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The Art of The Bird. When Birds & The Arts meet, The Sky is The Limit," according to ASK: #AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith, “America’s Premier Eventologist” & leading Social Media Network Expert of Choice.


My Interest:  Birds in The Arts/Literature/Cinema/Music stems from The Early-1950s when my Love of Birds began.  From The Prehistoric to Contemporary Times, Man’s Fascination with Birds holds fast asking The Questions:  Who’s doing what?  When?  Where and Why?  Who is not awed by The Beautiful/Splendor and even The Strange(r) Birds that fly past your Screen (both Windows and Computers) while perusing Social Media Networks.  I surely am and I want to know more about The Individuals/Groups who care enough to comment and post.  What do they know that I don’t know yet? 

As The Birdictionary ©1998/2015 and The Bird Who Didn’t Learn How To Fly ©1998 Author; 16 original Avian HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE (Intellectual Property) are contained in my Eventology  Realm proclaimed as: DECADE OF THE BIRD: 2015-2025 ©2015.  HOLIDATES lend credence to my Voice adding relevance in The Bird Kingdom.

Eleven Bird Blogs:
Two YouTube Videos:

while Two Bird Movie Scripts collectively harbor 78 novel Avian Bird Actors are on my Drawing  Board.  

A Round-Table Discussion of like-minded People would be “The Bird’s Cheep.”  Visuals + Text link us all without even understanding the same Language.  “Talkin Bird” (The Symposium’s Title) would be distributed as a Blog Posting beginning in January to those in my Global Circle who’ll be attending NAOC: 2016 in August.  

For every Bird that Lives amongst us, The Need exists to save them from The Perils/Pitfalls/Predicaments of 21ST Century Life, infested by Man(kind).  The Literary Masterpiece, The Birdictionary ©1998/2015 (more of a Bird-O-Pia©1998) alone fills that Void via 1,025 helpful, new Bird-Words.  110 outstanding Platforms/Conversations; The Alphabetization of Birddom running through 2039; while 43 Acronyms and 33 Campaigns comprise major Birdicular Segments. 

Birds face 30 Daily Conflicts.  Word-of-Mouse to discuss how Birds inspire (even inspiring The Youngest Generations) will secure that “Our Friends in High Places” (and Ground Species) remain a constant Resident of our Planet, not a sorely-missed Memory of a bygone and long gone Era which is how it appears now with The Sixth Major Extinction running amok. 

Lots to talk, discuss and share.  Dandy Discussions “feathers their Nests” as those should.

Nature Organizations, Art Galleries, Book Publishers and Film Producers/ Directors would welcome, relish and attend this Creative Enclave of Global Intelligentsia/Talent all in one attractive Location that backs Birds and sets forth The Groundwork for Future Avian Issues/Species in The Arts /Literature/Cinema/Music Realms.

As a Thought-Provoker, ABC: Audubon Bird Clubs (across The Planet) may wish to hire me now; thus opening an ASKian Wing/Department that launches such a Talk-a-Thon and  innovative Publishing/Film Operation.

MOTTO & MESSAGE:  “Love Birds; don’t harm, kill, maim or eat them.”  Birds’ Effect is far-reaching.

Won’t you join me in developing this Legacy as to how The Presence of Birds colors Our Days and connects People in a Reflective Sweep? 

Because I’m The Liveliest Commentator/Entertainer/Info-Provider on The Internet
(emphasizing Bird Themes in Popular Culture) connecting before and after any  ABC: Avian/Bird Convention is only a Point & Click away, equating to Universal Success for all  Species concerned.   


How ASK/Chicago’s Go Fund Me Campaign aids Birds (big & small – flightful & flightless) through her ever-popular Holidate : The Decade of The Bird(s) 2015-2025.

