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“It takes Words to write about Words.”™ Part 2 by ASK: March 29, 2012.

ASK’s LITERARY UPDATE: In Literary Circles, it’s always about the UPDATE – The Sequel & what’s next. Even when U think the ‘Project is perfect’ (a/k/a: the Pip Factor), it needn’t be that Way – at all. As We mature day-by-day, there’s always something else that enters into The Story. This does not even take into consideration ‘High Tech’ that makes your Project even better yet, so a bit of tweaking is necessitated. Such is/was the case with yesterday’s FB Posting about my Vocabularied Dictionary for my 4th coming eBook on the Perils of being a Writer/Author in a Techno Age.

Close to being perfect and hitting upon 1700 Words, I excitedly spent yet another 3 Hours typing in the Additions made since yesterday’s draft, let alone a few hours reviewing it to arrive at that ReTyping Phase. I’m still a firm believer in Hardcopy – except I do recycle. Now the Dictionary officially rocks with 59 new Terms – for a total of 2077 Words - some 377 more than yesterday’s Pen-Time count that brought in 1700 Words, a nice round #. That’s now:

35.20338983050848 Words per Term – or 35.2 for those who like to round it up.

Six (6) new Words were added to the List from yesterday that I found as I re-read a few of the Chapters. But it took 124 other Words to describe those new Six (6) Terms. For the New Terms on the Block (no Writers Block here, of course – if I did, then I might be caught up), that’s 20.666 Words per Term for those mathematically minded. At $2 a Word, I just scored myself a pretty healthy Lunch there.

BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE: I’ve just gotten a new-found respect for Editors. Writing is harder than you think. With all due respect to doctors, try a career in Brain Surgery instead. Most of us who are striving to be Perfectionists are Rewriters. I’m sure writing does charge up a person’s brain – if there’s any photos of brains ‘high on writing,’ I’d like to see them.

And Editors are the ones who must figure it all out. Most Writers are Editors in their own’ Writes’ tho…and the Experience does come in handy, altho ‘Parting with Words is such Sweet Sorrow.’ First uttered in the Capulet’s Orchard by Juliet, thanks to Wm. Shakespeare. How many times thereafter have Men put Words into Women’s Mouths? Too many for sure! But that’s another Topic, for sure.

HOWEVER, the Way I C it: Since U only have 1 time 2 make a FIG: First Impression Great, U might as well give it your all.

I can see why Editors get paid so much. Actually, I don’t know what they get paid, but they can’t be paid ENOUGH if you ‘ask’ me. There R Websites where U can look that up if UR so curious, go ahead and do it. I can’t do it WRITE now as I’m too bizzy rewriting something…

After all: “It takes Words to write about Words.”™

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“It takes Words to write about Words.”™ ASK's Quote of the Day: March 28, 2012.

ASK ON A WRITER’s PROGRESS: As I have often thought:

“It takes Words to write about Words.”™

Truer Words were never said or spoken. That may be the Understatement of the Hour – or for @ least for the next 15 minutes of Fleeting Time.

This is because I just completed the Vocabulary Portion – all Words I invented and created for my forthcoming Premier eBook on 1 of my favorite Topics. Something that I imagined up on my very own. Imagine that. That complete (but then nothing is ever COMPLETE when you’re a NBW: Natural Born Writer) List with its Definitions is calculated in as:

1700 Words (exactly) – a nice round solid and substantial number
to fully describe

53 new Terms
that I’ve created for this Type of Literature that I invented. Tonight after my Writer’s Group meets I’ll review it, but I hope I don’t have to add or delete something as I like that Number 1700. It’s a strong number. Possibly a winner in the Illinois PICK 4 Daily Lottery Game.

Doing the Math, that means the average Definition consists of:

32.075471698113205 Words or abbreviated to: 32.07

although I can immediately see some Defs are longer & some are a bit/byte shorter than the Average. What is average these days? That’s a loaded question that many writers have tried to figure out once they got the alphabet down pat. I guess that’s what they call HIGH DEF when UR of the Wordy Order.

WHAT’s NEXT? I should probably send them out as a Tweet Vocab on Twitter in 140 characters or less. Now wouldn’t that rattle up the Tweet-o-sphere!

That’s Y it takes Words to write about Words. And U can quote/unquote me on that 1, if you like. It’s already posted on Blog #853 on KOOPERSMITHin’ my BLOG @:

with the TINY URL being:
Now, I’m wondering about how that rates with Merriam-Webster, American Heritage, Oxford and/or Urban Dictionary? Do they count the WORDS BEHIND THE WORDS? I guess it just depends on how much you really want to say about something and if you have lots of time on your hands in which to type more of them out.
I’m not sure how long it will take my eBook Formatter to get the Book (with its very own Vocabulary) up on line, but I’m sure to find more to write-about in the meantime.

