Friday, November 30, 2007

KOOPERSMITHin' - Find Your Lost Items here, Chicago!

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s
Inner Outlooks on Pop Culture & its Affects.
Dateline: Friday, November 30, 2007

"Chicagoans One-Shop LOST AND FOUND Stop:

It’s no LAF-fing Matter when someone loses something. Sometimes it can be quite devastating, to say the least. From House or Car Keys to Cameras to Cell Phones to Purses and Wallet to stray Pets roaming around, I find it all, especially moreso the last 10.5 years that I have been increasing my Daily Outings via my Bike. These Affects and Possessions are vital Parts of People’s Lives. Sometimes, they cannot function without them.

Lose a Wallet and you’re suddenly ID-less. There goes your Identity out-the-window. Regaining those Documents takes Time & Effort, besides the Fact that they can be used in sinister and criminal Ways if they fall into the hands of an Outlaw.

Lose your Cell Phone and there goes your Network – everyone you’ve ever known is suddenly gone.

Cameras that capture those priceless Moments that are lost (forever) do not ‘for Memories make…’

Therefore, with all this in mind and the Fact that the Internet can further enable any kind of Habit, Routine or Business, after 10.5 years of finding such Treasures, I have decided to make better use of this Literary & Creative BLOG and launch THE CHICAGO BRANCH of:

KLAF: Koopersmith’s LOST AND FOUND
that will list Items every Friday other Chicagoans or I have lost. Feel free to do this in your City. It’s really a vital Service.

This Free Service is to make it a One-Time Spot for People to list Articles (A-Z) that they’ve found while ‘out and about.’ Write-up what you found describing what it is and where (the Area) you found said Object(s) along with your Phone Number and/or eMail Address (a contact Number). Send it to me via Email and I’ll post it on KOOPERSMITHIN’ ®.

Also, for those who have lost something; they can write in also and state where that Item may have been lost.

Although it is better to GIVE than to RECEIVE, Returning is Part of that Humanistic Relationship. Become an instant Hero or Shero: Return a lost Pet, Wallet, Camera, Purse or Cell-Phone today. It all starts ‘write’ here.

Date: Friday, Nov. 23, 2007 - @ 7:15 AM.
ITEM Lost: Canon Camera - Model - Canon PowerShot SD550 in Black Casing
Found: Near 515 West Barry in Chicago – Lakeview Neighborhood, near the Curb.
Contact: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith via eMail at:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Going Green without Cigarettes. Butting Out for Optimal Health.


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s

Inner Outlooks on Pop Culture &

its (sometimes Devastating) Affects.

Dateline: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

‘Butting Out’ of the Smoking Camp
Up In Smoke: Let Me Count The Ways

Smokers should be taken out, shot and systematically eliminated from The Planet. If that’s too Hitlerian in nature, then, they should be heavily fined and/or imprisoned. Smoking is not KING. As addicted Smokers drive hundreds of miles to buy cheaper brands out-of-state, now is the time to put the Curse of Smoking to rest.

For Decades now, Smokers have unthinkingly contributed to polluting our Airwaves and destroying the sensitive Eco-System which is already in extremely dire Condition, worsening the Ozone Levels with every Puff taken. Furthermore, many Cigarettes are responsible for Forest Fires that lay Waste to huge Plots of Land, Life, Livelihoods, Wildlife and Homesteads.

Others who fall asleep in the Middle of a Cigarette have caused Devastation on and of their own without even realizing it.

Besides smelling like a reproachable Dragon and complete Turnoff in the same Puff, smoke-filled Rooms wreak havoc and wreck Clothes that need to be immediately dry-cleaned and laundered before wearing again.

Then, there’s Second Hand Smoke that also takes its deadly Toll on People by causing Lung Cancer and Respiratory Problems as badly as if the Person (who inhales) smoked his or her own Cigarette. Merely a Decade ago, the Topic of Second Hand Smoke was barely News. Today, there are 2,060,000 Entries on Google – probably as many Hits as those who will die globally of the Addiction and its Complications in a relatively short period of time.

You don’t smoke Nature. It’s just that pure and simple, nor do you put other’s Health at Risk for the sake of a meaningless Cigarette or Cigar.

Will Smokers ever learn how unattractive and vile their Cigarette or Cigar really is? Can’t they locate another Prop to stand behind or find the Root of this tormenting and expensive Addiction that not only affects them personally in a slew of Debilitating Ways, but their loved ones, neighbors and planet-at-large?