A Birdcentric Platform
devoted to
The Purity & Sanctions of Nature.
A Continuing Saga with no Ending…until Man

“If you can obtain a License linked to a #Brand, TV Series, Sports,
 something evergreen (as Nature) is preferably The Route to take.”
Paraphrased from: Meyer Janet Quote
Monday, July 8, 2013


“Birds are more than a Food Chain.”
Friday, December 25, 2015 – 8:10 AM CST


 “Act now. Later may be too late.” 
Monday, December 28, 2015


“Put your Money where your Beak is.”
How BirdLovers everywhere can have something to crow, chirp and rave about
with my Award-winning Outlook on Nature & Birds’ Role in preserving that Balance.   

Friday, December 11, 2015 – 12:18 PM CST
Sunday, December 20, 2015 – 10:02 AM CST
Wednesday, December 30, 2015 – 8:35 AM CST

One of its Primary Tweets (posted on 12-20-2015 – 12:39 PM CST) reads as:
BirdStory will put so many PPL to work as this is the STAR Wars of the Avian World:  #GO_BIRDS.

NOTE: In order not to confuse The Reader here,
BIRDSTORY” is the Collective Whole of my PROJECT that is explained below here.
You will also see The Name or Term:  PROJECT: BIRDSTORY used quite often.

A SALARY OR STIPEND MUST BE GENERATED IN ORDER FOR ME TO  complete  this entire Body of  Creative Work that will change The Course of BirdLife,  Nature, Literature and Film beginning in early 2016 to continue as a Work-of-Art through 2025.  I began this Project on October 1, 1998. It has “Legs” – “Wings” We could say and as you shall soon see.

Because this is Part & Parcel of a GO FUND ME Campaign that till be online by Mid-January, 2016, the following are Snippets of what I plan to accomplish; do and perform for:


CUTTING TO THE CHASE:  Funding $25,000,000 will set PROJECT: BIRDSTORY into motion and will adequately cover Pre-Production Work on Books/Appearances/Videos/Marketing Pieces/Promotions/Creation of Team prior to The Movie Producer whose Job is to arrange The Financing of The Two (2) Movies (possibly Three (3).  Convention Appearances throughout The Decade-long Project will continue piquing Interest as Birds always do.  According to Internet Sources, an Animation Movie can range from $50,000,000 - $150,000,000 to make. This Go Fund Me Account is interested in supporting The Work prior to The Three (3) Movies’ Production that will set The Bird Kingdom into Motion in which I have already “worked” since 1998, a total of Seventeen (17) Years.

Consider this Thought:  Your Future depends on The Actions you take now.  Now, before “later” sets in…or else.

Nature’s Birds are living on a Planet that’s running amok. The Time to act is long overdue.

I. IN THE BEGINNING:  The Story of how a Fundraiser instigated and drove an International, Prominent Humanitarian and PRAMOLOGIST (Expert in Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing) to help Our Friends in High Places: The Birds.

Once the most abundant Expanse on Earth, Nature is the most underfunded, but most spectacular Commodity any of us have left that is now melting away  beneath our Talons/Toes, Wings, Feet or Paws furiously & fiercely burning or blown away before our very Eyes.  Gone in an Instant.  Never to return as it was.  Gone in a Snap.  Sometimes forever, which is a long, long time.  ASK me, I know, as I have been living and absorbing those Influences in The Inner City of Chicago since May of 1974 and, as a News Devotee and Observer, The Comparison is that of a Caged Bird wishing to escape those Confines.  Therefore, Fascination and Concern with those Avians in which I can identify.

Nothing is more relaxing than a Retreat - a Place of Tranquility - to restore yourself to your former and Previous Order of Calm absorbed in being a Part of Nature in Nature.  Yet, The Distinction is rapidly turning into an Extinction for far too many Creatures.  And, in The Realm of Mankind, she/he, too, is amongst those Numbers although most Men will not admit it, that The Blunt Reality is that Extinction is a very real Fact(or) of 21ST Century Life.  The Earth is wrapped tightly in its 6TH Major Extinction, one that is escalating faster than records stated 100 years ago – only a Century ago – with upwards of Dozens of Species becoming extinct daily.  Scientists predict that between 30-50% of all Species may disappear completely by 2050.

