Monday, January 22, 2018

The INN-SPOTS™ to #va_CAT_ion with your PETS during The Year of The Dog beginning on February 16, 2018. The surefire Cure to sePURRation Anxiety in a Dog-eat-Dog World. Cali The Calico approved ~ apPURRved.

January 22, 2018
9:02 AM CST

Historically, Pet Owners could not bear to leave their beloved #Pet_at_Home when they jaunted off on a Family #va_CAT_ion. Their Pets (of course) are Family.  How can you leave “Family behind?”  But  no one would take them in; so for Decades Pets were confined to a Kennel far away from their Loved Ones with their Hearts breaking for Weeks-on-end, never really knowing why this "Break" was happening.

Being left out IN THE COLD is yet another Story when "The Animal" is an Orphan, Stray or Feral. They, too, need HELP.  Massive Amounts of Aid & Assistance. Now, the latest Plunge (retermed by Marketers as a “Trend”) that Hotels (of many Sizes) across The World are now catering (CAT-ering to those of The Feline PURRSuasion…Persuasion, that is) is to focuses on “The Wishes” of true and tried Pet Owners.


It could not have come at a better Time.  As I see this Line-Up, 2018 is officially: 


which grants me (as a Promoter of Popular [PUPular] Culture since 1979 and spearheading my won PRAM Biz called Koopersmith’s Global Communications) & “The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World” (with over 1,900 original HOLIDATES to celebrate) since July 25, 1990 @ 9:45 PM CST as an ideal and extended Term or Period in which to celebrate all that is divulged in the above Sheet.

Ideally, I’d like The Hilton Hotels [who will be commemorating their 100TH ABC: Anniversary – Birthday – Celebration on May 31, 2019] to hire me to head and promote this Campaign (acting as their Satellite Office in Chicago, Illinois, the Third largest Cosmopolitan-Metropolitan Marketplace in The USA) that (upon Reflection) affects every Person & Creature on The Planet, if worked according to “My Plan” and with The Insights I’ve culled throughout The Decades and those thus shared with Mia and Jenn mentioned in the above Intro Sheet.


For any and all Questions & Queries, I may be reached at:


& follow me on Twitter at: 


Time is OF The Essence as THE YEAR OF THE DOG begins in Mid-February, 2018. Your Response would be appreciated no later than January 31, 2018.


PRAM stands for: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing with The ASK Brand of Endearment, Razzle & Dazzle that’s been known as an Influencer for Decades.


Meet Cali & Adrienne, 
The Instigators of how the Revolutionizing of 
The Hospitality Industry
morphs into 
The hos_PET_ality Biz,
purr a Combo & Collaboration of
Paws + Hands.

How We put 
The Spark & Sparkle
Popular Culture:


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hug A G.I. Day ©1996 restructures for its 22ND Year Celebration on March 4, 2018. Exclusive Insight from ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith, Premier Eventologist in The History of The World. Creator of Pop Cultures most celebrated Holidates. Face it! These are NOT your GrandPaw's Holidays!

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Creator of: 
Hug A G.I. Day ©1996

with her Precious Cat:

Cali The Calico

Let The Celebration begin
Bring on The Hugs

By introducing 3 differing Levels to my HOLIDATE,
Hug A G.I. Day ©1996,
Vast Improvements for The dire Global Situation will occur.

Quote of ASK: Creator of  EVENTOLOGY ©1990
Hug A G.I. Day ©1996 + 1900+ HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE

Monday, January 22, 2018 – 6:35 AM CST

CountDown:  6 Weeks to Sunday, March 4, 2018
From:  Sunday, January 21, 2018 
2 Months til First Day of Spring, 2018:  Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Chicago, Illinois USA:

"It's become so much more than Hugging a G.I. for this Holidate that rates among my Tip Top Ten of all Time," begins ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith who has created more than 1,900 Holidates in 34 diverse Categories since July 25, 1990. 2020 marks her 30th Year of being the only Person to have ever amassed such a Quantity of  Quality HOLIDAYS, as cited by Ripley's Believe It or Not in 2017.

