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TidBits on Travel: The New Definition of Travel: Stay-O-Pia. Stayopia® minus the Punctuation Points...

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 4:44-4:50 AM CST

As Part of my ongoing Series about The Hospitality, Traveling & Pet Industries and how they combine, today I am introducing the Word:


derived from the Term:  Staycation. In my PURRticular Case, this transforms (tranFURms) to:


since Cali, My Calico & I are staying and living large and comFURtably at the petfriendly Hiltons who know that Pets (our Cats & Dogs) are Family and so much more.


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Poppy's Cupcakes


Cupcake Delivery London. 

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Tidbits:  Nov 6, 2017

Perfect for: LOST PENNY DAY ©1995
Tossing golden tongued words
Into the well of a soul
Just a wish to be heard
To echo upon the ripples of once still waters
All my pennies go

NEW WORD:  11-6-2017 – 10:59 AM OR SO
As Founder of #Lost_Penny_Day ©1995,
I can relate 2 & elate in this #Poetweet:
"...once still waters
All my #Pennies go."

Nov. 6, 2017
#ASK_Chicago:  New #ASKian Term:
#Poetweet: When a Poem appears on Twitter as a Poem, inspired by:
A Brevity & Cleverity Mix.

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Hiltonizing ®: The Act & Art of really enjoying $700,000,000 in Lottery Winnings when va-CAT-ioning at The Finest. 100 Years in The Making.

Part 1:  IF Only…

Psychology and Greed aside:  The pressing Question to answer Today, the 24TH of August, 2017 is:
Why bother earn IT the old-fashioned Way
when you can WIN IT and live happily ever after?

IT, of course, could and would cover a variety & assorted Gamut of Things that Money can buy when Money is (of) no Issue.  And, for that Reason, that’s why most People (are feelin’ lucky) and buy Lottery Tickets, gambling away a few Bucks (if not more) in The Hopes of making Life a lot richer and better.

IT, of course, would have to be defined and refined.  After all, with that large an Amount, Things would start to accumulate and having a System or Goal of what you wish to do and accomplish is the wisest Route to take.  IT just makes more Common Sense and affords a lot of Cents in The Formula and “Grand Scheme” – which will be ITS Grandest only because Money is (of) no Issue.  Oh, to be in a Situation like that?  One lucky Winner is.  And, like the Rest of Us, We all wonder HOW that feels. 

WHY NOT ME! That’s what Multitudes of People are thinking-out-load and saying this Morning & Day as We waken to hear that one person (or one group of People) woke up to holding the Winningest of Lottery Tickets amounting to $700 Million (before Taxes) that could be used in a Variety of Ways – for a very long time.  A much longer time, IF you’re frugal and a TightWad.  This, undoubtedly, is the hottest Topic around any water cooler or coffee club. 

Had IT been me. I’d have gone into work just to hear what my Co-Workers were saying without uttering a Word that I was/am The Winner.  Armed with a Recorder, I’d indiscreetly record what their Innermost Thoughts are.  A few Weeks after The Excitement faded, I’d cash in the Winnings and do one thing that I have carefully thought out and this is:

To visit The Hilton Hotels WHO will be celebrating their 100TH Year Anniversary-Birthday-Celebration on May 31, 2019.  Get an early Start on the Activities & Festivities.  But first, as any savvy Traveler knows, a bit and byte of Pre-Planning must and should take place.  Research is always helpful as well as the knowledgeable Staff that The Hiltons (collectively) are known for, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g across 6 Continent with over 540 Properties.  I’m sure to find Info that would entice as well as charge-up others to pursue what I call:

HILTONIZING One’s Vacation Time.

that equates to properly maximizing the most Fun & Entertainment (from Dining to Dancing to Shopping to Sightseeing) when IT comes to being away from Home for any extended Period of Time.  In this Case, with $700 Million Dollars in your Pocket (and what a Big Pocket that would be), you can be gone for a long, long time, IF not forever. 

But first, I have to state that when I travel, I take my beloved Cat with me.  She’s a Calico and is The CEO of My Heart. Her PURRSonality attracts People from both near and afar as our Stint at The Hilton Orrington in Evanston, Illinois was one of the best Trips We ever embarked upon. 

Live at the Hilton Orrington in Evanston, Illinois a milestone date is rapidly approaching as:  September 22, 2017 marks this Property's 94TH Birthday making it one of the oldest Hilton Hotels in the continental USA.

