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"THE DESiRE TO HiRE & iNSPiRE" by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith



The underlying idea here is the most obvious. By HIRE-ing the most talented, the HIGHER a Company grows vertically on the ‘Food Chain.’ Growth is tantamount to Success. Success does not necessarily come Overnight or in the Wink & Blink of an Eye, but is synonymous with hard Work, taking Risks, thinking Thoughts, seeking Advice, absorbing Constructive Criticism ‘head-on’ and taking (the appropriate) Action. The ‘Act(ion) of Doing’ begins the Process, Journey in the Creative Course.  Should some ‘sort’ of IRE Rhyme occur about now?  Yes, probably so, but I have more to say about Synonyms, which can be FUN, according to most Writers that I know.  Accomplishments are attained by taking and doing the small Steps (first) that lead to bigger and (hopefully) greater and worthier Advancements.  Sometimes, it merely means ‘showing up.’ When an INSPIRE-ation comes in, a Person is elevated. He/she/they feel ‘higher’ and more invigorated than usual; happy and content that something new and exciting is taking place on a Project before him (her or them) that ‘they’ are impassioned about.  Within due Time + Space, the entire World can and will know about that Endeavor, as it’s extremely easy to keep apprised of the Thoughts & Visions that Pioneers advance.  Forerunners who DESIRE to HIRE and thus INSPIRE have no Egos.  Therefore, a lower Case ‘i’ appears in the above entitled Quote & Copy.  Now, for that IRE Rhyme…



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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

HE SAID. SHE SAID. A Guide To Writing Better Conversation + Dialogue by Koopersmith + Hofstadter, The Said Experts.

Longevity in any Trade boils down to using the right and correct Words. Words that will make your Writings and your Speech sound really great.  Writings and Speech that will set you apart from all others.

A Pet Peeve to many Writers and Readers is when a Term is used over and over again so that the same old sing-song Sound reverberates, adding nothing to the Sentence.  Each Sentence must be crafted to the best of one’s ability.  In March of 2005 all that came to a seething Boil when I decided:

Enough is enough!

For 43 years I had read Stacks of Books in which the Quote-able Conversation was simply parlayed into the Phrases of either:  

“He said. She said.”

Dull.  Dry and never giving any Indication of how the Character or Actor was really feeling, I told my Boyfriend, Robert E. Hofstadter that we must to do something to halt and stop (once and for all and for one and all) this Practice.  With his full Encouragement and Support,  the Project began in March and ended at the End of March. I wrote.  He added to the List. Then, he edited and I proofed what was to become:


A Guide To Writing Better Conversation + Dialogue

The Guidebook designed to improve a Character’s Conversations + Dialogues

via instant Action Word Replacement.  Ages 5+.

'The most overused and subsequently Abused Words in the Anglo-English Language.  To say the least is to SAY the most.  SAY something, but just not SAY or SAID.  Designed to make a Writer realize there's far more to say than SAY.  How you SAY it is how they will remember it.  Avoid perpetual Redundancies by making your Words most memorable with:

A Short Guide to a Happier Sentence.

Terming us as ‘The SAID Experts,’ this Book lists 1001 Replacements for the Word:

SAID (including Say & Says).

“To SAY the least is to SAY the most.”  The Theme is for each Writer who strives to improve his/her Article, Book, Critique and/or Dramatization is to SAY something, but just not:




After all, exactly what you SAID and how you SAY it, will affect the Reader’s Perception through the Words you choose to immortalize, becoming historical and making a difference with (sometimes) on a few repositioned letters. 

A Text that should be resting on each Writer's and Authors's lap, while 'in the creative and compositional process,' this is the unabridged and comprehensive List of those Dazzling Word Replacements to use instead of ‘SAID.’  These can (and will) change the Course of Modern Literature with only 1,001 Words.  Not only does this List help Adult Writers, but a Section specifically designed for Children emphasizes well-known and beloved Members of our Animal Kingdom (known as Anthropomorphism) is also included.  Teach them while they are young and they will experience one less Hurdle. 

To keep the Momentum moving strong, as ‘America’s Premier Eventologist,’ I’ve declared the Second Saturday of every Month as:

BAN “SAID” Days ©2005

whose Premise is:  To meet, review and edit Writers’ Works created and developed within the Month in a sophisticated and systematized Method to consistently improve the Conversation + Dialogue. 

“CLUB: SAID” is subsequently launched to redefine Conversations + Dialogues enabling Writing(s) to be SAID better.”  Your Readers, Fans, Audience and Mother  (besides any and all major Literary Contests) will be glad you did.

