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ARTention Retention: Koopersmith reveals the Contact List.



SAY: What’s in your STORY BANK? Check out ARTENTION RETENTION ©2013 to expand your Possibilities. Premiering on: Friday, March 15, 2013.

It’s not only WHAT you know but WHO you know that makes NEWS travel all the farther and faster than ever before. Long gone is the Pony Express.  Ponies, for the most part, are happy with that Decision as the wear-and-tear on their Hooves was most evident. E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N is the Key Word and Concept here. For the likeliest of Reasons, you have every ‘right/rite/write’ to know WHO receives your NEWS. Those Individuals (WHO themselves also have STORieS to tell) will be contacted on a Monthly Bases according to their Discipline and Topics of Coverage.  After all, at times like this (and We do want others to ‘like you’), it is far better to receive (THE GOOD NEWS) than give-in to the Mundane.

ARTENTION RETENTION ©2013 is designed for the Preservation of a STORY that bears repeating. Conversation is a STORY.  Ideas formulate, yielding STORieS.  Habitually popular


have never traveled faster, further and farther (all in part) due to the Internet. We all truly appreciate the Ease in which it operates as it saves Time, Money & Effort in explosive avenues. Those WHO (like me) feel, know and understand ‘THE GLORY OF THE STORY’ cannot live without being online as much as possible to receive and disseminate WHAT We feel should be forwarded:

Your STORY and NEWS.

WHO gets your NEWS is vital in your Daily Successes.  The ARTENTION RETENTION Offer spans from March, 2013 – December 2014 (for starters). The List is customized to and towards your Specialty(ies) because a Creatif is always changing, developing and honing his/her Trade. That’s why this Parcel of Time is instrumental and critical in working/exposing your Name/Project/Brand.  Working its Way across so many different and exciting Mediums to those WHO will appreciate your Efforts and reward you for them. I have been contacting THE MEDIA since 1979 (with Editions/Deletions along the way) and have built ‘Name Recognition.’  Therefore, my NEWS (about your Strides/Prides) gets read, acted upon, recorded and discussed. 


ARTENTION RETENTION©2013 reaches TV/Cable, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, Social Media Networks in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Specialty Groups; according to your particular Genre (Writer/Author, Painter, Musician, etc.).

1) If you’re an Author, whose Book is being optioned as a Screenplay, the Crossover Factor is especially appealing and continuous marketing (of) that Product is mandatory.  A never-ending Assortment of Screenwriting Groups, Organizations, Managers and Associations are available to ensure that your Product becomes stellar.

2) A. If you’re an ARTist, there’s ART Magazines, Culture Columnists, Gallery Owners, ART Collectors, ART Aficionados, ART Magazines, Newspapers Columnists (and its Critics/Reporters). 

B.  Radio and Television Stations.  

C. Your Town, your State and the 4 States that are closest surrounding your Home/Office (Hub of Activity) for ‘starters.’

D. The Schools/Universities you attended should also be updated of your present-day Strides. 

For Foreign Creatifs, the Method behind ARTENTION RETENTION is the best and most convenient Method in which to ‘break-in’ to the USA Marketplace and its Culture.

E. For those of you are over 50 years of age (considered a Senior or Seniorita), a Plethora of Opportunities are now open in the Form of Senior Publications/News Reels, Associations and Outlets that can spotlight (y)our Advancements and Passions.  I have access to all those Outlets (as well).   

“If you’re retired or rehired, ARTENTION RETENTION ©2013

is the proven Way to keep yourself visible as a Source and Resource to turn to and to be reckoned (with).”





Media Members also have a Life of their own.  On the(ir) job, they can move and expose your Product. However, in their Daily Life ( as they weave their own STORieS), they are seen as strong Communicators, all involved with other lucrative Activities & Organizations. Now, a door has been opened to their World because of your new Literary Liaison with them.  This general and generic Collection includes their participation in: 

Academia, Alliances, ART Centers, Associations, Block Clubs, Book Clubs, Brotherhoods, Chambers of Commerce, Charities, Clubs, Councils, Family Genealogical Societies, Federations, Fraternities, Funds, Guilds, Historical Societies, Leagues, Planning Councils, Senior Citizenry,  Service Leagues and Sororities.  Organizations (as these) also power the three (3) major Social Media Networks in which your NEWS will be broadcast. 


(Subject to your Approval and Preferences)


March, 2013 – Top 500 Syndication Staff Members via their respective Companies.