FURthermore: Being pet-friendly is what The Hilton prides themselves on as Dogs and Cats are now able to travel with their Owners instead of being driven to the local Kennel and left off.  SePURRation Anxiety happens no more when a Human books their Room at Hilton Hotels

Now, when a Person (from a Novice to a Scholar) writes a STORY,  IT’s customary to state The 5W’s of Journalism that are:

Who – What – When  – Where &  Why?

Who would I speak to when I wanted to know more about booking a trip culminating in a luxury Experience highlighted and spotlighting my newly acquired $700,000,000?  Although Taxes would have to be deducted from this Amount, I chose this Amount since IT is a nice Round Number.  There’s that IT again.  IT always seems to fall into my Copy.  And now, being elevated to a Class of my very own:

$700 Millionaires Club,
with a Billion in Sight,

I’m guessing I can get away with IT.  If not, I’ll have enough to buy my Defense Team. Whatever IT may be and with whatever IT will buy me. 
Most Things have a Pri¢e Tag.

Of course, IT will not buy me another 65 years as I recently turned 65 on Wednesday, August 9TH and there is not another Set of 65 Years to squander away, but even the $238,000,000 (the Amount given to The Winner if he/she wishes to take The LUMP SUM) is a feasibly decent Amount to recoup on a $2 Investment.

MY RENOWN SOURCES:  Two People instantly came to mind, namely Xiomara Machado, The Sales Coordinator & Michael Batio, Front Desk of The Hilton on Orrington that celebrates and marks their 94TH Birthday on September 22, 2017.  Both are extremely friendly and knowledgeable as I asked Questions in order to know where I would go in the huge labyrinth of HOW The Hiltons Corporation carved out their Niche in the Travel Industry, that I find totally fascinating.  2019 marks their Century Mark which coincided with the Invention of the Car and Air Plane so that getting from one Hotel or City to another would be much easier.  Imagine attempting that in a Stage Coach or via the Pony Express.

Combined from Xio and Michael, I learned that the Waldorf Astorias and Conrads (that are “like a Castle” as Michael described them) were the Two Major Luxury Hotels owned and operated by The HiltonsThe Waldorf Astoria in New York City always had “The Name” attached to IT that I had learned about when I was a pre-Teen thanks to a classy Mother who instilled the Best in her Three Children.  Opulence.  Beauty.  IT was “The Place” to be seen.  However, if The Conrads were castle-like, as Michael detailed, then what’s good for The Queen would be suitable for me, amongst the Nouveau Riche. Cali & I, that is.

While speaking to Xiomara she explained an unknown Fact to me that I had never thought about before.  Granted, I never was hypothetically a $700 Million Lottery Winner before, she explained that “The Date” in which a Person booked their Room made a great Significance in price.  Location was also of utmost importance. That, I already knew…to a certain degree… as Demand is always “demanding.”  A Room in a small and idyllic Town or Secondary Marketplace would not be as expensive as a Suite in 1 of the Top Ten Cities in The World.  That made Sense to me.  Common or Uncommon Sense aside, Money talks.

Xio and I stood and thought about what Date I would be taking up my Guesthood at a Waldorf Astoria (as my chosen Spot) and she cited that New Year’s Eve would be the most costly. IT is the biggest Party that the entire World participates in.  That made Sense again.  Then, as I contemplated how I’d write this Blog, IT dawned on me that the most popular Event of My Era had to have been New Year’s Eve of 1999 at 11:59 PM when The Year 2000 arrive. From the passing of The Century, The 1900s to The New Millennium of The 2000s, IT was something Guy Lombardo would have treasured had he not died prematurely in1977 missing all that FUN & Hoopla.  Never before and never again had a Date bore so much Significance.

That Deduction then had me thinking about my HOLIDATE [as I am “America’s Premier Eventologist” – a Title I received from Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine in Washington, DC – August 25, 1997) and The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World” by Eric Zorn – Chicago Tribune – January, 2001] called:

2000 Days Before 2000 ©1994

that began on Monday, July 11, 1994.  Marked as The 2000TH Day Before 2000 The Theme was to do 2000 Things Before 2000 so that The Participant can say he/she accomplished 2000 Things  Before 2000 never planned before The Turn of that incredible EVENT.  Needless to say, IT launched and established my EVENTOLOGY Career and I was amongst the Top 125 People/Firms doing something extraordinarily special for:

The Arrival of The Dawn of a New Era.

But that was Yesterday – 17.5 years – of Yesterdays and Yesterday is gone.  Today, Socially, Politically and Economically wise, The Times are far different than they were during The 1900s and even the Early 2000s.