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When Copyright Infringement takes centerstage, ASK writes The Book.


For 13 of the last 25 days, I have attended workshops, seminars, conventions and/or conferences…all creative in nature and all within the confines of Sweet Home Chicago. Being able to be able to speak to other literary types is a terrific feeling – as I took the podium on several occasions and brought up the topic of Copyright Infringement which is the topic of my forthcoming eBook – a topic that struck a nerve in so many others. And, it’s affecting not only writers, but people in the music and video field as well…Copyright Infringement definitely is not prejudiced and/or denominational, but is an equal opportunity career destroyer. And, U may quote unquote me on that one – it’s already in print elsewhere thruout Cyberspace… The Moral of this Posting: Get out there and see what’s going on…it may be right there in your very own backyard.

Cheers, ASK: 3-25-2012 – 7:24 PM CST

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A.S. McKoopersmith &/or O'Koopersmith on her 59th St. Pat'rick's Day: Saturday, March 17, 2012

COME TO THINK ABOUT IT: This is my 59TH St. Patrick's Day. Or is it: St. O'Patrick and/or McPatrick? I'm not sure as I'm not Irish. I'm more of the Russian (around); Polish & German Persuasions, but that never stopped me B-4 from enJOY-ing a good party or 2 or 3 or 4. Sometimes when the Weather is this good, U kind of forget that it really is March - only March still...Events like these are great tho - as nobody ever has enuf GREEN (clothes) in their closets so this helps to kick-start the economy. Plus, the bars are making money and cities that hold parades can drag in the revenues as well. And on that note, I'm taking off for MORE...of those Festivities. It's just too bad, St. Pat's Day doesn't fall on the 17th of each Month...I bet he'd like that alot.

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By: ASK: 'America's Premier Eventologist'
Chicago - IL USA 3-17-2012 - 4:42 PM CST

"Once Upon a Time" Story Week happened: The Sharon Lurye Rendition: A Must Read for every Reader/Writer/Author(ity).

THE FOLLOWING IS A FACEBOOK POSTING to the Chairman of the Literary Department at
Columbia College Chicago re:

Story Week.

Mr. Albers: There’s also a great 1/6 of a Page Article on Page 45 of this Week’s Chicago Reader by Sharon Lurye – this Piece is so eloquently written, I haven’t read anything that poignant in Journalism in ages (sorry to say). Her thoughts were so thoughtfully set into motion – it was as if SHARON had a Mission – and the hidden Message deals with MORE than attending your Event – it deals with how DREAMS can come true. At the top of the Page is a photo of John Sayles. You can’t miss it. Sharon begins by coining the popular opening: ONCE UPON A TIME and I relate to it so well, because I think she speaks for 1000s (if not more) people in those 4 short paragraphs. It’s called:

Dreaming is free a t Columbia College’s Story Week Festival of Writers.

I wanted to make sure you saw that one also and tell all others who are reading this to check it out.

Also online at:

Looking for-WORD to the Events @ 3C!

Cheers, ASK:
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter
Studio 1437
Chicago – IL USA

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ASK's eBook Release on Copyright Infringement. In The Making. Sooner than later.

TODAY’s LITERARY HIGHLIGHT: is the re-reading of my forth-coming eBook on the ever-growing Topic of Copyright Infringement, which (as We all know &/or assume) is larger than ever, especially so since the Internet is a staple in our Lives. Getting to read what I write is exciting for me – a Writer/Author/Promoter only because all of us Creatifs take so much Time in the development of a Project – it becomes a Second Skin. And when it does – with each re-reading (repainting, etc.) the Project improves and gets stronger and/or more impressive. If that’s not what we Creatifs are driving for and striving for, then I must be in the wrong Field. However, there is a Time when ENUF IS ENUF. My Mother always tells me that mindset is one of Barbra Streisand’s most favorite Quotes. In other words, polish IT (the project up) enuf and release it. Let it take on a Life of its own. I could if I tried, but I better stay centered, think of a better thing to do!

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Hey, Newt Gingrich: Don't You Owe the BOYS IN THE BAND: Survivor some Money? And, U call yourself an American!

