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A Room Of Her Own: Women Writers Uniting for the LOVE of Writing.

ASK’s LITERARY RECO: I attended parts & parcels of the AWPwriters.org convention that was held in Chicago on February 29-March 3 and it was truly awesome. I left with ‘literally’ (that’s a good a word as any to use) a Xerox full of Contacts that I had gathered up, which probably weighed more than I did. However, 1 of the neatest things was that the People there were IN THEIR ELEMENT. As Writers/Authors you could relate…and not only relate, U were all there for the same Reason!

Expand - Network & Connect

What we’re basically doing HERE on FB…As I comb thru all the Contacts I gathered and garnered, I’ll be posting info on them every Day and the first 1 worth sharing is Gender-based:

Their postcard reads as: Woman Writer, your Legacy starts now: The 6TH $50,000 Gift of Freedom at www.aroho.org

The following is what’s @ hand as found on the above-referenced web page: Thanks to tremendous support from friends, advocates, and fellow writers, we are privileged to announce the 6TH $50,000 Gift of Freedom award: stronger, more prestigious, and of greater benefit to even more women.

The 6TH $50,000 Gift of Freedom competition will determine finalists from each genre—creative nonfiction, fiction, playwrighting, & poetry. One genre finalist will be awarded the $50,000 Gift of Freedom grant. Along with a $5,000 cash prize, the three remaining finalists for the Gift of Freedom Award receive a professional mentoring session, eligibility to attend a future AROHO Retreat for Women Writers, and the honored distinction of being the finalist in their genre.

If this is not GENEROSITY, I don’t know what is. What a great Offer! Send it to others! S-H-A-R-E. Can U imagine all the writing you could get done if you had $50,000 to sit on? Rent would/could be paid. Bills would be non-existent. Maybe a new Laptop? No headaches. What a dream-come-true!

NOW: The deadline is not till Thursday, November 1, 2012 – but there’s no Time like the Present to get started and give it some Pre-Thought. After all, We’re not only WRITERS, but ReWriters for the most part! Multi-Tasking at its finest. Good Luck, Ladies!

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