Retiring is saving ManKind from himself. A juicy Topic for TV Talk Show Hosts. A Subject for Hollywood Animators, never explored.

DATELINE:  Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - 3:55 PM CST

Enter: The Lie.  There goes the Neighborhood.
The One Sinful and Sin-filled Syllable
 that has changed the Course of
Global History.

Please allow me introduce myself to you. I’m Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith (@ASK_Koopersmith), a Chicago Creatif who ‘has had it.’ On the Morning of February 9 (that also marked my 62.5TH Birthday) when I rolled over, a Thought occurred to me from out of the Blue.  At that moment, I knew I had to start a new 12 Step Group called:

Liars Anonymous ©2015

that contains over

Earthly Members as of  World-O-Meters – on Tuesday February 10, 2015 – 10:43 AM CST found on line at:

However, from that Select Population, I am prone to think that many of them, will surely, openly and overtly lie and then lie again by saying that they are not Liars.  Such is the Cycle.

LET ME EXPLAIN:  Liars Anonymous is Part and Parcel of my Santalogical Study (defined as a deep Concern revolving around the Universal Figure known as Santa Claus, a beloved Saint who distributes Gifts to those who are ‘nice’ and not naughty in which Lying falls at the Top of that List) that I began on November 11, 2014.  Its adjoining Entry on my Blog called Koopersmithin’ dated:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

SANTA iS RETiRiNG ©2014 and he told ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith why.  


has already received:

3,563 Hits,
meaning there is INTEREST.

It’s second Entry dated:
Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cancel Christmas! Santa Is Retiring. Say Bye-Bye to Buy-Buy. How Chicago Creatif ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. is saving Mankind from himself & herself.   

WITH THIS BLOG ENTRY #1183, may I ask:  How many Liars have you interviewed during your long and illustrious Career talking with so many interesting People?  The Reason I ask is that I am 62.5 years old (as of February 9) and the older I get the more I see ‘n spot “The Liars’ amongst us.  For the Sake of Sanity and proper Reasoning, I am extremely IRKED & PEEVED by what ‘The Liars amongst us’ are getting away (with). So much so that I am writing a Book (with its accompanying Screenplay) that addresses this Issue that needs a Tissue (on many Occasions), as Lying is a Tear Jerker when We think of the Repercussions that it generates, if left to alone to ferment.

The Bottom Line is that ‘The Lie’ is a complete Time-Waster and We are all living on BT: Borrowed Time.  What We waste away today is not going to be magically tacked on during our last Week of Life.   Lying causes Confusion/Despair and sets us back in whatever Action We are trying to accomplish because ‘The Fact’ did not match the Allegation; nor did it substantiate as being ‘The Truth.’

Q:  Who likes to be lied (to)? 

A: No one except Woman about their Age; Men about their Sexual Prowess and Fanatics of all Stripes about the Righteousness of their Cause. 

The Aftermath of a Lie (aimed at the Person/Group [the Victim/Recipient/Deceived] that was ‘lied to’ means going back to ‘Square One’ that results in losing precious Time, an irretrievable Commodity) and not knowing WHO can be trusted. Instinctively, you trust a Person who is honest as Honesty is the most important Virtue a Person can have and hold.  Once Truth is distorted or destroyed, The Lie spreads at phenomenal Speeds, especially so with the Onset and Proliferation of Social Media Networks. 

I have collected a Plethora of Lies and Falsehoods (blatant and obscured) for my Creative Multi-Level Project by employing this Angle that grabs the Public’s Attention.  Many are One-Line Zingers that are as humorous as they are that stinging. Without a Doubt, Lying is a Curious Topic of Conversation as the 3,563 Blog Readers can attest.

By using Santa (who is the most recognizable Figure in Pop Culture History as his Career began 1,600 years ago in Turkey and culminated in being ordained as St. Nichols) by having him ‘retire’ because Santa is basically ‘sick of Mankind,’ the Angle is clever, but ingeniously set to the Horrors We have created in our Pursuits, especially so, endured the last (Week alone) with the two prominent (2) Cases of:

A)  Brian Williams lying repeatedly to millions of his Followers for over a Decade;


B)  Isis/Isil, the Terrorist Group, states Hostage, Kayla Mueller* (Prescott, Arizona) may be dead when the Evidence may prove otherwise. This is a pristine Lie, slated as Propaganda working as Psychological Warfare. (Granted, Enemies are prone to lie, the Subject of Lying is layered in Degrees of Fallacies where no Barrier is off-limit.

One’s Fate (either Life or Dead) lies in what occurs when a LIE is let loose.  It’s that easy, yet complex and continues to intrigue us.  Enter: Parenthood when Lessons of Value need to be instilled in the youngest Generation, or else, their Future will result in the most bleak of existences.

THE LIE now comes to The Forefront of our News as I carefully explore this Topic in an edgy Title called:

#Santa_Is_Retiring ©2014.