It’s frightening but true: Our Planet is now fully emerged in The Midst of its Sixth Mass Wave of Extinction losing Plants and Animals at alarming Rates.  Within the last 500,000 years, the worst String and Succession of Species Reductions since The Dinosaurs circa 65,000,000 years ago have taken place.  The Fact prevails:  Extinction is an evident and reoccurring Facet of Nature, but its present Rate far exceeds the 1/5 Species annually occurring. Biologists assess that Scale is now 1,000 to 10,000 times greater with Droves becoming extinct as this Copy is being read. The Future is frightening with as many as 30 to 50 percent of all Species possibly heading toward Extinction by Mid-Century. 
Bearing those Postulates in Mind, as a Life-long Writer/Academician/Researcher/Think Tank Leader, feeling compelled and knowing it would become my Legacy, I created my own Literary Genre known as:

The ART of EVENT-Making
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns for Humanity ©1990

on Wednesday, July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM CST to spread Light, Humanity & Clearance (The Act of Clearing up Ignorance, NaivetĂ© & Falsehoods) on important Issues & pressing Topics that matter worked on a Daily Basis is where Accomplishment is linked to Education + Entertainment,  The Keystones to a free and activated Life.

A Wave of Social Consciousness stands erect to help those ABC:  Animals-Birds-Creatures who have been critically inflicted.   Torn away from their Natural Routines, thus thrown into a precarious and life-threatening Arena where Re-Adaption to a Post-Industrial and now Techno-Life presides, prevails hardly prepared or bred into their Life/Lives now forever changed and hardly for The Better.  Do you think begging for a Crumb of Bread or a Nut is respectful to any Bird or Squirrel?  Think again.


To build Momentum, I collaborated with Robert C. WitbolsFeugen, a High School Classmate who attended Mendota Township (from 1966-1970) with me who immediately saw Merit in my Project. On Saturday, August 8, Robert filmed me with The Birds, then edited and posted Two (2) YouTube Videos titled as:

Lake of Hungry Ducks filmed by Robert C. WitbolsFeugen
Posted Wednesday, August 12, 2015 – on Robert’s YouTube Channel

Duck, Duck, Goose filmed by Robert C. WitbolsFeugen
Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 – on Robert’s YouTube Channel
Later uploaded to my own YouTube Channel:  

and retitled as:

BIRDSTORY: The Bird Who Didn't Know How To Fly by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Video #1
Posted Wednesday, August 19, 2015 – on Channel ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith 


Thursday, November 19, 2015
#Talking_Turkey. The far-reaching Benefits (both gluttonous & spirited) as to why Turkey Killing & Indulgence should be finally banned in The USA for Thanksgiving. #Leave_That_Bird_alone!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Contemplating The Effect(s) of BIRDictionary: The World’s First Creative Bird Dictionary empowering all Avians to live in a World inhabited by The Human Race via Think Tank Leader: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith of Chicago: Day 222 of The Project. A Rundown of what was and what is to come…

Friday, August 14, 2015
BirdStory’s 1ST YouTube Video: Duck Duck Goose becomes Koopersmithin’ 1200TH Blog Entry while ASK’s Birdictionary hits the 806/1000 Mark. You’re invited to watch their Antics at Play online at:

Saturday, August 1, 2015
BirdStory: The Bird Who Didn't Learn How to Fly ©1998/2015 launches another Wing. ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith: Author launches FoB: Friends of Birds Days ©2015 on Saturday, August 1, 2015 for THE DECADE OF THE BIRDS: 2015-2025.

