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“Breaking Bee” while (bee-ing) iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009. How The Smallest of Creatures make the biggest Impressions & Impact on Hollywood & FOH: Friends of Hollywood. Revisiting an American Classic: Bee Movie @ 10 in 2017. BEE-cause there is an entirely New Generation of Kids who need to meet #Barry_B_Benson.

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TITLE:  “Breaking Bee” while (bee-ing) iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009.  How The Smallest of Creatures make the biggest Impressions & Impact on Hollywood & FoH:  Friends of Hollywood.  Revisiting an American Classic: Bee Movie @ 10 in 2017. BEE-cause there is an entirely New Generation of Kids who need to meet #Barry_B_Benson.

SUBTITLE:  Barry B. Benson @ 10 in 2017. Just think.  In 2020, he becomes a Teenager. BEE-tter make that BEE-nager.  Hashtag that:  #BEE_nager.  Branding at its best...BEES-t.  No messing with The Super-Pollinators, People!


DESTiNATiON: Chicago, Illinois USA


“(Taking the) Time Out for Make-Believe... 


Honestly The Best Drug in The World”

(except for Honey).


  Sunday, May 1,-2016 – 7:36 PM CST

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on what it means to be creative...

Hey, this is a Salute to a fine A-rated Movie about BEES & a Promotional Plug for my Bug Movie: iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 that sprang from a  Five (5) Word Statement  I coined for my CHARACTOY, BARELY PINK (an Albino Bear Cub who is “BarelyPink as his Name relays and implies) in 2009 that went like this:

“You can't domesticate an Ant.” ©2009

 With that profound Statement, and now Seven (7) Years of Research & Writing have found that ANTS  & all the other Creatures here on our “Granite  Planet” can influence an Audience at The Drop of a Pigeon Feather! 


“After all, BUGS are BIG!

LITTLE as they are, BUGS are BIG Business!


Thursday, May 5, 2016 – 8:20 AM CST

Friday, May 6, 2016 – 4:52 AM CST

As a Nature Lover & Supporter of The UnderDog (“ANT” in this case), that profound Quote sent me on an unexpected Journey of a LifeTime. One that was scientific, educational & creative in nature.


After Three (3) of The  STORieS were penned, I figured if I were to win a Literary Award, then that Composition would have a much better Chance at becoming recognized for its Essence & Universal Messages. While at a Marketing Meet-up, I met an Evanston Producer who read Chapter 28 who stated The Copy sounded like: Children's Performance Theatre.” Surprised at his Comment, because I didn't have any Children, I was not a Performer & I never was involved in Theatre, I felt he knew something I was not privy to.  This was an Opinion I respected and had to re-evaluate for The Placement and Success of this Series for Present & Future Generations to have and enjoy.

Thinking out of “The Proverbial Box,” I then taught myself how to write Movie Scripts and decided to try my hand at a popular Contest whereby The Judges (Readers of The Submissions) were Hollywood Movie Industrial Insiders (who know what is marketable and trending).  Sure enough, that Strategy worked in July of 2010 when my Spec Script named: 


(Animation with 31 Characters as Scores of ANTS live @ The Colony)

beat-out 3,164 other Script Submissions in The Scriptapalooza International ScreenPlay Competition based in Hollywood and headed by former Chicagoan, Mark Andrushko. In retrospect, I only had  One (1) Regret for had I spent more time on The Rewrites, I'd have gotten an Agent from Scriptapalooza Execs as one of The Awards for placing.  However, enthused by that Designation, I immediately rewrote The Script into Two (2) STORieS or B&&KS, because FACE IT, FOLKS: Sequels are popular.  After all, Writers cannot have too much Material-on-hand, as I do.  P[PULAR  CULTURE clocks The Pulse of Our Generation & Times.

As a Warning, do not try Screenwriting on your own, People.  For a Creative Person who writes or edits 2,000+ Words a Day & is fascinated in “The Written Word” and “The Glory of THE STORY,” Screenwriting guillotines this ART by “slicing and dicing (y)our Precious Thoughts.  Elimination is more.”  Writing a Script is scaling everything down to its “Bare Bone” - a complete Horror STORY to Wordies and Wordicologists. However, a few Months later, Two (2) B&&KS arose from The Scripts were re-penned so The Full STORY was laid out and saved for its Literary Content.

Now, as We head into The Summer of 2016, my ANT Script has Two (2) Parts since Sequels are popular and Likenesses of The Characters have been set into place.  Of course, B&&KS accompany that spotlight The 31 ANTILLIAN Characters – one for each Flavor of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream – it's an ANT Insider Joke  here at ANT CENTRAL as well as having its very own 225 Word ANTABULARY (an ANT Vocabulary List).  Plus, landing Sponsors are on my ANTENNAE and as ironic as it may seen, even a Pest Company may find iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 as something different they wish to invest in.  Branding in The 21ST Century takes on a unique, emerging Style that separates it from its Competitors.



The Dragonflies from The Caterpillars 

So what do BEES have in common with ANTS?  Both Populations are dwindling before Humans' very Eyes. As little as they are, ANTS & BEES hold a Big Job in balancing Nature by the Assortment of Tasks they perform on Earth.  BEES & ANTS need help before their Numbers grow smaller & smaller and fall into Extinction that will off-set The Balance of Nature in disruptive Ways. 