ASK ON MUSICAL + ARTISTIC JUSTICE: Newt Gingrich is around the Chicago area today; campaigning for the Presidency of the United States of America. If I knew exactly where he was, I’d definitely make it a point to attend 1 of his chats. With one Reason only: And would I be afraid to stand up and ask him when he intends to pay Frank Sullivan the Money due for using Eye of The Tiger – the Song Frank co-wrote for Rocky III – Sly Stallone’s Movie back in the early 80s – that he’s been using WITHOUT permission and/or payment. Heck, no! If that Question wouldn’t put EGG on his face, I don’t know what would. Hopefully, a Reporter from NBC, ABC or CBS will see this Post and follow thru on it.

THE BOTTOM LINE REMAINS: If Newt Gingrich steals Copyrighted Material (that’s 29 years old – with a History and world-wide recognition) from an Artist and People trying to make a living – what wouldn’t he do against all other Americans?

I arrest my Case…this Comment should circulate enuf thru Cyberspace (alone) via my 43 year Career in Public Relations.

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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what ASK writes about..."
Chicago - IL USA

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ASK announces TOY Calendar Deluxe for 2013. When the Equation of TOYS + FUN unite in an Eventological Vein!

ASK's TOY QUESTION OF THE DAY: In lieu and in anticipation of Easter coming up quite soon: What do you think? R there more Bunny Toys being sold this time of year than at any other? With Easter on the Horizon, I would guess so. Add in Toy Chicks and nature is pretty well covered there by Hares & BarnYard Animals. After all, it's better to have TOY Pets than real live ones - esp. so if you cannot properly care for the Live Varieties...

However, to me, as a Toy Collector for 59 years now (since Birth in August of 1952) it appears that Bears and Dragons are not being treated fairly, as well as many other TOYS that should be getting some well-deserved attention.

Seriously now: Don't U think they should have their Day? I do & I plan on doing something about that Dilemma and grave Injustice that has far too long plagued the T.U.: Toy Universe.

Since I am heralded as 'America's Premier Eventologist' & 'The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World,' I will be issuing (come January 2013), a Calendar that is devoted to 365 non-stop Days of non-stop TOYS where each Day is a different TOY to (be) hold and held.

That way, there's Equality amongst TOYS, the Way it should be.

IN SUMMARY: But hey, don’t get me wrong, Folks, I am a Bunny & Chicky Lover...soft, furry and plush are 3 Ideals all TOYS should possess. Size + Color are just other Attributes that make PLAY-time with them all the more FUN! More will be continuously posted on my BLOG, Koopersmithin’ at:

as the Days slip on by. And, yes, U may vote for your most beloved TOY once the New Year begins...Interactive Toys make Part of the Experience what it is & surely could be(come).

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Screenwriter: SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature™
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009
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Monday, March 12, 2012

BOOKS FOR BUCKS in Evanston, IL: The Choicest Cause of them all. When Playing Ball meets Books!

ASK’s LITERARY RECO: Everyone knows about my great Passion for Books, but this Endeavor combines 2 of ALL of our Top Loves: Books & Sports and voila the MIX equates to a new Store called: BOOKS FOR BUCKS.

While biking down the Main Street today, I happened to spot the Store that has been open for about a month and stopped in asking for a Card. SCOTT was there - probably the most hospitable and generous person that I have met in years. He explained to me HOW this concept works and I immediately told him he was sitting on an idea whose time has more than come! You could feel his excitement as he busily, yet systematically taped up signs on his window and told me about how this 21ST Century Bookshop works. And, listen to this: The Books are all donated; the Books are all NEW and the Books are all $1. What is better than this? In 2 words: Absolutely Nothing.

Here’s a bit of info about them of which SCOTT is the Administrator and a former baseball player for the Reds that I will quote from their Flyer:

“The North Shore Youth Football program has been given an incredible fundraising opportunity. With an enormous donation of 1000s of brand new coffee table & gift books (many, if not MOST of them sports related) from a program support, we are opening a Holiday Gift Shop (in a retail space generously donated by a NSYF parent) to raise money for our fabulous North Shore Youth Football program. We have the potential to raise 10s of 1000s of dollars to support our program, but UR help is needed to help our Boys.”

That can be done by: Volunteering – Donating – Spreading the Word (which I am doing here); tell your school and/or PTA; solicit current and/or former College & Profl Sports Players to do a book signing; Shop!

Just stop in. You’ll be mesmerized at this Operation. Visit BOOKS FOR BUCKS at 2422 Main Street in Evanston – in the mall where Sam’s Club and Food for Less is located – directly east of the Starbuck’s. The books are $1 – what better way is there to support the Youth of Today and read up on the sports you and your family/friends’ love!

