Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogs vs Twitters: The Debate rages on...

Chicago, IL: Today at lunch, my friend Helen asked me which I liked to do better:

Blog or Twitter.

At this certain point in time, because of its newness & novelty, I had to be honest and say it was the Twittering Part of my Writing. I think I may just develop a movie script based on Tweets -- with each character mocking 140 characters and expressing what could be said in way more words and symbols than that. That way, the need to be brief would be eliminated and a curtain call could be underway. In the meantime, laying claim to followers & new faces, Tweeting is like having a new puppy - give it 6 months and the pooch grows into a dog and becomes part of the Family.

Till next Month - the 2nd half of 2010...

Posted by: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 - 3:56 PM CST

Monday, June 28, 2010

ASK on Fads that fade & the Longevity of V8.

Chicago, IL USA: IN response to an article in RED EYE, the following eMail was sent to:

Mr. Kurt Mueller, General Manager
Ms. Tran Ha, Editor
The Chicago Tribune
435 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago 60611 USA

RE: Jar Wars by Georgia Garvey

Dear Kurt & Tran:

My latest Food Fad – and it’s become a life style so it’s much better than something that will last a few weeks and then FADE away as FADS do is to consume 3 glasses of V8 Vegetable Juice a Day. I call it ASK’s V8 Before 58 Challenge. I started concentrating on this Beverage on May 1, 2010 – and as of today, June 28, I have taken 1.5 notches off my belt – that’s approximately 1.5 inches. I also eliminated bread and sweets from my diet – and I feel like a new person. It contains 8 vegetables – you drink it and go. I can’t think of a better food to eat – natural, fresh and very fulfilling. With so many American overweight and on the verge of heart attacks and diabetes, if they filled up on V8 which has a wonderful way of making a person feel full and satisfied, they would never have to worry about getting their veggies or being a contender for a stroke ever again. I combine this with 14miles of bike riding a day and should really be in shape for my 40TH Year Class Reunion in August. And as we all know, it’s Moderation and not over-dosing on Sweets, Salts & Fats.


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Koopersmith’s Global Communications

“People read what ASK writes about…”

Chicago, IL 60660-1319 USA

Posted: June 28, 2010 – 2:30 PM CST

Friday, June 25, 2010

ASK's 'V8 Before 58' Challenge: 2010

Kudos to: The Manufacturers of V8

Campbell Soup Co.
1 Campbell Place
Camden, New Jersey 08103 USA

P: 856-342-4800
F: 856-342-3878
Toll Free: 800-257-8443

RE: ‘ASK’ as Spokeswoman for BABYBOOMERS via V8 Juice
(Circa: 2010-2052). How a Brand makes a Life healthier with V8

Dear V8 Personnel:

I have wanted to write to you for a few years now and today is THE DAY, to compliment and state how much I love V8! It all started about 15 years ago when my Mother got her boyfriend (a man in his 70s with a big belly) to drink V8. I do not recall HOW soon it was that he 'lost' it and to this date, no one can find that belly, but I was totally shocked, amazed, amused and OH-SO very happy since a person's heart is the size of their fist and many men do get that 'middle-late-in-life' bulge.

Fast Forwarding to Today: I will be 58 years YOUNG in August and at that time will be celebrating my 40TH Year Class Reunion from Mendota Township High School – as I come from a small farming community 100 miles SW of Chicago, but have been living in Chicago since June of 1974.

During that time ON & OFF, I have drunk V8, but it wasn’t till 1997 that I decided to exorcise Bad Nutritional Habits from my Vocabulary and take care of me. At that time, I began riding my bike wherever I go in the city. Little did I know that within 6-8 years, I would have taken 4 inches of baby fat off my hips! Imagine that!

Then, as you would have it, I had in the back of my mind: V8 and how Mom trimmed Harold ‘down’ to optimal health. Yes, I like that phrase, too – ‘trimmed him/her down to optimal health.’ Too many people of all ages are overweight in America, as well as around the world…and by employing V8 every day, they can return to a healthier weight and lifestyle. I did it – in only 1 month.