Monday, July 20, 2015
GYBO: Get Your Bird On® with the leading Bird Enterprise of The Day: BirdStory: The Book. The Movie. The Soundtrack to saving Nature. An #ASK_Chicago Production. 4.6 Billion Years in The Making.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Branding Bird Story: How Nature & Eventology color our Days in Unexpected Ways.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Save The Birds! #Save_The_Birds. Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures. How you can save The Birds in Nature today.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
The Incredible Edible Egg: The Pop Culture Life & Times of Man & Animals’ Easiest Food Source. How that’s easily accomplished by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Author - Screenwriter - Eventologist of Bird Story.

Saturday, March 7, 2015
If you like Birds, then, you’ll love this Book & Movie Script. On the Heels & Squeals of Birdman, the 2015 Oscar Winner, The Bird Who Didn’t Learn How to Fly ©1998/2015 takes flight. Angel Investors & Sponsors needed. ‘Fly High’ with Bird Story.

Therefore, employing Creative Tweaking and Editing, The Title of The Original Book published in 1998 was called:

The Bird Who Didn't Learn How To Fly ©1998.

To this Day, what distinguishes The Bird Who Didn't Learn How To Fly ©1998 from any other Bird Book is its Birdictionary ©1998 that contains a Compendium of 108 Original Bird Terms in order to draw The Reader and BirdLover into the STORY  Line and Plot.

To this Day, no other Author has ever used this Methodology to save a Species. Words carry Weight. Specifically designed Terms can motivate, draw Attention and suggest Action to be taken that will affect Positive Change.  This is what THE BIRDS need.

The Birdictionary is distinguished as a useful Book for Bird Experts, Bird Lovers, Ornithologists, Nature Lovers, Naturalists, Teachers, The Young, The Young-at-Heart and every Individual and Group who is in-touch and devoted to Nature.  A Need is there for more appropriate and Original Terms that are specifically attuned to portray Birds and Birdlife whose Emphasis is on that Material which is: Highly Imaginative, Informational, Educational and Creative - how The Birdictionary ©1998/2015 is readily characterized.  Add STORY Books and Three (3) Movie Scripts and an entire Industry emerges.  As an Authority promoting a very succinct Point, The STORY Plot Lines are laid out in plain Sight.


1998-2015:  Seventeen (17) Years have thus passed since that fateful Experience occurred.  Obviously, The Scenery has changed; yet Nature still needs (y)our Support.  Ironically, as Man takes from Nature, only Man can stop himself from further and future Harm, done both to Nature and himself.  Irony trumps Life.  More than ever.  During that Time, I have fed Tens of Thousands of Birds.  I have watched Birds while they have watched me, all teaching me…as a Parent would…learn priceless Lessons.  Birds across cold, concrete City Lots that were once forested, once pristine, below their Wings, high above Waterways.  I have listened to The Birds serenade me.   I had listened to The Birds.  

Their Song is now a Plea for help to Stop The Madness.”

Friday, December 25, 2015 – 5:42 AM CST

The Website called End Times Prophecy:  Earth's Final Warning at: 

reports Mass Die-Offs as to how many Creatures die each Day of The Year a/k/a: Birdemise, yet another ASKIAN Birdictionary Term that embraces what exactly is going on Today that needs your Immediate Attention.  Therefore, The Need is there for more People to come to The Aid of Birds – to all Creatures – for that matter. #Birds_Lives_Matter.  Earth Life Matters.  #Earth_Life_Matters.



During The Course of that 17 Year Circadian Period, I learned how to screenwrite. One of my Scripts, iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 (a/k/a: Ants) beat-out 3,164 other Submissions in Scriptapalooza's International  Screenplay Competition in July of 2010 being read by Hollywood Movie Industry Leaders who know what will sell and appeal to Viewing Audiences.  Paving a Series as this with a huge Bank of Creative Works, BIRDSTORY's Time has arrived.  FYI, “Ants” is Part and Parcel of:


(with the 110 Platforms and Campaigns and 77 Birdactors  along with 78 Campaigns & Acronyms; plus ___# Birdly HOLIDATES)

is touted as The Eighth in THE SKiN Series. A Billion Dollar Cinematic/Literary, The Themes are to:

eliminate Racism;
dispel The Mixed Signals & Ironies Man receives every Day: and
getting to The Heart of what really matters.

comprise The Three (3) most important Topics of this Century.  All spoken via TOYS that happen to be The Biggest Money-Making Commodity that goes hand-in-paw-in wing with a successful Movie & its Sequels.   Who could “ask” for more? 

