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BLOG #1300: The Joys of Petdom & Pethood after The Golden Age of 65©2018. Passing a Momentous Milestone in ATIS: Age, Time & Internet Space.


BLOG #1300





Just because you are OTH: OVER THE HILL

doesn’t mean IT is over…

whatever IT may be.



“The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation” ~ Doug Criss/CNN ~ February 26, 2018


Creator of: PAW: Pet Appreciation Week ©1994



DATELiNE:  August 22-24, 2018

Complications arise across The Board.  On Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 4:45 AM I turned 66. That’s an entire Year past 65; The Age that’s well-documented while many of us sadly shake our Heads back and forth, wondering how We got this old, this fast. Giving this Matter a Bit of Perspective, I then decided to take Personal Inventory of what transpired during that Time, a Period of 24,120 Days. But since I did not have another 65 years to squander, I decided to blatantly & bluntly ASK myself what I am happiest doing.  This would shed Light on how I would proceed.   Automatically, The Answer was simple and immediately popped into (my) Mind.  I’m happiest when typing up a Storm.  Due to all those years of typing, formulating and thinking Thoughts, IT (I Type; therefore, I am) all led me to being labelled with Five (5) aromatic Titles of Distinction, namely:

America’s Premier Eventologist

by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine

 Washington, DC – August 25, 1997 


The Premier Eventologist in The History of the World

by Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune

 Chicago - January 23, 2001 


The Undisputed Champ of Event Creation

by Doug Criss of CNN

 Atlanta, GA - February 26, 2018 


The Gatekeeper of Eventology

by Cody LaGrow of Newsy

 Chicago - April 11, 2018 


Pioneer Woman Holiday Collection

by Larry Potash & Robin Baumgarten

 WGN TV Morning News – Chicago, IL -   May 3, 2018

She came from a Country 5,200 miles away from Chicago, but I met her “out back” in what’s been described and named as our #OutBack” which really is “outback.”  When she saw my beautiful Calico Cat, CALi, “The CEO of My Heart” who walks me 3-4 times a Day, this elderly Woman could not stop petting her. Her old gnarly hands gently fondled her Ears and stroked her back to CALi’s Tail that stood up, as if saluting.
An absolute Link prevailed here between Cat and Person. No Games were being play; no Pretenses existed because We were chopping through Our 60s, One Day at a Time, taking the Bitter with the Sweet. In my Life, the Sweet runs parallel with CALi & being with her exclusively for her Cat Time. Collectively, We amassed a vast Array of Experiences and exPURRiences when it comes to Animals – Men and People for all those Decades of living Life. 
Part of “The Conversation” was light-hearted fluff when she suddenly blurted out as if exploding: “I’ve never loved a Man as much as I love my Cat.”  Taken aback, I could not believe my very Ears.  Was this Woman a mind-reader or psychic? I thought I was hallucinating because for the last 22 Months, I constantly said this about CALi, My Calico that she far outweighs any Relationship I ever had. For within her little, delicate and fragile Body rests a Spirit that’s true and unhampered.  Love prevails in every Move she makes and takes. 

Thus, a new Feeling kicks in, one that was not or ever expected of a Person when he/she is so much younger.  One that we do not concern ourselves with until later in Life:  Beyond 65. It is the Realization that when Spouse dies in your Post 65 Years:  66-100, a Pet will be there with and for you.
Cats & Dogs (because they are Lap Animals) provide a Special Love that eliminates and cancels out any Addiction; any former Wives or Husbands; and/or pesky Children from previous Marriages or Interludes before any of the Troubles that come along in the latter clattering Years of Living Life with a Mate who is far from ideal.  Of course, this Sentence opens up “The Discussion” of why YOU are remaining in such a Relationship in the First Place, but that’s yet another Avenue to be explored and should be. Relationships are multi-dimensional and each Story includes several BackStories that need to be revealed.


Let’s preface this Introduction by saying:

Every Day lived is a JOY and should be entertained as such.
Granted, many Days cannot be enjoyed if a Mate is stricken with a Disease or is just ill-tempered, cranky and obstinate.  Therefore, overall having an endearing Pet takes “The Pain” of growing Old and Older away.  Of course, that Person has to be physically up and prepared to care for a four-legged furry Bundle of Raw Curiosity. From Experience (or exPURRience in Pure CAT), I can PURRSonally say that The Paybacks are as delightful as can be.

One of my favorite Comments about Petdom after 65 is a 1,999 Character - 364 Word Story or Explanation that goes like this. 



