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When you love your Job and it shows: Profile & Spotlight on Zaul Ocampo: LifeStorage: Chicago, Illinois USA

ZAUL OCAMPO of  LifeStorage 
Formerly:  UNCLE BOB's Testimonial - April 21, 2017

Written by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Recommendation

Chicago Resident since The Spring of 1974.

We live in a World where People have Things.  Many Things.  Sometimes too many Things.  Too many Things to count and recount (even) - but as for the Collector in (us) all, never to discount.  That's why Boxes were invented.  These People have worked hard to get these Things.  These Things  mean something to them and many Times, those Things are being passed down from one generation to the next.  Simultaneously, these are The Things they most want to hang on to; Things that they need; Things that have Sentimental Appeal to them.  However, sometimes, Circumstances change and People must temporarily put their Things into Storage, which is what I have done since I am living in a Big City where many of The Apartments are being converted into Condo(minium)s.  That, of course, calls for a Paper – Essay – Newspaper Series of its very own.

Being an active Babyboomer who never saved any Money and never prepared for Retirement, but accumulated many Things, it was mandatory that I find a Place where I could house “my Things” that are exceedingly important to me.  I found that Place with Zaul Ocampo who is the Store Manager of Uncle Bob’s that is now called LifeStorage.  From what I hear, they are a Chain – may be a Franchise located in Chicago (may be located elsewhere, too) that allows People like me and others “in transition” to make sure their Precious Things, Objects and Stuff is safe and sound until the(ir) next Step is decided upon and taken.

I have known Zaul since either February or April of 2013.  He is consistently nice; not moody who always has a smile on his face and is happy to aid and assist in The Best Way possible.  His Store front on busy Broadway is on one of the busiest Corners in Chicago.  His Personality suits everyone who stops.   Not only is he someone who gets your Questions answered, but he is warm and caring and takes care of your Business First.  This is most important because The Task of just having One’s Things not at their fingertips is frustrating and grueling.  “Z” (as I call him)  makes that Process easier by just having The Innate Ability to make your frayed Nerves be calmed down. 

I highly recommend LifeStorage as a Storage (Facility) where People will view the Company as a Household Name; and Zaul Ocampo as the Standard of what it means to conduct Business in the 21st Century.  A Locale  to go to when and if The Need arises and you find that you do need Storage (after all). 

With a Manager as cordial as Zaul is in the Lead and Forefront, you can rest assured in your Time of Transition that Things will run as smoothly as possible.  The Floors are immaculate.  The Smell of the Place makes you know that you are in good hands.  Lots of People migrate these Days – that is:  move.  The Storage Area that I use is close to a major University and College Kids clamor every year to use these Facilities as well.  Therefore, this Facility is not only advantageous to Kids who must study around the clock; but it is reassuring to their Parents who probably worry about them as they set off on a New Phase in their Lives.  That means every one’s basis are covered. 

Being a Writer & Promoter, I was able to get a New York City Reporter from NPR Radio fly into town on April 5 to do a Story on my Creativity.  Since my Writings are safely stacked, packed and racked up “in storage” at LifeStorage, this Reporter wanted to see how I have my Literature arranged.  Knowing this would be a GREAT STORY and Promotional Opportunity not only for my Writing Career but for Zaul who runs LifeSource as well as really “putting LifeStorage on The Map” with an International Media Company (heard around The Globe), I took Kenny Malone of Planet Money on NPR to my Facility where he got to see exactly how a Creatif as myself operates while her Things (Household – Treasures – Memories) are safe ‘n sound in a Facility run by People who care.  To me, that’s The Dividing Line and makes a Person decide if they want to do business or not.  I could not be more pleased.  This is definitely One Company that (if I had the Capital) to invest; would certainly do that since Transition is always in Man’s BloodLine and having your Things safe helps one’s Mental Health. 

One Employee can make that Difference.  One Company can make that Difference. That Difference is made via my Good Fortune in having to need the Services of LifeStorage.  To that I say:  TO LIFE!  TO LifeStorage, that is.  Let me use the word: Exuberant when it comes to describing that ONE EMPLOYEE, namely Mr. Ocampo. 

And, I’m guessing if I were ever to get Money, I certainly would invest in a Storage Unit Company.  With break-ins happening around the clock in a Big City Environment, you know your Stuff will be safe with LifeStorage.  That means a lot, as you know.    Come to think about it (and I do lots of thinking being the Creatif that I am), this Piece turned out so nicely, I should really post it on my Blog, Koopersmithin – with Pictures. Smiling Faces everywhere.   I guess when you FEEL for a Place & its Management and are a SATISFIED CUSTOMER since Spring of 2013 (now that it is 2017), it shows in The Words that are penned. 

For those of you who wish to hear my entire Interview, it is online at:

To be downloaded on an Android – iPhone or Popout:

And keeping the MONEY Factor in line, when it comes to how Americans spend, the leading Indicator is that People are satisfied Customers when the Price is Right; the Management is understanding; the Facility is immaculate and the Stress is off.  LifeStorage bats 1000 when it comes to those Pointers. 




3i’s:  implant. involve. influence.

Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter – Video Actor


“People read what ASK writes about…”

STUDIOS 5820 - 1258 - 1437

Chicago, Illinois USA

Cell: 847-630-9201


Twitter:  @ASK_Koopersmith

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Honoring Chase’s Calendar of Events as this Event Bible celebrates its 60TH Year Milestone Celebration in 2017. Via: America’s Premier Eventologist: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith of Chicago.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - First Day of  The Summer Solstice: 2017
My Last Summer before I turn 65.

Feel free to donate to The Institute of
EVENTOLOGY all explained online at:
The Institute of Eventology®: 30 Years in the Making as of July 2020. How FUNDING advances The Arts & Dreams realized.

This Structure is the next viable Step when it comes to The Preservation of The HOLIDATOLOGY & EVENTOLOGY Empire I have created since July 25, 1990, celebrating its 30TH Year as of July, 2020.  Your Participation is for the Advancement of The Days of Our Lives.  To share the Strength of my Words and Concepts, since mid-April, I have been interviewed on NPR/Planet Money, CNN & NBCNews.  Drawing upon this wide Amount of Attention, it’s wise to align with ME:  The Writer of Today that mover 600 (other) Writers have written about the last 30 years. 
Now, on to the Topic at hand…



Inquire as to how you can have a Blog Entry penned for your latest Summer of 2017 Projects that will lead to Sales/Recognition & Interviews for The Holiday Gift-Giving Season via my own unique Style of Presentation as was done for CCOE: Chase's Calendar of Events via Rowman & Littlefield below. 

A 500 Word Exposé begins at $750;

1000 Words at $1500;

and a 5,000 Word Exposé at $5,500 which includes 2 Months of Daily Social Media Posts (2 per Day – Monday-Friday) to spread your Message moreso.  All Blog Stories are prepaid, of course, and can be perfected within a 10 Day Period.  Slots are filling fast. This Opportunity runs through June 25, 2017. 

ALL ABOUT ME:  My latest Claim to Fame is that Kenny Malone, Host & Reporter from NPR’s PlanetMoney flew to Chicago from their Offices in New York City to interview me about my HOLIDATES in April. I am one of the few Chicagoans to have gained access to such an Interview.  Having Mass Appeal like that is something you crave for in your Pursuits to Success.  My Writing is that conduit to make that happen NOW. 

Email me at: to set up a Time to speak about this Literary Assignment.  To reiterate: Slots are filling fast. This Opportunity runs through June 25, 2017.     
Now for that Blog about Chase's Calendar of Events:  I hope you enjoy it. 

Americas Premier Eventologist

An Introduction to: Rowman & Littlefield:

A) Upon Chases Calendar of Events 60TH Anniversary: 2017
B) Appointing ASK as SpokesPerson of CCoE

DATELINE:  Saturday, April 1, 2017

A well-known Radio Personality from New York City and I spoke at length on Friday, March 24, 2017 (from 10:00 – 10:50 AM CST) - for a full 50-Minute Quadrant of Time.   This Telephone Conversation led into a Conversation revolving around Chases’ Calendar of Events.  That Directory (as many of you know) is now published under The Imprint of:  Bernan as Subidivision of the Rowman & Littlefield Literary Empire. 

Because the proper & prudent Course of Action to take is to inform them of this Conversation, I did send their Leading Staff Members an eMail of that Conversation.  After all, leaving someone (with the same Consciousness & Motives) “in The Dark” is unethical and impolite, especially Today when contact is merely a Google away.   Meeting  an incredibly dynamic & knowledgeable  young Reporter who I spoke with  (at length) about “The Subject of Events” – specifically The 1,900 that I had created; many of which were Part & Parcel of The Pages in CCoE for over a Decade (circa 1993-2006) certainly  generates more Ideologies still.  In a World where Content is King, The Benefits of that Time will be long-ranging.

At this most pivotal point in time,  a  very Special Thank You to Bill & Helen Chase & Bill’s Brother who started that Day-by-Day Editorial  Movement in 1957 (when I was 5) that would entirely change “The Course of The Days of Our Lives” in astounding Ways, never before fathomed or predicted is in order.  Perhaps “The Year of The Chases” would be the appropriate and fitting Salute to them. 

According to MPI: Meeting Professionals International (in The USA alone), EVENTS generate:  $280 Billion in spending annually.   Colossal Quantities of Thoughts, Datum & Resources [in the Form(at) of Study & Reflection] were required due to The Dynamics of “THE EVENT..”  Fortunes are $PENT and made when THE BEST EVENTS are utilized in this exhilarating Industry that never stops.   Let alone The “Little Black Dress” many Women insist on wearing to the(ir) next BiG EVENT.  CCoE firmly and consecutively aids in that Equation whether they are online or off-line as People across The World crave for The Unusual, as usual.    In light of this, reintroducing my Self to the New Principals of  CCoE is in order.   Hiring a seasoned and professional SpokesPerson (as myself) to represent The Directory and EVENT Industry may be on their Agenda upon hitting this Milestone.  

Via my own PRAM: Public RelationsAdvertisingMarketing Company I have steadily saturated my EVENTOLOGY Style throughout The World the last 26 Years (42% of my Life-to-date) via Print – Radio – TV – The Internet.  Due to that unending Exposure garnered from my Works & Words,  I strongly feel I am an Ideal Candidate or Representative of The CCoE Directory as I had consistently spoken to “The Media” (both near and afar) from across our Granite Planet as “The Go-To-Woman” when I heavily contributed my HOLIDATES circa 1993-2006.