Order your Copy today via PayPal for $15.00. 

$20.00 for Foreign Orders (including Canada and Mexico).



The Cover Photo of ASK and REH, Authors

March, 2005



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Visiting the Wonderful Wizard of Art, Howard Tullman: Flashpointing ART in the 21st Century.

  Feature #1 of 3 for: Friday, April 19, 2013
OF IMMENSE INTEREST:  In yesterday’s Blog Exposé about:  
I listed the six (6) URLs of utmost importance that were center stage in MR. TULLMAN’s Entrepreneurial Domain.  Each was an Entry-Way into which you (the Reader – Artist – Writer – Inquisitant) could learn more about how to pattern yourself with regards to your specific concern, crusade, career, job and/or special passion.  This Morning, I luckily discovered an immensely interesting Article that furthers yesterday’s 6 URLS, namely TRIBECA FLASHPOINT ACADEMY, located online at: 
 whose Tiny URL is:  http://tinyurl.com/btd95ft    
where, Leigh Buchanan (editor-at-large for Inc. Magazine) stated, (in part):
“…it draws on many of his favorite themes
—technology, pop culture, education, professionalism—
while refreshing a tired genre.”
Business & Trend-tracing Magazines like Inc. and Fast Company are designed to tell us the latest while building and furthering our own Visions in manners that will brand our Commodity, as the Professionals have and continue to do.
Although Leigh’s column is 14 months old, it still is ripe and radiates with Info that (as a new, young or aspiring business person or one changing course and re-inventing his goals) is highly useful.   In Advertising Circles, that term is known as ‘evergreen’ – the equivalent of ‘refreshing and invigorating.’
As Leigh states:  TULLMAN believes training young people to fill tomorrow's jobs is this country's best shot at reducing unemployment and staying globally competitive. Tomorrow's jobs, of course, is code for technology, a subject, Tullman argues, traditional four-year colleges teach poorly because faculty aren't in the field keeping current and students don't work across departments in interdisciplinary teams, as happens in the real world.”
I urge you to explore more of MR. TULLMAN’s Ventures.  Even reading one-a-day will provide Insights you may have not contemplated before.  Well worth the effort.  Again, those six (6) pertinent URLS are:
Built in Chicago Page  http://www.builtinchicago.org/group/tribecaflashpoint
LinkedIn Page http://www.linkedin.com/company/74780
Vimeo Page http://vimeo.com/tribecaflashpoint
NOTE: Leigh Buchanan (Editor-at-large for Inc. Magazine) is a former Editor at Harvard Business Review and founding editor of WebMaster Magazine, where she pens articles on workplace culture and leadership.
* * *
Feature #2 of 3 for: Friday, April 19, 2013
VINTAGE TULLMAN.   Finding great Photo Coverage of Events around a City is what adds to the Charm of that location.  It adds to the Pulse.  It draws more Tourists who want to be part of that ‘Party.’  Chicago, as the third largest town in the United States, takes Honors for many reasons.  Planet Hollywood Chicago (a pop culture phenomenon alone) takes a Stand to introduce its Brand.  However, it is when you mix in ‘The Midwestern Vibe & Mentality,’ add  a troop of  lively Celebs and some Camera Shots and Angles, you’ll find that those Memories won’t soon be forgotten.  These are all captured and captioned online at:   
whose Tiny URL is:   http://tinyurl.com/cfcx97o
for your Viewing Pleasure.
* * *
Feature #3 of 3 for: Friday, April 19, 2013
Quotes are needed to sometimes just change our Mindset when our Focus is blocked, clouded or defrayed.  Cloudy (with no degree of Sunshine) can take its toll, especially on People who reside in a spot where there are now only 2 Seasons:  Winter and Construction.  Many times, a good philosophical Jolt like these three (3) Gems (that deal with ‘Everything’) will instantly make you forget about the one element none of us can change and that is:  The Weather. 
1.   Everything in life that is worthwhile is difficult.
2.  Everything starts as someone's daydream.
3.  Everything in strategy is very simple, but that does not mean everything is very easy.
MR. TULLMAN has collected (more than) Twenty-Six Pages of Quotes that he shares with us online at:
whose Tiny URL is:  http://tinyurl.com/c6q4w9m
 I don’t recollect seeing that any have been left out.
* * *
And, this concludes Today’s Segment of:  Visiting the Wizard: Howard A. Tullman.  Please return again Tomorrow for another Look @ the Life & Times of Howard A. Tullman, a 21ST Century Visionary who covers our Bases, from A-Z. 
 * * *


Feature #1 of 3 for: 
Thursday, April 18, 2013



(a/k/a:  TFA)