In October, 2007, Jerry Seinfeld's BEE MOVIE opened The World's Eyes to this Natural Crisis via CCD:  Colony Collapse Disorder whereby Biological Scientist/Author & The ANTS' most renown Advocate, E.O. Wilson has made BioDiversity his Life Mission to discover more about “The Tiniest of Creatures” who have overcome and persevered Life on Earth for over Hundreds of Millions of Years.  Most of The Problems and Issues (Depletion, Shortages & Extinctions)  occurring on Earth accelerated when Man evolved to become the most Invasive & Destructive Species to walk The Grounds of The Planet. That Phenomena is happening now at a Rapid Pace.


As a major Think Leader, Creative Writer & Promoter who collects TOYS and then proudly dresses up those TOYS for a vast array of Poignant STORieS about their Exploits, I had a Plan formulated after my First 55 Years of Life fell into Place. 

After living in “The City of Chicago” since 1974, My Concern involved and focused upon Man's Role in Nature and not what most People believe is:  Nature's Role in Man's Life. How do The Plant & Animal Kingdoms play such a relevant and important Part overlapping in Man's Life, but what was Man doing for and to The Environment in which he lived and co-habitated with all of Life. 


In the Pre-Publicity that Jerry Seinfeld (Team: BEE) released for BEE MOVIE, I became interested in BEE Life & their Contribution to Nature (as they were more than just being in touch with Honey). BEES lived in a Complex World, complicated all the more with Man, Technology & Modernization (all that was not natural in Stance).   How Jerry planned on educating “The Public” about such a crucial and timely Topic was a STORY in and of itself about “Branding BEES.”  But for THE BEES, it was a matter of Life or Death.  For some Reason I did not have this Inclination with Flies as Flies along with Bats & Rats have attained a Bad Rep(utation) – all MAN-ufactured by Man, of course.  But all that was to transpire in Fourteen (14) Months.  Let's not jump ahead of our Selves.  Leap FROGS do that...yet another Transpiration in-progress.

DATELINE:  October, 2007

At that Time (Monday, October 1, 2007 to be exact), when BEE MOVIE was premiering in Chicago, I dressed Two (2) of the leading TOYS (Predecessors that were later to become Characters from my 2009-2025) Project abbreviated to:


namely GORF  & E.T. BEE (yes, I had in my Possession a TOY  E.T. from DreamWorks (premiering on Friday, June 11, 1982) in Bumble BEE Children's HALLOWEEN Costumes (TOY Stylists have these on hand).  With that, We Three buzzed into the The Theatre.  Amazingly, no one else dressed up to support The Flick.  Where was their “Sense of FUN?” 

To BEE or not to BEE.  

WWSS:  What Would Shakespeare Say? 

Saying We stood out in The Name of FUN was an Understatement.  What can I say?  Honey tastes good.  BEES are responsible for its Production.  That was The Last Thing any able-bodied appreciative Human could do after Messrs. Seinfeld & Spielberg saw the urgent and dire Need for such a Cinematic Animated Production. 


BRINGING BACK WELL-LOVED CHARACTERS:  Archived,  but never forgotten...

Like an Old Friend, a Great Old Movie brings back 'those' Memories.

After all, this was a Special Salute to One of Steven Spielberg's most irresistible Characters, E.T., The ExtraTerrestrial who upon hearing about THE BEE's PLIGHT immediately returned to Earth, disguised as a BEE to support his Fellow Neighbor(s) – THE BUMBLE BEE who needed serious Assistance.  Why not!  After all, there are STORieS and huge Branding Opportunities and Oppor-TOON-ities behind (and BEE-hind) every Angle.  As the Creator of the World-renown:


I knew how to use PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing to “The Best” of my ASKIAN Abilities which is probably why I received The Title as “One of Chicago's Top Think Tank Leaders” from Ketchum PR/Chicago in the late 1990s (even though I never knew a single Person there).  Word of Mouse and Word of Mouse travels...when what you say is said “write” via The Power of a Creative Imagination.

In My World of Imagination & Creativity & Curiosity, any and every Thing was feasible.

Donned a  (not-too-mellow) Yellow & Black BEE Hat hoisting its own set of Antennae & a Vintage Yellow & Black Dress I wore in my 20s, as Fate would have it, one of Chicago's Favorite Chicago-Sun Times' Reporters, Bill Zwecker that I have known (due to my Publicity Biz that I've spearheaded since 1979) was assigned to cover The BEE MOVIE Premier.  Keith Hale, Bill's Camera Man accompanied him.  Bill and I spoke at length about The Merits & Need of this Movie.  In a Nutshell, TOYS & ANiMATiON were The Way to brand and to instill an important Message. 

Always looking for an Original Slant for his Assignment, I provided that.  I know Bill Z. got a kick-out of The Fact that a Grown Woman would bring her TOYS to a Movie Premier who represent and are “The Backbone & Model of and for ATA: All Things Animation. 

“After all, that was what this Movie was all about. 

Then, accordingly to challenge Mr. Blackwell,

 The Color of any Dress Code for the Last Quarter of 2007 was


making a BEE-dazzling  Fashion Statement,

 saluting BEES to focus on their Life or Death Plight. 