If UR a wealthy person and you want to help some of the Libraries in poorer neighborhoods in Chicago and get some of the KIDS into reading; out of gangs and into Sports, buy up a few 1000 of these books and start: Delivering. That’s what I’d do…

IF UR a media personality involved in local and/or national sports, contact:

Scott Clayborne at:


or you may email him at:


Scott has fabulous stories to tell and spent a good 20 minutes with me explaining to me the BOOKS FOR BUCKS Concept is a 501 C3 organization whose donations are tax-deductible. He told me to tell you about: where their Sponsors are: The Rice, Lowell, Belluardo, Michelon & Maizel Families, Triumph Books, Bond Company, Dicks Sporting Goods, Energy Connection, ABT Appliances & Greater Than. They offer scholarships to all families with financial needs as well as helping to provide the Opportunity to play football to others. Teamwork & Giving Back are their 2 main focuses.

What Scott & his Team are doing here can certainly serve as a Prototype of what should be happening in communities across the USA. I am so proud I made a wrong turn – a turn that definitely makes me think how wonderful fresh and lively Concepts like these are…and they are all under $1. If this doesn’t make you stop, think, read and ‘play ball’ – I don’t know what will!

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“People read what ASK writes about…”
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Quotes from ASK's Eventology eBook: Teasers & Pleasers: March 10, 2012.

FOR THE ANIMAL LOVERS AMONGST US: From my forthcoming ebook (tentative release will be May 1, a Sentiment that will touch your Hearts:

"Yet, unspecified and hugely undetermined Numbers of Animals have been sacrificed and subsequently placed on the Altars of the Endangered Species List because Humans have okayed and encouraged their Slaughter for their EVENTS, redefining the Concept of ‘Sacrificial Goat’ to a newer Definition, a Name now aligned with its own Demise."

Posted by: ASK:
Screenwriter - Author - Eventologist - Promoter / Chicago, IL USA
3-10-2012 – 11:17 AM CST

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ASK's Countdown to 60: March 9, 2012

ASK’s COUNTDOWN TO 60: I would be negligent and we can’t have that if I did not say that in 5 more months I’ll be 60. And so will about 5,000,000 more people who share the August 9TH 1952 birth date with me. It’s the Big Countdown to the Start-up of my/our 7th Decade. However, it’s nearly 5:30 PM here in the Greater Chicagoland USA province & there are some IT: Items & Things that have taken a greater precedence than the fact I am getting OLD, I mean older: That sounds much better for some unknown Reason. Yes, Today was 1 of those Days that Real News made the News and We did not have to be bombarded by what the blond broad bimbo celebrities are doing. Which may account for the fact that many of them are now dying their hair – a new hair color – which to them equates to a new personality. That somehow never helps. I did that, too – in my 30s – except I bought Wigs as I was smart enough NOT to damage my Hair or have those ugly Roots that so many have.

Yes, the biggest NEWS is Jason Russell’s KONY Video that is a direct plea to our Inner Humanity and Spirit. What will be interesting from this point on is that any and all tyrants throughout the world may be thinking that they too will have a Video aired on their Cruelties towards Humanity and perhaps simply not do them anymore. With mobile tracking devices, it’s easier than ever to track someone down. Plus, lots of the General Population is WRITE here on Facebook. I would guess there will be less and less of the ‘Bad Guy’ around which is reassuring to note. It may not be the exact case. This is just my Guess, but it an educated Guess, because we do get wiser the older we become.

And for that alone, it’s worth ‘getting older’ just to see what the Future holds.

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter
Chicago – IL USA

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Quoting ASK - 'America's Premier Eventologist' on Copyright Infringement: Quote #1.

ASK’s LITERARY QUOTE: I am finishing up my eBook on Copyright Infringement and perfected this Quote that will make Plagiarists think twice (or so We Writers hope) before they decide to convert our Words into their own:

“In this World, there are Three (3) Ways of Viewing each Action that arises.
Those are via MY, YOUR and/or OUR Eyes.
All Three of these Formats can work together for the ‘Common Good’
of a People, Culture & Society.
When Fairness happens and is Part of the Picture,
each Party should receive their Just Rewards and Justice.
Each Party benefits.
This Equality of The Writer’s Rights needs to be bestowed to
those Individuals who possess those special
Talents, Skills & Capabilities.”

I’m expecting and suspecting this eBook will be finished by Mid-April since it appears that I seem to be MORE of a Rewriter these Days!

Cheers, ASK:
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter
Studio 1437
Chicago – IL USA

3-9-2012 – 11:52 AM CST

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In Favor of Franky Sullivan's Eye of The Tiger: The Politics & Presiding Principles of Copyright Infringement.

