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From The Creator of NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's 2012 Advice on The Art of Big 'n Small Time Splurging.


DateLine:  Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There are Twenty ( 20) more Days left – that’s less than 3 Weeks of Fleeting Time to celebrate my HOLIDATE known as NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994.  Check-out the June, 2010 Article that Ms. Emily Benton penned for 1 of my favorite Magazines, FAST COMPANY – which was  posted as a ½ Page Feature (fully illustrated) in their Issue on Page 30. I was so thrilled to be sharing that page with TOY STORY 3 since TO TOYS are the main Possession I splurge on, BIG-Time. 

Now, that historical Piece is all online for your Reading Pleasure @:

So for the last Nineteen (19) Years, Reporters, Interviewers & People have and will ask me:

 “Adrienne, what R U splurging on this year?” 

Well, to make it easy, all you have to do is visit google today to get started.  Their Google Art spotlights Faberge Eggs.  Now that’s something ‘imperial’ and worth splurging on.  However, those Little Things come with a pricey Sales Tag of as much as $5.5 million in today’s currency. 

Those Faberge Eggs are quite fascinating tho and there’s an interesting PBS Online Piece about them at:

AS IS CUSTOMARY IN THE LIFE OF A WRITER:  I always research all of my Original HOLIDATE – all 1,900 of them and write up Stories about their Themes.  As for the Origin of my NSD ©1994, older Documents that I’ve penned state that the Ability to splurge is not as ‘care-free’ as it used to be.  The Logic, of course, is that many People (across the Planet) are unemployed while others are finding it difficult to get by as they did in the 1990s.  However, even a Little Splurge is great for the Ego & to let somebody know that you are thinking of them.

As I always say:  Splurge on to others as U’d want others to splurge on to you.”  Hey, if anyone dares to interview me about the Art & Act of Splurging – ie: Splurging 101, undoubted, I have lots to say.  I’m the QoTS: Queen of The Splurge ®. 

In the meantime, I’m going out TOY-Shopping!

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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Founder/Creator: NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994

‘America’s Premier Eventologist’

Studio 1437

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Wednesday, 5-30-2012 – 2:08 PM CST


NOT another Blog Page on Windy Weather...there's always something to talk about in 'The Windy City.'

ASK ON SUMMER ROMANCE.  So 1 of my many, many Boyfriends thruout the Years is trying to get back with me. “Aren’t they all,” I gasp, ringing my hands.  “When U got it, U got it.  When U don’t, U just don’t.  It must be so because I’m a Trust-Fund Baby!”

However, this 1 knows & can’t seem to forget my Email Address – so Girls let that be a Lesson 2 U.  It’s OK & it is allowable & highly permissible 2  give Guys the wrong Phone @ a Bar when We meet up with them; that’s simple enuf 2 do, but consider giving them a faulty Email Address, too. In the long-run, it will save U lots of Deletions.

CONTINUING:  So last night here in Chicagoland, USA, he evidently experienced some Foul Weather Conditions.  They call that FWC’s in the Trade.  Of course, this will give him the Opportunity to write 2  me & tell me of his Findings.  Not that he is going 2 put NBC’s Andy Avalos or WGN’s Tom Skilling out of a job, but this is what BOB sed.  We’ll call him BOB, because BOB is his Name.  As the Purveyor of ending Copyright Infringement, I totally believe in:  Giving Credit where Credit is due, even if there is an ‘UNDER-TONE.’

And this is definitely not to offend any of you other Bobs ‘out there' in Facebookland.  He stated:

“Adrienne, I rode my bike back to your hood to Studio 17 - Home of the $6 haircut - for my quarterly shearing. The wind was fierce with a couple of gusts moving me over a foot left or right. So, be careful.  Best, Robert.

Of which I was polite (as that’s the way I was raised) and responded back to him in a clever way and manner– clever enuf 2 post the following on my Blog at:

“Oh, thanks, BOBBS - just got your Note @ 9:38 AM -- yea, Wind is windy - I have no idea WHY that is, but I've been biking since I was 6 & lived thru HURRICANE CAMILLE in New Orleans back on August 17TH of 69 (19, not 1869) so nothing really bothers me.  Plus, I lived w/you and U cut alot of, I adjust pretty well to (any) circumstances! Thanks for the Warning tho. I appreciate that.  Hope U have a great Wind-free (not Winfrey) Day!  Cheers, ASK!”