“IF THEY ONLY DRANK V8” I kept thinking to myself…so I started a Campaign called:

“ASK’s V8 Before 58 Campaign” is what I have been talking about, recommending and drinking up since May 1. My initial theory was primarily a 31 day or month goal of drinking 3 10 ounce glasses a day to see WHAT WOULD HAPPEN.

R U ready to hear this? You will be shocked and proud, both! My belt is now 1.5 notches smaller – that’s approximately 1.5 inches. But the 2 things that really strike me about V8 that I can verify from being its biggest Fan is:

I am totally satisfied after drinking it. I possess no internal YEARNING for a chocolate bar or some tiramisu or anything salty. It does something to me – in diet circles, I believe they call that ‘suppressing one’s appetite.’

The other thing is that I look forward to having my V8. It’s like my cocktail. I’m not a drinker, but it’s refreshing. As an avid bicyclist going some 14 miles a day, I will come home; drink some water to quench my thirst and then have a 10-ouncer.

What’s really amazing, too, is that my Boyfriend, Robert loves the affect it has on me. When I woke up this AM, I prepared his coffee before work, but guess what: He took the bottle of V8 out of the frig and drank that first! Who sed it’s hard to get thru to men. V8 proved that one – that’s for sure!

So where are we? Oh, yes, I’m bound & determined to look great for my class reunion in mid-August, but V8 is an instrumental part of my day, life and daily life now. I figure out what foods will be good with it and treat my Bottles as ‘old friends.’ I just can’t figure out how it does all of this. Granted, I am an exercise Nut, but V8 has really created what guys call “abs” and more definition. Plus, for those who drink too much carbonation, it satisfies so that you don’t need that extra fizz floating around in your digestive track.

I remember my Mom stating that V8 is an acquired taste. I am at the age now (57 – as in 57 different varieties) to know what is good for me as I was more of a junk eater when I was young and a sweets-a-holic, but V8 has that appeal that should and could be used in America’s Diet Plans in Schools where kids just don’t get the daily supplements they need. Many times in my hood in the early 1990s, I would see kids going to the grocery store and buying a bag of potato chips and a can of pop! If they only supplemented junk food for a few glasses of V8, imagine how much more healthy we all will be!

Later this year, I intend to send:

Paul Charron - Chairman
Douglas Conant - President, CEO, and Director
B. Craig Owens - SVP, CFO, and Chief Administrative Officer

of your organization, a specially designed parcel on my Campaign: V8 Before 58, along with really cool artwork/photography derived from the Empty Bottles, but since I found you online first and foremost, I wanted to express my intense LOVE for V8 (and the benefits it offers) since I know feedback of this nature as this is very important.

What’s also very important is that a Spokesperson (like me who sets a record of taking care for herself) as well as all the BabyBoomers who are now approaching 60+ years can get the V8 Message across to these people. You don’t need to be sedentary, obese and out-of-sorts at any age. V8 provides the Vim & Vigor & Veggies that make a real impact in your day! And that’s what makes it so appealing besides its taste and nutrition.

Yes, my intent is to make it to my 100TH Birthday & with V8, I have a much better chance.

We should all have the opportunity to 'age gracefully. Sometimes in life when we are handed a Lemon, our behavior gets the best of us - primal as We Human are and 'out of control' all the while thinking more is much better and moderation is tossed. If this keeps at its present rate many more people will be suffering the repercussions of a bad diet. That's where my Campaign for V8 as daily Fix comes in as "THE WONDER DRINK OF THE CENTURY."

If you need any commercials made from my V8 Twitters found at:

Give me a call, email or tweet! I’m much more animated in person! Probably due to the V8, I would surmise!

Thank you for V8!


