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Just when U thought there wasn’t anything useful 2 read anymore, The Chicago SunTimes launches the Page of all Pages. Making a Splash with THE DAILY SPLASH.


Making A Splash with THE DAILY SPLASH:  Insightful.  Outspoken. Unfiltered.  Launched on Monday, May 28, 2012.  New Columns by your favorite Chicago Noteables.  Only 2 days’ old this Column really has caught my Attention.  I read the Chicago Sun-Times for my 3 favorite Columnists, Bill Zwecker, Mary Mitchell & Michael Sneed; the best  2 Leo Lion Horoscopes anywhere (as I am devoted to my Astro- Sign) as well as the Cartoon ‘Love Is’ that was instrumental in my Artistic & Comic Careers.
But this Column - this particular Column - is different.  Maybe because it is so frank and is not stylized like THE NEWS (which is so gossipy, trashy and sad).  TDS (The Daily Splash) is much more appealing to the eye and it’s headlines are more thought out.  By far, it is going to grab people’s attn and will become a ROUND THE WATER COOLER TOPIC for those who work and get to take a break.  It may appear more like a Story being told to a Friend (you the Reader) because it’s the Voice of a Person not necessarily in the Newspaper Industry – therefore, they bring to the table a different angle than regular newsy features.  We may never know.  Your Guess is as on-target or off, as anyone’s.  The important Thing to do is read it tho.  Give yourself the Time to read something that just is not like the regular News.
WHY IS THIS SO?   #1: the Cover of Monday’s Memorial Day  Chicago Sun-Times showed the Snapshots of many of the ‘Movers & Shakers’ – Chicago Personalities – who have been selected to write a DAILY SPLASH column.  I was totally impressed with Belushi’s exposé on Pills (& Pill-Poppin) and it’s an absolute GO T TO READ as it applies to our Society Today and how a Pill can be and is popped for every Ailment – we have or we don’t have but we may have.  It sounded like he was speaking right at you. 
The Title of Jim B’s piece is:  A Dose of Reality:  The Actor has a Cure for the Common Everything.
And, to prove how TRUE that is, I just googled in the above Title and this Figure came up:
About 34,200,000 results (0.35 seconds)

That’s a lot of Results for the Pharmaceutical Industry.  That must make them about as happy as a kid in a candy store.
It’s here online for you at:  http://www.suntimes.com/lifestyles/splash/12816745-418/a-dose-of-reality.html
NOW:  It is Susanna Negovan’s Job to be the Editor of this fine Page.  I do hope she entertains the Idea that all these Pieces can be compiled into a Book at the end of the year and then sold as Part of Chicago-ibilia.  So far, as this is Day 2, the 2 Pages have added LOTS of CHIT:  Class, Honesty, Integrity & Truth to the new and improved Chicago-Sun-times that their new Chairman, Michael Ferro sees and envisions.  To the  layman like me and a few of you out there, that means they are on ‘The Write Road’ in a wild Assortment of  News-worthy Ways.
 It’s reassuring to know that Chicago is a World-Class City - #3 in the nation, proving ourselves as We did during NATO that was ‘in town’ earlier this month.  But, when you HEAR IT ‘write’ from the Mouths of Chicagoans (that did not abandon ship and move to Los Angeles or New York) that you’ve known, admire and respect, well, that makes the News all the more appealing  --- rising to the #1 Slot when it comes to influencing People and making Friends.  Who knows?  It may even get its very own Facebook Page.  Something like:
 Then, we know for sure that THE DAILY SPLASH has arrived.  For me, that’s mighty nice to know.    
MOVING ALONG:  Garry Sinise’s Memorial Day Feature grabbed at your Heartstrings as We all know him from his Band, THE LIEUTENANT DAN BAND that actively plays around the world at military bases; for his Role as Colonel Dan in Forrest Gump, my favorite Movie of all Time next to The Wizard of Oz and now in CSI: NY. 
CUFA:  Coming Up For Air:  I’ve cracked the 713 Word Mark here in 42 minutes.  Should I go on or let you read THE DAILY SPLASH?  I know that Answer! 
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