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#2017_The_Year_that_I: Putting THE POP into Pop Culture 1 Character at a Time. America's Premier Eventologist, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith hysterically & historically abbreviates The Moments of your Past Year into 280 Characters; thus allowing more Time to be spent on this, that & whatever moves U into Action. An #ASK_Chicago Special Edition: #December_31_2017 ~ 2:22 PM CST.

Chicago, Illinois USA

RE: Because it is all about the #Hashtag:

Time to finish off "The Year" with a Concept that conceptualizes and capsulizes your Year:


in only 280 Characters.

Yup, this is IT:

What I call a #POSTDOWN!

And this was my First Premier Post that quickly read as:

#ASK_Chicago: #2017_The_Year_that_I:
toppled 104,000 Tweets sent out
got Smartphone becoming PhotoJournalist
interviewed by @NPR @planetmoney
listed as @Ripleys Personality
moved 4 @TIME s
#stay_CAT_tioned @ @HiltonHotels  4 7 Weeks w/ #Cali_My_Calico

love(d) a #Cat all the more.

But wait there are more 
that I will be airing during the Close of 2017.  

ROUND 2: 10:41 AM CST

Launching The #TiME _liest #Tweet ever
Wrote 35 Posts; attractg 6119 Hits equatg 174.828571 #Readers per post. Now thats #Entertainment
Tried 2 avoid as much #Housecleaning as possible; #PAWSsible in Fluent #CATese;
Snacked more than #dined.


Launching The #TiME _liest #Tweet ever
Wrote 35 Posts; attractg 6119 Hits equatg 174.828571 Readers per post. Now that’s Entertainment’
Tried 2 avoid as much #Housecleaning as possible; PAWSsible in Fluent CATese;
didnt exercise as much as I sh have; #FiLE: #WOE_IS_ME;
took @TIME out 2 #color_outside_of_The_Lines more;
helped a Friend thru 3 grueling Operation. Bless his Doctors & Hospitals all.


Launching The #TiME _liest #Tweet ever
#dedi_CAT_ed myself 2 #Happiness of my #CAT #Cali
managed 2 rise 2 early; cldnt stay up that late;
made Special Sacrifices 2 have Premium #Chocolate Fixes as major #Courses in my #Diet & #Days, all 365.


Launching The #TiME _liest #Tweet ever
decided WOTC: #Wisdom_of_The_Crowd is wisest Counsel U can gain. Enter Lessons learned from TV: @WisdomCBS ~ @WisdomWritersRoom
hashtagged what usually wasn’t hashtaggable; obliterating Punctuation @ its Core.
had #FUN having FUN makg Things up that 4 the most Part cld B deconstructed in2 #FairyTales vs #CAT_Tails & Tales.

At 10:49 AM on Sunday, December 31, 2017 I sent this to Twitter ackowledging the Part they plan in ALL OF THIS:

Launching the #TiME _liest #Tweet ever!
List what U did in #280_Characters (only)! #FUN_ola:

2 all @twitter Staff.
It is a #Challenge, both historically & hysterically!
Thanks 4 a highly #Entertaining & #Educational Year.


As I stated in Tweet format at High Noon today:  12-31-2017, The Premise is and was:  

Launching The #TIME _liest #Tweet ever:
add what U did! #Build_A_List of #Memories®:  

I may publish a book on this matter and will take a much better look and keep better records on what happens every day of 2018 so when I pull this off NEXT December...there will be more Memories and MEOWmemories as Cali My Calico sez to share.

Posted by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

America's Premier Eventologist
"People read what ASK writes about..."
Chicago - Illinois USA

DateLine:  Sunday, #December_31_2017 - 2:01 PM CST

Monday #January_1_2018 - 2:43 PM CST
Continuing with The Momentum the following Tweet keeps this Hashtag in the Limelight & Spotlight of how to record your finer Moment of 2018:


Finish this Clause every Day for record keeping purposes on all things that matter.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

When alotta WATA® promises super & superb Content 4 2018. What’s a Gal to do but go with The Flow.

Blog #1259: Content Immersion for a #Brand's New Era

DateLine:  Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 1:25 PM CST

WATA:  #World_According_To_Adrienne®
WATASK:   #World_According_To_Adrienne_Sioux_Koopersmith®

DateLine:  #December_28_2017 - 12:30 PM CST
Not Spare or Loose Change, but the Evolution of Alterations & Altercations

When U think in #ABC:  #Acronyms_Brands_Clips:  U think of Things that just pop in2 mind.

