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The World's Silent Killer: Sleep Deprivation. ASK/Chicago launches: #Year_of_The_Sleeper for 2018. If the Shoe fits, sleep on it.

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 Announcement & Launch of:

#Year_of_The_Sleeper (C)2017

DateLine: 12-14-2017 - 8:40 AM CST

Well, she said it all.

Millions of People will be shocked and saddened that 1 of our Fave All-Time Female Anchors gets only 4 hours of sleep per night.

That's 4 Hours of Sleep per Night.

True, she is on an early shift at a mighty terrific Job at a top station and she's a Mom with a Family to care for, but this is appalling.

Therefore, as

"America's Premier Eventologist"

& Creator of 1900+ Holidates (defined as Goodwill, Humanitarian, Altruistic, Educational, Recreational, Fun-Time & Fun-Type Holidates) derived from the Two Terms:

Holidays + Dates = Holidates

the Launch of the #Year_of_The_Sleeper is for:

& so many others...

who may not be in the Anchors' Seat, but then again YOU ARE as We are all the #Commander of our own #Yachts - Boats - Kayaks, Rowboat etc.

Who inspired this? At The Core is Matthew Walker, Author of a new 2017 Release (Book) called:


Had that been my Book, I may have called it:




As a Gal who lives with a Man who "barely" sleeps, I know that I, too, am suffering because of his Battle with Sleep Deprivation. Because I don't sleep (that very well) when he doesn't. Oh, I do sleep and pull about 7 Hours a Night because I believe in taking care of myself (no matter what The Odds), but I cannot help but hear each of his Noises when he is up and prattelling around the Apartment.

This disturbs me. It's far from the pitter patter of #Cali, our #Calico Cat's Footfalls.

Therefore, a year-long HOLIDATE as this is designed to instill and embed what is best for YOUR WELFARE... in order to instill The FACT that SLEEPING needs a FACELIFT as Mr. Walker stated - is needed.


Keep a Sleep Diary on your Flashdrive; in a Notebook and enjoy an Occasional Sleepover with Friends. Any Act that helps you obtain a Good Day or Night's SLEEP is worth its Weight in StarDust. Pleasant Dreams now.  Say good-bye to burnout which does take its toll.  I'm sure there's a Set Number of Years that are subtracted from one's life IF they do not get sufficient SLEEP. To find this and more NEWS on the Positives & Repercussions of no Sleep , merely:

Read Mr. Walker's Book, found online at:

AN EXCERPT from the above Website reads as:

Why We Sleep

Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

By Matthew Walker

A New York Times Bestseller: The first sleep book by a leading scientific expert—Professor Matthew Walker, Director of UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab—reveals his groundbreaking exploration of sleep, explaining how we can harness its transformative power to change our lives for the better.

Sleep is one of the most important but least understood aspects of our life, wellness, and longevity. Until very recently, science had no answer to the question of why we sleep, or what good it served, or why we suffer such devastating health consequences when we don't sleep.

= ZZZ = ZZZ = ZZZ = ZZZ = ZZZ = ZZZ = ZZZ =

As an Advocate & Member of the #Twitter_Hall_of_Fame with over 102,000 Twitters distributed since Monday, May 10, 2010, I highly recommend that you follow Mr. Walker's Thoughts at:

Matt Walker


Professor of Neuroscience,
UC Berkeley; Sleep Scientist, Google;
Author: Why We Sleep

California, USA

= ZZZ = ZZZ = ZZZ = ZZZ = ZZZ = ZZZ = ZZZ =

JUST IMAGINE:  No Sleep. Causes Accidents on the Road when a Person  momentarily nodds off;

causes crankiness; takes its TOLL on you.

Begin the New Year by being good to yourself by getting a #GOOD_NIGHT's_SLEEP from this Point on.

OR should I've stated in the Name & Title of this  Holidate:

YoTAS:  Year_of_The_Active_Sleeper (C)2017
ReTitle as of Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017 - 3:16 PM CST

as sleeping has its Negative Side to it. That a Person is sleeping their Life away; that being dormant is not being creative and productive.  However, as a Layman I've read that Sleeping is a period in which the Brain sorts thru all the Detritus We Humans pick up during the Day and if that is not infiltrated and sorted through, that's when the Troubles begin; many that may harm us in our Day & Age.  Just I know I'm no good to myself, anyone or any project when I'm sleepy, tired or plain exhausted. 

