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From The Creator of National Splurge Day ©1994, the World’s Most Popular Merchandising Holidate, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith unveils the Holidate’s 21ST Year circa June 18, 2015.

DATELINE:  Wednesday, June 17, 2015


“When the URGE TO SPLURGE takes hold…”

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Branding Bird Story: How Nature & Eventology color our Days in Unexpected Ways.

I love Birds.  Don’t you?  They sing to us.  Their Voices sound like a Concert to me.  They delight us with their graceful Gymnastics: Soaring and Gliding and Diving on by as they do.  As if they do not have a Care in The World. But they do. Yet, with all their Antics and Acrobatics, BIRDS are getting “The Cheep End” of The Stick, “The Branch” We could say and are screwed-out of Life.  That is, living as a Bird should. Since Man arrived, Life has gotten complicated, too complicated.  And, I aim to fix that.  

This is The Text for Video #1 (a RenoWeb Production) about The Making of my Book; Production of my Movie Script, Creation of The World’s First Birdictionary® and Avian Coloring Book – all Branding Tools to raise Global Consciousness to The Bird’s immediate Plight that now encompasses 18 horrific 21ST Century Dilemmas.   Those are:

Being captured
Collisions w/ Automobiles/Airplanes/All Vehicles
Communications Towers
Environmental Contamination as Oil Spills (Lead and other Toxic Materials)
Feral Cats
Habitat Destruction
High Tension Wires
Illegal Trapping
Invasive Species
Secondary Poisonings
The Wildlife Traffick Trade 
Wind Turbines and
Window Strikes

Not to mention Captivity – a jailed Existence (known as Imprisonment) for “a Crime against Nature” they did not commit.


I bet you didn’t know The Song Bird outside your Screened Window or that Frozen Capon in your Freezer faced those abominable Problems on a Daily Basis?  Well, now, you do.  This hardcore Fact registers at a Crisis Level.  Birds are in desperate Need of a Massive Change in Human Behavior.   Too many Birds are already Extinct.  Extinction is final. 


That Story begins at my Birth on Saturday, August 9, 1952 at 4:45 AM while I was “Growing Up Koopersmith” in a small Farming Community 100 Miles Southwest of Chicago, called Mendota, Illinois. It was there that I learned to love Animals that continues to this Day. 

FAST FORWARD TO 1998 when I was inspired by a small, yet athletic Wren who flew next to the CTA Elevated Train that I was riding in.  Because of his Enthusiasm, I wrote:  

The Bird Who Didn’t Learn How To Fly ©1998,

a Tale that parallels many of the mesmerizing Elements found in Aesop’s Fables. Shortly thereafter, I launched an Event called: “The Year of The Bird” in 1999 to keep The Subject in The Collective Mind’s Eye of my Readers and The Press. 

Two years previously (in August of 1997), I received the Title of “America’s Premier Eventologist” from Gene Koprowski, an Award-Winning Journalist from Insight Magazine based  in Washington, DC.  

To relay an important Topic across to The Masses, my Trademark in Literature is to attach a uniquely customized and personalized Celebration to a written Entity signifying The Emergence and Emergency of an important Matter that matters most.  

As a Natural Born Writer, I create all original Events that will improve our Lives. I masterminded the New Literary Genre known as:


since Wednesday, July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM -- 25 years now.  With over 1,900 Holidates to Celebrate, comprising 34 precise Categories, there’s something for Everyone in every Culture and every Creature.  To keep healthy & wise, I have even created 400 EAT-Vents telling how this is accomplished.  That Branch of Eventology is aptly called:

EAT-Ventology ®


The Movie, Birdman served as my Catalyst (Birdalyst) after winning “Best Movie" during The Oscars on Sunday, February 22, 2015.

Inspired, I took that as “A Sign” and revisited “BIRD STORY” to update its Essence as significant Changes occurred to and on Planet Earth the last Seventeen (17) Years.  

Now, as a Multi-Dimensional Work-in-Progress touched by “The Wings of High Technology,” BIRD STORY ©1998/2015 presently boasts of a Glossary of 566 Original Bird Terms uncommonly dubbed as a Birdictionary, exclusively shedding Light on “All Things Bird” from The Serious to The Sublime; from The Suspenseful to The Silly. Covering all Bases is necessary in Today’s Lit.