Now, she has a new creative Ploy that will truly encompass The Hearts & Minds of those who require a different Way to celebrate those Times in our Lives that are not all paid leave from Work with its own Round of Fireworks. 

Adrienne continues:  "It's so cleverly reworked that this is the First Time a Concept has crossed my mind to even improve The Gists of such a magnificent Event that runs neck to neck with:

Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Veteran's Day

(that is) all other Holidays that favor The Military and those who serve and protect us and who sometimes make the Ultimate Sacrifice.  

"Except this year, one immensely novel Topic entered The Scenario & started to click like I've never seen them click before," Koopersmith adds. "In order to derive more bang, the Day has been extended. IF a Fortune 500 Company wants exclusive Sponsorship that includes my Support and Branding Expertise, that Cost is $125,000 from February 25, 2018 - January 10, 2019.

Some may define Koopersmith as “The Sea Dog” of EVENTOLOGY having created a Niche that no Calendar or Card Company can come close to.  She prides her Creative Streak and Branding Expertise on knowing how Human Nature operates and thinks.  Racking up The Experience of nearly half her life devoted to making people happy on a Day by Day Basis, her HOLIDATES’ luminating Appearance near the Horizon of a forthcoming Day [like a Meteorite], signals and symbolizes an Premonition of smooth Sailing ahead.

Book an Interview with ASK: by emailing Eventology Central at:


Special Appearances begin for the Weekend begin at:

$10,000 for 90 Minutes in and around Chicago, IL USA;
$5,000 for  30-Skype Appearances;
$1,000 for 20-Minute Radio Interviews.

How Influence is spread and achieved:

"Additionally, a Life-long Contract Exclusive to have Koopersmith head and then will The Library of Hug A G.I. Day is available to any  Fortune 500 Group or Military Branch for Fifty-Five Million Dollars ($55,000,000). This Price will escalate as We get closer to July 25, 2020 that is hailed as the 30TH Year ABC: Anniversary - Birthday - Celebration of EVENTOLOGY under which Hug A G.I. Day falls.  FYI:  Football & Sports' Stars' Contracts are far higher & not nearly as meaningful or significant for our World and Future Generations.  Due to the Nature of this Material, her Influence & Decades of Work in The Holidate's Advancement, this is a reasonable Deal and Offer. Being in a Creative Class of her own and creating a Niche as unique as this Study, Adrienne is considered the "Leonardo da Vinci of The Calendar World."

Quote of Robert E. Hofstadter
Hofstadter & Associates
Monday, January 22, 2018 - 1:49 PM CST
Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 3:09 PM CST

THE PRICE OF CREATIVITY:  There isn’t one…
What Price do you pay for an enduring EVENT that joins The Ranks of:

Memorial Day;
4TH of July; &
Veteran’s Day

created, launched & promoted solely on the valiant & creatively endless Skills, Talents & Efforts of One Single Personality – One Citizen who has been promoting said HOLIDATE for The People since 1996?  Exorbitant Salaries are paid for Football Players and nothing is left for The Good of a Society, except The Devastation wrought by Brain Concussions incurred during the Brain suffered by the Player & his Family Members.

An EVENT as KOOPERSMITHs’ can and has changed The Course of People (their Philosophies, Day & Lives) as her History has shown the last 21 plus Years. Letters, Emails, Tweets, Posts & Correspondences have poured into EVENTOLOGY CENTRAL (The Institute EVENTOLOGY as her Office is referred to) for 27 years now (circa July 25, 1990).

As of Saturday, February 17, 2018 – 8:34 AM CST, the Google Tabulation about HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 is calculated as:

About 1,390,000 results 
(0.51 seconds)

Plus, as this HOLIDATE spins and weaves its Way through TIME as it has for the last 2+Decades since 1996 (meeting and greeting NEW AUDIENCES), only those who get The Privilege of knowing Koopersmith – will have had that distinct Honor to work with her. 