After all, Man may be at The Core of their Problem.”

It's Time to take Responsibility & not shed it like a Snake does its SKiN. 


Friday, May 6, 2016 – 8:06 AM CST

As We chatted, Bill scribbled down Notes. Then, he called over Keith Hale, a Sun-Times Camera Man and GORF, E.T.BEE & I strolled through the spacious AMC River East 21 Lobby to scout-out the Best Spots in which to take the following Three (3) Photographs:


 When your Dates are TOYS.

IN A NUTSHELL:  What Money won't buy: 

Concidentally, E.T. Is Part of DreamWorks' Properties – yet this Winning Combination of FROG & ExtraTerrestrial (an Alien) dressed up in BEE-rated Costumes caught The Attention & Eye  of Chicago's Top Celebrity Journalist & his Camera Man, Bill & Keith, respectively.

“Honoring E.T.

as The New 21st Century E.T.BEE who returns to Earth

 (disguised as a BEE)

to help save BEES is a pretty cool Concept.

 This is what Imagination is all about...”


Thursday, May 5, 2016 – 9:39 AM CST

Surprisingly, I was the only Adult who dressed up and decked out for “The Special Occasion” –  who brought 2 TOYS and who knew exactly what BEE MOVIE was to stand for – as a Popular Culture Phenomena and Commentary.  There was much more hidden under The Surface of this Film – something that was happening in Nature that needed Man's Help. 

The next Morning, GORF, E.T.BEE & my Picture was featured on Bill Zwecker's Column called SHOWCASE in The Center of The Page on Page 26 with Bill's  clever Review called:



That was October of 2007.  Things were starting to meld as “My 55 Year Observation” on how Nature was being destroyed jelled with DreamWorks' Interpretation of how this Global Collapse was happening, especially so since My Viewpoints involving my (Selection of) TOYS  ran parallel to this new emerging  Mindset.  My Messages revolved around:

1.        eliminating Racism;

2.       dispelling The Ironies & Mixed Signals We receive every Day; and

3.       getting to “The Heart” of what matters.

Then, in 2015, The James Patterson Summer Blockbuster called ZOO (on CBS) was released that further solidified this newer Mindset of Man's Role in Nature as a supportive Part of it in every Dimension.


The Voice of TOYS who represent Animal Species from 100s of Millions of Years ago turns Heads.  This is what makes SKiN so attractive and appealing. 

“To me, there is nothing more important than those Three (3) Themes. 

As a TOYS Lover since Birth

(when I got my First Golden Teddy Bear),

I realized TOYS can SAY SO MUCH without (m)uttering a Word

so much that needs to be said in a Troubled Time

 that calls for Kindness & Understanding...moreso than ever.”


Wednesday, May 4, 2016 – 12:37 PM CST

To keep with 1 of the Three (3) Themes of this Blog, let's make that last Phrase: 

...moreso than ever BEE-fore.


As a Person(ality) who is known for The Invention of Acronyms that instantly Brand a Project, low and behold while in my Sleep as I was turning over at STUDIO 1437 in Chicago on The Pivotal Date of Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 8:48 AM, The Title for The Entirety of my Creative Endeavor occurred to me in a Flash – in an  Instant  - an Early Morning Revelation as:



Today,  Four (4) of The Eight (8)  B&&KS/SCRiPTS are complete; The Remainder is on “The Drawing Board.”  But let me clear something up.  Creative as I am, from Sunday, February 22, 2015 on, I have been creating another Animal Angle - focusing on AVIANS – in The Format of yet another Movie (now 110 Minutes long) that can be added to “The SKiN Dynasty.”  THE BIRDICTIONARY accompanies The Script (as a B&&K will also) to this massive 1,050 Original Term B&&K that serves to protect Birds from the most invasive Species: Man himself.  Think about this ASKIAN Reasoning:  Birds come in every Color there is; yet there is no Sign of being bigoted since Prehistoric Times.  What do Avians they know that Humans don’t?  In SKiN's Grand Scheme, that means Nine (9) individual STORieS are  on The Drawing Board, of which Four (4) are done. Therefore, there is no better time now than for:


A sizable Advance and/or Sponsorship to finish up this colossal Project is currently needed so this Project materializes. The Groundwork has been laid.  It is already known to huge Blocks and Demographics of People across The World since I am constantly promoting and socially networking every Project I ever created every Day.


Think about how just One Small Species – THE BEE(who may either BEE in The Classification of Apis florea - Apis dorsata - Apis cerana and/or Apis mellifera averages from 12 to 16 Millimeters in Length or 1.54 inches & is only mere few Nano-Ounces in Weight which again proves that it is never about Size) yet this Creature can influence so many for so many Millions of Years without even speaking a Word.  Well, mayBEE they do speak – speaking The Language of Buzz.  And, let us not forget, BEES were the #First_Drones.  We owe them RESPECT plus much, much more.