NEEDLESS TO SAY:  As exciting as Birds are, hardly enough Hours can be devoted to care for their Needs (since they really cannot speak to us and tell us their Issues) on any Given Day, but We can observe.   We can only guess and calculate what they go through.  That is why I am opening PROJECT: BIRDSTORY – its Collective Name – to prioritize and share the most important “The Advancements & Creative Prototypes” under The Auspices & Direction of my keen Approach and Imagination, joining my like-minded Avian-centric Associates across The World (on all the leading Social Media Networks) that I work and The Contacts I have secured, the last Fifty (50) Years.  As an active Figure in The PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing Fields since 1979 when I began: 

“People read what ASK writes about...”
Where The Brand is based around ASK
(my trending Initials that are synonymous to the most Active Action Verb in The World:
The Art & Act of ASKing,
this is how I,
 as a Creatif Type A Personality & Prototype,
 interpret “The World.”

The End Product becomes a vitally important Part of your Daily Practice besides my Legacy.  The End Result equates to a Joint Effort insuring “The Birds” are saved from further Devastation – never forgotten or harmed.  Inclusion entails:

A)  The Bird Who Didn't Learn How To Fly ©1998; followed by The Year of The Bird ©1999

B)  The Birdictionary ©1998/2015

C) BIRDSTORY: Movie Script of 260 Pages; a Work-in-Progress with 110 Point Platforms & Campaigns.  Movie Material; with 78 Birdillian Characters with cool Names, Looks, all with their own Personalities or Birdsonalities; a Sequel in “The Making” due to its Length (alone);

D) Bird Blog Bank.  Regular Updates on Advancements made on PROJECT: BIRDSTORY   through Wednesday, December 31, 2025.  Eleven (11) have been written in 2015 alone.

E)  THE DECADE OF THE BIRD(S) and Twenty (20) new Bird HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE, all available to be licensed.



Because my Project stems from a Love of Birds that Trillions of People (have) share(d) with me since The First Cave Man Drawing was etched upon a cold, sparse and dark, ill-lit (as in Light, not LIT-erature in this Case) Limestone Wall was conceived, so is this Project – The Culmination of My Life – to date – 63 years of Bird Strides, Studies and Observations into The Wonders of Nature and how Birds are the integral Part serving as the Prime Example covering all Human Points from from A-Z.

A Monetary Flow of Capital must be gathered to fund an intensive Operation of this Size/Scope.  An estimated Twenty-Five Million Dollars ($25,000,000) over a Ten Year Period) is that Workable Figure to be used to fund:

The Pre-Production & Production Work of BIRDSTORY: Part 1: From 1998 only began by my Creative Volition.  Therefore, now that it has been 17 years, my Salary as Owner/Creatif of PROJECT: BIRDSTORY is centered on my Goal of finishing this illustrious Endeavor, inclusive of every Facet when it comes to Book Publishing/Distribution and its Marketing/Branding Aspects under my Auspices of “ASK.” The Film-Making Portion will be left in The Hands of a very capable Producer who will raise The Remainder of The Cash to subsidize this Portion of The Project.   