#WATA looks like Radio Station Call Letters. WATASK cld B an exotic Condiment. No matter. They’ll B making their Premier A LOT during 2018.

PHOTOGRAPHS that accompanied Premier Tweet of Blog #1259.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

ASK_kooPURRSmith launches: CRINGE: #Cats R In Need Getting Enormous (#CRINGE).

DateLine:  Saturday, December 23, 2017 - 7:17 PM CST

Saturday 12-23-2017 marks Year 26 since The CATalyst of "The Event on West Rosemont" that inspired and spurred me on to create:

Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991
a Decade later:
Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001 

that would zoom to the Top as one of the most Educational Facets ever attached to Comic Art in its entire History.  It would be later proven that the Format of CAC would begin a Series of Holidates a (CATalyst in more than one way) that would then change "The Face" of Pop - Popular Culture one Event - at a Time that I would

LIFE BECAME KNOWN AS: What came before and after December 23, 1991
(ie:  Everyone has a "911"  - One Horrific Event - in their Lives that separates all Others; that makes them eternally grateful for being given just one more Day).

My Particular Story encapsulated:

After being violently assaulted, robbed and left-for-dead (in a Pool of own on Monday, #December_23_1991), I have been incredibly grateful for the last [addition of 26 Years of Life] in which I have tried to "pay back" by way of  my Style of Living a Full and Diligent Life that emerged in the Culmination of an immense Body of Creative Literary Works impressively based on these Life Lessons learned and Events to commemorate that "make our Days better," the likes that have never been seen or created by One Solo Person(ality) before in such a relatively minuscule Period of Fleeting Time.

Keeping The MEOWmentum (Momentum) strong:  

On this Date, Saturday, December 23, 2017, 26 years later, I'm launching:

CRINGE in order for Cats <^..^< to find the best Home with loving Parents (Humans) who will care for them; love them and treat them with Respect, Kindness & Gentleness.  

Inspired by my Calico, Cali, that Twitter Post (Tweet of Today sent out at 7:21 PM CST) reads as:

It’s fritening how many #Cats R In Need Getting Enormous (#CRINGE).
It makes me CRINGE: As a #CatLover 4 65 Years & #Cali’s Human, Ive resculpted my #NationalSplurge Day 2 enCATsulate their Needs down 2 the #Turquoise (the Color of Serenity) Bowls:   

Our Favorite "Together" Pix

On The Back Porch where We lived for 5 Months
(November 4, 2016 - April 30, 2017)

She's "THE CAT."
How I love seeing Cali without a Collar & Leash on
being "THE CAT" she was meant-to-be
with Dogs & Rats & PAWSible freak Incidents occuring
[all without Notice & within Seconds of Time],
Cali is on a Leash when she goes out now.
And she does "go out"
- outside that is -  
whereby many "City Cats" remain as Indoor Pets.

 This is because in my Household, 
I insist she retain as much of her
Kittiness & Catness
as she possibly & PAWSibly can.

Living in a Big Concrete Jungle (purr se) is unlike that of a
sprawling, sunny Savannah
where Man-made Obstructions intrude, single-out & produce
an horrific Deletion from The Quality of Life
 for the wonderful Diversity of Creatures Man domesticated in the FURst place,
a Topic that drives me insane, 
especially so, since The Degrees of Extinction have never been greater. 

 Scientists now proclaim We (Inhabitants living during the 21st Century)
 are in The Mists of Extinction #6.

Although Tomorrow is never promised to us,
it is getting all the more dire as each Sunrises as to what
Life-altering Event (War - Man-Made or Nature-induced Disasters)
will proceed to destroy the Life We once knew as it did for me on
December 23, 1991 at 6 PM CST.

Now at 65, My Promise to The Cat, #Cali_The_Calico  

I share my Life with is that she be

(all at One Time, of course)

What it means to be THE CAT is that she is "The CEO of My Heart." 
Cali is "The Boss."  
Unequivically and Quivically. 
Beyond and Before The Shadow of a Doubt.  

AS A PROUD CAT PARENT, how My PURRenting Skills kick into gear:

Before I do anything for and FUR me, I check to see that all of her Needs are taken care {of}.

