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How do you get your Child interested in Music? Ben Moores has the Answer with his Book Little Rockin’ Roger and the Magic Glass Guitar ©2008.

ASK’s SURVEY OF THE DAY:  As We all know, the streets are pretty rough and tough.  The Schools are cutting back the Arts & Music. In some School Districts across the USA, there is not even any Recess anymore.  So what I’m wondering is: 

How do you get your Child interested in Music? 

If you happen to be a talented Musician, Songwriter or Singer, are you encouraging your Child to take up a Guitar and/or form his own Band with like-minded Kids?

The Arts, of course, helps to keep Kids centered out of gangs and away from Drugs, dissolving peer pressure, bullying and an assortment of isms that we no longer need to deal (with). 

PURPOSE:  The Reason I am ‘asking’ is for my latest and greatest Facebook Friend here, BENJAMIN MOORES from Manchester, UK, an incredible Author who has written a darling Children’s book called:  Little Rockin’ Roger and the Magic Glass Guitar ©2008.

More Info on (t)his Story may be found at:

Needless to say, We all know that Music is Magic and crosses all Cultural Barriers.  What Ben wants to know is: 

Do you think that a Story like this could inspire young minds to be creative?

If any of you have an Answer or Comment(s), please email him at:


He is also found on Moores for those who'd like to Interview and/or find-out Ben's Summer Book Tour Schedule.

IN CLOSING:   On behalf of Ben, thank you so much!   

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