Monday, February 16, 2015

Expert Blogger for Hire at your Disposal. ENTER: The Brand of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Creator of PRAM-ology ~ Eventology ~ Cartoonists Against Crime/Terrorism/Racism + more.

Expert Blogger for Hire at your Disposal.  The Brand of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, (a Creative Writer whose Scope is universally motivated by her Creation of PRAM-ology, (a source-filled Mixture of Public Relations – Advertising- Marketing Finesse) has already written 1185+ Blogs since 2007; many before, but un-numbered.  ASK/Chicago was encouraged to blog via Eric Zorn, a Veteran Journalist working at The Chicago Tribune upon an interview she granted him in 2001 about her Writings & Views. Respecting his Suggestion as she has been promoting Products since her Arrival in Chicago for a variety of Companies/Industries, Adrienne soon found Blogging is still yet a(nother) Avenue in which to connect.

With her Fanfare culled from being the Creator of the Literary Genre she introduced to Society known as: 

The Art of  Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns for Humanity ©1990,

ASK rapidly became a well-respected International Blogger with her Roots grounded in her favorite Topic: Popular Culture.  Now, as of Mid-February, 2015, you can reach-out and touch untapped Audiences with ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ as Adrienne is called meaning she can write on and about 1,900 stellar Topics.  


Price:  A totally original 500 Word Blog, prepaid costs: $500. 

The Terms:  the - and – but – or – however not included in her Word Count.  25 cents per Word for Thoughts / Evaluations / Analysis over the designated 500 Words is tacked on to the Blog that can double as a Testimonial.

Your Product along with your Media Releases should accompany your Product. 

Blogs are posted from M-F Work only. 

Additional $200 prepaid for Blogs penned on Saturday/Sunday.


If you wish to be hooked up to and involved with any of ASK’s Award Winning and popular Holidates, let the Discussion begin. i.e.:  Just ASK. 

If you wish to have an Original Holidate created by ASK that packge begins at $15,000 (prepaid) and includes your Alignment with Eventology as well as one year’s Promotions as it takes (at least) one year to launch such a Holidate.  Because 2015 marks Eventology’s 25TH Year Anniversary, NOW is the ideal Time to ‘get involved in’ this Creative Endeavor of PRAMming (PR-ing, Advertising, Marketing your Brand).

“Communication today has currently become the PRAM-ification of what’s interesting – what’s intriguing – what’s improving our Way of Life.  Your Product can make that difference to each of us. Tell them so.”

Quote of ASK:
Monday, February 16, 2015 – 10:32 AM CST

A 5 Blog Package posted within a 3 Month Period (targeted towards Anniversaries – Birthdays – Celebrations to mark):  $2500, prepaid.  This will tie your Products/Brands in to each of ASK’s hottest Holidates.

3-Day Express Blog:  $750 includes 2 Tweets & 2 FB; 2 LinkedIn Entries. 

NOTE:  ASK is from Chicago; based out of Chicago; presiding in Chicago, the third largest Cosmopolitan and Metropolitan City in the USA, where she wields an Urban Lifestyle of immense Power & Influence.  News Breaks in The Windy City – Sweet Home Chicago.  Break your News here, if it’s News that matters. 

Be inspired and influenced by one of the Greatest:

Creative Writers - Screenwriters – Authors - Eventologists – Promoters

of this Era.

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