Sunday, March 25, 2012

When Copyright Infringement takes centerstage, ASK writes The Book.


For 13 of the last 25 days, I have attended workshops, seminars, conventions and/or conferences…all creative in nature and all within the confines of Sweet Home Chicago. Being able to be able to speak to other literary types is a terrific feeling – as I took the podium on several occasions and brought up the topic of Copyright Infringement which is the topic of my forthcoming eBook – a topic that struck a nerve in so many others. And, it’s affecting not only writers, but people in the music and video field as well…Copyright Infringement definitely is not prejudiced and/or denominational, but is an equal opportunity career destroyer. And, U may quote unquote me on that one – it’s already in print elsewhere thruout Cyberspace… The Moral of this Posting: Get out there and see what’s going on…it may be right there in your very own backyard.

Cheers, ASK: 3-25-2012 – 7:24 PM CST

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