BTW:  IF you’re looking for that Cheap Hair-Cut Place in my Hood where BOB has his tresses sheared, here it is:

1612 West Devon Avenue
(between Clark St and  Paulina Streets - 6400 North)
Chicago, Illinois 60660 USA
Neighborhood: Edgewater

Tell them, BOB sent you…

LASTLY:  Feel free to share your SUMMER ROMANCE Stories here.  Do they get any better and/or bitter than this?  We shall see…

Ah, if only real Life were as easy as the Delete Key here on my Keyboard.

* * * * * *

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Just when U thought there wasn’t anything useful 2 read anymore, The Chicago SunTimes launches the Page of all Pages. Making a Splash with THE DAILY SPLASH.


Making A Splash with THE DAILY SPLASH:  Insightful.  Outspoken. Unfiltered.  Launched on Monday, May 28, 2012.  New Columns by your favorite Chicago Noteables.  Only 2 days’ old this Column really has caught my Attention.  I read the Chicago Sun-Times for my 3 favorite Columnists, Bill Zwecker, Mary Mitchell & Michael Sneed; the best  2 Leo Lion Horoscopes anywhere (as I am devoted to my Astro- Sign) as well as the Cartoon ‘Love Is’ that was instrumental in my Artistic & Comic Careers.
But this Column - this particular Column - is different.  Maybe because it is so frank and is not stylized like THE NEWS (which is so gossipy, trashy and sad).  TDS (The Daily Splash) is much more appealing to the eye and it’s headlines are more thought out.  By far, it is going to grab people’s attn and will become a ROUND THE WATER COOLER TOPIC for those who work and get to take a break.  It may appear more like a Story being told to a Friend (you the Reader) because it’s the Voice of a Person not necessarily in the Newspaper Industry – therefore, they bring to the table a different angle than regular newsy features.  We may never know.  Your Guess is as on-target or off, as anyone’s.  The important Thing to do is read it tho.  Give yourself the Time to read something that just is not like the regular News.
WHY IS THIS SO?   #1: the Cover of Monday’s Memorial Day  Chicago Sun-Times showed the Snapshots of many of the ‘Movers & Shakers’ – Chicago Personalities – who have been selected to write a DAILY SPLASH column.  I was totally impressed with Belushi’s exposé on Pills (& Pill-Poppin) and it’s an absolute GO T TO READ as it applies to our Society Today and how a Pill can be and is popped for every Ailment – we have or we don’t have but we may have.  It sounded like he was speaking right at you. 
The Title of Jim B’s piece is:  A Dose of Reality:  The Actor has a Cure for the Common Everything.
And, to prove how TRUE that is, I just googled in the above Title and this Figure came up:
About 34,200,000 results (0.35 seconds)

That’s a lot of Results for the Pharmaceutical Industry.  That must make them about as happy as a kid in a candy store.
It’s here online for you at:
NOW:  It is Susanna Negovan’s Job to be the Editor of this fine Page.  I do hope she entertains the Idea that all these Pieces can be compiled into a Book at the end of the year and then sold as Part of Chicago-ibilia.  So far, as this is Day 2, the 2 Pages have added LOTS of CHIT:  Class, Honesty, Integrity & Truth to the new and improved Chicago-Sun-times that their new Chairman, Michael Ferro sees and envisions.  To the  layman like me and a few of you out there, that means they are on ‘The Write Road’ in a wild Assortment of  News-worthy Ways.
 It’s reassuring to know that Chicago is a World-Class City - #3 in the nation, proving ourselves as We did during NATO that was ‘in town’ earlier this month.  But, when you HEAR IT ‘write’ from the Mouths of Chicagoans (that did not abandon ship and move to Los Angeles or New York) that you’ve known, admire and respect, well, that makes the News all the more appealing  --- rising to the #1 Slot when it comes to influencing People and making Friends.  Who knows?  It may even get its very own Facebook Page.  Something like:
 Then, we know for sure that THE DAILY SPLASH has arrived.  For me, that’s mighty nice to know.    
MOVING ALONG:  Garry Sinise’s Memorial Day Feature grabbed at your Heartstrings as We all know him from his Band, THE LIEUTENANT DAN BAND that actively plays around the world at military bases; for his Role as Colonel Dan in Forrest Gump, my favorite Movie of all Time next to The Wizard of Oz and now in CSI: NY. 
CUFA:  Coming Up For Air:  I’ve cracked the 713 Word Mark here in 42 minutes.  Should I go on or let you read THE DAILY SPLASH?  I know that Answer! 
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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what ASK writes about…”
Studio 1437
Chicago – IL USA
Tuesday, 5-29-2012 – 3:10 PM CST