HOW THIS WAS DONE:   The Editors of CCoE (based in Chicago, my HomeTown) would give my Telephone Number to “The Press and/or Radio/TV Stations” when they wanted to interview them for a STORY.  Turning to me as “America’s Premier Eventologist” and Lead EVENT Creator made those Conversations (and subsequently:  Articles) all the more enticing, believable and enduring. Turning The News into a Positive is hardly done and “The Bottom Line” is that my Events are refreshing.   Good News Week(s) has(ve) returned.   

“How my EVENTS make NEWS for The NewsMakers
is how I address my WorkLoad
as certain Elements of Concern & Care have to be present (and accounted for)
 in order for
to travel in all Directions: NORTH – EAST – WEST - SOUTH.”

When IT comes to EVENT-making, like Fine Wine, they age all “The Better” when in The “Write-Hands” – mine in this particular Case.  

HOROMETRICALLY SPEAKING, OF COURSE:  With that Reasoning being relayed and explained, the Remainder of this Blog spotlights The Conversation I held with this  dynamic NYC Reporter.  Many Views may be beneficial while promoting Chase’s Calendar of Events: The Bible of Modern Day Event-Making in the (a)rousing Months ahead.   

BUT FIRST, A REVELATION:  After all, when We do “The Math,” 

2017 – 1957 = 60

Sixty (60) Years of Chase’s Calendar of Events is a magnificent Milestone to behold.  A Landmark Occasion. Much is to be said, done and accomplished at this Climactic Time to mark and commemorate THE ART OF EVENT CREATION.  More (of course) is yet to be generated and gained in their next Set of Sixty (60) Years that ensue.  

“Leaving a Legacy of Life & Learning
(Lore,  Letters & Literature)
in The 20TH & 21ST Centuries
 is our Obligation. Standing as an unrallied Cry that cannot be ignored.”
Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 10:59 AM & 2:55 PM CST
Saturday, April 1, 2017 – 1:41 PM CST

* * *


RE:  “Give me Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of EVENTS
Ushering in Creativity – Imagination – Curiosity: 
When ‘The Intangible’ becomes ‘Tangible.’
After 26 Years, The Evolution & (R)evolution of EVENTOLOGY predominates.

RETAKE:  To Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of being UN-conventional.  That’s more like IT. ”

 Friday, March 24, 2017 – 3:18 PM CST
Sunday, March 26, 2017 – 8:18 AM & 11:05 AM CST

Needless to say, but for the Sake of the Copy here, IT is well worth noting, I am highly impassioned and charged up about:

The Formation & Distribution of Original EVENTS.

Giving “The Gift of Time” is something many of us hesitate or just do not do (enough).   
IT can be uplifting.  IT needs to be done more often.  

Sometimes, The Wait (ITself) is well worth IT!  However We define IT

After all, EVENTS are “The Backbone of Modernity.”  History would not be History (or historical) if not for The Succession of EVENTS that have imparted their Values (a Code of Beliefs & Standards) on us.  Of course, every Subject is open for Interpretation & Investigation, but an established Basis must be designed and designated in order for a Subject to soar as I have tactfully laid-out here.  That is the Foundation of any great Literary Movement.  Once cemented into place, “The Passage of Time” allows that Phenomena to happen.

To thoroughly explain:    From The Stationery & Invitations – to The Silverware – to The Caterers – to The Placemats & Doilies –  to The Entertainment – to The Delivery Vehicles – to The Graphic Designers who created THE EVENT’s Poster – to The Web Designer(s) – to The Garbage Collectors who pick-up The Confetti, every Item (from A-Z),  dispensable and indispensable revolves around THE EVENTS OF OUR LIVES.  


“Whatever may befall a Person, an EVENT is behind each & every Circumstance.  Although sometimes lasting for only a Day (or less), EVENTS & Special Occasions cannot be left to Karma or Kismet.  EVENTS are extremely sensitive Entities and have to be nurtured and handled with Two (2) Kid Gloves for them to properly function and thrive.   What you make of IT is determined by your Nature and how you are/were/have been nurtured.  The Root of EVENTOLOGY centers on Pre – During & Post-EVENT Activity.  MY HOLIDATES are for The Week-at-Heart, far surpassing the traditionally lame and commercially annointed EVENTS that cloud and clutter our Calendars.”    

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 – 9:27 AM CST
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – 6:20 AM CST
Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 11:15 AM CST
Saturday, April 1, 2017 – 1:57 PM CST

As my Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 4:59 PM CST Twitter Post explained:

#ASK_Quote: My #HOLIDATES R The #Week_at_Heart, far surpassg the
traditionally lame commercial #Events that cloud & clutter R #Calendars.

“After all, via my particular Viewpoint,
not all Holidays are HOLIDATES as nor are all EVENTS
worthy to be placed upon MY EVENTOLOGICAL CALENDAR.”
As my Motto reveals:
We have to be discerning when IT comes to

Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 9:41-9:44 AM CST

CCoE: Chase’s Calendar of Events is published by:
If you care to submit an Entry, it would be here:
Deadline for Holiday/Holidate Submissions:  Deadline: April 15, 2017
Background on CCoE:'s_Calendar_of_Events
Since 1957, Chase’s is the go-to guide to special events, holidays, anniversaries, landmarks, phenomena & birthdays around the world. 
Chicago, IL & Washington, DC
RL’s TWITTER ACCOUNTS AT:   @RLPGBooks  @RowmanInternat

PART 2:   

Research is “The Bedrock” in establishing EVENTS for The Times of Our Lives. The ABCD:  AssuranceBelievabilityCredence that instills The Dogma allows a significant Bearing on Society, Civilization and Influence to grow, thus energizing,   s-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g far and w-i-d-e.  THE P[P” is then placed into P[PULAR CULTURE, making Memories momentous.

