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National Smith Day ©1994 exposed. Revelations by its Creator: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, America’s Premier Eventologist, Inventor of 1,900 Holidates to Celebrate. The Viral Phenom continues to intrigue the Masses as Smith-Mania soars.







by its Creator:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith



DATELINE:  1-6-2015


Today, Tuesday, January 6, 2015 marks the 20TH Year Anniversary of 1 of my top 3 favorite Holidates:  National Smith Day ©1994 that honors those Individuals whose Surnames are “SMITH” and/or its Derivatives. As I again went through the Collection of Old Piles of Files last night, it dawned on me that the Event (classically redefined as a Holidate) was actually conceived in 1964 when my 7TH Grade Teacher, Mr. William Hastert of Northbrook School in Mendota, Illinois 61342 told me what my Last Name meant.  All of it. All 11 Letters. Therefore, the Event is officially 40 years old. However, I did not start the Literary Genre of

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns
for Humanity ©1990


until Wednesday, July 25, 1990.


AS THE STORY UNFOLDS:  When I was a Kid (circa Second Grade at Blackstone School) my Paternal Grandpa, Srul Koopersmith (who was originally born in the Black Forest in Germany) told me that many of our Relatives (upon arriving in the New Country – the USA) would either drop the “Kooper” or the “Smith”; therefore, there were many Relatives that We would never know about. That phenom was known as ‘Assimilation into the New Culture’ in which to be more of a Part than to stand aPart from a Name that was too ethnic.  It made sense, but in the long run, it destroyed the Essence of what FAMILY is all about.


That Revelation did not rest well with me. I was always Family-and-People-oriented; more of an Extrovert than an Introvert and I consistently wondered “WHY” Immigrants would do this.  I was also very happy, that Grandpa Srul chose to keep our Name in its entirety intact as I felt it was rich with Character and it contained a Plethora of Alphabet Letters. Being a Natural Born Writer, I felt the more Letters would lend themselves to more Ideas that could blossom forth. This would later be proved to be ripe and write with prospects.  With that Insight which Grandpa Srul sub-planted (in the back of my mind and from doing excessive Amounts of Research),




was created, born and continues to be one of my major Sociological Writings. Heading my own PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing Company, it was not hard for me to brand to Holidate into the Psyche of Pop Culture. 


HOWEVER, it only seems right to now honor those ‘Fallen Smiths’ that were listed on the Cover of The Chicago Tribune’s Red Eye whose Story was penned by Tracy Swartz via the following Tweet. 


#Willie_Smith, #Alexander_Smith, Nacurvie_Smith did not survive the Streets of Chicago 2 celebrate 20TH Yr Anniversary of #National_Smith_Day per @RedEye’s Cover Story. Rest In Peace. @TracySwartz


And for those of you wishing to be an Honorary Smith, join the Crowd.

For those of you who want me to write you a note to give the Boss so you get the Day off with Pay, stand in line…I’m perfecting the Template. 


For those of you wishing to join The Movement to be kept apprise of more SMITH-isodes (ie: Smith Episodes) & seismic Smithisms transmitted on a Global Level, due to the Holdiate’s Popularity and Ability to GO VIRAL, upon its 20TH Year Today, 2015-2020 is now designated as:


whereby the 6TH Day of each Month will honor a SoS: Slew of Smiths – i.e.: those who join CLUB: SMITH.  Branding a Name with such a long, illustrious and fine History helps in preserving the Inheritance that my Grandfather told me about so many Decades ago. 


Membership begins at:  $100 a year, prepaid for a Variety of Promotional Services under the Auspices of ASK’s Holidates that are undeniably Media-Friendly.  Feel free to contact me at:




For further Info, to schedule an Interview and/or ‘ask’ Questions about any of my other Holidates To Celebrate; Movie Scripts on Racism, Books, etc. 


The Blog dedicated to this Holidate/Phenomena is located at:




@1964-2015. ASK. Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.  All Rights Reserved.


*FOOTNOTE:  Regarding the Title of this Blog and its Chronological Portrayal: 

The True Story behind NATIONAL SMITH DAY by Creator: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.  40+ Years* in the Making. 

Speaking to Genealogists, I’ve found that this Holidate may be older than the stated 40 years as I was born with The Name that was later to turn into the Event that I created as an Artist/Writer/Promoter. 


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