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366 CAT Holidates created in 431 Days. A First for Guinness Book of World CAT Records. All thanks to CALi The CALiCO, a SuPURR Species in her own #write & Right.

#September_22_2019 - The Last Day of Summer: 2019
ie:  The Dog Days of Summer are over...

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Now the tweaking & editing of this 1069 page Opus begins.

101 more Days til 2020 & the 30TH Year #Anniversary_Birthday_Celebration of the #Milestone of #EVENTOLOGY's Creations in which CALi's EVENTS are Part & Parcel.  OR do you say:  PURRcel?

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith ~ Chicago, Illinois USA: On the finest Compliment I have ever received. Thank you, Dr. Sood... 🌏 😺 👩 On The ART of becoming an Overnight Success. Sometimes, it takes 67 years.

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
The Undisputed Champ of Holiday Creation
Chicago, Illinois USA
DATELINE:  Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 9: 56 AM CST

On September 13, 2019, I posted News about one of my Holidates, International Skeptics Days (C)1997 as it was Friday, the 13TH  & I thought this would amuse my Readers.  I verified and accredited The Holidate by attaching The URL of an Article that was painstakingly penned by Douglas Criss, Digital Editor of CNN in Atlanta on February 26, 2018. At the top of The Page, Doug's Feature included The Portrait of CALi My CALiCO's & me that my Friend, Kaley Mullins took of us on March  10, 2017, a few Months after We had met on November 1, 2016.  I had no Idea that People would read it - get it.  Then, the next Morning I returned to my LinkedIn Account (where it was posted) to find this elegant Compliment from afar...

from a Person I did not know...

Dr. Yogesh Chandler Sood

Pradesh, India
Promoting the Cause of Education

who clearly understand what I have been doing the last 29 years.

His Post of Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 8:33 AM reads:

Her very face reflects her inward beauty and nobility !  She may be termed as spirituality and humanity personified.  An animal can feel so comfortable only in the arms of a kind and compassionate soul !  See how the spirits of the two are unified into one to render divine joy to both of them and it's a stage of perfect unity & piousness !  She created around 1900 holidays as per your assertion is phenomenal signifying the maxim of humanity as Divinity !  In the present day world of sky high materialism and selfishness, we find no time for social causes and here is a human and that, too, a woman who has kindled the flame of not me but you for which she deserves helps of kudos, acclamation and moral support !  Hats off to her notable contribution to a glorious cause!  Your connection is as tall as magnanimity as you yourself is !  Felicitations to both of you!

NOTE:  Sometimes, it takes more than 67 years to be so honored.  That was well worth 'The Wait.'  Thank you, Dr. Sood...

Doug's Article is online at:

Monday, September 16, 2019

Face To Face with Brian Grazer's 2019 latest Book wraps up The Sentiment of...the 2 Class System. When Divisions run skin-deep.

A BOOK REVIEW:  One Day Prior to its Publishing Date.
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster, a Subsidiary of CBS

DATELINE:  Monday, September 16, 2019 - 12:45 PM CST
Posting:  2:43 pm cst

"What's this all about?" you might be asking.  

Let me tell you.  It's a List of Three (3) very powerful Concepts all need to consider before delving into Brian Gazer's Second Book.  

FACE TO FACE works for its Author & Hollywood Movie Mogul, Brian Grazer as He is OF Privilege.

Most of us cannot look eye-to-eye with Anyone of Importance that will further our Careers.  Ageism and Racism prevent all that besides armed guards, borders, insecurities & addictions, as well as gatekeepers who act as junkyard guard dogs.

PLUS, for those of us who are bound in to whatever Actions We have (amassed) even if you are:


with someone of Ultimate Importance, that Person could very well be an Addict who is not even concentrating on what The Topic, Subject or #MATTER_THAT_MATTERS_MOST is.  Is to you, that is.  You are merely taking up his/her Precious Time while he/her plots their get-away escape.

There are two very important Events to consider here:

#1:  Consider the uptick in People who snap - thus are pushed beyond their Breaking Point to do heinous Acts and Actions of Violence; and 

#2:  #Read_My_Lips, Mr. Grazer:  After 911 (which was 18 years ago as of September 11, 2019), most Offices located in High Rises - Skyscrapers across the USA (may be the same across The World, I am suspecting and guessing this is so) have gun-toting Guards as Security in their Lobbies.  The average Person wishing to get their 'Big Break', wanting a meeting with a Corporate Head or anyone who can move their Career into High Gear are basically un-accessible.  Furthermore, with The Internet, Ideas are being stolen left and right, non-stop.  No one can fight to get those Gems back because they instantly go viral & trend.  The only one getting rich and ahead are The Attorneys.  The Middle Class is virtually non-existent.

#3:  Millions of us have less Time (than ever before) to have these so-called Face-to-Face Confrontations.  I (for one) am constantly behind my Two (2) Screens (SmartPhone & Dell Laptop)  utilizing only 1 Social Media in which to correspond to thousands (I am assuming) of People across the World.  
Point A:  There's a greater Movement in having Masses of People follow you; than having a One-on-One with a Person.  Although Employees must have an Interface with their Bosses and Clients in order to make Business work.

Point B:  The Irony in all of this is that high technology has given MAN the mobility to move more and more People into Positive Interactions than if we were confined to the Typewriter & the Postal System when it comes to communicating FAST & accurately.  Time is OF THE ESSENCE.

#4:  Plenty of People believe that the Me Too Movement is an Outgrowth of Older Women who (while they were young and 'had it') did not take full advantage of an Encounter with a Man of Power.  A few of the Cases are Boys being allegedly encountered by a Female Boss of Power.  Now in their waning years, in a totally YOUTH-Oriented Society, they feel this is their Last Hurrah and thus are 'out for blood.'  You cannot blame them.  When a Person is hurt they do 'The Unthinkable' - as those exemplified in my #1 (stated above).