“Revisiting those HOLIDATES is like revisiting an Old Friend.”
Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 11:26 AM CST

With a Background heaped in The ARTS, Writing & Promotions based in Sociology Studies as to why Man acts and reacts as he does (while studying at one of the Top Ten Schools in the USA: Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri), my Foray into Past & Present EVENTS began that molded how Humanity is…and is not.  Fixing Man’s Outlook (jaded and outdated) on what works best for The Continuation of Planet Earth became my Target on July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM at Age 38 and as exhibited, these Thinklings1 have become “The Nerve Center of Millions” that I have inspired over The Course of this vast Period.  So much for Run-On-Sentences that tend to state-it-all in One (1) Paragraph or less. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 – 9:40 AM CST

Consequently, bearing that Slant in mind throughout all my Creative Writing Adventures, I googled The Titles of my more beloved HOLIDATES (known as the “Hotter and Sexier” Ones) on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 4 PM CST to learn that:  

Hug A G.I. Day ©1996 = 1,310,000 Results in .65 seconds
International Skeptics Days ©1997 = 944,000 results in .55 seconds
International Thank You Days ©1994/5/7/8 = 176,000,000 results in .64 seconds
National Smith Day ©1995 = 16,700,000 results in .64 seconds
National Splurge Day ©1994 = 2 Million Hits in .43 seconds
Paw: Pet Appreciation Week ©1994 = 871,000 results in .68 seconds
Pay-A-Compliment Day – ©1994 = 2,180,000 results in .71 seconds
The Great American Warm-Up ©1995 = 23,300 results 0.73 seconds

To keep The Momentum going, on Friday, March 31, 2017 – 11:12 AM (to my Amusement & Amazement) found that Two (2) more of my HOLIDATES had raked up large Figures:
Lost Penny Day ©1995 = 3,210,000 results in .68 seconds
No Brainer Day ©1997 = 16,800,000 results in .60 seconds

On Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 10:45 AM, The Stats for:
Cartoonists Against Crime = 1,470 results 0.75 seconds

Not only that, but several others Countries (that I could locate) had translated my Blog Definitions into copy for their particular Audiences & Readers.  The Reason I could figure this out is that because my Last Name, Koopersmith, stuck out like a sore Thumb throughout the(ir) Piece.

MOVING RIGHT ALONG:  Between 16 to 40 of my HOLIDATES were listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events (circa 1993-2006) opening up “The Floodgates of Marketable Creativity” allowing this Plethora of Online Info & Data to collect and infiltrate due to my  over(t)ly active Imagination, driven by My Desire to alter and spice-up the Mundane EVENTS already occurring, repetitively bombarding us like clockwork:

Century-by-Century; and


Defined as:  Goodwill, Humanitarian, Altruistic, Educational, Recreational, Spiritual,
Philosophical, Nutritional, FUN-Time & FUN-Type EVENTS,
therefore, I coined and formulated The Word, EVENTOLOGY
to cover this new and diverse Literary Genre I was spearheading and launching.
Israel Book Publisher:

Throughout The Decdes, these EVENTOLOGICAL Writings become STORieS that follow The 5W Rules of Journalism (Six [6] if you mention their Website).  Furthermore, EVENTS can be customized for a Company or Client if they wish to be(come) immortalized under THE EVENTOLOGY UMBRELLA.  Similar to The Star Registry if you want a SuperNova swirling around in The Universe named after you.  Now, that’s stellar.

Marked as an excessive Supply or Abundance of Literature, many of MY HOLIDATES manifest themselves and range from a detailed One-Pager to fully illustrated BOOKLETS of 12-24 Pages (all now Collectibles) that explain how to properly celebrate these EVENTS.  Then, of course, the Likely Spin-Off spans “The Spectrum” from Greeting Cards to T-Shirts to Patches to Ink Pens to Mugs to ScreenSavers, etc.  – all capturing The Heart,  Imagination & Psyche of those who see and realize “The Credibility” of what Virtues-Qualities-Values exist behind these ASKIAN HOLIDATES. 

Marketing makes The World go round.
Marketing draws in The Numbers – The People.
Marketing generates Interest (Interest in Concern & Capital/Money); Memories & Matters that count & matter.
Marketing is where IT is at.

MY HOLIDATES are not your typical, whacky, bizarre EVENTS that We often see strewn across Social Media & The Internet, although a Number of mine are hailed as being much lighter or wackier in Vein & Texture and more humorous in Stance & Stature. 

“Now with over 2,000 Original HOLIDATES on My Roster from nearly 27 Years of eventologizing, I often wonder how bored I would truly be had I not invented EVENTOLOGY and all that IT encompasses, shares and emits.  We may never know as IT is impossible to tally or score such an endless APE: Array/Project/Endeavor that opens so many diverse Doorways.  That’s apparently the only Answer to assume, as AΣSФP from AΣSΘP’s FABLeS will never know how his FABLeS moved Millenniums of People in extraordinary Ways and still do not show any visible Sign of slowing down.  William Shakespeare’s Writings are also comparable when falling into this Sector of POPULARITY as are Bob Dylan’s Lyrics and Songs.”