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Also found online at:

ALSO ONLINE @:  Read all about it…at:

Monday, May 28, 2012

ToTS: Toys of The Summer: Just not for Kids anymore

“All GORFed-up with somewhere to go…”

How Chicago’s First Green Mascot Kicks-off his Summer. Even FROGS love a Parade.

 * * * * * * * * * *

With Memorial Day being here it’s a sure-fire sign that Summer is in the Air, a Time for no Cares, anywhere.  Tiz that Time of Season to take your TOYS outdoors and let them play right alongside you!  And none of us here are forgetting to wish a Happy Memorial Day to all our Friends here on Facebook both near and afar – all within the Touch of a Keyboard and, all those others, who have ever loved and/or played with (a) TOY(s).  That’s most of the World if you ‘ask’ me!

Now, in order to keep the mo-Momentum going, GORF, (1 of the Stars of my Manuscripts & Movie Scripts) pictured below is here Today to tell you that loves a Parade and ‘The Windy City’ held a monumental Parade here in Chicago (aka: chicaGORF, Illinois USA) on State Street that great Street.  FROGS can be patriotic, you know. And this one most definitely is.   It’s in his Designer Genes that are over 217,000,000years old.

Memorial Day first began in 1865 and for the Best Cause ever. Many of those Little Boys who play(ed) with TOY Soldiers bravely defended our Country.  Now, they are Heroes we cannot ever forget about.  This Day is for them – all Days should be for them.  That’s how so many of us think.  But when they come back from War, that’s when many Problems begin for them and that’s when we cannot forget in their Real Time of Need.

For those Kids who naturally enjoy dressing their TOYS and this does not include just your Dollies, Girls & Boys, as is customary and traditional in GORF’s Household, let me tell you what GORF does.   What ‘His Exalted Greenness’  does is that he dons something Red (to match his big Ruby Orbs) – something White and something Blue and feathers  it up with some Stars.  You guessed it:   The Red Portion seems to attract People of all Ages & Stages of Life who will stop and talk to ‘The FROG.’   Cross-Cultural Meetings are some of ‘the Best’ GORF has experienced.  That’s something you can try ‘at home!’

Now, be safe, mindful and careful this Memorial Day Weekend and as We all trail off into the Summer with our TOYS, while you’re still having a Blast.  As GORF ribbits:  “Don’t forget to look both Ways – with both Eyes open – before you leap.” 

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ASK: Keeper of The Frog,

Studio 1437

Chica GORF, Illinois USA

©1979-2012.  ASK.  All Rights Reserved.

Monday, May 28, 2012 – 3:52 PM CST

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith discusses Copyright Infringement: The Hottest Topic in Literature for 2012 & Beyond.

ASK ON COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT:  2012:  With a Show of Hands, how many of you saw the Smithe Bros. – Lake Shore Drive TV Commercial that is airing on WMAQ -NBC Channel 5 this Morning in Chicago and in 3 surrounding States? 

Did you realize that huge Money-Making Idea was mine?

Yes, I, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, instigated the Opening Conversation between MrSkip Haynes (the Songwriter & Musician now living in California for Decades) with Walter E., Mark & Tim Smithe (of Walter E. Smithe Custom Furniture, based here in Chicagoland) many many Months ago.  Yet, both ‘Corporations’ (both worth well-over $100,000,000 each) negated and neglected to accredit me and pay me for this well-thought out Concept (so Pop Culture in nature) that is going to net both Parties lots of Money and lots of Exposure. 

What happened to Teamwork?

What happened to Integrity?

What happened to giving Credit where Credit is due?  

What happened to forging Bridges between People? 

And, I am sure most of you are asking:  There were  Four (4) of them, didn’t any one of them have the Brains as well as Gratitude to say:  “Hey, let’s give Adrienne the Credit & Compensation she deserves?” 

Evidently not.  But I have ‘all the Evidence I need.’