Therefore, I would have to decide upon a Location and a Date in which I would begin my $700,000,000 Send-off Voyage.  Would I need 700 Million Reasons WHY or just a few in which to get started?  The one vastly important Point that a(ny) Traveler needs to worry about is The Weather.  For instance, IT is now Hurricane Season and not a good Time to plan a Trip to any Location in that Zone.  I know that for sure as on Sunday, August 17, 1969, my Mother Betty, Father Louis & Sister Linda were in New Orleans when Hurricane Camille arrived (blowing into Town with Tail Winds of 80 MPH), touted as the Worst ‘Cane to hit the continental USA to that point in recorded Meteorological Tables.  Like IT was said at Woodstock: 

“We were scared ____-less”
 We were frozen in place not knowing if we were going to live or die.

No better Phrase could have been used.  Had IT not been for Fate, We may have  permanently perished in that Parrish, but that was not The Case to be. Otherwise, I would not be here daydreaming about where and what Hilton I’d be starting “My Larger than Life Vacation” on.  I was getting all my Ducks lined up in a Row in order to make this the Top Bucket List EVENT of my and Cali’s Lives.  She has Nine of those as she’s a Cat. >^..^<  Combined We have 10 Lifetimes.  Why not enjoy them at Hilton Hotels that has proved (PURRoved) themselves.  One that has garnered a Good Name and is reputable.  We would not be disappointed.

Therefore, We decided that booking a Luxury Suite before or after New Year’s Eve would be much cheaper than on that Day Itself.  Of course, IT would be booked Months if not Years before so We learned a Valuable Lesson as We begin our Grand Voyage.  Those Two Pointers are to decide upon a Location and a Date.   Then, everything would fall into place.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Taking My Cat’s Needs into consideration and The Fact that I insist she has green grass under her Paws, for $700,000,000, I could easily buy an entire Island for her.  OR, if I decided not to have to bother with all the  Minute, Petty & Little Things that would have to be taken care of, We could travel to one of the Hilton’s Island Resorts and roost there for a Spell.  Now, We are beginning to think like a Global Traveler.  Island Living would fit my Cat’s Needs to a “T” as she likes prowling and PURRowling around and under The Moonlight. 

UNDERSTATEMENTS ASIDE:  With $700,000,000 as back-up, endless Options & Opportunities exist.  We just have to decide on WHEN and WHERE, 2 of the 5 Journalism Questions that good Author(ities) and Journalists use in their STORieS.  And, what a  STORY this would make (for).  That’s FUR in Fluent CAT-ese.

What Michael had stated about THE CONRADS being “castle-like” piqued my Interest.  That sounded like 1 of our Top Stops.  Destinations in TraveLingo (Travel + Lingo = TraveLingo).


Back in July of 1976 when I worked at a major Advertising Firm near North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, one of my Co-Workers was given an Opportunity to quit work and travel to Europe with her Grandmother who wanted to see The Old World one last time.  How I envied Dawn.  Her Grandma said to not pack a thing.  As soon as they stepped foot in Rome, their First Destination, they’d buy trunks and fill those up as they traversed on their Ways - with whatever their Little Hearts desired.  Had they adopted me, I’d have been extremely happy.  By the way, this was before Lottery Mania took over every Man’s Frontal Cortex.  Then years later, Backpacking across Europe caught on.  No matter WHAT, there’s a wide-range of Hotel Accommodations you can indulge in and if you recently won the Lottery, that indulgence can be(come) the Greatest Splurge of a Lifetime.

WHICH REMINDS ME OF:  My HOLIDATE known as National Splurge Day ©1994 that is amongst my Top 3 EVENTS of the 1,900 (in 34 precise Categories) that I created beginning on July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM CST.  Winning a Lottery – even a smaller one – would place me – anyone – into a Bracket of their own. 

Xiomara stated that Location is of utmost Importance when booking a Room – Suite – Room at The Hilton HotelsHOW that Lump Sum would be spent is The Topic of every NewsRoom and Person who took that Chance and bought a Ticket.  HOW…yet another Journalism Term would open up more Doors to these plush and exotic Locations.  Cali, of course, refers to them as:


because she needs Room and Board while she travels the Room in PURRSuit of WHAT-ever a Petite Calico needs.


also fit that Bill.  And, that is THE KEY TERM that has driven this Essay.  HOW much Bang for your Buck can you get with $700,000,000 if you stayCATion at a deluxe Holiday Hotel as The Hiltons that have Hospitality down to “The T” as well as:

