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How Birds inspire The Arts. ASK/Chicago - Author of The Birdictionary's NAOC 2016 Symposium Proposal.

Subject:  NAOC 2016 Symposium Proposal


November 23, 2015 - 9:30 AM CST


TO:  Ms. Courtney Conway

The Scientific Program Committee Chair: North American Ornithological Convention


Dear Ms. Conway:
My Interest:  Birds in The Arts/Literature/Cinema/Music stems from The Early-1950s when my Love of Birds began.  From The Prehistoric to Contemporary Times, Man’s Fascination with Birds holds fast asking The Questions:  Who’s doing what?  When?  Where and Why?  Who is not awed by The Beautiful/Splendor and even The Strange(r) Birds that fly past your Screen (both Windows and Computers) while perusing Social Media Networks.  I surely am and I want to know more about The Individuals/Groups who care enough to comment and post.  What do they know that I don’t know yet? 

As The Birdictionary ©1998/2015 and The Bird Who Didn’t Learn How to Fly ©1998 Author; 30 original Avian HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE (Intellectual Property) are contained in my Eventology Realm proclaimed as: DECADE OF THE BIRD: 2015-2025 ©2015.  HOLIDATES lend credence to my Voice adding relevance in The Bird Kingdom. 

Ten Bird Blogs:

Two YouTube Videos:


while Two Bird Movie Scripts collectively harbor 82 novel Avian Bird Actors are on my Drawing  Board.  

A Round-Table Discussion of like-minded People would be “The Bird’s Cheep.”  Visuals + Text link us all without even understanding the same Language.  “Talkin Bird” (The Symposium’s Title) would be distributed as a Blog Posting beginning in January to those in my Global Circle who’ll be attending NAOC: 2016 in August.  


For every Bird that Lives amongst us, The Need exists to save them from The Perils/Pitfalls/Predicaments of 21ST Century Life, infested by Man(kind).  The Literary Masterpiece, The Birdictionary ©1998/2015 (more of a Bird-O-Pia©1998) alone fills that Void via 1,025 helpful, new Bird-Words.  110 outstanding Platforms/Conversations; The Alphabetization of Birddom running through 2039; and 73 Acronyms and Campaigns comprise major Birdicular Segments. 


Birds face 24 Daily Conflicts.  Word-of-Mouse to discuss how Birds inspire (even inspiring The Youngest Generations) will secure that “Our Friends in High Places” (and Ground Species) remain a constant Resident of our Planet, not a sorely-missed Memory of a bygone and long gone Era which is how it appears now with The Sixth Major Extinction running amok. 


Lots to talk, discuss and share.  Dandy Discussions “feathers their Nests” as those should.


Nature Organizations, Art Galleries, Book Publishers and Film Producers/ Directors would welcome, relish and attend this Creative Enclave of Global Intelligentsia/Talent all in one attractive Location – NAOC: 2016 – that backs Birds and sets forth The Groundwork for Future Avian Issues/Species in The Arts /Literature/Cinema/Music Realms.


As a Thought-Provoker, ABC: Audubon Bird Clubs (across The Planet) may wish to hire me now; thus opening an ASKian Wing/Department that launches such a Talk-a-Thon and  innovative Publishing/Film Operation.


MOTTO & MESSAGE:  “Love Birds; don’t harm, kill, maim or eat them.”  Birds’ Effect is far-reaching.


Won’t you join me in developing this Legacy as to how The Presence of Birds colors Our Days and connects People in a Reflective Sweep? 

Because I’m The
Liveliest Commentator/Entertainer/Info-Provider on The Internet
(emphasizing Bird Themes in Popular Culture) connecting before and after #The_NAOC_Convention is only a Point & Click away, equating to Universal Success, Ms. Conway.   



©1952-2015.  ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.  All Rights Reserved. 





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