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, V8’s Biggest Fan
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what ASK writes about…”
Chicago, IL USA

Emailed: Friday, June 25, 2010 – 11:52 AM

Eventology nears its 20TH Year Anniversary: June 25, 2010 Update.

Chicago, IL USA:

In a month from today, July 25, 2010, my literary form called:

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns For Humanity (C)1990

will officially be 20 years or -- of if we 'do the Math,' that's nearly one-third of my life! Over 1,900 Holidates to celebrate are categorized here in 39 specific categories as well as 400 of those being Food Events, allowing people to eat healthily & wisely, as I do.

July 25TH also marks the 20TH Year Anniversary of the Introduction of my Cartoon Character: CAVE MAN NEVER (C)1990 that was the predecessor my founding of:

Cartoonists Against Crime (C)1991

that kicked off on December 23, 1991. It's been a busy couple of Decades there, but very fulfilling and worthwhile to say, do, google and twitter 'the most' about topics that affect us all.

For more information about Eventology &/or:

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature (TM)
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race (C)2009

my other Project that deals with a culmination of 6 Books & 6 Movies (of which 3 of the Scripts are being read by Hollywood Producers this month) and hopes to end Racism, Irony & Mixed Signals once & for all:

contact me directly at: askoopersmith(at)hotmail.(dot)com

For daily updates, visit my Twitter account at:

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Friday, June 25, 2010 - 11:07 AM CST

Sunday, June 20, 2010

ASKs COMMENT TOY STORY 3: Didnt some1 @ Disney think 2 PACK the Toys away so that when Andy marries he has his very Toys 2 give his kids?

Chicago, IL USA:

Enough said. When Titles & Bylines work best as depicted above.

Posted by: ASK Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Screenwriter: SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race (C)2009

June 20, 2010 - 1:38 PM CST

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ASK on: Comments made on Facebook...for Sat. June 19, 2010

Chicago, IL USA:

Hey, Tom:

My answers to your Stick-2-The-Wall VO: Valued Opinions are: Steven Spielberg (w/o a doubt); Shakespeare is over-rated and passe (I might add altho I still use some of his quotes, just readjusted and juxtapozed and Johnny Depp rocks - along with Tom Hanks. You stated: Man is a sensitive being, far more than a rational one. I say: Woman is the sensitive being between the 2 and it depends on how much one drinks/snorts/or inhales as to if somebody is going to be rational or not. I also think FIRST IMPRESSIONS play a key role in those neurological developments in the brain as to what Music we like. I was born & raised on Rock n Roll from the 60s and to this Day can still remember most of the lyrics from those songs altho I’ve not heard many of those tunes for years; yet a few things I’ve done an hour before are gone up in a puff of smoke (unless I write them down, of course!).

As for movies, I think every decade has its favorites depending on WHO the 20-30 year olds are. My Mother loves GONE WITH THE WIND & its actors. I lived in the Tornado Belt and am partial to Toys & Lions (since I’m a LEO) so The Wizard of Oz is 1 of my 5 top favorites. Again, The Wiz was 1 of the first Movies I saw while growing up and I had a Siamese Cat. It was a Siamese Cat that resembled mine that escaped from the hangar of the Balloon before Dorothy was to depart OZ, so I identify. It depends on if you identify – or as an old Boyfriend sez (who was spiritual): “Adrienne, put yourself in the other guy’s or gal’s shoes.” You stated:

In Art Appreciation, Happenstance trumps reason. It depends on what a person appreciates (if any) since so much of it is commercial these days and how a person grew up and if he/she was exposed to Art and for what reasons. I live in Chicago. The Arts & Recess have been removed from many school curriculum. Those kids won’t enjoy what I learned to love & appreciate. Your Peer Group Environment plays a big role, too! It depends on if you are expose to Guns or Roses. Good Questions & Comments, TOM!

Posted on Blogspot: Sat., June 19, 2010 - 10:10 AM

Friday, June 18, 2010

Everything U ever wanted to know about: NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 of 2010 & was not afraid to 'ask' ASK, its Creator.


NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 slated annually for June 18
Celebrating its 17TH Year in 2010

Celebrated 63 Days after Income Tax Day (April 15TH), this HOLIDATE is designed to jumpstart the Economy (as Recessions have been plaguing Societies since Biblical Times). One will instantly recall the terms of “7 Years of Feast followed by 7 Years of Famine, Hardships and Troubled Times.” Abundance vs. Depletion can be classically traced back to Egyptian Days where Shortages were offset by Periods of great Wealth. Some Things don’t change, but merely remain in a Cyclical Balance throughout Time. This is the leading Force to be reckoned with.

FAST-FORWARDING TO THE NOW MOMENT: Your hard-earned Income Tax Return is (undoubtedly) back and ‘The Urge to Splurge’ is dominating your Scenario. Face it: Nearly ½ the Year is gone. You deserve a Treat. ASK knows every which Way to properly splurge even if you’re limited to a Budget, dangling from a Shoestring or possess all the Cash/Loot/Credit Cards in The World in which to splurge to The Maximum Degree. Splurging is a State of Mind, mind you, a Direct Action We can look forward to that takes The Edge off The Stress and Distress that may be hampering and us or happening around us.

Now in its 17TH Astro-&-Gastronical Year of Celebration (no matter what your SPLURGE-of-Preference is or latest Addictions & Afflictions are), even planning for NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 is FUN-tastic…for Resalers/Retailers, Individuals, Family, Friends, Media Personalities, Reporters and Lovers of all Makes and Models of Folks (albeit you are not residing in a Third World Country or in abject Poverty) where the Basic Requirements of Life are not even met or are tremendously stingy, parsimonious or unresourceful. “More upshot HOLIDATES as these should be created to propel an ailing Global Economy,” ASK states “especially as 2007 closes, HOLIDATES as NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 are feel-good Events to fully enjoy. It entices and excites all of The Senses.”

For those who are fearful they may splurge more than they can reasonably afford, ASK has deemed NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 only One Day in length so no one is soured on the Cycle or Stigma of STM: Splurging Too Much. This immediately alleviates and diminishes its Negative Side or Impact of Over-indulgence or Excess, letting only the Vitality and Oompa of the HOLIDATE prevail.”


1. ASK (as a Contributor to your Publication in her own EVENTOLOGICAL Way) describes to your Readership/Subscribers how to conveniently SPLURGE within your Means, using your Hometown as your Indicator of Spending.

2. Assign one of your Senior Staff Writers to interview ASK regarding the 5W’s of Journalism and how she created this unique Event, now in its 17TH year.

3. By the same Token, you may wish to HIRE ASK for 2010 for your Publication in a Column called: ASK, THE EVENTOLOGIST ®.

4. TV, Radio & Webcasts: ASK shows you (and your Viewers, Audience and/or Listeners) how to conveniently SPLURGE with $100; $1000, $10,000 & $1,000,000 in your Town. This Art & Act is not hard to do!

5. National Splurge Day ©1994 has been condensed into a 16-page Children’s Book, suitable for ages 3-8 in order for them to be properly introduced to the Eventological Style of Living Life in the 21ST Century. That Equation focuses on a healthier and wiser Outlook, instilling the Eight (8) Virtues that ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith inspires in others and promotes under the Auspices of:

The ART of EVENT-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990.

An Assortment of Chicago Talent (Illustrators, Fine Artists, Water Colorists, Graphic Artists, Computer Graphic Artists and Cartoonists, as well as using ASK’s own Photographs) have been employed to illustrate said HOLIDATE ® according to Koopersmith’s specific Instructions. An astute Book Publisher (preferably from New York City) who has been in the Book Industry for 50+ years is currently being sought to distribute this poignant Series. Her ultimate Plan includes all 1,900+ of these classic, unique and original HOLIDATES, a complete Series (that fall into 35 specific Categories) and deluxe EVENT-O-PEDIA ® Set.


