Sunday, March 22, 2020

How CALi & Adrienne's EmPEThy Movement & 393 CAT Holidates smoothen the Tough Times ahead imposed by the Corona Virus Pandemic. One Day at a Time. πŸ˜ΊπŸ‘© 🐾 🌾


DATELINE:   Sunday, March 22, 2020 - 1:15 PM CST

How CALi The CALiCO von Koop-Hof, The FURSt,
a #suPURR_Species,
PURRceives our Current Global State of Affairs.

Many, many, many Companies (across Our World) are taking my #emPEThy Movement into serious Consideration by giving their Employees the Opportunity - that's #op_PURR_tunity to bring their beloved PET to The Work-Place with them.  I, for one applauded them for having a Heart & showing it in the best Way possible ~ PAWSsible.

Then, the Unfathomable happened:  The Global Pandemic 
Enter:  The CoronaVirus.
Circa: March of 2020.

Driving every Worker into a 'forced' Quarantine to work from Home.

Gone is the Comradery.

Gone is The Goodwill between Employees.
Gone is The Mutual Benefits that this provided...


Now with The CoronaVirus in full-swing, all PET Parents are forced to work from home with a Stay-at-Home Decree declared by Government Officials in force.  'Sealing The Deal' is The Ultimatum.  

"Optimal Physical & Mental Health for both with 
Survival being The GOAL 
is what is at stake.

ASK:  Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith Quote:
Sunday, March 22, 2020 - 1:15 PM CST

The Human who is now home-side with their PET who (quite honestly, if asked) undoubtedly finds their HUMAN under their PAWS and quite an Annoyance or Nuisance.  After all, We all need our Space & Alone Time.

Therefore, what to do?
What is the 'New Norm?'
How do We cope?
How can we make 'The Most' of a Bad Situation?

PETS to the Rescue is the Best Way.

The Answer to those Questions is found in a brilliantly orchestrated 1,550 Page Document of 448,465 Words called:


containing 393 original HOLIDATES in Fifteen (15) Categories that help People bond better to their beloved CATS during this most trying and terrifying of TIMES and even when Times are not.  Treat yourself to a Day's Worth of CALiDATES (R) (as these are officially named) during what CALi The CALiCO has PURRoclaimed as:


This Ten (10) Year Marketing Extravaganza is valued at $100 Million per New York City Marketing Firms.  It is what they want for their Fortune 500 PET Companies.

No other Creatif (on The Face of Planet Earth) has accrued such a vast Plethora of CAT HOLIDATES (Events) as these.  Many of these HOLIDATES (that are similar to AESOP's Fables but with an Action Activity for your CAT(S) attached) are 12+ Pages and can be made into their own Small Booklet much like The GOLDEN BOOKS We read as Children and sold on the Back of any PET Product and sold to your Clients & Customers.  

I am 

"The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World" 

a Title I received from Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune (circa January, 2001).  EVENTOLOGY is what these HOLIDATES are umbrella'd under.  2020 is my 30TH Year of making People & their PETS happy.  Devoted to The Evolution of this Literary Genre, this Humanitarian Project (whose Time has come) is 30 Years in 'The Making' as of July 25, 2020 at 9:45 PM CST as I have been recognized and deemed as 

"The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation" per CNN, 
one of the top Networks in The World.

That delightful Interview which featured CALi & me is online at:

PLAYiNG WiTH YOUR CAT has never been so much FUN.  Where Comradery & Love exists with each PURR, MEOW & HUG.

Got Questions?  Query CALi & ME here at:


Serious Queries only.  This is a long-term LifeStyle Enhancement Project (running through 2030  in order to do the appropriate FOLLOW-UP) where CALi & I will be heading THE CAT HOLIDATES Division from my Chicago Studio in CALiLAND.  Chicago is the Third Largest City in the USA.  That speaks for itself.

sePURRate yourself from your #com_PET_ition with CALi's 393 HOLIDATES in 15 CATilicious CATegories; CALi-isms, 30 unique Intellectual Properties, Acronyms, Vocabulary, Photo Gallery...but wait there's more surPURRises.

Let the Bidding Wars begin! 

Hurry!  Do not delay because each Day holds (at least) 15 Events that your CAT & you can PURRticipate in. 


Penned:  Sunday, March 22, 2020 - 10:53-11:18 AM CST
The 447 Day of THE DECADE OF THE CAT ~ FELiNE (C)1997 (C)2018

Friday, March 20, 2020

How to support the coolest creative CATS during The Pandemic. The definitive CAT Calendar of The Decade must go on... CALi insists.

March 20, MMXX: 6:32 CST

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This is where you can support Creatifs as us. By all means, donate generously so We can continue CALi's CALENDAR:

The Decade of The CAT FELiNE (C)1997 (C)2018

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Here at CALi CENTRAL would consider giving an #EXCLUSIVE to a Fortune 500 PET Company to set themselves apart from their #com_PET_ition. This 10 Year long Project is estimated at $100,000,000 since I have been creating these HOLIDATES since July 25, 1990 - Thirty (30) years as of July 25, 2020.

CALi's Holidates join, bond and figure out how our PETS can cope in this Dog-eat-Dog World.

NEVER has there been a time than now to HUNKER down with your PET CAT @ home with these CALiDates.

If you enjoy all of my POSTS across all the major Social Medias, do consider tossing in $20-$50 per month so that we can continue savings Cats and giving them the 9 Lives they so deserve. Those Individuals or Companies who contribute $1000 or more will have their Name & Logo placed in CALi's Calendar as Benefactors and FRIENDS OF THE CAT. CAL-GAL, of course.

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