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Koopersmithin': Premiering Thursday, November 21, 2007 - 4:11 PM

The Life & Times as viewed
Through The Creative Eyes of:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of The World’

Dateline: November 21, 2007 (a/k/a: ‘007)
WELCOMING REMARKS: The Who & Why of It All…

We all need to generate more Alphabet Letters in our Names. As of yet, there's no Person in the English-speaking World who has succeeded in having each Letter become Part of his or her Name, but I'm sure that Feat will unyieldingly make The Guinness Book of World Literature sooner than later. It may even prove to be a fun-time Activity to tackle while We semi-patiently wait around for the Turkey du Jour, Stuffing & Giblets to be served tomorrow.

ANGLES OF ALLUREMENT: In the meantime, an effective and eye-catching, rap-sounding Name in which to make one's Blog stand-out from all the others circulating in CyberSpace is a vital Necessity from all PoV: Points of View. There's no better way to do this than by making up a catchy Name - with its Root, of course, based in Reality or on its Fringes.

Therefore, KOOPERSMITH'in ® just popped into my Mind on Friday, November 16, 2007 @ 1 PM without Cause or Provocation. It merely appeared on its own Volition at a time when a clever Name was definitely needed. Hopefully, the Rest of The BLOG will be as easy to write.

With approximately 17,100 Hits for Koopersmiths & 481,000 Hits for Coopersmiths on the Planet to date via the Inner Confines of Google, the Dance of being a K(C)oopersmith strictly rests with your Heritage. The same, of course, rests with any other Tribe on the Planet. Life's chock-full of either/ors. This Blog may serve merely as one Prime Example.


Do The Jones keep up with The Jones?

That Question may be the Foundation of all Family Secrets. Here you have it: Half the Family spells the Name with a K; the Other Half with a C. Then, there are those Renegades who drop Half the Name and either go by:

Kooper or Smith.

“How could they,” you ask? It was simple. In the Mid-1960s while GUK: Growing Up Koopersmith in the Heartland of America...Mendota, IL 61342, a small Farming Community 100 miles southwest of Chicago, I was told a very interesting Fact by my 7TH Grade Social Studies Teacher, Mr. William Hastert. While in Class in 1964, he stated that “Throughout History, a KOOPER was a Coffin or Cabinet Maker” and “a SMITH is the Person who...” This Suffix modified the Word that came before it.

“How interesting,” I thought to myself since my Paternal Grandfather, Srul Koopersmith had owned a lumber mill in the Black Forest in Germany before he immigrated to America to seek his Fame and Fortune. Therefore translated, Srul was ‘the Person who manufactured Coffins, Cabinets or Woodworking in his Village in Germany’s Black Forest Region in the late 19TH Century. Nice work if you can ‘get it.’

Mr. Hastert was write-on target. Genealogy had not even become that much of a Hot Topic as it has Today in the Mid-1960s, but what Mr. Hastert foretold made a huge Impact on my Life thereafter and would be the Chief Catalyst for many engaging Conversations when People stopped and curiously asked me about my Name. This Factoid was to be the Catalyst for many fine and curious Conversations for the Decades ahead. After all, People will stop you in your daily stride if you’re out walking your Dog. Once Names are exchanged, if a Name is unusual, this Fascination naturally will continue the Conversation.

It’s all in The Name – a Name. Any Name just won’t due for the choosy Personality who demands to be separated from ‘The Crowd.’ Mr. Hastert continued by saying that for Reasons and Purposes We can and should not make-up on this Sacred Topic, We should tell you that Centuries ago, a Person’s Profession related to his Namesake. Therefore, Millers, Bakers and other such Categories took Root. You were known for what you reaped. Now, that's the Reason why so many People named their Off-spring ‘Prince, Princess or Queen,’ in order to afford their Child(ren) a better Lot In Life.

Today, I often wonder: WWMHSN:
“What Would Mr. Hastert Say Next?”

Luckily, Names can be changed, adopted, adapted, forgotten or even mis-spelled for an Effect or The Affect as some unanimously prefer, but never forgiven. Evidently, many of my Relatives when they settled in the Land of Milk, Honey & hopefully Money, the ‘Kooper’ or the ‘Smith’ was dropped in order to be(come) more Anglicized, the most popular Action to take in the early 1900s to easily fit into THE GROOVE and prevailing Cultural Setting. Sociologists now coin the Concept as Assimilation.

Just think: I could have been named: Carpenter. LINGER LONGER: “However, as a Writer, I like long Names and long Words. The longer - the better. This evidently means the Reader has to linger more with your Works + Words. Writing is, after all, Ideas mixed with Psychology and ample Doses of Sleepless Nights and ill-frought Relationships. Perhaps those fervent Readers will like it well enough to revisit it again, if not on a regular Basis.”

Quote of: ASK
Tuesday, November 20, 2007 – 2:04 PM CST

Tabloids now tout that once your Name has been made into a Verb, you’ve ‘made it.’ You have arrived. However, they don’t say exactly what ‘made it’ means. It means a lot – trust me. That’s a given since it’s trumped up so much by these learned Experts. Therefore, I decided to take that Leap of Faith and revise my Surname to its verbesque State and name My Blog: KOOPERSMITHin’ ®.

Celebrity Examples undoubtedly could be:

Minelli’d for Liza (Minelli)
Afflecked for Ben (Affleck)
Bono’d for Paul Hewson (U2)
Trumped for ‘The Donald’ Trump
Chered for Cher (no Last Name ever required)

An Action Verb that would encompass all the People, Places, Events, Possessions, Topics, Thoughts and Things that I personally hold near and dear…and/or are being paid to endorse, enforce and promote.

As a B-52er (defined as ‘a BabyBoomer specifically born in the Year 1952’ quoted by my Dear Friend Patty L. Magee of Richfield, Ohio I methodically turn one year older every August 9TH.

However, this does not complicate my overly-active Imagination and creative Bent that hardly seems to fail me.
With all that in mind and possibly more, Welcome to KOOPERSMITHin.’
May you and yours enjoy and unravel each Day and Episode that occurs…on and off-line.

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