BUTTS OUT, PLANET EARTH: Cigarette Butts are the biggest Form of Littering on the Planet. No Portion of a Modern Cigarette is bio-degradable. The only Characters coming out ahead in this deadly Game are the Cigarette Trade comprised of the Tobacco Firms, Cigarette Manufacturers and Distributors, who are actively killing off The Species – Mankind –with every Cigarette placed into the Marketplace. Fines and Imprisonment certainly would not look too appealing on their resumes.

Although no Studies have been done on this Hypothesis, I would presume that Second Hand Smoke also complicates your precious Pet’s (be it a Cat, Bird or Dog) Life as well, shortening it by a large percentage as well as any Children who may still be home.

Should Cigarette & Cigar Smoking be considered Domestic Violence? In a way, it could be categorized as that as the Fumes are killing off those in your Home if Smoking is condoned. Even if a Smoker goes out to smoke, he/she is then polluting the Natural Environment. No one should suffer at the Hands (and Lips) of a Smoker.

In the Evolutionary Line-up, have you ever wondered why Animals don’t smoke? Is it because they are smarter than Mankind and do not need the Rush a Cigarette provides? Sorrowfully, as it is, since they can’t speak to us and inform us of their much wiser Decision, We may never know. But we definitely can take Clues from them.

The next Time a Smoker blows a few Smoke Rings in your Face choking out the fresh Air surrounding you, smack him (or her) in the Face; dunk their head in a Vat of Cold Water and pull the Carpet out from under him or her. If their Self-Esteem is that low and they’re ‘going down,’ let them leave this Scene on their own Will and Volition without taking down those who choose to live a clean and refreshing Cigarette-free Life.

The harsh Reality is: Smoking kills every Entity it comes in contact with. The Act of Smoking is a losing Proposition fed by Addiction, Nervousness and the twisted Desire not to choose better and healthier Lifestyle Habits. Smokers may be predispositioned and born with a Mutant Gene, much like those suffering Bouts of Clinical Depression or Schizophrenia. That can be left to Doctors and Scientists to discover. In Today’s Modern Age where Change is always emphasized and admired, a few Critical Steps can lead to a smoke-free Life, adding years to a Person(ality) that just may be worth saving.

Just ask Smokey (The Bear), whose Species have been roaming the Planet for 3-5 million years. He would unanimously agree with each sentenced Statement.

Monday, November 26, 2007

There's No Lead in this TOY! GORF: The Icon of The Green Movement - November, 2007 Update.

K O O P E R S M I T H i n’
GORF Werks Central ®
%: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Chicago - chicaGORF - Illinois USA

DateLine: Monday, November 26, 2007

Topics Entailed:
How One FUN-atical BabyBoomer
embraces her Favorite Toys in Shades of Green…

The Epitome of FUN. Advancing the Cause of The Frog.

“There’s No Lead in this TOY!” ©2007

Chicago, Illinois USA: Well, there you have it: Global Warming. At this critical Point in our Collective History and Conscience, it evidently cannot be denied. Even if you don’t really label The Phenomena as ‘Global Warming,’ the Earth hardly resembles what it was when I was GUK: Growing Up Koopersmith in Mendota, Illinois (a small Farming Community 100 miles southwest of Chicago in the Midwest’s renown ‘Heartland’) back in the 1950s and 1960s.

Having turned 55 on August 9TH, I’ve seen Plenty of Action1 happen within the last 19,810 Days (to date). Within that Spell:

I’ve downed 59,990+ Meals;

My Heart has beaten 2,295,640,080+ Times (thank Goodness!)

I’ve methodically blinked over 265,651,140 Times, without Interruption.

For this Period, my Sleeping Bank has booked: 6,947+ Hours or 992-3/7 Weeks which is 17-2/13 Years, comprising slightly 1/3 of my Total Age to date. No Statistics on Hibernation (the Time spent in a comatose state-of-mind) were available although many Species find this as an acceptable daily function.

Throughout this Kernel of Time, I have noticed and noted Issues pertaining to The Planet that show it is decaying away at breakneck speeds that The Guinness Book of World Records needs to register.

The Times are not stagnating; they are a’changin 2 radically and beyond our wildest Observations and Understanding.

To partially paraphrase Richey Cunningham: Those were “The Happier Days” when four (4) distinct Seasons abounded. We knew April Showers would bring May Flowers (and the Mayflower brought The Pilgrims, of course). The intolerable and sweltering Heat Index was non-existent and no brutally Cold Index would report Temperatures that felt Sub-Arctic on the open Flesh.