I cannot help but think of Cali, My Calico who sleeps quite a bit.  Supposedly 70% of her Life lies in dormancy but we happen to keep each other up quite a bit by playing Games.  However, because of the Naps she takes, CATS are known for having 9 Lives.  They may be sleeping on something we Humans have yet to explore:  The Wonders of Sleep and Naps...

So let's explore The Wonders of Sleeping as a New Year begins.  Keep a Journal so that you know where you've started and then can compare and analyze what is happening in your Body, Mind and Spirit...with a  Professional if the need so arises.  I'm excited about this Holidate as R&R: Rest & Relaxation is something I've looked forward to for a very long time...

Turn off the Lights and...take it from there.

When The 
 Wisdom of The Crowd speaks outloud:

Gayle, you're great on The Job and at your Job; fabulous doing all those Interviews. You've secured your Place in Broadcasting History, now take a well-needed Nap so your Viewers won't worry about YOU!  Role Models are to do that, you know.


No matter what your Age;

No matter what your BioRhythms may be or be NOT;

No matter what your Schedule demands;

No matter what Pressures you self-apply (that's another Blog's worth you must realize); and

No matter what your Matters & Issues may be or may not be;

get some Rest. It's good for you. That's the Bottom Line.
Ever wonder why Bears sleep and are dormant for such a long Period.

Sleep is Nature's Way. Don't mess with Mother Nature.

Sleep lengthens and fortifies (y)our Life in so many enriching Ways. You will like yourself much better when rested and healthy.  You'll be setting new Examples for those about you who will wonder:  What happened...just overnight.

As things have it, wouldn't it be quite pleasant if this Blog put you to sleep; then I'd know that it did its Job; a mission impossible that many of us cannot succeed at.


Created & Posted by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
                    "America's Premier Eventologist"
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what ASK writes about..."
Chicago - Illinois USA

Please feel free to visit me on Twitter :@ASK_Koopersmith

REPRESENTATION FOR THIS YEAR-LONG HOLIDATE is $15,000.00 (prepaid by check only) & includes 50 Tweets weekly to the vast Array of People who will be reading this Blog & recognizing  the vast and incredible IMPORTANCE of what a Contribution this Event is to the Longevity of Humanity & the Health & Wealth of our Greatest Asset: Mankind & The Creatures he lives with.
When "doing The Math," that's 2,600 Posts to Groups & Individuals who you have no direct contact with or knowledge of/abut, if not for the Strength of this (my) Eventological Holidate.
"Year of The Sleeper:  Suited to serve, support and sleep-on."
Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Motto for:  Year of The Sleeper (C)2017
Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 3:42 PM CST
Contact me directly at: 
for further Info on the above Promotional for your Company, Association and/or Group.

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ADDITION OF PERTINENT TWEETS I've created to follow-up on this Topic that is  beginning to #GO_VIRAL & pickup Moment, starting on Friday:  #December_15_2017.

OR: #WhyWeDo_NOT_Sleep!
Ive Solution: Adopt #RescueCat.
When UR new #Pet #catnaps, join her. UR formg #Healthy_Habits.
#Cats sleep 70% of Day. If U pull 1/3RD of that Time UR increasg UR Odds gr8ly. Bgin on Wkends.
Savg #CATS & PPLs Lives: ViTAL 4 Continuity of both #Species.

@GayleKing @CBSThisMorning @jdickerson
My Blog #1255 inspired by UR Segment yest by #
where I launch:
already has 24 Hits!
TimeManagement & #Less_Stress allows U 2 #ZZZ_in.  

Catch Segment: Dec. 14, 2017 #MatthewWalker @sleepdiplomat Author of #WHY_WE_SLEEP
that inspired me 2 create well-needed #HOLIDATE known as:
#Year_of_The_Sleeper for 2018 

#ASK_Chgo’s Theory #2 4 Sleeping well:
IF U yawn, U get tired. @ least I do. Watch Videos of #Cats or PPL Yawning when U feel U must sleep. This may lull U in2 #Sleepdom, granted Uve no serious Sleep Complications that R  heavily embedded in UR Psyche. 