So is it with THE in my STORY called iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009, whose Script turned Heads in Hollywood in 2010.  This is nothing short of “amazing” by any and all Standards.  So get your Bumbles out of Storage; leave your Fear at The Door; it's time to iron out some Bugs “out there” in what is known as Man's Stinkin' Thinkin’ & lend a Helping Hand.  2017 marks The Tenth Year Anniversary of BEE MOVIE and The Question to ASK is:

“What has been learned and how are THE BEES faring while THE 31 ANTS of my iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 seek to find able, willing and generous Venture Capitalists, Sponsors & a State-of-The-Art Studio to begin production on it and the Eight (8) other Movie Scripts in:



“In October, 2017,

it will BEE the Tenth (10TH) Year  Anniversary of


created by Jerry Seinfeld & Steven Spielberg

& The ScreenPlay by:

all online at:

Now is a unique Time to review what's been accomplished


how We can do more for Nature on this volatile Course

 of Living on Earth. 

Life should be as “sweet as Honey”


if People systematically work in  unison as BEES & ANTS do

... The Right Direction...

 of being


Good Stewards of The Earth,

that is accomplishable, commendable & respectable.”


Wednesday, May 4, 2016 – 5:39 PM CST

Consider this upcoming Period for BEE MOVIE a BEE-Revival – make that BEEvival!

“Defining The Reel Purpose of a BEE-Log (that's “Blog,” when you work Word Magic).”


Wednesday, April 27, 2016 – 6:12 AM CST

BLOG #1215's TITLE: 

Breaking Bee. When a Gal's Blog goes to The Dogs, make that BEES for a BEEvival (BEE Revival).  To BEE or not to BEE.  Giving The ANTS equal Footing.  

ENTER:  iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS, ASK's Award-Winning Script. 


ASK's BLOG has gone to The Dogs....NO! NEVER!  It's gone to THE BEESBEEVIVAL Time, People!  After all, upon The 400TH Year of William Shakespeare's fame and fab Quote:

to BEE or not to BEE-REVIVAL

BEES are still as colorful – mysterious – BEE-utiful and ench-ANT-ing as The ANT.


For those who are inclined and defined by The Blogs they write, so BEE it.  That's (only) One of the many Wonders (why We wonder and ASK why) about The Wonders of Human Nature.  There's Humans in Nature.  In Nature, as Fortune reigns down, many Wonders exist, wonderful ones at that that are oft-times forgotten or left by The WaySide.  How Man positions himself in this World that contains so many Creatures that are different yet so-the-same as Man is a STORYTELLER's Dream.  And, if he dreams it and works it (out) and other Humans read and perceive those Ideations as their own Pickings in which Positive can spring forth, then a Grand EVENT  & Result can  emerge, BEE-coming of that Subject – The Object – of how it plays-out and interacts on Planet Earth. 


Saturday, May 7, 2016 – 5:26-5:35 AM CST


Who's going to win The BEE-attle for most popular ANT or is there a Home for both Species on Planet Earth as there is plenty of Room here on Planet E for The Likes of every Person, no matter what Color they are and may be.  That's BEE, of course, in BEES-guage:  The Language of The BEES.  The Concept of Place is of utmost importance here as each Creature does have its rightful Place in The Balance of Nature.  Interestingly enough, the latest B&&K by Author/Biologist, E.O. Wilson called Half-Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life ©2016 asks us to “give back” to Nature half of The Planet in order that Nature can be revitalized. 

Precisely worded (as tells us):

Half-Earth proposes an achievable plan to save our imperiled biosphere: devote half the surface of the Earth to nature.

In order to stave off the mass extinction of species, including our own, we must move swiftly to preserve the biodiversity of our planet, says Edward O. Wilson in his most impassioned book to date.  Half-Earth argues that the situation facing us is too large to be solved piecemeal and proposes a solution commensurate with the magnitude of the problem: dedicate fully half the surface of the Earth to nature.


Let's get started now exploring why I, a LEO born on Saturday, August 9, 1952 at 4:45 AM CST would suddenly stick-up for an Insect that once caused me ginormous Pain, not as a “Pain In The Back” but as a “Pain in my Foot.”  This Happenstance occurred when Relatives were visiting My Family during The Summer of '65 (1965) at The Height of BEE Season.   Quite by Accident, while barefoot, I stepped on a BUMBLE BEE in “The Backyard” & got its Stinger in my Foot.  Now, Five (5) Decades later, I consider my renewed Interest as “Pay-Back” to a BEE whose Life I probably ended. I did not go back to “The Scene” of The Crime, but in Retrospect, I always felt badly I stepped on him.

Was there a Big Revelation happening there or did this STORYTELLER just know a Good STORY with a Memorable Moral when she saw one?  I'd guess both. Most of us truly believe  (that's BEE-lieve) that We can all better The World and many Times “Our Shot” is what We write and advance or promote.  Perhaps all of that is the suitable and BEE-st (best) Answer.  We shall soon see.

You instantly know you are in “Good Company” when a Movie about a Topic that you like comes out.  Especially so when it contains an important, deeper Message than originally figured by is its Characters dancing across The Screen, backed by super Musical Scores.  A Thinking Person's Movie is what Audiences crave – where The Entertainment is also Educational-in-nature and concerned with Nature.