INSERT:  As to spoiling her and departing on our very own Diet & Exercise Programs as of Friday, #December_29_2017...those are Action-Activities I'm surely PURRone - prone to talk about here on this CALified Blog, as was Cali's Stint of officially tracking Santa Claus across The Planet on December 24 and taking Screen Photos of her clocking his Voyage on our Dell PURRSonal Computer. Next year, We will have an APP for that...

But, above all else, it breaks My Heart to leave her Home (alone) for long Hours on end.  Therefore, I amend "My Outside Chores" to make sure those Stints are not as long.  She is, after all, spending a huge Quadrant of Time waiting for me to return to her.  Who could ask for a better Reception of Deep Throat Purrs and Head-Rubs?

As a Writer, We all know how long those Hours can be. Having a "FurBall" to come home to; who sits longingly on your Lap & purrs melodically in your Ear is The Best InsPURRation and Medicine a Creatif can get. Can you say:


MEOW + Me-dicine = MEOWdicine
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith Quote
#December_26_2017 - 8:10 AM CST

Hearsay states that We Humans rescue Cats. I disagree, strongly.  Cats rescue Humans.  From themselves and The Harm they can produce against each other & all Life, in general all The Time as all of us have experienced One Way or the other.  What CAli does or shows me is interweaved into My Life as I consider her My Teacher as well as someone I PURRfer spending "My Time & Days" with.

I must also add that Cali My Calico has been declawed by her former Owners so her Chances of being outside our Apartment and romping/hunting in Nature (in a Big City where Traffic runs rampant 24/7) and "Home Alone" become Critical Issues.

Although it is highly unlikely from occurring, if she happens to get and go outside without my Care, Supervision and Protection, she (like all Indoor Pets includsing Birds and Dog) is more prone to Hazards.  We reside on a High Floor and, as of yet, she cannot press The Elevator Button. The Bottom Line is:

Declawing is a Form of Animal Abuse, of course, 
must be stopped for The Sake of The Cats' Welfare.

When you are up to parr and up-to-purr via a Feline Team Mate as #Cali
Then you are The Luckiest Human on Planet Earth...

There's NO Ands, Buts or Meows about it:  U R  very, very lucky.


As of Monday, #December_25_2017 @ 10:03 AM, 1 of The Mottos is:


$100 given to "The Cause" outlined in this Blog #1258 helps to ensure that you, your Family, Friends, Society and ultimately Civilization can (continue to) live on in a righteous manner.  In order to set CRINGE into Motion, I will be giving you, your Company and Brand Twenty (20) 280-Character Tweets between January 1-10 in order to kickstart The New Year: 2018. These will contain your Website/Blog/Social Media Account(s) in order to network with those Individuals and/or Groups "of Substance."

Just this year alone (2017), I've been featured on NPR's PlanetMoney and became Part of Ripley's Believe It or Not with my Creation of over 1,900 Holidates to celebrate. Building a Team and aligning yourself with Influential Personalities as myself makes your Daily Work lighter.  

For 2018, to utilize my PRAM: Public Relations - Advertising - Marketing Expertise (exPURRtise in Fluent CAT) where I brand and promote other Cat/Kitten/Feline Brands of a similar Mindset under the Title of:


The Standard Rate is:

$500 for 50 Tweets
Each Tweet  Package (per my Expertise) 
will contain Five (5) Additional Industry People,
thus increasing your Network greatly.

It's a Deal that is nothing short of THE CAT's MEOW
and, of course, is
CALi approved

DEADLINE: For The First Installment, your Check must be received by:
Sunday, December 31, 2017.

As a  full-service Pet Promotional Company,
various Offers run throughout the Year.

"A Cat is a suPURR Species who has entered our Lives to give it more PURRSpective."

Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
(while scratching and itching CALi's Chin on 
Monday, December 25, 2017 - 12:29 AM CST)

For any QoQ: Questions or Queries:  
tweet me at:  


or email me at:


with CRINGE in The Subject Line.



NOTE:  #Caturday is yet another PlayName for Cat Owners for Saturday.

NOTE12-23-2017 - 7:43 PM Revelation:
This is Blog 1258 & that's the Numerical Address where We ABC: Adrienne-Bob-Cali first met and lived.

