Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ROBERT E. HOFSTADTER: Weight-A-Minute ©2013. Finding Solutions to The Obesity Epidemic.

THE INTRODUCTION: Tuesday, March 12, 2013


ROBERT E. HOFSTADTER, my first Client of ARTENTION RETENTION©2013 has a very important Message that (in)directly affects ‘The ARTS.’ Heeding and sharing his Concern ‘concerns’ us all. It’s a matter (of life or death) that matters to the Continuation of Civilization as We know it.

As a Health Care Professional, it’s all about ROBERT’s Take, Evaluation, Answer and Analyses of the Obesity Crisis and Epidemic that’s not only overtaken the USA, but has spread globally. Obesity promulgates the onslaught of extremely deadly Diseases, triggers low self-Esteem, ‘justifies’ Bullying, stifles Economic Growth and diminishes any Process of any Progress.

The ‘Trouble’ then begins as this ‘Avalanche’ over-all squelches the Creative Spirit alive in us all…and for this Reason (i.e.: the Health and Welfare of People everywhere), ROBERT’s Daily Insights and/or Quotes here on his extraordinary Findings is where his Suggestions for living a better Lifestyle will appear as a regular and useful Feature.

Thank you for caring by taking your Time to visit his newly-instigated Blog Page here so aptly named:

ROBERT E. HOFSTADTER:Weight-A-Minute”©2013.


After all, it only takes a MINUTE to make the ‘right Lifestyle change.’  And that can be as smoothly as not taking that next Bite.


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After all: “There’s no Time left to Weight-No-More.”


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