THE SUMMARY IS:  However, it's a Nice Thought you have there.  Being face-to-face (a Spin-Off of what Facebook was supposed to be) when it was in its Original pre-Capitalization Mode considering most of us 'face' our Screens far too much more than We had during The 1900s when Life was unscreened and much more personalized and caring.  

You cannot fool all of us...well, not me, that is.

Read my First Brian Grazer Review dated and called:  


When a Book piques your Interest, that's Curiosity-at-work. Enter: A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life by Brian Grazer & Charles Fishman. Thinkin' about ATC: All Things Curious on a Cold Winter Day: February 2, 2015.


which was 1,687 Days ago from:  February 2, 2015 – September 16, 2019

* Face to Face works for Brian Grazer as He's OF Privilege.

NOT knocking 'The Fact' that B. Grazer has paid his Dues and Don'ts in Hollywood & on the Silver Screen. 


Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith @

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Why Americans are frigging FAT (morbidly so) & will lose their Battle of the(ir) Bulges by The Finale of this Year. And, that's in 122 more Days from TODAY. September 1, 2019. When keeping your damn Mouth closed is the easiest Way & Weigh to keep the excessive Poundage off your Torso that causes permanent Heart Damage, besides being called a Fat Sow by others behind your Back, possibly in front. The Stark Reality coming @ U. OR: Why Halloween must be re-examined.

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Blog #1366
DateLine:  Sunday, September 1, 2019 - The Day of The Numerical Palindrome

Needless to say, this is a loaded Topic that sounds insulting but it makes many of us (who may have been from 5 to 500 pounds overweight ( during The Course of our Life Times) seething mad.


Because it is sabotaging One Group:  The Eaters from the Greedy Capitalists who are making a Great Deal of Money from their Hunger & Thirst of ATC:  All Things Chocolate & ATH:  All Things Halloween.


While recently shopping at Two (2) Grocery Stores,  to my Amazement & Shock, I saw that Halloween of 2019 had not arrived in late late late September (or October when it rightfully should) but about Ten (10) days before Labor Day was due in:  The First Week of September.  I was mortified.  As a Sociology Major & Branding Expert for 40 Years as of Today:

September 1, 1979 ~ September 1, 2019

when I began my PRAM: Public Relations ~ Advertising ~ Marketing Firm, I learned to analyze Branding Strategies as to why Actions & Events happen as they do.

🎃🎃🎃   🎃🎃🎃  

Halloween is The End of October. Every year since 2000, it has been creeping closer and closer and closer to November so that the entire year is blanketed in Orange & Black, Pumpkins, Witches & Things that go BUMP in the Middle of The Night as you edge your way to the Candy Bin. 

Before you know it, the entire YEAR will be saturated in ghoulsome Aspects of Life & Candy, which is to be considered a Treat given-out to all the Good Girls & Boys who do not tee-pee a neighbor's houe or toss rotten eggs at windows, get a Piece of Candy.  However, that Aspect of what Halloween in the Good Old Days symbolized is forever gone.

WITH Halloween CANDY BUYING starting on or near August 20 (when Stores of all sizes start stocking their Shelves), this allows 41 extra Days (until October 1st) to be used to sell more CANDY, packing on Calories & Pounds to those who buy it; to those who just happen to now haVe it in The House early.  


You know darn well that Candy never lasts in a Person's Kitchen.  Even if it's well-hidden, there's bound to be a decadent Chocolate Bar Thief in the Vicinity who will wipe-out 'The Stash.'  Therefore, MORE will have to be bought; consumed; bought and then the vicious Cycle begins its maddening Way of eating away at your Health.  After all,  your Heart is the size of your Fist.  Can you really carry around all that extra Weight, besides having your Teeth rot out.  Only your Dentist is happy about that...

What does this mean to America & Americans who celebrate Halloween and look forward to this Holiday that is now being manipulated by American Greed?  To the Candy Manufacturers & Lobbyists, they will have their Biggest Year yet and will probably outdo (Sales wise) Candy Sales even for Christmas & Valentine's Day when the Numbers are tabulated at the End of 2019 - early Part of January, 2020.  A New Beginning when many's Dreams will be squelched by the Aches & Pains that CANDY-itis brings.

However, for those People and many are Children (who have not perfected a Value System yet) but know where their Parent's Credit Cards are), they will eat themselves into a Chocolate Coma ~ #ChocolateComa - that began far too early.  Halloween  will not be that happy or celebrated as an Event since it is stretched out over an additional 41 Days.  This could rightfully net them an additional $2 billion dollars in profit at the Expense of a Gullible Population.  The FUN that packs the most PUNCH is that when The Date is anticipated; not gluttonized by Corporate America wanting to nail those NUTS who are gullible enough to buy into their Anti People's Health Practices.

Diabetes will increase.  

Morbid Obesity wil kill as many People as the Toddling Suicide Rate and for the likes of me & others who see this endless Funnel cascading down on a Legion of Folks (our parents - relatives - neighbors - bosses and possibly selves)  who just cannot 


to just one more Tidbit, the Funeral Directors will not be quitting their Day Jobs any time too soon.

Is this a Conspiracy or just a polished Marketing Ploy?  You decide.  I've already made up my Mind.  When it is no longer a Treat, it's a Trick covered in saturated Avarice.  Look that up.  It means:  Greed...any way you slice and dice it.  

May The Force be with you...

MORAL:  Think about this.   You know this is true. 

🎃🎃🎃   🎃🎃🎃  🎃🎃🎃   🎃🎃🎃  🎃🎃🎃   🎃🎃🎃  🎃🎃🎃   🎃🎃🎃  🎃🎃🎃   🎃🎃🎃