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A Crime Against American Literature. The horrific Case of how Copyright Infringement swirls out-of-control. The Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith Story.

UPDATE:  February 13, 2015  

In light of Brian Williams (the Main Anchor of NBC ) lying for a decade (if not more), I want the World to know that this Station does not only condone lying & Breaching or Embellishing THE TRUTH  to their vast Audiences, but they also do not check their facts for Veracity and Ownership of Intellectual Property.   Subsequently, ambitious and creative People (as myself) have been cheated out of Money, new Clients and getting the Credit & Accolades that only their/my Work can bring forth. 

The following is my Story that still has not been resolved as of today’s date.  Now, a Senior Citizen at 62 I do not have the Funds or Capital (as I would have if I had gotten paid by the 4 Copyright Infringers who stole my material and paid for 25 full Days of NBC TV Commercials throughout 2012) to try this case in a Court of Law, although I had secured an Attorney who died 10 days after I retained him (pro bono in mid-August of 2012).  

I say let’s make my Ordeal into a Story – after all, The  LIE of Today (living in a World throttled by Terrorism) has  now indeed  become a Matter of Life or Death – a Situation we can no longer just change the channel (to). 

What Brian Williams exposed is only the Tip of this Iceberg – revealing a deranged Network that probably includes many more Victims as myself  that NBC has stolen Works from.

For Questions – Interviews, etc. I am easily accessible by:

Because I am a writer/researcher/promoter, I have all the Evidence and Documentation that proves my Case is an open and closed one.

Because this Story has been circulating and online since March, 2013, 805 People have read it and have found it of immense Interest.  After all, in this day and age we are all Writers and do not want out copyrighted pieces and masterpieces stolen and misinterpreted. 

All online at: 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Crime Against American Literature. The horrific Case of how Copyright Infringement swirls out-of-control. The Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith Story.


DATELINEDecember 15, 2014  - 9 AM CST

ASK’s UPDATE: It is now Monday, December 15, 2014 and an entire year has passed by.  No Attorney has yet to be secured for the largest Copyright Infringement Case that affects the Course of Modern Literature (and its Involvement with The Internet).  That Exposé follows.  Yet, the Smithe Brothers continue to appear on Regional Television promoting their Furniture Stores while Skip Haynes (who resides in Los Angeles) has not paid the Amount he owes ME for the Work I did to unite them in the Production of 2012’s:  the Year’s Funniest Television Commercial.
SPECIAL REQUEST:  Read on to see the Details of how this all began in September of 2011. Everything is documented. I would now like a Reporter to interview me; write up the Story (that goes Viral) in order for other Creatifs of all Formats to know how dangerous it is to be in a CLASS OF THEIR OWN – meaning their Creativity is good enough for TV – not only once but for 25 consecutive Days as my Material was, being aired consecutively throughout 2012. 
After all, if this happens to me…it can happen to you.
Contact ME (ASK) at to get this Discussion going.  It is about Time We put Intellectual Property Thieves like The Smithe Brothers & Skip Haynes in their Place and award ME the Monies I am so due for making the World a more Enlightened Place.   
I am also available for any & all Television Shows and IP Conferences that are being held in 2015 and beyond as an Expert in this arena.
Thank you…
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As a Creative Writer/Promoter for all my Life, I have a Plethora of Material on this Topic and have seen it grown: OUT OF CONTROL.  Furthermore, for those of you who are collecting Material on a Series of Articles involving COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT in the 21ST Century, you may also wish to check out my:
Friday, February 22, 2013
The Perils of Copyright Infringement: A compelling (and true) Story for your Publication.
This adjoining Article is online at:


APRIL 27, 2014 UPDATE:

As of today’s date, no Attorney has been secured to handle my Case, one that (upon reading its Description below) will be seen as setting a Precedence in Copyright Infringement which grows more 'out of control' every Day with the Proliferation of the Internet, both a Force for Good and Bad when it comes to destroying such a Fine Literature as I have produced over the Course of my Lifetime - over 50 years now.  This Info has been and continues to be condensed and sent out via the 3 major Social Media Networks that I use on a daily basis due to my Work in the PRAM: Public Relations / Advertising / Marketing Fields where the Brand and Emphasis is on "ASK" and all that I produce.  Feel free to SHARE – RETWEET and/or use this in any Article you may be publishing. 



