Monday, May 21, 2012

AdrienNATO - The May 21, 2012 Commentary

Direct & Live from AdrienNATO: 

May 21, 2012 – 5:30 PM - Day #3 of a Commentary aimed towards the 2000 Reporters converging upon Chicago & covering NATO in my Kind of Town…

Protesters will come and go.   Not long ago, Cairo was full of Protesters. People standing up for the Rights they thought they were being denied and they were. They may arrive in groves and then their huge numbers swell, but the issues & problems that We are all concerned about (unless you are super wealthy/privileged  & have none of the dilemmas all others have) are a constant in our Society and a threat to living a happy, normal and care-free life.  OK, one out of 3 would not be bad – for starters.

#1:  Jobs are needed. 
#2:  Better parenting skills are needed.

#3:  Firearms must be removed from gangs and those hell-bent on causing destruction.  

That’s a fine Start in only 23 Words and is well worth tweeting.  I have a gut feeling these are the same Problems that most other countries face. Beginning on a small scale, you as an individual can effect Action even on your own Block.  But don’t expect any of this to happen any time soon, as Man is embedded with the G-Gene for Greed & it all stems back to that Vice, no Virtue in the least.   

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