Nor did We experience such unpredictable Stormcasts consisting of terrifically forceful Winds or continual seismic Blasts of Tornados, Tsunamis and/or Hurricanes. Harrowing Episodes continue to occur somewhere on Planet Earth when nearly entire States either catch on Fire; are completely flooded destroying homes, livelihoods, wildlife and history or dreadfully dry up, becoming arid Wastelands. Modern Technology and Communications broadcast each unfolding Story that was virtually unheard of only 100 years ago. To coincide with this Statement:

On Monday, November 26, 2007, National News Reports stated that Natural Disasters have tripled the last Decade due to Global Warming. Never before has such an Impact been felt on Civilizations.

“These Damages affect the entire Economy of a Nation with a rippling Defect felt across The Planet in social, political and civic arenas. The Possibility of becoming Homeless has never been greater with the strong Arm of Mother Nature striking at any Moment, without too much (if any) prior Warning.”

Quote of: ASK
Thursday, November 22, 2007 – 4:49 AM

A CLIMACTIC TALE: My Family (minus my Brother, Joe who opted to ‘stay home alone’) hunkered down and rode out Hurricane Camille that struck the City of New Orleans on Sunday, August 17, 1969. To that point in Contemporary Weather Forecasting History, Hurricane Camille was the worst Hurricane to hit landfall. That Natural Phenomena clearly signaled (to me) the Frailty and Fragileness of Life. Since that fate-filled Day, I truly appreciate each Day for itself. No National Holiday with Parades, Department Store Early Bird or Night Owl Super-Discounts and Time-off-from-Work-with-Pay are necessary. Periods of Peace & Tranquility are measured by the Distance between Natural Catastrophes due to the Fact that We are at the Mercy of Nature no matter what our Financial Status is. This grateful Mindset (that I fortunately acquired at a Tender Age) later catapulted into The Backbone and Foundation of my originally-inspired Literary Creation called:

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

that houses more than 1,500 HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE ® which embarked on Wednesday, July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM.


“Today, The Environment is radically changing all Aspects of Our Lives. To survive, We must adapt to its Ways or perish as a Species. Immortality does not exist. Work urgently needs to be undertaken to recycle, reuse, restore and salvage what We have in order to save those Creatures whose very Lives are threatened, including Ourselves. All other Activities must be put on-hold or suspended till this Issue is methodically resolved.”

Quote of: ASK
Tuesday, November 13, 2007 – 9:30 AM CST

Startling as it overtly appears in Words: “I would not be surprised to discover that Mankind himself is on the Endangered Species List. Weather Advisories dictate our Days. With the Torrents of Damages, Diseases, Ailments, Genocide and Terrorism (Man-against-Man) already occurring on our Planet that is the current and inferred Route. No Locale is spared this Wrath of Inhumanity as History has cyclically depicted.

“MY POA: PLAN OF ACTION: I’m not a Scientist. I’m not a Teacher. I’m not affiliated with a(ny) Major Corporation. Probably rating more as an ardent and dedicated Creative Idealist, what I do is ‘Natural Exercise’ by walking and/or biking around Chicago carrying a terrific Symbol that exemplifies The Global Warming Crisis. Armed with a 24.5” tall TOY FROG with an infectious 11” Smile who I have cleverly named:

(which is FROG back-words),

every Day since Friday, January 28, 2005, I proudly stroll around Chicago (now referred to as):

chicaGORF ®

with GORF in tow. People pass-by, look, stare and wonder. Others (who are curious) approach and stop to ask me about THE TOY.3 Since Human Attention Spans are as momentary and ephemeral as Time itself, at this Pivotal Point (since I have gained their undivided Attention and no Distractions persist), this Golden Opportunity allows me to gently remind these select Individuals about THE GREEN MOVEMENT. As a Species who has ‘LIVED GREEN’ for the last 217,000,000 years, THE FROG (now represented by GORF) is tantamount in assisting me in STP: SAVING THE PLANET: Our Only Home. Sometimes all it takes is an ‘Alert’ in order to go on to the next better Step, once given THE GREEN LIGHT to proceed.”

Thursday, November 8, 2007 - 4:05 PM CST


No one yet has argued that Point. Most Folks (when engaged in a lively Conversation) make significant and/or interesting Comments about THE GREEN MOVEMENT. Many People admire GORF’s fetching Smile. Others say what an eye-catching TOY he assuredly is, oozing ample Amounts of Animal Magnetism. Crossing Racial Lines (as well as attracting Business Men, Mothers, Children, Homeless & Autistic People, Tourists, College Students, Teens and Grandparents), these Person(alities) have all remarked and expressed their Opinion about GORF – raising his Popularity in those TOY Polls to #1.

