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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith discusses Copyright Infringement: The Hottest Topic in Literature for 2012 & Beyond.

ASK ON COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT:  2012:  With a Show of Hands, how many of you saw the Smithe Bros. – Lake Shore Drive TV Commercial that is airing on WMAQ -NBC Channel 5 this Morning in Chicago and in 3 surrounding States? 

Did you realize that huge Money-Making Idea was mine?

Yes, I, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, instigated the Opening Conversation between MrSkip Haynes (the Songwriter & Musician now living in California for Decades) with Walter E., Mark & Tim Smithe (of Walter E. Smithe Custom Furniture, based here in Chicagoland) many many Months ago.  Yet, both ‘Corporations’ (both worth well-over $100,000,000 each) negated and neglected to accredit me and pay me for this well-thought out Concept (so Pop Culture in nature) that is going to net both Parties lots of Money and lots of Exposure. 

What happened to Teamwork?

What happened to Integrity?

What happened to giving Credit where Credit is due?  

What happened to forging Bridges between People? 

And, I am sure most of you are asking:  There were  Four (4) of them, didn’t any one of them have the Brains as well as Gratitude to say:  “Hey, let’s give Adrienne the Credit & Compensation she deserves?” 

Evidently not.  But I have ‘all the Evidence I need.’

WHAT DOES THIS PROVE?  Haynes’ & the Smithes’ Greedy American Sides are showing.  Greedy Corporations are 99% of what all ‘average’ Americans hate.  After polling a ‘substantial Amount of my Peers,’ all are vehemently appalled at this unscrupulous Behavior, for they know I am extremely generous with dispensing my  prolific and tantalizing Thoughts for the Achievement of their Dreams.     

WHAT DOES THIS PROVE?  This proves Copyright Infringement is totally out-of- control and Intellectual Property Lawyers cannot keep up with the Cases.  “What happened to astute Business Practices these Days?” is what I am constantly asked. 

In an Era of enormous Distrust, a Sense of Fairness towards ‘Mom & Pop Businesses’ (once the Backbone of what made America great) simply does not exist because of the Unscrupulous Ploys of People  - the likes of Skip Haynes and Walter E., Mark & Tim Smithe. 


As an International Promoter of The Arts (focusing on what puts ‘THE POP’ into Pop Culture) since the late 1960s, the Interviews to “set the ‘Record’ straight” have already begun.  No Pun intended revolving around the word, ‘Record.’  Records must be set  and known in order to justify the Wrongs every Day People (as myself) suffer at the hands of Greedy Corporations as MrSkip Haynes and Walter E. Smithe Custom Furniture.

Another Way to view this is to realize that: 

WHAT I SAY is commercial.  Very ‘commercial’ at that.  Haynes & the Smithe Brothers thought enough of my Concept that I advanced to both of them to create a TV Commercial from it…an ‘interstate’ Commercial at that which would have netted more Clients & Exposure for ‘The ASK Brand.’ 

All Writers, Authors and Artists will be very happy and very pleased to know and realize that MY Platform is THEIR Platform.  Its Aim is towards the Rights & our Livelihoods as a collective Creatif Force of skilled Masterminds.   We are Personalities whose Livelihoods are based on each Word, Idea and Concept he/she creates, develops, promotes and shares.  We are a Force to be reckoned with, not negated for ‘Wall Streets’ Capital Gain.   

When Greedy Corporate Americans like Skip Haynes and Walter E., Mark and Tim Smithe do not accredit or pay for our Talents, We do what We do BEST:  We write it out.  Fully documented, this will be yet another Case for the Court of Public Opinion to try.  This is One Song that will get NO Airplay or a Story that will have no ‘Happy Ending,’ from this Point forward.  Their Greed has blemished their Record which can never be fully restored.

IN CLOSING:  Yes, I will be commenting on Teamwork, Integrity & Credit in my forthcoming YouTube Video.  Those Stories will be online for your Benefit and Knowledge in the Hours & Days to come.  After all, once a Reputation is soiled and spoiled, that’s it.  Disguised as ‘Nice Guys,’  Haynes and the Smithe Brothers will be exposed for what they really are.  Millions of Dollars will not erase that Crime once it’s embroiled in the Conscience of every Reader, Consumer and righteous Person.  

As they so unrealistically think:  No One is above the Law.  That Right rests in the Hands of Writers and Promoters like me who are standing up for all Authors, Artists, Writers and Creatifs everywhere. 

The Bottom Line, of course, is:  As ‘The Rich get richer’ by stamping on the Little People, I am giving a Voice to this grave Injustice.  As a professional and ‘Natural Born Writer’ for 55 years, nothing stops me.  Every Writer, Author, Artist & Creatif agrees.

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EDITORIAL UPDATE OF:  Monday, July 2, 2012

It has come to my immediate Attention that the Smithe Bros. are again running this TV Commercial (using Haynes' Lake Shore Drive) from July 1-8, 2012 with Updates to reflect an Independence Day Sale.   

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