Thursday, January 29, 2015

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™ - How 10 Beloved Plush TOYS Redefine Race ©2009 marks 6TH Year ABC: Anniversary-Birthday-Celebration Today: January 29, 2015 - 8:44 AM CST. How #Je_Suis_Toys dissolves Racism in Today's Harsh Environments. An Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith Enticement.

National Splurge Day’s The Daily Splurge #222 for Thursday, January 29, 2015 marks the 6TH Year Anniversary of my Literary & Cinematic Creation of:

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™
How 10 Beloved Plush TOYS Redefine Race ©2009

At exactly 8:44 AM this Morning back on January 29, 2009 (while living in my  other Chicago Locale), I work up and instantaneously this Acronym:


came to mind. It was to became the entire Basis of the 7 Part Book & Movie Sequel.

Currently 4 of the 7 Stories are completed.  Had not a few horrific Copyright Infringement Cases (multi-millionaire corps stealing my work and putting it on the 3 major  television networks) gotten in my way; a move, these set-backs tampered with my timing as I expected all 7 to be done in record time –such was my Productivity & Creative Streak at that time.

However, in July of 2010,

Beat out 3,164 other Scripts in the
Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competition

Based in Hollywood, California where ONLY seasoned Professionals read the Scripts.  Therefore, they knew what would be popular and sell.
Currently, an ANGEL INVESTOR is needed for me to pursue this Series.  It also now contains my latest Crusade:

Cartoonists Against Racism ©2015

A Division of:

Cartoonists Against Crime  ©1991
Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001

That ignited again on January 7, 2015 when the French Satirical Magazine, CHARLIE HEBDO was terrorized and 12 Cartoonists massacred.  I am 1 of the 300 Americans who has a Copy of  the First Wave of that Magazine infiltrating the USA (arrival date being January 23, 2015).   An heirloom and collectible that is gong for $140,000 on Ebay.

I was also interviewed by 10 major Media including the Press (and University Journalists), unafraid to proudly hold that Paper up in Solidarity.  A list of those will be added to this Blog by mid-February once all the Interviews have been found and completed for your perusal.  This also marks a treasure trove for those doing research on Comic Art & Cartoons.  

As with all of my Concepts, Volumes have been penned. 


Splurging (in your own Way and with your own Style) and marking the Dates in which those Phenoms happened is what puts the relevance into LIFE into Life and the “G” into Gratitude.

I’d be  happy to discuss more with you.  Merely contact me initially with an email at:

If you wish to participate in any of these Creative Adventures & Ventures.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

They say they are getting married. To each other yet! ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith to wed Robert E. Hofstadter of the famed Family that won 3 Pulitzers & 1 Nobel Prize. AND/OR: Robert E. Hofstadter hooks up with: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, America's Premier Eventologist. An Event of all Events 62.5 years in the Making.

National Splurge Day’s The Daily Splurge #221 for Wednesday, January 28, 2015 is something many of us do not plan for, ever happening although it’s in the back of many a young girls’ minds.  And that is:

To get married…

And all the SPLURGE Activities that have to happen on that special Day.  Yup, mine is coming up.  Of course, there will be broken Hearts on each Side but our Happiness is what matters.

Robert & I are going to TDN:  


either February 9 or 16TH, immediately after he turns 65 on February 8 and I turn 62.5 on February 9 or it may be February 16 in which National Splurge Day ©1994 – 1 of my top 3 favorite Holidates turns 20.5.  Not only that, but it’s during Valentine’s Week so that makes our Wedding all the more priceless.

Where does one get started on such a Preparation in such short notice?  Google, of course.  

The Best is yet to come…

And, no doubt, I’ll be writing another Book on the Experience on being a “Good Wife.” 

And, yes, I do have my latest Twitter Handle all picked out.  It will be:


And, no doubt, I’ll be writing another Book on the Experience on being a “Good Wife.” 
I like that RING!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Days to Buy Comic Art ©2015. ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Creator/Founder/Curator of: Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 & Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001 proclaims the 25th of each Month (from this Day forth) as Days to Buy Comic Art ©2015. Support your favorite Cartoonists from across the World via The Medium of Comictry: The only Art that educates, celebrates, denigrates and insulates all your Whims & Secrets in a Single Panel, Balloon or less.

National Splurge Day’s The Daily Splurge #218 for Sunday, January 25, 2015 marks the First Month Anniversary that #SANTA_IS_RETIRING, one of my other major Crusades (which is presenting itself as a Book – Screenplay & Coffee Coasters), now heightened because of the Terrorist Attack on the Offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris.  On the 25TH of each month, it’s time to BUY – INVEST in COMIC ART as it is the only Art Form and Format that tells you THE NEWS  - gives you a Valued Opinion - in a Panel or Character’s precise Expression or less.

As the Founder/Creator/Curator of:

Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991
Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001

I highly believe in equal rights for one and all, no matter what the Color of their Skin or Mercedes. If you can’t laugh and make light of something (that is not derogatory or hurtful) then what’s your Problem?

A SELECT FEW – VERY FEW:  I am 1 of only 300 People (throughout the Continental USA) who was fortunate enough to be able to BUY & SUPPORT  a Collector’s Copy -  The Latest - HOT OFF THE PRESS of Charlie Hebdo: The French Satirical that was published after the 12 Cartoonists were massacred on January 7, 2015.  I’m already receiving requests of Five-Figures for that Issue.  However, this Copy rates as one of my Reason d’Etre and Cartoonic Estate.  Parting with such a Significant Statement (at such a cost of Human Life as this has become) is not really on my Drawing Board.

While standing in line at City Newsstand in Evanston, Illinois (Corner of Chicago Avenue and Main Streets from 5:15 AM on January 23, 2015), I was interviewed by ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox 32, WGN, WBBM & The Evanston Review as well as different pairs of Northwestern University Students (Reporter and Cameraman) who also woke up early in order to see how supportive We Americans were going to be.  I was the only person thoughtful enough to hold a Sign:


which is now 1 of the top Hashtags in the Cyber World. 

Therefore, because our Freedoms and Amendments and Rights are what and how We stay as democratized as we are as Americans, I ask you all to support those who have died for your Freedoms.  Make your Splurge count today. 
FYI:  On October 25, 1993, Mayor Richard M. Daley made October 25 CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME DAY ©1993 – at my Urging. Therefore, the 25TH of each Month  from this Point onwill honor those who have died in Paris standing up while at their Drawing Boards.

Furthermore for those of you seeking more COMIC ART News, I had also contacted:

Governor Jim Edgar
State of Illinois

In early 1993 and he proclaimed December 3 as DAY WITHOUT CRIME ©1993.  I received from him a Red Ribbon / Gold Leaf Proclamation for the Occasion.  Sponsors and Angel Investors, of course, are needed to further this Crusade, now so illustrious and intuitive as our World grows all the more hostile. 

Id’ be happy to speak to those further interested in these Campaigns:

Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991
Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001

or my 1900 Holidates to Celebrate  that fall under the Literary Format of:

The ART of EVENT-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

that have elevated me to the Title of:

America’s Premier Eventologist.’

Just drop me a note at:


* * * * * * *