Friday, January 23, 2015

Charlie Hebdo arrives in America! How ASK, Founder/Creator/Curator of Cartoonists Against Crime & Terrorism©1991/2001 scored the Third of only Five Copies sold in Chicago, 3rd largest Metropolitan & Cosmopolitan City in the USA. Pronounced as: The most historical & acclaimed Comic Art Edition ever printed. When making a Statement makes that Difference (count). "If We don't stand for something, We won't stand at all," Koopersmith's Quote of the Moment.

Friday, January 23, 2015 
It was a Moment never to be forgotten.  

ASK/Chicago:  The Temperature read as 29 degrees with the windchill zooming in at 18 (above zero).  But that would not deter me as I stood in line from 5:15 AM on @ & got the 3RD Edition of 5 of @Charlie_Hebdo this AM: January 23, 2015.

During that time and a bit later, I conducted  10 Interviews w ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX/WGN/WLS Radio, The Evanston Review with Bob Seidenberg & an assortment of local & college Newspapers. As the Founder/Creator/Curator of:

Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991


Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001

I had lots of insights to share with how the Dynamics of Comic Art says so much even without any words being spoken; the language not being readable and all within 1 panel or a few sequences.  

Only one outlet was carrying the Controversial Paper that brought Paris to its knees on January 7 and that was City Newsstand centrally located on Main & Chicago in South Evanston.  The Shop opened at 7 AM and was sold out by 7:01 AM.

I stuck around till 8:45 talking to People who were so interested in wanting to see the COVER OF CONTROVERSY, plus, many were anxious to see its insides. I was not hesitant to turn every page for them.  Why not!  We’re all in this GAME called Life together.  There was great Camaraderie in THE CROWD that gathered, although only 5 issues were sold.  Next week (if you prepay) another 125 will be sold and then the Stand does not intend to sell future issues.  Personally, I would have guessed that Barnes & Noble may have picked it up.  Time will tell. 

Even at 7:50 AM, the last of the Crowd went thru the Doorway at City Newsstand.  It was really a beautiful show of Solidarity.  It would have brought a tear to your eye, knowing what that means to the future of our Democracy.

Thumbing through my Edition to show People what was inside, the Paper is written in French, but I’m told there is an APP that now immediately translates for you. Showing those pages indeed will put ‘THE BAD GUYS’  in their place.

“IF you don’t stand for something, there won’t be anything left to stand for at all,” was the Mantra I told Robert before I left THE NEST today at 4:30 AM.

I will be taking my copy (the 3rd of 5 sold in Chicago on January 23, 2015) to the various landmarks in Chicago to take Pictures of the Newspaper there & uploading it to my various Social Media Network Accounts within the next few days.

MY INITIAL INTENT:  I really went there to Evanston’s City Newstand to show my SOLIDARITY for  my Fellow Cartoonists,  Euro Friends and Charlie Hebdo (the Satirical Newspaper) for  the horrific  bloodpath they had taken in the name of:





IT BROUGHT BACK MEMORIES, altho I am indeed one of the ‘lucky’ ones.   I took a BLOOD PATH on December 23, 1991 which was the Catalyst for my formation of Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 (endorsed by President Wm. J. Clinton 3 times) as well as Mayor Richard M. Daley who made October 25, CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME Day in Chicago (with the official Proclamation in 1993) at my urging and December 3 as Day Without Crime ©1993 per Governor Jim Edgar. 

Our Motto is: CAC: We draw Cartoons – NOT Guns!” But these People (The French Cartoonists) lost their Lives in the most atrocious of all Crimes.  This was not just a Crime, but it was  blunt Terrorism, premeditated that turned a Page in the Civilization’s Story and how we carry ourselves and think as individuals, not only as a Democracy. 

I could go on…But I was extremely happy; basically dumbfounded to have even gotten this COPY - #3 of the 5 they were selling and am extremely grateful to be part of this Elite American Mob. Chicago is the 3rd largest marketplace in the USA and a Place of Great Intellect – Talent.  Yes, it does pay to get up early.   

BUT IT’s THE WEEKEND, BOB,  and there’s lots yet to do and accomplish. Yes, just  another Day in the life of an Early Bird with a Mission.


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