Saturday, March 16, 2013

ASK/Chicago on: The Fine Art of being recognized as a Creative Genius.

I need your Advice as a consummate Pro.  How would you handle this? I received a terrific Compliment a few days ago.  Undoubtedly, it’s the best one I ever received because it dealt with what I love to do: 

Being a Creator – Writer/Screenwriter – Artist. 

Plus, it was from 1 of the top People in The Arts and in the Movie Industry. ‘They’ are internationally known and renown.   Because of their high Profile, I will not  state their  Name, Companies or Affiliations, but I was tremendously pleased they reviewed and responded positively to my extensive Info-Press Kit which introduced my latest Projects and my past Accomplishments as well as all the Media (Radio - TV - Newspapers - Magazine - Website Coverage, etc.), I garnered the last 22 years by being hailed as:

‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World.’

“Their” Quote is:  “… you are quite the creative genius!”

What I would like to know is: 

How would you handle this? 

If I now sent a Query to the leading Talent Agencies (since a Literary Agent is needed these days), would that ‘Compliment’ (which I feel is very sincere) suffice and attract their undivided Attention to sign-me-up since it was said by an Insider (one of their own) who is respected in these Industries? 
What is the next Logical Step to take? 

Any and every Thought that strikes you is much appreciated here.  Thank you for your time and expertise.  Allow me to return the Favor soon.   

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Jim Farina said...


This is exciting news!!!! Boy, I'm no expert here, and trying to navigate my own way through this crazy industry. I would definitely think of ways to leverage the comment from this highly respected industry giant. Perhaps you could reach out to this individual and ask if they can point you to possible next steps. Maybe they might even discuss an option deal or act somehow in your behalf...

Please keep me posted! The only thing more exciting than my own success, is watching you make it! feel like we've been on this ride together.

Cheers! Jimmy