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 – 9:57 AM CST
Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 11:47 AM CST

Is IT any wonder his Name is embedded in mine as a Wild Form of Reincarnation that can develop into ITs own Line of Twitter Posts:


As in this abbreviated Post of Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – 10:16 AM CST

Who’s UR #Literary #Hero? Mine is: #AESOP as my Name's bin reincarnated from his:
A-dri-E-nne S-ioux ko-OP-ersmith.   Voilà: #Eventology.

AND, of course, that accompanying Twitter Post from 1:38 PM on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 reads as:

W/ over 2,000 Origl #HOLIDATES on My Roster from 27 Years of #eventologizing, I wonder how bored I wld truly B had I not invented EVENTOLOGY

We may never know.  To add more Fuel on The Fire (as is said):  As Writer’s often think:  Should I have used The Word “embedded” instead of “reincarnated” in the above Tweet? 
When entering “My Wild & Wondrous World,”  MY HOLIDATES do meld, metamorph and merge (in a constant State of Refinement) with our ever-changing Times.  None stagnate.  One could say that I am making Mom proud:  One HOLIDATE at a time!

After perusing that above List of URLS, IT’s reassuring to see that THE HOLIDATES struck a Chord!  All thanks to Al Gore for inventing The Internet. Otherwise, many of MY EVENTS (that have been released) may not have traveled that Distance, becoming Viral Sensations in their “Own Write” and above all else, all have affected those they have come into contact with via this time-honored and time-based Topic named: EVENTOLOGY.

Showing Gratitude towards our former Vice President, this Tweet was constructed on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – at 12:12 PM CST

B/c @algore invented Internet, #EVENTOLOGY
viralled/spiraled out of control in its Own Rite in this
timely fashion in this #EVENT-World.

Because I have been composing HOLIDATES for over 26 Years now, I do have a “Secret Sauce” (Formula) and my Thought Pattern always centers (consciously or even unconsciously when I sleep) on EVENT Formation/Formulation.   And, “The Best” is yet to come or so I have been told although I’m under “The Distinctive Impression” many of these All-Original Special Occasions have already scored at that Level of Acceptance.  Their Numbers don’t lie.  Politicians do.  

What totally amazes me is that AΣSФP’s FABLeS persisted, lasting over 2,600 Years considering he (nor his Agent) ever wrote them down?  That Generalization always boggles My Mind. That Case may be rated as “The Earliest FanFare” in The Annals of Literary History that Man has recorded (but then he didn’t) – did he?  As a Matter-of-Fact, I classify MY HOLIDATES as being similar to AΣSΘP’s FABLeS, by being morally righteous (and writeous) but with a do-able EVENT – Action Activity – attached. 

ONE RELEVANT POINT TO NOTE IN EVENT-MAKING IS THIS:  Given The 3P: POWER/PERSISTENCE/PERSUASION of The Internet, any EVENT instantly goes from National Status to being International (in a SNAP of a ZAP) because those HOLIDAYS are whooshed across all these Social Medias We have access  (to).  Voilà:  A Star is born.  That viral and virtual Example is:   My Associates residing in India, Japan, Nepal & Singapore read about “My Writings & Exploits” half-a-Day (Twelve [12] Hours) earlier than my other ABC: Associates/ Buddies/Comrades living west of me (based in Chicago).  Isolation has ceased to be allowing Ideas/Concepts to infiltrate as never before.

“Have HOLIDATES will travel…and they do.”

Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 12:27 PM CST

WHEN THE TENDENCY IS RiGHT & RiPE:  The Staff Members at:  Rowman & Littlefield, the (new) Publishers of the Current Day Chase’s Calendar of Events with their illustrious List of Partners found at:
may seriously consider appointing me as their SpokesPerson(ality) to become :

The(ir) Voice of CCoE:  Chase’s Calendar of Events

My former, prestigious Standing (self-earned) with that Publication when “The Directory” was still Part & Parcel of McGraw-Hill from 1993-2006 provided them with Articles that would not have been as compelling if I had not be contacted for my VO: Valued Opinion.   

When “The Media” calls them for STORieS, especially now that The CCoE Series is Sixty (60), a Literary Milestone indeed that spans Two (2) entire Millenniums: The 20TH& The 21ST Centuries, they will need a Person of my Caliber to act as that Liaison.  Attendance at renowned and known BOOK CONVENTIONS, FESTIVALS & FAIRS touting their Participation in ATE:  ALL THINGS EVENT(FUL) would be Part of my Job Description besides creating Posts for Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, my primary Social Mediums.  I fulfilled that Role when I contributed to McGraw-Hill (minus The Social Media Aspect as they did not exist then) since I am “Fluent in Eventology” (being its Founder/Creator/CEO) and am blessed with “The Gift to Gap” – inclusive of all Strangers no matter how “meager” they may appear (to be).   I’m friendly.  I look good in a Crowd.  EVENTOLOGY influences, even Decades before “Influencers” became THE IT THING and THE KEY to terrific Segments throughout Viral Life.  As “The Backbone” and INTELLIGENCE behind:


no other Person has created, produced and promoted such a colossal Body of EVENTS as I have.  Even though they try, New York City Advertising & Branding Firms cannot come close to my Numbers, Style, Finesse, Composition & Presentation.  When IT comes to trendsetting HOLIDATES-TO-CELEBRATE, I am The One & Only to ASK for.   Many of these Madison Avenue Firms have phoned me for Insights & Clues to “My Creativity when they spotted MY HOLIDATES located in CCoE.

