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The Marketing of 383 all-original CAT Holidays for 2020-2029: The Decade of The CAT ~ FELiNE. How this Packet can be yours for only...

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CATS just want to have FUN.

ie:  See CALi next:

16 Months ago We dove into the Creation of 

PURRoclaiming 2019-2029 as:
The #Decade_of_The_CAT_FELiNE (C)1997 (C)2018

Today, we've reached Page 700 of 1070 or 65.4205% of its 2nd Edition.  A #MEOWSterpiece as CALi deems it.  

Decided there will only be 1 CALENDAR (more of an Encyclopedia) printed & thus SOLD to the Highest Bidder who will then have "Rights" to use those #HOLiDATES for the Duration of the Decade - thus #sePURRating themselves from the #com_PET_ition that's out there in the #Pet_Industry.

2020 marks my 30TH Year Anniversary of creating these unique EVENTS thus given the title of the #Undisputed_Champ_of_Holiday_Creation per #CNN

As the only Creator who has amassed such Quality CAT Content for the New Decade that begins in 44 more Days, it is advantageous to take learn more about how PET Branding works PURR #Cali_The_CALiCO, featured here: 

Contact me for Base Rate that will be accepted, deadline, etc.  There's no neater way in which you can enter the 2020s.


Bidding Starts at:  $52,000,000 for the 10-Year Period.  

Affix $10,000,000 to each year if you need my #EVENTOLOGY Services since I am
THE FACE of this Literary Genre, having created it 30 Years ago (come July 25, 1990) & have 7 Titles from 'The Media' for my Efforts.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

It's CALi's Birthday! It's Our CAT's Birthday! November 5, 2019. Time for all CALiCO CATS to CALibrate Good Times! A Love Note from A GiRL 👩 & HER CAT 😺

In Beta Form(at):  Awaiting Birthday Pix  

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 4:49-5:44 AM
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Blog Entry:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019  - 7:25 AM CST

Coincidentally as this HOLiDATE was being edited for the Second Time, CALi's Third Anniversary - Birthday - Celebration with Robert & me was underway.  Because CALi walked into our Lives as an older and full-grown Homeless CAT and not as a Kitten, unfortunately, We do not know precisely when her Birth Day & Date are.  That Observation into PET PURRenting, too, is yet another importune Reason why HOLIDATES (as these) are so necessary in detailing your CAT's Lives, Thoughts, Actions & Reactions.  By studying them intensely, We Humans start to know more about them as outstanding Individuals & PURRSonalities.

With that in mind, ROBERT stated it was her Third Year Anniversary with us.  I was more prone - PURRone to say Birthday and/or the Full ABC:  Anniversary-Birthday-Celebration since that phrase runs parallel ~ PURRallel with our hyphenated (hyFUNated) Signature:

ABC:  Adrienne-Bob-CALi

At the Stroke of Midnight of/on November 5 (2019), Bob exclaimed outloud:


(as all Three of us) were in bed, comfortably tucked in tight-as-Clams-in a Shell.

A Take-Off of The Word: CELEBRATION.  But you knew that!  I was ecstatic; jumped out of bed and immediately wrote, dated and timed The Term in CALi's Journal as Part of her Daily Memoirs ! MEOWmoirs.

Then, several Hours later, at 4:18 AM CST, when I woke up and about, low and behold:  The Answer came to me.  Her Arrival date will be now known as:

CALi's HOMECOMiNG (C)2019 (TM) (R)

and could easily be used universally on all PETS (especially those who are adopted from a Shelter or rescued from The Streets as CAL-GAL was) with its Bottom Line being:

When a new PET GUARDiAN doe snot know the proper Time of your PET's Birth, but that said PET has now gotten a loving, safe, permanent  PURRmanent - FURever ~ Forever Home in which LOVE & Respect can grow between THE FELiNE (and/or CANiNE) and the Humans (People) who love and accept her/him/ they are...being the ANiMALS they were meant to be.

Like CALi has proven without saying a single Word to Robert & me:  It seems to fit like a Charm, a Lucky Charm at that when She strolled into our Lives.  Our Lives are at its Happiest Levels and now complete as never before.

THE CALibration has begun and continues with every Day.

Thank you, CALi!

(C)1952-2019:  Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.  All Rights Reserved.


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