Case in Pt as another Demographic: 
The #Homeless who ride on #PublicTransportation:
ENTER: @cta
unable 2 get Good Nite's #Sleep & Rest as they have no proper Lodging or Address.
Sleeping outside is no Picnic either. Yet #WildAnimals do it.
Wondering WHO evolved.

#ASK_Chicago: Twitter Friends:
I'm tremendously interested in SLEEPiNG now.
It's a huge Topic that We can all #SLEEP_ON.
R U having Problems falling asleep @ Nite?
What do U do about that in lieu of tossing & turning all nite long?

😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴 💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴

PreDawn in Chicago:  Saturday, December 16, 2017
Rising at 4:15 AM, most of you would think I should have slept in longer & I agree but what I have found the last 64 years is that I do my best and better work around the Time I popped out of the Womb – at 4:45 AM.  Therefore, I automatically awaken to find that LIFE ONLINE does not sleep at all.  @Catifornia, one of my Friends on Twitter themed SLEEP in their Tweets to I had to jump on into the Conversation with the 3 Tweets below that were sent:

Cat WebComics: Write here 4 The Reading:  Lovin' em them all!
Something 4 UR Cat to sleep on...
& speakg about #SLEEP, it's #imPURRtant 2 sleep 7 Hours every Night, Humans.
@sleepdiplomat did a 20 year #Study on it.  I just nap when #Cali_My_Calico duz.

When #Cali_Our_Calico duz that, I just say: 
#Quote:  "What's a #CAT gotta do 2 get some #sleep around here!"
Then, I realize I need 2 respect her MORE so I go away & let her #sleep #PURR_chance 2 dream.
CATS & The_Art_of_Sleep
Sharing w @sleepdiplomat


Needless to say, I heard back from them in California and they agreed with me, Social Media does infringe on and upon the Quality & Amount of Sleep We get or DON’T get. To plug-in or unplug, that is the Question.   However as bonafide CatLovers & Humans of THE CAT, we owe it to them to get up when they are up and snap those CuteCat_Photos we constantly see on the Net.  For that we will FURever be grateful that we are "Light Sleepers" but Sleepers @ that.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cruising down the Stretches of Memory Lane with Creative Projects by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. A Pictured Odyssey & Work-in-Progress based in Chicago with a Universal Backdrop. INSERT #1: All for the Love of a Toy Frog: GORF by Name. DateLine: #December_12_2017.

DateLine:  Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 3:30 PM CST

GORF:  Down Memory Lane.  Undoubtedly, 1 of the most incredibly Amphibianesque TOYS ever manufactured, just perhaps Others will see that The Planet is worth saving.  The FROG (GORF back-WORDS) has been Earthside for 217,000,000 years.  Will he make it the next 217 million with what Man's been deconstructing?  

FYI:  GORF is 1 of 10 magnificent TOYS used in my Series of Books and Movie Scripts (Works-in-Progress) called:

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature (TM)
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race (C)2010

of which its Third Script called:


beat-out 3164 other Scripts in the Hollywood-based Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competition in July, 2010.  

Roam, stroll or leap down Memory Lane with me as I pull and mount PhotoGORFs (as I call them) of GORF: The Great Green Exalted One for Starters:

          GORF:  2016/Chicago

Back in The Bedroom at 1437 West Rosemont where We lived for 22.5 years,
The Bedroom was turned into The ToyRoom 
where the ToyTakeOver is quite evident:

Oh, yes, there is more than One GORF:  
There's GORF 2, Pink, Turq & The Original GORF

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wisdom of The Crowd. Why you need to SIGN THE(IR) PETITION now. It's a Matter of Life or Death. Possibly yours. When you cannot outrun a Speeding Bullet, Wisdom of The Crowd steps in.