Booklets and/or Info Sheets are/were created for this and the other 1,900+ HOLIDATES (that are housed in 35 distinct Genres) and are updated regularly. ASK’s EVENT-O-PEDIA ® was released in 1997. Upon EVENTOLOGY’s 20TH Year Anniversary, another EVENT Encyclopedia will be published.

PREDICTIONS FOR 2010: According to ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH, Thematic Events are now aptly called:


This Concept is elaborated moreso in THE CHRONICLES OF EVENTOLOGY ® and is the Basis of KOOPERSMITH’s 1,500+ HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE. All HOLIDATES ® are meticulously placed on specifically chosen Dates of Appeal and specialized Seasons of The Year and have a decisive Theme and Drill that can be used for a wide Array of School Curriculums, Parties, Marketing Studies, Slow News Days, Social Clubs, Senior Citizen Gatherings, Radio & TV Programming, Life-in-General, etc.

Because People are partial and gravitate towards Themes (in which they can plan future Activities around), ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH’s HOLIDATES (that fall into 35 specific Categories) are ideal in which to layout a Calendar, an Editorial Month or a Family’s, Individuals’, Media or School’s Agenda.


All HOLIDATES ® are copyrighted, protected by Law and archived in Washington, D.C. since July 25, 1990 when EVENTOLOGY officially was launched. None of these Events can be used in any Form without notifying and gaining the Express Permission of its Creator and Author: ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH at:


Any Copyright Infringement of these HOLIDATES will be immediately turned over to Legal Prosecutors.

Monday, June 14, 2010

ASK's 6 Racism Books & Movie Scripts needs Agent/Movie Producer. Info below.

Chicago, IL USA:

When I’m not creating EVENTOLOGICAL HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE as NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 (that, in its 17TH Year is scheduled for Friday, June 18, 2010), I’m screen writing a 6-Part Series called:


With 3 of The Scripts completed in Spec Script Format (since August of 2009), I am now looking for someone insightful…make that SKiNSIGHTFUL® to walk my Package into:

Steven Spielberg @ Dreamworks,
Tim Burton Studios

After all: With a Topic as timely as Racism & a Cast of 10 CHARACTOYS® as delightful as these can be, this imaginative Series would be as popular as:

Alice in Wonderland
Forrest Gump
The Phantom Tollbooth
The Wizard of Oz.

Please help me out here, if you have the Contacts.

On behalf of Humanity, thank you ever so much!




Monday, June 14, 2010 - 10:27 AM CST

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chicago, IL USA:

As the Creator of National Splurge Day ©1994 and 1900+ other such Holidates (defined as Goodwill, Humanitarian, Altruistic, Educational, Recreational, Spiritual, Fun-Time & Fun-Type Holidates) that fall into 39 precise Categories which are all umbrella’d under my Literary Art Form known as:

Eventology ®
The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

that I began on Wednesday, July 25, 1990 @ 9:45 PM, I am very pleased that Emilia Benton picked this Special Occasion to share with the Readers & Subscribers of FAST COMPANY.

AN EDITORIAL CORRECTION HERE: However, deemed as ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ by Insight Magazine of Washington, DC in August of 1997 and ‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’ by The Chicago Tribune in 2001, I did not create these Holidates “on a lark’ as Ms. Benton stated but have written books, manuscripts, thesis, papers and designed art work on how to properly celebrate these Holidates as well as winning the Calendar Marketing Association’s 1997 Award for Most Creative, both national & international. Global Radio & National TV Interviews have been granted for my most popular Events that appeared in Chase’s Calendar of Events as well as being featured in many Newspapers across the USA & Canada. The Web? Been there and done that, too.

What you may find especially interesting about National Splurge Day ©1994 (now in its 17TH Year) as of Friday, June 18, 2010 is that it was penned at the Height of the DotCom Boom with its Formula being slated for exactly 2 Months & 3 Days since Income Taxes were filed. By June 18 (a Yiddish Good Luck #), any Refund due you should have arrived @ your home. And, what better Way is there than to go out and ‘splurge on something’ you’ve had your eye on, especially with Summer occurring just 3 days later.

