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Calling all Bakeries in Chicago & Suburbia. Announcing: The $65,000 #Cupcake BakeOff on August 9, 2017. Proceeds & PURRceeds 2 benefit CAT Rescues. Cali-approved, of course.

DATELINE: PreDawn Hours of August 6, 2017

The STORY behind this CupCake-a-Palooza FestiviTEA that will be promoted for Sixty-Five (65) Days after The Arrival of My 65TH Birthday on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 @ 4:45 AM CST in order to keep “The Buzz” alive since CupCakes R a 24/7 Treat is:

#ASK_Chgo: Keepg #Memories of #Cupcakes alive, by connecting & linking them 2 chief & main #LOVE_OF_MY_LIFE: #CATS.


Original Post:

DateLine:  August 4, 2017 - 3:57 PM CST

A select Number of Words (621 to be exact) about my latest Brilliant Idea goes like this.  It’s always in The Form(ula) of a Twitter-Tweet as it is a real Treat [especially so to us Cupcakers, defined as those who astutely love to eat them and those Cupcakes] when there is a CUPCAKE somewhere within reaching and gorging distance.

BACKGROUND:  I turn 65 on Wednesday, August 9, 2017.  Bright and early at 4:45 PM CST.  Low and behold that served as The Inspiration, Crux & Source to this daring Plan-of-Action.  Furthermore, that is indeed a Scary Thought and probably the only Thing that will make me happy if I am in a Kitchen baking my favorite Cupcakes & earmarking those 2 an Organization that I believe in what they do for CATS that I happen to love. That is, those that are Cat-Friendly as my Cali-The-Calico best exemplifies.  She is “The Cat” who aided in my recent NPR’s Planet Money Interview on April 18 when she emitted and released “The Sneeze that was heard around The World.” Online at:

Therefore, this Tweet Treat sums up a Portion of what will be happening on Wednesday, August 9:

#ASK_Chicago:  $65,000 #Cupcake BakeOff. I’ll bake 65 #Cupcakes sellg 4 1 Grand each on my 65TH Birthday: Aug 9.  Proceeds 2 #CAT Rescues.

EXPLANATION:  You get (so much) more than a deliciously baked & frosted Cupcake.  For that Amount of “Dough” you’ll also get a Slew of Social Media done in The Form of Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn Posts from September 1 - September 30 on those Days which are Monday-Friday.  At My Age, I take the Weekends off now. That equates to 21 authentic Days @ $1,000 or an Average of $47.61 for an Hour’s worth of PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing done in a Topic or Industry of your ChooZING.  

Now, in case you live afar & cannot physically pickup your Cupcake, I can send Hector, my Friendly Drone to deliver it to you personally in your Front Yard. He is not a BackDoor Drone.  There’s a Camera attached to Hecky…so make sure you are probably dressed and home, of course.  He is not used to waiting long. 

OK, what is needed to make this Project a Spectacle and Milestone Event in Cupcake Legend & Lore and something other Sixtygenarians are clamoring to do is that I need a BAKERY.  Preferably one with an outstanding Reputation and Bowls – Batter – Frosting – Cupcake Papers – Oven – Cooling Trays – huge Clientele; The Whole 9 Yards as they say in the Cupcakery Biz. 

But don’t delay:  This scrumptious Event happens in 5 Days and is bound to not set any Records but certainly is something that will go down in Pop Culture as something that took 65 years to procure. And, that’s tasty alone and by itself.  Buyers can also buy a $1,000 Cupcake and earmark it to an Associate.  Only 65 Cupcakes will be baked.  Sort of like the Lamborghini of the Baking Industry.  A few are made, but none can be equaled.  Next Big BakeOff will be on August 9, 2022 when I turn Seventy (70). Make sure you stay tuned in.  Those might have Cream in their Centers.


For Questions, email me at:


as fast as you can. As you very well know, Cupcakes were not built or baked in a Day but these will be…

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