28 North Clark Street - Suite 500 - Chicago, Illinois 60602 USA



Built in Chicago Page - http://www.builtinchicago.org/group/tribecaflashpoint

Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/tribecaflashpoint

LinkedIn Page - http://www.linkedin.com/company/74780

Twitter Page - https://twitter.com/tribecachicago

 Vimeo Page  - http://vimeo.com/tribecaflashpoint

Youtube Page - http://www.youtube.com/user/fpaclips


TRIBECA FLASHPOINT ACADEMY hailed as ‘Chicago's Premier Digital Media Arts Collegeturns Students’ Passions for ART, Storytelling, and Digital Media into meaningful Careers.  A forward-thinking, career-focused Education is mandatory in today’s marketplace.

A forward-thinking, career-focused Education in the most popular and fastest-growing creative Fields of:

Animation + Visual Effects

Design + Visual Communication

Film + Broadcast

Game + Interactive Media

Recording Arts

awaits those Individuals who wish to explore the dynamic Field of  Digital Media Arts.

With a faculty-filled with Industry Experts, TFA is the unique Combination of an ART School blended with Industry Apprenticeships, focusing on the latest Breakthroughs in High Tech and Teaching Standards that redefine Digital Media Arts  in the Creative World.

TFA Facilities are State-of-the- ART.   Curriculums are hands-on, absorbing and career-driven. This is an ART School designed in the Manner an ART School should be operated.
For the impassioned
ARTists and Innovators who fill TFA’s Courses, TRIBECA FLASHPOINT ACADEMY is ‘the Destination’ that offers competitive Digital ART Degrees all within a 2-year Span.  Industry Experts provide hands-on training which allow for opportunities to work ‘off-campus’ on Projects for real-world Clients.  Within the school term’s agenda, Students receive as many contact hours had they attended a traditional 4-year ART School. 


1)    On Technology in the Classroom.

2)   On embracing new Tools to create the Media Clients desire.

3)  On Professional Skills.


On a daily basis, Students work, apprentice and intern at Ad Agencies, Film Sets, Recording Studios and Game Design Firms – all Locales where professional standards ensure their Success. This Technique aids in their Transition into real-world Work arenas upon Graduation.

Dedication plus Hard Work makes this happen.  


TFA is the Educational Institution where you become yourself.


This real-world Production Climate (all within a Digital Media Art School) concentrates on four (4) specific Doctrines, namely: 

Smaller Class Sizes;

Shorter times to Degree completion;

Less Time spent learning outdated Technologies; and

Extensive Access to Industry Professionals.

According to 2011 Placement Stats(as reported to the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and School), it is not surprising to realize that over
77% of TFA graduating Students find gainful Employment in their  chosen Field of Study only 6 months after Graduation.  A Feather, a Round of Applause and Kudos for The School that has beenBuilt In Chicago’ is in order.

IN CLOSING:  TFA: A Digital Art School for the 21st Century.  Except for World Peace, I only wish TFA had been around for me forty (40) years ago. 

SOURCE:  http://www.tfa.edu/


* * *

Feature #2 of 3 for: 
 Thursday, April 18, 2013

VINTAGE TULLMAN.  Into every body’s Day a Lunch Time must fall.  We could argue that in some Countries where Starvation runs rampant; where Droughts occur or where Nutrition is not as well-developed as it is in the Western World, people abound who are suffering. Greatly.  Hopefully, those social horrors will soon be diminished.

Yet something 'Lunchomatic' was happening in the late 1950s, that would forever change the Course of eating Lunch.  Lunches took on a certain  Aspect  and Flair when BabyBoomers were Kids – before we ‘came of age.’   What became popular in that Period of ‘growing up’ was the notion of the Lunch Box.  Stay-at-home Moms meticulously packed a tasty lunch for their Kids before they left for school.  But getting their Kids to eat that meal was sometimes hard-to-do unless a really-really cool Lunch Box ‘served up’ that portion.

Therefore, next to Swanson TV Dinners that sold for less than 39 cents a dinner, what came upon ‘The Scene’ was 'The Lunch Box.’   A Tin with a Thermos that oft-times carried the left-overs from last night’s supper.  Cool Kids had cool lunch boxes.  Lunch Boxes suddenly became an Industry Favorite.  Every Topic – every TV series – every Personality had their own lunch box. 