Furthermore, I am the only Person proudly walking The Planet with a TOY who has a Purpose instilling the Life or Death Message and Wake-Up Call relayed by THE GREEN MOVEMENT.4

TO MARKET: TO MARKET: Once We begin a Dialogue, these People suddenly get excited about my GORFIAN Marketing Strategies and see the Relevance and Merit in its Structure. Once Strangers, they now become Friends. Marketing Experts term this Concept as Guerrilla Marketing. At GORF Werks Central ®, it’s known as:

GORF-illa Marketing ®.

A Career in Politics may be awaiting GORF.

“The FROG is the perfect Species,” I will explain. “He has been on The Planet for the last 217,000,000 years, even outliving the Mighty Dinosaur, yet it is our Generation that is killing and driving him and many other Species into the Black Hole of Extinction. Extinction is final. We should be so ashamed of Ourselves with our frivolous, greedy and spendthrift Ways. The terrifying Part is that this is happening within our Lifetime and right now, even as this Text is being composed. We’re all Endangered Species and it’s High Time We reverse The Devastation...if We can. ‘Later’ is now and is knocking at Our Front Door. ‘Later’ can no longer be forestalled. Therefore: To generate more interest in ALL THINGS GREEN, GORF is the designated Mascot that heads all of my GREEN Pursuits as well as my 1,500 EVENTOLOGICAL HOLIDATES ®. There are invaluable Lessons to be learned from THE FROG. As GORF possesses an openly seductive Endearment that enhances all My Writings (by having him act as the Figurehead), no other TOY possesses this Quality of Showmanship.”

Because GORF is Humanity’s ‘Rallying Cry to GO GREEN,’ his Hierarchical Assemblage of Titles include:

‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’
‘Illinois’ Foremost Goodwill Toy Ambassador’
‘America’s Greenest Mascot’ &
‘Mankind’s Most Beloved Toy’

Within ‘EVENTOLOGY ®’ (as a Literary Springwell), there are Thirteen (13) Eco-based HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE ® that can be used and developed for schools, social/civic/sports clubs, synagogues and church groups year-round.

With Sales topping $22 billion, the TOY Industry rocks The Planet. People of all Ages across the Globe create, manufacture, distribute, auction-off, play, save, trade, collect, sell, resell, buy, gift, regift and love TOYS. Early TOY Images (signifying their utmost Importance) were drawn on Neanderthal Limestone Walls and later depicted in Egyptian Hieroglyphics eons before portable Papyrus Products appeared upon The Scene. To keep astride of the Excitement perpetuated by Fine TOYS everywhere, because I was proclaimed as:

‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
by Insight Magazine (Washington, DC) in August, 1997


‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’
by The Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) in January, 2001

I ‘writefully’ decided that a multi-level and multi-faceted continuous HOLIDATE ® (ongoing in order to instill its Theme) needed to be created that addresses Global Warming completely. Due to this, I established:

2006-2016 as:


THE DYNAMICS @ WORK: My Explanation

“I should add also that this is merely a Grassroots’ Endeavor on My Part. Its Growth is fascinating and steadfast as the General Interest escalates and Demographics grow. I receive no Funding or Grants from any Arts’ Programs. I have no Sponsors. All Expenses are strictly out of my own Pocket. No Publisher has been secured for any of the diverse Publications, Posters or Literature (now over 1,800 Pages with 500+ Photographs, i.e.: photoGORFs) I have solely created and produced. To date, that numbers 13 Original Books about GORF since his Lift-Off on Friday, January 28, 2005. GORF’s latest Two Summer, 2007 Releases deal directly with Ecology and are called:

50 Ways to Leave Your Water
Like a Frog Takes to Water ©2007

GORF’s Toothbrush & Toothpaste Challenge: 2007
(which appertains to how We can save Water by brushing our Teeth, better, smarter and wiser). Dichotomies and Ironies often persist on the same Continents as Droughts are plaguing our Planet. Seas are drying up before our very Eyes. This is a conscientious Eco-Green Process in which every Man, Woman & Child (no matter where they reside) can actively and gladly participate in for ‘The Better of The Whole’ without further harming The Environment, your Pearly Whites or wasting a single, precious Drop of H2O.

Entering ASK’s ToyBox Jamboree ®

Another cuddly and irresistible TOY recently joined GORF on Thursday, October 18TH (2007) in turning Attention to helping The Environment. Her Name is PANZEE whose Dimensions are that of a life-size Baby Chimpanzee. PANZEE made her NBC-Chicago Channel 5 Appearance on Monday, November 5TH. Because 1/3 of all Primates are now on the Endangered Species List, I realize that TOYS immediately capture an Audience’s Attention and can easily IMPLANT A SEED OF CONSCIOUS GREENNESS ® into their Minds that can later be cultivated.