From what my Issue of People Magazine divulged, Jerry Seinfeld dined at Steven Spielberg's Home. An interesting Conversation pursued in which Jerry suggested that a B- MOVIE be made.  At first, I interpreted that they meant:  The FlipSide of a Record is The B-Side – as in BEE-Side.  However, Steven coaxed his Friend, Jerry to do just that with The Backing of DreamWorks, Mr. Spielberg's Animation Studio. Come for Dinner; leave with a Job. Only in America!  The Rest, of course, is 3M: MovieMakingMagic that could & should BEE hashtagged into Cinematic History as The Movie proved.  Ah, The Wonders of Misperception, Homonyms and Puns produced “The Best Animated Movie of its Day.”  One that I especially liked BEEecause it was there to help save a Species who needs help.  Colony Collapse Disorder is very real.  Check Google & Wiki for recent Updates on CCD.  The following online Article contains 204 References & Researched Articles found in Wikipedia:

That's Movie Making Magic working to produce a major Ecological Impact that could BEE anything but amazing!

I was mesmerized.  There was something simple about that Theme.  There was something natural and nature-like about The Little BEE; there was something amusing about The Word itself and how it could BEE refashioned according to a Comic Text, Conversation or Dialogue;  and, of course, the serious Side of the prevailing Theme is that BEES were/are suffering from:

CCD:  Colony Collapse Disorder 

a Serious Health Dilemma (that borders on Life & Death of all of us) now as it was then happening in Nature that would not only drive BEES into Extinction, but in our finely juxtaposed Web of Life here on Earth would shatter The Pattern and all other ABC: Animals-Birds-Creatures and Organisms (both bigger and smaller than BEES), driving them (plus MAN, his Pets and all WildLife all) into Extinction. Extinction is permanent.  There's no un-Delete Button known.  Extinction and The Conclusion of Earthly Life (as We know it) happens to BEE “The Final Straw.”  More Action must be taken as soon as possible.

Therefore, my Curiosity was piqued.  I had to go out and find my very own BUG in which to assist.  BEESides wanting to see a BEEutifully produced Movie by One (1) of my Favorite Comedians; backed by my Favorite Animation House; directed by Steven Spielberg who started his Career with another Mammal: A Shark & later an ExtraTerrestrial followed by Rabbits – Spiders – Gremlins – Dinosaurs – Sharks – Aliens & War Horses to name a few. 

As an avid Animal Lover and Follower of Aesop who featured 655  FABLeS that featured Animals, all passed along via Word-of-Mouth whereby Today much of our Literature travels via Word-of-Mouse.

My Wish was soon to be ... that's BEE granted and BEECOME apparANT! During The Summer of 2008 my Kitchen was invaded by ANTS, ANTS who would not leave even if all Crumbs and Morsels were removed.  Taking that Intrusion as a Sign...because after all, they were living here on Earth Millions of Years longer than Man was.  Having them serve as “Role Models” to watch and learn by, ANTS became ingrained in “My Psyche” and presented themselves when I wrote the Dialogue for BARELY PINK who speculated:

“You can't domesticate an Ant.” ©2009



What is The Reader's & Movie Goer's Responsibility?

What should The Reader's & Movie Goer's Responsibility be (BEE)?

Although I'm not a Scientist & am rather frightened by and fearful of Insects (for obvious Reasons that have nothing to do with me being a Girl except they make my SKiN crawl – Pun intended), I was merely mesmerized or BEES-merized and took “My Shot” at a Theme whose Moral was Life-Altering and Life-Saving.   Life-Altering to Humans.  Life-Saving for Members of The Animal Kingdom.  After all, that's what us STORYTELLERS are for.  We see Things no one else does. 

“The Topics of Racism, Mixed & Ironic Signals & #What_Matters

are the leading Themes & 
Topics of Conversation & 
Print & off-line.”


Friday, May 6, 2016 – 6:40 AM CST

Thus, seeing The Thread between Two (2) of the Oldest Insects on Earth, plus my Interpretation of Life on Earth that was much broader than BEE MOVIE's, I decided to make an EVENT out of BEE MOVIE's Chicago Premier in October of 2007 and dressed up Two(2) of my Eleven (11) Characters taken from:



GORF.  That’s FROG Back Words who was My Project and The Predecessor before SKiN that I promoted as Chicago's First GREEN Mascot along with E.T.BEE who (donning THE BEE HALLOWEEN Costume) was the renown E.T. himself...dressed as a Bumble BEE to honor BARRY B. BENSON - Spielberg's & Seinfeld's latest which to me is a Timeless TALE even if I didn't have an Inclination towards The Wonders of Nature.

Little did I know that Fourteen (14) Months later, I would be inspired to write and screenwrite iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 – and by July of 2010 beat out 3,164 other Script Submissions in a stiff and major Competition. 



January, 2005 – GORF was purchased at Walgreens due to Don Sauganash’s Gift Card Gift of December, 2004.  Had it not been for him, I may not have ventured in to that Store and saw GORF high on a Shelf needing a Home.  I ended up buying Five (5) GORFs for his LilyPad. 

April, 2006 - GORF debuts at America's Got Talent Chicago singing his Anthem:  “When The Pond is frozen over.” ©2006. 

GORF is heralded as The First GREEN TOY to save FROGS (that like BEES is experiencing Earthly Changes in their Species).

October, 2007 – Seinfeld's/Spielberg's BEE MOVIE debuts & ASK with TOYS appears in Chicago Sun-Times.

