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"Is Facebook a Fad? Hell No!" claims ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith of Chicago, IL USA.

ASK ON:  So what’s bugging me now.  The News.  For the last several Days, the Media has been asking:  Is Facebook a Fad? … as We all quietly and anxiously  await their big Unveiling tomorrow to become an IPO.  What is not ever noted in any of these Newsreels is that Facebook is the New Post Office of the 21ST Century.  I don’t know about you, but if I want to write to my Friend, RON RON in Tokyo or  Neil, Simon or Jon in London or Halyna in Italy or even say ‘Hi’ to my best Budd, Connie who lives ‘in da’ hood, I merely send them a quick Posting.  I do not have to pick up the receiver (of a phone that costs an arm and a leg to maintain these days); stand in line for (who knows how long) at the local Post Office; pay for a single stamp; lick an envelope’s flap; return to the post office to mail the ‘letter;’ be anxious as to IF it gets to its recipient; even  go to the stationery store to buy its paper; or even wonder if my Message is going to get thru.  Not only has Facebook become a deliverer of Mail (of which mine is very important, you know – or so I personally think I got something valuable to share), but it is a Transmitter of very Educational Products. 

CASE IN POINT:  Take Roger Weiss for instance.  He works very hard down at NASA in Houston, Texas.  Every day like clockwork, ROGER gets ‘us’ – his Friends throughout the world, the most incredible Pictures & Photographs of what NASA is doing.  Never before have these been seen by ‘The Outside.’   This is pure Science, developing before our vary Eyes. This is firsthand Knowledge he is sharing without a price-tag and it is priceless.   Via Roger’s efforts, this is getting young Boys & Girls interested in Science  (mainly) Astronomy, when many  Libraries are shortening their hours.  This has never been done before in the Course of Human History if not for Visionaries like Mark Zuckerberg (and his illustrious Team) and People like Mr. Weiss who are consistently and constantly providing us with the Fulfillment of our own Dreams.  One Foto and One Posting can indeed change the course of a person’s day when they click into their Facebook Account.

Point #3:  Because Facebook is environmentally green by helping me to send my News out electronically, they are helping all of us with our Green Imprint to become lighter here on the Earth, who (as We all know) has some severe Environmental problems – and doesn’t need any more of them.  Tree Huggers love Facebook, I’m sure just when this fact is remembered and taken into account.  Yet no one in MediaLand comments on these 3 Pointers that:

Facebook delivers THE NEWS without Fail and saves People Money in (a) recessionary/depresionary time(s);

Facebook provides other Individuals to act and be Teachers (as Mr. Weiss of NASA is displaying) via their very influential and interesting Postings;

Facebook is environmentally the top Medium (ie: Media) to save a dying Planet that is suffering and stuffed into its own Waste. 

Now, I “ASK” you – what’s better than that? I personally cannot think of another Company that is as helpful as Facebook is in the Course of a Human’s Day.  But wait!  Let’s not stop there.  And yes, Animals are even getting into the Picture. So many of us are Pet & Animal Lovers.  Perhaps 20% of my Likes deal with Cats & Dogs, Birds and everything that deals with NATURE.  This gives these Creatures the Chance and Opportunity to get their Message ‘out there’ and sometimes even helps in their Adoption, if need be. 

Oh, by the way:  Did I mention the Friendships that we make and the fact that Facebook does act like a Psychiatrist or Shrink.  Writing out your problems and frustrations is instrumental in not ‘losing it’ or ‘going postal.’  This Pointer (#4) is indeed a way to let people vent – and to get their frustration OUT.  I would guess some people would call Facebook a ‘Way to Release Inner Demons and/or Troubles.’ 

And perhaps one of the most endearing Things that Facebook does is that it lets us return to the Good Old Days to find the People that we have lost contact with. Yes, this does mean old Boyfriends and Girlfriends.  People that we somehow lost contact with because LIFE got in the way.   Two (2) of the most important ones to me was the re-meeting of my very favorite(st) of Teachers, Mr. William Hastert that taught me about English in 7TH Grade – Northbrook Jr. High School circa 1964.  What he taught me regarding my last Name (yes, all of it) has influenced me every Day of my Life since then.  At last Count 1964 was 48 years ago – when only 8.135% of my life had been lived to that point.  Thru the help of Kc, a friend from ‘back home,’ he put Mr. Hastert and me in touch and we even collaborated on the writing of a chapter together in a Book I’m writing (away on) now as this is being written.  Imagine that.  Rod Serling could probably not even think of a better Time Tool than Facebook.

Then, of course, on a sadder note, I have found out about various ‘boyfriends’ that have died  (evidently of a broken heart) since our Break-ups via Facebook.  I’ve also heard the Breaking News (of all varieties – from Births of Babes to untimely  Deaths) of Celebrities that I’ve grown to watch and admire  and like meet up via Facebook.  I’ve even changed my Daily Schedule when someone in the Area (that I happen to be in) posts a Stormcast, making sure I get home sooner and safer than I had previously planned. Is Facebook a Life-Saver then.  Yes, possibly, as well as being the Best Marketing Tool anywhere at any Time.  After all, there is NO Time like the Present.
The only Question I have to ask is: 

Facebook:  How do they do all that? What was the Mindset when Facebook was started?  Who would ever think any of this was possible…after all MAN only began his Evolutionary Process 100,000 years ago.   

And yes, that was yet another ASK-ian Commentary, but if you ask me if Facebook is a FAD: Wake up and smell ‘The Coffee.’   

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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

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