[The Name of Cali's & My Book once Our Travels are complete and Monies are depleted.
Humor:  Time to laugh-out-loud]

as I collectively refer to those us Animal Lovers who refuse to leave home without our beloved Pets.  Now, nobody steal that Term now as $700,000,000 will get me a huge Bank of Powerful Intellectual Property Attorneys.  Plus, I’ll already be THE CAT’s MEOW or “Flavor of The Day” thrown into The Limelight only because my Winning Numbers fell into place.  Not that I found a Cure for Aids; built Homes for all The Syrians Refugees struggling against War Crimes; rescued the Syrian Cats who are also suffering from PTSD; dissolved Racial Hate; melted down all the Guns on the South & West Sides of Chicago; and provided Food & Shelter for the ever-growing Problem of Homeless due to Global Warming…

AS THERE ARE… a few more pertinent and pressing Issues that Money cannot or ever buy, but those are the leading ones in which “a Little” can go towards a mighty crucial and critical Issue that could affect us – if not for The Hand of Fate that can change at any Moment.

Ms. Machado stressed that Location was tantamount in booking my Trip.  Therefore, my Assistant, Google (the Greatest Search Engine although Librarians were our First Search Engine, per se that was a Line from Carol Kleiman who was the Jobs Editor of the Chicago Tribune circa 2002) found out that The Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World are:
1.       Singapore
2.      Hong Kong
3.      Zurich, Switzerland
4.      Tokyo, Japan
5.      Osaka, Japan
6.      Seoul, South Korea
7.       Geneva, Switzerland
8.      Paris, France
9.      New York City
10.  Copenhagen, Denmark

Dumbfounded, I personally assumed that Dubai, Cannes and Honolulu would appear on that Top Ten List, but who am I to argue as a Member of the Nouveau Rich on an Escapade of a Lifetime accompanied by her Amazing Cat.  Or would that rightly be changed to #esCATade.  With Money like that We could formulate our Own List and indeed We plan to.
Now, I’m guestimating that IF Cali & I were to spend a Year in each of these Cities at the Fanciest Hilton ever built there, We’d be able to spend a sizable Chunk of that $700,000,000.  We would be very happy to do that as THE HILTON supports a Foundation that helps those in need called:

Hilton Foundation Verified account


We provide funds to #nonprofitorganizations working to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people worldwide.
Agoura Hills, CA
Joined March 2011

That way…since We cannot (proverbially) take IT with us, We’d (at least) be able to spend IT and thus help “The Impoverished & Weak” in that Community that We would see while “out and about” being “The Observant Sightseers” that We would be(come). 

And, WHAT would become the most Expensive Meal anyone could consume in those Cities?  With a Plethora of Chefs, a Cook and Bake-off would certain whet all of our insatiable Appetites.  We are talking about “Active Consumption at its Finest.”  The Envy and Makings of any TV Food Show.  My Cali donning a Chef’s Hat would be PURRiceless – priceless.

Destination Luxury via Google states that the Price Range of the Ten Most Plush Abodes ranges from the Cities of:

ATHENS at   $35,000 a night  
DUBAI at   $12,000 a night
FIJI at   $40,000 a night
GENEVA, SWITZERLAND at $68,000 a night
ISTANBUL $26,385 a night
JAIPUR, INDIA at $45,000 a night
LAS VEGAS at  $40,000 a night
LONDON at  $23,500 a night
NEW YORK at $45,000 a night 
PARIS at $27,000 a night
PORTO CERVO, ITALY at  $26,000 a night
SHANGHAI at  $26,450 a night   
ST. REGIS MAURITIUS at $30,000 a night
THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES at  $35,000 a night

This I do know (from doing all this Research).  Nice – über comfortable Hotel Rooms can be secured if you’re a Lottery Winner in an Assortment of ultra exciting Cities as listed above...for Starters and/or Newby Travellers and their HousePets.

INSERT:  With a Special Thank You to:  MATT HERSHBERGER who penned this Blog in April, 2017 entitled:


this Online Article at:


certainly opened up “My Eyes” as to “what’s out there…” for the next Time when The Lottery gets that High & I am then the Lucky Winner.

“Chicken Soup for The Hiltonian Soul.” ©2017
Thursday, August 24, 201 7 - 2:22 PM CST

EDiTORiAL NOTE:  Part 2 of this Blog Entry will be posted once I give more thought to this  mesmerizing Topic. Check back by Tuesday, September 5 after Labor Day: 2017.  Since The Winner has now come forth,  IT is now “The Battle of The Bloggers” who posts The Best One; therefore, this is still a Work-in-Progress.  IT takes Time, Energy, Spontaneity, Imagination, Creativity – all Elements that Money cannot buy –   to think about HOW that Amount will or will not be spent. I’m sure I’ll have Lots of New Friends WHO wish to help me on that Open Front. Take a Ticket and stand-in-line.  I’ll call you.