January 29, 2009 – 8:48 AM – The Title:



came to me at The Onset of when I awoke as if by Magic. Coinciding and marking the historical Time when Barack Obama, the USA's First Black President was sworn in.  The Acronym was perfect; it stood for everything I stand for & THE TOYS were lined up.  Within 18 Months, I would be beating out 3164 other Scripts in a major International ScreenPlay Competition.

July, 2010:  iN THE COMPANY of ANTS ©2009 becomes One (1) of 3,164 other International Submissions winning a Place in that Company's Roster as Mark Andrushko's Scriptapalooza hires (only) Movie Industry Professionals to read those competing Scripts.   I am happy to report that one of those Seasoned Professionals saw “The Merit” in my Script, the  3RD Script I had ever written.  Teaching myself to score Movie Scripts in a Week's Time is possible, if you are determined and set your Mind to it. However, for The Novice, the most important Point to know is that deleting Words is paramount.  However, for We Authors/Writers, that's nearly impossible to do.  I know as I am a Wordaholic – I.e.:  The More The Merrier...


FYI:  The Essence of iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 came from a 250-Word Passage I wrote when  THE CHARACTOYS® met a Group of ANTS and Barely Pink, the small PINK Albino BearCub stated:  “You can't domesticate an ANT.”  That, to me, was prolific as I then thought of Man's History since he started domesticating Creatures in order for his Creature Comforts & Greed Issues (rampant as they were becoming) needed to be met. 

And, I should explain that all The Characters in the entire SKiN Series are TOYS I have collected in my Private TOY Collection since they represent Animals that have lived on The Planet for Millions of Years longer than Man– therefore, why wouldn't they know about and chime in on Racism, one issue never known in their Kingdom, but made popularly disastrous for every Creature (Person in every place doing everything Creatures and People do since Man appeared on The Planet and began what he does best) destroying his Surroundings as the most “Invasive Species” to live on Planet Earth.  But he doesn't have to be (BEE) any of The Things he is – if he learns Lessons from The Animals about him.  That Theory is why I am so smitten with THE  FABLeS that Aesop, a Slave has told.  He was illiterate.  He was a Slave.  He spoke and People listened. He never wrote a Single TALe down.  This is why THE TOYSMY TOYS (that are the most commercial Commodity of The 21ST Century) created by some of the finest TOYMAKERS in The World (in a League of their Own) – have yet another Job to do.  They are here via these Scripts in order to perform Three (3) monumental Tasks and those are to:

1.       eliminate Racism

followed by:

2.      dispel The Mixed Signals & Ironies We receive every Day &

3.       get to “The  Heart” of what matters.


Getting to The Heart of “what matters” is a Sentence uttered by my FiancĂ©e, Robert E. Hofstadter's Son, Zack when he was Six (in The Mid-1990s) when the(ir) Family was preparing for a Trip.  Rushing about in Preparation Mode, Robert was anxious and his Younger Son, Zack looked up and stated:  “Dad, what matters?”  From The Mouth of Babes.  Robert has repeatedly told me that One-Liner during The Course of our 14-Year Courtship and I automatically think of those Precious Eye-Opening Words when he does something I don't agree with because (BEE-cause), after all, The Bottom Line (in any Relationship) is “what matters” in “The Long Run” as the most important.  That's true.

Therefore, now as I look at The Calendar slipping away into The Future as The Steve Miller Band's Hit Tune “Fly Like An Eagle” noted, in just 1.5 Years' Time it will BEE The Decade PARTY-A-PALOOSA and PARTY-A-THON of BEE MOVIE.  And, yet another Time to BEE-gin reflecting back on what happened and what didn't happen that should and can still happen in Nature – all of Nature.

BEE-cuz October (make that Octo-BEE-r) of 2017 is The Tenth Year ABC: Anniversary/Birthday/Celebration of BEE MOVIE & Cause for Cele-BEE-tion, especially so since Plenty has happened The Last Decade for THE BEE: 

BEE- Scientists & Nature Journalists tell us the latest News about BEES.  Merely Google: “BEES” Colony Collapse Disorder” and/or subscribe to a BEE MOVIE Alert which is what I did after The Movie's Premier and recommend for you to do.  Make a List of your favorite Articles and feel free to share or retweet your Findings via a TinyUrl.  You're helping THE BEES if you do. 

Let's all pitch-in and help Nature out as much as We can.  As ANT Scientist (1 of the Top 50 Scientists of our Time) E.O. Wilson states in his latest B&&K: Half Earth – Half of the Earth should be returned to Nature.  BEE MOVIE started The Trend; let's continue it with my Dynastic Contribution to Literature & Cinema.  Its The Will & Way of Creativity.


FROM MY JEWISH KUP:  After all, there are Children born from October, 2007 to now that have not seen The Movie, but should.  It would BEE highly BEEeneficial to them if they did. 


As well as The Fact that BEE MOVIE inspired me to investigate more into The Insect Kingdom and recollect my Personal Experiences.  What emerged was my own  BUG B&&K that could and should be made into a Movie called iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS © 2009 that beat out 3,164 other Movie Submissions in The Summer of 2010 via Scriptapalooza's International Screenplay Competition.   This was the Third of Three (3) Scripts that I ever wrote taken from the entire Production called:



who has Three (3) Premises or Themes that are:

to eliminate Racism;

to dispel The Mixed Signals & Ironies We receive every Day; and

to get to The Heart of what matters.