Previously to PANZEE’s Arrival, AMBER, (who is a 2 foot long Tree Monkey with a 21” Arm Span), came home with me and received The Privilege to be Part of this illustrious TROUPE OF TOYS. Being extremely delicate in Movement and Structure, she possesses Silvery-Gray Body Fur and a Mink Brown Face, Hands and Feet. AMBER is named after The Mysterious and Mystical Glare in her sultry Golden Eyes, possessing a Look that Hollywood Makeup Artists would like to capture making her Appearance almost ghostly in a Human Manner. Quite recently, I discovered highly imperative Data claiming that her Strain of Monkey is also diminishing with only as many as 4,500-5,000 Individuals left.

“The Team of GORF, AMBER & PANZEE (a/k/a: GAP) have their Work cut-out for them filling in The GAP.”

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Friday, November 9, 2007 – 8:39 AM CST


Subscribe to GORF’s Green-Weekly Messages beginning on Wednesday, January 2, 2008. Each GORFISM ® is accompanied by a photoGORF of THE FROG-In-Action, who (by the way) is Part of an entire Family of 5 Plush TOY FROGS, namely:

GORF’s Body Double
Ming &

The Launch of GORF’s Green-Weekly Messages is especially meritorious as 2008 begins Year #3 of GORF’s 10 Year Eco-Campaign, a Brainstorm that coincides with his earlier GORFISM ® Quote Series.


“There is no better Time than ‘The Present.’ One of the best Presents you can give yourself and/or Family is the ‘Gift of Biking.’ Not being too athletic, Bicycling is the only Sport I thoroughly enjoy and actively participate in year-round no matter how hot, cold, wet, windy or icy my Surroundings may be. Coasting is a ‘breeze.’ Breaking for a lost Wallet, Camera, Purse or Cell-Phone will make you into an instant Hero or Shero. Although I biked extensively as a Child and across Campus in my Young Adult Years, it wasn’t until Tuesday, February 25, 1997 that I seriously began riding in order to:

- Exercise and get healthy(ier) on a daily bases
- Get to My Destination on Time or before
- Save Money on astronomical Bus, Train & Taxi Fares
- Bike into Neighborhoods that Public Transportation did not have direct access routes to
- Prove I could become Part of this ‘Elite’ devoted Mix that’s attracting more Followers every Hour


No matter what the Weather Conditions are, because of my Diligence and Tenacity, I have stoically taken 4 inches off my Hips in performing this regular Routine, which consists of Biking 1 Hour a Day, measured as only 4.5% of your complete Day. Furthermore, I ceased driving a Motor Vehicle when I moved to Chicago in May of 1974 equated as 60% of my Life-to-Date. By being one of ‘The First BabyBoomers for a Greener Earth,’ thereby keeping my Petroleum Usage to a near Zero Level and my Carbon Footprint extremely low for Decades, this chosen Action is not as complicated as many People mistakenly believe it to be.

Undoubtedly, the Top Benefit of Biking (that I did not realize before pursuing The Sport) is that I now have no Guilt whatsoever when I eat or snack. The persistent and conscientious Daily Exercise Biking affords its Aficionados keeps me slim, trim and as fit as a fiddle. This Positive leads to Peace of Mind, which, of course, leads to more creative, inventive and pioneering Visions for 3G: GORF GOING GREEN ®, a win-win Situation for every lively Pursuit and a Personal Challenge that is as much FUN as it is healthy for the PEC: Participant, Environment and Community ®.

GORF-O-METRICS ® is the 2-prong Term used for this particular Bicycling Process. The Word also doubles for one of GORF’s Book’s Titles and details the Affects of Bicycling (no matter what your Age) and Endurance Levels.

WASTE NOT – WANT NOT: My Theory all boils down to:

“A Woman’s got to do what a Woman’s wants done correctly.”

Quote of: ASK
Friday, November 9, 2007 – 8:48 AM CST

Owning a Set of Jovial TOYS possessing such ‘Drawing Power’ combined with a non-stoppable Imagination that focuses on The Preservation and Survival of Humanity & all Earthly Creatures, it’s a Pleasure, Serivce and Distinction to GORF Day-in and Day-out. This is why GORF’s nickname:


fits him so well. Seeing a Smile like GORF’s automatically brightens One’s Day at first Glance and sets that Mood for Optimism into Motion.

“From his Campaigns to his Events or Holidates, to his Literature to his Slogans to his Images and Portfolio, GORF is a FUNctional Powerhouse – a Member in good Standing for all Mascots that command such a Presence in getting our Motors revved up and our Adrenalin pumped to GO GREEN.”