April, 2013 – Top 500 Newspapers (USA) – Circulation: 50,000+

May, 2013 – Top 500 TV Producers (USA)  

June, 2013 – Top 500 Talk Radio Hosts (USA)  

July, 2013 – Top 500 Cultural Editors (USA)

August, 2013 – Top 500 ARTS & Entertainment Editors/Reporters/Writers/Bloggers (USA)

September, 2013 – Top 500 East Coast Magazines – Editors/Reporters/Writers/Bloggers (USA)

October, 2013 - Top 500 West Coast Magazines – Editors/Reporters/Writers/Bloggers (USA)

November, 2013 - Top 500 Mid-American States’ Magazines – Editors/Reporters/Writers Bloggers (USA)

December, 2013Regional:  State and Local Organizations that should know AAY:  All About You. Inclusive of your Year-End-In-Review


January, 2014 – Top 500 Literary Writing Groups (Inclusive of the 3 Social Media Networks of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

February, 2014 – Top 500 Visual ARTS (Inclusive of the 3 Social Media Networks of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In)

March, 2014 – Top 500 Feature & Lifestyle Reporters (USA)

April, 2014 – Top 500 ART Galleries (USA)

May, 2014 – Top 500 Independent/Alternative Press Outlets and Book Reviewers (inclusive of Bloggers) (USA)

June, 2014 – Top 500 College/University Press/Newspapers (USA)

July, 2014 – Top 500 Museums (Gift Shops/Specialty Shops/Coffee Shops) (USA)

August, 2014 – Top 500 General Interest Magazines and their Reporters (via their respective Global Publications) focused on your Specialty

September, 2014 – Top 500 Author Conventions / Writing Groups / Writing Retreats (Global)

October, 2014 – Top 500 European Press Members

November, 2014 – Top 500 Scriptwriting Professionals (Executives/Managers, Producers/Contests) i.e.: ATFF: All Things Film/Flicks

December, 2014  Top 500 Charity Ball/Black Tie Event Hosts (USA) and Calendar Listings (as found in Newspapers/Magazines)

THE BOTTOM LINE IS:  These are the Decision-Makers WHO decide. Let’s put YOU on their A-List.

ARTENTION RETENTION is now available in smaller Time Slots of between 1-3 month Marketing Blitzes. Pick your favorite Months (from above) and we’ll go from there.



COST:  $500/per Month from March – December, 2013 = $5,000 TOTAL, or $4,000, if you prepay.


COST:  $500/per Month from January, 2014 – December, 2014 = $6,000 TOTAL, or $4,800, if you prepay.



COST:  $500/per Month and you select the Month(s) of your Marketing Blitz. These Media Blasts are specifically designed for those who wish to participate in ARTENTiON RETENTiON, but are short on Funds. This Incentive will generate Sales for a lively Holiday Gift-Giving Season; and/or Gallery Opening, Book Publishing, Cultural Event, etc.  You are not ‘bound’ into the full 22 Month Blitz.  






1.  For those Individuals/Companies/ARTists who pay the total 2013 & 2014 Fee of $8,800 by March 15, 2013, Monthly BONUS Postings will be broadcast about YOU on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter from January, 2015 through December, 2015 in order to keep your Brand in their ‘Minds-Eye and topical.’ 


2.  Families are encouraged to participate in ARTENTiON RETENTiON as many Members are engaged in exciting Projects.  Because STORYTELLING is popular amongst Families, their Personal STORieS can inspire others via this Literary Campaign.  As a Collective Group, the COST remains at $500 per Family, a Bargain indeed.  It’s a Family Affair and becomes a Family Favorite.


3.  Refer anyone who signs up to ARTENTiON RETENTiON and YOU will receive One (1) Weekly BONUS Posting (equivalent to 52 in a year’s time).  Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the chosen Social Networks in which your NEWS will appear. 



“The 5 W’s of Journalism comprise the Heart & Soul of all STORieS.

We are all Magicians in our own writes; We are all Teamsters

 and all Players & Slayers of STORY TELLING.

Writing + Reading = Reaction + Recreation

that you have earned by being a Creatif in the 21ST Century,

one that can certainly be at the Helm of his Career

by utilizing the Essence, Mileage and Principles of ARTENTiON RETENTiON.”



March 12, 2013 – 3:50 PM CST

March 13, 2013 – 12:57 PM CST

March 15, 2013 – 5:23 PM CST

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