‘Scrutiny’ is the New Buzz Word deemed as utmost important.  However, I’ll be honest with you as  getting rid of ‘The Lie’ is extremely difficult, if not impossible.  For Story Writers (as myself) and anyone who has ever picked-up a Pen/Pencil/Computer Screen, embellishing a(ny) Story means Lying. Exaggerating means Lying. Where the Fiction (is made up) the Lie rises and starts where the Non-Fiction begins; a fine Line causing Friction to prevail. 

But where do We draw that “fine Line” at The Lie?

With Santa retiring (in my Story/Script he retired on December 25, 2014), and a complete SHUT-DOWN of ‘all things Retail and Religious,’ this blunt Realization may hopefully move People enough to examine what they say and do.  It’s worth a try.  For a Writer (as I watch The News), it gets easier to spot ‘The Liar’ as they get sloppier in their Lies.   

SO WHERE IS BLOG #1183 HEADING OFF TO?  I’m not going to lie to you and tell you something that I’ve not yet seriously reflected upon.  I’m fascinated with what ‘The Lie’ compounds into for us Members of Modern Society and the Relationships We have built either (up)on Truth or not.


is a Literary Journey to see what is happening every Day to wear down our Resistance in more than One Way.  Currently, the Top Two Examples (one foreign and one on native grounds) are:

1)  Mr. Mohammed Al Momani, the Chief Spokesperson of the Jordanian Government openly states that Isil/Isis is a Liar.  This Declaration means an entire Body of People is willing to lie (and die) for a Cause, a Terrorist Group hell-bent on establishing a Caliphate in Syria and the Levant that includes Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel.

2)  Brian Williams* has lied (exaggerating many News Stories (in the USA as well as abroad) that he has covered over and over again

that my entire Scope of my Writings now deal with around ‘The Monstrosities’ of what Lying does to a Society – so much so that our main Hero – Folk Lore Personality – Religio-Icon – the endearing  Symbol  of Father Christmas – of Purity – Mr. Claus, Santa himself is retiring. 

INSERT:  Also, please note that as of Wednesday, December 31, 2014 at 11:59 PM, the Last BabyBoomer turned 50. This means an entirely new Demographic is on the Verge of Retiring (besides David Letterman, of course) so that #SANTA_IS_RETIRING is interesting in yet another Vein.  The ‘Advantages of Age’ is the Avenue in which Popular Culture is presently steering (towards) and will ‘rock’ until the LAST BABYBOOMER is deceased, Decades from now.  Give or take 5 Decades, according to my Math.

I find Lying is an extremely dangerous Activity/Negativity that only wreaks havoc to every Situation and is a perpetual Risk to our Way of Life that may never be dissolved. An Example that immediately comes to mind involves:

The Criminal World.
Prisoners lie.

They don’t want to be incarcerated.  A Lie (that is believed) would get them out of that alleged Crime.  Although that may be the most serious of Examples besides Warfare, We cannot get away from ‘The Lie.’ 

Sales (collectively) is another Industry.  A Sales Clerk will lie (on his/her mama’s grave) stone-faced to you by telling you how great you look in that dress/jacket in order to seal that Sale. And, you don’t.

These Examples only skim ‘The Surface of Lyology’ – The Study of The Lie – and how it must be eliminated.  The Lie, of course, has killed tens of billions of People (since Man rose through Time).  On an Assortment of Levels, We can no longer afford (the Proliferation of) The Lie taking such an extraordinarily great hold in Man’s Humanitarian Evolution; gripping and tearing us apart from what We are designed to do – whatever your Passion may be.  Selling that Passion/Brand/Product cannot be founded in a Lie or Falsehood.

If you can’t believe who you are speaking to (at which most People can certainly relate to with their Long Histories of ‘Talking It Up’), then what can the Outcome of that be and how is Culture affected?

When an Opinion (a Thought – a Point of View) matters and if that deals with a Matter of Life or Death, no Room exists for a Lie to obscure the Picture.  Time is of the Essence and should be respected and not eroded away.



The Lie lends itself to another Method in which We re-LY on yet another Viewpoint. Your TIQ: Thoughts/Insights/Quotes on this Subject will be applied to my Book/Script/Interviews. Those would comprise the Icing on my Literary Cake, being the Voice of Experience(s) as you are.  I’m immensely interested in your Input about this re-LIE-able Topic that spins on ‘The Spin,’ affecting only Mankind. We won’t even begin questioning as to:

who did and who did not evolve.

The Soundtrack of our Lives should not be based on The Lies We hear; The Lies We spread; or The Lies We withstand. But now with the Creation of #Santa_Is_Retiring, We can collectively know that Lies’ Infiltration makes the broad Difference between Complications vs. Simplicity. History will thank us for that.  Historically, that means there will be Future Generations because We caught the Lie before it was too. Late. 

Thank you for your Time and Expertise spent on my Special Research Project as it is very appreciated and that is honestly no Lie. 


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what ASK writes about…”
Chicago, Illinois 60626 USA

LinkedIn:  ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

* * * * * * * * * *


*Later that evening, the world was to learn that Kayla Mueller had died at the hands of the Middle East Terrorists and that NBC News Anchor Brian Williams was placed on a 6-month Leave of Absence.