Quote of: ASK
Monday, November 12, 2007 – 11:43 AM

“YOU CAN BE RESOURCEFUL, TOO: Setting a Prime Example and Exemplary Habit in Greenhood ®.”
Quote of: ASK
Friday, November 9, 2007 – 1:09 PM CST

My self-imposed Job to SOS: SAVE OUR SURROUNDINGS ® by pinpointing Strangers ‘on the Street’ to help (in their own decisive Manner) is quite simple and elementary. I walk, stroll and/or bike around Chicago with GORF and my trusty Camera in tow. I have been performing this Action since I purchased THE TOY on Friday, January 28, 2005.

Simultaneously since then, I have penned 13 Books about GORF, who spearheads 11 enticing and worthy Humanitarian Campaigns that he conducts. Ecology, The Environment & Nature comprise his major Concerns. Exercising (via The Bike), Reading (to expand all Horizons) and Eye Care (so you don’t get Big Red Eyes like THE FROG) are 3 others.

The Riveting & Ribbiting Factors explored

Completely mesmerized by his ‘Captivating Look,’ this Character has attended major and minor Art, Cultural & Social Events/Festivals in ‘The Windy City’ and many Occasions out-of-state. His Mass Appeal automatically halts People in their Paths as they quizzically wonder why ‘a Grown Woman’ (as I am 55 now) is carrying a TOY.

“It’s safe to say: No other TOY in Recorded History ever had this Pull and Magnetic Charm.”

Quote of: ASK
Thursday, November 22, 2007 – 5:40 AM

A CHICAGO FIRST: Kevin Bacon’s 6 Degrees of Separation quickly slip further away as GORF becomes Someone they remember by Name when I cordially explain “GORF is FROG back-words.” These Folks light up and laugh. Curiosity peaks many People’s Interest in this Uncommon Sight. They will stop me. Others have even run after me to inquire. The Next Best Thing to being a Rock Star, no matter what their Intention is, I simply say that:

“I probably would not be talking to YOU if YOU had not stopped to ASK me about THE FROG.”

And, that (by far) is the honest-to-goodness Truth. At that time, their Mood lifts and shifts, a Smile and/or Laugh ensues. This One-Line Zinger breaks ‘The Ice’ and a meaningful Chat pursues for any Amount of Time that would not have occurred had I not been carrying THE FROG. In a cold, impersonal Cosmopolitan City where Indifference is The Norm, this Methodology, (you must admit), is ingenious and is breaking through on all Grounds.

GORF (as an Ice Breaker and Catalyst for Change) easily gains The Masses’ Attention and greatly assists me in promoting THE GREEN MOVEMENT to People who may not be ‘totally GREEN’ yet. After all, We all can assiduously make the Planet GREENER, safer and healthier. It’s our leading Responsibility.

“In the early 1990s, I founded Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 after I was assaulted, robbed and left-for-dead in the Lobby of my Apartment Building. That Artistic Movement later segued into Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001 after Terrorism hit American Shores. Now, my primary Concern is the unsparing Natural Disasters wreaked by what Global Warming is capable of generating on us and Future Generations whether We are categorized as Terrorists or Saints; Flora or Fauna.”

This, then, begs the Question of: If there is to be Future Generations, We all must act now.


“GORF ® is an endearing, timeless and everlasting Concept that will grow larger and more endearing as He is viewed and accepted as a Global Pop Culture Icon during the designated Period known as THE DECADE OF THE FROG with GORF officiating. Golden Opportunities & Green Lights are relevant in My Day as they should be paramount in yours.”


In other Words:

“ASK not what your Planet can do for YOU, ASK what YOU can do for your Planet.”

To interview me about any of the following Topics:

1. THE GORFenomena ®

2. GORF’s 11 Green Pledges

3. GORF’s GREEN Poster Series with Photos - Limited Edition
($300.00 that includes P&H throughout the Continental USA)
(The Size of the 6 Posters measures as: 11” X 11”)

4. Koopersmith’s PROP-arazzi Room ® and The PROP-a-Torium ® where GORF’s Dynasty unfolds

5. “There’s No Lead in this Toy!” ©2007 is THE BEST OF GORF comprised of PhotoGORFs of THE GRIN REAPER ® since January, 2005. Release Date: Spring, 2008. Order your Copy today. Limited Edition of 10,000 (only): $40 includes P&H in the USA.

6. Any of my 1,500 HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE ® that fall into 35 precise Categories with GORF as ‘The Mascot’.

7. Making GORF into a TV Segment or GREEN Commercial for your TV/Radio Station and/or Column for your Publication and/or Website emphasizing GREEN and any of his other Humanitarian Concerns and Crusades.

8. ASK’s 2007 Year-End-In-Review will be available after Saturday, December 15, 2007 for all 2008 Editorial Calendars.


email me directly at:

to set up a mutually convenient Time to chat.