THE ART AND ACT OF RETENTION:  I was pleasantly surprised to see that MR. TULLMAN has a Lunch Box Collection.  Batman – Daniel Boone – Disney – Dick Tracy – The Green Hornet – Mickey Mouse – Steve Cannon – all boy-oriented.  Those Lunch Boxes have come a long ways (though) since they were manufactured 50+ years ago.  Many Collections (as his) are now online. Online was not even ‘invented’ back in ‘the Day’ before The Beatles and The Stones hit the ‘Big Time’ with Ed Sullivan.  MR. TULLMAN’s Set has its very own web page at:


Brandon Hamilton also collects Lunch Boxes. He has 343 of them.  That’s almost one for every Day of the Year – every Lunch of the Year, not counting Leap Year.   His Story (graced by two fab photos) appears at: 


Of particular interest in this article (penned by Colleen O’Connor of the Denver Post on May 5, 2010 – on Cinqo de Maio) is that:

“The era of children's lunchboxes began in 1949, when the Aladdin Co. put Hopalong Cassidy decals on traditional lunchboxes.  Plastic replaced metal in 1987, and soon the metal lunchboxes began to take on museum-collection qualities. Indeed, the Smithsonian has a collection of vintage pails.”

As Brandon summarizes:  “"People will tell stories of the lunchboxes they had as a kid.  It's a great form of Storytelling."

And, for those of you living in Chicago still thrilled by the Nostalgia that an old Lunch Box conjures, journey up to Cozy’s at 1018 Davis in Evanston, Illinois (a Lunch-Dinner-Carry-Out) whose Collectibles include lots of Lunch Boxes and a Life-size Elvis that make us grow fond(er) for one of Mom’s treats that she place in that Timeless Tin. 

* *  *

Feature #3 of 3 for: Thursday, April 18, 2013


Quotes have been replaced by Tweets which are shorter by far.  However, nothing can replace a great Quote which can really make our Day; set us into Motion to complete a Project or start a Project or figure out where that Project is to go.  And, possibly for those Reasons, others or maybe not even for any of those Reasons, it’s neat to be able to read those WoW: Words of Wisdom that Mr. T. has gathered and posted on his multi-faceted Website, particularly at:


Attempting to keep to the Theme of today’s TULLMAN TIMES,  three (3) pertinent Quotes apply:


1.   A Candle loses nothing by lighting another Candle.
2.   A Career is about taking Risks.
3.   A Desk is a dangerous Place from which to watch your Business.


* *  *

And, this concludes Today’s Segment of:  Visiting the Wizard: Howard A. Tullman.  Please return again Tomorrow for another Look @ the Life & Times of Howard A. Tullman, a 21ST Century Visionary who covers our Bases, from A-Z. 

 * *  *


Feature #1 of 3 for:
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Who's got the largest PEZ Collection, the Plastic Dispenser that captures the Sweet ‘n Tart Side of Candy all within One Tab?  Would you guess it might be the Smithsonian?  PEZ Central located in Orange, Connecticut?   Is it somebody who drives around in a PEZMobile?  The Answer may be only a Google search away! Let's find out and see who holds that Record for Ownership.  Ah-Ha.   That Title is shared by several across our Granite Planet, but Chicagoan, HOWARD A. TULLMAN proudly displays his PEZ Collection online at:


for the World to see.  He has them all lined up in graduated Rows (as if they are in a school assembly, sitting on bleachers).   A Master List (alphabetized) telling who they all are appears online at:


Batman, Garfield, Mickey House, Nintendo, Pluto, Smurf, Spiderman, StarWars, The Truck Series and the Whistle Series appear to be his Favorites, if numbers are an  instant Indicator of Popularity.  However, Mr. T’s favorite Flavor wasn't divulged.   Perhaps the Favorite  and Favored Flavors of all World Celebrities, Diplomats and  Politicians would make for yet another Pop – make that PEZ – Culture  Page on MR. TULLMAN’s Website at:




No doubt, the National Confectionery Association (  www.candyusa.com/  ) would be interested in this Sampling.

OF IMMENSE INTEREST is a Little Known Fact only revealed because of MR. TULLMAN’s Collection is that:   “Back in 1948 (post World War II), Oscar Uxa designed the first PEZ Container to resemble a Cigarette Lighter. Using Subliminal Messaging,  this was in order for People to stop Smoking.   A year later, the Dispenser (minus the Characterization that has made them so unique as they have become today) was introduced to the Vienna Trade Fair.  That Chrono-News was on the Official PEZ Website at: 



Who’s eaten the most PEZ in record time?  As Wikipedia tells us:  

In the USA alone, 3 Billion Candy Bricks are devoured annually.

