Friday, May 18, 2012

Dylan's Doodle rocks Google: May 18, 2012.

ASK ON GIVING CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE:  Most of you know me for the Copyright Infringement book that I will be releasing shortly as an Ebook in a few months. And with that thought in mind, WHY not give Credit where it is due.  On NBC this AM, it was announced that a new Drawing is posted on GOOGLE (for the Day) that an ambitious young ARTIST did - considered a Google Doodle, but no where on that PAGE is a Caption disclosing his Name or his School.  It's highly  possible they were/are protecting him from Child Predators, but PLEASE -- that kind of KNOW-toriety would have gone really far in his Pursuit of a Career in The ARTS. 

HOWEVER:  Always being curious and with my BENT on bringing Talent to the forefront of FACEBOOK here, and as  an ardent researcher, I merely GOOGLED:

Who won the Google Doodle Contest? and this appeared:,2817,2404563,00.asp

of which I say (as a Fellow Creatif):  CONGRATULATIONS, Dylan!

Let's see a Postage Stamp or this Drawing on the Cover of a Kid's Mag next! 

Good Work, Matey!
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