#ASK_Chicago: Class Act Lawsuit against @CBS should be filed (collectively inclusive of each Actor/Writer/Worker/Service [Individual/Company] involved in The Production) of Wisdom of The Crowd (whose Twitter Handle is @wisdomcbs). IF Show was #terminated due 2 Jeremy Piven's - @jeremypiven Indiscretions (of which he underwent a Lie Detector to prove his Innocence), he should go to Court FIRST and FOREMOST, not be fired, terminated and outright humiliated (ruining his Reputation) on-the_Spot by David Gray Rhodes - @davidgrayrhodes, CBS News President acting as self-imposed: #JUDGE #JURY and #LEAD_EXECUTIONER. Hundreds (if not more) of major Talents (who make this Show as unique as it is) are losing their JOBS here. This catapults into Millions of Fans being crushed and devastated.

Q:  Where is The Justice?

A high Percentage of TV Programs (these Days) is schlock Friction & Fiction that carries no Weight, Relevance or has a Message that is vital, especially when it comes to The SURVIVAL of The People – Humanity.  In case you did not notice that is YOU and ME.  And, these Days, it even includes and filters in our beloved Pets (great Part of our Family & Family Life) who can easily be hurt while out on the Rough and Tough Streets of America and subsequently across the  entire World since no locale is immune from Crime and Terror(ism).  Few Shows carry any Meaning or has this Impact.

Let me repeat that for Impact:

 Few Shows carry any Meaning or has this Impact.

Reality TV of “The 90s” is primarily responsible for this Lack of Creativity, Morality and/or  Ethics.
Not only did We faithful Audience Members watch diligently, but, I for one took it upon myself to take Photos with my new Smartphone of my TV Screen and tweeted those Freezeframes (all labeled and captioned) back to The Actors & Writers (namely Blake, Patrick, Jeremy and Ion) who I was corresponding with during its Stint on-air to date.  During The Show as it aired, that is when The Bevy of Tweets really flew wild and fast.

#WisdomCBS and/or #WOTC was how each Tweet was labeled.

At Work the next Day and Days thereafter, an Open Discussion yielded the best Conversation around the Water Cooler. Everyone was thirsty to air their Opinion. Everyone had a View; Everyone got involved in expressing theirs. After all, We were Pioneers on The Verge of exploring new Territory.

Not only is WoTC an exciting Format and Storyline that provokes, but We {as Individuals} were Participants in a LEARNING CURVE – becoming EDUCATED ABOUT The Wonders of WHAT our New Age in High Technology and AI: Artificial Intelligence does and can do to SERVE AND PROTECT People in a World that is strewn with the Worst of Intentions, non-stop Violence, Bloodpaths, Chaos and Mayhem, just short of a(nother) World War.

In my quieter Moments, I often stop and think:  

Where did We ever go so wrong?

What has been disregarded by The Executives who control CBS Programming is the stark Realization that Wisdom of The Crowd is the ONLY Television Show and in The Course of TV Broadcasting that actually AIMS to solve all the Murderous Crimes and Violence that other TV Shows have capitalized in on.

We are all Fans of the Dick Wolf TV Shows with the screeching brakes and blood-soaked Crime & Court & getaway Car Scenes. He has never missed a Beat as outlined here:

with 26 Executive Producer Credits;
10 Writer Credits; 
6 Producer Credits;
6 Creator Credits; 
3 Source Credits; 
2 Remarks Credits;
1 Director Credit;
1 Actor Credit;
6 Guest Credits; and
1 Subject (Person only) Credit

His Empire speaks for itself but now the People must be able to advance what they know because they are on The Scene where The Action is occuring.  A Solution to capture and then try these Criminals is what Wisdom of The Crowd offers through High Technology which is at The Forefront of Our Lives.  Why not use and spare another Family a Life of Sadness and Gloom?

Just wait till ONE OF THEIRS has an explosive or deadly Incident happen to them.  Then, CBS Head Honchos will want that Crime solved ASAPe without a Moment to wast in order to pick up "The Pieces of their Lives" and woefully TRY to carry on.

The List of Crime Shows [since TV kicked in and was launched successfully] (after WW2 when The Invention became MORE commonplace) numbers in The Hundreds, possibly more.

Turn to: American Crime Television Series
and your Mind will be boggled as to the diverse and endless Number of Crime TV Shows. 

Movies are not included in this List. Those are found at:

As Wiki tells us:
This is chronological list of crime films split by decade. Often there may be considerable overlap particularly between Crime and other genres (including, actionthriller, and drama films); the list should attempt to document films which are more closely related to crime, even if it bends genres.