ITs accompany Twitter dated:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 1:57 PM reads as:

#ASK_Chgo: #EVENTOLOGY FACT #1: No other Person in Contemporary Literary History's created/promoted such a colossal Body of EVENTS as I have

That Assemblage of Creative Works partially comprises my ASK BRAND.  The other Portion revolves around THE PROTOTYPE B&&KS I have written for EVENTOLOGY & my Seven (7) Part B&&K & Movie Series called:


whose Three (3) Themes are to:

eliminate Racism;
dispel The Mixed Signals & Ironies We receive every Day; and
get to The Heart of what really matters.

SKiN’s Third Movie Script called iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 beat out 3,164 other Submissions in the International Screenplay Competition called Scriptapalooza based in Hollywood, California in  July of 2010; thereby signifying its Message appealed to The Producers/Managers (all working in The Movie Industry) who chose IT.  All of ITs Characters are TOYS (renamed as CHARACTOYS®) found in my PRIVATE TOY COLLECTION that I’ve been amassing since My Birth on Saturday, August 9, 1952 at 4:45 AM CST.

TOYS makes The World go round.   
TOYS draws in The Numbers – The People.  
TOYS generate Interest in the ART & Science of PLAY; creating & causing Memories & Matters-of-The-Heart that count & matter most.
TOYS are where IT is at…oh yea!    

LESS I DIGRESS…as all proud Author(itie)s do when We work on a Multiplicity of Projects.

BACK TO THE TOPIC OF EVENTOLOGY:  You do not have to be a Samurai Warrior or a Ninja-on-Steroids to create something special from nothing. However, EVENT Creation & Delivery as I have meticulously performed for the least 26 Years (27 Years as of Tuesday, July 25, 2017) cannot be equaled as I have crafted and transformed these Writings into a New Literary ART, now no longer that NEW. Who knew!

Societies, Peoples and Civilization (overall) have been bettered because of my IT:  Input & Touch. ITs Effect is far-reaching as The Numbers (I have amassed) throughout the last 26 years tell us.  The Fact remains that Original Content is what lasts by standing out (in its own Uniqueness) with an Intensity that brings IT back year-after-year); thus making a “Lasting Impression” greater than anticipated.  Creativity & EVENTS are the Two (2) Tools I actively employ to establish polished ViewPoints so that Children are drawn in; keeping them far away from The Harm, Despair & Crime they encounter, that happens on too many of our Streets across The World. Moreover, MY EVENTS cater to all Ages and are Non-Denominational, nor do they discriminate as Religious Holidays tend (to). With over 1,900 EVENTS sanctioned, something for everyone everywhere to celebrate exists for them.   

“Employment of Enjoyment colors these HOLIDATES
allows them to become ‘Days of Joy’ that do last & live in Infamy.
Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 12:55 PM CST

My HOLIDATES inspire.
My HOLIDATES have given Hundreds of Thousands of People
 (across Borders & Generations)
 the last 26+ Years
something to write about thus ensuring them a Paycheck.
Creating a Dynasty of this Magnitude takes boundless Energy & Effort; Deep Thoughts;
Perseverance; Fortitude and quite simply a Knack. 

IT’s easy to see that from the afore-mentioned List of URLS (that I randomly pulled from THE INTERNET) that a “Seed of Curiosity” has been implanted in People (wherever they are located) and then, they “run with them.”  However, throughout The Years, many HOLIDATES are taken entirely out-of-Context and are not accredited to me as their rightful Owner & Creator.  As a matter of fact, many Present-Day-Reporters do not abide by Scruples, as they do not contact me directly to get:  


THE HOLIDATESlawful Copyright Holder as to find out how this/these Special Occasion(s) is/are to be properly carried out.   These Reporters have no Excuse for this “Slight.”  IT has never been easier to locate a Person.  Just Google.  Without first interviewing “The Creator” and by assuming what is occurring, Misinterpreting runs rampant is tantamount to Literary Treason, a Crime that wrecks the very Essence of THE HOLIDATE & EVENTOLOGICAL Theorems themselves.   Then, there are those Writers who think that by adding a “National” to the Holiday’s Name (in order to hide their Plagiarism), that will somehow hide the EVENT(S) from me.    How I want (if not demand) that these EVENTS be run and operated can only be gained through a Verbal Interview, not Assumptions derived from a Title.

“After all, my Initials are not ASK for nothing.”
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – 11:11 AM CST

“Overall, at this Point in my Literary Career for being “The Catalyst” to start such an intensive & impressive Selection of colorful Works & Words (springboarding from what Bill Chase of the Original Chase’s Calendar of Events set forth), the saddest Dilemma about this Collection (and ITs Mindset) is that MY EVENTS HOLIDATESare becoming Mainstream – in a Vein – critically speaking, of course, in “The Grand Spectrum” that they comprise “Fake News” – because others are claiming them as their own and distorting their True Worth – Value & Merit, The Way I have set forth.  Datewise:  Saturday, July 25, 2020 marks Thirty (30) Years of EVENTOLOGY. Next thing you know,  due to My Visions, We will all be getting these EVENTS off from Work, with Pay.”  