WHAT DOES THIS PROVE?  Haynes’ & the Smithes’ Greedy American Sides are showing.  Greedy Corporations are 99% of what all ‘average’ Americans hate.  After polling a ‘substantial Amount of my Peers,’ all are vehemently appalled at this unscrupulous Behavior, for they know I am extremely generous with dispensing my  prolific and tantalizing Thoughts for the Achievement of their Dreams.     

WHAT DOES THIS PROVE?  This proves Copyright Infringement is totally out-of- control and Intellectual Property Lawyers cannot keep up with the Cases.  “What happened to astute Business Practices these Days?” is what I am constantly asked. 

In an Era of enormous Distrust, a Sense of Fairness towards ‘Mom & Pop Businesses’ (once the Backbone of what made America great) simply does not exist because of the Unscrupulous Ploys of People  - the likes of Skip Haynes and Walter E., Mark & Tim Smithe. 


As an International Promoter of The Arts (focusing on what puts ‘THE POP’ into Pop Culture) since the late 1960s, the Interviews to “set the ‘Record’ straight” have already begun.  No Pun intended revolving around the word, ‘Record.’  Records must be set  and known in order to justify the Wrongs every Day People (as myself) suffer at the hands of Greedy Corporations as MrSkip Haynes and Walter E. Smithe Custom Furniture.

Another Way to view this is to realize that: 

WHAT I SAY is commercial.  Very ‘commercial’ at that.  Haynes & the Smithe Brothers thought enough of my Concept that I advanced to both of them to create a TV Commercial from it…an ‘interstate’ Commercial at that which would have netted more Clients & Exposure for ‘The ASK Brand.’ 

All Writers, Authors and Artists will be very happy and very pleased to know and realize that MY Platform is THEIR Platform.  Its Aim is towards the Rights & our Livelihoods as a collective Creatif Force of skilled Masterminds.   We are Personalities whose Livelihoods are based on each Word, Idea and Concept he/she creates, develops, promotes and shares.  We are a Force to be reckoned with, not negated for ‘Wall Streets’ Capital Gain.   

When Greedy Corporate Americans like Skip Haynes and Walter E., Mark and Tim Smithe do not accredit or pay for our Talents, We do what We do BEST:  We write it out.  Fully documented, this will be yet another Case for the Court of Public Opinion to try.  This is One Song that will get NO Airplay or a Story that will have no ‘Happy Ending,’ from this Point forward.  Their Greed has blemished their Record which can never be fully restored.

IN CLOSING:  Yes, I will be commenting on Teamwork, Integrity & Credit in my forthcoming YouTube Video.  Those Stories will be online for your Benefit and Knowledge in the Hours & Days to come.  After all, once a Reputation is soiled and spoiled, that’s it.  Disguised as ‘Nice Guys,’  Haynes and the Smithe Brothers will be exposed for what they really are.  Millions of Dollars will not erase that Crime once it’s embroiled in the Conscience of every Reader, Consumer and righteous Person.  

As they so unrealistically think:  No One is above the Law.  That Right rests in the Hands of Writers and Promoters like me who are standing up for all Authors, Artists, Writers and Creatifs everywhere. 

The Bottom Line, of course, is:  As ‘The Rich get richer’ by stamping on the Little People, I am giving a Voice to this grave Injustice.  As a professional and ‘Natural Born Writer’ for 55 years, nothing stops me.  Every Writer, Author, Artist & Creatif agrees.

Posted by: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Koopersmith’s Global Communications

“People read what ASK writes about…”

Studio 1437

Chicago – Illinois USA

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 – 10:28 AM CST

EDITORIAL UPDATE OF:  Monday, July 2, 2012

It has come to my immediate Attention that the Smithe Bros. are again running this TV Commercial (using Haynes' Lake Shore Drive) from July 1-8, 2012 with Updates to reflect an Independence Day Sale.   

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"HOT DOG!" Koopersmith Style. Now, U can have your Condiments and eat them, too - Dog Gone It!

As asked its devoted FB Followers on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 – just in time for all that outdoor grilling we will be doing on Memorial Day weekend, they posted:

Let's talk hot dogs: What are your must-have toppings?

Of which I cleverly stated & delightfully answered:

ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard.  ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard.  ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard.  ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard. ORYM: Onion, Relish, Yellow Mustard.  What I call the ORYM Condiments. 