Please feel free to write to me at:

Studio 1437
GORF Werks Central
1437 West Rosemont - lW
Chicago, Illinois 60660-1319 USA

All eMails are answered within 12 Hours. Snail Mail Correspondence is answered and returned within a 3-day Period after Receipt.

PS: The Top Three (3) Details you should know about me, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith are:

1. I have never littered in all my 55 Years (or Rotations) on Planet E.

2. My Carbon Footprint is ½ of that of the Average Chicagoan. It measures out as:


3. For a rather complete Listing of my Literary Endeavors, check out:

My latest Blog Creation named:


launched on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 4:11 AM is found at:

GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES FOR 2008: Your latest Promotions can be launched, further advertised and mentioned here on the Pages of KOOPERSMITHIN’ ®. Inquire for variable Rate Packages. This Promotion guarantees your Visibility to grow and move up through Google.

1 I’ve seen a lot of Action.
Statistics are derived from:
The Happy Birthday Book. A Book for Each Day of The Year. James Victor, Art Director. Natalis Press, Inc. ©1993. New York City.

2 “…they are a’changin.” Words accredited to Songwriter, Bob Dylan.

3 and ask me about THE TOY. The Words: “Him or He” (in this eMedia Release) collectively applies to all Five (5) GORF FROG TOYS.

4 Furthermore, I’m the only Person proudly walking The Planet with a TOY instilling THE GREEN MOVEMENT.

Besides becoming a Photographer (i.e.: photoGORFer) capturing GORF’s Special Moments, I have also become a TOY Stylist, outfitting GORF in a boldly wild Array of Costumes and appropo GORF-Wear ® that will enhance his various ABC: Activities, Books and Campaigns. TOY Styling and Costuming separate GORF from ‘The Pack’ and secure him Plenty of Room in The Forefront of 21ST Pop(ular) Culture and as ‘The Epitome of FUN ®.’

KOOPERSMITHin' ® #2: 11-24-2007

The Life & Times as viewed
Through The Creative Eyes of:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of The World’

Saturday, November 24, 2007

“Appearances are misleading. Without a doubt, behind every great BLOG that isn’t laid out in a Photo-Montage, there exists WORDS that can get the MESSAGE across in 26 LETTERS or less. We’ll let the Artists and Dabblers provide The Visuals for other Websites and let well-enough alone here (and herein) for these Pages that currently face you in this Realm of READING & WRITING. What a wholesome and hardy Way to disregard an entire Categenre ® that’s simply the Best…when PIX + WORDS meet & mix on the same PAGE.

Imagine the CAPTIONS that don’t and won’t need to be penned and the TIME saved in order to complete (yet another) BLOG-O-Gram, BLOG-O-Pedia, BLOG-ictionary or a ceaseless and uninterrupted Compilation of whatever takes up and monopolizes Today’s TIME & EFFORT.

TIME well-spent can be utilized in READING AND WRITING at any PLACE and in any SPACE, especially when the HERE & NOW are PRESENT PERFECT.”


As found in Paragraph #1 above:
Categenre ® is my Term & Definition for the Two Terms:
CATEgory + GENRE. Minus the ‘GORE,’ of course.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Koopersmithin': Premiering Thursday, November 21, 2007 - 4:11 PM

The Life & Times as viewed
Through The Creative Eyes of:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of The World’

Dateline: November 21, 2007 (a/k/a: ‘007)
WELCOMING REMARKS: The Who & Why of It All…

We all need to generate more Alphabet Letters in our Names. As of yet, there's no Person in the English-speaking World who has succeeded in having each Letter become Part of his or her Name, but I'm sure that Feat will unyieldingly make The Guinness Book of World Literature sooner than later. It may even prove to be a fun-time Activity to tackle while We semi-patiently wait around for the Turkey du Jour, Stuffing & Giblets to be served tomorrow.

ANGLES OF ALLUREMENT: In the meantime, an effective and eye-catching, rap-sounding Name in which to make one's Blog stand-out from all the others circulating in CyberSpace is a vital Necessity from all PoV: Points of View. There's no better way to do this than by making up a catchy Name - with its Root, of course, based in Reality or on its Fringes.

Therefore, KOOPERSMITH'in ® just popped into my Mind on Friday, November 16, 2007 @ 1 PM without Cause or Provocation. It merely appeared on its own Volition at a time when a clever Name was definitely needed. Hopefully, the Rest of The BLOG will be as easy to write.

With approximately 17,100 Hits for Koopersmiths & 481,000 Hits for Coopersmiths on the Planet to date via the Inner Confines of Google, the Dance of being a K(C)oopersmith strictly rests with your Heritage. The same, of course, rests with any other Tribe on the Planet. Life's chock-full of either/ors. This Blog may serve merely as one Prime Example.