(one that no one could ever make up): 

AND AGAIN:  The Award goes to Walter E. Smithe Custom Furniture as: The Biggest Serial Copyright Infringers in America. 

Listen for their Jingle that has been reworded on YOU TUBE to:

 You dream it, THEY steal it.” 

Which is what they (Walter E., Timothy J & Mark) did NOT ONCE, but TWICE to my Copyrighted Material during 2011-2012, infringing on my Copyrights (without permission, payment and acknowledgement) and broadcasting this Body of Literature on NBC TV (that covers 4 states) for a 25 full Days of COMMERCIALS, claiming it as their own and making a Bundle of Money on my Copyrighted Creativity.  Other Stations were also involved.

Remember that NATIONAL SMITH DAY ©1994 Commercial?  It was mine.

Remember that Set of 3 Lake Shore Drive  TV Commercials (run on national TV) using Skip Haynes’ one hit wonder, Lake Shore Drive airing during the Summer Holidays of Memorial Day, 4th of July & Labor Day?  Those were mine.

Don’t be fooled by their “WE TREAT YOU LIKE FAMILY” TV commercials airing now for the Holidays Season. They are a Bunch of Greedy Businessmen and their other ludicrous TV commercials have made them ‘Chicago’s Laughing Stocks.’ I have all the Evidence.  As Karma plays out:  It’s only a matter of time till they DIG THEIR OWN GRAVES. 

The Destruction of the American Dream: The Real/Reel Story behind ‘Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Writings’ is now available for Reporters (everywhere). Intellectual Property Attorneys know this is THEE Story of the Decade that sets the Precedence.

Contact me for all the details, as this ongoing Travesty against Creators (as myself as the Example) makes for an ideal Cover Story in:

#TheWall StreetJournal

for Beginners.

Face it!  No one will ever buy from them ever again, knowing they are THIEVES, stealing from the Creative Personalities that add so much flavor to Life and Pop Culture of today. Masquerading as “FAMILY” just doesn’t cut it anymore…

CURRENT NEEDS AS OF DECEMBER 2013:  Having experienced Homelessness for four (4) months due to this Literary Theft, I am in search of an astute Intellectual Property Attorney to further these 2 Cases. 

Please feel free to contact me at:


for any and all questions and queries you have regarding this matter.
Posted by:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
A Chicago Writer & Personality
Chicago – IL USA


REH'S PERSONAL NOTE: Because of the Urgency of Adrienne's Crisis here (with Eviction looming over her head in April, 2013, for those of you who wish to donate (i.e.: not use her Public Relation Services as designated below) here online, there is a PayPal Button in the upper right section near this Opening Paragraph, entitled:

Save ASK's American Dream

Any Contribution Acceptable

and another PayPal Donation Box at the end of this Blog's indepth Explanation. Others who've recently read and followed ASK's Writing Career (since 1979) have also told me that this Chapter in her Life STORY makes for a profoundly interesting Human Interest Angle for those of you in the Writing Trade and Journalism Industry (including University and College Writing Courses) about how (the Perils and Plight of) Copyright Infringement in the 21ST Century unfold, if the Infringers are not publicly held accountable and punished for their "Theft against Modern Literature" and those who are creating it as Ms. Koopersmith is doing.

We also thank and are indebted to:  GiveForward (  who is hosting Adrienne’s Story and collecting Funds at this most difficult time.  That Donation Box (where you can donate by  PayPal (again) and/or any major credit card (if you so prefer) is online at:

Its TINY URL (for all Social Media Network purposes, if you wish to SHARE and PROMOTE her Story) is:

As Raleigh Pinskey, President, Founder and award-winning Professional Keynote Speaker,  Public Speaking Expert, Marketing PR Branding Trainer  of The Raleigh Group (established in 1980 that provides service professionals and businesses various modules to build their brand platform), she told us: 

“This is more than Copyright Infringement

because it involves 2 commercial establishments,

not just other authors.  It’s the David and Goliath Story.”