Sunday, March 26, 2017 – 7:13 PM CST
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 – 2:47 PM CST
Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 1:02 PM CST
Saturday, April 1, 2017 – 2:53 PM CST

Winding down on this Open and most Curious Discussion about The Days in Our Lives: 

At most times, I’m only a P&C: Point & Click away.  Feel free to call, post, tweet, link-in or write for any Query or Questions that may come to mind.  Chicago is (after all) the Third Largest City in The Metropolitan & Cosmopolitan USA and to refuel when traveling from “The Big Apple” to “TinselTown” you must refuel in “Sweet Home Chicago,” my Home since 1974, The Headquarters of EVENTOLOGY.  

IN CLOSING:  As I found when revisiting one of my older Blogs:

"Exploring EVENTOLOGY is a Sensation for all The Senses to have,
 behold, share and ultimately pass along."

Quote of
Friday, October 24, 2008 - Upon my Mother's 80TH Birthday

Speaking about Things that matter most – The EVENTS in Our Lives– is extremely important.  Because the Vastness & Enormity of EVENTRICS (as I call The Science of EVENTOLOGY from my Point of View), I released the following Tweet that is “My Plan” to keep EVENTOLOGY in The Forefront of Modern Day EVENT-Making as My Legacy lays and continues to play itself out:
Selling my 1,900 #Holidates_to_celebrate. 27 Years-in-making. 34 prime Categories. Price: $1.5 Billion.

3i’s:  implant. involve. influence.
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter – Video Actor
“People read what ASK writes about…”
STUDIOS 5820 - 1258 - 1437
 Chicago, Illinois USA

Cell: 847-630-9201
Twitter:  @ASK_Koopersmith

PS: In closing, I must say (after perusing what could be found on The Internet), my Favorite Write-up was penned by DJ Stevens, Jan. 28, 2015  that I found at:
on March 24, 2017 entitled:

Coolest. Day. Ever.

The most unserious of holidays

Officially speaking: Coolest. Day. Ever.
If you want to see National Hipster Day come to fruition, then you might find good company in Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, the wonderfully eccentric Chicagoan “eventologist” who has dreamed up and copyrighted hundreds of “holidates” (her word for created holidays) since the 1990s. For 50 bones, she’ll put at least ten hours of work into promoting National Hipster Day on whatever date you see fit. 

I have no Idea where DJ Stevens got “The 50 Bones” Phrase as that Slang is not in my Vocabulary.  Bones are for Dogs.  Plus, that Amount is not my “going Rate” for an ESCAPADE INTO EVENTOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY.  Nothing irks a Creatif more than a Prefabricated Assumption (as DJ’s) and formally is The Basis of President Donald Trumps’ Disdain or Disgust of The Media.  Preservation of The Truth in essence for every Topic & EVENT is a guarantee that “Great Voices of Influence” will carry through The Corridors of Time and Space. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 1:17 PM CST


America’s Premier Eventologist
Title by Gene KoprowskiInsight Magazine – Washington, DC – September, 1997

The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World
Eric ZornThe Chicago Tribune – Chicago, IL – January, 2001

The Above Two (2) Articles are found online (as Archival Copies since they are 20 years and 16 years old, respectively:

To clarify, The Insight Magazine Article has been scanned.  The Chicago Tribune Article not.

NOTE:  More exciting EVENT Facts & Figures are found at:  MPI: Meeting Professionals.

Derived from the above Website, these “Round Numbers” especially intrigue me:

Economic Impact:
About 1.8 million meetings and events occur in the U.S. each year, resulting in the following direct contributions to the economy:
$280 billion in spending
$115 billion contribution to GDP
$14.8 billion federal tax revenue
$13.2 billion state and local tax revenue
$66.8 billion in labor income



The Creative Biography & Profile of Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Chicago, Illinois USA: Being immensely animated throughout her 17 years Eventologizing,® ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH (-ASK-) has spoken on over 3,000 Radio Showgrams across the World; has appeared on local, national and international TV; has had her Original Writings selected for multitudes of Web Sites and has had slews of Articles penned by other Parties about her Creative Writings, Intellect, Concepts and Philosophies placed in noteworthy Publications, Books, Directories, Newsletters and Zines (both in The States and Abroad — on and off-line) including:

Chase’s Calendar of Events (Chicago, IL),
Cooking Light (Birmingham, AL)
Dave Egger’s Might Magazine,
Eric Cohen Books (Israel),
ESPN: The Magazine,
Estonian Newspaper (an),
Fast Company Magazine (June, 2010) National Splurge Day appears in their Most Creative 100 Issue
Home Cooking,
Insight Magazine (Washington, DC),
Kennedy’s Confection (London, England),
Maturity Today Magazine (Las Vegas)
More Magazine (New York City),
Olga-TV (London, England),
Popular Photography & Imaging (New York City, NY),
Shutterbug (Titusville, FL),
Sports Illustrated For Kids,
The Advocate/Greenwich Time,
The Atlanta Journal Constitution,
The Chicago Sun-Times,
The Chicago Tribune,
The Daily Herald,
The Daily Northwestern,
The Dallas Morning News,
The Detroit Free Press,
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram,
The Gainesville Sun (Gainesville, Florida),
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,
The New York Times,
The San Antonio Express,
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer,
The Springfield News-Leader,
The Times Picayune (New Orleans),
The Washington Post,
USA Today,
Village Voice,
Woman’s World,
et. al.

