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Cartoonists against Crime ©1991. 24TH Year Perspective by Creator: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. How a 30 Second Incident changes IT all.

ASK/Chicago:  A BLAST FROM THE PAST:  Today In  Cartoon + Comic Art History.


Had it been a foggy and rainy day when hardly anyone attempts to go out, even if it is only 2 days before Christmas, what happened to me 24 years ago tonight at 6 PM would have never happened. That is when I was followed into my apartment building, beat up, robbed and left for dead in a puddle of blood - my own!   But that was then and today’s today and yesterday’s gone as the old song says. 


After I lived through Hurricane Camille on Sunday August 17, 1969 in New Orleans with 4 of my 5 family members, I always felt I was living on Borrowed Time, but this was a bit too close to home – only 10 steps away from the safe and warm confines of my apartment.


Crime has not gotten any better; as a matter of fact, it has gotten worse and Crime is now classified as Terrorism Attacks – but this was your Homegrown Violence that often happens in Big Cities.


How I fought back was through The Creation of the most unique Comic & Cartoon Art Campaign that was ever invented to that point in time that helped educate people of being better able to navigate their surroundings.  Art flew in from Cairo to Australia; across the USA; Canada and even Cuba when the Embargo was in full bloom.  Prisoners heard about the crusade and those remorseful for the crimes they committed even helped me to TOON OUT CRIME. I received 3 Letters of Endorsement from President William J. Clinton as Crime Prevention was #1 on his agenda; Mayor Richard M. Daley made October 25Th CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME Day honoring my Comic Artists and Governor Jim Edgar of Illinois (at my urging) declared December 3 DAY WITHOUT CRIME ©1993.


Slews of Articles appeared; 4 Shows were set into action and The Campaign to TOON OUT CRIME ©1991 brought out artists from across the world as they knew how precarious Life can be and that crime happens in a nano-second and changes a person forever.


I am merely touching upon this today as we all must play it safer and the one thing you should remember is to trust your GUT INSTINCTS.


Going down MEMORY LANE, here’s 2 of my fave Articles:


Cartoonists Against Terrorism – Article penned by Jennifer M. Contino


Real Crimefighter Seeks Comics` Help

April 03, 1992|By A. Dahleen Glanton.



CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME ©1991 turned into CARTOONISTS AGAINST TERRORISM ©2001 after The Twin Towers in NYC fell.  We can all what we can to help make the world safer – with whatever Talents we have. 


For any and all questions; for interviews; to know more about the Collection & writings,  feel free to contact me here on Facebook as this is a topic very near and dear to my Artistic & Creative Growth the last 63 years.


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