And lots of ‘em.  Also, my Hot Dog Bun has to have hands-full of Fresh and Roasted Poppy Seeds.  And, lots of those, too.  And, I do want Fries with that (and 3 pouches of Heinz Ketchup) along with a large A&W Root Beer (zero cals, please).  It’s the Low Calorie Root Beer that lets me get aweigh with IT all.  Yes, those are my Must-Have Topping Toppers.  OK, I’m done talking HOT DOGS, let’s eat. 

IF UR as into Hot Dogs as most Americans are, check out: Vienna Beef at:

Cheers, ASK: Hot Dog Analyst-@-Large. 

Chicago, IL USA

5-22-2012 – 12:59 PM CST

On my BLOG:  Koopersmithin at:    


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Yet another Reason why USA Today is great...


USA Today is great.  The very first thing I immediately liked about them when they first appeared (so long ago) was their Surveys  --  in awesome colors and in graph format.   Those are oh-so easy to read, in other Words. Today, again, they did not fail me.  This 1 had a Topic that I always try to participate in and it is:  FUN.  You can never have enuf FUN.  As a matter of fact, the word ‘enuf’ backwords is: 


 well, just drop the ‘e’.  Pretend it’s silent.  At least for this Posting.

So, their ‘Trick’ Question was:  How many Days ago did you last have FUN?  Days, I sed to myself.  Why not Hours or Minutes (ago)? 

Does anyone care to dare an Answer here?  It has to be in a # as this is a PC: Pie Chart.  The findings – as put together by Michelle Healy & Alejandro Gonzalez of USA Today are appalling.  They evidently did not ‘ASK’ me – as my life is based on the Pursuit of Fun & Happiness, yes, even if and when I’m sick. Here are those Stats found in their Life Segment:  Section D. 

45% of those polled stated less than 1 Day ago, they had FUN.

25% stated, it was between 1-3 Days ago in which they had FUN.

8% admitted it was between 4-7 Days (a Week) in which they participated in something FUN.

4% of the pollees said it was over 8+ Days.

19% (or nearly 20% of Society and again I don’t know WHO was surveyed) said they could NOT remember when they last had FUN; it was ‘more than I can remember.’

TO WHICH I ‘ask’:  What are these People waiting for!

Being a Sociology Major (with Art as my Minor back in the Day & today happens to mark my 38TH year since I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri @  a Magna Cum Laude Standing), I can honestly say THERE’s A PROBLEM HERE.  A grave Social Problem, that is NOT FUN-ny.    If People had more FUN, maybe we would not be engaging in Hate, Warfare or Crime and have the Crisis we are having.  Being shocked and flabbergasted at these Stats,  I just don’t know.

Nearing 60 in less than 3 months, FUN  has become more of my Main Goal  & Concern than ever before!  And on her Tombstone, they’ll right:  She had FUN…

Time to have some FUN & plug The Source:

Posted by: ASK
May 21, 2012 - 6:13 PM CST

AdrienNATO - The May 21, 2012 Commentary

Direct & Live from AdrienNATO: 

May 21, 2012 – 5:30 PM - Day #3 of a Commentary aimed towards the 2000 Reporters converging upon Chicago & covering NATO in my Kind of Town…

Protesters will come and go.   Not long ago, Cairo was full of Protesters. People standing up for the Rights they thought they were being denied and they were. They may arrive in groves and then their huge numbers swell, but the issues & problems that We are all concerned about (unless you are super wealthy/privileged  & have none of the dilemmas all others have) are a constant in our Society and a threat to living a happy, normal and care-free life.  OK, one out of 3 would not be bad – for starters.

#1:  Jobs are needed. 
#2:  Better parenting skills are needed.

#3:  Firearms must be removed from gangs and those hell-bent on causing destruction.  

That’s a fine Start in only 23 Words and is well worth tweeting.  I have a gut feeling these are the same Problems that most other countries face. Beginning on a small scale, you as an individual can effect Action even on your own Block.  But don’t expect any of this to happen any time soon, as Man is embedded with the G-Gene for Greed & it all stems back to that Vice, no Virtue in the least.   

Posted by: ASK
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter

Studio 1437

Chicago – IL USA

Seeing Your Name in Bright LIGHTS. PR Services that meet your every Need.


* Special Note:  My current Di$count includes 234 Emails (to the top 200 Newspapers in the USA) sent out when you sign up for the following Summer of 2012 PR Blitz-o-Rama.  This offer ends on August 25, 2012 @ High Noon.