Gather all your Buddies together and let’s see what We can do to help. After all, it’s always been about a Village pulling together.  In this case, Chicago is a mighty big Village and We always stand-up, by and for those who are in ‘The Write.’  That individual is:   

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

who needs your help immediately.

Adrienne (a/k/a:  ‘ASK’), a Chicago Writer, Promoter and Creatif (that you know and most definitely have ‘read’) is losing her apartment of 22.5 years to a condo conversion that directly stems from being ripped off by 4 businessmen involving two (2) distinct Copyrighted Works she solely created, produced and copyrighted.  This is a Story (severe in nature) how Copyright Infringement spins totally OUT OF CONTROL.

HOW IT UNFOLDS - THE EXPLANATION:  Adrienne was never told the building (her home of 22.5 years or over one-third of her life-to-date) was on the selling block.  She received the news on January 15.  This will put Adrienneout on the street’ with 55 years of her Writings – some of which are ‘The Tops’ that I ever read - and I am a voracious reader.  What follows is the vast amount of Media Coverage (Radio – TV – Magazines/Newspapers) she received the last 2-plus decades on the topics she has brought to life for us via her Creation and Introduction of:



EVENTOLOGY is classified as a new Literary Format she introduced to the World on Wednesday, July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM. 

Verifying her credibility as a Writer & Trendsetter, the following lists where ASK’s Writings have appeared:

USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Insight Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, Time Magazine,  ESPN: The Magazine; Fast Company, Redbook, More Magazine, Woman’s World, Sports Illustrated For Kids, Village Voice, Nickelodeon, The Times Picayune, The Gainesville Sun, The Springfield News-Leader, Dave Egger’s Might Magazine, The Milwaukee-Journal-Sentinel, The Detroit Free Press, The Daily Herald, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Advocate/Greenwich Time, The San Antonio Express, The Dallas Morning News, Skyline, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Home Cooking, Cooking Light, Chase’s Calendar of Events, The Daily Northwestern, Popular Photography and Imaging, Shutterbug, Kennedy’s Confection (London, England), Eric Cohen Books (Israel) and an Estonian Newspaper as well as an endless Assortment of Websites, Blogs, Facebook Postings, ‘Tweets’ on  Twitter and employing other popular Social Networks since 1984.  Besides being the Guest on over 3,000 Radio Interviews (including The Voice of America since 1990), ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC Television Networks have also featured her for her Creation of these Words + Works.

HOW THIS DILEMMA ALL BEGAN:  Adrienne is the innocent Victim of two (2) separate Cases of Copyright Infringement, all occurring throughout 2012.  Those copyrighted Works, included:

National Smith Day ©1990


The Lake Shore Drive – Smithe Bros./Haynes TV Scripts ©2011

which were overtly and maliciously stolen and plagiarized.  Said Material was misappropriated per its subject matter(s), misusing her original verbiage and produced as  Prime Time TV Commercials on NBC WMAQ - Channel 5  by 2 sets of ruthless/greedy businessmen, namely:

Walter E. Smithe, Timothy J. Smith & Mark Smithe of

Smithe Design & Interiors, Inc., owners of 11 Showrooms

in the Chicago Metropolitan Area & Indiana


Skip Haynes of Los Angeles,

the Songwriter/Musician of the Hit Tune, Lake Shore Drive ©1971.

Because her Cases are evolving, no more can be openly stated, except that she lost:  Money, Exposure, Acknowledgement(s) and future Clients as the three (3) Smithe Brothers are worth over $100,000,000 and Haynes is worth $10,000,000+/-.  They certainly could afford to pay for her talents, works and words in an Age where CONTENT IS KING.  NBC is additionally at fault for not fact-checking.  These Acts of Copyright Infringement occurred during:

the Week surrounding Memorial Day of 2012;

the Week surrounding Fourth of July Day of 2012; and

the Week surrounding Labor Day of 2012. 

Earlier that year, on January 6-9, 2012, the Smithe Brothers also ‘lifted’ ASK’s National Smith Day ©1995. Premeditated, the threesome produced a 4-day long TV Commercial using her Copyrighted Material,  airing it on  NBC Channel 5 – WMAQ from January 6-9, 2012. Again, Koopersmith received no compensation and accreditation. 

