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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Excerpt #1: Copyright Infringement. How to save your Words & Works ©2012.

DEGREES OF GLADNESS:  Observations thereof



DATELINE:  Sunday, May 13, 2012 – 7:05 PM

On Friday, December 9, 1966 Cream released “I’m So Glad1 that placed Audiences into the suggestive Mood of being ‘so glad’ for any Variety of Reasons that they could think up, use or employ.  This Sentiment was felt during an explosive Era of Civil Strife, Free Love, a Time lending itself to(wards) the Purpose of Questioning the unquestionable; when Pigs were not Swine; with bloody & violent Protests raging; Inequality & Segregation leading Movements; Conscientious Objectors making Pivotal Points; orchestrated by a demanding Renegade of tumultuous Counterculture of BabyBoomers that would not let Unrest rest in that ground-breaking battlefields of this elliptic Decade.  As ironic as that Title was, perhaps it should have been reworded to: “I’m So Mad” but that was never to be(come) The Case.  Back then: 

A First Class Stamp cost 4¢

A Gallon of Regular Gas cost 31¢

A Gallon of Milk cost 49¢

A Dozen Eggs cost 57¢

A Hamburger cost 25¢2

As Waves of Nostalgia now fog the 21ST Century with the Passing of each New Month, Gladness had predominated; in the Air and over the Airwaves.  Today, the Bands have disbanded; Stamps are adhesive; or being phased out; Gas is so (g)astronomically expensive thousands have chosen to walk, rollerblade, bike or hike instead; Eggs are infected and tainted with Salmonella & Botulism; Milk is not drinkable for those Individuals stricken with Lactose-Intolerants; Burger Mania has (for many) been replaced by  (bland) Veggie Burgers; and Recalls happen on a Daily Bases across our Granite Planet. Only skimming the Surface of a deeper Socio-Political and Eco Dilemma, there’s not much before us or on the horizon to be ‘glad’ about anymore.  If ‘The Change’ does us good, many are not agreeing.

Every Particle and Particular has changed since the Groovy-dipping Days of the 1960s.  Even ‘The Nature of Nature’ is unleashing Storms of Wrath at unexpected Moments destroying what Man has made.  Gone are the ‘Good Old Days of Yesteryear’ of being ‘so glad’ or have they?

As a Professional Creative Writer who has carved out my own Niche known as EVENTOLOGY (launched in July of 1990), one of those unexpected EVENTS (minus any Gladness or Joy) happened to me when one of my popular HOLIDATES (an EVENTOLOGICAL Writing I created 18 Years ago) was stolen, converted, plagiarized and placed on TV, as a Four (4) Day Commercial Run, violating my Copyrights as a Creatif in the United States of America, one of my inalienable Rights being sacrificed for the Greediness of an elitist, wealthy corporate Family.

Coincidentally, as I word this Document, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World End (released in 2007) is airing on ABC-TV.  Although the TimeLine is slated between the 1720s to 1750s,3 one of the Characters shouts out:   

“Those Guilty of Piracy would hang from their Neck until dead.”

My Sentiments exactly! Was he reading my Mind?  I had no Idea that my (smart) TV Set could read my Mind. That’s called “being in the Right Place at the ‘Write’ Time.”  Evidently, I’m not the only one who feels that Way.  ‘Plundered by Plagiarism’ cuts to the Bone & Heart of the Matter, which matters to us all.  

Given the Facts and Math that Sequence happened 250 Years ago, but it is still relevant because:  

THE BOTTOM LINE REMAINS:  How dare Converters & Pirates steal from ‘The Creatifs’ whose Mission is that of 3E: Entertainment, Education and Employment.  Today, ‘Pirates’ (whether they steal Cargos of Gold Bullion, Silver, Rum, Ransoms of Paintings or priceless Words) all ‘Natures’ and Levels of Theft are found across the World, as well as infiltrating Hollywood (with realistic Themes) and The Internet WHERE CONTENT IS KING.

Some Things never change.  A Crime is a Crime is a Crime. The Degree of Sophistication is what makes a 21ST Century Crime as astounding, spirited and virally poisonous as it is.

However, never before have any Person, Place or Thing reckoned with me:


Therefore, since this happened to me and about what I pride myself in: MY WRiTiNGS, I strongly know (from Past Experiences) that this Issue affects us all and our Future as a sophisticated and evolving Community.

Lemonade is made from a Lemon.  That is my Recipe for Success.  This Criminal Injustice points and leads to the Fact that a very important Phenomenon is occurring and needs to be recognized.  That, of course, is:  COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT that is growing by alarming Rates and Measures.  If a dire Incident as this can happen to me, no one with Originality or Talent is spared.  Fuelled by The Internet, Modern High Technology is viewed as either a Friend or Foe, depending on the given Circumstances. 

BEING IN THE WRITE PLACE @ THE WRITE TIME:  Therefore, on Saturday Afternoon of May 12, 2012 I was amazingly glad (‘I’m so Glad,’1 We could say or sing-out) to see a Poster that grabbed my Attention announcing a Seminar on Protecting Your Intellectual Property. This was at Sulzer Library (a Regional Library located at 4455 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, Illinois USA).

A Collaboration between the Chicago Public Library and the Chicago Bar Association, the Hour–long Seminar is indeed open to the General Public.  That’s you, me and all of our Neighbors, Friends, Co-Workers and interested Parties. By mere Virtue of this Event’s Existence, it clearly demonstrates to me that the Topic of COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT is HOT! and must be addressed and discussed.  It fosters in me the Encouragement to air my Valued Opinions on a Topic that many (like myself) are impassioned about:  Writing, the ARTS and how these Creations and those responsible for its Making via their Words & Works must be preserved and protected. 

Teaming up to help the local Community understand what needs to be done before the Crime – any Crime – is committed is the First Step.  Maybe now after 43 Years with the Departure of the Retro-Rocking 1960s, it’s Time to revisit that Mindset and to again Question the UnQuestionable.  History does repeat itself, Time and Time again.  Maybe We can all be singing that Tune and feel that Way.  It’s about Time. No one else is more deserving. 



2COST OF Stamp, Gas, Eggs, Milk:


NOTE:  Excerpted as Chapter 3 in my Forthcoming eBook about Copyright Infringement.


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