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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith & Mark Z. Danielewski share their Writing Expertise.

ASK's LITERARY PLAN:  From - Mark Z. Danielewski  shares 30-Second Writing Advice

Every writer and author has Advice that they can pass along to others.  I found this out myself this AM and then read the latest news from MediaBistro where MZ Danielewski has his plan.

It’s amazing how many People want to write and have no Idea how easy it is.  It’s never too late to get started and there is always someone ‘out there’ who will answer even your simplest of questions. Such was the case this AM when I strolled into my favorite Jewel-Osco Grocery store and started chatting with 1 of the Bakers.  He’s become a good friend the last 2 years – enuf so that I’ve told him about all of my writings and have encouraged him with a few ideas he’s s hared.  He then began telling me that he has encountered a Hurdle this past weekend and IF he were to begin his 2nd book, this is what he would do.

To that I interrupted and told him, there’s no rule written in stone anywhere that says you can’t have a few books/articles/stories in the fire at the very same time.  That way, if and when you get stuck on one part, give yourself a breather and start to focus on the next.  He couldn’t believe that you could do that.   Darn good thing I was hungry this morning.  Darn good thing I stopped in and didn’t go to Dominicks instead.  And darn good thing We had this Conversation…as it  helped him; cleared the air and made me realize that maybe there’d be MORE Writers ‘out there amongst us’ if they knew that by NOT playing by the Rules – that’s what makes Writing the most fun and indeed is what puts the POP into Pop Culture.

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