Of course, our Economy or Community Think-Tank are not like it was in that other Century/Millennium, the 1900s and keeping a roof over many Americans (as well as elsewhere in the World) as well as a job and food on the table is problematic. Splurging to many is out of the question and not even a mind-set anymore. Today, Splurging takes on an entirely different Meaning, which will be explained in its entirety in my Blog, Koopersmithin ® on Friday, June 18TH at:

that should be posted by 12 Noon CST sharp. If anything this year, for those of you courageous Readers who aim to SPLURGE on Friday, June 18TH, you’ll be jumpstarting the Economy – a Hero by all standards since the First NSD aired in 1994. Go for it! Your Neighborhood Shops will appreciate it for sure.

Additionally, Tweets have been appearing about The HOLIDATE at:

since May 26TH for those wondering how I can be (so) brief.

A CASE IN POINT: Volunteering @ a Soup Kitchen for The Homeless several times a month, I told one of the Patrons there about the Holidate to which he stated with a shrug in his voice: “Adrienne, I guess that means I’ll buy 2 bags of Ramen Noodles instead of 1.” It may sound like a sad Answer, but ‘he’ still has the Human Spark and Drive to want to enjoy and partake in something (even on a smaller scale) as elusive as Holidays (traditional & untraditional; conventional & unconventional; fleeting, yet ephemeral) as they are. His underlying message was that he proved that it’s not the Size of the Splurge that counts, but that you do participate in THE URGE TO SPLURGE, the Day which brings a lot of smiles to people’s faces as it evidently did to Livia, Linda, Hugh, Ice-T, Tony & Jim when Emilia interviewed them for:

CEOs Share Their Spending Dreams for National Splurge Day

Who would ever think that there’d be a Day to do this? OiA: Only in America! I wonder what I ate that AM to ever think of such an Occasion. So much for IR: Instant Recall…

For those who have the ‘write’ thinking in mind and paraphrasing a very important & historical Quote, sometimes known as The Golden Rule:

“Splurge onto Others as you want Others to splurge on to You.”

That Splurge can always be written off and/or paid back at a later time!

The perfect Way to do this is to give a Subscription of FAST COMPANY to a loved one…now that’s a Splurge that I’m sure the Editors would approve.

For those requesting more Eventological Info; would like for me to design their very own Holidate for them, or would like to interview me in person about said Holidate(s), contact me via email at:



visit my Blog & Twitter Account. It would be great to hear from you. After all, every Day is a Splurge compared to Life so long ago…

840 Words later:

Posted on Fast Company's Website

By ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature™
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009
Chicago, IL USA

Saturday, June 12, 2010 – 3: 33 PM CST

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Movie Producer needed for SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™ - How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009. Sign up here.

Chicago, IL USA:

As posted in only 140 characters on:

Because We all have SKiN ASK's 6 Books & 6 Movie Scripts sh have Mass Appeal 4 solvg the Racial Crysis.Details @

This has to be the shortest Log-Line ever!

LOG LINES IN 140 CHARACTERS DEVISED BY: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Creator/Eventologist/Scriptwriter of SKiN ©2009

Posted: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - 9:43 AM CST

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fast Forwarding with FAST COMPANY. When 'The Urge to Splurge' strikes.

Checkout FAST COMPANY’s June, 2010 Article about my popular HOLIDATE®

National Splurge Day©1994 entitled:

CEOs Share Their Spending Dreams for National Splurge Day

via Magazine (Page 30 Top Half) or Online @

and see (for yourself) The Difference a HOLIDATE makes.

Then, ‘ask’ me about The Creative Formation & Promotion of your very own HOLIDATE TO CELEBRATE.

Special Rates apply if you reference this Copy through August 9, 2010.


‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’
Author/Screenwriter: SKiN: SACRED KINSHIP iN NATURE™

SKiN stars GORF, ‘The Grin Reaper’
‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’ &
‘The Icon of The Green Movement’


STUDIO 1437 – Artistry Beyond Imagination
Chicago, Illinois USA


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ASK's Reco: Splurging in a Slow Economy. Aw, go ahead: Make a Splurge! Do you know about:

Splurging in a Slow Economy. Aw, go ahead: Make a Splurge!

Dear Stumblers:

As the Founder of National Splurge Day (C)1994, you have to admit that the Rich's 'Urge to Splurge' is much simpler than the poor, hapless guy down on his luck standing in a soup line who is living on the streets to the average parents who is finding it exceeding difficult to meet their monthly mortgage obligations.

I CAN HONESTLY SAY: Much has changed since I began this HOLIDATE (1 of 1900 that fall in 34 specific categories, known as The Art of Eventology (R)) during the 1990s BOOM of the DotCot Era and Eon. I am happy to report that July 25, 2010 marks my 20th Year of creating:

Eventology: The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns For Humanity (C)1990.

BACK TO BASICS: However, the Definition of Splurging is 'determined' and refined (to), the Act of Splurging can be accomplished and done, to varying degrees of satisfaction. This year the Motto I have chosen is:

SPLURGE onto others as you'd want them to splurge on to you...after all, it's a give and take world and the givers take away much more than those who are greediest. Taking the Joys that each Day provides is what Life is all about.

And for those of you keen enuf to notice, NSD is for only 1 day so Moderation takes effect again on the 19th of June.

For more Info on National Splurge Day (C)1994 and my other activities, email me directly at:


I'd enjoy hearing your VO: Valued Opinions on this subject, Holidate & whatever else you wish to espouse.

Cheers, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
'America's Premier Eventologist - Insight Magazine - Washington, DC - Aug., 1997
'The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World' - Chicago Tribune - Chicago, IL - Jan., 2001
Chicago, IL USA

Posted: 6-2-2010 - 10:49 AM CST

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 2010: Performed the Eventological Way with ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.

Chicago, IL USA:

The month starts off on a high note for several different Reasons.

#1: Of course, is that Summer is nearly here in 20 more days and the living is supposedly much easier. The weather is warming up and all those outdoor activities can finally be pursued.

#2: Fast Company, the Magazine picked up 1 of my popular Holidates called: NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY (C)1994, both in their hardcopy and online versions. Later this month, on June 18, 2010, I will present an updated version of how to SPLURGE in 2010, since it is much different for all of us when it was initially created during the Dot.Com Era.

#3: Next month on July 25, 2010 marks my 20TH Year Anniversary of being: "America's Premier Eventologist" and/or "The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World" as Koprowski & Zorn (2 popular columnists) have labeled me. Eventology definitely is something I enjoy doing - since it has now comprised nearly 1/3 of my life-to-date.

#4: The First Monthly Segment of ASK's V-8 Challenge Before 58 is now complete. My goal which was a success was to drink 3 10-ounce glasses of V-8 a day -- for the entire Merry Marketing Month of May and I did accomplish this. One of my friends commente: "Adrienne, you have a 'new body.'" This, of course, is really encouraging and I encourage you to takeThe V-8 Challenge. You can send in your Strides to me -- Optimal Health means an Optimal Life in which to eventologize your Times away. There's nothing wrong there. Drink up & have no regrets!

#5: SKiN: Sacre Kinship in Nature (TM)
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race (C)2010

is entering its 2nd Summer; meaning more Guerrilla Promotions can be done which include Appearances at NBC & ABC in Chicago for starters.

For any questions you may have on my Creative Spheres, please do not hesitate to contact me at:


and "ASK" - since this is all original material, chances are I do have the Answer UR looking for.

You may also wish to visit me at:

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy June.

Posted by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Chicago, IL USA

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 10:31 AM