Racism:  The Hottest Topic of all Time. Who wouldn't wonder what TOYS (representative of Animals who have lived on Planet Earth for Millions of Years longer than Man has) have to say about Racism, considering Racism was not around until Man pulled up into “The Scene.”


On my Creative Roster was hinged an enormous Amount of Inventory of Animal-Bird-Creature based Compositions alongside my vast Collection of Stuffed Plush TOY Animals, all lending themselves to THE STORieS I pen and tell.  Their escalating Growth (throughout The Decades as I have been blessed with a long & illustrious Life) has produced their own Genre known as CHARACTOYS® (defined as TOYS whose Characters are so strong in Nature they become Characters in their own Writes-of-Passage, yet as TOYS, they remain Timeless, as such).   There's always another Grand STORY that needs to be told on the proverbial “Drawing Board” – one that stops its Reader in his Tracks; grabbing his Attention and making him think long after “The Marquis” has darkened.  That's an Impression that Money cannot buy.

AND WITH THAT STATED IN FULL,   won't you say “Hello” to my SKiN Cast of   CHARACTOYS® by name:

Tell me now:  Are these not the most Handsome Selection of TOYS you've ever, ever ever seen anywhere at any Place, all assembled here in that Space & Place on a Blog?  Being smitten with them as I am,  I'm prone to agree with you.  Not only that, their Messages & Conversations in THE STORieS & Movie Scripts (4 of the 8-9 are written) will save us and OMG, look around U, We all need saving!

AND, yes for any and all of you self-proclaimed TOY Stylists “out there” in The Blog-o-Zone who have as much FUN dressing your TOYS as you do yourself and/or your Children or Pets...The Process is easy to do.  But just make sure you dress as well as they do!  First Impressions count to us all, whether We are a FROG looking for a Mate or a fine-Feathered Bird (as HOOTROOST or Waddle-Waddle Quack-Quack) combing The Earth for a New Nest.  Nature looms before us on a Grand Scale.   We must learn how to all live peacefully here according to






assisted by:  




 Waddle-Waddle Quack-Quack,





Behind these Ten (10) charming Characters runs a very long and illustrious Prehistory of Life (equated at Millions of Years compiling Experiences that have broken Records.  This, of course, was the Basis of all THE FABLeS Aesop told our Ancestry.  He would be proud.  

Since The Alphabet has been invented, it's all about THE STORY & since I got THE STORieS – I got THE TOYS, The Manufacturers of these TOYS would be jubilant that I chose their TOYS and gave my Undivided Attention to them by carefully bringing out and honing their own Distinct Personalities.  Then, these TOYS became CHARACTOYS placing and lacing them into My Scripts.  So let's get this Show (all 8/9 of them) on The Road.


If you know of any Angel Investors, Sponsors and/or Studios interested in such a Roster, please send them this BLOG's URL and/or send it out on your various Social Media Networks.   

As Mellody Hobson of DreamWorks stated when I sent SKiN's Press Kit in March of 2013 to her:

“You are quite the Creative Genius...”


MY DEDUCTION:  Nine (9) YEARS LATER:  In a World where We are bombarded with enormous Amounts of Info per day; where The Headlines blast Death/Doom/Gloom, one of The  Wonders of The Human Mind and its High Intensity for Creativity is that We can escape and “Make Believe.”  Part of The Make-Believe Act is desirous and beneficial; other Parts are not.  However, because Homo sapien sapien (i.e.: YOU + ME = US as consummate Individuals) only have a Limited Amount of Time per Day, it's highly beneficial that The Right Way of viewing Life s is pointed out. After all, We are only Human.  We could miss something VIP: Very Important/Pertinent if We are not alert and alter our Course in demeaning Ways (known as The 7 Deadly Sins).  Such is the underscoring Theme of Movie-Making evolving around THE STORY:  Memorable and Life-changing as it is.

Like revisiting an “Old Friend” (who is forever embedded in Our Hearts), take The Time out to renew that Relationship – to  learn more about that “Old Friend” – or that older Movie – as you age.  Upon The Tenth Year Anniversary of BEE MOVIE, find out more about THE BEES' Situation; see how you can BEE-come a better Friend of Nature.  That's a pretty “Sweet – Honey of an Idea” if you ASK me. 

THE PREMISE REVEALED:   As an exceptionally Creative Writer whose Passion with TOYS has turned me into a TOY Stylist who has discovered and written The Conversations on how to eliminate Racism, then this Series is what your Studio should be producing next.  Manufacturers of all these TOYS are thrilled their TOYS have been chosen by ME to give them the added Impetus to become one of the Elite “HALL OF FAME FOR TOYS” the Marketing Push they need to be associated with such Timely Products – solving Racism through The Eyes of Animals who lived so long ago – who've seen an easier, kinder and better Time than what We are experiencing Today.



