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Yet another Reason why USA Today is great...


USA Today is great.  The very first thing I immediately liked about them when they first appeared (so long ago) was their Surveys  --  in awesome colors and in graph format.   Those are oh-so easy to read, in other Words. Today, again, they did not fail me.  This 1 had a Topic that I always try to participate in and it is:  FUN.  You can never have enuf FUN.  As a matter of fact, the word ‘enuf’ backwords is: 


 well, just drop the ‘e’.  Pretend it’s silent.  At least for this Posting.

So, their ‘Trick’ Question was:  How many Days ago did you last have FUN?  Days, I sed to myself.  Why not Hours or Minutes (ago)? 

Does anyone care to dare an Answer here?  It has to be in a # as this is a PC: Pie Chart.  The findings – as put together by Michelle Healy & Alejandro Gonzalez of USA Today are appalling.  They evidently did not ‘ASK’ me – as my life is based on the Pursuit of Fun & Happiness, yes, even if and when I’m sick. Here are those Stats found in their Life Segment:  Section D. 

45% of those polled stated less than 1 Day ago, they had FUN.

25% stated, it was between 1-3 Days ago in which they had FUN.

8% admitted it was between 4-7 Days (a Week) in which they participated in something FUN.

4% of the pollees said it was over 8+ Days.

19% (or nearly 20% of Society and again I don’t know WHO was surveyed) said they could NOT remember when they last had FUN; it was ‘more than I can remember.’

TO WHICH I ‘ask’:  What are these People waiting for!

Being a Sociology Major (with Art as my Minor back in the Day & today happens to mark my 38TH year since I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri @  a Magna Cum Laude Standing), I can honestly say THERE’s A PROBLEM HERE.  A grave Social Problem, that is NOT FUN-ny.    If People had more FUN, maybe we would not be engaging in Hate, Warfare or Crime and have the Crisis we are having.  Being shocked and flabbergasted at these Stats,  I just don’t know.

Nearing 60 in less than 3 months, FUN  has become more of my Main Goal  & Concern than ever before!  And on her Tombstone, they’ll right:  She had FUN…

Time to have some FUN & plug The Source:

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