ASK ON COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Did you hear the News this AM? I did. I was watching NBC – Chicago Channel 5 – WMAQ and was totally appalled. My blood began to boil! The News now is that Newt Gingrich, (who now wants to be ‘our’ President) is fighting Frank Sullivan (Songwriter/Musician of the Band, SURVIVOR) who co-wrote EYE OF THE TIGER for the 1983 Rocky III hit movie penned by Sly Stallone. Gingrich has been using this Song without Frank’s Permission and/or Compensation which clearly violates Frank’s Copyrights. The current news report stated that Newt wants the Judge (here in Chicago) to merely ‘drop the case’ calling upon ‘fair use of copyrighted material.’

Not only does this get the BLOOD CURDLING in every Musician who ever composed a Song (even those who have not gotten this far in their Musical Careers), but every Writer of any and all genres ‘out there’ who has created-from-scratch something that is so extraordinary that the untalented but super-rich and greedy businessman thinks he has the ‘RIGHT TO STEAL.’

Does Gingrich think that Song just materialized out of thin air? And, let’s NOT forget – for all you Americans who are voting: If Newt Gingrich is ready to RIP OFF one of the most notable and thematic Songs in America & in Rock n Roll History that was ever penned (and heard clear across the world that is the Inspiration for so many young Artists and Musicians-in-the-making) - that is CLEARLY not his own, just think what he would do (and has probably already done) to the American People. What kind of Message do we want to send out to THE YOUTH of Today, besides the #1 Fact that this TUNE was not his to abuse for his own Benefit without due Compensation, Acknowledgement, Credit & Permission?

As a side note to substantiate this Case that does not fair well to so many People of Ethics, I have to add that I then continued listening to & watching the Morning Broadcast of the TODAY SHOW on NBC/NYC with Matt Lauer, Ann Curry & Al Roker. The 3 were in the Plaza of ‘30 Rock’ talking to the Folks who had gathered there. One Set of People wanted to sing the BIRTHDAY SONG to Willard Scott who was born today on Wednesday, March 7, 1934, but only were able to say: ‘Happy Birthday, Willard’ as they held his picture up for America to see. To explain why this was so, Al (Roker)went on to say that IF the entire Birthday Song were sung, the Station would have to pay ROYALTIES.

Newt Gingrich has ROYALTIES to pay, but he can’t ever get back his Reputation. In my VO: Valued Opinion, that and the Presidency are lost for sure.

Come on now…where’s the Justice! Newt is a total Disgrace to Politics period. If I were the Judge trying this Case, I’d turn this into the Biggest Copyright Infringement Case in America since it’s so obvious to see who is in the wrong and who has been wronged.

In closing: This Video shows the Legion of Fans that love and support Mr. Sullivan in his fight against Newt Gingrich.

10,750,368 You Tube viewers cannot be wrong! I arrest MY Case.

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Creator of: Lies, Liberties & Literature Days ©2012
Studio 1437
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You want to know about Copyright Infringement, I'll tell you about Copyright Infringement & Plagiarism via Liberties Against Literature Days ©2012.

TITLE: You want to know about Copyright Infringement, I'll tell you about Copyright Infringement & Plagiarism via Liberties Against Literature Days ©2012.

ASK’s RECO: Copyright Infringement – Plagiarism – Intellectual Property Attorneys
Note ‘The Human Side’ of these Crimes Against Literature & the Written Word, all found online at:

Monday, March 5, 2012
Liberties Against Literature Days ©2012 per Eventologist ASK blacklists Literary Thieves. When Damage Control goes beyond The Law.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
©-right Infringers Beware! ASK releases: Lies, Liberties & Literature Days ©2012.

Media / Reporters: You may contact me here for any Questions and/or to schedule an Interview.

©-right Infringers Beware! ASK releases: Lies, Liberties & Literature Days ©2012.

TODAY: March 6, 2012 is the Launch Date of 3L: Lies, Liberties & Literature Days ©2012, my 50TH Literary/Ed-YOU-cational HOLIDATE. Eventologically slated and scheduled for the 6TH of each Month, 3L: Lies, Liberties & Literature Days’ Premises contain several mandatory juicy & meaty Points that Writers/Authors of ‘all Genres’ must heed and address as We are clearly immersed in The Age of Digital Electronics (although not totally transparent) where FAST doesn’t even begin to explain ‘wassup!’