ONCE UPON A TIME:  CALi My Calico & I vacationed at the historical 94-year old Hilton Orrington in Evanston, Illinois for Seven (7) Weeks from July 8, 2017 – September 1, 2017.  During that Time of Grace & Enlightenment, We would attend Public Art Fairs; stroll along the grassy Grounds of what was renamed to CALi’s Garden near the Evanston Public Library; and meander out front where the Valets gathered to greet the New Tourists. We’d even stride up The Block to Burger King that was a Hot Spot to sniff their all-beef charcoal Beef Burgers that had no place on my Vegan-Vegetarian Diet. Because CALi VON KOOP HOF (as her Full Name is) does not molt, she constantly wears a beautiful Fur Coat of Black White & Copper Patches. Therefore, she heats up quite easily in the Mists of the Dog Days of Summer. If The Day was hot and clammy, I’d carry her back-in to our Room, #316; get her a fresh Bowl of ice cubed Water as Refreshment and then I’d return while she relaxed, cooled down & catnapped.  One of the Evanston’s most well-attended Art Shows was scheduled during our Stay.  When I walked “The Show with Cali,” Scores of People stopped us; in awe, interested in her, stating they had never seen a Cat on a Leash before. Others immediately commented: 

“Oh, my!  Isn’t she pretty. I used to have a Calico.”

recalling their Younger Years and the beloved Pets in their Homes and Households.
More than half of them had a Calico Cat and recalled Fond Memories of their Pet.  My Point? The Point htat is psychologically interesting is that People saw me as a nice Person with a Cat.  Without “THE CAT,” I did not exist. A Pet allows 1 person to start a conversation with another Person.  Dialog perks a Person up; it gives them a Reason. After realizing this, I always endorse the unmitigated Fact that having a Pet opens up a World to Seniors that no other Human can do. Do yourself a Favor.  Do a Homeless or Stray Cat or Dog a favor.  The Benefits and Outcome will brighten your Day(s) to no end. 


The Best Way to defer Loneliness in one’s Elder Years (however that Term is defined) is by having a Pet in (y)our Life. I never use the Word “Ownership.”  Respecting an Animal on and placing him or her Equal Footing is instrumental in the Relationship you will be sharing.

After all that Animal is coping hard to understand his/her Surroundings - in a Man-ruled, dominated Environment where anything can and will happen. It is no picnic.

Domestication was not kind to The Cat or Dog (or any of the Barnyard Creatures who are turned into Meals).   

Animals’ Lives are constantly dismantled (whose Root Word is “MAN”), every single Day.  A Cat (as opposed to a Dog) requires Walking on a Daily Basis but let’s not forget this: What is good for The Cat is good for The Dog. What’s good for The Goose is good for The Gander. Exercise should not be exorcised from anyone’s daily regimen, be the Creature a Homo sapien sapien or another Beast, fluffy, furred or scaled.



without saying a Single Word

The Companionship of a Cat or Dog is an: ART: A Reason To get up.

A Reason To go out.
A Reason To mingle.
A Reason To get inspired.
A Reason To never to be bored.
A Reason To set Goals.
A Reason To smile & laugh out loud.
A Reason To exercise, move and walk (faster).
A Reason To allay Pain by Substitution (Mental & Physical).
A Reason To brag about a Pet who ultimately gives you a Reason to carry-on.
A Reason To participate in your Life.
A Reason To live longer.

As a sassy and sexy Senior Citizen who launched this Campaign in November of 2016 when Cali entered My Life, it’s reassuring and mandatory to walk “The Walk and Talk the Talk.”  Blessed with a SuPURR Species at (y)our Side, Cali ranks as the First Wonder of The World to me.  Time is short, fleeting & it’s getting shorter every Day. Devote yourself to the one who’s most appreciative. Cats have The Tendency to make you smile-out-loud.

As I opened with:  Complications arise across The Board.  One Reality is for certain. No one is ever bored when they have a Pet. The “Rescue” is a Mutual Feeling that should be shared with The Younger Ones amongst us.



ASK QUOTE:  IT (I Type; therefore, I am.)  
Friday, August 24, 2018 – 12:46 PM CST

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Acceptance 101 when you are this old & aged, like Fine Vintage Wine if The Coffers of Life...or what's left of it…leaves you intact. Mimicking The Heroic Greats who’ve came B4 me since none coming after will ever listen. BabyBoomer Philosophies in an Age of Despair & Disarray.


Acceptance 101 when you are this old & aged, like Fine Vintage Wine if The Coffers of Life...or what's left of it…leaves you intact. Mimicking The Heroic Greats who’ve came B4 me since none coming after will ever listen. BabyBoomer Philosophies in an Age of Despair & Disarray.  