The Full Impact of BIRD STORY comprises, but is certainly not limited to:    
The 20TH Century ASKian Fable (Book penned in October, 1998); 

The Movie Script derived from Bird Story: 2015 that hosts 111 Platforms & Conversations via 73 Bird Varieties, all with their own  Names & Personalities;

The Birdictionary now swelling with 566 Original Terms from 108 created in 1998;  

The Bird Word of The Day ©2015;

The Avian Coloring Book (via Artists of my Choice and Liking);

The Bird Calendar (with Cartoons, Drawings, Graphics and/or Photographs) heavily influenced by Eventological Holidates I've created for 25 years as of July 25, 2015;

My Own Brand of Bird Feed ( you feed them, they come singing);

The Bird Blog Entries in my Blog called Koopersmithin’ (heaped in Bird News you can use);

The Eventological Proclamation & Declaration of:  The Decade of The Birds: 2015-2025; and

13 specific and Workable Campaigns of Relevance that spotlight Avian Issues

for Starters.

Every Bird gets his Day or her Day (in my Book).  Their Day has arrived (in my Book).  A Decade of Support that is rooted in Global Birdliness through 2041.  But first things first.

After all, Birds have been on The Planet for 150 million years. Man hasn’t. However, between 398 million to 950 million Birds die every year; therefore, the Time to act is now.  On their Behalf.  If not you:  WHO?

For all of you who care about BIRDS, won’t you join Team: Bird to make that Difference a Reality? Membership is:

$120 a year – merely $10 a Month.   

You can join for a Year or for the full Duration of The Decade of The Bird.   This includes Sixty (60) Social Media Posts yearly (5 per Month) promoting your Brand’s Efforts under The Establishment of The #ASK_Brand, noted world-wide since 1979.

For those joining before July 4, 2015, 

an Additional 15 Posts are added to your Marketing Plan in order to generate more Interest. This is an exquisitely refined Offer by a consummate Media Expert that continues through December of 2025, known as:


Living The Life Birds should begins with you.  This eye-opening Project (supporting the full Birds’ Eyeview) is already transformational.  Part of that is because I have spearheaded my own PRAM:  Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing Company since 1979 and I know The Ropes.  The #Bird_Brand is universal, appealing and educational. For their unlimited Contributions made to Man’s Lives, let’s reciprocate and make that Reality so much better – for The Birds.  


ASK Q:  “When People retire instead of heading out to The Casino, The Golf Course, The Coffee House or The Shopping Mall, I suggest they seriously begin to

and help Birds and other Animals & Plants – Flora and Fauna - that need a Helping Hand, Wing, Paw, Fin or Mitt.   As of Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014 at 11:59 PM, the last Baby-Boomer turned 50. This Figure registers as a Gigantic Shift in Demographics. To accompany and highlight your previous Plans and add Value to your Life, schedule Time every Day to GYBO: GET YOUR BIRD ON ©2015.  It will do you both a World of Good, possibly even better than that. It has for me.  

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As Birdman won for BEST MOVIE of 2015, your BEST MOVE is to show Great Compassion to THE BIRDS.  It’s “The Right and Write Thing” to do.  

On Behalf of BIRDS everywhere and a Creative Streak that soars, thank you.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Save The Birds! #Save_The_Birds. Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures. How you can save The Birds in Nature today.

#ASK_Chicago:  Because it’s hot-pop and happening today, I decided to jump on this BandWagon & get me 1 million Twitter fans in less than 24 hours. As The NEWS is telling us and I quote:  “This is about MY SOUL.”  This is The PLAN.  Listen closely:

I decided to be transgendered and switched into a BIRD to promote my latest/greatest Project:  BirdStory: The Bird Who Didn’t Learn How to Fly ©1998/2015 with its 566 all-original Bird Words in its Birdictionary where 110 Platforms & Conversations deal with and focus on Real BIRD ISSUES in Real Time since they are in Real Trouble now.

I‘ll be the First Person ever transformed into a Bird.  In lieu of Tatts/Tattoos, I figure a Feather (pre-plucked so no Birds will be harmed or slaughtered) will be inserted into each of my Pores. The Hair will basically remain the same, except a Keratin Shampoo will be applied to make it more feathery and less wavy. And, it will be dyed the Colors of the Peacock since he is a most colorful Bird, full of pomp and circumstance.  You’d have to be to be carrying around a Plumage as that. Now:  Won’t that make for a grand YouTube Video! 

As a 40+ year City Dweller, this is my Way to reconnect with Nature (OR) of what’s left of it..  Financial Gain & Exposure are also my Main Goals as both help a Project succeed.  After all, a Gal’s got to do what a Gal’s got to do -- to get this Book, Movie Script & its accompanying Coloring Book (since folks of all ages still love to color outside the Lines) discovered before I turn 63 on August 9.   Hey, if Caitlyn Jenner can do it and did– so can I!

This is the unprefabricated Low-Down of The First BirdWoman of The World. 

Contact info and deets for Sponsorship, Interviews, et. Al. regarding The Story Lines (all about Nature) are found on my Blog at:

Please feel free to post your Comments.  Do it for THE BIRDS.  The ones who are left, that is.

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