In a World where so many People and Groups are disgruntled, EVENTOLOGY comes to The Rescue.  As Mary McCauley of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel stated in a Two Full-Page Tabloid-size Newspaper Article (that was commonplace in the late 1990s). Her Opening Paragraph stated:   

“When God created The World,
He somehow neglected to name each Day.
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith is taking up the slack.”


1 Thinklings – New ASKIAN Term:  Derived from The Word: Dumpling.  Defined as: a Little Thought about a Topic.

NOTE #1:
If you wish to get swamped and bombarded with scanned Copies of many of The Articles above and EVENTOLOGICAL Theories, a Written Request will suffice. Could there possibly and plausibly be a STORY there, too!  

NOTE #2:
December, 2017 marks the 20TH Year Anniversary that I won the most Creative & Original Award from The Calendar Marketing Association (based in Libertyville, Illinois) for my Debut EVENTOLOGY CALENDAR BOOK.  At that time, IT contained (only) 555 HOLIDATES.  EVENTOLOGY:  AN ARMY OF ONE shows how one bound-and-determined Woman has innovated THE EVENT INDUSTRY, influencing Generations and Legions of People to find The Joy in even the most smallest of Things.  When you take “The Ordinary” and turn IT into “Extraordinary” via Context & Content of Mass Appeal, then you know you plundered any Boredom & Ennui that could rear ITs ugly Head.  

“When reduced to their simplest Denominator as a Treasure Chest of Topics,
I provide People with a Golden Opportunity
to express themselves;
to consider something new, exciting & innovative to write about;
 to throw a Party (for); and
to make an EVENT EVENTFUL.
EVENTOLOGY can unlock all Writer’s Block & RoadBlocks.” 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – 7:45 AM & 12:16 PM CST

That Tuesday, March 28, 2017 – 3:03 PM Tweet reads as:

#ASK #EVENTOLOGY:  Taking “The Ordinary” & turn it in2 #Extraordinary via #Context & #Content of #Mass_Appeal, plunderg any/all Boredom.

NOTE #3:
Segments and Pertinent Quotes have been re-defined and placed here on my Blog, Koopersmithin’ for Easy Access to all others who find this Topic captivating.  Riveting.  Spellbinding. Transformative.  Engaging & Alluring…to name a few choice Adjectives that I plucked from an Internet Thesaurus to jazz this Process up.  Writers are (after all) well-known for increasing our WordCounts.  This One comes in at: 6,074.  Also, with EVENTOLOGY’s 27TH Year ABC: ANNIVERSARY-BIRTHDAY-CELEBRATION happening on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, stand-by for more Whoopla and HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE. 

Furthermore, looking ahead to:  July of 2020, this Period is slated as  EVENTOLOGY MONTH ©2010 and is already being promoted as such, heralding in my Thirtieth (30) Year of being “America’s Premier Eventologist” and “The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World” thanks to Gene & Eric.  

“2020 itself will be hailed as “THE YEAR OF THE EVENTOLOGIST ©2010
in honor of the Vast Strides I have made in securing and placing the Human back into Humanity.”
Saturday, April 1, 2017 – 3:19 PM CST
IF YOU DARE, you are cordially invited to follow me on Twitter as all The Projects (I commit to) are consistently posted daily on this Social Media Platform. 

NOTE #4:
Over 400 of The EVENTS that deal with FOOD have been renamed as: #EAT-VENTS® and targets Optimal Health, Nutrition & Anti-Aging Themes.  These are especially near and dear to me as I exercise and bike every Day in order to remain as fit as possible.  BabyBoomers possess this Special Mentality & Joie de Vie.  MY #EAT-VENT-O-PEDIA® was penned in 1998 after winning The Two (2) Awards for Creativity & Originality from The Calendar Marketing Association, as mentioned in NOTE #2.

NOTE #5A: I will admit IT. I’m addicted (in a healthy way) to Twitter.  My Brain is now conditioned or wired to think in 140 Characters – SoundBytes (sometimes fewer).  This Letter contains a Sampling of those Tweets that aspire and inspire.  When Money matters, One Month of Tweets will set you back $1,000.  That Marketing Offer is found on my #1230TH Blog at:

NOTE #5B: IT is and always has been a Puzzle I’ve never quite figured out. How One Two-Lettered Word (with One Vowel & One Consonant) can cover so much, amazes me. 

NOTE #6:
As a SpokesPerson(ality) fluent in EVENTOLOGY, you at Rowman & Littlefield may wish to hire me at his most opportune Time -- upon The 60TH Year Anniversary of Chase’s Calendar of Events.  We could take up a Petition on this and make IT into a Media EVENT as Talkologists as myself keep CAP: Clients-Audiences-Patrons happy and coming back for more. CAPping off EVENTS as you have viewed here is “My Specialty.”  

NOTE #7:
And, yes, I do have a HOLIDATE known as LBD:  Little Black Dress Day ©1998 in my Haute Couture – “Dress Like a Diva” Category of EVENTOLOGY.