A Candy with a long History that’s a Toy, a Collectible and  a Conversation Piece  that isn’t loaded up on sugary non-essential Calories definitely makes its PREZENTS (that’s: Presence, of course) known online and off-line, every Time, thanks to the ‘LIKES’ of HOWARD A. TULLMAN and others who’ve taken the Time & Effort to share them with us.



 * *  *

Feature #2 of 3 for:
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

VINTAGE TULLMAN.    Blogs are different. ‘Vintage’ encompasses those Writings between 7-14 years ago. Any Copy published before 1999 means it is OLD News.  History.  And for the most part, it is very much outdated.  A Dinosaur, at that.  Any Compositions (before that Period) mean the Subject and Topic are obsolete. From that other Century and Millennium.

However, it's interesting to explore and see what ET: EARLY TULLMAN(SHIP) was all about and his  pARTicular Evolution that plays such a vital pART of the Building of Chicago into 1 of the 3 most cosmo/metropolitan Cities in the Northern Hemisphere.

After all, what was paved Decades ago has made us what We (as Societies) are today. That's Evolution in Progress and in the Process of GT: ‘Getting There.’   Wherever your  ‘there’ may or may not be. Pure and simple.  

Flashback to MR. T’s earlier Days via his Online Resume at: 

This will inspire every Reader, especially those who feel that their Options are rapidly dwindling since Corporations are not hiring them, by stating they are over-qualified.  Their Years of Experience should count for something.  This is the Plight of many BabyBoomers today.  After all, it you want to be successful, you should pattern yourself after someone who sets that pattern into place. People like HOWARD A. TULLMAN. He’s only a P&C:  Point & Click away from (being) inspirational.

TO REITERATE: Blogs are different.  Making a Difference can be difficult as it’s tough to reinvent the Wheel, per se, but you can make a strong Start by reading his Blog called HINDSIGHT:

on a daily basis so that you know:

What the key and buzz Words are;

What and how a super(b) Marketer does;

Who the Key Players are;

What the artistic, educational and financial Trends are; and

What ART is the most popular.

TRACKING TULLMAN” and thereby making your Career/Niche more edgy is a cinch by reading, following and educating yourself with people worth admiring.  MR. TULLMAN tops that List.

* *  *

Feature #3 of 3 for:
Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A 26 Page Print-Out awaits those who visit:


where Scores of these alphabetized Gems are housed.  Most mirror Mr. T.’s Business Acumen while others are just funny and amusing.  All are true-to-life – seriously, they are.  But if you’re an Affirmation Addict, no need exists to begin printing these off.  Destroying a small sapling is cruel and unusual treatment now that we are in the Digital Age and definitely not the Cool Thing to do, especially since Earth Day: 2013  falls  in 6 days. 

Besides, these Quotes are bound to increase.  Common Sense tells us so.  Picking out our Faves is customary.  Three (3) Favorites that surface, dealing with Time include: 

“A good Leader knows himself and his Times.”

“All my Possessions for a moment of Time.”

“Control your Time – the Inbox reflects the Priorities of others. Lead, don’t react.”


* *  *

And this concludes Today’s Segment of:  Visiting the Wizard: Howard A. Tullman.  Please return again Tomorrow for another Look @ the Life & Times of Howard A. Tullman, a 21ST Century Visionary who covers our Bases, from A-Z. 

 * *  *


We’re off to see The Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of ART.  Yes, Robert E. Hofstadter & I are invited to see ART.   Real ART at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy.  Envisioned by Howard Tullman.  In the heart of Chicago - near The Picasso.  Couldn’t be in a better locale.


Personally, we can’t think of a better place to be than to be surrounded by ART.   After all, if you’re not in a World of ART, you’re nowhere SPECIAL.   What happens if you don’t indulge in The Arts? That’s an interesting and scary point to ponder.  We’re thinking that Experience (which we will soon be embarking upon) should be entitled:


“Low and Behold.”


Please stay tuned here on my Facebook, Twitter & Blog Accounts for more on that upcoming ART venture. 


ART + Adventure = ART venture - all coming up on April 25TH.


With thousands of pieces to report on, and with each Picture telling its own STORY  with a STORY  behind the Visual itself, I’ll be posting a new URL so you, too, can see what the Community @ Tribeca Flashpoint Academy has to share with us all.  Learning how this ART School + Technology merge to mold Chicago as a Break-Out Point for the Gestation of Bold Ideas is truly an Art on its own.


After all:  "Selling a magic trick," says Howard, "is no different from selling a product or idea."1


The URL to explore:   http://www.tfa.edu/




Chicago – Illinois USA



SOURCE:    #1 Quote (for Monday, April 15, 2013) is derived from: 



Dateline:  Tuesday, April 16, 2013