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In this  3H: HiltonHotel_Hospitality Series, you may also wish to read: 


HILTON HOTELS: Now you need never leave your Pets “Home Alone.” When your Hotel Accommodations instantly destress Animal Lovers: Hilton leads The Way. Approaching their 100TH Century Mark on May 31, 2019.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Calling all Bakeries in Chicago & Suburbia. Announcing: The $65,000 #Cupcake BakeOff on August 9, 2017. Proceeds & PURRceeds 2 benefit CAT Rescues. Cali-approved, of course.

DATELINE: PreDawn Hours of August 6, 2017

The STORY behind this CupCake-a-Palooza FestiviTEA that will be promoted for Sixty-Five (65) Days after The Arrival of My 65TH Birthday on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 @ 4:45 AM CST in order to keep “The Buzz” alive since CupCakes R a 24/7 Treat is:

#ASK_Chgo: Keepg #Memories of #Cupcakes alive, by connecting & linking them 2 chief & main #LOVE_OF_MY_LIFE: #CATS.


Original Post:

DateLine:  August 4, 2017 - 3:57 PM CST

A select Number of Words (621 to be exact) about my latest Brilliant Idea goes like this.  It’s always in The Form(ula) of a Twitter-Tweet as it is a real Treat [especially so to us Cupcakers, defined as those who astutely love to eat them and those Cupcakes] when there is a CUPCAKE somewhere within reaching and gorging distance.

BACKGROUND:  I turn 65 on Wednesday, August 9, 2017.  Bright and early at 4:45 PM CST.  Low and behold that served as The Inspiration, Crux & Source to this daring Plan-of-Action.  Furthermore, that is indeed a Scary Thought and probably the only Thing that will make me happy if I am in a Kitchen baking my favorite Cupcakes & earmarking those 2 an Organization that I believe in what they do for CATS that I happen to love. That is, those that are Cat-Friendly as my Cali-The-Calico best exemplifies.  She is “The Cat” who aided in my recent NPR’s Planet Money Interview on April 18 when she emitted and released “The Sneeze that was heard around The World.” Online at:

Therefore, this Tweet Treat sums up a Portion of what will be happening on Wednesday, August 9:

#ASK_Chicago:  $65,000 #Cupcake BakeOff. I’ll bake 65 #Cupcakes sellg 4 1 Grand each on my 65TH Birthday: Aug 9.  Proceeds 2 #CAT Rescues.

EXPLANATION:  You get (so much) more than a deliciously baked & frosted Cupcake.  For that Amount of “Dough” you’ll also get a Slew of Social Media done in The Form of Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn Posts from September 1 - September 30 on those Days which are Monday-Friday.  At My Age, I take the Weekends off now. That equates to 21 authentic Days @ $1,000 or an Average of $47.61 for an Hour’s worth of PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing done in a Topic or Industry of your ChooZING.  

Now, in case you live afar & cannot physically pickup your Cupcake, I can send Hector, my Friendly Drone to deliver it to you personally in your Front Yard. He is not a BackDoor Drone.  There’s a Camera attached to Hecky…so make sure you are probably dressed and home, of course.  He is not used to waiting long. 

OK, what is needed to make this Project a Spectacle and Milestone Event in Cupcake Legend & Lore and something other Sixtygenarians are clamoring to do is that I need a BAKERY.  Preferably one with an outstanding Reputation and Bowls – Batter – Frosting – Cupcake Papers – Oven – Cooling Trays – huge Clientele; The Whole 9 Yards as they say in the Cupcakery Biz. 

But don’t delay:  This scrumptious Event happens in 5 Days and is bound to not set any Records but certainly is something that will go down in Pop Culture as something that took 65 years to procure. And, that’s tasty alone and by itself.  Buyers can also buy a $1,000 Cupcake and earmark it to an Associate.  Only 65 Cupcakes will be baked.  Sort of like the Lamborghini of the Baking Industry.  A few are made, but none can be equaled.  Next Big BakeOff will be on August 9, 2022 when I turn Seventy (70). Make sure you stay tuned in.  Those might have Cream in their Centers.


For Questions, email me at:


as fast as you can. As you very well know, Cupcakes were not built or baked in a Day but these will be…

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
(Since 1952)
America’s Premier Eventologist
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what ASK writes about…”
Chicagoland, USA

@ASK_Koopersmith - Twitter