Nor did the 2 Parties obtain her Permission first to use her Copyrighted Material that is used to secure her an INCOME and LIVELIHOOD, as well as establishing her as the Creator of EVENTOLOGY (a new Literary Genre ASK introduced to the World) and a Script-Writer. 

A simple 30-second Google Search would have yielded the Info they needed to pursue on an honest business-like course.  Instead, they chose to steal the Bread-and-Butter from this Writer’s Mouth, which is now leaving her HOMELESS AND PENNILESS IN CHICAGO.  The documented Fact of the matter remains:  Koopersmith approached both Parties (in her quest to seek new Clients) asking them if they wanted to PURCHASE THIS MATERIAL.  Instead, the Smithes & Haynes chose to STEAL IT, make huge PROFITS while gaining LIMITLESS EXPOSURE & new Customers/Fans for themselves. 



TV Commercials command Big Bucks – Monies that should have been paid to ASK for Usage of her Intellectual Properties.   Had Koopersmith received those Monies (due her during 2012), Adrienne would not be in this dire predicament of NEAR HOMELESSLESS as she is today.   Had her Name been linked to the full Span of this 25-Day Commercial Prime-Time Run, new Clients would have been secured from those Viewings that ran across four (4) Midwest States.  The Smithes also took the NBC TV Lake Shore Drive and National Smith Day ©1995 Commercials and aired them in their Website’s Video Bank.  The National Smith Day ©1995   Commercial has now been removed to destroy ‘The Evidence’ and the Smithe Bros.’ website completely revamped shortly after NSD was broadcast via NBC.  Accompanying Online Publications and other Web-Sitings were utilized.  Social Media Networks (as Facebook Postings) gutted Cyberspace with NO MENTION as to WHO really created these Works.  Furthermore, the Smithes claimed full Credit for Koopersmith’s Copyrighted Material while distilling Key Points and plagiarizing its Principles. 

Add to this, the horror of learning that her home of 22.5 years was sold (without being notified) and this accounts for her present-day situation that CAN BE REMEDIED IF YOU HELP in any number of ways. 

This is a horrific Case of how Copyright Infringement swirls out of control.

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Nearly homeless, without having the  Money  to move and find a new Home with Decades of tremendous Literature housed in her current home/apartment, ASK desperately needs Financial Aid.  It is her plan to pay you back for your Monetary Contribution via a Barter.   This is your classic Case of turning a Lemon into Lemonade where both sides WIN. 


#1:  Adrienne is the Creator of 1,900 ‘Holidates to celebrate.’ That is the reason why she attained that mass of media exposure listed above.  People are inquisitive as to “what’s going on in her brain” as Spencer Christian of Good Morning America (based in New York City) asked her telephonically in November of 1995.  No one comes close to developing such a vast Collection of iconic American Literature as ASK does.  She is, no doubt, any Calendar Companies’ greatest Competitor.

#2:  Adrienne is the Creator/Founder of CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME ©1991 – an international  Coalition of Artists, Cartoonists, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, etc., she launched after being robbed, assaulted and left-for-dead (unconscious in a pool of blood – her own) in the lobby of her apartment building on Monday night, December 23, 1991 at 6 PM.   As staunch supporters of her Campaign, President William J. Clinton, Mayor Richard M. Daley (Chicago, IL), Governor Jim Edgar (State of Illinois) and other Governors/Mayors from across the continental USA acknowledged and applauded Adrienne’s endless efforts in ‘Tooning Out Crime,’ which was the Campaign’s Motto.


A)  Concurrently, Adrienne is spear-heading ARTENTION RETENTION©2013 in which she explores the STORieSbehind’ the Literature & ART (People’s greatest Passions) thus giving more Background and History  to THE ARTS and those Creators who are keeping us amused and entertained.  Exposure (is key) and ensures that Success happens during the Creatif’s Lifetime, not afterwards.

B)  Since Thursday, January 29, 2009 Adrienne has also been penning a 7-part Book/Movie Script Series called:



whose 3 principles are to:

Eliminate Racism;

Dispel the Mixed Signals & Ironies We receive every Day; and

Get to the Heart of what truly matters.