NOTE: This is an ongoing Blog Story with Original Photography that will see Weekly (if not Daily) Additions of Cali & ATC:  All Things Cats as well as those of future CAT Clients needing additional Exposure for The #Cats_of_Their_Dreams.

#Cats R In Need Getting Enormous. (#CRINGE).
ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith.
Natl Splurge Day.
PAW: Pet Appreciation Week.


#December_26_2017 Inserts:  Two very important Holidates:

PAW: Pet Appreciation Week ©1994

& National Splurge Day ©1994

both created and activated in 1994 as part of my 27 year long Literary Platform named:


The Art of EVENT-Making

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

were repostulated and restructured to reflect Man's Current State of Disarray.  The following 4 Pages explain how  PAW & NSD are being commemorated and celebrated. Follow along closely:



FIRST TWEET SENT ON:  12-26-2017 – 1:55 PM CST
DBA:  #ASK_kooPURRSmith_on_CATS launches:
#CRINGE: #Cats R In Need Getting Enormous
Smoothest Cat #Humanitarian #Campaign since ASK’s #PAW: #Pet_Appreciation_Week ©1994.
GIT: Get Involved Today. Starts #January_1_2018 


TWO TWEETS SENT ON:  12-29-2017

U got it, #Catifornia. They R in #Miami rite now: #SouthBeach whoopg it up on The Main Therofare. Puttg their Little #Elf Suits up on @eBay next Week; #PURRoceeds go 2 The #CatFund_of_AmeriCAT,  helpg #Cats_in_Need. We owe them since We #domesti_CAT_ed them. 🐱Our #Obli_CAT_ion!

ASK Quote while chatting with Cali while sitting in Bed on:  December 29,2017 – 4:23 & 9:26 AM CST & 2:29 PM CST.
"The Kitty is The Spirit of The House. As a Person who admires ATAC: All Things About Cat(s) – your Cat’s Human - you have nothing better to do than care for her; love her; share Precious Time with her & play with her. Time devoted to anything else is wasted.  The Wonderfulness of those who opt (have the #op_PURR_ity) 2 live their Life with a Cat (1, 2, 3 or more), defined as a #CA_n_T_een of Kitties, are the luckiest Lot in the World."  



Feline Advo_CAT_e:
Dateline:  Sunday, January 28, 2018 

When anything carries The POW POW Power of a Missile, it instantly becomes a Force to be reckoned with. Derived from The Term: Miscellaneous.  In this #PURR_ticular Case on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 4:36 AM, I was hit by THE THOUGHT that CRINGE should also stand for:


which is The Truth of The Matter. Therefore, the full Title of this Campaign is now:


in order to double-up on its Impact and Meaning to make certain that MISSILE Strength Actions are taken in order that CATS’ Lives are bettered.


Recent Blogs related to The Topic of PETS include the following Five (5ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith penned in late December,2017 through early January, 2018 that you may wish to read to understand my Angle & Slant on The Formation of my Mindset & Motivations concerning Man's Role to(wards) Animals, a 65+ year Study of Compassion & Love:


ASK_kooPURRSmith launches: CRINGE: #Cats R In Need Getting Enormous (#CRINGE).



#FERAL_FURRidays ©2018 ® ™ When #Cats_Help_Cats. A #Cali_The_Calico Initiative for 2018. She is also The CEO of #ASK_Chicago's Heart. Alot of Work 4 an 8 Pound Kitty.



2018 is going to The Dogs. Accrediting The Chinese on that 1. When you love a Pet, it gets its own Year. Pet Reporting by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Author of Petology 101

#ASK_Chicago_on_Canineisms: #GeezerMutt_Days ©2018 & #GeezerMutt_Weeks ©2018 unveiled. Hey, People, just take 2018 off & play with your Dog(s). When the #Dog_Days_of_Summer become cross-seasonal.


Cat Lovers are not going to take it! 2018 arrives as YEAR OF THE DOG. Thank The Chinese 4 that 1 due to their Zodiac Calendar. Putting up with cute Dog Stunts & Videos 4 an entire year gives us CATS something to BARF over. Where’s Equality for Felines?

The Official Year of The Dog Blog. Spotlighting 353 Days of The Best Dog Art – Books – Creations ever amassed in 1 Place for such a Special Event. Launched by: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Founder of PAW: Pet Appreciation Week ©1994.