Do The Jones keep up with The Jones?

That Question may be the Foundation of all Family Secrets. Here you have it: Half the Family spells the Name with a K; the Other Half with a C. Then, there are those Renegades who drop Half the Name and either go by:

Kooper or Smith.

“How could they,” you ask? It was simple. In the Mid-1960s while GUK: Growing Up Koopersmith in the Heartland of America...Mendota, IL 61342, a small Farming Community 100 miles southwest of Chicago, I was told a very interesting Fact by my 7TH Grade Social Studies Teacher, Mr. William Hastert. While in Class in 1964, he stated that “Throughout History, a KOOPER was a Coffin or Cabinet Maker” and “a SMITH is the Person who...” This Suffix modified the Word that came before it.

“How interesting,” I thought to myself since my Paternal Grandfather, Srul Koopersmith had owned a lumber mill in the Black Forest in Germany before he immigrated to America to seek his Fame and Fortune. Therefore translated, Srul was ‘the Person who manufactured Coffins, Cabinets or Woodworking in his Village in Germany’s Black Forest Region in the late 19TH Century. Nice work if you can ‘get it.’

Mr. Hastert was write-on target. Genealogy had not even become that much of a Hot Topic as it has Today in the Mid-1960s, but what Mr. Hastert foretold made a huge Impact on my Life thereafter and would be the Chief Catalyst for many engaging Conversations when People stopped and curiously asked me about my Name. This Factoid was to be the Catalyst for many fine and curious Conversations for the Decades ahead. After all, People will stop you in your daily stride if you’re out walking your Dog. Once Names are exchanged, if a Name is unusual, this Fascination naturally will continue the Conversation.

It’s all in The Name – a Name. Any Name just won’t due for the choosy Personality who demands to be separated from ‘The Crowd.’ Mr. Hastert continued by saying that for Reasons and Purposes We can and should not make-up on this Sacred Topic, We should tell you that Centuries ago, a Person’s Profession related to his Namesake. Therefore, Millers, Bakers and other such Categories took Root. You were known for what you reaped. Now, that's the Reason why so many People named their Off-spring ‘Prince, Princess or Queen,’ in order to afford their Child(ren) a better Lot In Life.

Today, I often wonder: WWMHSN:
“What Would Mr. Hastert Say Next?”

Luckily, Names can be changed, adopted, adapted, forgotten or even mis-spelled for an Effect or The Affect as some unanimously prefer, but never forgiven. Evidently, many of my Relatives when they settled in the Land of Milk, Honey & hopefully Money, the ‘Kooper’ or the ‘Smith’ was dropped in order to be(come) more Anglicized, the most popular Action to take in the early 1900s to easily fit into THE GROOVE and prevailing Cultural Setting. Sociologists now coin the Concept as Assimilation.

Just think: I could have been named: Carpenter. LINGER LONGER: “However, as a Writer, I like long Names and long Words. The longer - the better. This evidently means the Reader has to linger more with your Works + Words. Writing is, after all, Ideas mixed with Psychology and ample Doses of Sleepless Nights and ill-frought Relationships. Perhaps those fervent Readers will like it well enough to revisit it again, if not on a regular Basis.”

Quote of: ASK
Tuesday, November 20, 2007 – 2:04 PM CST

Tabloids now tout that once your Name has been made into a Verb, you’ve ‘made it.’ You have arrived. However, they don’t say exactly what ‘made it’ means. It means a lot – trust me. That’s a given since it’s trumped up so much by these learned Experts. Therefore, I decided to take that Leap of Faith and revise my Surname to its verbesque State and name My Blog: KOOPERSMITHin’ ®.

Celebrity Examples undoubtedly could be:

Minelli’d for Liza (Minelli)
Afflecked for Ben (Affleck)
Bono’d for Paul Hewson (U2)
Trumped for ‘The Donald’ Trump
Chered for Cher (no Last Name ever required)

An Action Verb that would encompass all the People, Places, Events, Possessions, Topics, Thoughts and Things that I personally hold near and dear…and/or are being paid to endorse, enforce and promote.

As a B-52er (defined as ‘a BabyBoomer specifically born in the Year 1952’ quoted by my Dear Friend Patty L. Magee of Richfield, Ohio I methodically turn one year older every August 9TH.

However, this does not complicate my overly-active Imagination and creative Bent that hardly seems to fail me.
With all that in mind and possibly more, Welcome to KOOPERSMITHin.’
May you and yours enjoy and unravel each Day and Episode that occurs…on and off-line.