Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NOT another Blog Page on Windy Weather...there's always something to talk about in 'The Windy City.'

ASK ON SUMMER ROMANCE.  So 1 of my many, many Boyfriends thruout the Years is trying to get back with me. “Aren’t they all,” I gasp, ringing my hands.  “When U got it, U got it.  When U don’t, U just don’t.  It must be so because I’m a Trust-Fund Baby!”

However, this 1 knows & can’t seem to forget my Email Address – so Girls let that be a Lesson 2 U.  It’s OK & it is allowable & highly permissible 2  give Guys the wrong Phone @ a Bar when We meet up with them; that’s simple enuf 2 do, but consider giving them a faulty Email Address, too. In the long-run, it will save U lots of Deletions.

CONTINUING:  So last night here in Chicagoland, USA, he evidently experienced some Foul Weather Conditions.  They call that FWC’s in the Trade.  Of course, this will give him the Opportunity to write 2  me & tell me of his Findings.  Not that he is going 2 put NBC’s Andy Avalos or WGN’s Tom Skilling out of a job, but this is what BOB sed.  We’ll call him BOB, because BOB is his Name.  As the Purveyor of ending Copyright Infringement, I totally believe in:  Giving Credit where Credit is due, even if there is an ‘UNDER-TONE.’

And this is definitely not to offend any of you other Bobs ‘out there' in Facebookland.  He stated:

“Adrienne, I rode my bike back to your hood to Studio 17 - Home of the $6 haircut - for my quarterly shearing. The wind was fierce with a couple of gusts moving me over a foot left or right. So, be careful.  Best, Robert.

Of which I was polite (as that’s the way I was raised) and responded back to him in a clever way and manner– clever enuf 2 post the following on my Blog at:

“Oh, thanks, BOBBS - just got your Note @ 9:38 AM -- yea, Wind is windy - I have no idea WHY that is, but I've been biking since I was 6 & lived thru HURRICANE CAMILLE in New Orleans back on August 17TH of 69 (19, not 1869) so nothing really bothers me.  Plus, I lived w/you and U cut alot of, I adjust pretty well to (any) circumstances! Thanks for the Warning tho. I appreciate that.  Hope U have a great Wind-free (not Winfrey) Day!  Cheers, ASK!”

BTW:  IF you’re looking for that Cheap Hair-Cut Place in my Hood where BOB has his tresses sheared, here it is:

1612 West Devon Avenue
(between Clark St and  Paulina Streets - 6400 North)
Chicago, Illinois 60660 USA
Neighborhood: Edgewater

Tell them, BOB sent you…

LASTLY:  Feel free to share your SUMMER ROMANCE Stories here.  Do they get any better and/or bitter than this?  We shall see…

Ah, if only real Life were as easy as the Delete Key here on my Keyboard.

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