#STOP_AND_THINK:  If that isn’t telling you something…
AND, I will continue by saying…

Crime is a popular Theme, if not the most popular besides Game and Food Shows. One of the First Books I read after I learned how to read was Truman Capote’s IN COLD BLOOD (published in 1966 and its Movie came out in 1967). As The Cycle revolves:  Books are turned into Movies. Then, these Movies (too) are driven by WHO SOLVED THE MURDER.

now We have a SHOW
in which PEOPLE can be saved 
Families spared the Pain and Heartbreak
This is Total Insanity.

I  refuse and am NOT going to watch or buy Products from a Station that does NOT care for MY WELFARE or those that I love, including Pets, Neighbors and Community.  Wisdom of The Crowd sparks do-able ways on how to PLAY IT SAFER and coalesce as a GROUP in which We can live in a more peaceful World. This is a new Phrase and Mindset for TV. 


As I had called a BOYCOTT against CBS when they terminated the Contract of (THEEE) Charlie Rose in November, the same should be done with how abusive CBS  Heads are mistreating the Actors, Writers & entire Staff who makes WoTC as spectacular as it is.

IF CBS does not care for The WELFARE of “Their Viewers and Audience Members who put the BREAD and BUTTER on their Table; provide their Families with a luxurious way and style of Living; make sure they get every coveted Award at every NYC Gala, then they are not worthy of our Allegiance and Patronage.   

The only one who carried this Spark-of-Light was John Walsh who created and produced AMERICA’s MOST WANTED and currently THE HUNT. (T)his Movement of CARING FOR THE PEOPLE came about due to the horrific Abduction/Kidnapping and Murder of his small Son: Adam Walsh on July 27, 1981 that “fueled an epic manhunt.”  Those 4 last Words were derived from a Google Search – Page 1.  Adam's severed Head was found two weeks later in a drainage canal alongside Florida's Turnpike in rural St. Lucie County, Florida.  This Paragraph is every Parent’s Worst Nightmare.

It still breaks my Heart Today to see John’s Face every Time his Shows air.  What he did was take the FIRST STEP before SOPHE was ever invented to track down those who harmed US or Our Loved Ones. 

AND TO PULL A SHOW that does that is utter Insanity.  This goes beyond Ratings.  These are People who watch; who listen; who buy your Sponsor’s Products. WITHOUT US, you’re Toast, Mr. Rhodes

Which leads me to say that you need not be a PARENT to know how WISDOM OF THE CROWD can save Lives.  Any Person living in Today’s ever-changing World knows about all The SurveillanceCameras at Intersections. When We walk into Stores (Convenience – Department – Grocery -Pet – Florists – Jewelry – Toy) Cameras record our very Moves.  When you turn on The Nightly News (after a long Day where anything can and will happen especially when powered up on gun-fare and drugs), Reels of Crimes are presented of the Perpetrator-in-Action.  

The Psychology behind The News is that The Stations are asking for OUR HELP - The People who watch.  If you see something, say something.  Say it out-loud so that what happens never happens again. Yes, they are PULLING a “Wisdom of The Crowd by airing and broadcasting those Clips in order that The Criminal gets caught.

As a Crime Victim on several Occasions (Break-Ins, Muggings and Hold-Ups) since I have lived in Chicago from June of 1974 to The Present (December, 2017 as this is being penned on December 6), the Worst Situation happened on December 23, 1991 when I was beat-up, robbed and left-for-dead in a Pool of Blood (mine) in the Lobby of my Apartment Building at 1437 West Rosemont.  I was only 10 steps away from the warm and safe confines of my apartment when I was brutally attacked, an Event that would forever change the Course of My Life and it still does.  What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.  Indeed, Words to live by...

Being The Activist that I am, I created Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 that grew into a Universal Cause.  Sadly, in 2001 I had to produce a Spin-Off called Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001 after September 11TH happened.