Those STORieS that solve People's Issues, as Racism, Mixed Signals, Ironies, Love & Understanding top My List.  As a Person who has her Finger on The Pulse of P[P CULTURE, I highly recommend you get behind your favorite BUG to make sure it has a Chance at Survival, whether it's ANTS – Butterflies – Caterpillars or Dragonflies, they are a Microcosm of a vast World who delights us and hopefully will last a long, long time.  With Man being as he is, I'm not quite sure if that is possible.  GORF & Company have The Answers...after all, The Ten (10) Animal TOYS have been on Planet Earth for approximately 449.5 Million Years, if We collectively count up their Species' Ages.  They know about a LifeTime We don't or will never know.  Perhaps they hold “The Key” that unlocks “The Formidable from The Feeble.”

As I stated in one of my other Nature-oriented Projects (also on my Drawing Board) THE BIRDICTIONARY ©1998/2015 of which I have revised:

“To Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Birds, Bees & Ants.

For those who love them & those who need to love them more.”


Thursday, March 31, 2016 – 11:40 AM CST

Thursday, May 5, 2016 – 6:38 AM CST

“Similar to The Old Adage:  Touched by an Angel, being touched by The Wonders of Nature (that includes The Smallest as THE ANT & THE BEE) is what keeps “Our World” balanced.  Man has brought and wrought too many dire Unbalances to Our Planet – our only Home – that need (more than ever) Corrections and Help.  Consider this your: WAKE-UP CALL before it gets any later.  After all, The Years tick-tock on by...Decades come and go faster as one ages.  After all, it's up to us to assure and ensure The Future of Planet Earth.  Gone is 1984.  Gone is The Turn of the New Millennium.  Gone is October of 2007.  Gone but not forgotten as their Lessons have been learned and continue to shape THE STORieS of Tomorrow.


Thursday, March 31, 2016 – 11:40 AM CST

Thursday, May 5, 2016 – 6:51 AM CST


Blogs – Facebook – Twitter & LinkedIn Posts have been posted since 2009.  Enjoy THE SKiN you are in with GORF who will set Our World on blaze.   

ASK’s CONTACT INFO:  For those willing and able to take SKiN to its next logical Level that includes an Endorsement; walk-it-in to an Animation Studio; share this Blog with others in your Inner Circle; donate to The Cause, etc., please contact me at:

Cell:  847-630-9201 



Twitter:  @ASK_Koopersmith

in order to tell a STORY that needs to be told. 

PS:  By the way, if you wish to be(come) (that's BEE-come in Fluent BEE-ese) a TOY Stylist and start your own Career about TOY STORieS, my Six (6) Week Marketing Course & Field Trips  are especially designed and customized per Person. 

Speaking about TOY STORieS, in a General Way (of course) for many STORieS have TOYS in them but are not reflective or focused on TOYS as Characters as my STORieS  have been, Fast Company Magazine (based in New York City) spotlighted one of my most Popular Writings (The Creation of THE EVENTOLOGICAL HOLIDATE National Splurge Day ©1994 in their June, 2010 Special Issue entitled: The 100 Most Creative People in Business on Page 30 as I also hold The Title of:

 America’s Premier Eventologist

(received from Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine

based in Washington, DC in August, 1997)


The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World

(received from Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune

based in Chicago, Illinois in January, 2001).

These Designations lend Credentials and Importance to my Writing Style.  Coming as no Surprise or SiOUX-PRISE, every Day contains Potential to each Species that unleashes a Surprise according to THE EVENTOLOGICAL LORE I have set forth.  Coincidentally, my Life as a Creative Writer and STORYTELLER runs parallel to Aesop’s Love, Caring of and Compassion towards Animals, who are and have always been The Central Characters (cleverly renamed as CHARACTOYS® to instill their Infinite Essence) in my STORieS & SCRiPTS.  This unrivaled and singular Perspective charms Individuals I meet when I am asked about “My Life-long Career” as “America's Premier Eventologist” and “The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World” - one-of-a-kind Titles of no Comparison.  During Interviews conducted  with “The Media” (both on and off-line), I fully explain to them that Living on Earth Millions of Years longer than Man has raked-in (as a singular Species) verifies Animals-Birds-Creatures as true and bona fide Survivors.  Animals-Birds-Creatures have accrued Volumes-of-Experiences to tell Man if We only stop, observe and listen to them “speak” and relay their Knowledge & ForeSights. 


(Defined as BEES in a League of their own):

For those being brave and courageous, feel free to Tweet and share this Post of 86 Characters (leaving enough Room to send to your Fan-Base as individual Posts):

BEE MOVIE & Barry B. Benson turn 10 in Octo-BEE-r of 2017! Let The #BEE_BLAST BEEgin.


“When you break The Cardinal Rule of your Species…no telling what can happen…”

#Barry_B_Benson_Quote (paraphrased)


Imagine the boundless Amount of New Jobs that will be created by The Launch of SKiN:  Imagine an entirely New Mindset laid forth – one that stops Bigotry & Prejudice?  This is a Golden Opportunity whose Time has come.  Imagine The Possibilities that could be (set forth).”


Thursday, May 5, 2016 – 9:32 AM CST

Saturday, May 7, 2016 – 5:54 AM CST

“Every Person should become more like Aesop

every Day to fully appreciate and embrace what is about him.”


Sunday, April 24, 2016 – 3:39 PM CST

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