What’s comparable are The Tales of any Literary Star from “The Past” as:

Charlotte von Stein
Edgar Allan Poe
Emily Dickinson
Erma Bombeck
Harper Lee
Henry David Thoreau
Herman Melville
Hildegard of Bingen
Louisa May Alcott
Mark Twain
Maya Angelou
Oscar Wilde
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Robert Frost
Walt Whitman
Willa Cather

who leaves an Indelible Mark & incredible Legacy for their Generation.  ASK’s Difference (that is her Contribution) is based in a Methodical Building in which she creates a Story (many Times in Fable Style as her Favorite Author was AESOP of ASEOP’S FABLES), turns it into an EVENT since People enjoy attending and being part of a Special Occasion (retermed as a HOLIDATE) that is then carried through and throughout Pop Culture (across Borders & Time to become immortalized) to create a Positive Vibration & Mindset, thus leaving a Message of utmost importance.  This is the definition of Magnitude.

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s HOLIDATE (as a Genre of Literature known as:

The ART of EVENT-Making
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

consists of aBook on how to properly celebrate HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 – Homegrown HOLIDATES from The Mind, Heart and Soul of a Branding Genius & Influencer.  This is The Route that is taken to obtain:  American Icon Status:  #American_Icon_Status, when a selfless Work of ART is produced, shared and ultimately stands-for-something. 


LITERARY GENRE: As Adrienne revs up for more HOLIDATES, she is especially happy to say that July 25, 2020 is the 30TH Year of her Formation & Launch of: 


The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns for Humanity ©1990

that made Holidates like Hugging a G.I.Day ©1996 possible for all of us.

The new Twist to Hug that separates this HOLiDATE: Hugging a G.I.Day ©1996 from its previous Models will be unveiled on March 1, 2018.

Original Published:  1-21-2018 - 2:30 PM CST



On Monday, February 26, 2018, Doug Criss, Digital Journalist at CNN published an Exposé called:

Anyone can make up a holiday. 
This woman made up 1,900

online at:

with Artwork designed by Ted Witus highlighting and spotlighting ME as:

the undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation.”

In 1997, The Media named me as:  America’s Premier Eventologist.”

In 2001, I was labeled as “The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World.”

Now with this new Title “the undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation” completes my Trine.  This, of course, is what Artists/Writers/Authors wish for.

Hug A G.I. Day ©1996 is mentioned and The HOLIDATE was considered important enough in order for it to be illustrated. That Gesture by a major Broadcasting System boosts its Numbers significantly.  After all, in Life, it’s always been about “The Timing.”

Click on to:

Because of (t)his Piece, I was also a featured Guest on: 

Ocean 98.1 FM (WOCM)
Ocean City, Maryland

With Morning Personalities:  Bulldog, Big Al, Coach & Marla in a Showgram called “The Rude Awakening.”   Color me as happy as can be.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Official Year of The Dog Blog. Spotlighting 353 Days of The Best Dog Art – Books – Creations ever amassed in 1 Place for such a Special Event. Launched by: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Founder of PAW: Pet Appreciation Week ©1994.

DateLine:  Wednesday, January 17, 2018 – 2:05 PM CST

In this Dog-eat-Dog World of Promoting, Advertising Marketing & Branding, having one’s own Day & Date in Fleeting Time is a pleasant Surprise as well as useful Tool to give your Product yet another Avenue in which it can grow, influence others and become successful, if not historically relevant, casting a Spell where others have not yet gone.

That is the exact PIC: Plan, Idea & Concept that I have in mind for this Interactive Blog that runs from Friday, February 16, 2018 (The Beginning of Chinese New Year) to Monday, February 4, 2019 (The Final Day of The Year of The Dog), a total of 353 Days. 332 Breeds of Dogs are currently on The Roster of the leading Dog Leagues.

The Client buys a Date on this Calendar (ie: A Block of Time – 24 Hours) & submits The Covers (front and back) of his/her Book and/or Artwork with these 6 Questions answered:

Who: Your Name; Title & Company (if any)
What: is your Works Title
When: was this Art created; Book penned and published
Where: Where are you from. Country/City
Why:  May be a Quote as to why this Book/Artwork was produced
Website: Where can others find out more about you & how to contact you directly.