THE WORLD Situation is not getting any better. If any thing [since I began Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 26 years ago] Human Behavior evidencing itself as CRIME and VIOLENCE have gotten worse.  The only thing that is our SAVIOR is that High Technology sees (videos, records and films) what We do NOT overtly see and this will send The Criminals away for a long, long time. The SOPHE Mechanism that WoTC uses takes us to a higher more useful Level of Conveyance and Conscience.

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: Had WoTC been around when Charles Lindberg’s Baby Boy of 20 months, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr. was snatched and killed…

It does not matter if a Person is affluent and wealthy although “Means and Recognition” help immensely if he/she can afford Body Guards when out on The Streets; Streets that can become a death-bed for an Innocent and Loving Person, a Pillar of The Community or just a regular Gal or Guy like you or me. Being lifted from the safe Confines of one's home (their fortress) is unimaginable as was also the case when 12 year old Polly Klaas was kidnapped at knifepoint during a Slumber from her Bedroom in Petaluma, California. Were there Witnesses? Could the Wisdom of The Crowd helped in this Case?

When mere Children are brainwashed or sold to Terrorist Organizations and programmed to blow themselves up, We [as Mankind] know there is something severely wrong with how We think.  

A barking Dog is alerting you something is wrong.
The "Barking Dog here" is the Viewers of WoTC
There is something severely wrong here that a Program of this Calibre is being cancelled.

WISDOM OF THE CROWD works collectively to save whatever Life We have left.  Don’t We owe this to Future Generations if this Planet is to exist. Survival of The Fittest no longer counts or holds water when 10 year old gang members pack-a-pistol and can kill instantly at any moment. This is the Unraveling of Civilization as We know it and unless there is ONE PROGRAM that lets us know HOW to protect ourselves and our belongings, then Mayhem (like never before) can be expected – if not predicted as I am doing here, a Criminology and Sociology Major (circa Washington University:  1974).

Do to The Powers of The Message WoTC is conveying I penned:
The 2018 Launch of SPY: #Suicide_Prevention_Year. An International People-to-People Alert. Inspired by: Wisdom of The Crowd – CBS.

online at:
on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

IN CLOSING:  As The 26TH Year Anniversary of my Founding of Cartoonists Against Crime approaches, I am bittersweet yet forever grateful that I am alive.  That's The BottomLine.  Shaked and rattled at first; but happy I was able to reach out to Strangers at first who later became my Friends) - People  (across The Planet) so that what happened to me would not happen to them.

ViA the incredibly well-written Scripts by their Team of WoTC Writers, they, too, are saving Precious Lives, but on a greater Scale - one that UNFORTUNATELY is needed like never before.

Lets use COMMON SENSE and let your Heart lead The Way in re-instating this TV Program.  If not, you’ll rue The Day that its last Episode aired.  #Mark_My_Words.  All of them.

SIGN THE PETITION by Los Angeles Activity, JENN KRUZA that reads as:

The Petition to keep #WisdomoftheCrowd on air is gaining traction.
Your Help is urgently NEEDED NOW:

Spread-The-Word. Sign the Petition. 
RT my Tweets to get noticed & use the Hashtag #bringbackWOTC to make the Issue trend.

#ASK_Chicago:  FOOTNOTE:  I ran this Page past my Best Friend and Boyfriend (of 15 years) who always has an Outlook culminating in a prolific Quote for everything (at The Crack of Dawn Today it being December 6, 2017) and he stated a very eloquent Line that I will share with you below. 

“As Artificial Intelligence becomes more advanced and complex, 
it will be The Wisdom of The Cloud.”

Quote of: Robert E. Hofstadter:  December 6, 2017 – 5:07-5:10 AM CST

INSIGHTS: Robert E. Hofstadter: Relative of Richard Hofstadter (who taught in NYC in the 1950s); Robert Hofstadter (Stanford Faculty in California), sharing The 1960 Nobel Prize in Physics; and Douglas Hofstadter at Indiana University who received his Pulitzer in 1980:  My Robert hails from a Winner of 3 Pulitzers and 1 Nobel Prize. I  pride myself in standing in Good Company with People of The Intelligentsia.

FOOTNOTE:   Because I feel there is a WITCH HUNT on against our PrimeTime Actors and Anchors, I also wrote:


on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 that follows the same Mindset I have established above in and for the Continuation of Wisdom Of The Crowd.