LET ME NOW EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU:  The Koopersmithian term of:


is defined as ‘Characters who are TOYS.’   The Animals of many, many Species (who share the Planet with us) are millions of years older than Man himself.  Therefore, these Creatures truly symbolize what is known as:   Survivors. Survivorship.   Their collective Longevity (as a Species) as displayed here on Earth (estimated in the tens and/or hundreds of millions of years), can teach and instill Valuable Lessons in Man.  As an avid TOY Collector since birth – which is now over 60.5 years, Adrienne’s Characters (i.e.: CHARACTOYS ) in the 7-Part SKiN Series (explained as #3B under the SPECIFICS TAB below) are all TOYS.   General knowledge illustrates that TOYS are TOPS, rating as #1 in Marketing Ploys as each Animated Flick reveals.

In July of 2010, her Spec Script called:


beat out 3,164 others in the Hollywood, California based International Screenplay Competition called Scriptapalooza, which only uses judges (as readers) – all  movie industry professionals.  Because of this added Recognition, ASK feels that her Writing has Merit. 

THROUGHOUT HER LIFE:  What Adrienne writes about makes for very human, compelling and interesting Subjects, Topics and Concerns. 

Furthermore, in early March (of 2013), Adrienne received an unexpected, but highly complementary Note from Mellody Hobson who is the President of Ariel Investments.  Celebrating her Accomplishments, Ms. Hobson was voted as #41 on Chicago Magazine's Power 100 List in 2013.  She is engaged to George Lucas, one of the film industry's most financially successful independent Directors/Producers (i.e.: Star Wars/Indiana Jones).   Ms. Hobson is also the Chairman of the Board for DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.; a Director of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.; Groupon, Inc.; and Starbucks Corporation. Her Community outreach includes serving as Chairman of After School Matters, a non-profit that provides Chicago teens with high quality, out-of-school time programs.  Furthermore, she is a Board Member of The Field Museum, Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, The Chicago Public Education Fund, The Sundance Institute and is on the Board of Governors of the Investment Company Institute.

Still in all, Ms. Hobson found the time to peruse ASK’s Creative Press Kit and responded by stating: 

We both had a chance to review your information packet and think you are quite the creative genius! We will keep your information on file.   Please continue your great work and we wish you all the best in the future.

THE END RESULT IS:  Knowing Adrienne’s Correspondence reaches such a high-profile Personalities can work to your Benefit as I will explain shortly.  I have worked with Adrienne throughout the past Decade and feel this is a horrific Situation that she is now embroiled in.  It is surprising she does not have an ulcer. 

To be alone and out on the street terrifies her while simultaneously breaking her heart for all the Decades of Writing and Researching she has accomplished.   To have been so violated and robbed of Monies from Copyright Infringement is bad enough (especially so when the Smithe Brothers are worth $100,000,000+/- and Skip Haynes’ Assets are $10,000,000+/-), but to now lose her Home by being in this precarious Situation calls for:


Your Contribution/Donation will get Adrienne back on her feet again, and will SAVE THE LITERATURE – a Lifetime of impassioned Work – comprised of over 100 Xerox boxes that she has painstakingly produced for the Betterment of Man.  In return, you will receive her innovative Public Relations’ Services. 

TAKING THE ‘WRITE’ COURSE OF ACTION:   Ms. Koopersmith needs between $25,000 - $36,000 to move from her home at:  

1437 West Rosemont – 1W– in Chicago

to a new location ASAP.  The remainder of the money (minus moving and storage fees) will be used for Rent and Living Expenses for the next year.  The landlord wants her out of the premise by Sunday, March 31, 2013 which is impossible as she has no Funds to move, store, etc.  After that date, Eviction Papers will be served.   


Via this explanation, Adrienne is offering a deal to you (and/or your circle of associates, friends, family, social media network) - any individual/group you know who needs professional PRAM: Public Relation-Advertising-Marketing & Branding Services (as she so cleverly does). 

AN EXAMPLE:  $1,000 will secure 50 hours of Publicity.  ASK will work your project/brand for 50 hours at the rate of $20/hour in order to reimburse you, sending out your NEWS via eMail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  You (as the client) decide on how many hours she is to work each week.  As a Special Bonus for helping, she will also publicize your 2013 Year-End-In-Review, which is important in securing more Exposure for the New Year ahead.  FYI, Adrienne types 92 WPM, therefore, you are receiving a lot of ‘bang for your buck.’ 