I agree that High Tech is fab; while it can be intrusive. It’s (somewhat) easy; yet it can be difficult to understand. However, the prevailing Point We Writers must constantly consider is ‘Our Rights, Rites & ‘Writes’ in all of this Juxtapositioning. Although there are 2 Sides to every Coin, it’s the Written Word that has ‘the Last Say’ as it tumbles around in CyberSpace – making a Name although it might not be correct…in the least. And I’ll tell you why in the next Passage.
Being in the Event-Planning Biz/Industry since 1990 whose Roots are in Writing, Trends come and go and then resurface every 20 years. I’ve been fortunate in being around ‘Creative People’ all my Life. Now: For once & for all of us Writers, 2 of 3L’s Platforms are Crusades that will be named and released in mid- April along with an eBook, my First that I’m completing on this Topic. The Subject (of course) being Copyright Infringement, Plagiarism, Conversion of Intellectual Property and Pirating in the 21ST Century as seen through the Eyes of a Creatif and how the Writer can and must protect her/himself. We’re no longer in Kansas, Toto.

THE CRACKDOWN BEGINS: I will be instigating & tracking a permanent Black List or D-List (as in D-amage Control) on my BLOG, Koopersmithin’ allowing other Writers/Authors to see who the Potential Predator is. Hypothetically, while looking for Work (whether it is a full, part-time or freelance position, the Writer must be protected from taking (even wasting his/her time interviewing for a Position (with a precarious Employer) in which he/she is not respected, acknowledged, credited and/or paid for his/her Efforts. That TinyURL is easily accessible at:

derived from:

This Posting (on this Page) will be updated regularly as the Cases in Copyright Infringement are growing larger by the Month. It’s no longer PTC: Prime Time Celebs who are being exploited, it’s many others – many who do not even realize it. Being armed with the Knowledge on how to fight back is critical. Knowing WHO is taking Liberties against Literature where CONTENT IS KING is a vital Necessity.

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
Via Gene Koprowski: Insight Magazine – Washington, DC – August, 1997
‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’
Via Eric Zorn: The Chicago Tribune – Chicago, IL – January, 2001
Studio 1437 / Chicago – IL USA

Posted: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 – 4:07 PM CST

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ASK ON THE ART OF EVENTOLOGY: March 6, 2012. Profound Quote-Time.

ASK ON THE ART OF EVENTOLOGY: I am Hallmark’s greatest Competition as well as any and all other Greeting Card Manufacturers, off and online. The obvious Difference, of course, between us is that I create the HOLIDATE from Scratch, like a Top Baker creates her/his Cakes from Scratch. This Creative Zeal is amiss on their Roster. This Creative Zeal runs mine.

ASKian Quote of: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - – 1:10 pm cst

Also posted at:

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ASK ON THE ART OF EVENTOLOGY & havg The Creative Zeal. I'm Hallmark’s greatest Competition. The obvious Difference is @

A Room Of Her Own: Women Writers Uniting for the LOVE of Writing.

ASK’s LITERARY RECO: I attended parts & parcels of the convention that was held in Chicago on February 29-March 3 and it was truly awesome. I left with ‘literally’ (that’s a good a word as any to use) a Xerox full of Contacts that I had gathered up, which probably weighed more than I did. However, 1 of the neatest things was that the People there were IN THEIR ELEMENT. As Writers/Authors you could relate…and not only relate, U were all there for the same Reason!

Expand - Network & Connect

What we’re basically doing HERE on FB…As I comb thru all the Contacts I gathered and garnered, I’ll be posting info on them every Day and the first 1 worth sharing is Gender-based:

Their postcard reads as: Woman Writer, your Legacy starts now: The 6TH $50,000 Gift of Freedom at

The following is what’s @ hand as found on the above-referenced web page: Thanks to tremendous support from friends, advocates, and fellow writers, we are privileged to announce the 6TH $50,000 Gift of Freedom award: stronger, more prestigious, and of greater benefit to even more women.

The 6TH $50,000 Gift of Freedom competition will determine finalists from each genre—creative nonfiction, fiction, playwrighting, & poetry. One genre finalist will be awarded the $50,000 Gift of Freedom grant. Along with a $5,000 cash prize, the three remaining finalists for the Gift of Freedom Award receive a professional mentoring session, eligibility to attend a future AROHO Retreat for Women Writers, and the honored distinction of being the finalist in their genre.

If this is not GENEROSITY, I don’t know what is. What a great Offer! Send it to others! S-H-A-R-E. Can U imagine all the writing you could get done if you had $50,000 to sit on? Rent would/could be paid. Bills would be non-existent. Maybe a new Laptop? No headaches. What a dream-come-true!

NOW: The deadline is not till Thursday, November 1, 2012 – but there’s no Time like the Present to get started and give it some Pre-Thought. After all, We’re not only WRITERS, but ReWriters for the most part! Multi-Tasking at its finest. Good Luck, Ladies!

Posted by: ASK:
‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
Studio 1437
Chicago – IL USA

3-6-2012 – 11:44 AM CST

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Liberties Against Literature Days ©2012 per Eventologist ASK blacklists Literary Thieves. When Damage Control goes beyond The Law.

Chicago, IL USA

Liberties Against Literature Days ©2012 begins on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 and is scheduled on the 6TH of every Month. This is my Fourteenth (14) Literary Holidate whose Premise is:

A permanent ‘Black List’ or D-List (as in Damage) is now on my Blog, KOOPERSMITHIN’ so others will know WHO the potential Predator is against The Writer.

Hypothetically, while looking for Work (whether it falls into the realm of Full-Time, Part-Time and/or Freelance Positions), it is necessary in this Day & Age of The Internet that the Writer is protected from taking a Position (with a precarious Employer) in which he/she is not respected, acknowledged, credited and paid for his/her Efforts. This URL is easily accessible at:

and will be continually posted on this March 6, 2012 Date as an Update and Source so others will know who has taken “Liberties Against Literature.’

And to quote one of our Favorite Poets, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe: "Quote the Raven: Nevermore."

Feel free to send me the Names and Information of Employees who have gone past the Line. Feel free to use this as YOUR - the Writer's Forum.

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March 5, 2012 - 4:24 PM CST

THE D-LIST BEGINS: These are Companies/Corporations that have used my Copyrighted Material and have not acknowledged, paid and credited me for its usage yet, they are a profit(able) organization and have made substantial monies from my Creative Efforts.

BlueMountain Greeting Cards
The Hallmark Channel


* Blackout Wednesday - Jan. 18, 2012

* Eye of The Tiger composed by Frank Sullivan for Sly Stallone's Rocky III (1982 Movie) - theme song used in Newt Gingrich's Presidential Campaign

* Can Rush, Peter Gabriel Legally Order Limbaugh to Cease Using Their Songs?
Attorney: Technically, no, but they can use court of public opinion
by: James Sullivan - ROLLING STONE: March 8, 2012
Online at:

*Usage of ASK's Hug A G.I. Day (C)1996) by:
BlueMountain Greeting Cards
The Hallmark Channel

*Michael Jordan - Infringement Suit against a Chinese Manufacturer using his #23

*Pirating of Rosetta Stone & vast Quantity of other Computer Programs via NBC/NYC Morning Broadcast of Friday February 24, 2012

How BlueMountain Greeting Cards & The Hallmark Channel steal Holidays from 'America's Premier Eventologist.' Copyright Infringement exposed.

ASK ON COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: I want to thank many of my Facebook Friends here & other Fans from years-gone-by who have reported Acts of Copyright Infringement committed against one of my most popular Holidates, HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 that occurred yesterday - upon its 17TH Year Anniversary.

Yes, I am too familiar with this happening and find that this Literary Rip-off of Monumental Proportion of an American Iconic Holidate to be quite alarming indeed. You would suspect that companies like: The Hallmark Channel (touted as ‘The Ultimate Holiday Site’) & Blue Mountain Greeting Cards (BlueMountain(dot)com) that used my original & copyrighted HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 online at:

respectively, without my Permission, Acknowledgemen, Credit & Compensation to be above board, but alas there are some Corporations in Corporate America that just run-on greed and ripping off The Creator (whether that Person is a Writer/Author/Painter or other impassioned Personality who deals in “The Arts.’

Therefore, the Time could not be better because Tomorrow on Tuesday, March 6, 2012, I will be launching a new Humanitarian Crusade based on the Daily Principles of:

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

as I had when I launched CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME ©1991 back on December 23, 1991. That Effort arose after I had been assaulted, robbed and left-for-dead in the lobby of my Apartment Building. Due to the escalating Crime Problem Chicago was facing and suffering from at that Time, I felt it was Time for an Individual to act. After all, one person can make a difference and shed light on a matter that is harmful and thwarting to the greater Population.

TODAY: This one, of course, is an out-and out-Attack on Literature. My latest Crusade (launching Tomorrow) will deal with protecting Writers’ ‘Writes’ of which We are all Writers (to varying Degrees, Levels and Varieties).

Needless to say, there are Volumes to be said about this injurious Topic. Lawyers cannot keep up with the Cases that are filed in Court every Day. And, yes, this Crusade will culminate with a Book (to be released bright & early on Monday, April 9TH) that I am presently writing. That Docu-Text addresses this Issue and tells how Copyright Infringement (including Plagiarism) can be remedied for the Betterment of Global Literature.

After all, We Writers work very hard. Our Works do not just materialize out of ‘Thin Air.’ An Act (as this) against Hug A G.I. Day ©1996 constitutes Copyright Infringement, plus several other Legal Issues. Individuals & Corporations abusing such Copyrighted Material must be stopped and prosecuted to the Full Extent of the Law. Those who openly steal this valuable Content and claim it as their own, make an additional Income & Name for themselves while positively basking in ‘The Eye of the World’ claiming to be the Creator/Originator of which they clearly are not and have no Right to be.

Halting this so other Creators are not so affected and so harmed is the Groundwork this Crusade will be laying.

Again, thank you for ‘letting me know…’ I appreciate that kind Gesture.

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‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’
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Monday, 3-5-2012 – 1:15 PM

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

From The Creator of HUG A G.Il DAY - Today is the Day! March 4TH, 2012.

ASK's EVENTOLOGIST RECO: Today is HUG A G.I. DAY (C)1996 and I am taking 15 minutes out to wish all our Military People, both near and arar - from past to present wars for staking and putting YOUR life on the Line for us. For without you, we would not have the freedome -- even to surf the Web and write on Facebook as we are having today - if not for your courage and risking it all! Thank you - so much. I have another radio interview in a few minutes...wishing you all BIG HUGS & Happy Birthday Chicago- today MY KIND OF TOWN is 175 years old -- way before FB...if U can only imagine that! Cheers, ASK - 'America's Premier Eventologist' - Chicago - IL USA - 3-4-2012 - The Only Date in Calendrical Time that is a military command: March Forth.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

From the Creator of: Hug A. G.I. Day: Some Priceless Words.

ASK’s HOTTEST MARCH HOLIDATE: Hug A G.I. Day ©1996 is only 2 Days away! Do you know WHO you will be affecting – HUGGING as we say in the Eventological Trade and/or Camp? This is an ideal and robust time to thank those that do the REAL FIGHING for us. Don’t forget them – they don’t forget you.

I should also mention that as a proud, voting and provocative Chicagoan since 1974 and before that a Chicagoan @ heart since MOM was born here back during that other century & millennium, I have to boast and say that:

Chicago – The 3rd Largest City in the USA

turns 175 on Sunday, March 4 – and celebrating his Birthday on Sunday is my Good Friend, Russell Kracke, probably the Smartest Guy on the Planet – he’s a bit/byte younger tho – but has the Intelligence of one further beyond in his Years!

Enjoy your Weekend – no matter what Day it is…

Cheers, ASK
‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
Chicago – IL USA


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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey, TOY LOVERS & MAKERS: Let's fill Michael Jordan's House up with TOYS!

ATTN: TOY COMPANIES – Both near & afar. The Time to unite is now! Well, we all heard the news, but how do you MOVE property in a relatively lackluster Real Estate Market? REM is what we call it, but I have the Answer to Michael Jordan’s ‘Sale’ so that it runs smoothly and preserves the Uniqueness of THE HOME. Sound those Bugles – and TOY Bugles as that ANSWER is:

As the world just heard yesterday on Leap Year Day, MJ – Air Jordan is presently selling his DreamHome on the North Shore ( approximately 15 miles north of Chicago, IL in Highland Park) for $29 million dollars. Sports is a huge industry however, so is the TOY Industry. All we need to do is get 29 of the top TOY manufacturers to pitch in – even 2ce that many and buy up the COMPOUND and turn it into a TOY-Ground – a place that between 29 or even 58 of the leading TOY companies can place their TOYS – as a MUSEUM. Can you think of anything more glorious? I can’t!

As the Creator and Screenwriter of:
SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009

I know my PLUSH TOYS would love to share a tier with some of their Compadres who have made major motion pictures – and Animated Flicks into a household name. This could also include the STUDIOS that are responsible for Fine Toys that are both on screen and in our Hearts and Homes.

I know I can say MORE about this, being an avid TOY Collector since birth – some 59.5 years ago, but I’m tossing this out to you – everyone in and of and affiliated with TOYS. It’s a great Opportunity – or as I say in: Sequel 3 of:
SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009

an opportuniTOY you should not pass up!

What do you think? A lovely lake-view chance to preserve, promote and play with Toys

Cheers, ASK: Screenwriter- Author - Eventologist – Promoter
Chicago – IL USA

3-1-2012- 11:47 AM CST