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When you love your Job and it shows: Profile & Spotlight on Zaul Ocampo: LifeStorage: Chicago, Illinois USA

ZAUL OCAMPO of  LifeStorage 
Formerly:  UNCLE BOB's Testimonial - April 21, 2017

Written by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Recommendation

Chicago Resident since The Spring of 1974.

We live in a World where People have Things.  Many Things.  Sometimes too many Things.  Too many Things to count and recount (even) - but as for the Collector in (us) all, never to discount.  That's why Boxes were invented.  These People have worked hard to get these Things.  These Things  mean something to them and many Times, those Things are being passed down from one generation to the next.  Simultaneously, these are The Things they most want to hang on to; Things that they need; Things that have Sentimental Appeal to them.  However, sometimes, Circumstances change and People must temporarily put their Things into Storage, which is what I have done since I am living in a Big City where many of The Apartments are being converted into Condo(minium)s.  That, of course, calls for a Paper – Essay – Newspaper Series of its very own.

Being an active Babyboomer who never saved any Money and never prepared for Retirement, but accumulated many Things, it was mandatory that I find a Place where I could house “my Things” that are exceedingly important to me.  I found that Place with Zaul Ocampo who is the Store Manager of Uncle Bob’s that is now called LifeStorage.  From what I hear, they are a Chain – may be a Franchise located in Chicago (may be located elsewhere, too) that allows People like me and others “in transition” to make sure their Precious Things, Objects and Stuff is safe and sound until the(ir) next Step is decided upon and taken.

I have known Zaul since either February or April of 2013.  He is consistently nice; not moody who always has a smile on his face and is happy to aid and assist in The Best Way possible.  His Store front on busy Broadway is on one of the busiest Corners in Chicago.  His Personality suits everyone who stops.   Not only is he someone who gets your Questions answered, but he is warm and caring and takes care of your Business First.  This is most important because The Task of just having One’s Things not at their fingertips is frustrating and grueling.  “Z” (as I call him)  makes that Process easier by just having The Innate Ability to make your frayed Nerves be calmed down. 

I highly recommend LifeStorage as a Storage (Facility) where People will view the Company as a Household Name; and Zaul Ocampo as the Standard of what it means to conduct Business in the 21st Century.  A Locale  to go to when and if The Need arises and you find that you do need Storage (after all). 

With a Manager as cordial as Zaul is in the Lead and Forefront, you can rest assured in your Time of Transition that Things will run as smoothly as possible.  The Floors are immaculate.  The Smell of the Place makes you know that you are in good hands.  Lots of People migrate these Days – that is:  move.  The Storage Area that I use is close to a major University and College Kids clamor every year to use these Facilities as well.  Therefore, this Facility is not only advantageous to Kids who must study around the clock; but it is reassuring to their Parents who probably worry about them as they set off on a New Phase in their Lives.  That means every one’s basis are covered. 

Being a Writer & Promoter, I was able to get a New York City Reporter from NPR Radio fly into town on April 5 to do a Story on my Creativity.  Since my Writings are safely stacked, packed and racked up “in storage” at LifeStorage, this Reporter wanted to see how I have my Literature arranged.  Knowing this would be a GREAT STORY and Promotional Opportunity not only for my Writing Career but for Zaul who runs LifeSource as well as really “putting LifeStorage on The Map” with an International Media Company (heard around The Globe), I took Kenny Malone of Planet Money on NPR to my Facility where he got to see exactly how a Creatif as myself operates while her Things (Household – Treasures – Memories) are safe ‘n sound in a Facility run by People who care.  To me, that’s The Dividing Line and makes a Person decide if they want to do business or not.  I could not be more pleased.  This is definitely One Company that (if I had the Capital) to invest; would certainly do that since Transition is always in Man’s BloodLine and having your Things safe helps one’s Mental Health. 

One Employee can make that Difference.  One Company can make that Difference. That Difference is made via my Good Fortune in having to need the Services of LifeStorage.  To that I say:  TO LIFE!  TO LifeStorage, that is.  Let me use the word: Exuberant when it comes to describing that ONE EMPLOYEE, namely Mr. Ocampo. 

And, I’m guessing if I were ever to get Money, I certainly would invest in a Storage Unit Company.  With break-ins happening around the clock in a Big City Environment, you know your Stuff will be safe with LifeStorage.  That means a lot, as you know.    Come to think about it (and I do lots of thinking being the Creatif that I am), this Piece turned out so nicely, I should really post it on my Blog, Koopersmithin – with Pictures. Smiling Faces everywhere.   I guess when you FEEL for a Place & its Management and are a SATISFIED CUSTOMER since Spring of 2013 (now that it is 2017), it shows in The Words that are penned. 

For those of you who wish to hear my entire Interview, it is online at:

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And keeping the MONEY Factor in line, when it comes to how Americans spend, the leading Indicator is that People are satisfied Customers when the Price is Right; the Management is understanding; the Facility is immaculate and the Stress is off.  LifeStorage bats 1000 when it comes to those Pointers. 




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