Its Complete Odyssey) as in:

The Twenty-Five Million Dollars ($25,000,000) will be used towards:

Provision of a Studio Rental/Office, preferably owned and not rented;

Documenting; Recording and Writing;

Obtaining, enlisting and Retention Attorneys Legal Help (Legal Expenses) who focus on the Creative Arts & Internet Intellectual Properties; to oversee/Licensing the vast Amount of Literature produced here;

Bird Radio – become regular Guest and/or Host &/or Stage and promote my own Show;
Making of Audio and Quote Books from these Birdly Writings;

Securing the correct and most astounding Avian Photography: Development of mine and others to boost their Careers under the Auspices of BIRDSTORY (The Collective Whole of this 10 Year Excursion into BIRDS);

The Research;

The Development;

The Editing;

The Hiring of Talent (Staff) for Team: BIRDSTORY® inclusive of Interns; Students pursuing a Career in Ornithology.  Temporary Staffers;

Farming out Work to Special Interest Groups;

Establish a Wing at an American Zoo or other Avian Sanctuary; and/or create my own; 
Hiring Geeks who can work PROJECT: BIRDSTORY; post and project The Analytics that BIRDSTORY is producing;

The Publishing and Distribution of every Facet of BIRDSTORY.

“We don't know instead of claiming to be in
“The Right” all along while other Creatures are dying on command?”

Saturday, November 14, 2015 – 10:46 AM CST

Seriously think about making a Monetary Donation/Contribution and/or adjust your Will and Last Testament to assist this impressive and worthwhile BIRD PROJECT that has all its Bases covered, like none other.  Please share this Project with your Social Media Networks (Family – Friends – Neighbors – Associations Social Civic Groups) who should know and can share my Sentiments here.  For those Individuals/Groups needing precise and succinct Twitter Posts written, my finely-honed BIRDSTORY Tweet Bank is pre-created for that precise Purpose of serving you while you serve (The) Birds.  PROJECT: BIRDSTORY is earmarked and destined to become the most prolific Literary and Natural Project of this Century, The Bottom Line being:

Do it for The Birds.
Doing it for The Birds.

Fables but much longer when I realized that to enhance its Pages and add Charm and a Special Singularity, what better Way would there be than to draw Attention and to bring in more Readers than to add a Dictionary? Yes, that was The Impetus – The Brainstorm – that drove me to create the very First Set of 108 Bird Words back in 1998.  I felt this authoritative Addition would appeal to Birders and BirdLovers, a Literary Ploy to engage – to enjoy and to draw my Readers into The Avians own Special World.

The original Creative Writing and Drawings that are found in The Prototype Book of The Bird Who Didn't Learn How To Fly ©1998 (now 17 years old as of 2015) are now referred  to as The Marketable By-Products (cleverly referred to as: Buy-Products) – classified as “Collectibles” to those Individuals who are staunch Bird/Film/Literature Collectors and Aficionados.

A continual Stream of Online Blogs and Hardcopy Notations are created, devised and distributed in order to keep PROJECT: BIRDSTORY in The Public's Eye.  Other Commercial Items include:  Coloring and Quotation Books all culled from my Visions of this expansive and ever-growing Project.  More immense and intense Words are derived from and lie in the yet-to-be edited 260 Page PreScript of/from BIRDSTORY.  The 110 Point Platform & Campaign Script now rests as a Work-in-Progress that will still need 3-5 years of Mastering.  That's why a Team must be found and formed to expedite THE STORY of immense Potential that puts The People to work, working for making Life better for The Birds that surround us.  As stated above, The Bird Who Didn't Learn How To Fly ©1998 (The Original) needs to be made into a 30-45 Minute Animated Film and/or TV Show using The Art of Jean Ignace Isidore GĂ©rard Grandville.


To explain that Statement, I have penned an enhanced or augmented Essay containing – of 5,602+/- Words to widen and broaden The Scope as to how Words affect Our Lives – used as the Preface to The Birdictionary ©1998/2015.  This Special Supplement on the Usefulness of a Bird Dictionary (the only one of its Kind ever penned) in The 21ST  Century Living was inspired by the profound Works of Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) all derived from his moving Six (6) Word Quotation that was stated 260 years ago that I located while researching:

“To make Dictionaries is hard work.”