The Book and/or Art Work remains permanently on my Blog ad infinitum.  Can you say:


As an International Branding Guru & Public Personality since 1979 and based in the Third Leading Cosmopolitan Center in The West: Chicago, Illinois USA, this Creative Ploy is guaranteed to aid you in gaining additional Visibility by my rich Network that scans The Planet having cultivated them since Childhood – since Kindergarten in 1957. Plus, you will be in the Mists of 352 other Like-Minded Creatifs who are literally and figuratively on the “Same Page” as you are.

Additionally, anyone from anywhere can peruse these Pages.  Those People may be Art Gallery Owners; Interviewers; Book Shops…anyone from anywhere who sees The Talent & POW-tential in your Wares that you are hawking through this interesting Avenue that is overseen by one of the most Creative Thinkers & Think Tank Leaders of the 20TH & 21ST Centuries.

The Price is $1,000 PREPAID for any one Month equates to 1 Post I release that equates to: $2.73 a Day – cheaper than a Hot Latté on a cold Winter’s Morning. That is 1 Post a Day; that is then promoted by me on Twitter & LinkedIn as my Social Mediums of Preference.

The Price is $6,000  PREPAID for The Year that equates to: $16.38 a Day – cheaper than a Deli Lunch if you wish to have me send out singular, customized Social Media Posts (via Twitter & Linked) from Monday-Friday during that designated Period at “The Height of Relevancy” during those Days. That’s Two (2) additional Posts. Feedback is included in that Rate through February, 2019.

The Price is $18,000  PREPAID for securing your very own Blog Page here on Koopersmithin' (my Blog here) that includes a Weekly Update on what the Client is doing during The Year of The Dog (February 16, 2018 - February 4, 2019).  The Blog will remain post infinitum after that Time. 


When The Day and Date are ripe, unleash your Creativity.
FYi:  THE YEAR OF THE DOG happens once every Twelve (12) Years. 
Spaces will fill quickly.  I cannot guarantee any Spaces. It’s a First Come First Serve.
Feel free to Follow me on Twitter at:  @ASK_Koopersmith for any Updates that will occur on a Daily Basis. Active Participation is important no matter what Species you happen to be.

An Online Dog Art Gallery and BookStop [as this] has all the Earmarks of what Man’s Best Friend deserves during his Year:  THE YEAR OF THE DOG.

In other Words:  What The Vet ordered.


Email me directly at:

for any and all Questions & Queries and to find out where you should mail your Check (to).

Refer to the following Blog for the List of Topics to be covered during The Year of The Dog:


2018 heralds in the Chinese Calendar’s Year of The Dog. 20 cutting edge Promos that will set your Pooch away from The Pack. Authorized & Verified by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Official Blogger of The Year of The Dog ©2018.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cat Lovers are not going to take it! 2018 arrives as YEAR OF THE DOG. Thank The Chinese 4 that 1 due to their Zodiac Calendar. Putting up with cute Dog Stunts & Videos 4 an entire year gives us CATS something to BARF over. Where’s Equality for Felines?




@ASK_Koopersmith of Chicago Quote:

Monday, January 15, 2018 – 2:42 PM CST

Cali The Calico poses with her Human
 ASK who turned 65 Years & 5 Months   
on the Date this Blog #1265 was published:

DATELINE:  #January_9_2018:  5:25 PM CST

Known as the popular Social Media Guru: 

 ASK kooPURRSmith on CATS, 
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith is
#Cali_The_Calicos’ Human 
who together take charge of a vast 
Array of CATilicious & CATerrific Feline Events 
that even The Dogs are howling about
all happening during 
The Chinese Zodiac Calendar's Year of The Dog: 2018

PURRticipation begins on February 4, 2018. 
This particular/PURRticular Study will not reoccur until 2030.

INSERT:  Although ASK has a RePURRtoire of CAT elated & related
Events umbrella'd under her HOLIDATE known as:
PAW: Pet Appreciation Week founded in 1994.

Q:  Who's Side R U on?

The Chinese Calendar does not mention a Year of The Cat. I'm guessing The Egyptian Calendar does as they revered The Cat as much as avid Cat Lovers  of Today do.  The closest We get is The Tiger, which should be symbolically used in this Big Cat's Battle against Extinction. House and Feral Cats have plenty of other Issues since Man's #Domesti_CAT_ion of their Species.  This indeed presents and PURRSents itself as a Topical Year that guarantees to secure FOREVER Homes to many Cats & Dogs who are indeed in need.  We may prefer one Pet over the other, but in "The End," it's how you treat an Animal that determines your Value & Worth.

Recent Blogs related to The Topic of PETS include the following Three (3ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith penned in early January, 2018 that you may wish to read to understand her Angle & Slant on The Formation of her Mindset & Motivations.  After all, enough can never be written about The Wonders of being with a Cat or Dog.  Recently related Blogs include the following Four (4) penned in late December, 2017 through early January, 2018...for your PURRusal, of course, all lending Credence to her Year-long Celebration of Americans' Favorite Pet(s):


ASK_kooPURRSmith launches: CRINGE: #Cats R In Need Getting Enormous (#CRINGE).



#FERAL_FURRidays ©2018 ® ™ When #Cats_Help_Cats. A #Cali_The_Calico Initiative for 2018. She is also The CEO of #ASK_Chicago's Heart. Alot of Work 4 an 8 Pound Kitty.



2018 is going to The Dogs. Accrediting The Chinese on that 1. When you love a Pet, it gets its own Year. Pet Reporting by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Author of Petology 101

#ASK_Chicago_on_Canineisms: #GeezerMutt_Days ©2018 & #GeezerMutt_Weeks ©2018 unveiled. Hey, People, just take 2018 off & play with your Dog(s). When the #Dog_Days_of_Summer become cross-seasonal.

The Official Year of The Dog Blog. Spotlighting 353 Days of The Best Dog Art – Books – Creations ever amassed in 1 Place for such a Special Event. Launched by: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Founder of PAW: Pet Appreciation Week ©1994.

2018 heralds in the Chinese Calendar’s Year of The Dog. 20 cutting edge Promos that will set your Pooch away from The Pack. Authorized & Verified by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Official Blogger of The Year of The Dog ©2018.

But wait!  There's so much more Territory to cover within 2018. Don't miss out on this legendary Period - PURRiod, whether you are a Cat/Dog Lover...or both. After all, the Tie-In with the Chinese Zodiacal Calendar is universal and appears on a 12-Year Cycle. Its next Appearance is in 2030.

Offering an Opportunity & opPURRtunity for Pets (Cats & Dogs) to spotlight and gain what they have been missing since DOGestiCATion began, under my Pet Writings stem from early Childhood and reach their Summit with The Formation of PAW: Pet Appreciation Week in 1994 that encompasses Sixty-Seven  (67) Animal Species.  

These  HOLIDATES are copyrighted under The Literary Arm of:  

ASK's Global Communications, a Full Service PRAM: Public Relations - Advertising - Marketing Firm branding ALL THINGS ASK since 1960 where The FAT: Focus-Aim-Target is in placing "The Pop into Popular Culture."  Only Paid Clients &/or Members are allowed to use these 
EVENTS according to ASK's ByLaws of  EVENTOLOGY celebrating its 28TH Year of Literary Excellence in 2018, being created on July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM CST.


$36,000: prepaid by February 1, 2018
$4,000 per Month prepaid, thereafter.

 $750: Individual Daily Posts prepaid for an 
Anniversary/Birthday/Celebration significant Milestone: 
Comprises 50 Posts in 1 Day that are sent to 5-10 Notables
& #People_of_Influence who need to know your Message.

$500: Individual Daily Posts prepaid for Non-Profit Groups
Comprises 50 Posts in 1 Day that are sent to 5-10 Notables
& #People_of_Influence who need to know your Message.

Additional$100 per Week prepaid for extra for Follow-Up Work 

generated by above Promotionals.

Email first to set up a Time & Date in which to discuss your Participation:

3i’s:  implant. involve. influence.
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter – Video Actor
“People read what ASK writes about…”
STUDIOS 5820 - 1437 – 1258 – 3100 – 1710 - 1221
Chicago, Illinois 60626 USA

Gmail:  Adrienne(DOT)Sioux(DOT)Koopersmith(AT)gmail (DOT)com
Cell:  847-630-9201 
Twitter:  @ASK_Koopersmith