I am offering my PR Services – via FB, my Blog & Twitter –  to my Friends & the General Public since I’ve been active in promoting ‘The Arts’ inclusive of Literature/Books/Authors, The Fine Arts, Music and all things that put the ‘POP’ into Pop Culture since 1979. 

As a creative Personality in my own ‘write,’ I have had features placed in major US and foreign Publications; spoken on 3,000 Radio Programs as well as being feature on TV.  I know what to say and who to say it to, affecting ‘The best Outcome’ for all Parties concerned.  At the close of this Notice is a Listing of where those interviewers have appeared.

Furthermore, I have a very extensive List of Media People who ‘read what ASK writes about…’

With your Tax Returns coming back, this is a great Time to promote all your Projects, especially for the Summer Months that lie ahead -- and beyond.  There’s nothing better than ‘Summer Readings.’

WHAT THIS OFFER MEANS TO YOU:  Blog – Facebook – Twitter. 

Each customized Project is completed within five (5) days.  

#1:  My Blog:  This is where what you say or what I say about YOU can be posted till the End of Time – maybe longer!  Each Client gets his/her own ‘Page’ on my Blog to drive more Traffic to their Website, Store, Event, etc. 

#2:  After determining your main Focus for this Publicity Campaign, this Posting includes Placement on every Variety of FB ‘sites’ that I have a relationship with.  At the Close of five (5) Days, over 500,000+ Personalities, Companies, Universities, Clubs, Associations. etc. have been contacted telling them of your Product/Project.  That Number is contingent upon what your Business, Craft or Trade is and its popularity, of course.

AN EXAMPLE:  For Authors with a new Book out, this Posting includes Placement on every Variety of Reading – Writing – Library - Literary FB ‘sites’ that I have built and secured a relationship with.     

#3: My Twitter Account.  Although Twitters are 140 Characters, they can pack a Punch.  Your Story (Product/Project) appears on my Blog, is Facebooked & then is tweeted-out with your URL.   If you do not have a Website, my Blog Address referencing your News may be used. 

Total Cost?  $1,500, pre-paid.  That’s .003 Cents per Contact via 3 of the Hottest Social Platforms in use today: 

Facebook – Twitter & the Blog

A better Offer does not exist.  This Amount can be customized (reduced or increased) per your Wishes.    

This Package registers as One Week’s worth of Exposure.  It is immediately instigated once I receive your News re: your Project (be it a new Book – a Tour, an Art Reception, etc.) and the payment clears. The Sky is the limit. 

NEGOTIABLE RATES:  If you wish, I can cut the Cost in half since many are struggling at this time, yet it is more important than ever to PROMOTE YOUR BRAND.  That's essential Today for our 'Product' to become a Success Tomorrow...  

**    **    **    **    **    **   **    **    **    **            

FURTHERMORE:  If you’re an Author(ity), I can also review your Book and email it to the appropriate Journals & Review Magazines.  In 2002, I headed ABC: Adrienne’s Book Critiques and am familiar with that Process. I was never harsh in my Criticisms as I only chose Authors whose Books appealed to me.  My Philosophy being:  Why read something you don’t like, even if you’re getting paid for it.  That makes perfect sense to me!  Book Review Packages begin at $2,000 and are completed within Six (6) Weeks.

If you wish to get started, email me directly at:




ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Studio 1437

“People read what ASK writes about…”

Chicago - Illinois USA

Monday, May 21, 2012 – 5 PM CST


USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Insight Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, ESPN: The Magazine; Fast Company, Redbook, More Magazine, Woman’s World, Sports Illustrated For Kids, Village Voice, Nickelodeon, The Times Picayune, The Gainesville Sun, The Springfield News-Leader, Dave Egger’s Might Magazine, The Milwaukee-Journal-Sentinel, The Detroit Free Press, The Daily Herald, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Advocate/Greenwich Time, The San Antonio Express, The Dallas Morning News, Skyline, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Home Cooking, Cooking Light, Chase’s Calendar of Events, The Daily Northwestern, Popular Photography and Imaging, Shutterbug, Kennedy’s Confection (London, England), Eric Cohen Books (Israel) and an Estonian Newspaper as well as an endless Assortment of Websites, Blogs, Facebook Postings, ‘Tweets’ on  Twitter and employing other popular Social Networks.

Yes, these are Outlets that you could and should be in…

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