But I was up for “The Challenge.”  Little did Sam know that 231 years after his Death would that Quote lead to a Birdictionary and leading Bird Actions to save Nature. FIX.

Truer Words were never spoken:

“Yet, to dictionary or not to dictionary.  That is The Question.”

For any of you wishing to create the Next Big Word that will make the most Impact on Mankind, I can tell you that penning, producing, promoting and pioneering any other multi-faceted Project is much easier with a Computer than it was for Dr. Johnson back in the 18TH Century without the limitless Benefits of High Technology.  When a Project of this nature is completed, it's not as Birds are a continual Source of Inspiration.  When a Project of this Variety is perfected, its Ramifications will prove to be well-worth The Effort, opening Doors and Minds to benefit our Feathered Friends.


The Bird Who Didn't Learn How To Fly ©1998 – initial Prototype Booklet has been retyped and saved to a 21ST Century PC Format;

260 Pages of PROJECT: BIRDSTORY Script #2 began on Sunday, February 22, 2015 (deemed as a Work-in-Progress);

The Birdictionary:  1,025 New Bird Terms with their explicit and helpful Definition and its accompanying 5000+ Word Preface and several Spin-Offs according to popular Bird Breeds;

The 77 Bird Characters (aptly called Birdacters and/or Birdactors) named and personalized who appear in PROJECT: BIRDSTORY in Script #2 (as of yet unnamed) as of Tuesday,December 29, 2015;

43 Acronyms that aid and assist The Birds as of Tuesday, December 29, 2015;

33 Campaigns that aid and assist The Birds as of Tuesday,December 29, 2015;

16 Bird-inspired HOLIDATES that aid and assist The Birds slated during THE DECADE OF THE BIRD(S): 2015-2025 as of December 29, 2015;

11 Bird Blogs (as of Tuesday, December 29, 2015) that grow consistently every Month; and

Slews of Social Media Posts created and sent daily since  Monday, February 23, 2015 via Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn to generate Interest.

THE DECISIVE DECADE DEDICATED TO ATB & ATA:  All Things Bird and All Things Avian:

Birds stretch The Gamut.  GAMUT as in Great Avians Move Us Today.  Therefore, a continuous Line-up of Activities to encompass their Diversity in this Specific Block of Time 2015-2025 will tie-together all like-minded People.  Author signing Events and Meet-and-Greets will be scheduled during THE DECADE OF THE BIRD(S).  Because my BIRD HOLIDATES dot the entire Calendar, when a National Birding Convention takes place, Meet-and-Greets will be scheduled during these Ornithological Conventions a Literary EVENTS all being advanced to allow Birds to thrive as they should be, by being Birds.  Born that way.  That's the only Requirement.

In order to echo The Historical Words of President John F. Kennedy:

“Ask not what BIRDS can do for YOU;
Ask what YOU can do for (The) Birds.”

Monday, November 16, 2015 – 6:27 AM CST

I have asked.  I have wondered.  I have thought.  I have created.  I have dreamed. I have devised.  I have advanced The Cause of The Birds for us all. 

With this Project, The Sky is The Limit.  As one of my Blogs suggests:

GYBO:  Get Your Bird On®
with the Leading Bird Enterprise of The Decade:
BirdStory:  The Books.  The Movies.
The SoundTrack to saving Nature.
An ASK/Chicago Production.  63 Years in The Making. 

If epoch-making and unusually creative Endeavors excite and interest you, then by all means, PROJECT: BIRDSTORY has your Name penned across it.  Are We complacent?  Are We Part of The Problem or a Leader in the Solution?

Simply write to me at:

THE GO FUND ME Campaign will be online by January 15, 2016.  
Please consider donating and contributing 
to this worthy Project.  
The Birds would appreciate that kind Gesture...