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Intellectual Property Attorneys (Chicago) via Seeking your Expertise. DateLine: March, 2013.

IN NEED OF a Chicago Intellectual Property Attorney to handle my 2 cases.  My copyrighted material was stolen, misappropriated, plagiarized, corrupted & produced as commercials on NBC-WMAQ TV (2 of the top 3 broadcasting system in the USA) for a total of 25 days during prime time viewing during 2012.  Coverage extended over 4 states. As the Creator of 2 separate Entities, I was not acknowledged or compensated. Not only did I lose a sizable amount of money, but exposure by way of securing  future clients who were overtly prevented from knowing THAT I AM THE  TALENT BEHIND THESE SCRIPTS.    

The 2 Parties responsible for this Copyright Infringement are worth $87,000,000-$111,000,000 and $10,000,000-$25,000,000, respectively.  They are very visible on the Chicago Scene.  THEY HAD THE MONEY TO PAY. They sought not (to).  This was not an over-sight.  This is the Destruction of an American Dream:  MINE and the Downfall of Fine Literature. 

 I feel that NBC TV should also be sued as they did not check-their-facts. A 1-minute Google Search would have shown that I am the (only and) Legal Creator of this Material/Copy/Text.  The Procedure of checking Facts is mandatory to do in this Techno AGE:  The AGE where CONTENT IS KING and CONTENT yields BIG RESULTS:  Sales, Money, Clients, Exposure, Notoriety.   

Every pointer of my cases here is thoroughly documented as I am a consummate Writing, Researcher & Promotional Expert since 1979.

Please contact me at the following numbers if you would like to learn more.   Thank you for your reading this and considering my Ordeal.  I appreciate that gesture and look forward to telling you more. 


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