In my Acceptance Speech of becoming & fully realizing I am 66 Years & 10 Days old,

this is what I’ve got to say:

“I accept The Things I cannot change;

I applaud The Things that have been changed;

& for every Thing else, I have My Cat Cali…”

Composed & Lived  & Experienced by:

Sunday, August 19, 2018 – 3:15 PM

In The OutBack

Rogers Park – Chicago, Illinois 60626 – 2212 USA

©Saturday, August 9, 1952 – Sunday, August 19, 2018

Derived from:  

ODE TO A CAT ©2018

See this plus more in the 2019

CATENDAR Cali & I are C_re_AT_ing

Because I am “The GateKeeper of Eventology

over 107 Original CAT

elated & related Feline HOLIDATES will be premiering.

AUTHOR’s NOTE:  The Title of this Blog is exactly 280 Characters

as any good Tweet/Twitter should be.

How often does that happen?

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Friday, August 10, 2018

ASK66. 1 Tweet Will Do IT. Life After 65. The Countdown to 100 begins NOW. Yet Another ASK: #AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith brash, in-yo-face Commentarium.

#SeniorTweetsWillTravel ®

Another Launch 

One Tweet Will Do It

Turned 66 yest. Celebrations still on w/REH & Cali.
In 33 more years, I'll B 99 as of 2051:
There4, launchg my new #Column 2day:
#ASK66. Like the Gun: #AK47.
VOOB: #ValuedOpinionsOnBabyBoomership©2018

AND, yes, when I reach 67 on August 9, 2019,
the Name changes to: #ASK67;

followed by August 9, 2020, the Name changes to #ASK68;

 On August 9, 2021, the Name changes to #ASK69;
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BiNGO! On August 9, 2052, the Name changes to #ASK100.

There is a distinct(ive) Pattern & impactful Thread running thru Our Lives,
adding so much Richness to my EVENTOLOGY Inheritance.

All We need to do is participate.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

What I waited an entire Life Time 4: 66. Like the Route. Route 66. Here Today. Older Tomorrow. How the ASKian Formula for Longevity plays itself out. And, I do mean #PLAY. Even if the WAIT is 24,106 Days long, there’s lots 2 do in the Mean @TIME.

"Just another Day in America here on Planet Earth, but this one is far different than any other.

Just arrived at that Milestone Birthday @ 4:45 AM with Cali & Robert @ my Side...
Sirens R sounding all over the City; not because there's a Ticker Tape Parade or anything, but because an Urban Area always experiences Urbanic Tragedies.  Although Situations have occurred in my life, none can be categorized as a Tragedy, maybe because I've always kept an Optimistiq State of Mind knowing: 

Yes, this too shall pass...

My Friend Sharon states that after 65 is passed (done and over with - nothing but a Fond Memory); it's an all-together different Mindset and Ballgame. To me, it's a complicated one and one in which those Tragedies do set in, especially when unmet Expectations are realized and that certain Fulfillments will not be fulfilled after all.  However, the Harsh Reality does surface in that We (as BabyBoomers of this Day & Age & Timeslot) do not have:

Another 65 years to squander away...

So with that Thought in mind, keep your Priorities First after your Cat & the Ones you love.  After all, You are in command & you didn't make it this far FOR NOTHING.

Just another Day in America here on Planet Earth, or is it?"

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 5:24 AM CST

FUN MATH GAME:,+1952/to/Aug+9,+2018

I'm especially interested in TIME & Numbers and how those affect/effect/defect Our Lives when certain Outlooks are put into place. What can improve them?  What should be eliminated; what can be gained if you turn & switch something (possibly a bad Habit or Addiction)…

by getting a CAT...Pet Dog... (for Starters).

NOW:  If you type into Google the Date you were born to the current Date, the precise Calculation will be  precise  in the Determination of how long you've in the Example (mine) below:

Derived from this Website, 1 of my Favorites!

Number of Days between August 9th, 1952 and August 9th, 2018

24,106 days is equal to 3,443 weeks and 5 days.
The total time span from 1952-08-09 to 2018-08-09 is 578,544 hours.
This is equivalent to 34,712,640 minutes.
You can also convert 24,106 days to 2,082,758,400 seconds.
Today is 8/9/2018 and 8/9/1952 is exactly 24106 days before today.

THANK YOU for spending Part of your Day with me on my Birthday.

1 of my earlier Tweets read as:

A Week from 2moro on Thurs, #August_9:
I turn 66! 
Like the Highway.
In lieu of Gifts 4 all the Fine #NEWS & #Networking that I provide, pl #donate generously 2 my #FUNDRAISER 4:
The #Institute of #EVENTOLOGY @