FURTHERMORE:    There is the distinct possibility that after you have been paid back (which will also have its own contract), you may want to retain ASK as she is a wiz at producing & placing your News, Services/Strides, Activities, Products and Brand when it comes to Promotions. 


If a Company/Individual prepays the full Amount she needs (between $25,000 - $36,000) for her publicity services (known as a Retainer Fee),  this generous Act would allow Adrienne to then have the flexibility to move; store and resettle in to a new home with all expenses paid for a year’s time. Retainer Fees are typical in the Public Relations World.  This Payment-in-full (which will be honored by a Written Contract) secures 24/7 around-the-clock INTEREST in the client’s concerns. 

WHERE THE CATCH-22 LIES:  She needs $25,000-$36,000 immediately in order to show her new landlord she can pay the year’s rent.  

I know these are troubling economic times for many of us,

but, they won’t last forever.  Adrienne is excellent at what she does.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  You know that your Writing and Creative Thinking Process is great if people (disguised as astute business men) steal from you NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE; make an Interstate TV Commercial from your Copyrighted Material and  simultaneously to garner more Attention, air it in their Website’s Video Bank, as well as promote it throughout Cyberspace.  She has every record as Evidence.  That shows her Material is highly ‘COMMERCIAL’ in the true sense of the Word: Commerce and wishes to share that expertise with you today.  Ms. Koopersmith should not be subjected to this deplorable:

Crime Against American Literature

nor have to face the possibility of being thrown out on the violent streets of Chicago because of these Criminals (Walter E. Smithe, Timothy J. Smithe, Mark Smithe & Skip Haynes) who made money hand-over-fist with her Works as well as more new clients/customers/fans/new viewers; selling furniture/songs and obtaining exposure for COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL that clearly was not theirs.  By the way: Renting the BATMOBILE (used in the Lake Shore Drive Smithe Brothers/Haynes 21 Day long Commercials) costs $4,000.  Not to confuse you, the additional Theft, Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement of National Smith Day ©1995 occurred from January 6-9, 2012. 

Furthermore, NBC is also ‘at fault’ because they did not check-their-facts as to whose commercial(s) this belonged to.  A simple 30-second Google Search of ASK’s name reveals she is the bona fide Producer/Creator of this copyrighted Material. 


Only two 30-second TV Commercials (repeated throughout 2012) destroyed the Career & Legacy (as she terms it) that has taken Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith her entire Lifetime to build.  This is not fair.  That is why you are receiving this missive today.   

IN CLOSING:   Ms. Koopersmith’s deadline is quickly approaching.  In April, she will be served with Eviction Papers.  Let’s see how We together (as an Online Community) can help out one highly talented Lady.   Feel free to pass this Special Request along to others who may choose to help. You can post it on your Blog.  Feel free to use this TINY URL:

to alert your Friends of Adrienne’s Situation via Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

Send her Story to leading Features & Lifestyle Reporters and/or Writer’s Magazines/Schools that emphasize Writing and the Perils of creating Literature in a Digital Age.

Feel free to use the following 140 Character Tweet in all your Social Media Networking Accounts as it would really help Adrienne’s Cause:   

GIVE spotlites ASK so she won’t lose her Home due to 2 cases of Copyrght Infrngemnt: 2012

The URL of this Blog (called Koopersmithin’ #984 - dated March 23, 2013.) is:

Its accompanying TINY URL is:

Please help spread this vitally important Message. 

You have read through a lot here.  As a Writer, Author, Artist and Creator, you may immediately sympathize with ASK’s Story.  She wanted to make sure you knew every pertinent piece of information here.    By all means, you can call or email me and/or Adrienne if we can answer any other questions you have.  On behalf of Ms. Koopersmith, thank you for your help in this most difficult matter in her life.  It is much appreciated. 


Robert E.  Hofstadter

Hofstadter and Associates

Evanston, Illinois 60201



PS:  Adrienne’s contact info: 

847-630-9201 - Cell

847-448-0544 – Voice Mail


askoopersmith(at)hotmail(dot)com Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith